Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 1, Episode 1 - Hellride - full transcript

An investigation to determine whether sabotage was behind the death of a race car driver finds Sabrina behind the wheel in a dangerous, high stakes race, Jill and Bosley posing as traveling preachers and Kelly getting in good with their lead suspect.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time there
were three little girls

who went to the Police Academy.

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.

But I took them away
from all that.

And now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

of the Ten Lap event

for modifieds: Tim Woodman!

Next up our semi-main event,
25 laps straight stock,

featuring our lovely ladies!

Hey, she's cooking now!

Timed tight!

Like sweet music!

You did a fantastic job, Jerry.
I really do appreciate it!

Just don't forget
that cheeseburger

you promised me after
you clean their clocks

for the first place trophy.


How's it going, baby?

Moving with the flow, Kale.

You want to grab
a drink later?

I already have a date.

Besides three's a crowd.

Just can't resist one last pitch
at her, can you?

Just trying to keep it natural.

She expects me to come on
to her-- So does her mechanic.

Ladies, bring your cars

to the starting line, please.

Ladies and gentlemen--
Please remain seated.

Clear the infield
for the emergency vehicle.

Clear the infield, please.

One of the worst accidents ever

at Corbin Speedway, Angels.

That is, if it was an accident.

Our client, Jerry Adams doesn't
want to believe the car crashed

and Suzy Lemson died because
of his own negligence

as a mechanic.

And he wants us to find out
what really happened.

Correct, Kelly.

Has Jerry examined
the wreckage

to determine what
caused the crash?

Not yet.

Track authorities
have the car impounded.

Usual procedure
in fatal accidents.

But Jerry thinks Suzy Lemson may
have had enemies...

That's right.

Now there is the driver who was
Suzy's chief competitor:

"Bloody Mary" Barrows...

Bloody Mary was named for her
less than kosher track exploits.

Also, it seems that Mary's
boyfriend had an eye for Suzy...

There he is: Ted Kale,
one of Jerry's fellow mechanics.

One jealous female.
One over-amorous boyfriend.

Anyone else, Charlie?

No one specific.

But Jerry said Suzy had been
upset the last few days.

She wouldn't tell him what was
bothering her,

but he did put in several calls

to her parents
in South Carolina.

Kelly, I want you
to talk to them,

see what you can come up with.

You've already been booked
on a flight out tonight.

How have-- Oh.

How have your practice runs
been going, Sabrina?

Well, I'm still a little rusty,

Ah, what about those races you
drove in when you were toying

with becoming
the next Janet Guthrie?

Come on.

That was a long time ago
and they were very short.

Are you trying to tell us you're
already over the hill

before you've run
your first race?

Okay, listen Charlie.
Let's put it this way.

I won't be thrilled if I have
to do any real racing.

I only have to look the part,

You won't have to do
any real racing, Sabrina.

Just run a few laps to make
your cover seem convincing.


Jerry Adams will be there
to help you as your mechanic.

Charlie, are you in pain?

It's my sacro...



Lower lumbago. Very stiff.

Well, that's too bad, Charlie.

Just how did you hurt your back?

The crushing weight
of responsibility, Angel.

But I think it'll just
be a matter of some deft

manipulation before I'll be
standing as erect as ever.

Good luck, Angels.

Keep in touch.

Well, how'd I look?

You look like a driver.

Let's go see if we
can convince the locals.

Nicely set up...

You too.

Why thank you very much, sir.

Kale, this is Sabrina Duncan,
my new driver.

Sabrina, Ted Kale.


And this is Mary Barrows.

"Bloody Mary" when she's
on the track.


I've heard about you.

Oh, yeah? What did you hear?

That you're good.

Well, you don't win
by being good,

you win being first.

I'll try to keep that I mind.

Where've you been driving

that you've been hearing
so much?

Texas dirt circuit mostly.

Did some driving in New Mexico.

You ever drive at Waco Raceway?

Are you kidding?

That's Amateur night.

Nowhere. Sunday drivers.


Well, this dust bowl isn't
exactly Indianapolis.

You know some of them
Texas drivers ain't half bad.

Well, we'll just have to see
how bad you are

when the flag goes down.

I'll be looking forward to it.

Hey, uh, bye, now.


Well, think you'll have a big
crowd for Sunday's race?

Are you kidding?

I've tried everything
to get this dump going.

Every Sunday I come out one step
ahead of receivership.

Yeah, the ladies races aren't
really drawing, huh?

What they're drawing is flies.

Those broads could be driving

and I still couldn't
fill these stands.

Ah, that Mary really knows
how to handle those wheels.

Look she won't have any trouble
being a lap ahead on Sunday.

She'll need it.

Now we'll make our move
with the explosives

so it times with the start
of the race.

Hey, Mr. Wells.

I really am short on cash.

I could sure use
a small advance on our deal.

You don't get paid
until the job is over.

Got it?

There's a new car
in Jerry Adams' pit.

And a new lady driver.

Yeah, her name's Sabrina Duncan.

Great looking chick.

I don't like new faces showing
up so close to the score.

Makes me nervous, you know?

Sure, Mr. Wells.

Now are you sure Adams

doesn't know that we had
anything to do with Suzy's car?

He didn't look underneath before
or after the car went out,

so how could he know?

That's what I just asked you.

Now keep your eyes open
all right?

I don't like surprises,
you understand?

You got it.

But, how about that small
advance, Mr. Wells?

You know something Kale?

I think you've been working
in those pits too long.

You know why?

It's affected your hearing.

Now read my lips.

No advance.

Got it?

He worries me.

Are you sure about him?

He was just angling
for a little cash that's all.

This operation has got
to go like clockwork.

No changes.

No new angles.

There's a half-million bucks
hanging around to be plucked up.

I'm not about to have it screwed
up by some two-bit mechanic.

And I don't think he's smart
enough to keep an eye on--

What's her name, that--

Duncan chick, yeah, right.

So I want you to do it for me.


I'll see you later.

All right.

Way to smoke, lady!


Rumor has it that smoking can be
hazardous to your health.


Gather round, gather round.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Brother John.

And this lovely young lady,
the fruit of my loins,

is my daughter.

Take a bow, Jill.

For those of you who may not
know me,

perhaps you are wondering
why I have traveled

to these Spartan plains,

And I can say to you that my
daughter and I

have come here as messengers
of the Lord

to offer prayers
of safety for you,

Warriors on Wheels.

Ah, sister Sabrina!

I haven't seen you since
the Texas dirt tracks!

Brother John!

What's the word, Brother?

This outfit is killing me

and Kelly's in South Carolina
with Suzy's parents.

Sister Sabrina
and I have campaigned

in the Lone Star state where she
raced for the Lord

on the tracks that we were

while spreading the word.

And now ladies and gentleman
I would like to ask my daughter

to pass amongst you an asking
for a small donation.

Something to sustain the body
while we attempt

to elevate the spirit.

Something for the Lord?

And what denomination are you,
little lady?

35,24, 35, Brother.

She's very pretty.

She was a good girl.

Wild at times.

But we were
very proud of her.

I'm sure you were.

You know I had kind of a wild
childhood myself.

I wish I'd have had parents who
cared as much as you do.

How long did you know Suzanne,
Miss Garrett?

I mostly knew friends
of hers, Mrs. Lemson.

And when her mechanic,
Jerry Adams,

heard I would be
passing through here,

he asked me to stop
and say hello.

That's very nice of you.

I remember her mentioning Jerry.

What I do know is that anyone
who knew Suzy became

very fond of her,
very quickly.


She did affect people that way.

That's why I couldn't understand
what Jerry said

about the last few days.

According to him, something
seemed to be bothering Suzy.

Did she mention anything?

Oh, listen, I have
some work to do.

It was nice of you to stop by,
Miss Garrett.

We appreciate it.

Did I say something wrong,
Mrs. Lemson?


It was something
between Suzanne and us.

I can't talk about it.

Well, I'm a pretty good

I'm sure you mean well.

But we just buried
Suzanne yesterday

and that killed her daddy.

Anything more would finish him.

It's like her daddy said,
she was a good girl.

She was a little wild
when she was growing up.

And there were people
who wanted her that way again.

But she wouldn't do it.

I really can't say anymore.

I just can't talk about it.

Charlie used some juice to get
us into the track impound yard,

we can get a look at Suzy's car.

Let's go.

All right.


There's no doubt about it.

The rod in the wheel suspension.

It's half the size it should be.

The wheel had to fail
the minute it was stressed.


Why didn't the police catch it?

They didn't build the car,
Sabrina. I did.

And I'm telling you,
somebody tampered with this car.

Suzy didn't have any accident.

She was murdered.


I've been talking to one

of the amateur mechanics
that hangs around

the track on weekends.

Well, he finally admitted he saw
Ted Kale working on Suzy's car

the morning before the race.

And you were the only one who
was supposed to be anywhere

near her car, right?

I'm going to have a few words
with Mr. Kale and if it's true,

I'm going to break his neck.

Hey now wait a minute, look.

Don't go off halfcocked

when that might be
our only lead.

And even if it is true, you need
more than just someone who saw

Kale around Suzy's car.

Look, Jerry let us
handle it our way.

That's why you hired us for.



Well, the feminine touch.

Now, wait a minute, listen.

You said Kale liked to play
poker every night right?

We just happen to have our own
version of Amarillo Slim

warming up in the bullpen.

Hi, fellas.

What are you playing?

I hope it's not gin.

You know my daddy says gin
is a very sinful game.


Oh, spare us the sermon, honey.

We're playing five card
draw poker.

Oh, I thought there were seven
cards to a stud. I mean hand.

Either way, you got it right,

I'm dealing five-card draw,
if you're interested.

Well, I guess I can remember
five cards.

Anyway, Daddy always says I was
really good at parlor games.

Can you deal me in?

That is what you say
when you want

to enter into the proceedings?

Dollar ante,
five dollar limit.



Watch the cards.

Can you start this game
with two nines?

Jacks or better to open.

I'll bet five.

I'm in, and I'll bump you five.

I'm out.

Take it.

You play cards pretty good
for someone who

doesn't know the rules.

"The Lord helps those who help

Is it my deal?


I hear a girl was killed
on the track this week.

Yeah. Suzy Lemson
bought it.

Nice girl.

She was kind of different
toward the end though.

Not so happy.

Sort of bugged about something.

Well, like what?

Who knows?

Well, how'd she crash?

Look, play cards or butt out.

Hey take it easy, Kale.

The lady just asked a question.

Besides, she's got all my money
and I want a chance

to win it back.

You know I heard Bloody Mary
ran Suzy into the wall.

Mary had nothing to do with it.

Suzy's wheel came off.
That's the breaks of the game.

I'll bet five.

I'll see you,
and raise you five.

Hey, you were one of her
mechanics, weren't you?

What are you talking about?

Jerry Adams
was in the pits with her.

I never
touched her car.

What are we playing here
20 Questions or poker?

Give me two cards.

I'll bet five.

I sure thought I heard somebody
say you worked on her car.

Raise you.

Who told you that?

Oh, I can't recall,

I just remember hearing it
from somebody.

Well, you heard it wrong.

Three ladies.

Oh, Praise the Lord,
three bullets!

Oh, my dear, I hope
that you are not asking

for Divine Guidance
in a game of chance?

Let's just call it a form
of tithing, Daddy.

Oh, you are a poor sinner,

and it is time
for our prayer meeting.

"The Lord giveth,
and the Lord taketh away."

Peace, gentlemen.

Oh, Daddy's sermon next Sunday.

If you're not able to join us
I do know you'll enjoy reading

the purity of his words.

Thanks for the game, boys.

Kelly is on her way back
from Carolina,

now she thinks she may
have a lead for us.

How did things go with Kale?

Well, for somebody who's
as cocky as he is,

he's a nervous poker player.

Very nervous.

The Man wants to see you.

Right now.

I followed Jerry Adams

and that fancy new driver
of his.

They went straight
to the impound lot.

Spent a half hour
going over Suzy's car.


You tell us, Kale.

What's Adams looking for?

Simple. He built the car.

He's probably losing
a lot of sleep

blaming himself for the crash.

Have you been checking out that
Duncan chick like I told you to?

I been trying.

I ran into a mechanic who's been
working the Texas dirts.

He's never heard
of Sabrina Duncan.

But he says
that doesn't mean much.

The drivers don't stay put
long enough

out there to change their oil.

Mary, how does Duncan
look on the track?

Well, it's hard to say.

I've only seen her turning
practice laps.

She's an unknown quantity.

Now what are we going to do

if she decides to get
in the race on Sunday?

Honey, if she decides to get in
that race on Sunday,

I'm going to handle her like the
rest of the yo-yos.

Anybody gets too close to me
gets bumped off the track.

All right.

Now before we go,

I want to go
over these again.

Just one more time.

Now the heist is only
the first part of it.

If we blow getting those
diamonds across the border,

baby, we blow it all.

All right, all right!

That's him, with the girl
at the car.

That's Mary Barrows.

She's the one who
totaled Suzy Lemson.

The guy she's talking to
is named Eddie Dirko.

There were photos of him
in the Lemson's family album.

He and Suzy were engaged,

but they split right before she
came west.

Small world.

Yeah, too small.

There has to be a connection.

What about Suzy's parents?

Maybe they could tell us.

No chance.

I didn't want to push them any
more than I already did.

But I'm convinced that they
suspect something about what

was happening here,
or was about to happen.

Well, that would tie in
with what Jerry told us

about Suzy phoning her parents
just before she was killed.

Then Dirko has to be part of it.

Right. When Suzy was engaged
to Dirko,

they were involved with another
man by the name of Gene Wells.

Wells? That's the name
of the track promoter here.

I know.

That's what I call one
coincidence too many.

All right. But we do have a tie
between Suzanne's crash

and Kale, but where does
this Dirko guy fit in?

I don't know.

I guess one of us better zero in
on Mr. Dirko and find out.

How do you think I'll stack up
with the local track groupies?

Just dig out a pair of jeans.

I'll give you one of my
double-cam T-shirts

and you'll lap the field.

Here, here.

You all right in there?

Well, when it comes
to mechanical things,

I'm just a lost sheep.

Let's take a look at it.

Your distributor cap
is loose.

That ought to do it.

You're terrific.

Blessed with a grease thumb,
or something?

No big thing.

It is to me.
I could've been stranded.

Any way I can say thank you?

I'll think of something.

Well, they say a man should
never be drinking by himself.

It causes alcoholism.

Now you can alleviate that
by joining me

at a place called
The Pit Stop Bar.

You ever been there?

Never. Never.

I didn't know his name
was Dirko,

but I've seen him
around before.

Do you think he could be tied
into Suzy's death?

It's a good bet.


I guess now we'll just have
to wait for Kelly to call.

Hope she has more luck with him
than I did with Kale.

Well, "Wine and women will make
men of understanding

to fall away,"
quoth Brother John.

And Daddy's always right.

Praise the Lord.



Here's to you.

Well, how about it?


I don't want to play games.

You dig me and I dig you.

Why don't we spend the rest

of the afternoon getting to know
each other better?

Have you got a tape deck
in your car?

Yeah. Yeah. Why?

Well, a little drive.
A little music.

Turns me on.

It is just a little drive back
to your motel, isn't it?

Yeah, just a little.

The Townhouse Motel.

Room one-four.

Got to make
the powder room first.

Meet you outside?

Sweetheart, my motor
is already running.


Brother John's
"Race for the Lord."

Oh, hello, Kelly.
What's going on?

Make that call
to the Highway Patrol, Bos.

And tell Jill
to give me 10 minutes

before she hits Dirko's room.

It's the Townhouse.

Room 14.

Just keep your mouth shut
and let me handle this, okay?

May I see your license, sir?

What seems to be
the trouble, officer?

Your license, and please step
out of the car.



Take it out please.

Have you had much to drink, sir?

Well, I had a little wine
with dinner, but...

Listen, Eddie, don't let him
push you around.

Oh, he's not pushing me around.

Well, don't let him try.

They're always
pushing people around.

Just let me handle this, okay?

You're a citizen.

You have rights.

Tell him you want
a sobriety test.

I don't want
a sobriety test.

Maybe a sobriety test
would be a good idea.

Step away from the car, please.

All right, now, keeping your
eyes closed,

tip your head back and touch
your nose with your forefinger.

That's it, Eddie!

That's it!

That's it Eddie,
that's-- Oops, Eddie!

Don't lose your balance!

Have you been drinking,

Not a drop, Officer.

Clear eyed, breath is fresh.

Kissing sweet.

Why don't you give your
ignition keys to the lady, sir?

Why should I do that?

So she can drive home.

You're coming with me.

Thank you, very much.

You've been a big help.

I'll leave them
with the desk at your motel.

Remember, Eddie,
you're a citizen!

Don't let them infringe upon
your rights.


I'm leaving,
I'm leaving.


Oh, no.

Oh, uh-- Hi.

Thanks for the memories.

Who was that girl?!

What girl, dear?

You stupid jerk!

You just about
blew 500 grand.

Listen, I told you
it wasn't my fault.

This loud-mouthed dumb broad
I picked up had me put away

before I could talk
my way out of it.


Besides, there's no sweat.

I put up my own bail

I was back on the street in no--
Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Did you open the closet door
when you came in?

No. Why?

Because when I came in

that diagram was laying
on the floor

and I didn't think too much
about it, but...

But I know I closed that door
before I went into the shower.

There was somebody in here?

Did you see anybody
when you came in?

No, just some blonde out there

in the hallway laying a kiss
on a Wally Cox type.

Wait a minute.

That preacher's daughter Kale
told us about, she is blonde.


You call Kale.

You tell him to meet us
at the Pit Stop.

A map of Sunday's race route.

Corbin to Baja Run.

What looks like some electrical
schematics and diagrams

and some kind
of electronic equipment.

Now this one looks like
an oscilloscope.

Now, that looks like part of
an exotic alarm system...


Remember that stock brokerage
heist we worked on?

They had an alarm system
that looked something like this.

That's right.

Well, what about
the electronic equipment?

Well, I'd say that
Dirko and Wells

are planning
to crack a safe.

But the question
is where and when.


What does any of it have
to do with Suzy Lemson's death?


Brother John's
"Race for the Lord."

Hi, Angel.

Oh, hi, Charlie.

What about the pictures?

Yeah, we just finished
developing them.


I don't know. It looks like we
landed smack

in the middle of plans
for some kind of a heist.

That's the same booklet

that Parson's daughter was
handing out.

She must know something.

She keeps asking me questions.

Pumping me.

Now why should some holy
roller's daughter want to know

why Suzy Lemson was killed?

I don't know why.
No reason.

But she's definitely
sniffing around.

What about that chick that was
with you when you were busted?

You think there's any

She didn't act like she was out
for anything but a good time.

Besides I gave her the car keys,
but no the motel key.

Look, Mr. Wells,

why don't you just pay me
the money you promised me

for fixing Suzy's car?

You don't need me in the heist.

I gave you all the information
you need.

There's no reason for me
to hang around.

You know you may be right, Kale.

I'll tell you what.

You go hit on
that holy roller's daughter.


Use your abundance of charm,
you know.

Take her for a drive, ask her
why she's been bugging you.

Then you go park someplace where
you can talk, quietly,

where she can't put up a fuss

in case you have
to get physical.

Then you come back and tell me
what she said,

and we give you what's due you.

Then I can split?

Hey, man, free as a bird.

You got it.

Hey, are you crazy?
We don't have any money

to give him till
after the heist.

He's become a risk.

He and that blonde.

So what are we
going to do about it?

We are going to follow Kale
and that blonde,

and remove the risk.

Hi, brother.

Can I interest you in one
of Brother John's Bibles?

We can have your name
gold-embossed right here

on the cover
for no extra charge.

You know it wouldn't be a bad
idea for you to keep one

of these fine Bibles in the
glove compartment

of your car while you're driving
at all times.

Daddy says they're infinitely
more practical

than the plastic statues
and the bumper stickers

we were selling
this time last year.


Sure. I'll take one.

And, I've got to talk to you.

Uh-- About what?

Suzy Lemson.

Oh, uh, what about her?

Why don't you get in the car
and we'll take a little ride?

Oh, I don't think I better.

Daddy might worry.

What I've got to say to you has
to be said in private.

Okay. But I can't be gone long.

This won't take long.

What do you think?

I think you didn't bring me here
to look at the view.

You're right.

I want to know why you're asking

about Suzy Lemson's death.

Just curious.

I don't buy that, and neither do
the people I work for.

Who, Dirko and Wells?

What do you know about them?

Well, I know they're not here
to watch the races

and I know they got you to jimmy
the wheel on Suzy's car.

Why don't you cooperate?

I mean, maybe the police'll
give you a break.

You're a cop?

No, let's just say I'd like

to see the people
behind Suzy's death

get nailed.

No way. I'm not doing time
in the slammer

because of a nosy Bible thumper.

I sure hope you
like the scenery here.

Because it's the last thing
you're ever going too--

You missed her.

I'll get her.

All right.
I'll take the car.

We'll close in on both sides!





What about the electronic gear,

A composite system capable
of bypassing

the L-7-14.

Well, how many of those systems
could there be in a small town

like Corbin?

I'd be surprised if there
was even one.

The system is expensive and
highly sophisticated.

I'm trying to reach
the manufacturer now.

I'll get back to you, Angel.

Right, Charlie.

He'll get back to us
on the alarm system.

Listen, according to the police,

Wells and Dirko have just

It's a miracle Wells walked away
from that wreck.

What about Mary?

Well, the police talked to her,
but she just played dumb.

Well, at least we've confirmed
that Wells and Dirko

caused Suzy's death,
and used Kale to do the job.

Yeah, but our only witness
is dead.

Yeah, and we still don't know
why they killed Suzy.

So we've got Wells and Dirko
somehow tied in to the Corbin

to Baja Race,

a race that is routed
across the border into Mexico.

And if that's the angle, then
this is one of those rare times

Charlie comes up wrong.


Well, he said I wouldn't have
to do any real racing.

Well, the only way that I could
keep an eye

on Bloody Mary tomorrow would be
to lock bumpers with her

in the Corbin to Baja run.

The only place that you'll have
to worry about Mary

is on that inside turn.

She likes to take it thin.


The police can't find a trace
of Wells or Dirko,

and I've covered the track.

If they're here,
they're invisible.

Attention, ladies.

All cars on the track.

Take your positions
for the start of the race.

What about Charlie?

Jill and Bosley are still
waiting for his call.

You okay?

And they're off!

Ladies and gentlemen,
the annual Ladies Only

Corbin to Baja Run
is under way!

One more lap on the track
ladies and gentlemen before

our drivers take to the open
road for the Baja Run.

Listen. Charlie found out
that an L-7-14

alarm system was installed two
years ago

at the Butech Corporation
on 12th Street outside Corbin.

12th? That runs right
by the race track into town.

The Butech Corporation
is a brokerage house

for valuable lots
of industrial diamonds.

Hey that's where
Bloody Mary fits,

Butech is on the race route.

That's why Wells and Dirko had
a copy of the map in their room.

A fortune in diamonds smuggled
right by the border guards

into Mexico in a race car,
during a race!

Sabrina's got to know.

That's what I came to tell you.

The cars are on the last lap
before leaving the track

for the race route.

Come on. Let's go.

Car Eleven! Back on the track!

You still have a lap
on the track!

I got it.

All set?

That takes care
of the primary alarm.

Let's get at it.

Radio the Corbin police!


Watch it.

Give me a hand.

Okay, back-up alarm goes
in one minute.

That's all we need.

Somebody's tailing you!

Get out of here. Go!

All right, get up.

Come on.



Ciao, Mary.

Are you okay?

Oh, yeah I'm okay.

As long as I don't stop
to think about it.

If I ever get my hands
on Charlie!

Oh, don't count on that,

No, no. Don't count on that.

CHARLIE: I've talked
to the Corbin police, Sabrina,

and your friend Bloody Mary
is chattering like a magpie.

A confession?
Why not?

Confession is good for the soul.

Amen. And it seems
you were right

about Wells and Dirko trying
to force Suzy to take part

in their scheme.

Right. When she refused and
threatened to expose them,

they had Ted Kale fix her car

and then they had Bloody Mary
run her into the wall.

Charlie, it was a relief
for Jerry to know he wasn't

responsible for Suzy's accident,

but I still feel sorry
for her folks.

Knowing the truth will probably
put their minds at rest, Kelly.

Nothing could bring Suzy back
to them, but at least they know

she died trying to do
what was right.

And, Bosley, you'll be happy
to know we received

a substantial bonus from Butech
for rescuing their diamonds.

That is capital news, sir.

The overhead on this case
was staggering.

Do you realize the cost
of the gas alone on this one?

Still, I think
whatever the cost,

Sabrina put forth
a championship effort.

Do you have the package,

Yes, sir.

Right here.

Charlie, a trophy!

What for?

A small remembrance from me
to you to commemorate

the official end
of your racing career.

You'll note the sentiment
behind the inscription

I'm sure.

"To Sabrina, the hottest number
on wheels. Love, Charlie"?

Well, thank you, Charlie.

And if you ever put forth
a championship effort

at anything, you be sure
to let me know

so I can send you a trophy.

Not a bad idea, Sabrina.

I'll start working on it.

Right away...