Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Mexican Connection - full transcript

The Angels head to Mexico to infiltrate a heroin smuggling ring & unearth the identity of a mysterious smuggler known as Escobar; Sabrina poses as a stewardess, Jill as a swimming coach and Kelly as a vacationing schoolmarm.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.

But I took them away
from all that,

and now they work for me.
My name is Charlie.

Angels, this Mexican-registered

charter plane went down
in United States territory

carrying a fortune in heroin.

The pilot was shot by a hijacker
who was after the heroin.

He subdued the hijacker

and was almost able
to manage a safe crash landing.

Is the pilot still alive,

Broken leg and hip--
But he'll be all right.

His name is Dan Mason, Angels--
And he's our client.

Dan is the one on right.

And that is his buddy,
Jim Taylor.

Remember Jim Taylor's face,
you'll be seeing him.

Mm-hm. I can hardly wait.

Sorry, Jill.

Dan's arranged for Taylor
to work with us

but Sabrina will be
Taylor's only contact

as a stewardess on his flights.

Her knowledge of Spanish
is a must for the job.

Well, how hard is it to say,
"Si, se?or"?

What does Dan Mason
want us to do, Charlie?

Crack the smuggling ring

that stashed the heroin
on his flight.

Dan's sister, Lori,

was the stewardess
on the plane.

There were two kilograms
of heroin taped to her body--

and 20 kilos stowed
in the fuselage.

It was a real shock
to Dan to find out

that Lori was an addict.

Any prime suspects, Charlie?

One big one--

The owner
of the charter airline

Dan and Taylor fly for--

Frank Bartone.

Bartone is a highly respected
citizen of Mazatlan,

but Mexican authorities think
he could be one

of the heaviest producers
of illicit drugs.

Word is that lately Bartone

has been pressed
by a new rival.

A man known only as Escobar.

So far there is
no case against Bartone,

and with his influence
and wealth,

it's almost impossible
for the Mexican police

to penetrate his organization.

And, uh, that's where
we come in, Charlie?

Where policemen fear to tread?

I'm afraid so, Angels.

This is Bartone's daughter,

She's into swimming and Bartone
will turn to anybody

who can help her
become a champion.

How's your breaststroke, Jill?

Oh, I thought you'd never ask,

Just swim in that water, Jill.
Don't drink it.

Bosley has
your assignment packets,

so, bueno viaje, Angels.

Any chance we might see you
down south, Charlie?

I'm afraid I'm, I'm snowed
in here at Aspen, Angels--

But it's not all bad.

My suite offers
a magnificent view

of the local natural

And it's uncanny how
they bring to mind

the majestic slopes
of Switzerland.

Good morning.



Prompt and pretty.

Dan's always had great
taste in women,

but a female detective?
That's a new twist.

I hope you know
your business.

Well, thanks very much
for the vote of confidence, Jim.

Sorry. But I have been thinking
about what happened to Dan

and the question you've been
asking me before....


My hunch is
that the heroin

found on Dan's flight
was not smuggled.

Frank Bartone?

I think Bartone's
been shipping it himself.

Wouldn't that be pretty
dangerous on his own airline?

Not really. You see,
Bartone has each pilot

sign an independent charter
agreement before every flight.

So that legally
you're renting the plane

every time you fly for him?

That's right.

So when Dan went down,
Bartone was clean.

Dan was responsible
for the aircraft

and everything
on board.

Wow. Including his sister.


Poor Lori.

Dan and I got
her the stewardess job

on the airline I guess
about eight months ago.

It wasn't too long
before she was a steady

at Bartone's mansion.

And that's where
she got hooked on smack.

How do I qualify a stewardess?

Oh, that's easy.

You've got
all the qualifications

that Bartone cares about.

But just to avoid questions,

we'll make like we've got
something going together.

That should be easy....

Oh, that's Wendy Green.

She'll be your co-stewardess
on the plane.

Might as well start
playing our parts, huh?

Okay, I think
you've made your point.

She tracked us
like a radar screen.


She'll spread the word
faster than Western Union.

Come on,
I'll show you around.

Any more from the man
you caught last night?

Just what I reported
this morning.

He definitely works
for Escobar.

The boys are still
working on him.


Who's that?


Uh, Nick, don't forget
that phone call.

Let's go, girls.

Welcome to Mazatlan.


Common tourist-type--

A schoolteacher on holiday.

Oh, what kind of teacher?

Barclay School for Girls
in Los Angeles.

Oh, a school for young ladies,
this is very good.

Oh, I'm sorry,
my name is Frank Bartone.

Kelly Garrett.

Nice meeting you.

And I promise to protect
you from the evils of Mazatlan.

If I can engage you as my own
private "teacher."

Well, I've read about you,
Mr. Bartone,

and, uh, I don't think you need
a "teacher" for anything.

Oh, propaganda, Kelly.

Just propaganda.

Actually, I'm a very gentle man.

But I insist you join me
for lunch.

Yes? Come.


Speak of the devil.

Here comes one of your fellow
countrymen to vouch for me.

Flight Control said
you wanted to see me

as soon as we touched down,
Mr. Bartone.

You're just in time to give me
a character reference.

Whatever you've heard--
Believe it.

Santa Maria!

I'm Jim Taylor,
this is Sabrina Duncan.

How do you do?
Hello. How are you?

Fine, thank you.

Kelly Garrett.


Kelly, would you like
to pour Miss Duncan

a glass of champagne?

And, ladies, please excuse us.

We'll be right back.
Oh, of course.




There you go.

Well, I knew you were fast,

but moving in as hostess
for the big man on the first day

has got to be a record.

It must be my bikini. This style
is called "Bottoms Up."

If you'd worn the one
Charlie had given you,

he'd have proposed by now.

Well, every time I wear it
I get proposals.

But not of marriage.

What's with Jill?

She's made
an overnight splash

with the local
swimming buffs.

She should be here.

She's going to swim
a private exhibition race

with the swimmer who's been
coaching Bartone's daughter.


Oh, how'd you do
with your fly boy?

I don't know.

There's something
not quite right.

The vibes just aren't right.
I like him....

But I really don't know.

We are convinced that this man
who calls himself "Escobar"

is responsible for the crash.

And I promise you
he will pay for it.

Fine. But first
you've got to find him.

Any new leads?

Yeah. We picked up one
of his men last night.

Did he talk?

He admitted Escobar planted
the hijacker on my plane.

Did he?

Taylor, I run
a very honest airline.

No dope, no smuggling.
I want you to know that.

Sure, Mr. Bartone,
whatever you say.

That's right.
Whatever I say.

The new stewardess,
where did you find her?

Coast Airlines.

San Francisco.

She was fine on the trial trip.
I'd like to keep her.

I don't blame you.

Miss Duncan?

The captain wishes you
to stay on permanently.

Would you like that?

Very much.

In spite of the terrible
accident we had recently?

Well, Mr. Bartone,
I'm a fatalist.

I've always believed when it's
time to go, it's time to go.

Isn't that funny,
I feel exactly the same way.

Hi, Papa.

Hello, Maria.

How are you?
Join us, sit down.

This is my daughter, Maria.

Sabrina, Kelly.

Loretta and the American swimmer
are ready for the race,

Mr. Bartone. 100 meters.

I told them you put up
a $1000 purse, winner-take-all.


Who are they, Mr. Bartone?

One is Maria's coach.

The one in the white cap
is an American girl,

Jill Munroe.

She was a ranking swimmer
in college.

SABRINA: Really?


Loretta says she was known

for her finishing kick.

That is what you must learn,

To finish off your opponent.

The real champion must
have the killer instinct.

I try, Papa.

Try harder, my love.

Ready, girls?

Get set.


What a fantastic time!

I think my Maria
just got a new coach.

I want to go
to congratulate her.

Excuse me a second.

Bad news: Escobar's man--
The boys tried too hard.

He's dead.

Stupid! Just stupid!

Dump the body where
it's easy to find.

Whomever Escobar is,
I want him to get the message

right, loud and clear.

Another thing.

Get on the phone to Los Angeles
and San Francisco.

Check out Kelly Garrett
at the Barclay School

and Sabrina Duncan
at Coast Airlines.

Do it right now!


Townsend Investigations.

Bosley speaking.

Mr. Bosley,
this is Julia Barclay--

of Barclay School
for Girls.

I've received a telephone
inquiry from Mexico

in reference to the employment
of a Miss Kelly Garrett.

The caller refused
to identify himself--

Appalling manners--

But I nonetheless responded
to his questions

precisely as Charlie requested.

Thank you, Miss Barclay.

Oh, and by the way,
I want you to know

that Charlie's annual donation
to the Library Fund

is on its way.

Splendid, Mr. Bosley.

I don't know what we'd do

without Charlie's
continued generosity.

It's from the heart,
Miss Barclay.

Charlie feels that all girls
should be well-rounded.

Oh, hello, operator?

I'd like to place
a person-to-person call

to Mazatlan, Mexico.

Well, goodbye, Mr. Bartone,
thanks very much for the job.

Sabrina, if we're going
to make that flight,

we better check
into operations.

You've got a very interesting
woman here, Jim.

I want to know more about her.

Bring her tomorrow night
to the party.

Why, how nice!

Fine. Come on.


You've got your invitation
to the mansion,

now why don't you get a chill
and give me a chance!

Because I'm hungry!

Will you get out of here!

Excuse me.

I think I'll go
take a hot shower.

You know
my goose bumps are so big,

I can't tell which ones
are the real me.

Ciao, Mr. Bartone--

My car will call for you
at 5, Miss Munroe.

Oh, thank you.

I hope you are not going
to desert me too, Kelly.

Looks like you'll have
plenty of company

with your new house guest....

If you every get her dry.

I was planning to extend
the same invitation to you.

Ah, no.

I'm afraid I can't accept--

After all, we've only known
each other a few hours.

The eternal cry
of the American female.

All right.

If you won't stay
at the house,

at least let me have
your things moved

to my private suite here
at the hotel.

Sorry, Mr. Bartone.

I've kind of gotten used
to my own little room.

I'm sure it's
very charming.

Perhaps you'll invite
me to visit.


I'm sorry, Kelly,
but I have to go.

But I want you
to promise to come

to my party
tomorrow night.

Okay. I'll be there.

You and I have some
unfinished business.

I hate unfinished business.

I called the airline
and the Barclay School.

Both girls are for real.

Kelly Garrett intrigues me.
But still worries me.

There is something
too smooth, too sure.

I don't know.

Boy, that new stewardess
is sure a knockout, huh?

Boy, it's going
to be a pleasure

to fly
with Taylor now.

Yeah, Lori was starting
to look like a junkie.

It was fortunate she was killed
in the plane crash.

She was mainlining
and beginning to talk too much.

Hey, what
about the Culiac?n lab?

Now you promised Steiner
he could close it down

for a month
after tonight's shipment.

He wants to visit his wife
in the States.

No, not until we replace
the 22 kilos

we lost in the crash.

If we don't supply our
distributors, this Escobar will.

Well, can't our
other lab help out?

It can barely meet its own
production schedule.

You lean on Steiner
as hard as you have to--

And be extra careful tonight.

Escobar is more dangerous
than the police.

Okay, I should be back here

between 2 and 3 a.m.
with the stuff.

Oh, and tonight is the last time
we use my house.

Why? You think the cops
are getting close?

Colonel Morales
is not a stupid man.

But more important,
Maria's growing up,

and getting very inquisitive.

The new shipment
will be much safer.

I just bought a small building
in the name of a dead man.

If the police ever
knock it over,

the trail ends on the spot.


Hey, talking about beauty,

don't forget to pick up
Maria's new instructor

at the hotel at 5.

Yeah, maybe I'll
show up early

and teach Miss Munroe
a few new strokes.


Who is it?

Just a little ol' Texas

Come right in.


I think I'm getting
to Bartone

by playing

He insists I make the scene
at his bash tomorrow night.

Oh, good.

He's sending a car for me
in about an hour.

I hope he likes
nosey house guests.

Don't push your luck,

Just try and pinpoint places
he might possibly

hide records of his operation.


Hey, do you know if Sabrina
managed to sign on

to move her tail
for Bartone's airline?

She did--

But the way he looked her over,

I think he's after more
than coffee, tea, or milk.



Nick Doyle.

Mr. Bartone sent me.

Uh, I'm not ready yet.

Yeah, I know.

I got a message for you
from Mr. Bartone.



Just a minute.

Hey, I don't know if you
noticed, but I'm in my towel,

not a hostess gown.
What do you want?

Hey, relax.

Listen, we've got
over an hour?

I thought we might
get to know each other.

Yeah, I understand
what you're saying.

But I'm not selling

what you're buying.

Well, you might after
you try a sample.

This may boggle
your mind, Mr. Doyle,

but I was just getting
to know someone else.

He's a very Mexican gentleman.
And old-fashioned, you know?

Duels and
that sort of thing?

Yeah, okay, I'll, uh...

I'll catch you later.

I'm sure you will,
Mr. Doyle.

You do lead an exciting life,

Where would I have been
without you?

Up to your peaches,

Oh, I know. He's waiting
in the lobby for me now.

I have to go get
in the car with him.

I wonder what
it's going to be like

getting out of a car
going 40 miles an hour?

Count your blessings.

Sabrina's entertaining him
tonight at 10,000 feet.

Oh, no.
See you later.

Okay, now forget
the normal turnaround.

We'll return to Mazatlan
as soon as I get back.

And keep your eyes open.

I don't want any
of Escobar's boys

along as surprise passengers.

Sounds like Escobar's
really got Doyle worried.

Yeah. Bartone too.

The car is
in the parking lot.

Let's go.

I want to keep Doyle
in my back pocket all the way.

I haven't seen my wife
in two months, Doyle.

Yeah, well, if you don't hang
in here and crank out

another 25 kilos,
you won't ever see her.

I don't like
to be threatened.

For a guy with a PhD, Steiner,
you're pretty stupid.

Now get the case packed
so I can get out of here.

Come on, we better
get back to the field.

He'll be waiting for us.

Not until I see what's
inside this building.

But we can't pick this lock.
It's an inside deadbolt.

Well, here goes nothing.

What are you going to do?

Well, like the man said,

"When in doubt, attack."

Oh, what does he want now?

You can't--

Go over there, and get down.
You're crazy!


What did you forget?


I don't speak Spanish.

Oh, neither do I.
At least not very well.

Listen, I hate to bother you,

but my boyfriend and I
were on the way to the airport,

and we had a fight
and he dropped me off

and I wondered
if I could use your phone

to call a cab, please?

Of course.

Please come in.

Thank you.
The phone is over there.

Where did you say
the phone is?

Over here.


Now, what's your name?

Uh, Fibbersmith--
Angela Fibbersmith....

And you're a stewardess, huh?

Yeah, that's right.

And you're flying tonight?

Yeah, and I'm going
to be late if I don't get going.

All right.

I'll drive you to the airport.

I'm sure Mr. Doyle
would like to talk to you.

Oh, that's okay with me.

But listen, if this is your idea
of Mexican hospitality,

you're going to lose
a lot of tourists.

If you please,
my car is outside.

You're making a big mistake.

I just want to get
to the airport.

That's exactly
where you're going.

This way.

Hold it!

What's going on?

A heroin lab, but I don't think
this is the time

to talk about it!

He's going to call Bartone
the minute he comes to.

No way. They'd never give him
a telephone contact.

Okay. We're late.

What are we going
to tell Doyle?

We'll tell him we stopped at a
motel. He'll understand that.


How was I?

Terrific! Terrific!

Oh, Maria, don't be afraid.
It's Jill.

I thought it was my father.

I heard a noise outside
my bedroom

and then I saw you
coming downstairs,

I thought you might
be sick.

Are you all right?

I'm just worried
about my father.

People are saying such terrible
things about him

and there are secrets
in this house,

things I want to know....

Shh, shh.

He took the key
to the wine cellar.

That's what
I came here to get.

Jill, I'm afraid there's more
down there than wine.

Otherwise, why would he keep
the key locked away?

I don't know but the wine cellar
can wait till tomorrow.

Come on, let's call
it a night.

Jill, I'm so afraid.
Will you be my friend?

Oh, Maria,
I am your friend.

Come on. It's okay.

Watch your step.

1957 was a very good year.

Yeah. One million
dollars a bottle.

Diverting this shipment
to Chicago

to replace what
we've lost in the crash

will take some of the heat off,
but not for long.

The Los Angeles outlets
are already pushing

for early delivery of their
orders and we haven't got it.

Yeah, that could open
the door for Escobar in L.A.

We can't produce
any faster than we are now.

We've been forced to harvest
the poppies early as it is.

The new fields
have just been planted.

We must get Escobar.
He can ruin everything!


Uh, Maria. You want
to talk about last night?

I don't know where to start.

I love my father.

He gives me everything.

But he's also a very hard man.

He divorced my mom
when I was about five.

She gave up
her rights to me

just so that I could have
the things that he could offer.

I only get to see her maybe
two or three times a year.

You miss her?

Very much.

You know finding out the truth
can hurt you both-- A lot.

I can't help it.

I have to know.

Well, I'd better
get it in gear

or I'll never
make the party tonight.


Thanks for everything.

You're an angel.

Yeah, that's what they tell me.

Colonel Morales commands
the Narcotics Division

of the State Police.

His helicopter teams
have already destroyed

hundreds of poppy
and marijuana fields.

it's an endless task.

And seemingly hopeless.

Allow me to buy you a drink.

Ladies, if you will permit me?

As long as you
don't disappear forever.

With such beauty
awaiting my return?

How could I?

Excuse us.


We've got to talk.

Bosley called. There's
a balcony off the ballroom.

Let's go back there.


We've got to go to work.
Can you cover for me?

Sure, Bartone serves
a lot of San Leone wine.

Don't forget you're looking
specifically for burgundy.

Vintage 1957.


Right on schedule,
Stewardess Duncan.

The only way to fly.

Tacky, Sabrina.

Very tacky.

Thank you.

What did Bosley say?

Charlie's been trying
to get a line

on the mysterious
Se?or Escobar.

But so far nothing.

He has a theory, though.

He thinks Escobar's
a little operator

trying to crash
the big time.

He figures the attempted hijack
had a double purpose:

To leave Bartone's U.S.
connection high and dry,

and to move in on them
with Bartone's own heroin.

So the ultimate bust of Bartone

would be across the border
in the United States.

With heroin in his possession.

Well, Bosley thinks there's
as much chance of luring Bartone

across the border, as there is
of Charlie joining the Gay Lib.

I don't buy that.

I think Bartone can be had if we
come up with the right bait--

Well, in the meantime,
we have zilch evidence.

Okay. So what we have to come up
with is 12 bottles of wine

that Doyle delivered
here last night.

Now they're
corked, sealed and labeled

"San Leone Vineyards,
Burgundy, Vintage 1957."

But I don't even like wine.

You'll like these bottles.

They're filled
with heroin crystals.

Where do we start looking?

Oh, in the wine cellar.

I mean, isn't that
where you keep wine?

It may be locked.

But I know where
the key is.

You do get around, Jill.

Okay, I'll go with Jill.
I know what we're looking for.

Now you keep Bartone
off our backs, okay?

It's not your backs
he's after.

Well, now we know where to come
in case of an air raid.

I'll drink to that.

Oh, Kelly's right.
You are tacky tonight.


Excuse me, please.

Se?or Bartone.


Sorry, but I have to go
to the wine cellar.

Oh, I was hoping you would
consider attending

to something more pressing,

like you and I
on the dance floor?

It is very difficult to refuse
an invitation like that,

but I must for the moment.

However, I shall
be back in a minute.

Colonel Morales?

Would you be so kind to dance
with this lovely lady?


Shall we?
Excuse me.






Let's see if all 12
are here.

Hang on to this.

Oh, I'm so-- The key.

What are we going to do?

Well, we're going
to clean it up.

Find Doyle. Send him
to the wine cellar, a hora!

Si, se?or.


I'll try to find something
to put it in.

Looking for the swimming pool,
Miss Munroe?

You have exactly one minute
before Mr. Doyle

puts a bullet into that pretty
head of yours.

She must be a cop.

I work for Escobar.

Oh, you almost ran into him

when you forced yourself
into my hotel room.

How interesting.


And where would I find
your employer, Miss Munroe?

You see, it's a matter
of life or death.


He'll be in Los Angeles
tomorrow afternoon

for a meeting
with your heaviest connections.

That's a lie.

Only an idiot would
cross the border.

Did he tell you their names?

No. Just that
he was meeting them

because they said you couldn't
supply them anymore.

And they'll believe him.

Since the crash,
everyone believes!

Where is the meeting?

I told you, Los Angeles.

Where in Los Angeles?

Oh, gee, isn't that funny.
I just plumb forgot.

Don't get cute.

I am not playing games,
Miss Munroe.

Neither am I, Mr. Bartone.

All I want is
a little running money.

Like $50,000?

Let's waste her.

Send her back to Escobar
like we did the last one.

And lose your chance
to find Escobar?

Oh, I think Mr. Bartone
is much too smart for that.

All right.

I'll give you the $50,000.

Now, where is the rendezvous?

In the L.A. marina.
On a boat.

I take you there,
you pay me off, I split.

I'll tell you where the boat
is after I get my money.

How do we know her whole story
isn't a fairy tale?

I can prove it.

You can keep me covered
the whole way,

but you have to let me turn some
heroin over to my partner

at 6:00 in the morning
at the hotel swimming pool.

I mean, that was the plan.

And if it isn't delivered?

Well, then Escobar will know
something went wrong.

He'll cancel the whole show.

I don't like it.

No, no.

It's a good test.

We either find out her
story's true, or we kill her.

Right, Miss Munroe?

Right, Mr. Bartone.

If it is true,
we'll fly to Los Angeles

we'll take two bottles with us.

I want to show them proof
that we can supply.

Why don't you let me handle it.

It's too dangerous for you
to cross the border.

No, I want them all to know
that I'm still the man.

And I want
to see Escobar's face.

For the first and last time.

Your friend doesn't show
at 6 on the button

and I use your head
for target practice.

I said 6 sharp.

I'm going back to the party.

Get some heroin and put it
in a bottle for her.

And stay with her until you take
her back to the hotel.

Better settle down.
We got a nice, long wait.

Oh, that depends
on how we spend it.

I mean, it's not the plaza,

but I hear they have
a terrific wine list.

Now that's more like it.

We found the heroin.
But Jill got caught.

Doyle's got her downstairs
in the wine cellar.


She did some fast talking,

but if we don't move
fast she's dead.

Excuse me, Colonel.

Yes. Isn't this
my dance?

Oh, yes.

Taylor, I think you'd better
call it a night.

I beg your pardon.

I want you to handle
a very special flight,

tomorrow, early.

Sure, where to?

Los Angeles.

A normal passenger flight,
with one exception-- Me.

What did you do
in the wine cellar?

Crush the grapes?

Kelly, where's Sabrina?

We have to cut.

Colonel Morales
has her in custody

on the dance floor.

Now keep smiling,
Colonel, all right?

I'm a private investigator
from Los Angeles,

and I'd like to make
you a proposition.


A gift has arrived
for you, Se?or.

A gift for me? Bring it in.

A beautiful box.

A big one, huh?

Open it, open it.

Colonel Morales!

"An eye for an eye."

Signed, Escobar.

Call the local police.

Si, Colonel.
Touch nothing.

I will have to ask you
many questions.

Delighted, Colonel.
As soon as my guests have gone.

Caballeros, amigos,
I suggest we call it a night.

Muy buenas noches.


That's our friend
from the heroin lab.

All the way from Culiac?n.

We don't have to worry
about finding Escobar,

he's finding us.

Miss Munroe?

You have something for me?

Oh, you bet your burrito!

Escobar. I am to tell you....


I am to say...
oh, shoot, I forgot.

Oh, no!


He on boat...Sweet Sue.

Oh, I love you!

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Thank you.
You were great.

But I-- I don't understand.

I say, Sweet Sue,
I get wine.

You pay me for wine?

That's how
Henry Kissinger does it.


This is it, Jim.

It's a one-way trip for Bartone.

What do you mean?

He's walking right
into a set-up.

Come on, I don't want
to miss the final.

Well, where's the boat?

Well, before we go
any further I want my money.

Where is the boat,
Miss Munroe?

Unless you want
to die right here.

Well, it's Sweet Sue,
slip 22.

Kinda catchy, huh?

Let's go.

I hope we didn't keep you
waiting too long, Se?or Escobar.

The name is Bosley, Mr. Bartone.

And I suggest
that you put your weapons down.

The entire area is surrounded
by Drug Enforcement Agents

that have waited years
for this moment.

So put them down!

Right now!

All right. Hold it.

Hold it!

Get up.

Come on, let's get them out.

Come on!

Hold it right there.

Well, at least
it was a beautiful boat.

Yeah, it's great, but next time
you borrow it, Boz,

why don't you make it
a cocktail cruise?

What I want to know
is where's Sabrina?

Everybody all right?

Everything is under control,

A piece of executive

that Charlie would be proud of.

Which reminds me,
I've got to call him.

You mean, you three are a team?

Just like the Supremes.

You really fooled me.

Me too.


Well, I guess everybody got
fooled on this one, didn't they?

Including Escobar.

Where does he come into this?

Right here, I think.

Doesn't he, Jim?

What are you talking about?

Come on, Jim, it's over.

You are Escobar, aren't you?

Oh, come on,
you don't mean that.

Oh, yes, I do.

I wish I didn't.

You nearly
had me fooled.

And then it hit me
this morning.

The night of the party,

when I was looking
for the wine--

you reminded me
to look for bottles

marked "Vintage 1957."

But you couldn't
have known that.

You didn't go
in the lab that night.

You never
saw the bottles.

And then when the lab operator's
body was delivered to Bartone,

then I understood.

You'd flown back the next
morning and killed him,

and that's when you
read the wine labels.

I'm really sorry you found out.

So am I.

I'm sorry for Dan,
and for his sister, Lori.

I'm sure they trusted
you too.

No, no, don't.

Okay, don't get nervous.

Dump it.

Into the water.

You, give her the bag.
Give it to her!

Now I don't want to hurt you,
so don't make any strange moves.

Yeah, just a minute.
Hey, Sabrina!

Kelly, the net!

Come on!

Now that is a prize catch!

But, Charlie, how did you manage
to ski into a tree?

It was a matter of chivalry,

Any woman who expends
the effort to wriggle

into a pair of pants that tight

deserves the full attention

of every red-blooded male
on the slopes.

Oh, let us know if anybody
writes anything

juicy on your cast,

Charlie, what's the prognosis
for Dan Mason's recovery?


If he wants it bad enough,

he may even fly again.

Have formal charges been filed
against Frank Bartone?

In spades, Bosley.

The word is Bartone couldn't
even win a leniency appeal

from a lady judge

and an all-woman jury.

Don't count on it.

Oh, is there any news on Maria,

I spoke with Colonel Morales
yesterday, Jill.

He's personally arranged

for Maria to be re-united
with her mother.

She's very happy.

Oh, that's terrific!

How much longer will you
be in traction?

Another 10 days
at the outside, Angel.

But I have a private room

the most exotic equipment

in physical therapy techniques,

and uh, I make it a point
to tackle it

whenever I can rise
to the occasion.

As a matter of fact,
I'm getting the urge.

Right now....

Oh, Charlie.