Busted! (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Forewarned Murder - full transcript

A man named M invites seven people to a murder game party hosted by his boss, known as K. As soon as the game begins, M is shot by an unknown perpetrator, which turns the game into a real ...

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Hey! The door won't open!

Try opening it from the outside!

It won't open? What should I do?

-Murder game...
-Project D...

What is that digital clock?

Beware of those around you.

Hold on... Wait...

-I'm M.

Always beware of those around you.

It's fake.

There are people

-who are against this project.
-Open the door!


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I am a detective.

The best of its kind.

For me, a glance at a corner of an object

or a person's face

is enough to know their job,
story, and weaknesses.

People who know that I'm a genius
come to me with their cases

because I am the best detective there is.


Who sent this to me?

I just realized that

I was supposed to meet my client today.

She's Ye Ji-won, my client.

She asked me to find her cat.


Can you find my Romeo for me?

So I did.
Because I'm the best detective ever.

When you were standing here,

your shoes had pieces of grass on it,

a type of grass
that doesn't grow around here.

According to my observations,

I noticed that same grass

was growing particularly well over there!

When you were passing through the park,
you were distracted for just a second.

But that was enough
for you to lose your cat,

who is now waiting for you
in that grassy field.

Your cat

is right over there!


Or not.

But I will find him, sooner or later.

He may be over there or over here.

Romeo is here!

He is?

I knew it. I knew he would be there.

Thank God.

Anyways, thanks to my incredible
deduction skills, I found the cat.

Let's see here.

And in lieu of paying me,
she did a tarot reading.

This card shows

that you've lost a certain memory
in the past.

Well, up until now, I've been...

No comments.

Wait, this card is...


many people will gather around you.

They're people
who are like you, a bit dull.

I see.

I think we're done here.

-All right, so I'll...


Why did she give me this card?

Wait, I got some kind of card earlier...

What is this?


Will he be able to survive?


Your invitation, please.

Here you go.

Seven notebooks...

What is this?

Make sure to keep it safe.
This way, please.


Should I stand here?

Seven people?

Six more people are coming, I see.



Oh, my.

Is he a foreigner?

The tables are all full now.

You all received an invitation?

-I think we're all guests here.
-I received an invitation.

Our host doesn't seem to be here.

Should we do a toast?

Just stay still.

Are we just looking around...

Wait! Someone's coming!


Hello, everyone.


I would like to welcome you all

to the Murder Game Party.

-"Murder Game Party"?
-What party?

Murder Game.

I have been watching you all
for a very long time.

But I do realize that you may not
be familiar with each other,

which makes sense.

For each of you is

missing something important
about yourselves.

This card shows that you've lost
a certain memory in the past.

I don't know why I said that.

Enough of that, why don't we
take off the masks

and greet one another.

-Oh, should we?

-Oh, what?
-Oh, hello.


-Nice to meet you.

Let me start by introducing myself.

I am M.



The letter M stands for many things.

The first letter from the English word


It also stands for the first letter
of the word "murder."

But most importantly,

my name stands for the first letter
of the word "mystery."

Perhaps because of this, I firmly believe

that there is no mystery in this world
that cannot be solved.


I have been serving under one person
for a long time now.

My master is none other than K.


If K ever sets his mind to something,
he makes it happen

no matter what.

He's a man of enormous charisma.

And even I have been overwhelmed
by his charisma

a few times, you see.

I had been in charge of a certain project,

but then I accidentally made a mistake.

And C, who happened to be next to K,

was laughing at me,
belittling me, you know.

Oh, so C in this story is...

Who the heck is C?

C is an assistant to our master, K.

C is what you would call a genius,
I suppose.

But to be honest with you,

C, in short, is a lunatic.

What was I talking about again?

Anyhow, the order I have received

was to play

a murder game with you all.

"A murder game"?


I assume you're all curious
about what a murder game is.


We do have to get on with the game.

So now, would all catering staff

leave for the day?

We have to carry on,
but without others listening in.

-Thank you for your service.
-Thank you.

Thank you.

Let's get into business

and talk about the murder game.

After I explain the rules,

the lights will go off.

And the case will begin during that time,
when the lights are off

with a certain signal.

And one of us,

including myself,

will become the victim.


One of us?

I see that you're all quite shocked
at this bit of news.

I can assure you that
no one is actually going to die,

-so no need to worry.
-Right, it's just a game.

The culprit already is aware of the fact
that he or she is the culprit.



do you remember what I said?

"There is no mystery in this world
that cannot be solved."

Before we begin the game,

how about a toast?




-What's happening?

-What the...
-Holy crap!

What is this?

-That scared me!
-What's going on?

-What is this?
-What's happening?



-His clothes!
-Hold on...

It's real blood! God...

-My goodness!
-Hold on a second!

-His chest...
-That's real, actual blood.

-I can hear the car starting.
-What is that?

-The car!
-What is this?

Who is it? Hold on!

-Get him!
-Get him!

-Who is that?
-Get him!

-Who is that?
-Get him!

-What was that?
-He's blond!

-"Brother Catering"?


Isn't he the culprit?


I'm sure you're all new
to this kind of cases,

you can't just touch it like that.

-Who are you to...

The culprit...


How dare you damage the crime scene!

Get out!

I just... Excuse me?

Do you want to solve this case or not?

Your footsteps are everywhere now.

A person died, can't you see?
This is a murder!

Who do you think you are?
Who died and made you boss?

The problem is,

besides the story about K
and K's assistant C...

No, he said there will be a victim.

And one of us, including myself,
will become the victim.

He also said the game would start
with a certain sound.

With a certain signal.

He told us not to worry
because no one is actually going to die.

I can assure you that
no one is actually going to die...


He said it was just a game,
but a real murder has occurred.

-This is real blood. This is real.

What really surprised me was

-I looked at my invitation again just now.

And it said that I'm the culprit.

-Wait, then it's over.
-You're the culprit.

-Where's the gun?

then you killed him!

-No, I...

Why would you... What are you saying?

Arrest him! Handcuff him!

But I didn't kill him.

-But you said you're the culprit.

-That's what my invitation said.

-So you are the culprit!

So you killed him!

But he said that the culprit
was for the game.

-So he was supposed to be

-the culprit in the game.

Yes! In the game!

But the one who ran away
is the actual murderer.

-Where do you think he shot from?
-The sound came from above.

Maybe he shot him

from the catering truck

-and ran away?
-But look,

-none of the windows are broken.

-So he shot him and ran away.

-He has a cell phone here.

Why don't we look through it?

-Very nice.

-That was a very important point.
-All right.

-Let's take a look.
-All right.

How do we...

-Oh my god.
-What the...

My god, you are really...

-I almost lost my tooth!
-What are you doing?

-Both of you are just...
-He's quite extraordinary.

-You need a password?

Wait, doesn't this have that pupil thing?

Iris. It's an iris scanner,
not a pupil scanner.

His pupils are shaking.

Facial recognition system.

What are you doing?

-He's dead, his eyes are closed!
-Open your eyes!

Use the facial recognition system!

-Excuse me.

-Is this recording?

Wait, this...

If you say the right thing then

-it'll open.
-It will open?

-Since he was M...

He told us all these words
that start with M.

-You're right!
-Why don't we...

-You're so smart.

-Those words to unlock it?

-I'll try "murder."


No, didn't work.

I'm your mom.

What are you doing?

Nae for I in Korean
starts with N, Jae-suk.

When M was talking before, I noticed

-that the dogs were barking constantly.

Mung mung.

Why are you barking?

-That's what you thought of?
-What are you doing

-in front of the deceased?

That was so mediocre.

Wait, hold on.
We shouldn't just stand here.

Let's go check out the surroundings.

The entrance and exit are here.

-Let's all split up and...
-Look for some clues.

Yes, let's do it.

Should we check the rooms out?

-Wait, it's connected!

It's open.

-It is connected, you're right.
-Yes, look, the stairs right here!

-It is connected.
-Oh, this is how...

So he shot him from the second floor.

It's totally possible.

-He must have run off this way.


-Gun! It's a gun!

-Hold on!
-The gun is here?

You found the gun?

Yes, there's a gun and a postcard
of some kind.

-But this is, man,

I don't know if I should say it or not.

-What is it?

Is there something you know?

-He knows something.
-Well, to be honest,

the card next to...

Do you know who it is?

No, I don't know who this is.

I'm sorry,

I know that we've all invited here
for a murder game,

but a real murder has taken place
and understandably,

-we're all confused. But I...
-I'm confused.

-What is this?

-Where did you get that?

This is why I'm so shocked right now.

I told you at the beginning, remember?

-That I found a lost cat for someone.

Well, she reads tarot cards, you see.

While I was getting a few readings,

she gave me this card.

Beware of those around you.

-Do you see this one says "Number one"?

So the next one is number two.

This is number two.

Which means, I don't know when,

but another murder
will take place very soon!

-This is the first and that's the second.

-That's a notice.
-The gentleman

over there was the first murder
forewarned to us.

We don't know where the second murder will
happen, but it will happen soon.

The blond...

Let's memorize what he's wearing.

What he's wearing?

Then shouldn't we catch
the culprit quickly?

-Obviously, yes.
-Yes, of course.

Why are you stating the obvious?

Wait, hold on. You were invited, right?

I was taken aback
because you sounded so indifferent.

Then the key is who dies next, right?

-Excuse me, Min-young.

Are your shoelaces that important?

-Did I not...
-It's a murder!

This is a murder case!

But you would rather be distracted
by your shoelaces?

Seriously, Min-young...

-Wait, hold on.
-Why are the dogs barking?

Are they clues?

Come here.

Hey guys!

The puppy has a key
around its neck, it has a key!


-It has a key!
-The key, around his neck!

-The puppy!
-Each of the puppies

has a key on its neck!

Oh, dear.


Hold on a second.


I've never seen a dog this big up close.
I've only seen them on TV.

Isn't that an Afghan Hound?

I'm not the Afghan Hound!
He was the Afghan Hound, that one.

-I'm not a dog!
-You look like one though.

-How rude!

-How can you say that I look like a dog?
-You're not an Afghan Hound?

I'm not!

You look so alike!

He really looks like an Afghan Hound.

-You're right.
-What are you saying right now?

-You can't...
-Hold on.

Maybe he has a key on his neck.

How dare you! That's so rude!

What if

-the lost eighth key is...

I've never been so insulted in my life.


we have to check

-the second floor and...
-Let's split up.

I'll go to the second floor.

Should you be picking it up?

Actually, can we leave the gun here?
Isn't this key evidence?

-I'll hold onto it, just in case.
-Sounds good.

Then we have another...

We took a look around the first floor,

but there's nowhere
that the key would fit.

I think the second floor...

-It's likely.

-Shall we?
-The second floor.

-Gosh, it works.
-Did it open?

Did it open?

-It opened, like magic!
-Oh, my.

It actually opened.

Hey, come over here.

-Come here.
-We found something big!

-What is this?
-A teacup has been knocked over.

Some white powder.

-And an empty case.

I think this might be a clue.


It has to be here.

It's here.

Oh, do I have to find what's different?

Wait, there's no clock here.

And there's this box...

And this!


-Isn't this a clue?

-I found this.
-A wallet?

Couldn't this be a clue?

Of course it is.

-Oh, he has it!
-What is it?

"Brother Catering.
Jung-gu Cheongpa-ro, Seoul."


-Let's find this place.
-Yes, we should.

If we call in advance,
they might realize what we're up to.

-I found this email on here.

Can you come here for a second?

Oh, okay.

So here...

We have to hurry over
to Brother Catering too, so...

Right. So the first email goes,

"It's Rena, from All-Night Shake It Club.

It's hard to find a man
who drinks better than me.

Yesterday, you, Jae-yong,
and Jeong-tae..."



I noticed how Jeong-tae was looking at me

and he's not the first one to do so,
and it's getting really tiring.

Can you tell him to tone it down?"

Then this guy Jeong-tae is...

-Maybe Rena...

-The one M...
-The one he envied!

-He hated C!

And C, who happened to be next to K,
C, in short, is a lunatic!

-K's assistant?
-Jeong-tae, isn't Jeong-tae, C then?


But he's Jeong-tae. Why C?

-Rena liked Jeong-tae.

I told Jeong-tae
I wanted to break up with him.

But he said he will only break up
with me if I solve his question.

He's freaking crazy."

See? It's C!

C! M said he was crazy, remember?

And this woman is also pretty intense,

-she learned pole dancing.

-And she performed for him!

She was basically outright seducing him.

-You're right.
-Min-young, you're good at this.

-How do you know this so well?

She even offered
free pole dancing lessons!

One on one!

What's wrong with that? If she wanted...

No, like, you know,
pole dancing is like this.

-Wait! There's an address!

"Janghang 2-dong, Ilsan-gu!"


We just have to unlock the phone.

So we have the address
to Brother Catering.

He made his password too hard.

This phone is the key right now.

"There is no mystery in this world
that cannot be solved."

-For a second, I...
-What other clues were there?

-I unlocked it!

I unlocked it!

What did you say?

-"There is no mystery in this..."
-I said that, but it didn't work!

Wait, hold on a second.

Shouldn't we work on unlocking this phone?

You know how he kept
emphasizing "mystery"?

The first letter of the word "mystery."

I believe that there is no mystery
in this world that cannot be solved.


The password is something
with the word mystery.

If it's not the word itself, it's
a sentence with the word "mystery" in it.

"There is no mystery in the world
that cannot be solved."

-It didn't work.
-That's too long.

"There is no mystery in this world
that cannot be solved."

-For a second, I...
-What other clues were there?

-I unlocked it!

-This is amazing!

Wait, can you lock it and unlock it again?

There's no secret that can't be solved.

-It's "mystery"!

Goodness, can you be any more frustrating?

-Photos, gallery, texts!
-Then can't we just...

-Oh, there is a picture!
-A car wash?

-This must be Jeong-tae then?

"Perfect Shine Car Washing Contest."

-In his calendar...
-September 27th!


"Perfect Shine Car..."

-There's a Car Wash Contest!
-What time?

-There is?
-On the 27th?

-This is happening today!

Is there anything else?

No car wash address?

There is!

There is, right?

-Where is it?
-It's in Gwangtan-myeon, Paju...

All right, let's do this.

I think we found all the clues
we could find here.

Jong-min, Min-young, and Sehun.
Why don't you three

-head over to the car wash?

And you two, can you two head over
to the catering place, Brother Catering?

-Catering, got it.

And we'll go to the pole dancing place.

-The Rena Bar?
-Shouldn't we...

-This is a bit...

-Did you plan this?

-So you can go there?
-I planned to learn.

Guys, this is purely an investigation.
Nothing else.

The veterans...

-So it's prioritized by age now?

-This is all a misunderstanding.
-You won't know even if you saw it anyway.

-You don't know that.
-Watch what you say.


All right, everyone.

I really wanted to learn pole dancing.

I love dancing.


It's not about dancing.

You guys, a second murder
may happen anytime soon

and we haven't even solved this one yet!

-Let's go!
-What do we do there?

-Meet up with Jeong-tae.

-Meet up and investigate.

Since we're moving together,
let's speak comfortably.

Then, are we looking for Jeong-yeon?

-Who's Jeong-yeon?

Oh, Jeong-tae.

I am getting pretty curious
about who she might be.


I wanted to go to the pole dance studio.

It's near here somewhere... I found it!

-Brother Catering.
-Brother Catering!


-I think this might be a clue.

Wait, hold on, hold on.

They're doing something!

What's going on?

It's this car, yes? It's 2045?

-What's happening?
-Get him!

-Who is that?
-Brother Catering!

-Who was that?

-What was that?

-Hello, sir!

May I ask you something?

How can I help you?

-I was wondering if this morning...

Wait, what is this?

Oh, because of the previous order,

this got tied around the truck
so I've been

-working to pull it out.
-What is this?

It looks like a wire of some kind.

But why is this tied up?

I think it just got stuck from somewhere.

Did you do catering near Namsan today
by any chance?

-Yes, we did.
-The blond worker!

His shift ended a while ago.

So, to be honest, we were at that party

and there was a gunshot...

Wait, should we be saying...

-He may be...

Did something happen?

-It's just...

-I don't want to doubt you, but...

-Loosen up, man.
-No, it's just that

he looks super suspicious.

Where's the guy
with blonde hair, by the way?

-He's inside.
-He is?

There has to be something in...

Is it...

Isn't it him over there?


Over there, in the back.

-Isn't it him?

He's getting away!

What's going on?

Excuse me!

Excuse me, sorry!

-Excuse me, please!
-Excuse me!

This way!

Excuse me.

Where did he go? Which way?

Where did he go?

-Kwang-soo, this way!

Do you know where the blond man went?

Hello. Where are you right now?

We're at the catering company right now.

You're already there?

Yes. Jong-min,

we got here at the catering place

-and the blond...
-You saw him?

We did, but he got away.

-We could've caught him!
-He took off like...

He disappeared in a flash.

Someone might get hurt since he got away.

Wait, over there! On the overhead bridge.

On the overhead bridge!
Blonde hair! He's up there!

Get him!

-I see him!

He went up?


I'm sorry, excuse me!

This is crazy.


-Over there!

We're in pursuit, I'll call you back!

They're hot on his heels.

Damn it!

Sorry, excuse me!

Over there!

Why is he so fast?



Get him!

I got you!

-Hold on.
-I'm sorry!

-I didn't mean to!
-What do you mean?

-It was so pretty.

-What was pretty?

-No, the...

You saw us, right? You ran away!

-You did.
-I didn't.

I just took the watch, that's all.

-You met eyes with me, though.

-Who are you?
-Gosh, hey.

-You saw me, right?
-I think so.

-You did, right?

I knew he needed a beating.

-No, I...
-Why did you kill him?

No, this is all I stole!

Isn't this why you came after me?

Where did you...

What is..

-Why don't we sit down and talk?
-Yes, let's have a seat.

Just sit here.

-Is this really necessary?

-I'm really sorry.

How long have you been working
at Brother Catering?

About two months.

How did you end up at the venue today?
Were you just...

Oh, the guy who hosted the party today,

he called me beforehand.

He said when two gunshots go off,
take the catering car and go.

Who? Who said that?

The party...

-The host?
-Yes, the host.

The young one.


Someone who sounded young called me.

-A young person?
-M is not young though!

But he was young.
Why do you keep saying he's old?

Around his age?

Think of his voice.

He's awkwardly old, so it's hard to tell.

-It was a bit...
-Was it close, though?

I feel like he sounded younger than him.


Who is younger than us and is male?

Sehun. Just Sehun.

And there was this thing too.

-I went there early in the morning.

-There, the party...

-The venue.
-I went to prepare for the party

-and that's when I stole the watch.
-You stole it in the morning.

But I think someone else
was there at that time.

Someone was installing something.

A man or a woman?

-You don't know that?
-I don't.

-Yeon-seok, please calm down.
-Why are you so angry?

-Would you like to sit down?

So it was a young person.
A young person was setting up...

An older man could've done it too.

I don't think he's the culprit.

Sorry I slapped you. Hit me twice.

If you are the culprit, I stand by it.
But if you aren't, hit me twice.

Twice, so one more.

Hold on.

If you are the culprit, I'll kill you.


Wait, why are you hitting me?
Why did you hit me?

Pull yourself together.


Have you arrived yet?

We caught the man,

the blond man we thought
was the culprit. We got him.

-You did?
-We caught him,

but it seems like he isn't
the culprit after all.

Why do you say that?

He said someone ordered him

to get away in the catering car

upon hearing two gunshots.

Who ordered him to do that?

Don't you have any clear details from him?

Jae-suk, it's me, Yeon-seok.


When he came to set up the catering
early in the morning,

he saw someone installing something
at the venue.

And he was told to move the car
once he heard

the gunshot twice...

Didn't I just say that?

-Did you?
-He's just repeating what you said.

He's just...

I already relayed all these details

but he's just repeating it
in a slightly smarter tone. This is...

And you know there's only one young man
among us.

-Look at how he's standing too!
-Did you tell him that too?

What? I told him everything.

Then it has to be Sehun.
There's no other option.

Anyway, we're almost at the place, so...

To watch pole dancing?

Yes. No, not to watch pole dancing.

We're investigating.

Anyway, have fun.

-Anyhow, I have to go.

I have to go.

What's your name, by the way?

Me? Kangbuk.



I'll be off now.

Sorry for causing you inconvenience.

Thank you for your help.

We have to go take a look

at what was installed
early in the morning.

Catering. At that place...

If we go there, we can find clues
about that person

who told Kangbuk to run
when he hears two gunshots.

The one who ordered him to do that
may have left clues there.

Is it here?

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

It's here.


-It's here.


Let's spin, girls.

Feel it to the end.

Spin, you're seriously driving me crazy.

Go up and jump!

-So Rena is...
-Okay, let's go, good work.

-Good work.
-So, Rena... Wait.

Don't go too far,
just chug some soju nearby.

"Chug some soju..."

What is this?

What's going on? Who are you?

Could we come in and have a word?


Oh, man.


So we're here to meet someone named Rena.

-What is it?
-Are you...

So we're here to meet a Ms. Rena.

Where are you looking?

Where are you looking?

Yes, I'm the director of
this pole dancing academy, Rena Park.

-Nice to meet you.

We also just met.

He's Agent Ahn. Well, former agent.

And I'm Mister Yoo.

I see, nice to meet you.

So what are you here for?

We just wanted to ask you some questions.

There was a murder today.

-A murder?

Who died?

Do you know someone named M by any chance?

Yes, he was my ex-boyfriend's friend
and a friend of mine.

So M invited us to a party

and he was suddenly killed.

M was?


It's real blood! God...

Oh my... M... He...

M, I can't believe this.

What do I do? Oh my god.

What am I going to do?

While we were investigating...

We saw the email correspondence

between you and M.


You sent an e-mail to him.

You are the key person

between C and M.

Well, all right. C is my ex-boyfriend.

-Is that right?
-And M was C's friend.

Hold on a second.

Why do I need to tell you
such private information about my life?

-Are you police officers? No.

He's a former agent.

Well, that means he isn't one anymore.

I don't have to talk.

Ma'am. You're getting a bit worked up.

-I'm busy.

We can talk later.

-Hey, Mrs...
-Excuse me?

I didn't know what to call you by.

-I'm single, all right? Single!
-I'm sorry.

-Watch it.
-I apologize.

-Apology accepted.

But seriously, if you can cooperate,
it would be nice.

We're pretty busy people. We have to go...

If you just heard that the friend
of your boyfriend just died,

shouldn't you at least stop
spinning around like that?

My head's spinning, all right?
I'm about to lose it.

I don't know
why I have to tell you anything.

What are you offering me then?

This isn't some deal!

If you do what I tell you to do,

I'll give you information.

-What is it? What do...
-Have you ever learned pole dancing?

What? Where would we
possibly learn pole dancing?

Then what better day than today?

-What? Don't be ridiculous!
-Okay. You don't believe me.

Okay, then.

-Excuse me!

What? Let's all start light,
it's a hot day.

What are you doing?

What? This is how everyone dresses
when they pole dance!

We just asked you who C was!
What kind of person he is.

I can't believe this right now.

-Just warm-ups.
-Come on.

-We can't waste any more time here.

Let's get on with it.
First, spread your legs like this.

-Hold them.

Hold and then bounce.

What in the world?

What in the world are you doing?

This is American style!

This is how we roll on our turf!

-I'll just warm up myself!

-I saw you. You didn't do it.
-Come on, Jae-wook.

-Just get it over with.
-One, two, three.

Now, for the arms. Arms!

Right hands up, please.

And left hands up.

One, two, three, and bam.

-Excuse me.

I saw this on TV.

No. They copied me.

I, Rena Park, originated this move.

Now, it's in three counts.

All right.

Perfect. Well done.

Now, what was your question?

-What we're most curious about...

-Where is the real Rena?

Wait, this is your question?

The real Rena is right here.

-I see.

-So what does C do?

Question time is over.

He asked me if I was the real Rena.

Why would you ask something like that?

-It's one question at a time?

Just don't ask any questions.

This time, one of you will
hold onto the pole and hand this over.

-And the other person

-takes it in his mouth.
-By hand.

-I'll hand it over to you.

-You receive it.
-Hey, guys.

You, it's easier to receive it
with your mouth!

It's easier with my mouth?

I just have to stretch a little bit
for you to grab it.

Are you serious?

-Do you think my mouth is a beak?

All right. One, two, three!

-You have to be careful with these.

Wait, hold on.

Stop this. Hold on.

Turn around!

Jae-wook! Hand it over!

If you fall, it's over.

Give me the flower! Jae-wook!

-Hold on a second.
-Jae-wook! Seriously?

I think the pole is broken.

-How can it be?

-Why didn't you hand it over?
-Is this supposed to spin?

-Yes, they are!

Then I should've started here.

Where you start is the key.

I started over here earlier.

One, two, three!

All right.

Hand it over!

-Give me the flower!
-One hand!

Just hand it...

-What the heck are you doing?
-You try it.

I'll receive it, you try it.

-You're so...
-Try it!

What are you two doing? Come on.

I'll give it to him.

Okay. This time, seriously...

I'll hand it to you.

You have to start about here.
It spins like this.

One, two, three!

Nice! Now hand the rose over!

-Give it to him! Use your hand!
-Give it to me! Give me!

Grab it!

-Grab it!
-Here! Look here!

My goodness gracious.

-My goodness.
-I gave it to you.

I handed it over!

I handed it over!

Oh, dear.


-I don't think we can do this.
-Since you're total newbies,

I'll let you ask one question.

Okay, so what does C do?



I think he's a scientist.

Oh, that's right.


-Oh, and computers.

He said he worked in that field.

I remember him boasting about
some huge project he was in charge of.

But he was such a total jerk.

He had too many secrets.

He basically told me nothing.
That's all I know about him.

-A scientist?
-A scientist.

You don't know where he worked?

No. But one thing is for certain.


He's freaking nuts.

A nutjob...

A complete nutjob.

-But doesn't he think

that you're crazy too?

Don't be silly.

All right. If you can do the Helicopter,
then I'll answer another question.

It's so easy, anyone can do it.

Oh, my.

Let me change my pants.

Change your... What are you
changing your pants for?

I'm so hot right now.

Go ahead and change.

-We're here.
-We're here!

What are we doing? What's our plan?

So our plan is...

To check if C came to the contest,

and if he isn't there, we'll just have to
go around and ask everyone.

Look, a car wash contest.

-What is this?
-What is going on?

It must be the car wash contest.

Wait, then is Jeong-tae in the car?



Hurry up!

He said hurry up!

Tardiness is not allowed!

Change into something appropriate, please.

-Wait, do we really have to?
-I think so.

-We're not here to do this!

Excuse me, but is this person
here as well?


He said he would be here.

-His car is here. Why? What's going on?
-It's here? Are you sure?

Do you know where his car is,
by any chance?

I know it well, I've washed it before.

There's this sticker, this strange...

-Yes, it has that.

Everyone, are you ready?


-Maybe wash the windows...

He said that C's car
has a lot of stickers on it.


-What about it?
-He said he saw them when he washed it.

When did he say that?

I asked him just now.

Okay. Come over here.

We'll start the contest now.
Ready, set, and...

So we have to find the car

-and drive it out, right?
-Yes, that's right.

Should we split up?

-Should we?

Clean it so it looks like a new car.

Oh, man, I got wet!

Why do they all look the same?

None of them have
strange stickers on them.

Are you sure it has stickers on?

Are you here on vacation or something?

-Oh, my.

this isn't your in-laws' house!

Are you sleeping over or something?

-What is this?

I've never worn shorts
at my in-laws' house.

-Let's do this thing.

Every male dancer does this,
I'm not joking.

-What is it?
-Just watch.

This is...

Like this?

-It was a bit...
-Move out of the way.

-Why are you getting competitive?
-Let me try!

-Are you kidding me?
-Like this?

This isn't a competition!

You have got to be kidding me.

Okay, one, two, three.

So this is why they spin around
when pole dancing.

-Another question.

-Only ask what you want to know.
-All right.

I have one.

Where is C right now?

I don't know. He's probably at his house.

Where's his house?

So here's the thing.

To be honest, C

is a bit of a megalomaniac.

-Yes, so...

I see.

He kept saying someone was
coming after him,

threatening his life.

-He moves around a lot.
-Does he?

He moved again recently.

And I've been to that house.

Where is it?

But the important thing is

I only went there when I was drunk.

But you do know where it is?

Hold on.

There was nothing around his house.

If there's anything you remember...

There was a convenience store nearby.

I saw four convenience stores
just on my way here.

Really? I guess
quite a few opened recently.

-There's this thing nearby!

A bridge.

-A bridge?

Are you kidding me?

No, seriously though.

There's a bridge
near the convenience store

and C used to always give me
a piggyback ride

across that bridge when I was drunk.

And the important thing is when you pass
the convenience store, there's a bridge.

And if you hang a left from the bridge,

I wouldn't call it a house

but there's this house that looks like
a factory. That's C's house.

Can I google that? Will it come up?

A bridge past the convenience store,

and a house will be on the left...

Dogs barking.

-Dogs barking?

Isn't that what you're doing?


Can't you at least tell us
the number of his building?

I really don't know.

You don't know?

I think I could remember after a drink.
Do you want to go grab a drink?

You look absolutely infuriated.

We decided that I'm not talking.

All right. Well, thank you for your help.

-We're running late and...
-So, a drink before you go?

If I have a drink,
I don't know what I'll do.

What? What will you do?

Hold on. Excuse me.

You're just...

Gosh, that was intense.

Short and intense.

I'm so pissed right now.

-Anyway. Goodbye, Rena.

Sure. Come back soon!

Hey man, I have to change
back into my pants!

If you just leave, what am I supposed...



None of these are it.

It's not here either!

What's that? Who's doing that?




-I know since I've washed his car before.

There's this sticker, this strange...


What strange sticker?

What kind of stickers are on it?

I remember it being on the windshield.


-I think it's this one.

-I've got a feeling.

Who covered it up?

Did you find it? Did you?

It's this one, this one.

It is this one.

-Look. It's the same symbol.
-On the back of his neck?

Sorry, can you just stay still
for a second?

Oh, me?

-Out of the blue?

What? The trunk...

Is there something?

Look! It's C! So she must be Rena.



I found keys, Jong-min!

And a picture of Rena!

But he's not here.

-Rena's picture and 25 keys!
-What is this?

Guys. Do you think he has stuff

saved on his GPS?

-The GPS?

-Like some address?

Is there anything?

It says "My Home" here.

Write down the address,
what's the address?




-We memorized it.

Oh, Hyeeum-ro?

-I'll call Jae-suk.

This is it, right?

So, our clues were...

-Wait, he said someone installed...
-Installed, yes.

What if it's that?

You know the wire on the car?

What if he installed something
with the wires?


Something that could be installed...

What is this?


There are wires here.

-Are you certain?

There are wires here.

What? What is this?

Hold on.

Something must've been installed here.

What is this supposed to be?

Do you have to take it like that?

They do this in movies.

What did they install?

How were they placed?

They were just here and there.

-Then this...

Where and where?

Where was the pulley?

-In the corner, over there.
-Okay. How about the wire?

The wire was right here.

-Like this way?

-I see.

Maybe they didn't directly shoot him.

They could've tied the gun with this wire.

...welcome to the Murder Game Party.
I am M.



-His clothes...
-It's real blood!

Or maybe, the gun was fired

and dragged by the wire
onto the first floor?

What is that?

-Blond, the blond!
-What's the plate number?


So after shooting M...


Okay, you just started that
like you had a smoking gun.

You'd better have something.
My expectations are up to here!

-The wire was like this, right?

And a pulley. What is a pulley used for?

To pull something up from the bottom

or something like that.

Then that means....

From there?

-One of us?

That was good.

I did well, didn't I?

-It looked like it was shot from upstairs,

but they could've pulled from downstairs.

During the blackout!

During the blackout...

-You moved.
-I also moved, yes.

-Wait a second. Where did you hide?

So what, I'm the culprit? All of a sudden?

I'm getting way too into this.

-That was so random.
-For a second,

I thought about pushing you off
and then jumping off myself.

-I'm too immersed in this.
-You scared me.

Let's see what the others come back with.

I feel like we need more pieces.


What happened to you guys?

The truck had wire wrapped around it.


And on the second floor of the house,

we found a pulley with wire.

So it could've been shot elsewhere?


Someone could've pulled the wire
from the first floor

and triggered the gun on the second floor.

But as the truck left, the gun
was pulled down to the first floor.

When we caught the blond guy,

he said he witnessed someone

installing something here,
at the venue, early in the morning.


We found C's car

and found out his home address.

-His house.
-So I think we should all head over.

Sure, see you there!


-Isn't it here?

Convenience store. Bridge.

Oh, you're right!
Convenience store, bridge...

-Are we here?
-I think we are.

Where did you go that you...

By the way... What's this?

This is what we found.

-Seriously, I...
-All we got was

the convenience store

-and the bridge.

When you pass the convenience store,
there's a bridge.

And there's this house
that looks like a factory.

There's this house that looks like
a factory. That's C's house.

She said she remembered going there.

Which side?

-On the left.
-The convenience store, bridge,

-a building on the left that...
-Is it on the other side?

We don't even know
if the second murder has occurred,

-or if it will happen.

-C is most likely to be the target.
-So if we just find C...

I think we can find some clues
if we find him.

Let's find C, first.

This must be it.

This is a bit scary.

Oh my, that scared me.


-Oh, I see it.

He must be the one that barked.

What is this?

-It looks like it's run-down.
-It's huge.

This is getting a bit creepy.

It got super chilly
now that the sun has gone down.

-Where did your coat go?

-The mark!

-The mark!
-You're right.

This was on his car too.


-His car...
-Wait, so C...

-The mark!
-What's this?

This place is weird.

-We're just going in?
-What if it's a cult?

This must be headquarters.

Headquarters? Why?

Yes, headquarters.

How does she know?

-No one has this in a normal home.
-What is this place?

Who would live here?

They said he was a scientist.

This might be his secret lab or hideout.

You're right!

He could live here and do research.

He's the best scientist there is, right.

And the car wash people said
he was really weird.


Who are those people?

-Let's go.

But these keys, why are there so many?

What do you think these keys are for?

What is this place?

There's no place we can use the keys.

This place is cool.

Yes, it seems like
C really is an amazing scientist.

It's locked.

-It's closed?
-It's locked!

Yeon-seok has to come in too!

It's totally locked.

-We can't escape.
-What in the...

What is this?

What is this supposed to mean?

What are you doing?

Where are you trying to put in the key?

Should I open it

with this key?

-A compass.

You're right! N.


North. East.

What's this?

-Oh, so you...

What's that?

-What about it?


-Make a W?

-What is going on?
-What's that?

-What is this?
-What's happening?


-What is this?
-What's happening?

What is going on?

What's going on?


Hey, we have to do this!

West... South!

This doesn't have a keyhole!

Hold on!

Hold on!

Hold on!

Hey! W!

Wait hold on, not W, South!

You're not the ace!

Wait, south doesn't work!

Why isn't W working?

-We're missing lights!

Hold on! Wait!

Hold on!

Why won't the S work?

That's what I'm saying.

Maybe this isn't it.

Doesn't S look like this?

No, it needs one more
if it's supposed to be an S.

Wait, hold on, how is this one
supposed to be an S?

Hold on!

Wait, hold on a second! This is W,

but if the colors haven't turned white,
that means this is wrong.

This is S?

If you do this and this,
it does make an S.

I don't see S at all.

It's super close now, Jae-suk!

Oh no, we're in trouble now.

-What are we going to do?
-What are we...

What are we supposed to do with the S?

-Oh my goodness.

Should I make a call?

Yes, call!

Jae-suk. My phone doesn't have
any signals.

-I have no signals.

No signals?

Wait, Yeon-seok has to come join us!

They haven't called us since we left.

I'm getting hurt now.

-Do you want to go home?

There's less and less reason
to share everything now.

Wait, E is also, E...

Hold on.

-Hold on...
-It's almost here.

-It's almost here.
-It's so close.

I'm going crazy right now.
We have nowhere to go to.

Maybe you bend it differently.

Is there nothing else?

-Hold on.


That's it.

-That's it.

Wait, this lights up too!

Hold on!

-Wait up.
-Wait a second.

I think you can use this

-for the missing two.
-Okay, hold on.

Oh, like this!

-Jae-suk, S!

-We did it!

-What is it?

-It should be right.
-It's wrong?

Wait, it's right though! The two...

So this, this is W.

And if this won't change to white,

-it means it's not it.


Well, look.

Wait, hold on.

I'm Rena Park. Nice to meet you.

Hey, it's me, Rena.

I'm Rena Park. Nice to meet you.

I got it!

-It's not a W, that's not it!
-That's what I said!

-What was it again, Rena!


N, A!

-Let's try A.


-Rena, it's Rena!


-Rena, it's Rena?

-Rena, R!

Jae-suk, is it Nena?


A, Na, Na, A!

Put one here...


-It worked!

It's Rena!

It worked here, it works here!

-It's on!
-I knew it!

It's working!

-Oh, sorry.



-Oh, it's all lit up!

-That's amazing.
-The door's open!

-That was crazy.
-Come on.

I'm the director of this pole dancing
academy, Rena Park. Nice to meet you.

The next room won't be as easy.

-What is this now?
-Sand, it's sand.

-It's sand.
-What's going on?

-Hold on.
-What kind of a scientist...

Here, you hold this.

-I think we have to cross.
-What? How do we cross this?

-Why is there water here?

-What is this?

In thirty minutes...

There's something here.

It's a rice bowl.

Bowls all over the floor.

Why is there water though?

Why can't we just go?
It seems simple enough.

Oh, man, the door is locked again.


Oh, man!

We have to pour the water
so we can get the key and open the door.

-We have to make it come up.

We'll have to use water from this well.


We pour from here, and from here...

Why doesn't that scientist use his brain
on something more useful?

-I don't think Min-young can do it.

Be careful, you'll get wet.

-You might fall in.
-Hold on.

Hold on.

You're so pretty.


What are you doing?

-"You're so pretty"?

What are you doing right now?

Focus on getting out of this room!

She does look pretty, working so hard.

-So I...
-She really is pretty.

I think the first and the last person
have to be ones

-who can really pull.
-Someone who is strong.

-I'm pretty strong.

Then it's all you.

-Should I start?
-Yes, let's go!

-This way.

The clock is going!

-The countdown started!
-Oh, my.

This is crazy!

The timer's going!

What? Oh, it's going!

Man, this is nuts.

-I'm okay.

Crap, this is hard!

Where are Kwang-soo and Yeon-seok?

We can't do this on our own.

How much more do we need to do?

-Hey, so this...

Why is it spinning?

-What's going on?
-Oh my god!

It's spinning!


-What the...
-Hold on.

Hold on a second.

What in the world...


-Damn it!

-What, what in the...
-What do we do now?

Sehun, hold on.

Why is this spinning?

-What's going...
-What in the...

Get off! This isn't the time to play.

Come on, guys. We have to get water!


I'll get it!

This isn't working, guys,
it's not working.

-Hurry! Give it to me now.

Oh, no!

Get the water...

-Oh, man.

Once you get the bowl,
put it on the floor!

-Under the poles!
-This is driving me crazy.

Damn. This is insane.

-It stopped! Now, let's go, quickly!

-It's now, it's right now!


Pass it under.

Quickly, before it moves again.

When it does, remember to hand it
under the poles.

Quickly, while it's still.

Quickly, damn!

When are you going to fill that up?

Oh man, can we switch spots?

Just do it! Quickly!

Oh my god.

Damn it.

Pass it under!

-Bowls, under!
-Oh, no!

Bowls, under!

What are you doing, Jae-suk!

-Hey, Jae-suk!

-Follow it!
-This is so hard.

-Come on!
-Follow it!


-Follow it!

The floor, put it on the floor.

Oh man.

-Put it on the floor.
-When this thing starts going,

we can't do anything.

On the floor...

-Jae-suk, what are you doing?
-I'm so tired.

-I'm so tired.

I'll hold on until it gets to my spot.

-It stopped!
-It stopped.


What if we put sand in it too?
Wouldn't that make it come up?

You can try it, yes.

Oh god.

-I think...
-The second person has the hardest...

It's coming up!

-It is?
-It's rising!


Oh, no!

-No! You can't! All that water!
-Oh my god.

-That's a lot of water.

Don't waste the water.

Here, give it to me.


Don't waste water.

-What are you doing?
-Damn it!

Oh my goodness.


-Stay still.
-Don't move, Min-young!

-Min-young, don't move, okay?
-Don't move, Min-young.

-Min-young, get up.

-Hold on, stay still, don't move.
-Not now.

Min-young, get up.

-Hold on, stay still, don't move.
-Not now.

-Stay still.
-I'll help you!

-No, you stay right there.
-Hold on, I...

-Let me...

Come on, Min-young.

I want to help her too...

Let's take a break for a bit.

Let's take a break.

When is this going to fill up?

Is it even filling up?

-Oh, no!

-Wait a second.

-Don't mind me, keep going!


-Until you get back to your place...
-Yes, I'm resting.

Jae-suk, here's the water.

Right, got it, Min-young.

This is exhausting, Min-young.

Here, up here.

Here, Jae-suk.


-Oh, my word!

-It broke!
-What just happened?

-It broke!
-It broke!

Hey, isn't this a good thing?

-This is great!

-This is great!

This is amazing!

-We got this.

That rubber band
just slapped me on the cheek.

-The band broke.

-Put some sand in too.
-Put some sand in.

I guess this scientist
isn't all that smart.

Oh, I think we can get it out now.

No, it needs to come up more.

It's flipped.

-That's not good.

It should be upside down.

-My hand fits.
-It does?

Look at you.

Oh, my. It's working!

-You have really small hands!

Min-young, you're...

You're so amazing, Min-young!

How do you even fit...

We somehow made it.

-Should we go? Yes?

We have to be careful.

-Is it open?
-Yes, go ahead.

-What is this?

-The doors... A lot of keys.
-Oh, keys!

How many are there? We have 25 right now.

Wait, are these doors too?


So the keys, wait a second.

-How many do you have?
-It's 25.

Wait, so we have to try 25 keys
on each door?

So 25 times

but there are 26, so to try 25 times,
do we multiply by 26?

Wait, what?

-This looks like a warehouse.
-This is C's house?

I guess so.

This is crazy.

What's this?


-Let's go.

But these keys, why are there so many?
What do you think these keys are for?

Is it this way?

What is this?

We have to wear rain boots?

-I wonder what this is.
-I think you can only step on these.

With the yellows, only step
on the yellows.

Wait, why can't we just go?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I...

I apologize...

-So that happens.
-I was mistaken, please forgive me!

-It's Kwang-soo.




We just got here!

-Where are you?
-Where are you?

-We're about to go in.
-At the entrance!

Okay, hurry on in!

I just got hit by the water balloon!


-What are you doing?

Why did you get hit by a water balloon?

-I guess they're on...
-A different path than what we took.

What if their trap only stops
when we escape?

What is going on?

Maybe we have to escape first!

What are you doing right now?

Oh, man, what the...

Why is this happening?

What in the world is...

Why doesn't it stop?

-What is this?
-Yeon-seok! Come back!

I don't think this is it!

-There must be something.
-What the heck?

-What's happening?

We have to get out.
What are you guys doing?

-How do we get across this?
-Maybe we need to go together.

-At the same time?

-Hold on.
-Come on.

You go left, I'll go right.

Oh, this must be it.

You try going first.

-No, I'll move a bit so,

your left foot.

-You have to go here.
-Hold on.

-How do I...
-I'll hold you.

-I got you.
-One, two, three.

Wait a...

Hold onto me!

-I think...
-We can't break apart, we have to hold...

Come here, quickly, come on!

Come here.

-Hold onto me!
-I'm sorry!

Hold on!

We're almost there.
What the heck is this...

-Step! Right foot!

What do you want from us?

What are we supposed to do?


Yeon-seok, go on the blue.

Go on the blue.

-Open the door!
-This wasn't it?

What's the key?

Maybe there's a different way...

Hold on.

-Hold on.

Focus on one door.

Just one door, at a time.

From number one, just...

Did it work?

What? Did it work?




What's "log"?

Isn't it math?

-Should we go once around?

-It opened!
-It did?


-Number 23? That's here.

-I opened one!





I found 121.

This is a plus sign.

Plus... Maybe we have to
calculate something.

An eight over here.


Another one.

Wait, isn't this that, Jae-suk?

-Square root!
-Square root!

Square root...

-What the?


What is that?

Wait, hold on.

There's water down there.

Oh, my.

-It's going to fill up again!
-Oh, no, is it?

Is it that again?

-Oh my god.

We don't have time for this,
we need to solve this quick!


Hey, look at this!

This one is like that one, with the water!

Here too!

-One, two, four...
-What could this all mean?

What are they doing over there?

Are you having fun?

Maybe you should come down.

-Come down.

Put your feet down.

Feet down!

What is this water anyway?

It doesn't seem like it's filling up.

Whoever came up with this,

seriously, just...

This room must have something too.

-There too?

Let's see.

Let us know if you find anything!

What's happening?

-Equals seven!

I think we have to make seven!

-You scared me.
-Using the numbers here

and all this, I think
we have to make it equal seven.

Hold on.

Six plus one.

Why would you do that?

-The square root of 36 is...

-So six.

-So the square root of 36 is 6.
-The square root of 36...

Then plus one is seven!


Square root of four. Square root of...

Square root of thirty-six.

It's 205.

We have to make 7.

It's 98.

What if we added these three up,
as a kind of trick? Would that be...

-It's too lame, right?
-Two plus...

I got it!

-Hold on.

-Thirty-six here.

-It's 36, 90, what?

-You're adding them?
-It's 90 divided by the square root of 36.

-Divide by six?

You divided by six. Then minus...




Ninety divided by root of thirty-six

minus eight!

Is seven!

Open sesame!


-Guess not.
-Then what is it?

Nine, zero, three, six.

-Hold on.

Close them.

Hold on. Wait, this is the password!

If you leave the numbers you'll use...

-And close...
-Close the ones that you don't need.

Yes. keep the doors open
for the numbers that you'll use.

Nine-zero and...

-Square root!
-That's the password.

-This is the password.
-What is?

This door,

the open doors are the password.


The square root.

Square root of 36 is 6,

-then divide...
-Divide by!

-Divide sign and...

-Minus eight!



That was

-You're a genius!

-My head hurts.
-Jae-suk is a genius!

-Brain overload.
-A genius.

You're really good at math!

Not really.

I scored four points.

The seven,

-that was...
-The password.

What's this?

What's this now?

Is this a room?

What is this?

What the heck is this?

What is this?

They are pretty good.

Who does this in their own house?

To keep out intruders.

So you do this?

-Oh, we missed this.
-I know, right?

How do we even do this?

There's one up there too.

We can do this.

Let's do it, seriously.

I'm getting dizzy.

-I'll go first.



-One, two, three!
-Two, three.

I got it.

Fall this way, this way.

And you grab me, okay.

You got it?

-Grab the pole.
-Use the pole.

Use the pole, yes.

This and this.

-Shall we step on this first, then that?
-Two, three!

Got it!

-And this side.
-Turn, one, two, three!


Step on it!


-What the...
-Get it!

-What the heck?
-Get it!

It's here!

-One, two...

I'm over here. You come over here.

Oh, my goodness.

I accidentally kicked you.

I kicked you in the knee, I'm sorry.

-That one.

So I do this

and use the pole

and then you grab the pole.

Wait, hold on.

I'm here.

Don't get too close.

All right, I'm...

I'm going left!

One, two, three!

Then the opposite!

I think we did it.

-We did it!
-Open up please!

-Yes! Okay!
-It opened!

-Go on, Yeon-seok.
-But your back...

I'm fine, you go first.

-No, seriously, go on.

It's not like that.

Go ahead, it's fine. Go.


The ceiling is low.

I don't know...


-Go on, Yeon-seok.
-What are you doing? Come here!


-What the...


What the heck?

What the heck is this?

-Who the hell builds a house like this?


-What about 42?
-Just come over here.

I'll go first.

-Oh, now you want to go first?

-You freaking coward.
-No, I get it now.

I'll go first. I got it.

What the heck is this?

-It doesn't move?
-Laser light!

What's this?

-What did you do?
-What did you touch?

-I don't know.

-I just touched this.


-Move directions...
-You use this

to shoot it there.


-Oh, the mirror.
-Using the mirror,

the reflections.

I think we need to get on the board

like chess pieces
and direct the light to there.

-Get a mirror and get on.

Oh, okay.

-I think there's something.

Damn it.

-Am I too scared?

Hold on.

Wait, this must be the 42 thing.

-It's four digits.

-Is it here?
-I don't think so.

We all have to be chess pieces...


-What are you doing?

-Come in this way!
-Come in!

Our entrance is different.

-You don't have a door?
-We're on different routes.


We're in our fourth room right now
and we're going nuts.

This is a freaking weird house!

What other numbers do we have?

Did we miss a clue?

There is no mystery that cannot be solved.

What? Those are not numbers.
We have to press numbers.

What numbers do we have?

Wait, take it, Sehun, take it.

Take it, Sehun, yes.

So we're all on the board.

So the laser beam has to reflect
on the mirrors we're holding, right?

-All five of us.
-At least once.

-Hold on.
-Jong-min, you're in the way.

Here, I'll use my mirror.

Then to Jae-suk, I think.



Wait! Hold on!

-Is it there?
-Yes, I got it.

-Yes? Wait.

-No, not like that!
-Hold on.

Should I get a little closer?

-Sehun, you...

Yes, reflect it towards me!

-Towards you.

-Come here.

Wait! It's getting there!

Wait, hold on!

-Don't move.
-Don't move!

Don't move!

-Don't move!
-I think it's working!

-Maybe lighter mirrors...

Do you have a password?


None at all?

-Not at all.

Jae-suk, should I tilt up or down?

-No, like...
-No numbers? None?

Tilt it this way...


Work with us too.

They're completely ignoring us.

Let's try up to there.

-Come on. Stay still!
-We'll get to you!

-You're too close...
-Oh, okay.

It works!

-It works!
-Okay, let's go!

Hold on, Kwang-soo, hold on!

-It worked!

-Hold on!
-Got it!

-The monitor...

-It worked!
-It turned on! Yes!

-It turned on!

-Do you see anything?


It's 5942!


Is it 5942?

Or 4952?

-It's 4259.
-Is it 4259?

Four, two, five, nine.

-Four, two, five, nine.
-Yes, 4259!

It was 4259!

What happened?

How many hours has it been?

Why are you soaking wet?

-That freaking...
-The entrance...

This room is weird!

The water balloons! It was so hard.

Anyway, this guy, Mr. C,

what happened to him?

We've been...

What the... They figured it out!


We're finally here.

Why would you make it
this hard to get here?

Yeah, no one will come here.

Oh, it must be here.

Where's K?


Someone's catching flies over there.

Wait, that's the genius scientist...


Mr. C.

He is C!

C is an assistant to our master, K.

-This must be Jeong-tae then.

I think he's a scientist.

He had too many secrets. He's a nutjob.

Slow down.

-It's him!
-It is!

-It is you!
-All day we've been...


-Step back.

Step back.

He must be wary of us.

Who told you to speak?

I'm sorry.

The rumors were true.

-He is weird.
-He is rather weird.

Didn't we go through all that to save him?

-We're his saviors!
-He is a bit...

You have accomplished

every mission I have prepared
and finally arrived here.

You are, no doubt, K's Detectives.

We're K's Detectives?

-Who is K?

The one who gathered us together,
who is it?


-I can't tell you who K is right now.
-What? Why?

This is so frustrating.
I don't know if you know this,

but M died today. Today!

He was murdered.

-M died?

-You didn't know?

if you want to live,

tell us everything, tell us who K is,
tell us honestly

so we can help you!

-Do you want to know?


-was very afraid that criminals
-Murders, serial killers...

-were increasing little by little.
-Criminal activities have been...

Then he came up with an idea.

Guess what it was. You want to know?


K extracted the DNA
of very famous detectives

injected DNA into the necks
of very outstanding people today

in the form of a chip.

Yes, I noticed how everyone...

Yes, everyone had...

He has one.

-You have one too?
-Of course!

I thought you wouldn't.

I'm the same as you guys.

-He has a chip too. Yes.
-Does he?

But after the chips were implanted
in each of you,

a strange error occurred.

I really had no idea that would happen

but then K suddenly ordered me
to completely cancel this Project D!

-What error?
-If he had given me just a bit more time,

I would've been able to fix it!

How? Because I'm a genius scientist!

-What is he talking about?

-One thing's for sure...

Like what his ex-girlfriend said,

I don't think he's in his right mind.


-They all said he was weird.
-He's so...



Hold on.


What chip did I plant

in that guy?



What chip did I implant in that guy again?

-Who is he talking about?


-It looked like it was shot from upstairs,

but they could've pulled from downstairs.

He said when two gunshots go off,
take the catering car and go.

Who? Who said that?

-The young one.

Wait a second, what did I... That's right!

-He's scaring me.
-What's wrong with him?

So if my theory is correct,

-What's going on?
-if I remember correctly...



-Who's he looking at?


And you know there's only one young man
among us.

-Then it has to be Sehun.

How did you get here?



-How did you get here?

How did you get here?


During the blackout...

Some people moved around suspiciously...

You and I were the only ones
who moved excessively.

-But I'm not the culprit.

So what, I'm the culprit?

Why does he have his hand in his pocket?

-What the hell?

-What is this?
-What's happening?

-What is this?
-What is this?

-Hold on, what?
-Wait, what?

What is this?

Do not touch that.

I'll hold onto it, just in case.

Sounds good.

-What's going on?
-Wait, really?

He's really bleeding! What's happening?

It's a forewarned murder.

Beware of those around you.

-Do you see this one says "Number one"?

So the next one is number two.

-Wait, what the...

That was a notice! This was planned!

-What's going on?
-I'm sorry, Kwang-soo.

Oh, and there was that too.
So I went early in the morning.

Someone else was there at that time.

Someone was installing something.

How about a toast?



-Why now?



It seemed like he shot from upstairs...

but they could've pulled from downstairs.

During the blackout!

He said when two gunshots go off,
take the catering truck and go.

Someone young called me.

Take the catering truck and go.

Beware of those around you.


Yeon-seok, was that okay?

Yeon-seok... Where did he go?

-Catch him!

-Shouldn't we...
-Go after him?



-Did he actually leave?

-Get him!


What is that?

-The bike!

He's on the bike, get him!

-Hey you!
-Get him!

-Hey you!
-Get him!

-Hey you!
-Get him!

Get him!

I won't tell you anything right now.

I can't trust you just yet.

Wait, he actually left.

This was a forewarned murder!

-I was with a murderer the whole day?

Did you not check the back of his neck?

-You didn't know?
-Did you not see it?

I think he had the mark though.

He was with you the whole day,
and got hit by water balloons.

Wait. Hold on!
Everyone seems suspicious except for you.

-It really wasn't him. Really.
-What the heck, Yeon-seok!

You didn't know either?
What are you, anyway?

How could I have known?
Of course I didn't know!

-You've done nothing...
-Wait, we shouldn't laugh.

It's not the time for that.


You should've at least told us who K is.

-A call!

Hold on.

-What is going on?
-That was insane.


Hello, detectives. This is K.

Translated by Grace Kim