Buried in the Backyard (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - In the Name of the Father - full transcript

After a construction worker finds human remains in the backyard of a farmhouse, a 15-year missing person's case is re-opened.

In August 1989,

a construction
worker cleaning up

a Florida backyard unearths
a gruesome discovery.

I came across bones.

Human bones.

- The
human remains set off

a baffling 15 year
missing person's case.

- He says I can't
solve that case,

but that man is my father.

- He said he has a noose
hanging in his bedroom.

- Who is
hiding a deadly secret?

- How bizarre.

This man's adopted
him out of the blue?

- He was so hell
bent on pulling off

the perfect murder
that they found

the right person to do it.

- And will
justice finally be served?

- What happened was one of the

biggest surprises in this case.

- On a sultry
summer day in southern Florida,

construction workers
are tirelessly cleaning

out debris from the
backyard of an old farmhouse

to make way for a
big new box store.

- The backyard looked like it
has been abandoned for years.

You know, a lot of
brush, you know,

a lot of wooden pieces
sticking out of the ground

and you can tell no one's
touched it in a long time.

- After a sweaty
morning of hard work,

Frank Toledo and his cousin

decide they deserve
a short break.

- My cousin decided you
know, he wanted to play.

He picks up this wild watermelon
and he threw one at me.

I reached down and grabbed
one and threw one back

and this went on
for a couple seconds

before I finally realized that

the melon I just
picked up had something

attached to it that
didn't seem right.

- Frank bends
down to take a closer look

and what he sees
gives him a chill

that cuts right through
the sweltering heat.

- And I can see fingers
are attached to the vines,

and I say to my
cousin, look at this.

These look like bones.

I've played in
backyards before I

had never seen
nothin' like that.

- By now,
Frank and his cousin

have drawn the
attention of their boss.

- He had said to me
that back in the day,

this was probably
some chicken farm

and I have definitely
eaten a lot

of chicken in my life and
know what a chicken bone

looks like and that definitely
was not a chicken bone.

Something in my heart said no,

something's not
right about this.

- Unable
to shake the feeling,

Frank calls the Miramar
Police Department.

Within the hour, the backyard
is crawling with officers.

There's no telling what
other grim discoveries await.

One by one, they
start finding bones.

Human bones.

- They were pulling
out like a femur.

They had pulled out a rib piece

and the one officer
said if we had

the head we'd have
the whole body.

- The police called in the
medical examiners office

because the first
determination needed

to be is this
possibly a homicide?

- For detectives
the question remains,

who has been so grossly
discarded in this

- It's disgraceful that
someone would actually

take another person's
human life like that.

- It doesn't
take long for word

of the grisly discovery
behind an abandoned farmhouse

to spread through the
small town of Miramar.

- You got to remember that this

was in 1980's in south Florida,

and especially since a
lot of the importation

of drugs came through
the Everglades,

it was not unusual to find
corpses in the Everglades.

However, in the middle of a
backyard was very unusual,

especially in an
area of the county

that was really
being developed as

a family friendly neighborhood.

- The team
begins the gruesome task

of examining the
bones hoping they

will tell what
this victim cannot.

- This is pre DNA.

So, the method of
detection at that time

was forensic anthropology and
there's a tremendous amount

of information that
can be gleaned based on

the condition of the teeth
and things of that nature.

- Without a skull,

investigators can't
match dental records.

And while the bones don't tell

investigators how
the victim died,

they do speak volumes about
who this person might be.

- There are certain
bones in the body

which give a lot of information.

If you have the femur bone you
can tell somebody's height.

Obviously women are made for
childbearing, have wider hips.

So forensic anthropology tells

us that these bones were male.

Also, the femur
bone told us that

this was somebody who
was over six foot.

- What's more,

it appears this man
wasn't recently buried.

- The analysis
indicated there was

some staining on the bones that

you get from the amount of time

that it's exposed
to the elements,

and from that the
conclusion was that

the bones had been
there for a few years.

- It seemed like it was a full
fledged crime now, you know?

I wondered who those
bones they were

and the type of
person that he was

and what he meant to
his family and friends.

- Figuring
out who fell prey

to such an inhumane burial
will not be an easy task.

- At the time, there was
not the actual databases

or information sharing
between cities.

When Miramar Police
found these bones,

they considered
whether or not there

were any people that
were missing from

But there was no
clear indication

of any matching missing persons.

The case went cold for years,

and the bones sat on a shelf at

the medical examiners office
as an unexplained homicide.

- It's
nearly 15 years later

and one town away when cold
case detective Donna Velazquez

gets her first assignment at

the Pembroke Pines
Police Department.

- My chief decided
that he wanted to start

a dedicated missing
person's unit.

He came to me with a bankers box

and had dropped it on
my desk and he goes,

see what you can do with this.

- The detective's

first case is a complicated one.

- David Jackson had been
missing since June of 1988,

so that is 15 years that
I'm behind the eight ball.

I had never ever
heard of David Jackson

or David Jackson being missing.

So I made a vision board
with David's initial flyer

that the police department
made and a rendition

of possibly what he looked
like 15 years older,

and I put it above
my desk to remind me

that every single
day when I came in

that I needed to try to
do something that day

to work on the case to
try to move it forward.

- Before
Velazquez has

a chance to dig
into this mystery,

the most astonishing
thing happens.

- The Explorers are
a group of teenagers

who come to the
police department

and shadow police
officers in hopes

of one day becoming police
officers themselves.

Every Tuesday night they would

have meetings at the
police department.

- On
this Tuesday night,

one of the teens
is casually walking

through the office
when he comes to

a dead stop right in
front of Velazquez's desk.

- He points to my
visionary board,

and he says I can't
solve that case,

but I can tell you who that is.


He says, that man is my father.

They found a noose that
was hanging in his bedroom.

- The person who I would've
liked to most hear from,

was unfortunately dead.

- Pembroke Pines
Detective Donna Velazquez

has just been
handed the unsolved

missing person's case
of David Jackson.

Now, in a bizarre coincidence,

a police intern spots
a photo of David

and makes a shocking claim.

- The stunned teen

introduces himself
as John Wolfe.

He was only five years old
when his dad disappeared.

- I asked him, what do
you know about your dad?

And he said, I don't
remember much at all.

- John's memory of

his dads mysterious
disappearance is hazy.

But his grandmother, Judy
Winthrop is still living

with the painful memories when

she gets the call
about David's case.

- My son calls me and says you
better sit down.

So I sat down and he said that

the detectives had
reopened the case,

and that I had to
give her a call.

- When I first met Judy,
it made me more determined

as an investigator
to wanna find out

what happened to her son
because I'm a mom myself.

I can't imagine living that long

and not knowing what
happened to your child.

I needed to know exactly
what was goin' on

in David's life at the
time of his disappearance.

- As difficult as
it is for this heartbroken mom,

Judy walks the detective
back through David's

initial missing person's
case 15 years earlier.

In the summer of 1988, Judy is
expecting her son to stop by.

- He was supposed to come
over and pick up some mail

and he was going
to use our truck.

We're gone all that day and when

we got home the
mail was still on

the counter and he
never used the truck.

- So
Judy calls her son

but gets his roommate who hasn't

seen David since
the previous night.

- His roommate said,
David gets a phone call.

So David gets a
shower and he left.

- He tells his roommate,

I'm gonna be gone for a
little while but I'll be back.

And he never came back.

His roommate thought
that he hooked up

with a girl and
he wasn't worried.

- David's roommate

may not be worried but Judy is.

She's a loving mom who's son
is unusually out of touch.

- I just knew that
it wasn't good.

It wasn't good at all.

So, we went into
the Pembroke Pines

Florida Police Department
with pictures of him

so we could put in a
missing person report.

- The following
day, investigators arrive

at David's apartment
hoping to find

some answers for
a heartsick mom.

- His roommate said that
David said he was going out.

He had cigarettes and that's
the last anybody ever heard.

- With
keen and curious eyes,

investigators take a look around

and soon make a most
disturbing discovery.

- They found a noose that
was hanging in his bedroom.

At the time of
David's disappearance,

David had a lot of personal
issues going on in his life.

He was divorced,
his ex wife took

the child and
abruptly moved away.

So, he did have a lot
of things goin' on

that possibly could
depress somebody.

- Their first concern,
they said he has

a noose hanging in his bedroom.

I said he loves country stuff.

We all love to ride horses.

They said well maybe
he committed suicide.

I said he has a
son that he loves.

He has a mother and brothers
and sisters that he loves.

He's not gonna commit suicide.

That is not who David is.

And there was no
way, no way in hell.

- According
to his family,

David hasn't been
this happy in awhile.

- David was looking
forward to his son,

Johnny was coming to visit him
for the entire month of July,

and he had put in for
almost the entire month off.

- Detectives
trace every road

that might unravel this
mystery and leaf them to David.

- David had not gone to
work, had not phoned in.

- There was no indication
of him or anybody else

using his identity or
credit information.

- Judy would call the
detective and say, what's new?

Have you found out
anything different?

What, how are you
moving the case forward?

And each time they would say
we don't have any new leads

and they never found
anything whatsoever.

- The
weeks pass painfully

for David's distraught family.

Then three months into
the investigation,

detectives are surprised
with an unforeseen lead

when an officer at the
Fort Lauderdale airport

notices a car collecting dust.

- One of the sheriff's
office deputies decided

to run the tag and
it comes back a hit

that this car belongs
to David Jackson.

Investigators are hopeful

they'll finally
find the evidence

they need to solve David's case.

- The vehicle had been
totally wiped down

leaving no fingerprints at all.

I would've expected to have

found David's fingerprints
on his own car.

And the investigators felt that

the vehicle was taken to
the Fort Lauderdale airport

to mislead or to misguide
the investigators.

When you do something like that

you distance yourself
from the crime.

And that leads me
to believe that

you know the person and
you know them intimately.

During the initial

there honestly was not much that

a detective could do without
any definitive leads.

- In the months
after his disappearance,

David's family is desperate
to keep his case alive.

- We constantly were
looking for David.

Faces, cars, everything.

Any sign.

We just looked for any sign.

I went to every place
you could think of.

I called everybody and said if

you hear from him
have him call me.

When I took a trip, in every
restroom I'd leave flyers.

And I said please
help a mother's pain.


- All of the investigators
information lead them nowhere.

- Now, 15 years
later Detective Donna Velazquez

hopes to breathe life
back into David's case

with the help of David's mom
and now teenage son Johnny.

- I was very
excited for his help

and his willingness
to participate.

He was invested in wantin' to
know what happened to his dad.

- The strange thing
is that we both said

almost at the same
time that God did

not reopen this case
to give me no answers.

We're going to have answers.

- Velazquez
has an idea and turns

to a tool investigators
didn't have in 1988.

- I searched the Florida
unidentified decedents database

which had only been in
existence for 18 months.

The database prompts me into
when was the person last seen?

How tall was the person?

Was it a male, was it a female?

So I enter my
criteria for David.

Standing out to me was a
male over six foot tall

and his remains had been
buried in a backyard

in the city of Miramar
which is one city south

of the city of Pembroke Pines.

And I thought to myself, this
just can't be a coincidence.

- Velazquez needs
DNA from David's mom Judy,

but doesn't want to give a
distraught mother false hope.

- I wanna tread lightly but,

I'm not gonna be able to move
forward unless I have the DNA.

So, I said to Judy,
I said listen,

we're just gonna do a
simple prick of your finger

and we're gonna
store your DNA just

in the event that if anything
pops up in the future,

I will have it for comparison.

Two weeks later I
speak to the doctor,

and she says well I sure
hope you're sittin' down.

I said why?

She says 'cause the
results change everything.

- It's been
nearly 15 years since

the gruesome discovery
of human remains

in the backyard of an old
farm in Miramar, Florida.

Suspecting she's
on to a huge break,

Detective Donna Velazquez
is about to learn

whether the bones
belonged to David Jackson.

- I haven't slept all night
'cause I'm waitin' to hear.

She says you got a 100% match.

- For so long,

David's whereabouts has
been a tragic mystery.

- And I'm thinking
whatever shred of hope

this family held onto for
all of these years is gone.

And that's gonna
come out of my mouth.

I looked across at Judy,

and I said to her, we have
identified David's remains.

She broke down of course.

- To put remains to someone
in their background,

cover them up and walk away,

and live your life as
if nothing's happened,

I don't understand it.

But I just thanked her because
I finally got my son back.

- Now, we're moving forward from

a missing persons case
to a homicide case.

Everybody has a story,

and David's family
will be instrumental

in helping Velazquez
understand David's.

- We sat for hours just
going over who David was,

what he was about, his goals,
what was important to him.

That helped me move the
investigation forward.

- The police wanted to know who

might've hurt David in some way.

- From
the time David was

a freckled faced kid his mom
knew he was going places.

- He wanted to
start working when

he was like 10 years old
'cause he wanted a bike.

So he delivered
newspapers and then

in high school he got a job
at a fast food restaurant.

- I started workin' at
the fast food restaurant

and we became close friends.

David was a true professional.

To be that young,

and one of the mangers,
he was very smart.

- The teen ran a
tight ship wearing one uniform

by day and another
when he clocked out.

- David was as
country as they came.

He he wore boots,
he had a nice big belt.

He always wore nice shirts.

He had a killer cowboy hat.

- David worked
hard and played hard.

He loved hard too.

- One of his employees,
Barbara Britton,

she was 17 at the time and they

both took a liking
to each other.

- I knew somethin'
was gonna happen

because it was special to see

and everyone around
us knew it too.

- They'd been dating for awhile

and one day they said
they wanted to talk to me

and they said that
Barbara was pregnant.

And I said okay, what do
you plan to do about it?

And they decided they
wanted to get married.

- There's
just one little

problem for the happy couple.

Barbara's parents.

- Barbara's family
was very strict.

The mother was very quiet
like a Stepford wife,

very poised, very
watchful of what she says.

The father was a military man
and you followed his orders.

- Barbara's
father is none too happy

when he hears his 17 year
old daughter wants to wed.

But eventually he gives
in to Barbara's pleas.

- Her father walked
Barbara down the aisle.

It was beautiful
and then he handed

her off to David which of
course I started crying.

But they both looked
absolutely gorgeous.

- To the
surprise of everyone,

the wedding bliss
is short lived,

and by the time their
perfect son Johnny is born,

the once loving relationship
is severely strained.

- David wanted the
baby in his life.

That was all he
ever talked about,

was bein' in John's
life and teachin'

him things and
bein' there for him.

- Just a few
months after Johnny is born,

Barbara shocks David by
telling him she's done.

She wants a divorce.

David is crushed.

- David did not
want the divorce.

He wanted to really try
to make the marriage work

but every time he tried she'd

be upset about
something else again.

- Two
years to the day

of their beautiful
church wedding,

David and Barbara stoically
sign their divorce papers.

- I know David loved her 'til
the day that he disappeared.

- Barbara
quickly moves on,

meeting and marrying
Michael Wolfe,

a man 20 years her senior.

- He was in the service.

That's why her dad liked him.

Barbara told David
that she was moving

to Arizona 'cause she
had gotten married.

And she was gonna
be bringing John.

- David is devastated

his son will be
across the country,

but this devoted
dad is over the moon

when he gets some
fantastic news.

- And he fought and
fought and fought,

he finally got the summer of '88

that he could have John
at his house for a month.

David just vanished
right before John's visit

and it seemed like
such a coincidence.

- In a bizarre twist,

David's now 19 year old son
John Wolfe is a police intern

with the Pembroke Pines
Police Department.

And he's just learned
the bones found years ago

in a Miramar backyard
belong to his dad.

- John indicated to me
when he was five years old,

his step father Michael
Wolfe had adopted him.

I started delving into the fact

that John was adopted five
months after David disappeared.

I begin to think
why in the world,

would you allow
your current husband

to adopt your son
five months after

his biological
father goes missing,

because how do you know
that he's not comin' back?

- It's been 15
years since David Jackson

was so crudely disposed of in

the backyard of
an old farmhouse.

Now in stunning twist,
David's son Johnny reveals

that mere months after
hid dad disappeared,

his stepdad inexplicably
adopted him.

- He said when I
went home last night,

I went and told my mom you're
not gonna believe this.

He says I'm so excited.

They're opening my dads
missing person case.

- And she says, that case
was closed a long time ago

and they need to leave it alone.

I said how do you
feel about that?

I said, what did
that mean to you?

- He says that tells me she

knows more than
what she's sayin'.

I asked John, so
that we can move

this forward and
know what happened,

would you wear a wire
and go talk to your mom?

He said,


- I'm all set.

We're ready to go
up on the wire,

and the next thing I know,
I get a call and he's like,

I just didn't think
it was gonna work

and I would rather her come
here and speak her truth.

I looked over at my
sergeant and I was like,

we are not prepared for this.

- Detective Velazquez

quickly comes up with a plan B,

deciding to pay an
unannounced visit

to Barbara Britton to
sus out the situation.

- We are sitting at the dining
room table and I say to her,

well we have identified
David's remains.

She said what are
you talkin' about?

Where did you find him and
how many bones do you have?

I think that's very
strange because

she should be sayin' thank God,

my son is finally
gonna have the answers

that he needs as to what
happened to his father.

That never came outta her mouth.

- The detectives
radar instantly goes up

and her intuition
tells her Barbara may

be the key to this

- And after about
20 minutes with

her protesting that
she needs to go,

she doesn't know anything,

I thought this
is not gonna be good.

This is not gonna
work out the way

that I needed it to work out.

So, now we had to re-group

and decide where
do we go from here?

How do we move forward?

I decided to investigate David's
stepfather Michael Wolfe.

Michael Wolfe was a
military police officer.

He had been married seven times.

He lived in Ohio.

So my sergeant flies
out to Kettering, Ohio.

- Michael Wolfe was
emphatic that he

had nothing to do with
David's disappearance.

- I had nothing to do with it.

I had nothing to do with it.

It's not me.

I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

- But it was obvious to
me that Michael Wolfe

knew a great deal more
about how David Jackson

disappeared then
he was letting on.

- And after
hours of questioning,

Michael finally gives
up some stunning news

about Barbara's father, Harry.

- Michael told the
investigators in Ohio,

that Harry approached him with
the idea of killing David.

- He said Harry and I
met at a park in Miramar

five or six months prior
to David's disappearance

and the discussion came up
where Harry asked Michael,

do you know of any hit men?

Because I want David taken out.

- Micheal described
to the officers

that he did not think
that Harry was serious.

That he thought that
this was a joke.

- He just said that if it had

been Harry must've
done it on his own.

- If Wolfe is
a liar he's a good one

but it will be
hard for detectives

to confirm Harry's
side of the story.

- The person who
I would've liked

to most hear from
was Harry Britton.

Harry was dead.

- Harry died in 1996, so at
this point in the investigation

I'm very limited as to the
information that I can get.

That just made me more driven,

more dogged to not ever
take no for an answer.

Somethin' about Michael Wolfe

just didn't sit right with me.

- What secrets could

this former military
police officer be hiding?

- I wanna know if he's ever had

any federal fire arms licenses.

I found out that he in fact had
two in the state of Florida.

I go through and I find a female

that he has sold a
weapon to by the name

of Nancy Graham and
Nancy Graham shares

the exact same address
as Michael Wolfe.

So I start to think
maybe is it an ex wife?

Maybe it is an ex girlfriend?

I need to find her.

I called her and I told
her I'm Detective Velazquez

with the city of Pembroke Pines.

I said, do you
know Michael Wolfe?

And she said yes.

She says Michael
Wolfe was my husband

after he divorced Barbara.

- Detective Velazquez could
tell in Nancy Graham's voice

that Nancy Graham wanted
to tell the story.

Sure enough, Nancy
Graham said I've

been waiting for this
call for 10 years.

- In dogged pursuit

of information on Michael Wolfe,

cold case detective
Donna Velazquez

has just tracked
down a key witness,

one of Wolfe's ex wives after
he and Barbara divorced.

- Nancy Graham said that
while we were married,

we would drink a lot
and that Michael Wolfe

would tell her about the
disappearance of David Jackson.

- On one
particularly drunken night,

the deadly truth surges
out of Michael's mouth.

- She said that Michael
had committed the murder.

When I asked why
she never called

the police she said that she was

hoping Michael would
admit it himself.

Donna Velazquez came in and said

do you think we
have probable cause?

And I said I think that we do.

I think that it's time
to make an arrest.

- In October of 2004,

Detective Velazquez
delights in arresting Wolfe

for the murder of David Jackson.

- Michael Wolfe?

He said yes.

I said I've had the
distinct pleasure

of investigating this case
for the past 16 months,

a case that you've
been running from

for the past 16 years and
I'm damn glad to meet ya.

- In
November of 2007,

Michael Wolfe stands trial for
the murder of David Jackson.

- Looking at him
in the courtroom,

all I wanted to do was
hurt him as bad as I could.

That's all I wanted to do.

- After
a week long trial,

it takes the jury
less than 45 minutes

to decide Michael
Wolfe is guilty

of murdering David Jackson.

He's sentenced to
life in prison.

- It was a miracle
after all those years,

that finally someone was
gonna pay for killing David.

It was such a relief that
we finally had someone,

that we had answers.

That's the thing,
finally had answers.

- Just when the
mystery appears to be solved,

the astonishing truth
about what really happened

to David Jackson is
about to be revealed.

- So, about two days later I get

a call from Michael
Wolfe's defense attorneys

and they say that he
wants to come in and talk.

He said that he didn't want to
go down alone for the murder.

He wanted us to know the truth
about what had taken place.

He said that he was
not the mastermind.

Michael Wolfe said
that from the beginning

of the relationship he
had with Barbara Britton,

it was sorta the
family story that David

was a very bad father, that
he was abusive to Johnny.

They decided that David
couldn't have custody of him

and that he would
have to be killed.

And that Barbara and
her father made a plan.

- Michael and Barbara
flew in from Arizona

using assumed names
so that it could

never be tracked back to them.

- Michael Wolfe said by the
time they had gotten here,

Harry Britton had
set everything up.

He had located the motel.

He had dug a hole for the body.

He had even
purchased a taser gun

that Barbara could use to
disable David so that Michael

could shoot him and
everything was set to go.

- They had Barbara
make a phone call

to David to get him
to come to the hotel

because they knew that David
was still in love with Barbara

and she was misguiding
him and misleading him

into thinking that
she wanted to get

back together with him so that

they could raise John
together as a family.

- Michael said that Barbara
told David where she was.

He went and bought a six pack,

and shows up at
the door and knocks.

- Barbara answers the door.

David walks in and he sits down

on the edge of the
bed and Barbara's task

was to hit David
with a stun gun.

But for some reason, the
stun gun malfunctions.

- Now Michael Wolfe comes
out of the bathroom,

David is stunned,
there's a moment where

he's confused and
says what's going on?

And then he was shot.

- Harry being outside
hears the shot go off,

comes running in and said,
he's still breathing.

You need to shoot him again.

Michael shoots him a
second time in the head

in the same strategic location.

David stops breathing.

And then they proceed to
wrap him with a blanket

and put him in the back
of Harry's vehicle.

Michael Wolfe said that,

David's body was taken out
to West Broward, to Miramar.

They picked this
particular location

because Harry was
so familiar with it.

He knew that this
would be an area

that nobody would be
likely to dig up the bones.

And so David was buried in
the backyard of this farm.

Then one of them drove
David's car someplace,

they kept it for about six weeks

and then took it to the airport.

And then they went home and

basically life
went on as normal,

and that there was
no discussion of it.

They got on the plane.

They went back to Arizona.

- Michael Wolfe may
have been the foot soldier,

but it's clear to
investigators Harry

and his daughter hatched
the whole evil plan.

- What happened
to Barbara was one

of the biggest
surprises in this case.

- In a twist
no one saw coming,

Michael Wolfe has just
admitted he didn't act alone

in the senseless murder
of David Jackson.

But can investigators now
prove Barbara Britton,

David's ex wife is
his partner in crime?

- We found clear evidence of
a custody battle over Johnny.

I was able to speak to
David's family attorney,

one who was helping him
try to regain custody

and he told me that
it was very clear

to him that David was in danger.

That he really felt Barbara's
father Harry Britton was evil.

Barbara and her father
had purposefully

set up Michael Wolfe
to commit this crime.

It appears that they
were so hell bent

on pulling off
the perfect murder

that they found the
right person to do it,

and they did everything
that was necessary

even including having
Michael fall in love with her

and her marrying him and keeping

that control over
him and it worked.

Michael felt that if
he didn't go along

with everything
that Barbara wanted

or her father wanted
that she would leave him.

He was smitten with her.

She was 20 years younger.

The critical fact was that
when they went back to Arizona,

Barbara demanded that
Michael adopt her son

and as soon as he did
that she left him.

- Two months after
Michael Wolfe's confession,

a grand jury charges
Barbara Britton

with first degree murder.

- When they arrested
Barbara, I was elated.

I was so happy
because I knew her

and her father were definitely
behind David's killing.

The only thing I wanted to hear

was that she was a felon
and going to end up in hell.

- Will there
finally be justice for David

and time behind
bars for Barbara?

- She plead out to
accessory after the fact.

And she had to
admit in open court

that she made the phone
call, that lured David.

- I looked up and I said God
and David, we have justice.

We finally have them in prison.

Her prison is just
living every day.

That is her prison.

I hope she rots,
and rots and rots.

- I mean there's 1,000
scenarios that we

can play in our heads
but we never really

would've thought there
would've been somebody

that close to David to do
somethin' that violent.

- Because
of pleading to

the simple charge of
accessory after the fact,

Barbara is sentenced
to just two years

of house arrest and
eight years of probation.

Small solace for
a grieving family.

- And when it comes to
justice being served

for Barbara I feel that

Wolfe is on this side
of the jail cell,

Barbara should be lookin'
right across at him.

- Barbara is a sociopath.

She will get anything she wants.

She did all through
their marriage.

She did it after the marriage
and until David was dead,

she wasn't gonna be satisfied.

- Today,
Barbara is a free woman

and despite everything
she and her son John

still share a relationship.

- It was probably
hard on John having

to come to terms with
the fact that his mom,

his grandfather
and his stepfather

were all involved in
the homicide of his

- Judy's heart is
heavy for all that's been lost,

and yet David is with
her finally and always.

- It took about two years for me

to get the point that
I could cremate him.

The woman that was
at the funeral home,

she had a bracelet on and I
said I love your bracelet

and she said I have
my sons ashes in it

and she said he was
24, same age as David.

And I said I have to
have the bracelet.

So in this bracelet
is David's ashes,

and his and my birthstone
so he's always with me.

I never have to worry about he's

not comin' home
'cause he's home now.

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more information