Central Russia's Vampires (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode 3 - full transcript

The fugitive's testimony raises even more questions. After narrowly escaping death, he clearly went mad and started talking about vampires. This has happened here before. This story may shed light on the mysterious murders.

Is this Baranovsky?

As you can see, he's alive.

And pretty much functional.

You could've taught him to use the toilet.

This doesn't seem right.

I'm afraid your handkerchief is too small.

Why didn't you tell us that the guy
we're looking for is your...


He's my lover.

But I don't have to account
for my personal life.

Stop wagging your tail.

Because of your personal life,
we'll get our heads ripped off.

Usually Sergey stays at my place.

But not that night.

Then Jean told me about the murders.

I called Sergey.

His phone was off.
I got scared and came to you.

And when you told me Sergey was dead,
I was shocked.

Then I came back home and found him here.

He was drinking vodka and kept saying
that someone's after him.

What are you doing?

Yesterday he was all cut up,
and now there isn't a scratch on him.

Don't you think it's strange?

I don't know much about medicine.

Okay, let's sum up
what we're supposed to believe.

You accidentally happened to be
in Yaroslavl with your theater...

On the same day when two guys
were found bloodless there.

By the same accident, Baranovsky
had a concert in Mytischi the next day.

When another guy was killed.

Next, Baranovsky miraculously escaped from
Veshki, where two more bodies were found.

And now you're both here trying
to convince me this is all a coincidence.

Well, yes.

I need a full list of people
who went to Yaroslavl with you.

It's at the university.

But there're no murderers in our theater.

It's for the police to decide,
not the head of a student club.

Olga Anvarovna!

Are you home?

The door is open.



I was just about to call you.


How are you?

Fine, thank you.

Why are you all here?

We found Baranovsky.

He's sleeping drunk.

I found him too.

He called you too often.

That's not surprising. We're dating.

Olga found him deranged.

He kept saying that someone was after him
and tried to kill him.


You're taking away my supper.

That's nice, mon Cheri.

So you found a guy
who both feeds you and...

I'll bring you breakfast in the morning.

And fix the lock.

Are you taking pills that Jean prescribed?


I'll buy them and start straight away.

Jean! Tell him.

Do you realize this is really serious?

You need to stay in bed
for two days at least.

You're staying with us tonight.

Someone needs to look after you.




We need to keep an eye on him
to avoid surprises.

Anya, don't tell Captain
that Olga went to Yaroslavl yet.

It's bad enough that
she's involved with that guy.

I understand perfectly well that we need
to be one step ahead of the investigation.

Hi, everyone!

And where's..?

Down the hallway to the left.

Was is hard for him to say "good morning?"

"Hi, everyone!"

"Night," "OK."

"Bye", "Thx,"

You'll soon forget how to speak,
the victims of the modern education system.

Wrong turn.

Don't be alarmed.
Grandpa bought it just in case.

It was at a senior discount.

I couldn't help myself.

— And..?
— And the bathroom is this way.

This way.


Pee, son.

That was close, Grandpa Slava.

We should probably hide the coffin.

No way!

Excuse me...

There's no toilet paper.

We didn't buy it, did we?

Here, son.

I never read politics anyway.

Okay, now go to the store.

Take whatever people eat now.

Plenty of everything,
not to raise suspicions.

And for me, get a baby puree.

I didn't know you're a foodie.

It's a necessity.

Out bowels hardly work.

Mine work fine.

Okay, I'll take some purees.

And sunflower oil too.

"Mine work fine."

— Yes.
— Delivery?

I ordered a bloody steak.

Only without a steak.

I remember. I'll be there in an hour.

An hour?

Your service is terrible.

I'll file a complaint
to the Consumer Protection Agency.

I have a visitor. See you.


It's urgent.

It's urgent.

Send this to the lab
for a toxicology screen.

You're a little devil.

How did you even get into college?

You have the learning capabilities
of a snail.

What? It's normal food. Everyone eats it.

The breakfast of champions?

And my teeth are not as they used to be.

Your apartment is like a museum.

The furniture.


All sorts of antiques.

Come on.

Just some old stuff.

Back in the days, everything was handmade.

And with love.

And now everywhere you look,
everything is just lifeless.

Fast food.

In a word.


Okay. Thanks.

Baranovsky is awake.

We've got to go.

Do you want to take this with you?

Thank you for the breakfast!

I'll be late for work with all this circus.

I've got to go.

What? You don't have a job.

Living right is a job too.

I might dig up something
through my channels.


Valiant servants of the law.

I've been asking for water
for half an hour already.

Shall we talk?

Give me water.

Give me water.

Sergey, tell us everything
you can remember.

Starting from the night of February 17.

Go ahead.

On February 17...

Around 4 AM...

Me, Lyokha, and Vadim went for a ride.

Around 5 AM near the club...

We picked up a guy.

He asked for a ride.

What did he look like?

He wore a red jacket.

Bright red.

He was dead drunk.

When we got to Veshki,
he said he had no money.

And we...

We went to the forest to talk to him.

To tell him not to do this again.

Just that?

What happened next?

I don't remember.

When I woke up, it was already dawn.

Don't you think you missed
too much of the story?

I don't remember anything.
What do you want from me?

Calm down, Sergey. It's okay.

Everything's fine. We believe you.

Try to remember the details.

We need to find the jerk
who did this to your friends.


Details... Details...
What details?

Damn it. I don't remember shit.

Stop! I'll find you anyway.

The guy in the black jacket.

Did he follow you?

I don't know.

Try to remember.


I was too scared
to even look in the mirror.

I just got in the car.

Floored it and went back to the city.

I woke up in the hospital.

First I was happy.

I was alive and in bed.

And then I heard that guy's voice.

How did you manage
to jump from the second floor?

I got onto the window sill and jumped.

People do stupid things when stressed.

Sergey, calm down. I believe you.

Go on.

What are you doing?

Diman, Diman!

He's after me. Do you hear me?

He's after me.

He killed Lyokha and Vadim.

Man, are you on acid?

Lyokha and Vadim are dead, idiot!

Are you even listening?

Where are you going?

Okay, let's take a break.

Allow me to assist you, Nina Borisovna.

You shouldn't carry heavy things.

And what choice do I have,
Svyatoslav Vernidubovich?

I have no other choice.

A pipe burst in the basement.

They've been promising
to fix it for a week.


And how are things in general?
Any rumors?


Kuzma Gavrilovich died.

How? When?

It's been two days.

And there's no one to bury him.

He had no relatives.


I see you're not doing so good either.

I slipped on ice the other day.

Thought I wouldn't get up.

Thank God it was just a sprain.

I'm heading to the hospital.

I'll walk you.

We'll sit in line.

Listen to the news.

It's like TV.

Only without propaganda.

Volunteers came.

From Donors Without Borders.

So it's young blood.


You have an excellent appetite.

Lock the door when you leave.

Here's the interrogation report.

Unfortunately, he doesn't remember
anything particular about the suspect.

Male. Medium height.

I can describe him in more detail.

Black hair, skinny.

Is sitting in the cell right now.

There's a lot of inconsistencies
in his story.

First he doesn't remember anything.

Then he says the guy wore a red jacket.

Then it's black.

He jumped from the second floor.

I can jump from the second floor too.

Sure you can jump.

But it won't prove he's innocent.

And your sarcasm isn't enough
to prove he's guilty.

I agree.

But I think we should press him.

What for?

To scare him even more?

Baranovsky isn't the killer. He's a victim.

And a crucial witness.

Okay, enough.

Keep working.

I need the results yesterday.


They're looking for the guy
from the garage.

Take the body out of town.

And make it look like he died there.

And how am I supposed to do it?

By bus?



I need...

We all need your help.

Your car and you as a driver.

Jean, I suggest that you...
All of you... Call a taxi.

It'll be hard to explain to the driver why
we need to sneak a body from the morgue.

Will it be easier to explain it to me?

My dear...

Let me remind you that you're one of us.

And the favor I'm asking is of vital
importance to all our community.

I don't care about your community.

I didn't ask you to convert me.

You didn't ask?

You made me do it.


How long will we be together?

Until I grow old?

Or until I die of tuberculosis?
It's everywhere now.

They'll soon find a cure for it.

— Yeah?
— I'm sure.

But there's no cure for old age.

Olga, please don't start.


Bite me.


And we will have fun.



Wait, do you need to drink my blood
for me to become a vampire?

That's medieval nonsense.

It's the other way around.

You need to drink my blood.

That simple?

Stop it.

It's not that simple.

For a vampire to be born,
the human needs to die.

I don't see what's so hard about that.

Stop it.

I don't want you to get hurt.

Then you'll have to watch me die.

I had to risk my life for you.

So you owe me.

Have you always been that tedious?

Meet me at four.

At the staff entrance.

How could you do a blood sugar test
on a full stomach?

Another victim of ice.


I wish.

A hunter put wolf traps
all around the forest.

And here's the result...

I'm here for dressing.

Are there wolves around here? Where?

In Veshki.

But they were hunted down
decades ago.

That's what I told him.

He says they're back.

Says they killed his dog.

Thank you.

Okay, take care. See you.

Good health to you.

And to you, Svyatoslav Vernidubovich.

I see you go to doctors now.

That's good. At your age
you need to take care of yourself.

Are you joking, Irina Vitalyevna?

No, I'm not.

I won't get any pleasure
from cutting your heads off.

But I'll do it if I have to.

You have five days.

Captain Ostroumova.

I need to ask you a few questions.



Did any of you go
to the theater festival in Yaroslavl?

Vovan, I guess.

Vovan! Turn the music off and come here!

The police is asking for you.

What's the matter?

Anna Petrovna, detective.

Were you in Yaroslavl on February 2?

Maybe it's about something else.

Okay, calm down.

Yes, why?

What were you doing that night?

She knows everything. Damn it, she knows.

I'll tell you everything.

I bought it in Yaroslavl. Paid online.

I swear I'm not a dealer.
It's for personal use.


Grandpa Slava, what a nice jacket you have.

Are you going on a date?

I'm going to Veshki.

And there's lots of snow there.

Tons of snow.

Not like here, in Smolensk.

The streets are nice and clean.

A pleasure to walk along.

Where have you seen nice streets here?

All streets are nice after the war.

Grandpa Slava, can I come with you?

I want to help.

A carriage can't help a horse.


What are you doing?

A witness saw you in it.

But I have nothing else to wear.

Is this your biggest problem?
That you have nothing to wear?

I have a jacket for you.

Listen, can you give me a ride to Veshki?

I found a trace.

It may lead us somewhere.

I'm sorry, I can't.
I need to go to the station.

My guys are already working in Veshki.

The guys are working.
Your guys are just pushing air around.

"My guys are working."

You forgot how to communicate properly.

You only do this...


I'll wash your mouth with kerosine.


Unremarkable car, subtle color.
Just what we need.

If you don't like it, you can discontinue
to use the services of our company.

Jean Ivanovich, I'm been looking
for you everywhere.

The toxicology results came in.

You have lovely nurses here.

Rosy cheeks, a nice smile, ready to help.

All in the name of science.

Lucy, thank you. Get back to work.

Bring the car to that door over there.

I'll be right back.

How's Baranovsky? Feeling better?

I guess. Captain Zhalinsky
took him somewhere.

Just five minutes ago.

— Where?
— He doesn't report to us.

Answer it already.

I don't want to.

I like the song.

And I don't.

Then shut up.

Do you need something?

I just want to congratulate you
on having such a nice car.

I collect cars like this.

I mean models.

The wheels are just amazing.

Must be expensive.

Open the trunk.

Jean Ivanovich!

Good day!

What are you doing?


It's for work.

You sure have an unpleasant job.

And why don't you call the nurses?

Are they on lunch break?

Yeah, they are.

And why don't you use the hospital car?

And also...

You need the papers.

You can't do it without the papers,
you know.

Sure, one second.
I have them here somewhere.

Excuse me...

Has anyone told you that you have
very beautiful eyes?

No, why?

Take a good look.

With your beautiful eyes.

That's not a corpse.

That's a patient of Jean Ivanovich.

And we're taking him home
because he was discharged today.


You could help.

Get better.

You're welcome.

I'm cold.

It's okay.

It makes the brain work better.

Do you recognize this place?

Sure you do.

Do you remember
how you killed your friends?

I see that you do.

Now tell me the truth.

How did you do it?

You came here.

And what was next?

You imagined you're a vampire
who can't live without blood, right?

It's you.

It was you!

Stop, fool.

It was him. It was him.

He killed them.

Quiet, quiet. Calm down.

You're all vampires here.

You're all in this together.

I'm telling you, I lost a dog.
She was a good dog.

A hunter dog.

She was my only friend.

And did you see or hear anything suspicious
on the night of the murder?

No, I heard nothing.

Deal with this beast for Christ's sake.

Wolves are not our game.


I told you it's useless.

I could be watching TV
instead of freezing my ass here.

Good day to you!

Good day!

I want to buy a house here.

And I want to ask how things are going.

Well, we have...

Most of the time it's paradise.

Berries, mushrooms, fishing all year round.

But some maniac killed two people recently
in the forest nearby.

And my dog got killed by wolves.

Where did wolves come from?

From the forest, I guess.

They left after the railroad was built.

And now they're back.

Must be starving.

And there used to be a village
on the other side of the tracks...

Why used to? It's still there.

But no one lives there.

Well, thank you, good man!

— Take care.
— Bye!

Anya, please.

You know that murderers often
confess at the crime scene.

And victims lose their minds, right?

How's he?


We drugged him.

He had an emotional outburst
caused by alcoholic intoxication.

Delirium tremens.

Don't worry. We'll give him shots
and an IV, and he'll be as good as new.

Can we see him?

I don't think it's a good idea.

He thinks we're all vampires.

When I was a grad student,
I once came too close to a guy like this.

He bit my hand so hard I still have a scar.

What do you mean a guy like this?

He had vampire delusions too.


How well do you know your lover?

Are you jealous?

I don't get jealous of food.

Oh, that's so indelicate.

Remember I told you
I experiment with our blood?

I mixed it with different drugs
in different proportions.

And injected people with it.

But it never caused
accelerated regeneration.

What does Sergey have to do with it?

When your Sergey was peeing on the plant.

There wasn't a single scar left
on his body after the crash.

And I have only one explanation for this.

His blood test shows
all kinds of chemicals.

I think it's some kind of synthetic drugs.

I need to know what exactly he was using.

Something accelerated cell regeneration
and turned our blood into a powerful drug.

Stop yelling!

You're immortal.

It would hurt anyway.

Damn it!

It was at the end of the eighties.

We had a freak who tried to convince
everyone there were vampires in Smolensk.

And where's he now?

Who knows.

When the Soviet Union collapsed,
we let almost everyone go.

Our patients seemed to be more sane
than everything around us.

Can we see the records?

Well, there was a fire 15 years ago.

All the papers are gone.

This is so typically Russian.

A woman driver.

That's what I thought.

You're a sexist.

If you say so, lady.

Your papers, please.

By the way, you have very beautiful eyes.

I guess you know that
you're a jerk and a scum.

Olga, stop it please.

And you need to get rid of sexism
that's stuck in your head.


There's a solution.
You need to start eating snow.

With the black crust.
There's plenty of it there.




Please excuse my wife's little violation.


You should drive next time.

You know...

A woman driver is like
a monkey with a grenade.

Thank you.

Damn it!


I'm sorry.

I couldn't help myself.

I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.


What? He's corrupt.

Hi there!

I told you to stay at home.

When did you notice me?

In the city.

Come on, Grandpa Slava,
I really want to help.


You search those houses over there,
and I'll look here.

Stomach ache?

That's the morning pizza saying hello.

Damn it!

Grandpa Slava, come here!

I think I found something.

Why are you yelling, whacko?

See for yourself.

What is it?

We need to pull up the records.

See if something like this
happened here 30 years ago.

I don't remember anything like it.

You're not that old.

I studied the archives back in the days.


Okay. We're on our way.

It's spooky here.

Do men have only one solution
to the closed door problem?

Too many people obsessed
with vampires in one day.

It's still warm.

Anya! Come here.

Now that's interesting.

So? Shall we wait?

Yes. I'll go hide the car.


I didn't call you here for nothing.

— No.
— It was me who found it.

Look what I found.

We'll wait for the owner, and you leave.

Grandpa Slava, maybe we should really go?

I think it's here.


The lake was here, remember?

Our lake.

It was a lake only for us.

For others just a swamp.

Memories are always better than reality.

Now we are bound by this secret.


Only by this secret?

I'm sorry, but the lake
of our love dried up.

Screw you and your dramatic allegories.

I know you're mad at me.

But it'll harm all of us, Olga.

I don't care about you or anyone else.

I'm sick of this.


And here's the accident.

Let's go.

I owe you nothing more.

Okay, Zakhar, I got it.

Thank you.

This house belongs to Fyodor Zelentsov.

The same guy who was locked
in the mental hospital from 1989 to 1993.

Okay. But why did he wait until now
to start killing?

How old is he?

Seventy? Eighty?

It seems really strange.

There are a lot of strange things
in the world.

I think it's strange that a girl like you
doesn't have a boyfriend.

You must have your own theory about it.

Okay, let's play this game.

You come from a strict family.

Maybe your father left you.

You were a top student at school.

But you were bad at discipline.

You grew up fast.

And you joined the police
because you have a strong sense of justice.

— Right?
— Maybe.

You had a good record.

But then something happened.

Something happened in your life.

That changed you dramatically.

Something that made you
keep everyone at bay.

Unrequited love.

Are you done?

Not bad.

Now I'll tell you why you're not married.

You come from a wealthy family.

Your parents most likely
work in the police.

You grew up as a rich kid.

You're the only child in the family.

It shows. You're an egoist and narcissist.

You achieved a lot
thanks to your parents' support.

Although you're not a fool.

You don't believe in love.

You treat women as expendables.

And you're not entirely wrong because you
only spend time with this kind of girls.

Am I right?


Much of what you said is true.

My father worked in the FSB,
and my mom in the Ministry of Justice.

But they died when I was six.

I'm sorry.

But I really don't believe in love.

But maybe it's because I haven't yet met
the one that made my heart beat faster.

— Don't move!
— What do you want?

Police! Who are you?

I'm Nikita.

Nikita Shumilin.

I came with my Grandpa. He lives here.

Hold him.

Put your hands on your head
and slowly get out of the car.

I've been disabled for twenty years.

I can't get out neither slowly nor fast.

Do both of you live here?

No, just Grandpa.

I live in the city. I bring him food
and clean the house.

Today we went to the bank.

Have you heard about the Veshki murder?


I suggested that he move to the city
for a while, but he won't listen.

I'm not going anywhere!

What's this?

I give him an IV when he needs it.

He doesn't like going to the doctor's.

Tell me about this piece of art.

This is...

How to put it...

My Grandpa's hobby so to say.

I'll explain it myself.

This is all evidence.

The evidence of what?

That there are vampires in Smolensk.

I don't know how many exactly.

Maybe two.

Maybe thousands.

But they are here.

I was sceptical myself at first.

I started to investigate.

Then I went to the police.

They told me it's not their business.

And I should go to the mayor's office.

I went there.

And it turned out
they were the main vampires.

They locked me away.

Fed me pills for many years.

But I'm not giving up.

I'm still fighting.


With all the strength I have left.

Are you honest policemen?


Then I'll show you something else.

I have a folder here.


Did you clean up my desk again?

Grandma died seven years ago,
but Grandpa sometimes forgets about it.


Grandpa, I'll find your folder later!

Don't bother. Leave it to Grandma.


Who are you?

I'm not going anywhere.

I was born here, and I'll die here.

Grandpa, they are police.

It's okay.


Then I'll show you something else.

I have a folder here.

Hold on.

And it seemed promising.

It's a pity.

I feel sorry for him.

He told himself a scary tale
and continues to live in it.

We all live in fairy tales.

It's just that everyone has their own.

Isn't your tale unfolding too quickly?

I thought it was the other way around.

The introduction is too long.

Zhenyok, is that you?



There's pizza left. Do you want some?

Here, drink this.

It'll go smoother.

He's young. The ass is still soft.


Did you meet the owner?

Did you learn where he got my picture?

Unfortunately, yes.

I'll come in.

I told him not to. I'm sorry.

It's okay, Masha.

It's okay.

Svyatoslav Vernidubovich.

You came so boldly.

You must've found the killer.

Fyodor Zelentsov.

Do you know this name?

I'm not sure.


You must remember how you locked him up
in the looney bin in 1989.

Yes, my father told me something like that.

So what?

It's not our fault
that you live so indiscreetly.

We live normally.

And we work normally.

What do you suggest we do
with people like this Fyodor?

We acted...

What's the word?


Within the law.

And for the benefit of our citizens.

So you care about people?

And is it okay that Nina...

Who was derailing fascist trains
when she was ten years old...

Has to walk a mile to get water...

Because fat bloodsuckers like you...

Sit in warm offices
and can't lift a finger?

She's almost ninety.

And Kuzma...

Who hid little children
in his house during the war...

So that they wouldn't end up in camps...

Died recently...

And there's no one to bury him.

Is this how you care about people?

I'm more human than you are.

Svyatoslav Vernidubovich!

I'll try to do something about it.

Please do.

I'm even willing to forget
about the Veshki murders.

But I want you...

To do a small favor for me.

Make me a vampire.