Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 1, Episode 3 - Night of the Strangler - full transcript

Dana Cameron, a fashion model who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kelly, falls victim to the so called 'Rag-doll Strangler'. Kelly and Jill join the St. Clair Model Agency and Sabrina cons herself into a job as a photo stylist. Each time they think they suspect someone of being the killer, the strangler strikes again, leaving the suspect with an alibi (usually one of the Angels themselves).

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.

But I took them away
from all that,

and now they work for me.
My name is Charlie.

But why can't you tell her?

Because I don't want
to tell her, Pet.

Come on. Go upstairs.
Then you come with me.

I have a 5:00 meeting,

and you know
how hard it is for me

to pull myself
away from you.

If you don't tell Michelle,
I will.


Dana, darling,
you know I love you.

Kevin, you've been using me.

If you love me,
then get a divorce!



Is somebody there?

Who is it?

Who's here?

CHARLIWe've been hired
by Dana Cameron's parents

to find Dana's killer.

Notice anything, Angels?

How could we miss
noticing, Charlie?

It's Kelly,
almost to a tee.

Really? I don't think
she looks that much like me.

In that pose,
she's a dead ringer.

Sorry. I wasn't
trying to be funny.

You weren't.

And I take it
there is a reason

why you're pointing out
the resemblance, Charlie.

There is,
and Bosley will fill you in

when he gives you your covers.

So far, the police
have reached a dead end

in solving Dana's murder,

and our clients feel that
the police investigators

are pursuing
the wrong direction.

The Rag Doll Strangler is what
they're calling the killer.

See, Dana worked
for a, uh, designer,

Kevin St. Clair.

Now, the company is St. Clair
Creations, Incorporated.

Look in any fashion magazine,

The name is Michelle,
St. Clair's bride of two years.

But Dana told her parents

she and St. Clair
were having an affair.

So we have two possibles:

Michelle, if she was jealous
of her husband

having an affair with Dana,
and St. Clair himself.

Well, it could be
the affair was going sour.

Is St. Clair a Scorpio?

You know, it's really a bad
cycle for Scorpios right now.

Scorpio or not, Jill,
St. Clair is a solid suspect.

Then you think the killings

were definitely an inside
job, right, Charlie?

There's no doubt in the minds

of Mr. And Mrs. Cameron
that it was.

All of our prime candidates

have alibis for the time
of the murder.

So our assignment
is to shoot at the alibis

until we find one that leaks?

Correct, Kelly. Bosley will
give you your instructions.

Charlie, you keep promising

you're going to be with us
on one of these cases,

and you never show up.

And you know how we're
looking forward to it.

Yeah, Charlie. Are we going
to see you on this one?

I dearly would love
to be there

with you this time, Angels.

But I'm going to be down under

for a few more days
on my current caper.

Down under? Charlie,
are you in Australia?

Not quite, Angel.

Meet you down under,
Charlie, honey.

I plan to be up to my ears

into the one
I'm locked in on, Angels.

So carry on without me
till I can join you.

Good luck. Keep in touch.


Help you, ladies?

Oh, yes, we're
from the Hilliard agency.

We'd like to see
Mr. St. Clair

about the fashion show
this afternoon.

A little tardy, aren't you?
The interviews were yesterday.

Better late than missing
the job altogether.

Besides, two of the girls
Mr. St. Clair hired

are going to be no-shows.

How come?
Oh, too much partying.

Um, besides, won't we do
as the replacements?

That's up to St. Clair, babe.
I only work here.


No, actually,
I only carry these around

to accent my wardrobe.

I'll introduce you to the man.

I want to catch his face
when he sees you.


You don't know?

If I did, would I ask?


A little to the left, Candy.


Very nice.


That turn you on, Heinz, baby?

I mean, does it make you
kind of quiver like?

Oh, I forgot.

You're too pure

to get all sweaty over a lady,
aren't you, sugar?

Leave him alone, Michelle.

Two new troops
from the bench

to replace a couple of dropouts
from the show.

Sorry we're late,
Mr. St. Clair.

The agency had trouble
finding us.

What's your name?

Kelly Garrett.

I think your agency has a lot
of chutzpah, sending you here.

I want you to tell them that.

I don't understand,
Mr. St. Clair.

What did I do wrong?

He's referring to your
freaky reincarnation

of his dear
departed Dana.

Put her in the white bikini.

You can't do that.
I'm wearing it.

Put her in it.

The show will be
at the St. Clair estate, ladies.

We'll see you there.

Wha-what's going on?
What about me?

He'll hire you.

I'll see to it.

But we have to get you
both fitted right away.

Thank you.
Thank you.

I guess we're in.
In this menagerie,

I'm not sure if
that's good news or bad.

Come on. Let's go.

Lovely. Lovely.
Turn it on, baby.

Now, look at me.
That's it.

Just soon as
I check out the girls,

I'll take these reservation
lists down to the main gate.

Everything else is
all set for the showing.

Press, TV coverage.

Everything I promised
I'd deliver.

It's about time
you delivered something

for somebody
besides yourself, Jesse.

And we both know
one of the reasons

you've been so successful
sucking in the parasite press

is because of Dana's death.

So what? What's the difference
how I got them here?

Listen, with the kind of press
you're getting on this showing,

every buyer in the country
will jump on the bandwagon.

Creations, Incorporated
will be the hit of the season.

What we need on the bandwagon

are the banks where we
are trying to float loans.

Our audit is in two weeks,

and our spring collection
means sink or swim.

I saw Michelle heading down
to the pool house to change.

She still uptight
over the Garrett chick?

Livid. She's an alley cat.

But then, fortunately,

the alley cat
is an endangered species.

Lovely. Lovely.
Toss your head back.


Now look at me.
That's it.

Further. Further.
Head back.


Okay. Now we'll try one
with the hat.


Alec, do I really
look that much

like the girl
who was killed?

From some angles.

It's a bit spooky.

You know, I heard that
Dana Cameron and St. Clair

were having a hot
and heavy affair.

Did you, now?

What else did you hear?

That Michelle hired
detectives to follow them,

and that St. Clair was
the last one to see her alive.

For someone who didn't even know
she resembled Dana Cameron,

you're becoming quite an expert.

Well, I can't help
but be interested

under the circumstances,
now, can I?


All right, girls. Come on.
Let's get the lead out.

Chop chop. We got a full
run-through in one hour.

Now, as soon as you're ready,

go down and see Alec
at the pool.

Okay, Heinz,
how do I look?

Mm, fine.

Is that a religious medal?

Mm. From my home, in Holland.
Oh, it's very nice.

You know, I really appreciate
you letting me work today.

I hope that I'll be
able to pay you back.

I did not buy your services.
I do not buy women.

Oh, that's not
what I meant at all.

I really was just hoping
we could be friends.

I have no friends.

That dude digs nobody,
honey. Just pins.

How long have you been
with the St. Clair Company?

Too long.

After a while, the numbers
everybody does on everybody else

gets on your nerves, you know?

Yeah. That bad, huh?
Bad enough.

What about Dana Cameron?

Do you think she was happy
with the company?

To her, the company
was Kevin St. Clair.

Do you think he might have had
anything to do with her death?

Police don't seem
to think so.

What do you think?

I think you ask
a lot of questions

for somebody
I've never seen before today.

Excuse me. Could you tell me
where I could find Alec Witt?

Who's asking?
I'm Sabrina.

I'm working as the photo stylist
on the show.

Yeah? Well, good luck.

Alec goes through stylists

the way Bluebeard
went through wives.

What did you get
from the police report?

They're still treating Dana's
killing like it was a sex thing.

Now, her apartment was torn up.

The bedding and pillows
were slashed.

The curtains were ripped.

It looked like
something ritualistic.

Then we're on the wrong track.
No, no, no, no.

Now, remember, Bosley told us

that Dana's watch was smashed
at the time of her murder,

setting the time of the murder
at 4:00, right?

Yeah, and St. Clair
told the police

he took Dana back
to her apartment at 3.

Yeah. He then claims
that he went to a bar,

had a few drinks, and on
his way back to the office,

his car broke down
and had to be towed.

He had the mechanic swear
to the time: 4:00.


Jill, Dana was getting
out of the shower

when she was killed.
Now, who takes a shower

wearing a diamond watch
that isn't even waterproof?

Oh. So you're saying St. Clair
set the watch to a later time

to fit his alibi,

and then put the watch on Dana.

I'm saying the killer did,

and the killer
could be St. Clair.

Now, you better get back
out there before they call you.

Are you set for a job here?

I conned my way
through the gate.

I'm not sure how I'm going
to do with Alec Witt.

Well, anyway, you look terrific.

I think he's outside shooting
Kelly now. Let's go.

I had enough
of that little tramp Dana

when she was alive, sugar.

I mean, somebody's playing

a look-alike
Halloween joke on you.

Or aren't you bright enough
to know it?

Look, I have a very important
show to get ready,

and I don't need
any more hassle from you.

Why are you doing this to me?

You know I can wear
Dana's things.

You will wear what
I want you to wear, Dearie.

She is not going to wear it.

You're not going
to let her wear it.

I'm going to tear it
off of her!



Well, uh, Kelly said she'd be
right in the swim of things.

Yeah, but I don't know
if giving swimming lessons

to the boss' wife
is the way to win friends

and influence people.


Either I wear it or I don't
do the show, and I mean it.


Oh, Michelle,
Michelle, Michelle.

Go dry your hair.
And when the show starts,

you will be wearing it, huh?

And later on, we'll have
a good long talk.

Just let's have no more
embarrassing incidents, okay?

Go on. Go ahead.

Ah, there's, uh-- There's food
and drink in the cabana.

Let's...all take a short break.

I'm really sorry,
Mr. St. Clair.


Well, don't be.

I foresee a long
and happy relationship

with just the two of us.

Why? Because I look
like Dana Cameron?

I have affairs
with all my models.

Didn't anyone tell you that?

I guess they didn't.

So it really doesn't
matter who you look like.

Oh, I like subtle men,
Mr. St. Clair.

Oh, I forgot my bag.

I thought you were going
to take a memory course

so you'd stop
forgetting things.

Oh, well, it didn't
work out too well.

I kept forgetting
which night the class was.




Kelly was with St. Clair
when it happened,

so it couldn't possibly
have been him.

CHARLIE: That poses a problem,
doesn't it, Angels?

You were sure
St. Clair was the killer.

Well, everything we had
pointed to him.

But who could have
a better alibi?

I mean, not only
was he with Kelly,

but he was standing
within full view

of everybody at the pool
during Michelle's killing.

Okay, that rules out
St. Clair as the strangler.

Now, who wasn't accounted for?

Well, Heinz Brandon went back

to make some alterations
on the wardrobe.

Jill, what do you think
of him as a suspect?

Well, I like Heinz, Charlie.

I mean, I know he's
a little strange, but--

That's what they said
about Jack the Ripper.

We've got the copies
of the bank records

you arranged for, Charlie.

And the background dossier
on Jesse Woodman.

Mm-hm. What's in it?

Woodman appears to be
a real wheeler-dealer.

He manipulated a stock purchase
with very little capital

and bought into
Creations, Inc.

when Kevin St. Clair
was badly overextended.

Well, how does St. Clair
feel about that arrangement?

Let's put it this way:

They're in bed together,
but it's not a happy marriage.

I have Woodman's
police record, Charlie.

And our public relations man
needs a public relations man.

Aggravated assault
with intent to commit murder.

It was a girl
he picked up one night

who barely lived
to tell about it.

What about Dana?

Where was Woodman
the night she was killed?

On a business trip
to San Francisco.

But I checked
the airline schedules,

and he could have had time
to make a turnaround flight

under another name.

Listen, Charlie, I would
like to take a gander

at St. Clair's books.

I mean, they might
tell us more

about the tie-in between
St. Clair and Woodman.

All right, Angels.

I think from here on out,

each of you should take
a separate point of attack.

Sabrina, take Alec Witt.

Jill, see what you can
find out from Jesse Woodman.

And Kelly--
Yeah, St. Clair and his books.

Just be careful.

I have a feeling
whoever this strangler is,

he isn't through yet.


Ah, thank you, darling.
That wraps it.

They'll probably need you
downstairs any minute.

Now, where was it,
uh, we met?

Well, we didn't
exactly meet.

Our...eyes met.

At the St. Clair estate.
That's right.

I was going to give you
my letter

from your friend,
Jim Hassler.

He said he'd
recommend me anywhere.

Recommend you
for, uh, exactly what?

As a photo stylist.

I'm terrific.

Really, you'd be amazed.
I would?

The best part is,
I'm very reasonable.

Are you now?

Well, why don't you
try me and find out?

All right, step, step,
step and turn.

That's right.
Now, take off the jacket.

Wrong. That was
wrong, wrong, wrong.

This jacket is like a tarantula.
It keeps grabbing me.

Who used that
cheap jersey on this?

Change it
or take it out of the show.

It has to be
two inches shorter.

It's simply terrible
that way.

I have the patterns
right here, Mr. St. Clair.

You can see it's
been cut entirely wrong.

It's simply ruined.

I don't know, Heinzie.

Maybe the model can wear
wooden shoes...

Or whatever they wear
in your country.

Postpone the show.
We simply cannot make it.

If we don't make it,

you'll be back pushing pins
in Bakersfield.

Wrap it up, girls.

You've got an 8:00 call
in the morning.

St. Clair just went
into his office with Woodman.

So if you have a chance,
pump Candy.

I tried to talk to her several
times, but I struck out.

I have a feeling she can
tell us something

if we can just get her
to open up.

Do you think
you can corral Woodman?

Ooh! Faster than Roy Rogers.
Roy Rogers?

Yeah, in my tomboy youth,
I was a real Roy Rogers freak.

Oh, do you know when Trigger
died, they stuffed him?

I mean, there's
nothing sacred anymore.

Just be careful
with Woodman.

If he is the strangler,

I'd hate to think
how Charlie would feel

if you wound up stuffed.


Hi, Jesse.

Hey, doll. How are you?

Oh, I'm in a spot.

You know, my car went
blooey this morning.

Had to take a taxi. You think
you could give me a lift?

Yeah, where to?
Oh, surprise me.

Why not?
Thanks a lot.

I have to get my bag.
Just a minute.


Perhaps I could
take you home.

Oh, Heinz, I'm sorry.
Um, Jesse just asked me.

Of course. I understand.

But maybe we could
go out some other time.

What about tomorrow night?
Is that all right?

You know, one of the fitters

told me that some of St. Clair's
ideas come from you.

Is that true?
Would that surprise you so?

No. Not at all.

I just-- I wish you wouldn't let
them treat you the way they do.

Just keep pitching there,
buddy boy. You'll score yet.

What are you looking at?
Just you, babe.


Got a light?

Well, the lady
is armed and dangerous.

Two girls have been killed.
What do you expect?

The phone company's
going to disconnect my phone.

No calls in a week,
especially from you.

Well, I'm sorry, but I've had
a few things on my mind.

I hate to be cold.

But I know you and Michelle
were at the end of the line,

and the funeral's over.

So, what are we waiting for?

You are direct, aren't you?



Uh, don't let him
get out of the garage.

I'll be right down.
I don't believe it.

Somebody's trying
to tow my car away.

Is that such a tragedy?

I've already sunk 4000
into that transmission.

Nobody, nobody tows that car,
even if I wanted them to.

Uh, we'll have to get together
some other time.

What the hell is going on here?
Get that car on the ground.

I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson.
I have my orders.

I don't care--

Johnson? Who's Johnson?

I know it may be a bit
of an inconvenience

for you, Mr. Johnson,

but I am sure that they'll be
happy to return the car

when you start making
the payments again.

If you'll just sign right here.
What payments?

I paid cash for this car.

My name is St. Clair,
not Johnson.

Oh, dear me. Well, if your name
is not Johnson,

well, that means that...
this isn't your car.

No, no, no, no, idiot.

I'm St. Clair.

This is my car.
You've got the wrong car.

Oh. Well, maybe the dispatcher
made a mistake.

I'll have
to phone in to find out.

Nobody's perfect, you know.

Well, anybody can make
a mistake, Mr. Johnson--

I mean, Mr. St. Clair.

But you sure look
like a Johnson to me.





Sorry. I didn't know
anybody was still around.

I have a late date.

You scared me to death.

I-- I sure hope not.

Good night.

Oh, my God!
I'm sorry.

What are you doing here?

I forgot my purse,
so I came back to get it.

I'm glad I did because I've
been wanting to talk to you.

About what?

Dana Cameron and
Michelle St. Clair.

I don't know
what you're getting at.

I think you do.

You were Alec Witt's alibi
when Dana was killed.

You said you were with him.

There are some people who
don't believe your story.

Who doesn't believe me?


Look, is there anywhere
we can go and talk?

There's a restaurant three
blocks from here. Maxine's?

I don't want to be seen
leaving here with you.

But I'll meet you there
in...15 minutes.

All right.
Maxine's it is.





Candy. Candy.





Stop! Please help!



If I just left with her,
I could have prevented this.

Look, it was her idea.

Kelly, it could have been you
in that ambulance.

Yeah, let's just
be happy she's okay.

I mean, she's the only one left
who can identify the killer.

You know, you were right about
her knowing something, Jill.

She got very nervous
when I started to question her.

I think the killer is Alec.
It was his van.

The exact van he had
at the St. Clair estate.

Well, it wasn't Woodman,
that's for sure.

Jill was with him
and I was following them.

Where did you leave him?
At my house.

I said I had a headache.
He didn't push it.

Gosh. You over the hill at 24?

Very funny. You shut up.

Kelly, you sure
it was Alec's van?


You sure it was Alec?

What do you mean?

Well, the security guard

said Alec left shortly after
St. Clair did. On foot.

He said he was going out
to get a bite to eat.

He never came back.

Oh, that's great,
just great.

Hey, listen, Alec's van
was just found.

It was hot-wired and abandoned
on the East Side.

Apparently he walked home.

He's got an apartment
a couple of blocks from here.

The killer could have
stolen the van.

Or Alec could have had time
to double back

and come into the building
through the rear fire exit.

Either way, Woodman and
St. Clair were accounted for.

So we cross them off.

And we concentrate...on Alec.

CHARLISorry I'm missing
the flick, Angels.

I've heard it's educational.

A marvelous training film

for the sadomasochistic set,

There are some great chains,
if you're into chains, Charlie.

BOSLEY: Alec Witt
used to make

this same kind of two-reeler
for a living,

before they slapped him
with a porno charge.

You mean he got money for it?

This Witt is a very
nasty fellow, Angels.

Maybe the police are right,

and it's a case of a sex freak
doing his thing.

Aha! One guaranteed
sex freak coming up.

Alec Witt. Statutory rape.

Two counts. Not enough
evidence for conviction.

He seduced both the girls
to get them in his films,

which featured dolls

Just our luck.
A dirty young man.

A dangerous young man.
Watch yourselves, Angels.

Charlie's right, Sabrina.

Alwas in St. Clair's house
the time Michelle was killed.

But he could have left there

and come back around
the pool house.

Oh, listen, Jill,

I don't think Heinz Brandon
can be discounted any longer.

Okay. I'm going
to have coffee with him, Boz,

so I'll see
what I can find out.

I'm still convinced
the man I saw in the garage

must have been Alec.

Well, folks, I have a dinner
date with Alec tonight.

If he's the strangler,

maybe I can make myself
his next victim.



Alec, I'm here.

Oh, you're early, love.

Why don't you grab
a drink from the bar

while I slip

Take your time.

I'll just leave your keys
here on the bar.

Are you trying to impress me
with your promptness, Sabrina?


better early
than never.

Do you always look
through people's files?

Oh, come on, Alec. You know
what I was looking for.

No, I don't.
Why don't you tell me.

Well, I was hoping
I would find something

a little more...interesting
to look at than just fashion.

How did you know
about my, uh,

for pornography?

One of the models
at work told me.

Made me want
to work for you more.



Here we are.

Whatever happened to dinner?

We'll eat later.

Will you slow down?

Well, what is it with you?

I just don't like
to be rushed, that's all.

Wait a minute.

You come on like some poor
little working girl

who's ready for anything.

What do you want from me?

Just a little fresh air.

And let all the cold in?

Come on, baby.

I told you
I don't like to be rushed.

Well, this time you are
going to be rushed.

That's what I like, baby.

That's it, baby.
Stop it!

Get off of me!
No way, baby.

Well, isn't this romantic?

So that's the way
you treat a lady.

Listen, friend,

I drove all the way over here
thinking you wanted some action.

What I didn't realize

is that the action you wanted
was with somebody else.

I didn't invite you here.
Maybe not in so many words.

But you've been coming on
pretty heavy for a week.

SABRINA: We are supposed to have
a quiet dinner together,

and suddenly
a replacement shows up?

Oh, that's not
good form at all, love.

What the hell is going on here?

In a word, nothing, lover.
Not tonight.

Well, you
struck out again.



Are you all right?

Uh-huh. Outside of
a couple of broken ribs.

You know, if you'd have been
a couple seconds later,

I'd have been
defiled by that creep.

Now, that's the first time

I've ever heard you
complain about that.

Hey, he wasn't exactly
Robert Redford, you know.

If he had been Robert Redford,

I might have said,
"Defile away."

Right. Jill's still
at the restaurant with Brandon.

Did you find anything?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Depends on how
a group photograph

of our three victims
grabs you.

What's so unusual about that?
They worked together.

Mm-hm. But in
this photograph

they've all got X's
on their faces,

Like the killer was, uh,
marking off his victims.


You seem so quiet, Heinz.

Can't you tell me
what's wrong?

I only wonder why you
are with me, here, now.

A beautiful girl.

There must be very many men
you can be with other than me.

I choose my friends.
Is that so strange?


I have a large family
in Holland, you know.

A sister, brothers.

We were a Catholic family

and so, naturally,
there were very many of us.

It's not like that
in America.

Everyone is...separate.

What was your sister like?

Lost. Um--


Always searching.

Never finding.

That's for you.


Oh, it's beautiful.

Oh, Heinz, thank you.

In my village,
we have a local saint,

a protector
of the frail and fair.

You don't even have to be
Catholic to be protected. Yes.

Excuse me, Mr. Brandon.

Oh, excuse me.

Uh, is Mr. Brandon
still on the phone?

Mr. Brandon left, miss.
And the bill has been paid.

Uh, do you know
where he went?

Well, I'm not sure.

But he could've gone to
the church across the street.

He usually goes there
on Friday night after dinner.

Thank you.


Oh, God.

Charlie, the police found
a closet full of those rag dolls

in Brandon's apartment,

Enough to kill
half the models in town.

Jill, what's your reaction?

He didn't do it, Charlie.
He was set up.

But there's one thing the person
who set Heinz up forgot about.

Even though it was staring him
right in the face.

What's that, Angel?

Heinz was a Catholic
and very religious.

He'd never commit suicide

because it's against
the laws of the church.

And he'd never kill
anyone else either.

I'm sure of it.

If that is true, then we
are back to square one.

There is one more angle
I'm having Sabrina check out.

The photos you took
of St. Clair's books

turned up something
interesting, Kelly.

Large life insurance payments
made with company funds.

I'm back,
and I got it.

Charlie, you were right.

A London insurance company

issued a two million dollar
life insurance policy

a little over
a year ago.

Now, they've been conducting

their own discreet

They didn't want a lawsuit
over any false accusations.

Whose policy?
Michelle St. Clair.


Kevin St. Clair.

Now, wait just one minute.

None of this
makes any sense.

We eliminated
St. Clair...

because we realized
it was impossible

for him to kill Michelle.

He was at the pool
with Kelly.

But not impossible
for him

to have hired someone
to kill her, Bosley.

And he could have
killed Dana Cameron.

Why didn't I remember before?


Well, his alibi
for Dana's murder

was that his car broke down
and had to be towed.

Right. So?

Well, he had a fit when Bosley
hooked his car up to tow.

He claimed nobody
tows that car ever.

Listen, Charlie, I am still
thoroughly confused.

If St. Clair killed
Dana Cameron

and had somebody
kill Michelle,

what about Candy?

Your hot suspect for that one
was Alec Witt.

And Jesse Woodman
was the number one suspect

for Michelle's murder.

You're not saying--?

That's exactly
what we're saying, Boz.

Alec? Sabrina Duncan.

I have some information
I think you'll be interested in

about Candy's attempted murder.

Jesse? Hi.
It's Jill Munroe.

There were some photos
taken at the St. Clair estate

the day Michelle was murdered,

and I think
you'll want to see them.

Kevin? Kelly Garrett.

I think we should have a talk
about Dana Cameron's murder.


That's it. Further.
further. Head back.

Turn it on, baby.
Now look at me.


Lovely. Lovely.
Toss your head back.

Uh, that's it
for now, sweetheart.

We'll, uh, pick it up
in the morning.

Is Woodman on his way?

Yes, and we have nothing
to worry about.

What do you mean?
All those phone calls,

and you try to tell me there's
nothing to worry about?

Alec, we've got alibis.
Nobody saw us do what we did.

No witnesses, no clues,

no chance of anything
definite pointing to us.

But they said
they might have photographs.

Uh, they would be
of Woodman, not us.

We have more
than just photographs

of Jesse Woodman,
Mr. St. Clair.

Kelly, I thought you said
you were coming alone.

Gee, Kevin, I don't
remember saying that.

What I said was

we should have a chat
about Dana Cameron's murder.

And about those photographs
we know about.

They're very
interesting photographs.

What's all this about?

Ah, Jesse, the young ladies

claim to have some
interesting photographs of you.

Which means
you're the strangler.


You're crazy.

No, not me.

They both have alibis, Jesse.
Yours is blown.

Let me see those photographs.
No, no, no, no, no.





Okay, you kept me
waiting this long

without telling me
who the strangler is.

Now, which one did it?

He did.

And he did.

And he did.
Oh. I see.

What Sabrina is trying
to explain to you, Bosley,

is that they all did it.

All three of them.

Jesse Woodman, Alec Witt
and Kevin St. Clair.

You see, the tip-off was the
million-dollar insurance policy

that St. Clair
had taken out on Michelle.

See, he was in hock
to half a dozen banks

For more money
than Creations, Incorporated

would make in five years.

He figured the only way
out from under

was to get rid of Michelle

in order to collect
the insurance money.

So he devised
what he thought would be

a perfect murder scheme.

The only thing was,
he needed help to pull it off.

So he went into partnership
with Woodman and Alec,

agreeing to split
the insurance payment with them

if they helped with his scheme.

So the killing of Dana
and the attempt on Candy

was merely to cover
the real killing, Michelle's.

Woodman actually
killed Michelle.

Alec tried to kill Candy.

And St. Clair
killed Dana Cameron

to start that whole
rag doll premise

in the minds of the police.

And then St. Clair figured

that he better set up the phony
suicide of Heinz Brandon

to throw off
any further investigation.

Now, is that all clear
to you, Bosley?

Oh, uh, yes, sir, perfectly.
Uh-- Uh, clear as can be.

Any word on Candy, Charlie?

She's conscious
and out of intensive care.

The police expect her
to cooperate fully

in testimony against Alec Witt.

St. Clair and his cohorts

are going to be out of business
permanently, Angels.

Heinz was right, Charlie.
His medal protected me.

I'm really glad we were
able to vindicate him.

Yes, indeed, Angel.
Well done.

Now, I'm going to have
to hurry along, Angels.

Work, work, work.

Another case, Charlie?

Hey, I thought you
just finished one.

I did. And the last one
really took a lot out of me.

But something else
just came up.

And you know how I put
my heart into my work.

Bye, Angels.

Goodbye, Charlie.