Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 1, Episode 13 - Angel Trap - full transcript

The Angels are assigned to stop Jericho, an assassin systematically murdering the aging members of a World War II intelligence unit. Jill is the bait to lure him into the open, but will she be compromised by his continental charm?

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.

But I took them away
from all that,

and now they work for me.
My name is Charlie.




I should have gotten
to you sooner, Charlie.

Smith and Kingston
in England a month ago.

Then Walker in Jamaica.

I called Stambler in San Diego
and I warned him.

He thought I was crazy.
Now he's dead.

Why don't you
just sit down, Mr. Kamden,

and try to relax?

Do you believe it's possible,
Charlie, after 30 years

that it's all connected somehow?

Well, John,
it's not likely, but

obviously it is possible.

This special unit you commanded
during the war. It was Army OSS?

Well, actually it was a combined
Allied intelligence unit.

Officially it was
under the command

of General Danworth in London.

Charlie was Danworth's aide
at the time.

Being in the field, I had
to act pretty independently.

Charlie, the way
these four were killed,

it must be the work
of one man

and obviously a professional.

Yes. What we've got is
a highly experienced assassin.

Now, John, since his victims
were our contemporaries

it's possible that he is too.


but that covers a lot of ground.

I know, but we may
get some help.

You never met her

but there was an agent who
worked for Danworth and me

a Frenchwoman
named Janine Manchand.

She knew nearly every operative
in Europe

including the ones
who worked for you, John.

She lives here

in Los Angeles now.

She owns a small boutique
on Grand near 8th: Madame's.

She's agreed to talk to you.

Call me after you've seen her,

and I suggest
that you move quickly.

Bye-bye, Angels.

Mr. Kamden,

until we decide
how to proceed

I think we better
take you directly home.

Now, if your theory is right

about your friend in San Diego,

it won't take the killer
long to get here.

I owe a debt of gratitude
to Charles Townsend.

It is the only reason I agreed
to see you in this matter.

Do you understand that?


The one you are looking for,
his M.O. always the same.

A clean chest shot,
no witnesses,

an odd-caliber slug
with no ballistic markings

probably a hand-tooled weapon
with interchangeable barrels.

This could be a man
who was known only as Jericho.

He worked as a free agent
for the Allies during the war.

You knew this Jericho?

I worked with him once.

Can you describe him?

You believe he is here?

Or maybe on his way here.

But you're not certain.
None of you are certain.


By the time the war
had ended

people such as myself
had made enemies.


Charlie, as you call him--

arranged for me to come to this
country, take a new identity

make a new life,
a safe life.

Do you want me to risk
all of this now

and become involved?

Four men have
been killed.

More might be killed for reasons
none of us understands.

We don't want to hurt you.
We want to help him.

I...I have a friend in Paris,
Andre Coulange,

with government intelligence.

I will call him.

Come here tomorrow morning,
10:00 sharp.

Okay. Thank you.

Thank you very much.


May I have a saucer
with some milk in it?

And a room, of course.

I'm sorry.

We don't allow pets.


The cat and I are companions.

I'm sure you can make
an exception.

Did you say milk or cream?

Cream would be better.

You haven't been married
much, have you?

Does it show?

Well, habitual bachelors
either eat out

or they learn to cook,
and you set a pretty mean table.

Well, after the war,

I was locked
in mortal marriage for a while.

I couldn't adjust.

I guess it was just too soon

after what
I'd been involved with.

You mean the unit
you'd commanded?


Thank you.

You know...

in those days
we told ourselves

it was all necessary.

Whatever we did
to whoever we dealt with

it was necessary.

We were the good guys.

If Jericho's coming, we can't
just sit here and wait for him.

We will gather all the facts

and we will formulate a plan.

I know this game. I've played it
a long time, believe me.

You're not allowed any mistakes.

We won't make any.

Nothing changes.

Yes, Andre.

Yes, yes, I understand.

Thank you, Andre.
God bless you.

Au revoir.

Much of what we learn
in these matters is conjecture.

However, Andre believes that...

this man in question
has come here.

As to who sent him or why,
he cannot know.

You wanted a description
of Jericho.

I took that snapshot just before
the invasion of Normandy.

We were posing
as a farmer and his wife.

Actually, we were watching
German troop movements.

May we keep this?

I must have your promise
to return it.

You have it.



Who is it?
It's me, Bosley.

Good evening.

Bosley! You lied.
That is not you.

This is my disguise.

If Jericho's never seen you,
why do you need a disguise?

Well, if he sees me like this,

then he won't recognize me
when I'm myself.


I would like you to meet


You realize, of course,

that just finding him
isn't enough.

There's no proof
he's ever done anything.

Nothing. No record.
I know that.

We'll have to watch him.

May I?
Help yourself.

Thank you.

And wait until
he makes a move...

short of killing you, of course.

Oh, such as trying to kill me?

I've alerted the local law.
They'll be working with me.

Now, one overt act,
a pointed gun,

and they'll move on him.

Meanwhile, you should just
go about your regular routine

with some small changes,
such as a new girlfriend.

Right. I will take you
to work in the mornings.

I'll meet you for lunch.

I'll pick you up
in the afternoons.

I'll stay right
by your side all the time

because I'm just crazy
about you.

Well, a man can get shot
driving to work.

Yeah, but we are having
bulletproof windows

put in Sabrina's car.

Now, they should finish
that by morning.

Well, you're very thorough.

Thank you.

Now, here's something
I want to show you.

This is a layout of your office,
your office building

and, more importantly,
Wilson Park right there.

You mean the park is where
he, uh, tries to kill me.

It's nearly empty by 1:00.
Everyone's gone back to work.

That is when you and Sabrina
go there for lunch.

Okay. Okay, so I get shot
between 1:00 and 2:00.

All we got to figure out now
is what day?

And hopefully
Jill will tell us that

if we find Jericho in time.


Could we have two hot dogs,
Miss, and a couple of drinks?

Please. One plain and
one with mustard, right?

What are you having?
One of these?

Yeah. Are those things edible?


Where are Jill and the law?

With us every minute.


Yeah, we're here.

Here you are.
You did that well.

See you later.

They'll sit
at that same bench every day.

All right.

Check your weapons.

We'll position there,


and there.

There you go.


JERICHO: Anything wrong?

Would you believe that old man
just made a pass at me?

He did?

Well, you shouldn't
blame him too much.

You see, it is our curse

and our blessing always
to be young inside.

Can I have one of those?


Here you go.
Thank you.

Uh, do you mind
a small suggestion?

It's overcooked?
Yes, a bit.

You see, usually seven minutes
is just about right.

Oh. Thank you. I'll remember.

And another thing.

Don't blame the old man.

He obviously
has very good taste.

Good day.

Well, friends,
you just heard Jericho.

He's coming towards you.


We heard.

He's picking flowers.

Only the dead blossoms.
He's culling the bush.



When do you think
he'll make his move?

He looks like a man
who takes his time.

I don't think he's going
to make it very easy for us.


Keep the change.
Thank you.

Could I have a glass
of white wine, please?


BARTENDER: Yeah, Lounge.

Yeah, let me see.

Telephone for Miss Munroe?
Jill Munroe?

No, I'm sorry.
I guess she's not here.

I'm Jill Munroe.

Wait a minute.
Hang on.

Thank you.
My pleasure.

Hello? Oh, yes.

Actually, it's late,
and I'm very tired.

Perhaps another time.

I know I said--


Excuse me.

I'm in-- Let me see.
How do I say this?

A delicate situation,
and I need a favor.

It's a small one.

Small what?
The situation or the favor?

The favor.

A persistent suitor, right?

I'm sorry. I just couldn't
help but overhearing.

Well, I'm a model,
and I did some work

for his company this afternoon,

and now he--

He wants to mix business
with pleasure.


Now, would you like me
to help discourage him?

Oh, yes, but I have him
meeting me here.

Tell me how--
How big, how old,

and how persistent is he?

Well, he's not too tall

he's past 40
and very persistent.

Oh, speak of the devil.

Miss Munroe,
shall we adjourn to a table?

I don't believe
I've met the gentleman.

Oh, this is Mr. Johnson

and an old friend
I just happened to run in to.

Hello, old friend.
Shall we?

Why don't you join us,
Mr. Johnson?

No, I'd like you
to join me over--

I think the lady
would rather stay where she is.

And I think, sir,
you're interfering.

Mr. Johnson,

if you don't leave us alone,
you are going to regret it.


Oh! As a matter of fact,
I am running a little late.

Perhaps another time,
Miss Munroe.


Oh, now I've embarrassed him,
and I've imposed on you and--

No, you haven't.
You haven't at all.

I mean, he was not too big,
he was over 40

and not too persistent.

It was a very small imposition.

Well, I think I better go home
before I do any more damage.

No, please, stay.

Let me get you something
for your nerves, huh?


I'd really like that,
but I'm tired.

Perhaps another time.

Call me?

Good night.
Good night.

KELLY: He hasn't called yet?

The phone has been
conspicuously silent.

You're conspicuously cool.

Oh, no, I'm very wound up.

Exercising is good
for the nerves.

I'm nervous too.
These help.

You know, maybe you should have
stayed longer

and had that drink
with him.

I didn't want to seem
too aggressive.

I didn't want him
to get suspicious.

You know, it was the strangest
feeling being with him.

I had to keep reminding myself
this man kills people.

Yet he seemed
so kind and gentle.

I mean, there's no other way
we can stop him?

I mean, suppose he's
in this country illegally,

like a forged passport
or something.

Could he be deported?

Jill, this man is a master
at what he does.

I'm sure he's made no mistakes
with passports or anything else.

He just can't be touched
until he does something,

tries something.



Miss Munroe?

I'm the gentleman who saved you
from a Mr. Johnson.

Yeah, hi.
How are you?

Very well, thank you.

I wonder if we could
have dinner tonight.

Oh, gee, I'm working today.
Tonight too.

I'm disappointed.

I have an hour for lunch.

I could meet you
at 1: 00 somewhere.

Very well.

Do you know the patio restaurant
at Wilson Park?

Yeah, that'll be fine.

I'm looking forward
to seeing you.

Me too. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Well, it looks like the park's
the where of it,

I'll try to find out
the when of it,

and we've set him up perfectly.

How come I don't feel good?


Amazing. Exactly 1:00.

Do I get points
for being on time?

Oh, I would probably forgive you
if you were not.

However, promptness
is one of my favorite virtues.


I took the liberty
of ordering something special.

Oh, that's nice. Thank you.

Will you pour it, please?

Now he insists
the quiche is excellent.

If he insists.


Is something wrong?

Hm? Oh, no, no. Nothing.

You're a very beautiful woman.

You have a way of being
suddenly very direct.

Well, beautiful things are rare.

We shouldn't hesitate
to mention them.

Thank you.

Tell me about yourself.

Well, I came here six months ago
from Portland, Oregon.

I model. Basically,
a very simple girl.


Would I be here
if I were married?

Would you?



I'm hopelessly

I don't like cheating wives.

What about cheating husbands?

Again no.

Now, that doesn't sound
like a Frenchman.

I...I don't recall
saying I was French.

Oh, gee. I must be slipping.

You know, usually
I can tell an accent.

I didn't think
it was that obvious.

A little.
I see.

Okay, tell me about you.

Oh...I'm retired. I travel.

Your first time
here in Los Angeles?


It's so big,
it can be kind of lonely

if you don't know someone.

I know you.

That's true, and I would love
to show you around.

I would like that very much.

Well, tomorrow's Saturday

and I'm not working
Sunday either.

There is...

There is something important
I must do as soon as possible.

After that, I am all yours.

Well, you have my number.


You know, it's--

We've been cooped up
in here for 40 hours.


I mean, this is crazy.

I used to command some
of the top intelligence people

in the world,

and now I've got a woman--

a girl half my age
baby-sitting me.

You think maybe
I'm not qualified?

I didn't say that.

No. If you think maybe

I'm not capable,
you could tell me.

I wouldn't be offended.

Of course you'd be offended.

No, no, really.

I would not be offended. No.

Well, I think, uh,

you're very good.


It's just that--




What's for lunch?



How is the weather, my friend?

The weather is fine.

It may be of no consequence

but I've learned there have been
inquiries about you

and your travels.

In my position...

I cannot risk
even the slightest scrutiny

the slightest hint
of complicity.

These inquiries
about my travels,

who made them?

I can't be sure.
It may be nothing.

But on the chance
that you are being watched...

we must proceed
with extreme caution.


Miss Munroe?

I'm wondering

is it too late for you
to show me around your city?

Uh, no.
I could pick you up in an hour.

Okay. I'll be ready.


Let's go over here.
All right.

This is very beautiful here.
What do you call this?

This is Santa Monica Park.

Oh, I see.

When I said I was going
to show you the city

I sort of meant
a little closer up.

You know something? Sometimes
we get so close to things

that we really don't see them.

Not clearly.

Yeah, that's true.

Oh, this is so beautiful.
Isn't it?

Does Seattle
look anything like this?

Oh, I'm from Portland,
in Oregon.

Oh, yes.

Yes, Oregon, of course.

Now, you lived here
about a year, you told me.

Which one do you prefer?

No, I said I'd
been here six months.

But I like it here.

Okay, now it's your turn.
Where's your home in France?

I never said I lived in France.

But you never said you didn't.

I was born in Bordeaux.

Oh, I've heard
it's lovely there.

Yes, it is.

Actually, as a child,
I spent most of my time

just wandering
about the countryside.

It was so uncluttered then.

So ordered.


Ah, through the eyes
of a child.


I never had any children.

I regret that.

I'm sorry I lost
the child's view of things.

You never married?


Never met anyone?

Once, during the war.

There were terrible demands
on both of us

in those days. Our duties.

So we became separated.

Somehow we lost track
of each other.

That's too bad.

Things might have
turned out differently for you.

Yes, I've thought about it
at times

how I might have become
a different sort of man.

Do you think that's possible?

I suppose we're all the sum
total of where we've been,

what we've seen,
things we've had to do.

I suppose we are.

Now, is that better?
Ah, that's much better.

I'm a little chilly.
Shall we go?


Oh, that was nice.
I'm glad you called.

I'll be free for lunch tomorrow.

I'll...I'll be busy for lunch.

How about tomorrow evening?

Oh, that'll be fine.

What did it mean?
Why did he call?

Why did I feel
I was being tested?

Perhaps you were.

You mean he's becoming

It's his nature
to be suspicious.

That is how he has survived.

Could someone
somehow have warned him?

I have no way of knowing that.

three days ago in Paris

there was a newspaper

A man named Paul Cosette.

He had been a member of Kamden's
special unit during the war.

Now he has become a very
important political figure.

Paul Cosette,
are you saying he's involved?

I am only saying that
the coincidence is noteworthy.

Jill, Charlie
has connections in Paris,

people he could call.

They could ask questions
about this Paul Cosette.

I think we better phone Charlie
right away.

Oh, Jericho told me

that he met someone once
that he cared for.

Is that so unusual?

That someone was you, wasn't it?

You are a very perceptive
young lady.

I wish you'd told me.

You wondered about his change
of manner, his suspicions.

Did you wonder if, perhaps,
I had alerted him?

She didn't say that.

I must admit,

the thought did occur to me, was just a thought,
nothing more.

Yes, I can understand that.

You understand very little.

Good night. Goodbye.




I'm sorry, Operator.
He's not in his room.

Yes, I understand
it's urgent, but--

Yes, I know, but there
is no answer in his room.

Yes, I'll take a message.

"Paris called. The weather
has changed drastically.

Return at once."

That's it?

All right.
Yes, the minute he comes in.



He's coming.




Remember, we don't
want him killed.

We don't want him hurt, please.

COHEN: Put it down!

I'll get an ambulance.

I wonder why I'm not surprised.

I'm sorry.

I believe you are.


Smooth move, Bosley.

Yeah. That'll be Charlie.

Report time, Bosley.
Right, Charlie.

Hello, Angels.

Hi, Charlie.
Hi, Charlie.

Am I wrong,
or is Jill's voice absent?

Oh, uh, Jill wasn't feeling
too swift today, Charlie.

Didn't go down easy
for her, did it?

No, it didn't, Charlie.

I understand.

We'll let Jill
sit this one out.

Or do I hear an arrival?

Sorry I'm late, Charlie.

No problem, Jill.

All right, to clarify
a little for me.

This man in Paris you had me
make inquiries about,

Paul Cosette.

He was the one
who hired Jericho?

That's right, Charlie.

See, Cosette's political career
is beginning to flourish

and he didn't want anyone around

who could tell
of his special skills

when he worked with Kamden.

Even though he did perform

these special skills
for the Allies.


Thirty years later,
people tend to forget

who were the good guys
and who were the bad.

Well, you did excellent work,
especially you, Jill.

I got to tell you,

it didn't feel good
setting him up, Charlie.

It still doesn't.

I know, Jill.

Just remember,
Jericho killed four men.

I know.

I guess I didn't make him
what he was, right?

Hey, that's right.

And it's history, right?

So I'll go on to something else.

Try chess, Jill.

It can be
a most diverting pastime.

That's a good idea.
I know a fellow who loves chess.

Does he have good moves?

Uh, yeah, he does.

You mean you've played
with him before?

No. I just said
he had good moves.


Bye, Angels.