Cand mama nu-i acasa (2017): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Look at her too. Look how she looks!
Could you refrain?

Get your hand off her! -Victor.

Who am I to you? - Shit.

I left home so

don't look for me.

I want to get into music and I
want to become someone in music.

Cut your card.

Place again so you know something take the car too.

Look, I still don't need
your money for the keys.

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What do all these people have to do with me?

Why don't I just let myself be?

Why can't I do what I want?

Why can't I TAC swear cry laugh?

To bang my head
against the walls.

To hurt me?

Let them care.
Why are you lying to

me that I'm the best,
the most beautiful,

the smartest.

I know I'm a nobody.

That I don't give a damn about myself.

That I'm trash and a loser.

Yes, that's how I like to live.

Like a loser who steps
on everyone's feet.

You broke a heel.

No, I mean I don't

have a car anymore

and I have to walk a lot.

Did you have an accident?

Yes in the family.

Why did you come here?

And drinking a coffee,

what's not allowed?


what did he tell you Q.

What the?

It's for good.

What do you THINK of me?

And hard to say.

If you tell the truth it is not difficult.

And always very cool.

And you have a voice too.

You know you have it, kind of copious

of being that you don't
find in today's girls.

And you are the Innocent.

Very good friend, I

am also very high,

that I swooned over you.

Yes, but I have no hope.

Bring me the tea too, please.

Once time.

what is he doing He listens to them.

You had a date with him.
-Did you meet her too?

And I thought you
sent him in your place?

The truth is, I love you both.

But different.

Why do not you answer the phone?

And I bother, when I have work.

Come on let's go
from here, we'll talk

after Aunt Jeni Sarmana
Aunt Geanina leaves.

What do you want from me?

He left from home.

So what do you want me
to do to walk around with the

potty at night after
something falls but one thing.

I beg you also to take care of
this bitter man, for he is dying

him that he has no father and
no peace was the hell of the nation

Damn I don't know
what Apple is anyone

not to have is this nation.

Geanina. Gypsy woman.

Listen, you know, it's none
of your business if I'm a gypsy,

but it's your business, if
I'm stupid, I'm not anymore.

If I catch you in my way again,
I'll hand you over to the police.

And how are you going to do that?

Look, I'm going to go tell them
you're throwing weed around the block.

Year. Again.

Do you want to see your VictoraČ™ again?

Year. That's what he says.

That's about it. Please, the
important thing is that I left home.

Yes it really doesn't
matter anymore

why is it important
where to stay?

Where to stay?

I honestly didn't think so.

I really don't know what's wrong
with me, I threw the card at dad.

After I abolished that I am
a rich man that I went to Dad

and I gave him the card and car
keys so he wouldn't comment anymore

that he raised me.
- What did you do to me?

Don't worry, I'm
not sorry, yes, I was

thinking how well
some of us were caught

money to rent hotel
rooms for the three of us.

That would have been cool. I
only stayed at the hotel once for free,

when I was little and I
was with the pottery circle,

Best of all the ceramist.

Well done Jeremy of the year.

Let's leave the snacks?

Victor come stay with me.
We take it for granted.

What do you say?

What can I say that God did not put his hand on you

in CAP and it's not even at
the ministry to stay for free.

Who said it's free?

And how much does it cost me?

We negotiate.

Have no idea what it's like to walk?

I really do not know. I only go by helicopter.

Yes. I pray nicely too.

Okay, then you have no idea

how to walk on twelve heels

Whoever puts you, take your tennis and that's it.

What is the minimum commitment to jump.

Hey, don't change
your socks to do this.

I really don't know that
I was in that school, no.

Of course, mimics
don't care about that.

Once he was with us in general.

I had a meeting with him.
And the paws on her.

stop once. -What horny guys

and forgot how we
played last week.

Well, what's retarding?

Did you say it was the best sex
you've ever had in your entire life?

I hunted myself.

Miruna. Miruna.

What slept with her.

Does it matter?

Did you sleep with her or not?

Yes, Miruna, we were drunk.

H is not the only woman Miruna stop.

Tell me, when this went well
on the slice with my Victor.

Finish me because it's not yours.

Forgive me for going into
detail, but when you have a night,

as I had with Victor, believe
me it's one hundred percent.

I say no.

It's pool when this
cat entered the slice.

I wanted to help you get

my Dad and YOU horny guys.

You and I thought

you wanted to help me

not that you feel sorry for me.

I would have helped you if you behaved
yourself and didn't let the rain lie to me.

Look how it goes little brother.

Make sure you don't fall Papasha.

Tired from the top after the meal.

That's like counting born tired.

Op so so.

Come on, get out of here
because I'm writing CAP moving.

Bye baby and don't forget
to look for me if you miss me.

were you driving

I'm sorry for miracles?

A win, I really like this girl.

Shut up don't be
stupid and get involved

rich girls phenomenal
stupidity we think.

We old man, I mean

how she looks at me one

poor and a bitter.
- You leave me with these texts.

Believe me, girls like Miruna
are very easy to steam.

If you want, so in less than two weeks I
will bewitch her without doing anything.

Why am I answering? Want to see?

Come on, I want to see.

Are you parked like I'm breaking it?

Where does he go?

I was supposed to see
Mirciulica and I forgot.


Let me tell the future
beautiful, will you?

Come on

So young and see only
dark thoughts in your head.

You don't have to give money,

Look, this is the scarf he got

on the Russians la baba dai.

To live?

It's from the coci hand.


You will have a great learning experience.

So young and so trying.

It's look.

A water divides.

Your life in two.

You are? On two

May If you want to cross
from one bank to another.

You will drown.

Hear Yes, do you see a lover?


Oh look. your fate

He is a man who has little of

Romanian blood.

Look at the beginning he sits
like this with his back to you.

And when he turned his face.

Will yours be for life?

So he is not Romanian.

He is not Romanian.

Let me tell you more? not.

N water and twenty-five years and.

you are no more And
after that, you are again.

The beautiful one.

Do you like to dance with death?

Death dances with me.

He took me and my
girlfriend took my dad.

That's what you
think? Yes, look

here, you have a
father and a boyfriend.

Dad died in my arms.

I have no father.

He didn't die, he lives
with the palms named.

With your palms.
Dad died in her arms

Listen to what I'm
saying, white lives don't lie

if he died in my arms

What gold party
that my palms called.

Long live the man who laughs very well, jack.

Is it some brandy from the people,
isn't this this and all you know how to do?