Cand mama nu-i acasa (2017): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Simple to listen to. I want
you to see your Victoraș again.

I want you to see
your Victoraș again.

I forgot how we
played last week.

Because yes. -Yes.

Miruna, we were drunk.

This is. That if

Quarrel. He is a man who does

not have a bit of
Romanian blood.

Look, he started it.
Stand like this, with your

back to you! Turnip. 25
years and you are gone.

And after that you again.

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Hello dears! Witness
a historic moment.

A hit was born this
morning. Come on, listen!

You are cool!!!

When are you inviting
us to the concert?

When do we see the video?

I like your style!!!

It's a bad song...

How's your lover?

What a lover.

Giulia: The guy who slept
with his shoes on in your room!

The guy who slept with his shoes on
in my bed is no longer my poor man.

Giulia: Can you give me his phone number?
I want to see him, if he is free.

Let's move on to more
serious things, shall we?

Fun 30: lovers come and go from our lives!

That's how I do XXX.
Love passes, music remains.

Until the end of the week you

have the full track
all to yourself now.

I kiss and love you! Bye! Bye!

I'm Victor Morante

and yesterday a gypsy woman guessed
that I wouldn't live to be 25 years old.

Joke or not, this gypsy
really got me thinking.


I calculated how many
days I would have left to live.

So today we are in March 20.

That means until my
birthday there are still

12 days and 365 means 377 days.

What will I do in
307? 7 days, right?

I ask the question.

So far, life has only
given me two misfortunes.

My father died. He
died right in my arms

and the only girl i ever loved

She died also because of me,
because I wasn't able to drive her home.

So gypsy something like that.

I like to dance with death.

very good bro

then let's have some fun with
champagne and caviar, yes?

And by then, believe me, I

will love at least 100 women.

I'm going to see the Champions

League final, I spent it here

and I'm going to see Paris.

Come on baby daddy!

Everything, Victoraș, Victoraș!

I felt like I was going crazy. I didn't know what was
wrong with you when I heard that he left you alone,

and tonight with
sobs - Let it go!

Mom, I told you not to look for me.

Ești o curvă nenorocită! Point.

Victoraș, I am your mother.
-You were,

you came in, you were

like champagne. Rifleman.

In fact, I came to say
that it's over, I broke up

with Mirciulića, I gave
her the slippers last night.

What a liar you are!
-I'm not telling you honestly,

Victoraș, I make so
many sacrifices for you.

I'm struggling to put a loaf of bread on your table.

Mom, he only has you.

Victoraș, You also have Pamela, mother!

Look, say so.

Look, me, he takes it with pain and
palpitations and it's already stealing them.

Look, I really feel
bad for you right now.

Exactly as I felt that
evening when Lavinia died.

With invented palpitations, that maybe if
he didn't have them, he wouldn't have died.

Come on, I'm sick of Teo.

However, Victoraș, what is my fault?

You have to understand
me too. You can't go outside.

Yes, it wasn't, but
I'll never forget it.

Come on, go!

And from some bread and cheese.

Leave me with the sweets,
because you don't sweeten me.

I don't stay at home.

So you can go, child. You don't
have a house, you don't have a job.

You have none.

Apparently, no shoes without 12 heels.

Knock, knock knock, because I had to be an ass.

And you can ask me for
a lesson of 25,000 euros,

because I took the
cheap version this time.

I'm going to meet my sad
ones who are bragging that

they paid 6000 euros
for a pair of leather pants.

Văleu, damn 6000 euros
for a pair of changes!

Yes, you are crazy.

Oh, Granny! You have lived for nothing until now.

You know nothing. -don't hear

Yes, so you want
to get an Iceland

that will get you
out of the gray

from Românica, you have
to pay around 30,000 euros.

30,000 euros per 30,000 euros.

Do you, house girl, have

a roof over your head?

That's right, Grandfathers,
the world is stupid

and snobbish, and I
don't want to be like that.

So, until my ex-dad

comes back, I'll be gone.


It doesn't matter where the
subway is, at the town hall shelters,

at the station, at, but it matters where.

Anywhere. Just so I don't see his hypocritical face.

Don't be your mom.

Not even to hear, not to hear.

She is not interested in me.

And the little children,
ready, washed their hands.

It is not like that?

But how about the money?

El zidul, there is no school
in Romania, you were

a respected teacher and
children learned books.

What is she looking for in Switzerland?

You would be right to search.

Switzerland, when it has
here such a good and fine man.

He went to make little books,

like I don't know she's
sad and angry and lonely.

It's a bad time to feel

lonely, so to speak

and the man and to

make him stay at home and

eat and eat.

I meant to say I eat.

I don't say anything anymore. Grandma Don't you understand?

He was trying to give and
they were making food here

in the kitchen, he was
giving two glasses of wine.

That's how dad used to come, he would
put it on him and she would put it like

that, all at once. And just like
that, I was sitting here in the kitchen.

Yes, my girl is not an alcoholic.

They're not good, but what
do you think? She's happy.

Or do you think it is?

It doesn't seem to me that everyone is like that.

I think everyone.

You're a rebellious child who
had to show tact, keep your

hand on the bully, get in line
every time you were naughty.

Şerban has the

opportunity, but alive, Acu,

my daughter is not at
home, but she left the note.



I was also in Galati,
in Galati. How many?

Yes, what did you want me, let me
guess that you have a grandmother,

that it's cold outside and I
have nowhere to sleep at night?

Why do you keep asking us Let go?

Come on, we want to, don't be like a deity.

Today I divine the future,
because Baba says, I

know your fate up to the
seventh generation. That.

Leave me alone,
because I don't care if I die

tomorrow, If I die tomorrow,
at least I die happy.

You hear, but if a girl like that
comes to you with an empty stomach?

Leave it to me that if I don't give
you money, if you take a picture with.

Honey, why not do it for
the money? I'll do anything.

Anything, anything.

Anything, anything. -Yes.

At least you bring luck.
- It's Cuza, that old woman is carrying.

And on foot after a picture.

Just a wedding picture,
because they say she's a wife.

He has no idea how he wants it.
He was asking her. Look o and m.

I forgot there, at that
one, at this one, at Pletosu.

Bravo! To live, to live
for nothing! Come on!

If you don't bring me luck,

I'm looking for
you, I'll catch you,

I'll take your money
and your scarf.

You turn me on, because after that we'll see each other again.

Radu, what is Victoraș doing?

After you have done at the restaurant,

do you think he still wants to see?
- It's good.

Mimi doesn't leave either.

The guy tells me something too.

Victor left home and is staying with me.

He is arguing with Mimi, that

is Miruna, and he is very angry.

So he's upset that he doesn't have the punches,

like all of us, by the way. Now
that I know he doesn't have the love,

I'm getting some money
so we can all be happy.

You have And that's the correspondence.

You want us to see

how much it costs me.

My mobile phone?

Don't mess with your father and

don't plagiarize
a doctoral thesis.

Hear? Did you forget my scarf?

Enmity is there with everything.

He's just talking on the phone.

It's worse than nothing.

I proceed dozens of times with
the same mobile number every day.

The mother is not, I am not.

So who does he talk to so
many when he's so busy?

These. You.