Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 8 - Gliding Over All - full transcript

Walt expands his business overseas, and the money is pouring in.

Mr. White?


Mr. White,
the car's been dealt with, sir.

No one tailed you?

No, I stayed off the main streets
and kept checking, so...

Joe ask any questions?

I told him RV job, just like
you said and he totally knew.

It's pretty cool the way they do that.
They just turn a car into a cube.

So should we deal
with this other thing now?



- I don't want to talk about this.
- Okay.

It had to be done.


All right.

I need to talk to you.

In private.

So, what's the story?

You get to Mike?

He get out safe?

He's gone.

All right.

Well, what about
those nine guys in jail?

I mean, they got no reason
not to talk now.

So, what do we do?

We"? Who's "we"?

There is no "we," Jesse.

I'm the only vote left...

...and I'll handle it.

My client will supply information
relating to the organisation...

...distribution and production of
Fring's methamphetamine enterprise.

We expect all charges to be dropped,
and Dennis not only walks out of here...

...a free man,
but also receives blanket immunity.

For what he'll be furnishing,
this deal is plenty fair.

Best I'd be willing to do is queen
for a day and reduced charges.

All charges dropped.

Queen for a day and a five-k.
That's the best you're gonna get.

No way. Guys, come on.

You can be a fairy princess,
for all I care.

Where you going?

Shopping for someone who can tell me
something I don't already know.

Hey, he)'

I got plenty you don't know.

You seem a little confused.

This here is a buyer's market.

I got eight other assholes just like you,
four of them within 100 feet from here.

I also got Dan the lawyer, who'll
give me the money and Ehrmantraut.

So settle in, Dennis.
Enjoy your new home.

I'm gonna go rattle some cages.

- So?
- Maybe you should order something.

- Do you want a coffee or something?
- Not just now.

I think this would play better
if you ordered something.

I think this will play just fine,
and I'm not thirsty.

So let's take a look at the list.

Lydia, you've come all this way.
You do have the list?

- Yes, I have it.
- Good.

It's just not written down.

- And why is that?
- It's in my head. Safer there.

I see.

Then I suggest you pick up a pen.

Not just yet.

It was my understanding that
attending to these nine names...

...was precisely what you wanted.

Ten names now.
Ten, counting the lawyer.

Yes. Ten, counting the lawyer.

So, what, am I not tying up loose
ends for our mutual benefit?

You're tying up loose ends,
and I don't wanna be one of them.

I give you that list,
I've served my purpose.

Then maybe I'm just one more person
who knows too much.

So you put that list in my hands,
and in your mind...

...I immediately just murder you,
just right here in this restaurant?

- No. Not right here. Of course.
- Here in this public place, immediately?

- That is not--
- Listen, Lydia.

You made me promise on my children's
lives that I guaranteed your safety.

From Mike.

You guaranteed
I'd be safe from Mike.

There's no way he'd ever go for
this, you getting rid of his guys.

You wouldn't be doing this, the
names, if Mike were still a factor.

Yeah. That's what I thought.

What do you want, exactly?

Because if you don't want
to give me that list...

...then I've truly
got no use for you.

I can grow your business

Just give me the list.

I can do that by helping you
expand into a larger...

...highly active, highly profitable

What do you know
about the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic?

Did you know there's a higher demand
for meth there than anywhere in Europe?

Five percent of its
10 million people...

...which is roughly the population
of the Southwest...

...from western Texas to Phoenix,
are using meth.

You keep your market here,
but by adding overseas sales... can more than double
your current profits.

And I checked. The average purity
is only about 60 percent.

They've never seen
anything like your product.

You'll blow their hair back.

Shipping internationally
seems like courting disaster.

Not if you're Madrigal.

Madrigal is under investigation
by the DEA.

The restaurant division, mostly.

We've got 46,000 employees
spread across 14 divisions.

And once Mike's people are no longer a
factor, things should tidy up nicely.

This is what I do, you understand?

Move things from point A to point B
all over the globe.

One-point-two million
metric tons a month...

...and all of it right at my
fingertips, a laptop click away.

The Czech Republic...

- Who's on the other end?
- People I ship to regularly.

People I've worked with for years.
Professional and very amenable.

I'm very careful who I work with.

And if this is such a slam dunk,
then why didn't you pitch it to Fring?

I did. He said yes. We were in the
final stages of working it out...

...when somebody killed him.

You don't think Gus Fring built his
distribution network all by himself.

There are considerable advantages
to diversification of distribution... putting 6000 miles
between you and your product.

At 25 pounds a week, I'm estimating
you'll gross about 2 million.

Give me 10 pounds to start,
and we'll see how it goes.

- All right.
- Now, with Fring... end was gonna be 30 percent,
which I believe is more than fair.

- Okay.
- Trust me, if you do this--

Lydia, learn to take
yes for an answer.

Now, first things first.

Shake on it?

We're going to make
a lot of money together.

Todd, I think it's time
I meet your uncle.

No iron pile.

There's too many muscle-heads
flexing their shit. Too many eyes.

Okay, so no chow line, no yard.

Well, gonna keep it simple.


Yeah. Hallways,
shower room, cells.

The easy stuff.

I say we go with a riot.
Our boys get it done in a riot.

No, no, no. No chaos.

I don't want the goon squad rolling
in and stealing our shot, you know?

This has gotta be fast and quiet.

Just boom, boom, boom.

- You know what I'm saying?
- Yeah.


Surgical. That's what it's gotta be.

So how many guys we got at MDC?

Three, counting Shattuck.
And he makes the schedule now... we can put who we need
where we need them.

All right. So MDC's covered.
What about the rest?

We need G block in Valencia, right?

Our guy's on the night shift.

- Have him pull a double.
- No.

His supervisor's got
some hard-on about OT.

Have him switch with somebody.
Just get it done.

Regardless, you know, we got
enough guys in Valencia right now?

Might have to hire out.

You high?
Mix blood with chuntaros?

- No way.
- No.

There's no need. We got enough.

Hitters ain't the problem. It's that
short walking window after lunch.

Yeah. It's gonna be tight.

Real tight.

I gotta be straight with you, man.
Taking out all these guys is doable.

But hitting them in three separate
jails all within two minutes?

I mean, whacking bin Laden
wasn't this complicated.

Where do you suppose
these come from?

I've seen this one before.

I wonder...

...are they all In some giant
warehouse someplace?


It can be done,
just not the way you want it.

It can be done exactly
how I want it.

The only question is,
are you the man to do it?

Figure it out.

That's what I'm paying you for.

Yo, what's going on, man?
What's that alarm?

What's happening?

What are you doing, man?
No, man, please!

No, man! Help me!

Help me! Help!

Help me!

Ball came in my direction,
batter wouldn't even bother running.

Excuse me a second.
Couple more photos.


It's done.

New details have emerged
in the spate of jail deaths...

...that rocked central New Mexico
three days ago.

As of yet, no names of victims
have been released...

...but authorities continue to
investigate what appears to be...

...a carefully coordinated
sequence of attacks...

...that occurred within minutes in
three different correctional facilities...

- Is it okay if I turn this off?
- Oh, sure.

I don't want the news on right now.

Hank just pulled up,
and he's not in the best mood.

- Oh, all right. I'll get out of your hair.
- Okay.

Hi, honey.

Dinner will be in about an hour.

And I thought we could have
that chicken you like.

- Or we could order Chinese.
- Sure.

Here we go.

That fun? Play with your toys?

I'll see you in a little bit, okay?
See you in a little bit.

Hey, Hank.
I was just getting ready to leave.

Something to drink?

Yeah, sure. Thanks.



- Rocks, right?
- Rocks, yes.

Been thinking about this summer job
I used to have.

Oh, yeah?

Back in college,
I'd spend my days...

...marking trees in the woods
with this...

This orange spray can.

Marking trees?

Yeah. Crews would come in later...

...and find the trees I tagged
and cut them down.

First, you go in and you mark locations
for skid trails and landings.

Then you choose specific trees
all within a selected grid.

Every day...

...I'd go back...

...hike in...

...pick up where I left off.

Oh, it sounds nice...

...being out in the woods all day.

No, it wasn't so great.

I got sunburned.
There were mosquitoes.

I just wanted to make a few bucks.
Buy beer.

Been thinking about that job
more and more lately.

Maybe I should've enjoyed it more.

Tagging trees is a lot better
than chasing monsters.

I used to love to go camping.

- This way.
- Here, baby girl. Come see your brother.

There you go, sweetie. That's it.

Oh, my God! Look at her go!

- Good job! Good job!
- Over here. Peekaboo. This way.

Let's go see your brother.
Let's get him.

Where'd you go?
I can't see you. Where'd you go?

There you are!

You're really good with her.

Come here, my baby girl.

You're gonna be a handful,
aren't you? Yeah.

Mama's gonna get her exercise.

Hey, do you wanna watch a movie?

Hey, Louis.

One moment.

Nothing. What's up?

Oh, Well.

It's so nice to see you smile again.

I mean, you seem good.

Yeah. I'm hanging in there.

To see you laugh like
that just now...

It's such an improvement,
don't you think?

I don't-- I don't really...

We've been thinking...

...Hank and I,
that it may be time... take the kids home.

It's been almost
three months, right?

Almost three?

Does Hank not want--?

Oh, no, no, no. Oh, God. No. No.

Hank's crazy for these kids.
You know that.

It goes without saying,
we love having them.

And we're always here for you...

...and wanna help you
any way that we can.


We're starting to worry...

...that maybe...

Maybe we're enabling you.

Sweetie, you've had
a lot on your plate...

...and you and Walt have had a lot--

So much to contend with.

I'm so proud of you for going to therapy.
You know that, right?

It can be so helpful,
such a good tool.

And I'm very, very proud of you...

...but I--


Maybe at this point...

...the best way to help
repair the family...

...would be to repair the family,
you know?

Take a drive with me.

Here. I'll get it.


This is it.

This is what you've
been working for.

I rented this place and I started
bringing it here because...

...I didn't know what else to do.

I gave up counting it.
I mean, I had to.

It was just so much, so fast.

I tried weighing it.

I figured one bill of any
denomination weighs a gram.

There are 454 grams
to a pound, but...

There's a variety
of denominations, so...

How much is this?

I have no earthly idea.

I truly don't.

I just stack it up...

...keep it dry,
spray it for silverfish.

There is more money here...

...than we could spend
in 10 lifetimes.

I certainly can't launder it,
not with a hundred car washes.


...I want my kids back.

I want my life back.

Please tell me.

How much is enough?

How big does this pile have to be?




I hope I'm not disturbing you
or anything.

I tried calling, but--

Yeah. No, I tossed all my burners.

And you didn't answer
your home line.

It's disconnected.

Well, unplugged.

I mean, did you leave
a message, or...?


So, what's up?

No, I was just in the neighbourhood,
so I thought I'd drop by and say hello.

You wanna come in, or...?

Sure. Thanks.

You know, I'd offer you
a beer or something...

- ...but, you know, I'm out.
- No, no. No, I'm fine, thanks.

You didn't wind up moving, I see.

Didn't have to.

Saul told me what you did.

Anyways, I'm not in jail.

You aren't either, so there you go.

There was no other option, Jesse.
It had to be done.

I'm not coming back.

I know.

So why are you here, exactly?

It's funny, I...

I saw a Bounder the other day.

- Bounder?
- Yeah.

Our RV? A Bounder?

Oh, you saw the same one as ours?

Yeah. Well, I mean,
within a couple of years, I guess.

Early '80s.

It was certainly in a lot better
shape than our old hunk of junk.

Much nicer paint job.

No bullet holes in the door.

Yeah. That thing
was a nightmare, huh?

Yeah. It was primitive.

You know, whenever
I hit a red light, I used to pray... wouldn't crap out on me.


And then, suddenly,
it would sometimes have that...

That screeching sound
just out of the blue... we hit a pack of cats.

Power-steering belt.
That's what that was.

You know, I always had this...

This whole system.

Strategy to not let it idle too low.

Remember that time we ran out of gas
coming back from a cook?

The gauge. It always said half-full.

You walked three miles with a jerrican
while I waited on the side of the road...

...praying the whole time
that no cop would show up... Good Samaritan.


We had money.

Why'd we keep it?

Why did we have to have
the world's shittiest RV?




So, hey, you know,
I gotta get going.

- Me too.
- I'm meeting friends.

I gotta get going as well.

I left something for you.


I'm out.

I'm out.

With some big earrings,
it could be really nice.

- Perhaps some big hoops.
- l do indeed.

I feel like I want to mix it up
with my hair this summer.

- I don't know, like colours--
- I don't know. Coins.

Did you have a coin collection?
Did you?

I've heard it's very therapeutic.

Coins and baseball cards.
Those were the ones.

You can play around with it,
take them in and out.

Not enough hours in the day, right?

- There's not enough hours.
- My hairstylist told me... take prenatal vitamins.

For your hair?

He said they work,
so I figured why not?

Oh, Flynn, could you put some more
sunscreen on Holly?

Yeah. Is it over there?

- Yeah, it's right here.
- Okay.

- Especially for a home brew, though.
- Paba-free. That's good.

- I don't know why it would be bad.
- Yeah. Me neither.

Oh, do you--? I used to squeeze
lemon juice in my hair.

You remember that?

You wanted to be
a beach bum so badly.

I did.

You and your stiff hair.

- Stiff? Whose stiff y? What?
- Hey, hey.

I was interested
to see you get into that.

- It's like chemistry.
- Borage oil is supposed to be good.

- Better than flaxseed?
- I don't know.

- That's cool. I like your style.
- There is no Christmas.

- Maybe I should brew up a batch.
- Schraderbrau?

- Yeah.
- I vote yes.

- I second that.
- Well, there you go. It's unanimous.

Well, who am I to fly in the face
of public demand, right?

All right.

Anybody want anything?
You want anything?

- No, I'm good. I'm good, thank you.
- Yeah? All right.

Does it look glossier?

Do I have a halo?

- How's she doing?
- She's good.

Yeah? Try not to put any
of the sunscreen on her fingers.

"To W.W. My star,
my perfect silence. "


I mean, who do you figure that is?

Woodrow Wilson?

Willy Wonka?

Walter White?

You got me.