Castle (2009–2016): Season 6, Episode 9 - Disciple - full transcript

When a woman who looks very similar to Lanie is murdered, the team thinks the killer may be targeting members of the 12th precinct.

(Man coughs)

Buddy, I'm gonna have
to ask you to move along.


Hey there!

Excuse me?

This is a restricted area.



Are you all right?

(Castle) We should go
somewhere relaxing, you know,

where we can just hang, don't you think?

Before we plan the honeymoon,

- shouldn't we set a wedding date first?
- No.

'Cause the department hasn't even said

if you can have time off yet.

Besides, planning a honeymoon
will help us set a date.

(Mouth full) Okay. I can't
wait to hear about this.

What, you don't want to go to Thailand

during monsoon season, do you?

Or New Zealand in the winter?

No. You decide where you wanna go,

the best time to be there.

Boom. Lobby for those dates.

New Zealand?

Castle, are you using our honeymoon

as an excuse to go and tour middle-earth?

(Whispers) I'm game if you are.

I was hoping for something more romantic

and less hobbit-y.

Why does everyone always think

- those two are mutually exclusive?
- And it should be a place

that neither of us have ever been to.

Agreed. A perfect spot that will be ours

- and ours alone.
- Like Barcelona.

That's where I took Meredith.

Okay. Um...

Gal?pagos... I've
always wanted to go there.

- Gina.
- Seriously?

Yeah, part of our whirlwind honeymoon tour.

Fine. Swiss alps. I hear
they're breathtaking.

- They are.
- No.

Yeah. That's where, uh,
Meredith and I used to winter.

You know what? I think a better plan

would be for you to make a list
of all the places in the world

that you've never honeymooned, vacationed,

or married any of your other wives.

How hard could it be?

Albania and Finland...
that's all you've got left.

Well, we traveled a lot.

Well, I'm sure I can
think of some other places.

- Yeah, well, my vote's for someplace warmer.
- Ah, maybe you're right.

Maybe we should just...
focus on setting a date.

(Police radio chatter)

Hey, Ryan.

(Siren wailing in distance)

What's going on with Lanie?

Uh, this case just hit
a little close to home.

Why? What happened?

A security guard on the night shift

found the victim hanging from that beam.

We I.D.'d her as Pam Hodges, 32.

Hanging, as in, by the neck?

Yeah. But what's really bizarre
is the way the victim looks.


Is that Lanie's sister?

Lanie doesn't have a sister.

- Are Pam Hodges and Lanie related?
- (Lanie) Nope.

But they say we all have
a twin out there somewhere.

I guess this one's mine.

- Lanie, we can deal with the preliminaries later.
- I was shook up at first,

but I'm fine now. She died
between 2:00 and 4:00 A.M.

Her neck did not break because
the killer rigged the wires

so her feet were just off the ground.

She probably was strangled to death.

How does a wire that thin not snap?

It's high-test fishing line,

available at most sporting goods stores.

So then... it would have seemed

like she was just
standing there on the dock.

That's how she looked when we rolled up.

It was freaky.

It's what her killer was going for.

He put her body on display
to create a tableau.

He's confident... brazen.

Yeah, like he'd done it before?

Contact the FBI.

See if they have any similar
murders in their databases.

- Do we have any witnesses?
- No, not so far.

Security guard had rousted a homeless guy

before he found the victim.

Uniforms are still
trying to track him down,

- see if he saw anything.
- What do we know about Pam Hodges?

She's from Tampa, Florida,
where she lived on the fringes,

racked up about a half a
dozen busts for solicitation.

This is her about a year ago.

I'd say she came up in the world.

She looks a heck of a lot better now

than she did back then...

aside from the being-dead part.

- Why was she in New York?
- Don't know yet.

She moved here seven months ago.

- New York driver's license with a Brooklyn address.
- All right.

Check her address, see if
she's got any family here.

Yes, Pam's my niece.

She stayed at my place for a few weeks

when she moved to the city.

Do you know why she
came to town, Mr. Hodges?

Well, she said she needed a fresh start

- and she had a job offer.
- Doing what?

I was afraid Pam would start
working the streets again.

She burned a lot of bridges
by telling the family

she would go straight and never doing it.

But this time was different.

Pam moved out of my house
when she said she would.

She started working a job.

A few months back, I met her for lunch.

And I almost didn't recognize her,

she looked so good. Pam was happy.

She said this new job
was just what she needed.

What do you know about this job?

- Where did she work?
- She wouldn't talk about it much,

except to say that it was legit

and that she was being taken care of.

Do you know where she moved
to after she left your place?

Well, she and I shared a cab that day,

and it dropped her off at a building

off the West Side highway.

I'll tell you this...
Pam took a big step up.

(Scoffs) A big step up?

This is a giant leap.

This is a... this is a
vault into the stratosphere.

How does a former streetwalker from Tampa

afford a place like this?

She ever get any visitors?

- Possible that she, uh, worked out of the home?
- No, sir.

That is not possible.

Well, then who paid for rent?

Detective, we have a well-earned
reputation for discretion...

and guarding the privacy of our clients.

Privacy ends when murder begins.

Now I want the name of whoever
is paying for this unit.

And if you don't have that, then go get it.


- I love when you get angry.
- (Sighs)

I mean, at other people, besides me.

Castle, look at these coats.

There's at least 20 grand hanging here.

So whoever was paying her
rent bought her wardrobe, too.

These coats, this insane
place, her history as a hooker,

and now this job where
she's well taken care of?

All points to one thing.

She was someone's mistress.

And her sugar daddy hasn't come forward

or reported her missing. At the very least,

- he knows about her life.
- (Cell phone beeps)

At the very most, he's the one who took it.

If Pam was a kept woman,

then he's been to this apartment.

I'm gonna get ahold of C.S.U.,
have them sweep for prints

so we can find out who's been here.

While we're at it, we should take a look

and see what's on this.

She might have taken a picture of him.

(Keyboard keys clicking) (Tory)
It doesn't look like she did.

These are mostly standard
tourist snapshots of New York.

No pictures of people, friends, boyfriends?

I haven't found any so far.

(Beckett) Keep looking, okay?

And check the faces in the background,

see if any of them show up again.

Those photos might be our best bet.

- Thanks.
- (Keys continue clicking)

I take it this means we hit a wall

on who rents the apartment?

The lease is held and
paid for by Gregs-Baker,

which is a shell corporation
based out of Belize,

and it was set up in such a
way as to make it untraceable.

All right, well, what about
phone records and credit cards?

It must point to who Pam
Hodges was spending time with.

She barely used her phone.

And even though she racked
up huge credit card bills,

it was mostly for shoes
and clothes and hair salons.

And it was paid for
monthly by Gregs-Baker.

Well, what did C.S.U.
find at her apartment?

Her prints. No one else's.

- What the hell is going on here?
- I don't know.

(Cell phone buzzing) But someone
is doing an incredible job

of covering their tracks. (Beeps)

Hey, Lanie.


I need you to get down here.

Okay, we're on our way.

Not Castle. Just you.

Hey, what's going on?

Pam Hodges recently had
cheek implants put in.

It made her face broader, like mine.

- Okay.
- Her hair products,

her lipstick, her nail polish...

they're all the same as the ones I use.

Lanie, you're just picking
up on things that are similar

- with the victim.
- That's what I kept telling myself.

Then I found this.

Okay, all right. I've seen this before.

It... it means "inner strength."

I know what it means, Kate.


I have the same exact
tattoo in the same place.

How's that even possible?

It's no accident we could be twins.

Somebody went out of their
way to make her look like me.

(Esposito) Wait a minute. So you're saying

that Pam Hodges was
trying to look like Lanie?

Given the tattoo and the surgery,

I just don't see another explanation.

Yeah, but why would she do that?

Because her sugar daddy wanted her to.

Maybe he found her down in Tampa,

shipped her up here, set her up in style.

I mean, to a streetwalker,
that would seem like

the greatest gig ever,
and all she'd have to do

is let him remake her into Lanie.

Yeah, like Jimmy Stewart in "Vertigo."

- Thanks, L.T.
- Yeah, but even more twisted.

So this guy has to know Lanie.

Only she doesn't seem to know him.

But she's still coming
in to give us a statement.

Now, what about the
staff in Pam's building?

Did they give us any more details?

No, none of them remember seeing
any guys coming to see her.

You know, there might be another way

for us to trace this guy.

The cheek implants have serial numbers.

Maybe that'll lead us to Pam's surgeon.

There might be another reason
her sugar daddy's laying low.

FBI database shows two
other victims strangled

with metal fishing line
and their bodies staged...

one in Miami, one in Fort Lauderdale,

both unsolved, no suspects.

Well, our victim's from Florida.
Maybe he knew her from there.

Order the homicide files,
check 'em against our case.

In the meantime, canvas the stores

and the salons Pam went to.

Maybe she confided in someone,

or someone might have
seen her with this guy.

(Castle) An M.E. investigates the murder

of her own doppelganger.

It'd be a great story, if
Lanie weren't living it.

There's something that
we're missing here, Castle.

Two similar murders in Florida.

Our victim, also from Florida.

But then there's this whole
Lanie and her look-a-like angle.

- How does that fit in?
- I have no idea.


we got a hit on those cheek implants.

They were traced to a
Manhattan cosmetic surgeon...

a Dr. Kelly Nieman.

Well, I for one, am very interested

in what Dr. Nieman has to say.

In the meantime,

Lanie wants to give her
statement to Esposito.

You're not a perp, Lanie.

It doesn't seem right... us
talking in here like this.

I wanted to be somewhere private.

- So let's get on with this, okay?
- Okay.

Um... so can you think of anyone

who would do a thing like this?



Who have you been with
in the last six months,

besides me? I mean, I
know we're not exclusive.

No one.

I need the truth... whatever it is.

I'm telling you the truth.

Then how do they know about the tattoo?

You've only had it three months, right?

No one could see it unless you're naked.

Well, did you happen
to mention it to anyone?

Of course not.

You are the only person
I ever showed it to.

Wait. Still, something's not right.

This... this doesn't make sense.

Come on, Lanie. Think.

Someone got close to you.

Someone saw that tattoo.

Who was it?

(Gasps) Oh, my God.


I had a weird... night two months back.

Weird how?

Someone at work got promoted,

and a bunch of us hit a
nightclub to celebrate.

And some hot jazz was
going, so I stayed late.

When I woke up the next day,

I couldn't remember how I got home.

Wa... wait, since when do you
go busting your 2-drink limit?

I don't, and I didn't that night either.


what if this is when it happened?

What if he put something in my drink

and took me to my place

and all of this started because of me?

I got your message. What'd you find?

Nothing in Pam's pictures,

but I scanned the camera's memory card,

and I recovered a deleted picture file.


That's our victim. When was this taken?

Based on the JPEG
data, yesterday afternoon.

So just a few hours before she was killed.

Let's locate that marina and
find out who owns that boat.

(Telephone ringing in distance)

NYPD I need...

(Man) I'm sorry... do
you have an appointment?

We're here to see Dr. Nieman.

Can I ask what this is regarding?


I'm sorry, Dr. Nieman.

I apologize for the intrusion. This is...

Detective Beckett. Mr. Castle.

Uh, please come in. Have a seat.

(Door closes) As a tireless self-promoter,

let me offer you one of my pens.

No, thank you.

We're just here to ask you a few questions.

Oh, can I just say, you have
an amazing face, Detective?

And what about, uh...

what about my face?

Uh... amazing potential.

Why don't we talk about Pam Hodges' face

and the fact that she was murdered?

Jeez. What happened?

She was one of your
patients. Is that correct?

Uh, yes. Yes, I performed some refinements.

And at whose behest?


She actually brought me a
picture of a friend of hers.

They had similar facial structure,

and Pam wanted to look a
bit more like her friend.

Wait. Let me get this
straight. So people come in

and ask to look like other people,

and you just do it?

Well, it's not unusual for
patients to bring me photos...

usually of models or
actors... for reference.

And these photos she showed you,

where were they taken?

They looked like snapshots
from a bar or a club,

as I recall.

Did she ever come here with anyone, um...

did she ever mention any
of the men in her life?

No, I'm afraid not.

- And who was it that paid
- (Cell phone buzzing)

for these new cheeks of hers?

She did... with a company check.

From Gregs-Baker?

I'd have to look, but
that... that sounds right.

(Buzzing continues) Um, excuse me.

(Cell phone beeps) Beckett.

Okay. Seriously?

(Door opens)

"Amazing potential"?

And I'd love to help you realize it.

(Whispers) Wow.

Yeah, hey.

(Ryan) We tracked down
that marina from the photo.

It's Windward Cove in Long Island.

- We're here right now.
- Who's boat was Pam on?

It's registered out of
Florida to a Rudy Hollings.

Okay, so what do we know about him?

Not a damn thing, except
for Pam was on his boat

the night she was murdered.

- We're about to board. I'll call you when it's secure.
- Okay.

- (Ryan) NYPD!
- (Esposito) NYPD!

Police! Got a suspect up ahead!

12:00! Let me see your hands!

Let me see your hands right now!

- Let me see your hands!
- Show me your hands, right now!

Let me see your hands!
Show us your hands now!



- Espo, go outside. Don't look, man.
- What do you mean?

What are you talking
about, go outside? Huh?

Let me see.

It's me.

(Gates) Our victim is Daniel Santos

like Pam Hodges, he was
hung with fishing line.

Although Santos shows no
sign of cosmetic surgery,

this killer... for reasons unknown...

Has clearly selected two victims

who bear a deliberate
resemblance to members

of our own police family.

Now, what did the crime scene give us?

Well, there's no prints or trace evidence.

All we know is that the
rig Santos was hung from

was built from standard
hardware store pipe,

and that the fishing reel that fed the line

was bought from a bait shop
in North Carolina in 2005.

Where are we on the owner of the boat?

Rudy Hollings... he's
been in Spain for a year.

He said he had no idea
who would've used his boat

to commit a murder.

So somebody could have been
aware of his travel plans?

It's also possible if
the killer knew boats,

uh, they were looking for telltale signs

the boat wasn't in use.

Yeah, that's probably
why he picked it, sir.

He knew he could kill
Daniel Santos undisturbed.

Well, what do we know about Mr. Santos?

He moved here from
Georgia about a year ago,

uh, I'm still trying to
find a current address.

I did speak with his parents.

They told me that he
worked as a male stripper.

Three months ago, he called his parents

to tell them that he quit stripping,

and he had landed a big-time gig.

Did they know what this gig was?

No. He was vague, just like Pam Hodges.

Okay. So I need you, Detective Esposito,

and Dr. Parish to go over

all the cases that you worked together.

- See if anyone connected to them presents as a suspect.
- Yes, sir.

For the sake of these
victims... and our own people...

find this killer.

(Clears throat)

I still don't get it.

Why would someone kill
clones of Esposito and Lanie?

I mean, is it some kind of warning?

Maybe if we dig deeper
into Daniel Santos' life,

we'll figure it out.

I think I've got a lead
as to what he was up to.

According to his pre-paid
debit card records,

he bought a latte at
the same midtown building

every Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday afternoon.

- As if he was keeping some kind of regular appointment?
- He did.

According to the doorman,

he was meeting with a Dr. Ian Fuller.

He's some kind of a therapist.

Actually, I'm a speech therapist.

I specialize in accent reduction.

Uh, so Daniel was from Georgia.

- Was he trying to get rid of his Southern accent?
- Oh, more than that.

He wanted to change his
entire speech pattern.

To what end?

He didn't say, but he was very determined

and very specific about his goals.

He even brought in an audio file

of how he wanted to sound.

- Do you have the file?
- Yeah, I have it right here.

Let me just, uh, pull it up.


(Esposito) It's true.

For example, I'm former military,

which makes me an expert marksman.

I'm usually first through the door.

That's Esposito.

- I'm definitely the physical one.
- That's from the documentary

- we shot right here at the precinct.
- I stay in sick shape.

- Boom! Have you been to the gun show?
- Santos wasn't just a look-alike...

- He was a sound-alike.- Seriously
though... (Speaks indistinctly)


His face, the way he cut his hair,

and now he's trying to talk like me, too?

What kind of sicko is doing this?

I went through every case we worked on,

and nothing jumped out.

Yeah, not for me either.

It's gotta be...

it's gotta be something personal.

It's gotta be someone who
knows about our relationship.

Well, whoever he is, he's a freak.

He made Daniel Santos suffer.

Look at the bleeding underneath the skin.

That wire bit into his neck
for hours before he died.

The killer used that fishing rail

to kill him slowly.

So who is he gonna go after now...

you and me, some version
of Ryan and Beckett?

- What if this is just the beginning?
- Hey...

It'll be okay.

I promise.

I won't let anything happen to you.


What if something happens to you?


Dude... we're having a moment here.

Sorry... (Clicks tongue)

I found the strip club where Santos worked.

They had a home address for him in Queens.

So how are you doing, man?

I'm fine. How are you?

It's big... what you're dealing with.

I just want to put it out
there that I'm here for you.

Good to know, man.

The point is, sometimes
talking about it helps.

So what, you want me to
share my feelings now?

Uh, it's what a lot of people would do.

All right, fine.

I want to find this piece of garbage,

string him up, and see how he likes it.


- I shared a feeling. Happy now?
- See...

Don't you feel better?

- Ryan...
- All right.

The super said that Daniel Santos

- hasn't been around here much lately.
- (Woman) Oh, my God.

- Daniel?
- (Chuckles) No. No, actually, uh,

Detective Javier Esposito, NYPD.

- Oh.
- (Chuckles)

It's like seeing a ghost.

You look so much like him.

Yeah, um, so you knew Daniel?

Not as much as I wanted to,

but a little.

(Sniffs) Enough to know that he was better

than what he did for a living.

We... we heard he quit that
job for some big-time gig.

You have any idea what it was?

He said he couldn't talk about it.

Uh, did people come visit him here?

(Chuckles) People didn't visit Daniel.

It was more like the other way around.

Meaning what?

I'd see him, uh...

leave here and a limo
would be waiting out front.

- Was this recently?
- Yeah.

One picked him up two nights ago.

The same night he was killed.

Do you remember what
that vehicle looked like?

It was black.

I mean, it was just a regular town car.

But there was... blue
around the license plate.

- Wait a minute. Do you mean blue neon?
- Yeah, that was it.

Blue neon license plate frames...

That's the trademark of Blue Moon limos.

(Clacks) That was the
manager at the Blue Moon.

He said the limo dropped Daniel Santos off

at the apartment of the
person who ordered it.

Well, whoever it is,
is probably our killer.

Did he give you a name?

Yeah, Dr. Kelly Nieman.

Well, I would say she
has "amazing potential"...

as a murderer.

(Door opens)

(Telephone ringing in distance)

- Well?
- The doorman at her building confirms

that Santos visited two nights ago.

And not for the first time.

He said Santos was a
frequent overnight guest

- of the good doctor.
- Which directly connects her to both of our victims.

So are we to believe that Kelly Nieman

overpowered Santos...
a young man in his prime?

Well, she was more than capable.

According to her bio, she's a black belt

in both tae kwon do and jiujitsu.

She also has boating experience
and grew up in Florida.

In fact, she was in Miami at a conference

at the time of the other two murders.

Do we have any hard evidence
linking her to these murders?

It's been clear from the beginning

that our killer is very careful.

So the answer is no.


This entire case is circumstantial,

which means you're gonna need to break her.

And you got one shot.

(Door opens)

Dr. Nieman...

(Door closes) thank you for coming in.

Was I offered a choice?

I wanted to ask you a few questions

about your relationship with Daniel Santos.

Well, I no longer have one.

So you are aware that he's dead.

I watch the news.

You don't seem terribly upset by it.

Well, I suppose I could fake it or lie,

but that's just as tedious
for you as it is for me.

It was purely physical with us.

You really are a beautiful woman...

but not perfect.

I could fix you.

Where did you go after
he came to your apartment?

Hmm. We stayed in.

You didn't go by a marina?

I don't have a boat.

And yet his body was found on one.

And prior to that,

he was at your apartment.

- Yes, but then he left my place.
- When?

Around 10:00.

Daniel Santos spent his last day with you.

Pam Hodges was a patient of yours.

They were both murdered.

The only person that they
have in common is you.

Now you don't expect me to believe

that that's a coincidence, do you?

It's not a coincidence at all.

Daniel referred Pam to me as a patient.

So they knew each other?

We don't have any evidence of that.

Well, I'm sure you'll find
some if you keep looking.

When Pam came in, she said
that he'd recommended her to me.

Let me ask you something.

Has it occurred to you
that I'm being set up here?

Set up by whom?

Maybe whoever did this

knew of my connection to Daniel and Pam.

Maybe this was part of their plan...

to waste your time and mine.

I doubt that.

You'll never prove that
I was at those docks

or some marina, because I wasn't.

Besides... what possible motive

would I have for killing anyone?

I've dated lawyers.

I know that if you don't charge me,

I can leave.

No hard feelings, detective.

We're both professionals.
You're just doing your job.

You seek justice, and I seek perfection.

In fact... (Card rustles)

whenever you're ready to
take this to the next level...

(Whispers) you come see me.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

(Telephone ringing in distance)

I got nothing, Castle. I...

I can't even tie her
to the Florida murders,

other than the fact
that she was in the area

when they occurred.

Can I say something that'll...

probably annoy you?


Since when do you ask for permission?


What if Dr. Nieman isn't our killer?

Castle, you saw her in there.

She was toying with me.

She's involved in this.

I can feel it.

I admit... she's not warm and cuddly.

But that doesn't make her guilty.

How can you of all people buy her story?

Because at this point, it
makes more sense than ours does.

Just... consider this.

All along, this killer has
been one step ahead of us...

no evidence, no witnesses,
phantom corporations.

He or she has us chasing our tails.

So why, suddenly, does this same person

order a limo placing her
with Santos the night he died?

Rookie mistake.

Or maybe it's not a mistake at all.

Maybe Kelly Nieman is
playing a much deeper game.

Maybe she's so confident

that we can't tie her to these murders,

that she's letting the trail
lead straight back to her.

Um... that's looking pretty unlikely.


Her alibi's ironclad.

She's no good for either
of the murders. But...

we might have found somebody who is.

(Muffled voice) Told you.

(Ellis) This is from a traffic cam

a block from Kelly Nieman's apartment.

That's Daniel Santos.

The timecode is 10:07. So
Kelly was telling the truth.

He did leave around 10:00.

Yeah, now watch this.

Can we get a closer look at the driver?

No, this is our only angle.

Well, whoever he is, Santos knows him.

Now we tried running the plate...

(Beep) but it was stolen off another car.

So no good there.

(Beeps and whirs) But Tory
noticed a decal in the back window.

(Ellis) It's a parking pass.

For "Coral Way Marina" in Miami.

So whoever he is, he could be connected

- to our Florida murders.
- I called the marina.

Even though the parking pass is expired,

they were able to tell
us who it was issued to...

one Carl Matthews.

And who is Carl Matthews?

- Show us the D.M.V. photo, please.
- (Beep)

Recognize him now?


That's the security guard from the dock.

We now believe that Carl Matthews killed

both Daniel Santos and Pam Hodges.

That security mook that found her?

How did we let him slip away?

Matthews didn't have a record,
and nothing on him popped.

Now the day after Matthews
"found" Pam Hodges dead,

he quit his job, saying
he was too upset to work.

Now he's in the wind.

I'll bet this scumbag did
the Florida murders, too.

It looks that way.

He crewed fishing charters in Florida,

which means he knows his way around boats.

Now, in 2010, he went off the grid,

and then he resurfaced about a year ago

in New York when he
took at job at the docks.

What's your next move?

We've got an alert out
on Matthews and his car,

but... our best bet is to get
in contact with his family,

his friends, co-workers, ex-wives.

Someone in his life has to know where he is

and what his next move might be.

Any news?

No, not yet, but we'll find him.

What's wrong?


Carl Matthews is wrong.
He doesn't fit the story.

How doesn't he fit?

In Florida, he's basically a beach bum.

Here he's a security guard.

H... how's a guy like that pull this off?

Maybe he just... (Sighs)

reads more intelligent than he is on paper.

What about the money...

enough to put Pam Hodges in for surgery?

He robbed a bank, or he was dealing drugs.

I... I don't know. You know,

he fell off the grid after he left Florida.

Speaking of which, he's in Florida.

He's off the grid. He's
never been arrested.

Why the fixation with Lanie and Esposito?

We don't have all of the answers, Castle,

not right now, at least.

But all of the evidence
is pointing to Matthews.

I agree with you.

I just don't think he's working alone.

I think he has a partner.

Like who, Dr. Nieman?


Someone we've dealt with before.

- 3XK? 3XK is dead.
- Is he?

And what if we find Carl Matthews' name

- in his case files?
- Jerry Tyson fell off that bridge.

It was a hundred-foot drop into the water.

Was his body ever found?

Nobody could survive that fall.

Jerry Tyson could.

Castle, listen to yourself.

There's not a shred of evidence

that Tyson is alive, let
alone involved in this.

Tyson doesn't leave evidence,

not unless he wants us to find it,

like that deleted photo.

No evidence, plus meticulous planning...

That's vintage 3XK, and
this case has it in spades.

- Castle...
- And you want to know some other 3XK classics...

Using people that look like other people.

Using a killer to act on his behalf.

Beckett, how can you not see it?

What I see is the guilt that you feel.

This isn't about me.

Look, when Tyson escaped,
he outsmarted all of us.

But you've always blamed yourself.

Because I'm to blame...

it's him... it's Jerry Tyson.

Don't chase ghosts, Castle.

- Okay? It's not worth it, trust me.
- (Woman) Detective!

Looks like the 3XK files are gone.

What do you mean, they're gone?

All of them? How?

Somebody must have signed them out.


Well, let me know if you
can think of anything else,

- all right? Thanks.
- (Receiver clatters)

Where are the 3XK files?

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

Your name is on the signature sheet.

No, it's not.

- Yeah, from three days ago.
- You checked those files out.

I didn't check out any
files. Somebody messed up.

(Whispers) Oh, my God.

Someone want to tell us
what the hell is going on?

(Cell phone beeps)

That was the head of the M.E.'s office.

Reports, lab work, D.N.A., tissue samples

of every suspected 3XK victim

were checked out... by Lanie.

Only not the real Lanie.

Are you saying the son of a bitch is back?

That explains the look-alikes...

And why Santos tried to sound like me.

It's not enough that
Jerry Tyson disappeared.

He wanted his murders to disappear, too.

And it's not just evidence. It's his M.O.s,

victim preferences, all the hundreds

of tiny case details
that can reveal psychology

as to where he is, where
he might be going next.

It's all gone... like
he's got a clean slate.

Maybe not completely clean.

Call the prison where Tyson did time.

Have them secure his records
before they disappear, too,

and then have them send us the copies.

Oh, I'm all over it.

A cruiser just spotted Matthews' car

at the Starburst motel in Queens.

That's the same motel
where we put up Jerry Tyson.

(Man coughing)

(Brakes squeal)

Thanks. Front desk says he's in room 47.

- That's the same room Tyson was in.
- Yeah.

(Esposito) There's his car.

Lights out in room 47.

Listen, Castle.

We don't know what's
waiting for us up there.

You need to stay here, okay?

You be careful.

Let's go.

Police! NYPD!

(Rapid footsteps approach)




Where is 3XK?

Where is he?!

How are you, Detective?

Depends on how things go
down with Carl Matthews.

(Footsteps approach)

I'll give you two the room.

- Doctor.
- (Whispers) Sir.

What kind of twisted bastard

murders two people for some files?

That kind.

Do we have proof that he killed him?

Not enough.

So what's gonna happen?

We make him think that our case
is stronger than it really is,

get him to confess.

It's our only play.

(Door opens)

You broke three of my ribs.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I was going for double digits.

We need to have a candid conversation

- about your future, Carl.
- (Castle) Or lack thereof.

We found a steel fishing line

in that backpack you were carrying.

Here's a fun fact.

Did you know that when you cut a wire,

it leaves microscopic impressions...

unique microscopic
impressions... in the metal.

That's how we knew the wire in the pack

came from the same spool that you used

to hang Daniel Santos.

We can also connect you to
the murder of Pam Hodges.

Same wire, same cutting tool.

And to the murders in Florida.

Oh, yes. Where your fondness

for fishing line was once again on display.

But I think by this point in the trial,

the jurors will have heard enough.

Sounds like a lot of sticks and no carrots.

Confess to all the murders, Carl.

And Florida will take the
death penalty off the table.

It's the best you're gonna get.

I'm giving you life.

(Castle) Which is more than
you ever gave your victims.

(Exhales deeply)

(Clicks tongue) All right.

I had a good run.

How many are there?

Way north of four, if
that's what you're asking.

Tell me about Pam Hodges.

She was a fighter.

And the look on her face...

she wanted to live so bad.

But I stood her on a shipping pallet,

then pulled it away.

And her feet were just...
just off the ground.

I remember the toes of her shoes

scuffing the wood.

All panicky and fast, at first.

And then slower.

And then not at all.

And what about Daniel Santos?

With Daniel, I used the reel.

So with each click I drew
in a quarter-inch of line.

It got tighter...

and then lifted him bit... by bit.

Every time I hear a click,
I'm right back with him.

How long do you think it's gonna take

before we stop thinking
about what he's done?

Till we stop... looking at each other

and seeing two dead people?

I don't know.

You killed them both for Jerry Tyson.

No, I admire his work.
But no, I'm my own man.

And as your own man, you groomed them,

paid for Pam's apartment using the money

from the Gregs-Baker account

that you established in the Caymans.

Yeah, that's right.

You're lying.

That account was opened in Belize,

not the Caymans.

But you wouldn't know that because

you weren't the one who opened it.

Where's Jerry Tyson?

Uh, he's dead is my understanding.

So then why did you do

all of this to steal the 3XK files?

Why would you use the same motel?

The same room where Jerry
Tyson escaped police custody?

Someone recommended it.

Plus it had free wi-fi.

I'll confess to my kills.
No more and no less.

I recall every one of them
in the clearest detail.

All those memories.

And to me, I won't be in a prison cell.

I'll be living here.

Uh, I need a good pen and a pad of paper.

Uh, several pads, in fact.

I know you think you've
got this all figured out,

but you don't.

(Door closes)


What did he say about Jerry Tyson?



The theft of those files was a
major security breach. (Scribbling)

Be aware that the department is eager

to put that behind them.

It's an embarrassment.

Sir, if a detective were
to suggest that Tyson,

a man that the department's
already declared dead,

might still be alive...

An even bigger embarrassment.

So if you're gonna make that claim...

make damn sure you can back it up.

I will keep that in mind, sir.

What was that about?

That if Tyson is alive,

the NYPD doesn't wanna know about it.

And what about you? Do you think he's back?

Castle, people don't
just rise from the dead.

So I'm still looking at other explanations.

But if he is out there,
we have to find him.

We're not gonna get any
more out of Carl Matthews.

So... where do we start?

Guys, I think I found something
in those prison records

that got sent over.

Do you remember right before
he was released from prison,

Tyson got beat up by some inmates?

Yeah, that's why we
pulled him out of there.

We thought his life was in danger,

but it turns out, he just
staged the whole thing.

Right, but the beat down was real.

He got sent to the infirmary.

Look who was attending him.

(Castle) Dr. Kelly Nieman?

She volunteered as a prison doc.

More importantly, she started there

the week Tyson arrived,

and she quit the day he was released.

She knew him from before.

She took that job to be close to him.

She's gotta be Tyson's girlfriend.

He taught her everything he knew.

Get her back here.

She's not answering her cell.

She's not at her apartment either.

Damn it! This explains
why you couldn't reach her.

She bolted.

And if Tyson's in this, he did, too.

Seems like only yesterday

this place was a thriving medical practice,

but... it was yesterday.

We still gotta clear the place.

(Door bangs against wall)


What is it?

(Beckett) Okay, all right,
thanks. (Cell phone beeps)

So all of the electronic records

from the 3XK cases were deleted, too.

Not only that, but it
looks like our victims

took evidence and files from
26 other unsolved murders.

More murders committed by Tyson?

Or Kelly Nieman.

I don't know, Castle.

I'm starting to think
she'd be capable of it, too.

Tyson sure did pick the right woman.

Plus she can change his appearance.

Maybe she already has.

You're still assuming that he's alive.

Aren't you?

He must be.

Otherwise, why orchestrate
all this to steal the file?

Well, maybe she just wanted
to keep his memory alive.

Or his legacy.

And that makes her just
as dangerous as he is.

She's still out there somewhere

with Jerry Tyson or without him.

(Vera Lynn) * we'll meet again *

* don't know where *

* don't know when *

* but I know we'll meet again *

* some sunny day *

* keep smiling through *

* just like you *

* always do *

* till the blue skies *

* drive the dark clouds *

* far away *