Breeders (2020–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - No More Part Two - full transcript

It's good of Ava
to check on Jim.

- It's two buses away.
- She's a good girl.

She's still very sad
about her friend, you know.

No, I know. Yeah.

And about you, Paul.

She feels she's let you down.

And she wants
to make things right.

Fix everyone.

Like she's helping out Jim.

It's getting
busier and busier and busier.

Remember, you have, of course,
got the opportunity

to order on our website,
check everything out because...

Okay, well, one way
she can fix things with me

is by agreeing to retake
that entrance exam.

- Paul!
- Needs to be resolved.

- It has been resolved.
- Has it? Brilliant.

And there's me, thinking it's
still looming over our heads

like a fucking zeppelin.

More toast, Jackie?

Oh, no thanks, Love. No.

That is very filling bread,
with all them bits in it.


Have you thought any more about
what you might do next, Mum?

Where you might wanna live?

Well, I can't be here
forever, love.

- Ava needs her privacy, I know.
- Mm-hmm.

I was thinking about going
to stay with Bob and Lynn.

Right. Lynn's got
really bad dementia.

Well, I could help Bob out.

He might like the company
of someone who's not demented.

I suppose he would,

but it's not really
a long-term plan, is it?

- Well, I'm not thinking long-term, am I?
- Mm-hmm.

All I can think about now

is that I can't
go back to your dad.

That's it.

- I'm sorry, Paul.
- Mm.

- I'm gonna go for me walk.
- All right, Mum.

Right. Al, we need
a plan for her.

This can't go on much longer.


Ally, can we talk about
all of this?

'Cause there's this, um...
fog of tension?

And God knows
whatever else between us.

I don't know how
we're gonna get past this...

You could start
by apologizing.

What for? Do you...
Is this about Gabby?

'Cause I told you
we were mates.

- Yeah, bullshit!
- I'm so angry!

Jacob's found out
that Ruby is in the band,

and he says I have
to make a choice.

It's him or her.

Who the fuck
does he think he is?

He can't tell you
who to be friends with.

- Right.
- Mm. Imagine that.

Are you two having an argument?

No, it's fine.

You know, the more I think about it,
the angrier it makes me.

- I mean, who's Jacob to order me about?
- Exactly.

Telling me what to do.
You know what? Fuck him!

- Oi, oi! Oi.
- Hey! Oi.

Look, I'll make you some

and we can
talk about it, yeah?

Yes. Thank you.

Where's Granny and Ava?

Uh, Granny's out for a walk.

Ava's gone
to check on Granddad.

Have you been to see
your grandad this morning?

Not yet.

He won't mind
waiting, though.

I had to come and...
talk to you.

I-I was really nervous, but...

...had to come to see you.

Well, here we are.

I am so incredibly sorry, Grace.

I just had to tell you that
face to face.

And I have.

So... I will go.

Do you... think
you'll retake the exam...

so you can get into St. Margaret's
for Year Eight?

I don't know.

Maybe if I knew we could still
be friends outside of school,

I might stay at Corfield.

You're a genius, so...

whichever school
you go to, you'll do great.


And, yes, we can
still be friends.


Well, you're still allowed to be
a little bit angry with me.

Okay. I'll stay
a bit angry with you.

I said he needs to come here
and talk about it.

I was very unemotional
and straight. No anger.

- Good.
- Well done, love.

I'm just gonna
pop on my headphones

- and practice for a bit, if that's okay.
- Yeah, of course.

I'll get it.


Hey. Hey, hey,
hey, hey. Look.


I'm sorry that I didn't
tell you about Gabby.

Of course I can see
how it might look.

How it might look
or how it actually was?

- Ohh. Could we...
- Hi.

Sorry. Just here
for my phone.

Left it in the car last night
like an idiot.

Here you go.

I hope you mooned the camera
and sent it to all my contacts.

Of course.
How was the rest of the party?

Great. Actually, um,
do you remember Gabby?

- I remember Gabby.
- Uh, well...

she and I went for a late drink
afterwards at my club.

Did you?
That's brilliant.

Just for an hour or so,
but, wow, she is amazing.

I don't think I've met anyone
quite like her.

I mean, she knocked me
off my feet, to be honest.

Off your feet. Goodness.

Actually, I was wondering
if you guys

had any intel on her.

You know, what's she likes,
doesn't like, uh...

Does she enjoy
the theater, sailing,

Rugby Union,
Middle Eastern food?

I'd love to see her again.

- Paul...
- Yeah?

- You got any intel on Gabby?
- No.

She was saying you guys hung out
quite a bit when you were at Leah's.

And I absolutely get
what you see in her.

Not "see" in her.
Saw in her.

Oh, no.
That sounds wrong, too.

Uh, it's not really a good
time for all this, actually.

No? Really?

'Cause it feels like it's
the optimum time to me, Paul.

It's just me, Granddad.

Sorry I'm late.

Is the TV meant to be on?

It's so gentle.
It's so, so gentle.

I'll make you some tea!

Can you hear yourself?

Loud and fucking clear,

but can you hear me, Paul?

You fancy Gabby.
Admit it.

- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.

Of course you do.
She's exactly your type.

She's more your type
than I am.

No, she's a laugh, Ally.
She's just a laugh.

And we could all do with
a laugh, couldn't we? Jesus.

Well, that is the other
side of it, isn't it?

- What's that?
- She's a laugh!

She's uncomplicated!

Your life back here is
as complicated as all fuck

and pretty low on LOLs,
but when you and Gabby

are up to your fucking
Brief Encounterbullshit,

you're a thousand miles away!

- Shall I let myself out?
- Sit down!

You have got this
so wrong, Ally.

- Have I?
- She's a friend! All right?

Just a frie... Just like
Darren is your friend.

I tell you what. If it
makes it less weird for you,

the four of us can go out
for a drink, and you will see...

Less weird?!
Jesus fucking Christ, Paul!

You're tea's brewing,

Granddad, are you okay?


This Gabby thing
is just a symptom

of you not fully wanting
to be at home.

I ca... I feel like I have been
doing everything on my own.

- Oh, no, come on. Everything?
- No, I have. I have. Yes.

So I've been doing nothing.
Is that what you're saying?

I've just been sitting
at home, pleasing myself?

'Cause it hasn't
fucking felt like that.

I have lost control
of everything.

Of my health, the kids,
my job, my finances.

You didn't support me.

- I have been supporting you!
- No, you haven't.

- Okay.
- Not enough. You have not done enough.


Well, what's the fucking point
of us being together then?

Leave it.

- It's Ava.
- Okay, give it.



- Calm down.
- What is it?

Cal... All right, calm down.
What's happened?

Can we call Jackie? Will she
have her mobile with her?

I've just tried. She never
turns the fucking thing on.

Only uses it for emergencies.

Presumably, she'll be close by.
Could drive around and look for her.

Yeah, that would be great. Luke, can
you stay here in case Granny comes home?

- Of course. Um, how ill is Granddad?
- Uh, we don't know.

It's hard to make sense of what
Ava was saying.

He's unconscious, but he's
still alive, all right?

Good luck.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey. It's all right.

- Come on. It's all right.
- Oh...

- It's all my fault.
- Of course it isn't.

I was late.
I went to go see

Grace before going to Granddad's.

If he dies, it's my fault.

It's not your fault, Ava.
Hey, listen to me.

It's really, really not.
You rescued him.

You're the hero here, okay?

- Right. I'm gonna find out who we need to speak to, okay?
- Yeah.

Temperature okay
for you, Jackie?

Yeah, nice and warm, thanks.

I like it pretty
toasty in town,

but a fair bit cooler
on the motorway.

Always a fear
that you might drop off.

Yeah, you don't want that.

Mother's in Somerset,
and there's sections of the M5

that feel like you're being read
a bedtime story in a hammock.

By a hypnotist.

He's not dead,
is he, Darren?

No. No.

Th-They would have called.

- They might have texted you.
- No, my phone's set up

to read out texts
through the car speakers, so...

- Mm. Clever.
- Yeah.

Although I wouldn't really want

a computerized voice

suddenly telling me
Jim's dead.


Um, all right, let's get you
to the hospital, shall we?

Listen, if you need
to go to the hospital,

my dad can take you.

There's enough people there.

There's nothing
I can do, really,

- so I'll just stay here.
- Yeah. Holding the fort.

- I'm pretty angry at you, Jacob.
- I know.

You do not have the right to
tell me who I can be friends with.

I'm sorry. I know
I'm being unreasonable.

Ruby broke my heart, and...

it just feels weird that
you two are such close friends.

Well, we're not friends.
More... well, colleagues, really.

I think I could just about
stand it if you and Ruby

are only mates...
Nothing else happening?

No, no, we're just...
We'll just be band mates.

Okay. Cool.

So, you and me,
still friends?

Yeah, of course.

- Coffee?
- Yes, please.

I also brought some
chocolate liqueurs,

- if I can tempt you.
- Mmm.

Maybe take your mind
off things.

I'd particularly recommend
the cognac.

Oh, lovely.

We'll keep him
under observation,

but for the moment
he's stable.

He'll need
his pajamas brung in.

I can sort that.

Not the stripey ones.
They gape.

Okay. Um, ab... about what
happened, what Dad did or didn't do,

can you tell us
whether there's any...

Jim says, and we
on the care team also feel,

that this was an act
of confusion

rather than one
of deliberate self-harm.

- And he didn't leave a note, so...
- Nothing was found.

Will there be someone
able to be with Jim

once he's sent home?


- Yeah, we'll... we'll sort something out.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Come on.

We don't wanna
tire you out, Jim.

Oh, don't worry.

If I get too tired,
I'll give the secret signal...

which is me
falling fast asleep.

What time is it?



I'm all over the shop
with the time.

Well, I'm not surprised,
after what you've been through.

I must have done some mad
pill-popping last night.

But I don't remember.

I was very confused.

It's scary to be
that out of control.

Brain away with the fairies.

I must have thought I needed
to take my pills,

took them, then I forgot,

so I took them again.

And on and on.

Okay, I'm gonna go
and check in with Paul,

- and then I'm gonna get this one home.
- Okay, love.

- All right, I'll see you in a bit.
- Okay, bye.

I found your note,

- I didn't leave a note.
- I haven't told anyone.

'Cause... I thought Granny
would be more likely

to come back to you
if she thought...

this was an accident.

I don't know
what you found, Ava,

but it wasn't a note.

I know what you did.

I need to take
some more blood, Jim.

Nurse Dracula back again.

There was a fair bit of garlic
in that soup I had before,

so mind out.

I'm gonna go.
See you later, Granddad.

- Um, excuse me.
- Thanks.

Um, you're looking after
Jim Worsley, aren't you?

Yeah, I'm heading up
his care team.

Hi, I'm Ava,
his granddaughter.

I think he took an overdose

What makes you
think that, Ava?

He left a note. I found it,
and I haven't told anyone,

but I think
I need to tell someone

just in case
he tries it again.

Absolutely. Do you have
the note with you?

Yes. I do.

These are instructions
for how to set the timer

on a central heating boiler.

I know. And Granny's never
learned how it works,

and Granddad's always saying
he'll have to teach her

before he dies
or she'll freeze to death.

You don't think he just wrote
these down for his own benefit

because he felt confused?

No, I don't.

I think he didn't
expect to wake up.


Thank you for
letting me know, Ava.

This was a big

and you've done
precisely the right thing.

Oh, hi. Um, Granny and Dad
are gonna stay here,

- and I'm gonna take you home.
- Okay.

Um, can I have a word
with you?

Yeah, su... One second.


That's sounding great.


I knew it was you playing. I
could hear it from the science block.

Oh, sometimes I get bored
of headphones.

I wanna hear it out loud.

So your chest vibrates
and your teeth feel funny.

Will you need to take your bass
home this afternoon?

I was just gonna put it
in the store cupboard

for rehearsals tomorrow.

I just wondered if you wanted
to go West field

and have a wander about and get
some food or a coffee or something.


Or you don't have to.

Stupid of me to ask.

No, no, it's just, well, I
promised Jacob that I wouldn't.

Wouldn't what?
Marry me?

Well... no.
He basically just said

that I had to choose
between him and you, so...

- Did he?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- It's really complicated.
- Is it?

Just gonna
lock my bass away,

and then we can go
and get the bus.

I still feel really guilty.

Well, Ava, you've
come to the right place.

I feel like I make
these things happen.

Whenever I'm happy, it causes
problems for other people.

Does that make me sound mad?

It makes you sound...
mistaken, Ava. Not mad.

I was happy
that I did well on my marks.

And then it all went wrong.

And then I was happier
than I have ever, ever been,

about being friends again
with Grace.

And now this happens.

You're allowed
to be happy, Ava.

I don't know.

Feel like God punishes me
for being happy.

I do try and fix things.

I pray really hard
every night

just to make sure
everyone's fixed and okay.

Sometimes I pray
for over two hours.

To try and make it work.
Try and make it stick.

Do you want my advice?


Step away.


The church.

You're becoming a little bit
obsessed, and...

it's not healthy.

It's making you unhappy.

Stop praying. Leave Jesus
alone for a little while and...

- he'll be here when you come back.
- Really?

Stop trying
to fix everyone else

and look after yourself.

Be confident in who you are,
separate from the church.

Separate from your family.

Fix that and then come back.


So... where's Granddad now?

Well, I think they're planning on
releasing him back home today.


Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Hey. Um, is this my charger?

Mine's in the bedroom.

- Do you need towels, or...
- No, I've got towels, thanks.

I've got a pillow
and a duvet for the sofa.

I suppose you've got no idea
how long you're gonna be there.

Ah, God knows, really, uh...

Until we feel he can look
after himself, I suppose.

You'll be staying away from
home, though, for a while again?

Yeah, I know.
It's bad timing.

Might be good timing.

- You reckon?
- Maybe. Um, I don't know.

For better, for worse,

This is... this is the worst
we've ever been.

We never said "for better
or worse," though, did we?

'Cause you thought
it was old-fashioned,

so we said all that humanist
shit about honoring each other.

Yeah, my point still stands,
doesn't it?



Thought I might
have missed you.

Listen, do you want
to come with me

- to take Granddad back home?
- Yes, please.

All right, I'll just
get my stuff.

Right, that's me done,
I think, so yeah.

Yeah. Um...


- Bye.
- Mm.

Yeah. Okay.

See ya.

- Get that bag, would you?
- Yep.

- I'll get the door.
- Thanks.

Mind your head.



He regrets it.

I know he does, but... hmm.

What an enormous
thing to do...

Try to do.

Does Granny know
he did it on purpose?

Yeah. Yeah, I...
I told her.

I think she suspected, anyway.

Dad, can we
talk about schools?

Yeah. Sure. I've actually
wanted to do that for a while.

Well, I've been
talking to Susie, and...

I'm starting to feel
more confident again

- about being me.
- Mm.

So, I think it's a good time
to talk to you.

Sure. Go ahead.

I know you're angry that I
didn't get into St. Margaret's.

Yeah, because you deliberately
failed the entrance exam.

Yes, but I think
if I go to Corfield,

in the end,
it will be better for me.


I'm really clever, Dad.

Yeah, I know.

Unless I become
a mad drug addict

or have a brain injury,

I'm gonna ace my GCSEs
and A-levels.

All right.
Calm down, big head.

- Agreed.
- And the thing is,

someone from a non-selective,

- ordinary community school...
- Mm-hmm. now much more likely
to get into a better university

than someone from a posh
selective school.

- Okay.
- So, if I go to Corfield,

and I get great grades,

then I am going to get into
a better university.

Do you see?

Yeah, okay. Right. Um...

Yeah, that does
make some sense.

Where am I?

Heaven, Dad.

You died.

This is what Heaven is.

Just driving through Tooting
on a Thursday afternoon.

Oh, Jesus. What's Hell, then?

Driving through Tooting
on a Saturday afternoon.


This is very kind of you.

Well, I'll be sleeping here
as long as is needed, Dad.

And I'll pop in after school.

Yeah, and various medics
will come and go,

so you'll be in good hands.


Ohh! Stick the heating
on, will you, Jim?

It's like a fridge in here.

I'll do it.

Hello. How long
are you back for?

I don't know.

We'll see.

But you're ill.

You need taking care of.

And what sort
of a person would I be

if I didn't look after you?

You want a tin of soup?

That would be nice.


Well, uh, so I suppose
I won't be sleeping here then.

- No.
- Right.

Ava says she's going to Grace's,
but she'll be back for tea.


No, I don't know, either.