Castle (2009–2016): Season 6, Episode 8 - A Murder Is Forever - full transcript

A renowned relationship therapist is murdered. The team investigate a couple whose files are missing from the office, and find a perfect, priceless, 100 karat diamond is at the heart of the mystery.

Our guest tonight
has a remarkable story.

At age 22, Alice Clark journeyed
to the jungles of Rwanda,

where she studied
the mighty silverback gorilla.

Please leave a message.

Alice, they're about to begin.
Where are you?

When she returned to America,

Ms. Clark applied her extensive
research on dominant primates

to the alphas of our urban jungle,

advising some of the world's most
prominent leaders and their spouses,

which inspired her latest
nonfiction bestseller,

A Field Guide
to Relationships.

Please welcome Alice Clark!

Come on, come on, come on.

You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm just...


It's like he's glaring at me.

- What? What do you mean? Linus?
- Mmm-hmm.

Whenever I come over here,
it feels like he's watching me.

Do you ever notice how his eyes
follow you when you move?

Yeah, I love that. It keeps you on alert.

Yeah, well, Castle, I'm a cop.
I'm always on alert.

When I come home, I just wanna relax.

Not fall asleep staring into the eyes
of a hungry lion about to pounce.

Wait a minute,

you're not asking me
to get rid of Linus, are you?

No, I was just thinking that maybe
you could move it to another room.

Another room?

Yeah, like, um, maybe your office.

- My office?
- Beckett.

Yes, okay. We'll be right there.

There's been a murder.

Yeah, of Linus' feelings.

It's just, I bought Linus with my first
royalty check from In a Hail of Bullets.

He's my totem. Wild and untamed.
And my bedroom is my lair.

I know, Castle, but isn't it kind of
our lair now?

But Linus the Lion is part of my identity.

You don't wanna strip me
of my identity, do you?

No. You know what?
You're right. I'm sorry.


I can just stay at my own place.

Thanks. Wait, no. That's not...

So, Ryan. What do we got?

Victim is Alice Amy Clark, 37.
GSW to the chest.

A parking attendant found her
an hour ago.

she's some kind of therapist,

has an office here in the building.

Wait, Alice Clark? Not the Alice Clark?

Relationship guru
to the rich and famous?

A Field Guide to Relationships?

You know her?

By reputation only.

She has the idea that

we can improve our relationships
by acknowledging our animal nature.

The instinct to protect and nurture,
for example,

by, say, offering to share one's lair.

Well, speaking of animal nature,
you should see the inside of her car.

Oh, wow.

It's been completely torn apart.

And from the spatter pattern,

it looks like all of this was done
after she was killed.

So they killed her,
then they killed her car?

So they were looking for something.

Yeah, and it wasn't her wallet,
phone or keys either.

The killer didn't bother with those

or the 10 grand that we found
inside her purse.

That's a lot of walking-around money,
even for a best-selling author.

So if they weren't after the money,
what were they looking for?

When did this happen?

Based on body temp and lividity, I'd say
between 6:00 and 8:00 last night.

Did you get a look at security cams?

The garage doesn't have
camera coverage,

but other parts of the building do.

They're pulling tape for us right now.

Somebody calling her?

No. It's some kind of reminder alarm.
Keeps going off every few minutes.


Esposito's with her assistant upstairs.
He might know.

I don't know anything about it.

But I left the office around 4:30
to go help set up.

When she didn't show,
I knew something was wrong.

Was she expecting anyone
after you left? Any appointments?

No. In fact, she had me cancel them all
for yesterday.

Any reason?

I assumed she wanted time to prep
for the lecture.

She spent most of the day in her office.

The only call she took
was from her boyfriend, Matt.

Did she mention
having anything of value on her?

Something that someone
might've been looking for?

No. Why do you ask?

The whole place was turned inside-out.
Just like the car.

- And what was taken?
- Nothing valuable.

Computers, iPads, artwork,
all the obvious stuff was still there.

So what were they looking for?

I don't know. The assistant said that
they went through her client files.

Alice counseled some serious VIPs.
CEOs, politicians, generals.

And she took very detailed notes
of every session.

The most intimate details
of the world's elite?

People have been killed for a lot less.

Are there any files missing?

Well, the assistant is
combing through them now,

but it's gonna take some time.

All right, so I scrubbed her building's
security video and check this out.

This guy went up to Alice's office floor

near the tail end of
our time-of-death window.

And he was the only person up there
last night.

Which means he's the only person
who could've tossed Alice's place.

Check it out. He's turned away
from the camera in every shot.

Hiding his face from us.
This is our guy.

your victim's boyfriend is here.

No. Never seen him before.

And you have no idea
what he might've been looking for?

This is my fault.

I was supposed to pick her up
last night, but I got held up at work.

Where is it that you work, exactly?

I'm a consultant
for an international aid NGO.

All she did was help people.
Why would anyone wanna kill her?

How did she seem to you lately?

Was there anything to indicate
she was having any troubles in her life?

No, nothing.

She seemed happy.

And how about her clients?
Was she having difficulty with anyone?


The people she counseled
could be aggressive. Demanding.

But she liked the challenge.

Taming the wild beast and all that.

Did anyone stand out in particular?

Alice was discreet about her work.

Though at lunch the other day,
she seemed a little rattled.

She said she'd received a call
from a pissed-off client.

Do you know who?

Like I said, she was discreet.

Okay, thanks.

Hey, listen to this.

"Males of both species
define their territory,

"then honor the female
by inviting them in."

See, I'm honoring you by inviting you
into my territory.

And Linus is part of that territory.

And if you wanna be invited
into my territory again,

you should probably rethink that.

So CSU just finished
with the car and the office,

and they found no prints
and almost no trace evidence.

It's like both locations
had been cleaned.

That, and the cameras?
This guy's a pro.

Okay, so then why would a professional
assassin murder a therapist?

Because, as a therapist, she'd be privy
to her clients' deepest, darkest secrets.

Secrets so explosive that simply
hearing them ensured her demise.

All right, what kind of secrets?

Well, nuclear launch codes.
That the moonwalk was a fake.

That Roswell wasn't.

Secret location of the
cryogenically-frozen body of Walt...

Well, boyfriend checks out.
Called his office.

They verified that he was working
all last night.

But Alice definitely tumbled down
the rabbit hole to Shadyland.

That alert on her phone, N-F-1-9-4-5?

It's the tail number of a private jet
that she chartered.

She chartered a private jet? To where?

I contacted the pilot out of Teterboro.

He said Alice paid him 50 grand in cash
to be on standby with a full tank of gas.

Destination unknown.

She knew she was in trouble.
She was gettin' ready to disappear.

Okay, she's a best-selling author
with a flourishing career.

If she was in trouble, why didn't she
just call the police or her boyfriend?

Why would she charter a jet?

Hey, guys, we got something.

Canvass turned up a news vendor

who saw our suspect leave Alice's
building and drive off in a blue van.

The reason he remembers our guy

is because his van
was parked behind a woman

who was cursing out a parking officer
for giving her a ticket.

Luckily, Traffic Enforcement's
vehicles are mounted with cameras

that snap photos of each parked car.
It's how they catch meter cheaters.

Here's the ticketed car.

And here's your murder suspect's
blue van.

It's registered
to a Manhattan Raptor, Inc.

We get an address?

Hands! Show me your hands!

Hey! Hey! Go around the back.

Open up!


Let me see those hands!

I said show me those hands!


He didn't have an ID on him
or in his van,

but we did find an interesting match
on his fingerprints.

That's Barrett Hawke?

Barrett Hawke,
as in the legendary fixer?

He's been sweeping the dirt
of New York's rich and famous

under the rug for over a decade.

Not my dirt. I just heard.

I've heard, too.

Word is, he does what it takes
to get the job done.

He's Teflon. Nothing ever sticks.

That's because he's careful.

Every memory drive in his van
was wiped clean.

There's nothing to tie him back to Alice.

I don't care how careful he is.
Someone hired him to kill her.

This time, he's not walking away.

I'm sorry, Detective, but I've never
seen this woman before in my life.

Even though my colleagues witnessed
you in the back of your van

shredding her photo?

Your colleagues were mistaken.

But that was a micro-cut shredder,

so unfortunately
there's no proof either way.

We can place you in her office building
on 77th Street at the time of her murder.

So if you didn't know Alice Clark,
what the hell were you doing there?

My favorite shoe shine guy's
in that building.

Right. On the ninth floor? Right down
the hall from her ransacked office?

Well, can't really make out his face.
Hard to say who that guy is.

Come on, Detective. What do you
really have on me, huh?

Do you have a single piece of evidence
that I was in her office?

Or that I was involved in her death?

Prints? DNA?


That's what I thought.

Just like she said. Teflon.

The only way to nail this man
is to figure out who hired him.

And for that, we need to know
what Barrett Hawke was sent to find.

I've been through
just about everything.

Her research notes, her book files,
everything's intact.

I've rechecked it a couple of times
against our index files,

and there's only one thing missing.

What's that?

A client file.

Which client?

Andrew and Monica Spenser.

Andrew Spenser?
The hotel and real estate tycoon?

Who would want his file?

Actually, I think
Andrew Spenser wanted it.

Why would he want his own file?

Because it's not public knowledge yet,
but the Spensers are getting a divorce.

And last week, Mrs. Spenser's attorney
subpoenaed Alice

to turn all of her session notes
over to the court.

Andrew Spenser's worth billions.

If there was any compromising
information in those notes,

it would cost him boatloads
in a settlement.

Wait, doesn't state law protect
therapist-client privacy?

Except Alice wasn't
a licensed therapist.

She was more of a relationship coach.

When Mr. Spenser found out
the sessions weren't privileged,

he hit the roof. He threatened to sue.

Well, it looks like
he did more than just sue.

Do you know where we can find him?

Mr. Spenser will be right with you.


I gotta hand it
to this Alice chick, bro.

Whatever her monkey theory is has her
in with the movers and the shakers.

What she learned from the real gorillas

seems to be working with the
800-pound ones in the human world.

She was like the dog whisperer
for CEOs.

You really buy that?

Oh, you know,
skimmed through her book.

I think there might be something
to her theory.

For instance, she said that
in every relationship,

there needs to be a masculine energy
and a feminine energy.

Even in ours.

Oh. Well, we know which one you are.

I don't know about you, but I am
very comfortable in my masculinity.

You do realize you're wearing
a sweater vest, right?

It better be important. I just hung up
on my investment group in Singapore.

Andrew Spenser, Detective Esposito...

I don't give a rat's ass who you are.
What do you want?

Alice Clark, you know her?

Yeah, I know her. Why?

Well, she had a client file of you
and your soon-to-be-ex-wife, Monica.

- A file that's currently missing.
- Oh, I get it.

Did my wife's attorney
put you up to this?

You know what this is?
This is harassment.

No, Mr. Spenser.
This is a murder investigation.

A murder investigation? Who's dead?


Alice is dead?

Come on, Spenser, drop the act.

We know you hired Barrett Hawke
to kill her and take the files.

We've already linked him to her murder.

No. Wait. Wait.

That had nothing to do with me.

Look, I've heard of Hawke,
but I've never used his services.

Hell, I wouldn't even know
how to find the guy.

And, yes. I wanted my file,
but Alice gave it to me.

She brought it to me herself.
I have witnesses.

Why would Alice give it to you?

I reminded my wife that those sessions
contained plenty of statements

that she wouldn't want
on the public record either.

She agreed, and we both called Alice.

Alice understood our need for privacy,
so she offered to turn it over

in exchange for a favor.

Yeah? What kind of favor?

It's actually strange.

She said she needed a room
in one of my hotels for a couple days.

And I had to promise that there'd be
no record that she was ever there.

Alice dropped 50 grand
to charter a plane,

yet she needed Spenser
to comp a hotel room for her?

That's because it wasn't about the
money. It was about the anonymity.

She even told the front desk that

she didn't want housekeeping
in her room.

And she didn't tell her boyfriend
where she was.

Not that she would need housekeeping.

There's no luggage here.
Nothing in the bathroom.

It's like she was never even here.

Yeah, but she checked in
yesterday morning.

Castle, what if this was a safe house?

What if she knew that
Hawke was coming after her,

and she decided to hide out here
until she could flee the country?

With a plane standing by?
What was she waiting for?

No, no, no. Something is going on here.

The reason why she got this room

and she didn't want anybody to know
about it.


The safe is locked.

She got it to hide something.
Come take a look.

I bet whatever Hawke was after,
it's in there!

A place she knew would be safe

and knew no one would think
to look for it.

Which means it's still in there.

Is there an override code?

Whatever's in there, it's the reason
why she was killed.

Thank you.

Castle, this must be worth millions.

Tens of millions.

Looks like diamonds were
our girl's best friend.

I've never seen anything like this
outside of a museum.

Are you sure it's real?

We stopped at a jeweler's
on the way back,

and he almost had a heart attack.

It has to be what Hawke was after.

But what was Alice doing with it?

Given the cash, the hotel room,
and the private plane,

I'd say she was making a getaway.

Are you saying she stole it?

A trusted therapist to A-list clientele.

She was in the perfect position
to work her way inside.

She's Ocean's 11. Minus 10.
She's Ocean's one.

Or maybe it's Ocean's none.

I mean, Alice was successful,
she was respected,

she was at the top of her game.

Why would she risk it all
by stealing a diamond?

Which brings up another problem.

I spoke to the boys in Robbery
and at the FBI.

No one has reported
a diamond like this stolen.

Not just recently. Ever.

Then where did it come from?

And if it was stolen,
why haven't the owners reported it?

What if it's because
they couldn't afford to?

Because the diamond
has some kind of sordid past.

Perhaps it's like the Hope Diamond,
it's cursed.

Or maybe it's an occult gem
of great power

smuggled out of Nazi Germany
shoved up someone's...

Thank you, Mr. Castle.

Someone knows where it came from.

Someone sent Barrett Hawke
after Alice to get it.

Maybe the diamond could tell us.

What do you mean?

Well, you said it yourself.

You've never seen anything like this
outside of a museum.

Diamonds this big are famous.
They have names.

The Akbar Shah, the Angola Star,
the Excelsior.

Now, this diamond has a story.

If we can figure out what that story is,
it might just give us a path to our killer.

Yeah, Castle's right. This city is
the hub of the nation's diamond trade.

There has to be an expert out there
that can tell us where it came from.

Such beauty. It's absolutely stunning.

Can you tell where it came from?

Diamonds are not people, Detective.

A diamond mined in Asia looks
the same as a diamond mined in Africa.

However, there are no mines
in America, so it is not from here.

What my partner means is have you
come across this stone before?


And as head of the American
Gemological Foundation,

I know every extraordinary stone
on the planet.

So you don't know who owns it?

No, and I should.

I mean, the discovery of an incredible
gem like this is headline-making.

They'd become famous.

Could it be a recent import?

No. I am copied on gem reports that
pass through Customs,

and nothing remotely this size
has come through

in my entire tenure at the AGF.

No. The origins of this stone
are a complete mystery.

Can you tell me
how you came to possess it?

It's evidence
in an ongoing investigation, so...

What can you tell us
about this diamond?

I should like to run additional
spectrometer and imaging tests on it,

but, for the meantime,
let me start with the four C's.

Color, cut, clarity, carat.

You'd know this
if you ever bought an engagement ring.

The diamond is colorless.

No blemishes, so a pristine cut.

No internal clouding

and nearly 100 carats.


Man! Hey, how deep would my pockets
have to be to afford a rock like that?

Detective, you are not tall enough
to have pockets deep enough.

But I would say it's worth $60 million.


Yeah, I ain't that tall.

6-0? Like,
with another six zeros after that?

That would be 60 million, yes.

Is it possible it's an heirloom
passed down through generations

and that's why there's no record of it?

Nah, Peters said that old-school cutters

fashioned diamonds with sharp edges.

This one has smooth edges,

which means it had to be cut
within the last few decades.

And no Customs declaration means
it was smuggled in,

probably from the country
where it was mined.

Were we able to connect
any of Alice's clients to the diamond?

We're still going through them,
but no, not yet.

Peters said he also found some
glue residue on the stone,

which suggests that it was set
in a piece of jewelry.

For engaged men everywhere,
I can only hope it wasn't a ring.

Get that rock back to the precinct.

I want it under lock, key,
and armed guard.

We're on our way.

So, we thinking the same thing?

That it's a bummer
we can't stop for lunch,

because there's a $60 million
diamond sitting between us?

No. That because of the $60 million
diamond sitting between us

that we are not-really-but-kinda-sorta

thinking about making a run
for the border.

Hadn't even crossed my mind.

Of course it didn't.

Nope, you wouldn't have the stones.

All I'm saying.

- You breathing?
- Yeah. For now.

Gun! Get down!

There's three of them! The diamond!

Subway entrance,
seven o'clock. I'll cover. Go!


- You all right?
- Yeah.

I'm good.

The SUV took off
right after you hit the subway.

We're pulling traffic footage,

and we've got every cop in the city
looking for it.

And you said
they were wearing masks?

Yeah, clown masks.

As if clowns weren't creepy enough.

What about their voices?

Did they say anything?
Did they have accents?

They let their bullets do the talking.

Captain, they attacked us
in broad daylight.

They knew we had the rock.

Now, either Barrett Hawke has gone
commando all of a sudden,

or something else is going on here.

He's right. This is starting to sound like

it's about a whole lot more
than just a diamond.

Okay, get cleaned up.

I need you two to go hunting
for that SUV.

Whatever's going on,
Alice was in it up to her eyeballs.

If any of her clients
have even the remotest connection

to a country that produces diamonds,
I wanna know about it.

- Yes, sir.
- All right.

So I was thinking...

When we work a case together,

this desk of yours is sort of,
kind of our space.

And these elephants-on-parade
have creeped me out since day one,

so what do you say
we just get rid of these?

Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you have a problem with that,

if I try to get rid of something that
obviously has deep meaning to you?

If you don't like the elephants,
I don't like the elephants.


I actually like those elephants.

They obviously have family values,
and this one's good with money.

Anyway, any luck on Alice's clients?

Yeah. A couple of possibilities.

A hedge fund manager with
investments in South Africa.

A UN diplomat with ties to Russia.

And a CEO with a manufacturing plant
80 miles from a Chinese mine.

What if we're looking at this wrong?

What if it's not about Alice's clients
but it's actually about Alice?

What do you mean?

When she was living with the gorillas
in Africa, that was in Rwanda,

right along the border of the Congo.
A region known for conflict diamonds.

So you think she was involved
in the blood diamond trade?

I think it's a story that writes itself.

A young primatologist
in an unstable region

falls for a different kind of guerilla,

a warlord who is funding
his bloody agenda with diamonds.

He gives her one as a gift...

No, no, go back.

She's not that into him,
and she steals the diamond,

having no idea its real value.

She smuggles it back
to the United States,

but finds she can't sell it
without attracting too much attention.

So she hides it.

Until one day,
a jilted and well-read warlord

finds a book,
and sees her photo on the back.

Knowing what she stole,
he comes after her.

That is surprisingly plausible.

I know, right? It's actually...
It would actually explain a lot.

Why she was planning to disappear,

why Esposito and Ryan were shot at
in broad daylight.

That's actually a perfect theory.

Maybe, Castle. But you know what?
I might have a better one.

What do you know
about Steve Warner?

Uh... Tech entrepreneur?

Yeah. Apparently, he and his wife
were Alice's clients.

And what? They had business contacts
in diamond-producing countries?

No. But their
charitable foundation does.

Primarily in Africa,

delivering immunizations to developing
and war-torn countries.

Okay, but what makes your heroic
philanthropist story

better than my crazed warlord story?


That's Steve and Janet Warner

at the Amnesty Global benefit
two nights ago. Janet's on their board.

You recognize anything?

Hello, gorgeous.

Mr. And Mrs. Warner,
thank you so much for coming.

Of course. We can't tell you
how shocked we were

to hear about Alice.

How long had the two of you
been her clients?

A couple of years.

She saved our marriage.

Being a power couple isn't easy.
Alice understood that.

Just curious. When the two of you
would meet with Alice,

would you go to her office,
or would she come to your home?

Both. Why?

Did she ever have access
to your place?

Did you ever give her keys
or security codes?

No, why would we?
What's this all about?

We believe her murder
is connected to a theft.

A theft?

Yeah, a rather significant one.

Either of you notice anything missing?

Like what?

I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Mr. Warner, that is your diamond.
All 100 carats of it.

It was found in Alice's possession.
Any idea how she got it?

I think there's been a mistake.
This isn't ours.

It's not?

I've never seen that stone
before in my life.

Really? Well, you were wearing it
the other night.

Oh, I see the confusion.

The stone in my necklace,
that's not a diamond.

It's a costume piece. It's just crystal.

Crystal? Mrs. Warner,
that is the same stone.

Detective, you're mistaken.
They only look similar.

Then I suppose you won't mind

if we send one of our detectives
home with you to look at it.

Just to be sure.

I think we're done here.

If you have any more questions,
you can direct them to my attorneys.

Of course they're lying.

But the real question is
why are they lying?

Given their net worth,
better to take a $60 million loss

than be connected with a dead body.

No, Castle, it's more than that.

If they knew that
Alice stole that diamond,

they should've gone to the cops.
But they didn't.


Probably because, if they did,

that would mean having to reveal
where the diamond came from.

There's gotta be a reason why
no one's heard of it.

And it must be a nefarious one.

Which means they would do anything,

outside of going to the cops,
to get it back.

You may be right.

So a uniform just talked to the doorman
at the Warners' building in Tribeca.

He says he buzzed Hawke up
to their penthouse yesterday morning.

And Alice was killed last night.

Looks like New York's famous fixer
is in a bit of a fix.

So I visited some friends in Tribeca.
Doesn't prove anything.

Why were you at the Warners'?

I needed to use their bathroom.

Are we really gonna dance
this dance again?

'Cause I got better things to do.

Sit down!

Now, Mr. Hawke!

You're not walking away from this one.

I've connected you to the Warners,
the Warners to the stone,

the stone to the dead girl,
and the dead girl back to you.

And then there is also the matter

of the armed assault
on two NYPD detectives.

I did not kill Alice Clark.

And I had nothing to do
with any assault.

Then who did?

Turn off the mic.

My business is discretion,

so none of this is on the record.
Do you follow?

Yes, the Warners hired me
to find the diamond. That's it.

So then it was you?
In her office, in the car.

Yeah, looking for the stone.

But Alice was already dead
when I got there.

I do things, Detective.
Questionable things. But I don't kill.


So then who attacked my colleagues?

It wasn't me. It wasn't the Warners.

Maybe somebody else
was looking for the diamond.

And how did you know Alice stole it?

Because when the Warners
described the mugging,

I could tell it was an inside job.

The Warners were mugged?

Two nights ago. And it wasn't random.

The mugger knew exactly
when and where they were going to be.

So did Alice.

Not only that,
but Janet told Alice about the diamond

in one of their sessions.

Apparently, hardly anyone else knew
the diamond was real.

I figured Alice had to be involved.

Okay, so if the Warners were mugged,
why wouldn't they just go to the police?

They wanted to keep things quiet.


I need you to tell me everything
you know about that mugging.

Where were they when it happened?

While they were walking home
from the Amnesty benefit.

And how did Alice pull it off?

She didn't.

The Warners said the mugger wore
a ski mask, but was definitely male.

Alice had an accomplice?

If Hawke's telling the truth,
then there's another player involved.

Someone who knew that the diamond
was real and used Alice to get it.

Do you think Alice was under duress?
That someone was forcing her to help?

Threatening to kill her?

It would explain why she did it.

And why she was trying to disappear.

Hey, we got a hit on our clown car.

Uniforms found it abandoned
by the East River.

SUV's been bleached and torched.

CSU's scouring it for clues, but it
seems like it was a high-level job.

And Tory has
something on the mugging.

Okay, now, according to Hawke,

the mugger snatched the necklace
at 11:00 on 52nd Street

and bolted south on 8th.

Unfortunately, there are no street
or security cams in the vicinity,

but a 911 call came in two minutes
later from 49th and 8th.

Three blocks away.

911, what's your emergency?

There's been a hit and run!

What's your location?
I'll send an ambulance.

No, you don't understand!
I hit someone, and he ran!

He ran?

Yeah, a man dressed
all in black, wearing a ski mask.

He came out of nowhere!

That's got to be our guy. Get over there,
get a full description.

I can still hear the sound of his body
going "thunk" on my hood.

Do you remember what he looked like?

No. The whole thing was a blur.
Just that god-awful sound.

He hit so hard he left a dent.

But when I got out of my car,

he just pushed himself off
and ran down 49th.

Here, I'll show you.

His hands were up like this. And then...

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I'll call CSU.

Ryan here.

Yes, Detective. Edward Peters here.

I believe we have a new insight
into your diamond.

After reviewing test results
on the stone,

my colleagues and I all reached
the same conclusion.

Which is?

The diamond is flawless.

Flawless beyond anything
nature could create.

Are you saying it's fake?

No, it's composed of carbon
and entirely real.

But it is man-made.

What are you saying, man-made?

There have long been
industrially-produced diamonds,

carbon under heat and pressure,
mimicking Mother Nature in a lab.

But typically the stones are small
or of inferior quality.

So it's not worth $60 million.


It's actually worth infinitely more.

In fact, it's priceless.



Yeah. Apparently, a stone of that size
and quality,

it's the Holy Grail
of diamond manufacturing,

considered by most to be impossible.

Until now.

So where did the Warners get it,
and why are they denying its existence?

I don't know.

I think I know who wanted it.
And who attacked you boys.

A diamond like that, made in a lab?

That would put diamond companies
out of business.

You think it's the diamond industry
who sent in the clowns?

With the future
of their industry at stake,

who knows how far they'd go?

Hey, guys. Tory got a hit.

So CSU was able to pull a usable print?

Yeah. Lucky for us, the lady
wasn't big into washing her car.

When we ran the print, nothing popped
in the federal database.

But given the international nature
of the diamond industry,

I asked Tory to cast a wider net.
We contacted Interpol.

Our mugger's a foreign national?

South African, to be exact.
His name is Leo Wyngaard.

In and out
of half a dozen African prisons.

Not to mention
he's on the Terror Watch List.

Just the kind of guy a diamond cartel
would hire for their dirty work.

Mmm-hmm. Now show 'em the picture.

Look familiar?

That's Matt Lanchet.

Alice's boyfriend.

They almost missed him at JFK.

He was boarding a flight
to Johannesburg.

He must've cut his losses once he knew
we had secured the diamond.

I still don't get why the Warners had
a man-made stone in the first place.

Whatever the reason,
Leo wanted that diamond.

And he was using Alice to get it.

Maybe he leveraged her
into helping him.

Forced her to pull the money out
and order up the plane.

Then he killed her, made this whole
thing look like it was her idea.

Sir, considering that this guy tried to
kill me and Espo for that diamond,

mind if we go in there
and get some answers?

Wait. You think I'm working
for the cartels?

That I was using Alice?

I loved Alice.

You always use fake names
with women that you love?

She knew who I really was.
We were in this together.

Yeah, sure you were.
Why did you steal that diamond?

Alice and I met in Rwanda
when I was doing aid work.

We were young and in love.

Then one day,
soldiers came to the village,

financed by the diamond cartel.

We watched from the jungle
as they slaughtered everyone.

Casualties of a turf war for profit.

That day changed me.

I dedicated myself to stopping
the cartels' bloody practices.

It was a life I knew
Alice couldn't be a part of.

But I never stopped loving her.

So you're working against the cartels
by stealing a man-made diamond?

Two years ago, stones started popping
up in Europe and the Middle East.

Flawless, being sold for millions.

That's when a gemologist friend of mine
happened across a pair of them.

He discovered that
they were exactly the same.

Nature doesn't make exact copies.

They were man-made.

I tried to trace them
back to their source.

All I knew was that
they were coming out of the States.

And then Alice called me
out of the blue.

Said one of her clients, Steve Warner,
had a secret.

Wait. Are you telling me that
Steve Warner can make diamonds?


Man-made diamonds are nothing new,

but no one had ever produced
this quality of gem before.

Big and flawless.

Soon, diamond mines
would be a relic of the past.

Steve Warner's technology
could change everything.

So I approached Warner. I begged him
to make his technology available.

But he denied he even had it.

He was just using it
to line his own pockets.

The world needed to know,
and we needed proof.

The necklace.

We knew that if we could just examine
that stone

that we could tie it back to the others.

Then we could show everyone
what he was doing,

and they could all see
that it was possible.

Then everyone would eventually
unlock the code.

Then all of a sudden,
flawless, man-made diamonds

would flood the market.

No more cartels.
No more sponsored bloodshed.

We were going to change the world.

That night, Alice had a plane standing
by to take us to a private lab.

But she never showed.

Did anyone else know
you'd taken the diamond?

The only people that knew
that diamond was gone

were me, Alice, and the Warners.

We told you, we're not answering
questions about that diamond.

Yeah, that's okay. There's nothing that
you can say that we don't already know.

For instance, we know it's man-made.

And we know
you are the man who made it.

We also know that you made
a lot of cash

secretly selling those man-made
diamonds on foreign markets.

That's ridiculous. Do you know
what I'm worth? Why would I do that?

You took a huge hit
during the economic downturn.

You were leveraged to the hilt.

You needed that cash.

Even if what you're saying is true,
that doesn't mean I murdered Alice!

You did hire Hawke
to get that diamond back.

I had to. I was afraid
VonRoenn would find out.

VonRoenn the diamond cartel?
What do they have to do with this?

When I was in engineering school,

I developed a process
for lab-grown diamonds.

But all I could manage
were small, flawed stones.

They were worthless.

At the time I had no money,

so I sold the technology to
the only people interested. VonRoenn.

They wanted to stifle the competition.
You know, protect their market share.

And a few years ago,
Janet and I hit a rough patch,

and I wanted to give her
something meaningful.

It was too easy
just to buy her a diamond.

So you decided
to make one of your own.

I broke out my equipment
so I could make her a small diamond.

But in the process,
I had a game-changing breakthrough.

My little romantic gesture became
one of the biggest diamonds in history.

Suddenly, I could make flawless stones.

As many as I wanted.

With technology that now belonged
to VonRoenn.

But when the downturn hit
and you needed cash...

You realized you had the means,
as long as no one knew.

It violated our agreement.
If VonRoenn found out, they'd ruin me.

Which is why you hired a strike team
to recover that stone from our custody.

What? I don't know
what you're talking about.

Mr. Warner, we found the SUV
they used.

It had been torched, but CSU still
was able to pull the VIN number.

Turns out it was stolen
from a garage in Queens.

And the garage owner, Joseph Bianchi?

He's the brother-in-law
of your head of security.

We also pulled phone records,

and found that you and he

had exchanged
at least half a dozen phone calls

in the hours before the attack.


You ordered that strike.

I didn't make these calls.
I wasn't even home. It's...


Janet, what did you do?

What did I do? I treated her like family.

I trusted her.

When Hawke found out it was Alice,
I went to her,

begging for her to give the stone back.

I only meant to scare her.
But she grabbed for the gun, and...

She would've exposed us, Steve.
We were going to lose everything.

I had to stop her. I had to get it back.

For us. For you.

Keep 'em closed.

Castle, I swear, if you're bringing me
face-to-face with Linus,

I'm gonna pull my gun out
and shoot him.

- That will not be necessary.
- Okay.

Okay, open 'em.

Sea shells?

Not just sea shells, those are our
sea shells. We collected those...

On our first walk in the Hamptons.

Castle, you kept these?

Now, I know it doesn't really go
with the space,

but at least it won't be hungrily
staring at you in the morning.

You didn't have to do this.

No, I did. I did.
I finished reading Alice's book.

And there's a chapter in there
that speaks to couples like us.

See, we're both alphas.

And it says that we need to define
our shared territory together.

These art pieces all over?
These are all my stories.

But the shells? That's ours.

- I like our story.
- Yeah. Me, too.


That can't be good.

You have to admit, though,
we brought this upon ourselves.


Look, if you're scared, you can always
sleep on my side of the bed tonight.