Cand mama nu-i acasa (2017): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
He crashed into that shot and dusted the driver's side.

You have money, just because you're his girl shut up.

Take another day.

Where the hell is my baby? Say!

Come on, step up with your sad tired face!

All friends in the door/ We
give concerts from the balcony

And all this happens/
When mom is not at home.

Hey, are you kidding me?

Victor, you live! Victor! Thank you--

Well, I look at you and I don't
know who you are, I'll die if I do.

I'm your mother, who banged my head against the
walls, cried because I didn't know where you were--

Mouth, it doesn't hold!

What's wrong, old man?

What does it matter that me and
your mother are on the combination?

That doesn't work?

Look at her too. Look how good she looks!
Could you refrain?

Seriously, look how sexy she is.

Get my hand off her!


Why should I take me?
-Leave him, me!

Who would you like to fuck her, me?
-Anyone, but not you!

Yeah, especially that
cockerel who comes to--

Mirciulica, leave him
alone, he's a child!

I leave him, me. I'll leave
it to what I have to do today.

Wait, me!

Victor! Ready!

I kiss you dad and
we'll talk when o

to understand how life is.

Hi mom, how's life?

Life is a whore! A big whore.

It's not the first time
I've felt bad for being rich.

I feel like screaming sometimes.
What if I'm rich?

What can I do to accept
me as I am, give my

wealth to the poor and
live on five lei a day?

Maybe I have my
frustrations, my dreams too.

If I could choose another life,
somewhere far from this whole world,

from all the prejudices of those
around me, I swear I would leave!

I would leave if my heart didn't stay here.

-Hello! Can I help you with something?

I don't think so, you also have
the pink one! Yes, I wanted to

buy a cable from the site, but
here is the much bigger offer.

It's just as big on the website and
we can send them to your home.

Super! So, do you know something?

I think I'm going to change my
phone too, because it's a bit old.

Wonderful! We have something
state of the art, check it out!

Okay, that's it!

Wouldn't you also like a smart watch?

That's it, it syncs

with your phone,

it makes your life much more
organized and much easier

No, I'll just pick up the phone.
Actually, you know what?

I'll take the phone for me and
the smart watch for dad. Yes.

Super! -Thanks!

Lots of these, all colors.

I give them all to you. -Super!

Violeta, I want to go to my father!

Hi! He's in a meeting, but it's
basically over in five minutes.

Okay, fine.

Hey! I was also scared when Vio told
me you were here. You have problems?

I brought you something.

The saleswoman said
she organizes your life.

I like it when you give me expensive gifts.

Dad, I actually came
to ask you something.

Aha. Come quickly, I have
a lot of work, okay? Please.

Who am I?

Oh shit!

I'm sorry.

forgive me

Who to be? you are my child

Besides your child,
who else am I?

Miruna, I have a lot of work, my

word. Did you
come here to rub me?

Okay, fine. I'll leave you, you
really have a lot of work to do.

No, wait!

Don't go, stay a while.

Yes? give it to me

Hey, bye, Giuseppe! [speaking Italian].

Miruna, sit down!


What was I saying?

I used to ask you who I was
and you answered me "shit".

Correct. Look, I

invite you to the table

and I swear I don't

answer the phone anymore.

OK. Let's go.

Where do we go? We're sitting here,
ordering a Chinese right away. It's traffic.


Dad, you admit that it never
mattered what I wanted out of life.

My mother wanted me to go
to medicine, I went to medicine.

I can't even believe I'm finishing my freshman year.


how why Because I do not like!
I can't stand the smell of a morgue.

How do I become a doctor if
I pass out next to a corpse?

Aha. Do you want me to find you a psychologist?

No, father. I want you
to let me do what I want.

I mean to sing.

I hate to have concerts, I want
to have tours, I want to be free.

Didn't you say that the most important
thing is for us, your children, to be happy?

Is that what I was saying?

Yes. Look what happened to our family.

Do you think that Eva and Luca
are flying with happiness at that

school in Switzerland where, in
fact, their mother dreamed of going?

Not bad in Switzerland.

It's not bad in general, but
privately it might be nasty.

Dad, are you listening to me?

Yes. Sure, day!

Look, an ox, which I actually like,

he told me yesterday that I'm ugly
because I'm a girl with ready money.

So if you cut your card,

does the bull hook up
with you right away?

It's good.

Come on, mom, stop following me.

Victoraș, you are a child.
- Yes, I am a child.

If I didn't bring one to
stick it here in the house,

I am a child. A 24-year-old kid.

Well, what the hell don't you understand
that money is everything in this life?

Find one with money,
marry her and that's it,

you live your whole life free.

Yes, that's why you got
together with Mirciulića, right?

Yes. Me, now I can talk
to you, because you are big.

As from woman to man, Mirciulića
is like that, like the nechezol.

What's the fuss, mom?

There was a coffee during the communist times,

that there was no coffee and they had invented
something that was 80% chickpeas or-- please

does not matter! What
does the hoofing horse eat?

So Mirciulica is a stallion, right?

Yes, he's young, he's free and,

me, Mirciulića is also good until
I find someone to take me out of

anonymity, what the hell don't
you understand that I'm also young?

Yes, you are young and stupid!

You slept with my friend, you
didn't think about that, did you?

Come on, I left home.

Stay there, stop looking for me.

A few breaths and back to work.

Dad, please talk to mom
and tell her I'm not kidding.

I'm not going to medicine
anymore and I'm taking up music.

Come on, you'll never
do that to your mother.

I just told you!

And I tell you that your mother

he will go mad and there will
be a whirlwind in the country.

Does she deserve this after
all she sacrificed for you?

So really, you don't
care what I want?

I'm interested, Miruna,
because I work for you.

Yes, on the yacht in Naples.

Where there's an annual
bankers' conference I can't miss.

Of course, how can you miss it?

Miruna, come here!

Aren't you daddy's
little girl? are you

Dad, if I were your little
girl and you cared about me,

you understood that I don't
want to go to medicine anymore.

I want to get into music and I
want to become someone in music.

You cut your card.

I miss your card!
Here, take it, please!

Get him out of here! Know something?

Take the car too, look, take the keys,
take everything! I don't need your money!

He took your card.

He took your card.

He took your card.

He took your card.

Maybe not everything has been said between us.

Maybe yesterday was a new
beginning that we both missed.

I'm not rich anymore.

If that makes you happy, I'll wait for
you in Mogoșoaia, at the restaurant.

Dozens and dozens of invitations

My band and a microphone

All friends in the door

We give concerts from the balcony

And all this happens

When mom is not at home.