Cand mama nu-i acasa (2017): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Hello everyone.

Hello dears.

My name is Miruna and you will hear from me again.

What you said?

What did I say, woman, why jump like that?

My mother and that moron also said to me:

"Watch this one, she's going to break her drink today."

No problem.

He loves it.

Stand on one leg.


It's up to me whether I lose or win.

[the music]

[the music]

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Why do people sleep so restlessly and especially what do they dream about?

This boy came into my room, into my bed, wearing boots

full of mud.

I heard one in college: "He walked into my life with boots."

What about someone walking into your life with muddy boots?

But what is he dreaming about?

Hey, wake up.


Wake up.


It's nothing, it was just a dream.

you are okay

You woke up?

do you want some tea

Maybe you'd better get up?

You can also take a shower if you want.

You had a long day.

And a long night.

what did you dream

Brother, man is not allowed to sleep

and have a nightmare that you have to know everything?

Come on, let me sleep.

And I said I don't sleep with women anymore in my life.

And if I didn't tell you to take care of him, it means that I was the fool of fools.

But I did everything I could, Aunt Geanino.

I looked for him everywhere.

That's what you said to the police, but that's not okay.

Well, they don't want to get involved, you see.

And that senseless policewoman tells me that she's into girls.

It's for girls.

That's the law, Aunt Geanino.

Seven hours to 24 since--

Only after that I give it to [?]

Me, you had to keep an eye on him like a bottle.

You think that ever in this life he could forget

that his father died in his actual arms?

No, Aunt Geanino.

That he crashed into that shot and dust was created on the driver's side.

Do you know how Princess Diana died?

Yes, Aunt Geanino.

Well, exactly as it was with Diana and with them,

that he didn't die in the first place.

He also managed to say: "Take

care of mommy", meaning me

and after that, until rescue came, until

then, my child was traumatized for life.

Me, do you understand what I'm saying?

Yes, Aunt Geanino.

Well then where the hell is my baby?


Only at the morgue I didn't look for him.


To the morgue, my child.

My child.

Am I still here?

Do you still know what you dreamed?



But don't ask me, I won't tell you.


But how did you get here you know?

Maybe I wanted to meet you.

will you give me a coffee

Listen, do you know who I am?

Yes princess.

Give me a coffee and we'll talk more.

come on

Does your pumpkin hurt?

Worst of all.

It's good that you have it.

Yes, what are you doing?


didn't you leave


So you're not leaving?

Where to go?

Where do you work?

Where do I work?

Do I know where you work?

If you're dressed like this

maybe with a boy.

With some quality man, not like those drunks of yesterday.

Grandma, you are the best.

Oh God, where is my boy?

Who would have seen his eyes?

That even this fool of mine, Pamela,

That she had everything she needed and she was missing a mountain.

That the flesh burns on me, my.

Why on earth did you take that away from me too?

Mother's manger, what curse has been placed on his life?

What the hell, God?

Come on Geanino, wait, it's not like that.

You shut up.

Shut up, you're the only one to blame.

Me, you know what it's like to have your father die when you're six years old in your arms

and after that, may your girlfriend also die because an ox rammed a car into a bridgehead.


That you don't know.

What curse, God, had he placed on his life?

What curse?

Don't cry Aunt Geanino because my flesh is burning now too.

You're not human, Radul.

Because that's why he's so mean to us and treats us with eggs and vinegar.

That God took his mind.

Oh, and this doesn't sound like the morgue anymore?

What time?


Who starts?

You start.

What do you want to know?

How drunk was I yesterday?

Alcohol doesn't bother me.

It's part of our lives and damn it's drunkenness not murder.

To begin with, I would like to know what you think about me.

Well, first of all, you're a piece of shit.


A piece.

I mean, you're very young.

Well is that bad too?

No, on the contrary.

Do men make rags out of you or whatever they want.

Listen, do you know something?

Take another day.

Well, you have money, just because you're tactu's girl, right?

Wealth is not a quality, just like poverty.

Listen, did you want to know my opinion or did you want me to brag?

That's it, you drank my coffee, in my rich house.

come on step [?]

Crazy, you're a traditionalist.

Shut up, I'm killing you.

Rose from Moldova.

Remain silent.

Why didn't you call?

You found it?

Did we get goats?

He died?

He died.

How to die?

He died, he died. What's up, bro, who died?

My boy died.

How to die me?

What do you have me, who died bro, what do you have?

Didn't you go to the morgue?

Me at the morgue?

What's wrong with me Geanina, that guy walks around town drunk and you send me to the morgue?

Didn't I tell you on the phone?

Come on Gianino, you're not spoiling my mood, are you?

Let's see what matches are today.

What if he finds you here?

If you want I will surrender.

No, guys, come over here.

I'm on the old style, it's from Botoșani, it's not okay.

And you also came drunk last night.

Did I come here drunk last night?

I was dragged by Radu, I didn't come willingly,

which, if you want to know, is in the language after you.

So if you want to know men's opinions,

ask him, don't rub my brain so hard, understand?

OK bye.

Shh, he's coming.

Pass there, pass.


Cozonacii, valley.

Get on.

I didn't know I had a magnet for hot girls and luxury cars.

I insist.

Get on. Listen, how much is this iron?

A lot, go up once.

Come on, be serious.

You don't want to be seen with a poor person either.

The Dorobantsi girls are laughing at you.

Come on, step on it.

What are you doing, boy?

Victor, is that you?

You're alive, aren't you?

Why not live me, what have you?

Do you know how much we all looked for you?

And at the Police and at the morgue.

where have you been brother

The police are looking for thieves and criminals, well, boy.

what do you have


Wait, me.

Come on, I think that guy is dead and you're so hot.

What's up, me, nobody's dead, what's up?

Do you want your handsome boy to be upset with you?




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