Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 1, Episode 12 - Angels on Wheels - full transcript

After Roller Derby champ Karen Jason is killed in a competition, her sister Barbara hires the Angels to investigate, believing the death was intentional. The girls go undercover as a journalist, insurance investigator & a team member.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.

But I took them away
from all that,

and now they work for me.
My name is Charlie.

Give it to her.

Are you all right, Jason?

Yeah. I'm all right.

Then get ready to roll, now.

Boy, that crowd's out
for blood tonight.

It ain't going to be mine.

ANNOUNCER: You better look out,
Satans, because I see

Karen Jason, Annie Perry and
Captain "Bad" Betty King.

Bad Betty! Bad Betty!

One more time
and you're in the box.

Okay, Karen, here we go!

Sorry I'm late.

How's your skating class?

Oh, like a scrimmage
with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Charlie, tell you why he's got
you taking those lessons yet?

No. All I know is
it's really tough on my--


Those too.


I'll get it, thank you.

Good morning, sir, Bosley here.

Morning, Bosley.

Good morning, Angels.

Morning, Charlie.

Those lessons are getting
to you, aren't they, Jill?

Well, now I can tell you why
they're so important.


All ready, sir.

This is Karen Jason.

She died two weeks ago
in a roller game accident.

At least that's what
the police

and coroner's investigation
have concluded.

Didn't she go over the rail
and break her neck?

That's right.

However, we've been hired

by her sister Barbara
to look into the possibility

that it might have been murder.

Why murder?

Barbara has been worried about
her sister for months.

Ever since Karen told her
she was involved

with a new boyfriend,
an ex-con named Joe Esposito.

Karen thought the boyfriend
was into something shady.

Like what, Charlie?

Karen didn't spell it out, only
that Esposito had big trouble

and it was starting
to rub off on her.

Then two days
before Karen was killed,

she called Barbara and said her
boyfriend had disappeared.

And she also talked
about a suitcase,

but she wasn't specific
and Barbara was unable to learn

anything more about
what the suitcase had

to do with Esposito's
disappearing act.

And you think we can find out,
right, Charlie?

Right, Angel. And post haste.

The trail is cooling off fast.

Barbara thinks the suitcase
could be the cause of both

Karen's death
and Esposito's disappearance.

So good luck, and be careful.

Bosley will brief you
on your covers.

What about you, Charlie?

How are you planning
to play this one?

Well, as you know, Angel,

I like playing my cards
close to my chest.

And this operation is
no exception. I'll be in touch.

You lose, Charlie.

Slam her, Annie! Slam her!

If she can't take the bruises,

I want to know
before I sign her!

All right, you two hit
the showers.

The rest of you, get rolling!

I guess I blew it, huh?

Now, lesson number one.

I say if you
blew it or not, okay?

No one else.
Not even Hugh Morris.

I mean, he may own
the team, but I run it.

Okay, coach.

You've got a lot to learn.

But you can skate.

And you had enough
brains out there

to keep yourself
from getting wiped out.

And with the right-sized

I don't think most of our fans

are going to be watching
your feet.

You mean, I'm hired?

Now, look, Barbara, your sister
Karen was one of the best.

A freak accident killed her,

and I was her coach
when it happened.

Now, that bought you
a tryout, period.

Now, starting from now,

you're like any other
jock on this team.

Oh, Mr. Rizzo, I'll do my best.
I will.

All right, you can start by
signing a contract,

and Morris'll probably want
to talk to you too.

That's Hugh Morris-- You know,
I've seen his TV commercials.

Lone Star used cars, right?

That's him.

Oh, wow, when he starts talking
about the south forty,

I really believe him. I mean,
I've never seen so many wheels.

He's one of the biggest car
dealers in the country.

Oh, is he for real?

I mean, down-home cowboy type,
like on TV?

Why don't you tell me
after you meet him.

His office is right up there.

Thank you.

Oh, now what do you mean, Harry?

What do you mean you can't

get a camel
for the convertible commercial?

No. No, definitely not!

I do not want the hippo again!

Have you ever tried to work
with a love-sick hippo?

You, uh, you like my buffalo?


I took him in trade
for a 55 Pontiac,

at the time neither
one of them could run.

At least the Pontiac
still had a chance.

I'm Barbara Jason,
Karen's sister.

Oh, Hugh Morris, and I'm glad
to meet you, Miss Jason.

And I'm very sorry
about your sister.

Thank you for the check.

It helped.

You, uh, you mind
if I look you over?

Oh, no.

One owner,
low mileage, clean.

You are sold,
as is, little lady.

You've got a shape
that'll sell tickets--

I'll guarantee you parts
and labor on that.

Sit down.

Gee, car lots, the roller team,
an insurance company.

I don't know how you do it all,
Mr. Morris.

I don't, sugar.

You see, the cars and skaters
are what I ride herd on.

I don't lay a glove
on the insurance end.

That's duller than cold grits.

Besides, I've got a top hand
running that store for me,

a lady by the name
of Jessica Farmer.

And the name is Hugh.

Mr. Morris was my daddy.



I know, I know.

I'm late for my commercial.

Well, I'm glad to have you
with us, honey.

I got a date with a camel.

One hump or two?

Now, either way it's got to be
better than a lovesick hippo.


Sabrina Duncan.

Won't you sit down.

Thank you.

And what can we do for the State
Board, Miss Duncan?

We're conducting
a routine investigation

into the death of Karen Jason.

Well, there isn't much
to investigate.

The police report stated
that the cause of death

was accidental.

And Morris Insurance
has already made payment.

We made immediate payment,

according to the terms
of the policy.

Now, our records list
the policy holder

as Tornados Incorporated,
the company

which also operates
the skating team.


And Tornados Incorporated

is owned by the
Hugh Morris Corporation,

which also own Morris Insurance.

Oh, I understand.

The State Board wants
to make certain

that everything
was properly handled

because two subsidiaries
of the same parent corporation

transacted business
with each other.

Well, I'm sure everything
is proper,

but I do have
a few routine questions.

Oh, of course. Please, go on.

Do the Tornados carry similar
life insurance policies

on all the players?

The same as Karen Jason.

$250,000 each.

Now, the team pays
the full premium,

and is the sole beneficiary.

Oh. In other words, Hugh Morris
is the sole beneficiary.

But it's certainly legal
and very good business policy.

Did you know Karen Jason,
Miss Farmer?

No. I saw her skate once
at the stadium

as a guest of Mr. Morris, but
Miss Jason and I never met.

I'm not into games, Miss Duncan.

Roller or otherwise.


Excuse me.

Yes, I'll be there
in a few minutes.

Thank you.

Was there anything else?

No. No, that'll be all.

Thank you very much,
Miss Farmer.

Any time.

Good day.

State Board of Insurance.

Miss Sabrina Duncan, please.

Miss Duncan is not in right now.
May I take a message?

Uh, no. Thank you.
I'll call back later.


Hello. Bosley here.

This is Coralee Higgins
at the State Board of Insurance.

Tell Charlie a woman called
and asked for Sabrina Duncan

and I said just what Charlie
told me to say.

So I'd like to collect my reward
this Sunday.

That is, if Charlie's up to it.

I'll tell him.


I want you to check
out a Sabrina Duncan.

She says she's with the
State Board of Insurance.

They're investigating
Karen Jason's death.

Do they suspect anything?

I don't know. I just called
the State Board

and so far Ms. Duncan
looks legitimate.

But I've got a feeling.

And I want to make sure.

No problem.

Miss Farmer, you have
a college education

and I am stuck on a five-letter
word for heavenly creature.

Try "angel."


Don't even wiggle, baby.

If you do, it's going
to be your last.

Now, who are you?

Kelly Garrett.

I'm a writer
fWoman's View magazine.

How'd you break in here?

I didn't.

Karen Jason's sister
sold me the key.

Gee, you're strong.

Look, I'm not
violating any laws.

I'm writing an article on women
in the roller game,

and Karen Jason's death
is a sensational slant.

What've you got there?

Oh, it's a check
for my overnight bag.

I came in from San Francisco
this morning

and the darn bus company
lost my bag.

I hate flying, don't you?

You can see so much more by bus.

Did you know Karen?

I know everybody who lives here.

I'm the manager.

I don't mean like that.

I mean, if I lived
in a building,

with a manager built like you,

I'd really want
to get to know him.

Hey, wait a minute,

Woman's View magazine--

Isn't that the magazine
with the male centerfold in it?

That's us.

Hold that pose.

Oh, boy. What's your name?

Red Loomis.

You know, Red, I think you'd
make a great stud-of-the-month.

You make Burt Reynolds look like
one of the Seven Dwarfs.

Forget it. You know, you Gloria
Steinem type broads turn me off.

Just because a guy's put
together right,

you think he doesn't have
a brain in his head.

You know, I get real tired
of being looked at like nothing

but a sex object, you know?

Is that how Karen treated you?

No. I mean,
she was different than most.

But I caught her
checking me out a lot.

Is that all?

What a waste.

If I lived here, I'd want
to do more than just look.

Oh, yeah?

Well, maybe you and I ought
to get together some night.

It's a date, Red.

As soon as I get
my story wrapped.

Now, what about Karen?

Did you know any of her friends?


Only one she ever hung around
with was another skater.

A chick named Betty.

Real tough broad.

What about Karen's boyfriend--
Joe Esposito?


Never heard of him.

And I think you've stayed here
long enough, sweet chickie.

Let's go. You're not even
supposed to be in here.

And just when we were getting
to know each other.

You come back here,

you got to get a letter
from Karen's sister.

Otherwise, you ain't going
to be getting in.

Well, I'll call first, muscles.

So you have time
to put on a shirt.


my baggage check.


It wasn't easy, but I laid
a little charm

on the switchboard operator
at the Insurance Board.

Little chick named Coralee.

And she spilled
that Sabrina Duncan

is an investigator for the Board
on special assignment.

So she checks out clean?

Snow White.


Jessica Farmer.

This is Loomis.

I just caught a lady writer

snooping around
Karen Jason's apartment.

Said she gave Karen's sister
some money for the key.

What kind of writer?

Woman's View magazine.

Claimed she was a Kelly Garrett.

She's doing a story
about Karen Jason.

And she asked
about Joe Esposito.

Well, did she find anything?

Well, I'm not sure.

She had a Coast Bus Lines
baggage check

when I walked in on her.

The center-city terminal.

I didn't want to act suspicious,
so I let her keep it.

That baggage check could be a
one-way ticket

to death row for all of us.

Did you get her license number?

That's 356CFX.

What's this death row?

Loomis let some nosy
woman's magazine writer

walk out of Karen Jason's
apartment with a baggage check.

Could the baggage check be
a claim

for the suitcase Esposito ripped
off to blackmail us with?

What do you think?

I knew it.

All right, all right. Now, look,
we have a new problem now.

The check was
from Coast Bus Lines.

Which terminal?

Center-city. She's probably
headed there right now.

Here's the license number.

It's a beige Mustang
with a brown top.

I want that suitcase, Jeremy.

And we can't take a chance that
the lady has looked inside it.

I want her put out of business.

You got it.

And, Jeremy...


Use the napalm.

That's an incendiary.

You're going to end up
with nothing but ashes.

That's the idea--
Ashes, and no evidence.

Tell Charlie I'm on my way

to the bus terminal
with the baggage check.

Could be it's
for the suitcase we're after.

I already talked to Charlie.

He wants me to tag along
if you're on to something.

Don't be silly, Bosley.

I can take care of myself.

You don't understand.

Things are starting to heat up.

They just found
Karen's boyfriend,

Joe Esposito, in the L.A. River,

wearing a pair
of cement Florsheims.

Bosley, you know that could be
why that apartment manager

acted so funny when
I mentioned Esposito's name.

He was one
of those muscle-bound types

who look like they can lift
a ton, but can't spell it.


Look, Bos,

I can still pick up

a piece of luggage on my own.

Don't worry about it, okay?

I'll be back to the office
before you know it.


Don't tell me. Miss Duncan,
State Board of Insurance.

Yes, E.S.P., Mr. Morris?

You could say that.

You see, I got
this thing about knowing

people's professions on sight.

Especially if you've
been warned beforehand.


Jessie Farmer said you'd
probably be around.

Oh, this is Coach Rizzo,

the man who makes
my Tornados thunder.

Watch this!

That kid's a tiger. She skates
more like her sister everyday.

The player who just scored
is Karen Jason's sister.


That's why you're here,
isn't it?

About Karen?


Watch it!

Are you crazy?!

I want to talk to her!


I think I just did my first

Yeah, and without
a diving board.

Are you okay?

I'll bet that's
how Joe Namath feels

after third and long.

Thank you.


I've got a suitcase
chock full of money, Charlie,

and five phony
drivers' licenses.

Fine. Sounds like
what we're looking for.

There's only
one big problem, Angel.

There's a bomb
attached to your car.

A bomb?

Yes. Pull into the first
vacant area you see

and forget the speed limit.

How long have I got, Charlie?

I wish I knew, Angel.

The suitcase, Angel!
The suitcase!

180 thousand George Washingtons.

Well, what's your pleasure,
a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari?

Anything. As long
as it's bomb-proof.

A rental car to replace the one
that you demolished

will be ready to be picked up
this afternoon.

You know, you girls go through
cars like Evel Knievel

goes through motorcycles.

Hey, Bosley, it was Kelly who
was almost demolished, remember?


Nonetheless, the car
was in her care.

Our insurance rates
will certainly go up.

And Charlie will bug me
because of company overhead.

Bosley, the manager
of the building Karen Jason

lived in is mixed up
in this somehow.

He was the only one who knew
I had Karen's baggage check

and could finger me.

Well, why would Karen's suitcase

be checked at the bus terminal?

Joe Esposito was booked on a bus

to San Francisco
the night he disappeared.

It was Esposito's suitcase,
not Karen's.

The bag was checked
in early in the morning

and when he turned out
to be a no-show,

it was re-channeled
to the storage department.

Well, so Karen was really
just caught in the middle.

That's what I've been trying
to tell you about men, Jill.

They'll do it to you every time.

You know, these fake licenses

with Betty King's picture on it,
must tie into the action

Anne Perry was going
to cut me in on

before she made the injury list.

She still in the hospital?

Yeah, for a week's observation.

She fractured a hip in practice

which according to her,
is my lucky break.


All she'd say is that Betty's
running the show,

and she'd talk to me
when she's ready.

I'm going to start
pushing Betty this afternoon.

C'mon, Jason!

Dig in!

I want a big whip!

You ain't doing this
for fun, you know!

Yeah, I know, I know.

All right, hold it, you guys.
Hold it! Hold it.

Jason and Betty.

Shower time.

The rest of you keep it rolling.

You were grooving
out there, sweet cheeks.

You mean, that whip earlier?

Hey, that was all you.

I just went where you threw me.

You just stay on your skates
and let me decide where you go,

and we'll both be looking good.

That's what Annie said,
before she got hurt.


Yeah. She also said
a few other things.


Like, uh, you had
some solid connections

and could help me
get some heavy bread.

I told her to cool it
until I was ready.

It ain't just up to me.

Look, I've been Karen's younger
sister all my life.

Now she's gone. I want to do
something on my own.

I don't want
to grow old waiting.

I'll have to borrow
your driver's license.

Okay, you got it.

What's the deal?

You keep pushing,
there won't be any deal.

Oh, listen, Sabrina,

Charlie wants you to meet
an old friend of his,

Emmett Winston, Esquire,

over at the Gallup Brokerage
Firm in Century City.

He'll be expecting you
at noon

to discuss the financial status
of Hugh Morris.

Sabrina Duncan?


Emmett Winston, Esquire.

How do you do?

Come into my office, this way.

So, you work for good old
Charlie, huh?

Sit down, sit down.

You know, Charlie sent me
up the river

a dozen years ago
on a stock swindle.

Well, then when my parole
hearing came up,

he talked to the powers that be,

and said he'd keep me
on the straight-and-narrow,

if they'd put me back
on the street.

He said it was easier
to beat the market

than to cheat it.

Like always,
Charlie was right.

Oh, would you like
half a pastrami?

No, thank you.

Charlie said you might be able
to tell me

about the Hugh Morris

A small conglomerate traded

11 at 11 1/2 this morning.

Down 12 points
in the last six months.

Went public in 74 by acquiring
Mainline Insurance,

a small independent insurance

with substantial reserves.

Changed the name
to Morris Insurance

but retained original

President, Jessica Farmer.

Any idea why it's down
12 points?

Bad profit and loss statement.

The Tornadoes have
always been losers,

but the puzzler
is Morris Insurance.

They've sustained heavy losses
from unusual policy settlements.

What would that do to Hugh
Morris's personal finances?

If the insurance company's heavy
settlements continue,

he could be pushed
into bankruptcy.

Are you sure?

Miss Duncan,
on any given day

I've got about $2 million
in the market.

I have got to be sure.

I see what you mean.

Oh, something Charlie
might be interested in.

Someone keeps steadily buying
Morris Corporation stock.

But not in blocks
that support the price.

Could it be a take-over

It's possible.

Is there any way
we could find out

who the buyer is?

Won't be easy.

But for Charlie,
I think I can swing it.

Thank you, Mr. Winston.


Oh, to be 30 years younger.
Oh, well.

How did it go with Emmett
Winston, Esquire?

That sounds elegant.

Elegant, no.

But lovable, yes.

Emmett says Hugh Morris
and his company are both

on the financial ropes.

He says Morris Insurance
has very recently

made some very costly

How about you? Did you hook into
anything we could use

at the Bureau of Records?

Plenty. All five driver's

with photographs of Betty King
are in the names of children

who died before
they were old enough

to apply for a driver's license.

Then birth certificates are
the ID used to get the licenses.

Sabrina, do you know how easy it
is to get a birth certificate?

Sure. Two dollars
and a postage stamp.

But the question is:

Why does Betty King need
five driver's licenses?

I'm having Bosley request

a complete DMV file search
on each license.

Could be a tie-in between the
phony driver's licenses

and the auto accident claims

Morris Insurance
has been paying out.

Well, then that would account
for the $180,000

in Karen Jason's suitcase.

And Karen's murder,
if she knew too much.

What about Hugh Morris
as a suspect?

Oh, no. He's a nice man.

I mean, maybe a little lonely,
but he's no murderer.

That down-home charm kind
of got to you, huh?

No, but one thing I do know:

He's not involved
in Karen's murder.

Female instinct?

Angel instinct.


What about Toby Rizzo?

Or Bad Betty?

Or somebody else on the team?

I don't know.

I'm still waiting
to hear from Betty.

If she sets up that meeting
for me, that could be the key.

We fake the accident tomorrow,

following the afternoon
roller game.

Betty's going to crash
into your car.

When the police arrive,

she will admit that the accident
was her fault.

What about the injuries?

Well, you're an athlete.

And you'll know when
you're going to be hit.

We don't expect you to be hurt,

but the doctor we send you
to will confirm your claim

of a serious, permanent injury.

What if another doctor happens
to examine me?

No way.

The police report will show
I'm at fault, so my insurance,

whatever name I use this time,
picks up your tab and mine.

No questions asked.

Because I control
Betty's insurance.

I simply make a corporate
decision that it is preferable

for Morris Insurance to settle
out of court,

rather than to incur
a substantially larger loss

later on, after
an unsuccessful court trial.

What does Mr. Morris say
about these settlements?

Well, he takes my advice

and leaves
the insurance company to me.

He prefers making TV commercials

and playing cowboy
with his roller derby team.

He'll never know that you
and Betty are involved.

How much do I get paid?

10 percent of the settlement
to you, 10 to Betty.

The rest is none
of your business.

Accidents like this have
to be reported

to the Department
of Motor Vehicles, right?

Well, what's going to happen

when my name keeps showing up
time after time?

Aren't they going
to think something's funny?

You'll only use your own name
in the first accident,

to make sure your neck is
on the line with the rest of us.

After that, you'll be provided

with phony driver's licenses
and specially purchased cars.

Sounds easy.

It is.

As long as you do
what you're told.

Oh, I will, absolutely.

I need the bread.
I'll do whatever you say.

Make sure that you do.

Bosley. I just finished
the meeting.

How did you do?

Oh, I'm in.

You sure they bought it?

Well, if they didn't,

just tell Charlie I want
a simple funeral.

You know, no frills, no fuss.

And then I want to be cremated
and have my ashes scattered

over Charlie's waterbed.

How did you know Charlie
had a waterbed?

Oh, just an educated guess.

Uh-huh. I won't ask you where
you got your education.

Just meet me in the parking lot
in two minutes.


Barbara Jason. Where is she?

Well, we worked out
our deal and she left.

Something wrong?

Yeah, there's something wrong,
all right.

We're about to be taken
by our own scam.


The broad's got a
driver's license

that says Barbara Jason.

Her car is registered
to Barbara Jason.

Our contact
in Sacramento got a hold

of some classified

from the company
that insures her car.


The policy is carried
by Townsend Investigations.

A private eye?

And that's not all!

Miss Kelly Garrett,

the writer we tried to bomb,

after I got the skinny on
Jason's car,

I played a hunch and found out
the car we blew up

was insured
by Townsend Investigations.

They've got us!

Oh, shut up!

They aren't police.
They're just subpoena servers.

I've hired 100 of them.

They've all got their price,

only this time
it's too dangerous for a payoff.

But we can't just sit tight.

I don't intend to.

Jeremy, Loomis and I will take
care of your unfinished business

with Miss Kelly Garrett.

The skater I will leave
to you and Betty.

She wanted to find out what
happened to Karen Jason,

I think you should show her.


Yes, Bosley.

Listen, I've got Red Loomis on
the Women's View line.

He says he wants to buy you.

He's standing in a long line.

What exactly was his offer?

He said that you should go
to the Backwoods Inn

on top of Miller Canyon
in an hour.

Use the back entrance

if you'd like a lot more
of what you found

in Karen Jason's suitcase.

Okay, tell him I'll be there.

Well, look, that's dangerous.

I mean, you know that
he's the one

that fingered you
for that bomb thing.

But now we know where
he's coming from.

And what good is $180,000
and some driver's licenses

if we can't use them to draw
Loomis and his friends

out into the open?

Bosley, I've got to chance it.

Tell Charlie I'll check in
with you if I smell trouble.

Kell-- Kelly!

Hi, Red?

I'm afraid I asked Loomis
to stand you up.

I'm Jessica Farmer.

President of Morris Insurance.

That's right.

Won't you sit down?

Would you like a drink
or anything?

No, thank you.

Then perhaps you can tell me
what else you know,

so I can get you off my back.

I really think we're wasting
each other's time, Miss Farmer.

Oh, wait. Don't run away before
you hear what I have to say.

You may be sorry you did.

Sorry about what?

I want to make you an offer.

That sounds more like it.

For starters, I know
that you and the skater

posing as Barbara Jason are with
Townsend Investigations.

That and a dime will get you
an operator on a pay phone.

I'm not talking
about dimes, love.

I am suggesting that you give me
the phony driver's licenses,

and keep the money for yourself.

I've already got the money.

So if you want
the driver's licenses,

you'll have to raise the ante.

And don't forget
about my friend.

You are tougher
than I thought you'd be.

How about another $50,000
for the licenses, all for you?

You can forget
about your friend.

What makes you think
she'll forget about me?

Let's just say that your
associate has been trying

to follow
in Karen Jason's footsteps,

and in today's game,

I have a feeling she's going to.

All the way.

When can I get the cash?

Monday morning.

After the banks open.

My office.

I'll be there.

With a license to steal.


Kelly! Where have you been?

I've been
on a roller coaster ride.

You are at an amusement park?

Nothing amusing
about what just happened to me.

And that rental car
you got me, Bosley--

Don't tell me.
I don't want to hear.

What is it with you
and cars, Kelly?

I think from now on,
I'm going to take a cab.

Listen, Sabrina, we have got
to get to the stadium.

I think they're going
to try to kill Jill

the way they killed Karen Jason.

All right, just
tell us where you are

and we'll pick you up right now.

On the track for the first time.
in Tornado red, white, and blue,

number four,
the foxy "Blond Bomber,"

the hard charging,
Barbara Jason!

I told the police to meet us.

My DMV files on all five
of Betty King's fake licenses

show major accident reports made
in the last six months,

and Morris Insurance shows up
in every instance.

So that gives us the evidence

that we need for our case
against Jessica Farmer.

And Emmett Winston discovered

who's been buying all the stock
in the Morris Insurance.

Then, whatever the details,

the bottom line
has to be Jessica.

With her partner,
Coach Toby Rizzo.

Bosley, you take that area.

We'll cover the rest.

Okay, sweet cheeks,
let's go with a whip!

Take your best shot.

Hold it! Hold it, right there!

Stick around, friend!
Stick around!

The police have some

You all right?


Yeah, I'm okay.

Man, I got some
unfinished business.

Would you look out?!
Would you get out of the way?!


Jill, would you watch out!

Charlie told me I'd be
a big hit on skates!

All right!

You're crazy! You're crazy!


Angels, Jessica Farmer and her
friends are all facing

murder one for the deaths
of Joe Esposito and Karen.

It seem that Esposito
started it all.

By trying to blackmail
his former associates.

So they eliminated him.

And Karen, when she got
in the way.

Hugh Morris has a major

rebuilding job
to do on his Tornadoes.

I hope you won't give
into his inducements, Jill.

Oh, is that a counter-offer,

I never mix pleasure
with business, Angel.

You should know that by now.

Is the real Barbara Jason going

to try out
for the Tornadoes, Charlie?

She's already signed up,
with a generous bonus.

After all,
if Barbara hadn't asked us

to look into her sister's death,

Hugh Morris
would have lost everything.

Charlie, did you take Morris up
on the deal he offered

to replace my car
with an identical model?

You bet your boots, Angel.

But when it comes
to horse trading,

I have yet to come out
on the short end.

I not only beat him down
on the price,

I got him to throw
in a special winner's trophy

for out dealing him.

It's a remnant of the Old West.

A symbol of a vanishing breed.

A buffalo head.

Amazing, Angel,
how did you guess?

Never mind, Charlie, but if you
ever get tired of it,

I know where you can
trade it in on a '55 Pontiac.