Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 7 - Say My Name - full transcript

Mike and Jesse are out. Now Walt has to handle things on his own. Hank finally finds a rat in Mike's gang.


That's them.

Your play, Walter.
You're on your own.

Looks like you're about 1000 gallons
light here, Mike.

Where's the juice?

The methylamine isn't coming.

Why is that?

- And who the hell are you?
- I'm the man who's keeping it.

What the hell's this?

We had an agreement, right?
We got our deal.

So where's the tank, Mike?

Mike doesn't know where it is.
Only I do.

And you're dealing with me now,
not him.

Why don't you just cut
to what it is you want...

...or what you think
is gonna happen here, all right?

Because we're gonna get
what we came for.

That 1000 gallons of methylamine
is worth more in my hands...

...than it is in yours or
anyone else's, for that matter.

But I need distribution.


That's right.

So if you agree
to give up your cook...

...and sell my product instead...

...I'll give you 35
percent of the take.

Thirty-five percent?

Wow, are you kidding me?

Mike, please tell me this is a joke.

Know how far we had to stick our necks
out to get our hands on this cash?

Why the hell would we want you? You
know we have our own operation, right?

I know all about your operation.

See, my partners here tell me
that you produce a meth...

...that's 70 percent pure,
if you're lucky.

What I produce is 99.1 percent pure.


So it's grade school T-ball...

...versus the New York Yankees.

Yours is just some tepid..., generic cola.

What I'm making is Classic Coke.

All right. Okay.

So if we just waste you
right here right now...

...and leave you in the desert...

...then there is no more Coke
on the market, right?

See how that works? There's only us.

Do you really wanna live
in a world without Coca-Cola?

My partner tells me
that your crew...

...switched to a P2P cook
because of our success.

You dye your meth with food colouring
to make it look like mine.

You already ape my product
at every turn.

But now... have the opportunity
to sell it yourself.

I need you to listen to me.

We're not gonna give up this deal... be your errand boys,
do you understand?

For what?

To watch a bunch of junkies
get a better high?

A better high
means customers pay more.

A higher purity means
a greater yield.

That's 130 million
dollars of profit...

...that isn't being pissed away
by some substandard cook.

Now you listen to me.

You've got the greatest meth
cook in A-- No, the two...

...greatest meth cooks in America
right here, and with our skills...'ll earn more
from that 35 percent...

...than you ever would on your own.

Yeah. So you say.

Just wondering why we're so lucky.

Why cut us in?

Mike is retiring from our crew... his share of the partnership
is available...

...if you can handle his end,

...and if you give him 5 million dollars
of the 15 million that you brought today.

Just think of it as a finder's fee
for bringing us together.

We have 40 pounds of product
ready to ship, ready to go.

Are you ready?

Who the hell are you?

You know.

You all know exactly who I am.

Say my name.

Do what? I don't have a damn clue
who the hell you are.

Yeah, you do. I'm the cook.

I'm the man who killed Gus Fring.

Bullshit. Cartel got Fring.

Are you sure?

That's right.

Now, say my name.

You're Heisenberg.

You're goddamn right.

I gotta hand it to you, Walter.


I appreciate the kind words...

...but I'm out too, remember?

I know. We'll talk.

Maybe we should talk about how and
when I'm gonna get my 5 million dollars.

And we will do that.


It's just, you know--

Look, Jesse, just give me
some time here, okay?

I'll need help getting things up
and running during this transition.

You can at least do
that for me, right?

Come on. Don't worry.
We'll figure it out.

Well, I guess that's it.

Parting thoughts,
of which I have two:

First, as I said...

...I'll handle the legacy costs
out of my end... you won't have to worry about
my guys anymore. Second, the bug.

The DEA will do a sweep.
Can't say when, could be anytime.

But you need to get it out of there,
sooner rather than later.

All right.

That's it?

No "thanks for the 5 million dollars," no
"sorry for chaining you to a radiator"?

Just get the bug, Walter.

So, hey.

I guess

I guess I'll see you around.

No. Don't think so.

When I'm out, I'm out.

Well, I'm out too, Mike.

Kid, just look out for yourself.

- Are we good?
- You tell me.

Okay, Jesse. Back it up.

You're good. Keep it coming.
Straight back.

Slow it down.

All right. That's good.

Hey, Mrs. White.


I Wish.

All right. Let's get
this thing hooked up.


What is this?

Do you really wanna know?

- Why are you hiding it here?
- Don't worry about it.

Who are you hiding it from?

I said don't worry about it.

From the police?

Or someone else?

Someone who would kill for it?

Why don't you go back in the office?

Why don't you go back in the office
and let us do this?

We'll get it out of your hair.

What'd you bring me this time?

They're bacon banana cookies.

Is there bacon in these? Oh, my God!

Just bits.
Just little bits of bacon.

Just enough to make
those suckers really pop.

Dan, this is too much.

I'm not sharing those.

Bad office etiquette?
I don't give a crap.

- They're mine.
- They're yours to do with as you please.

Good, because my husband's
not getting any either.

- How is Mickey?
- Don't get me started.

He wants to buy a boat.

I can't even get him
to start the lawnmower...

...and he wants to buy a boat.

I don't know. A boat might be nice.

A little one, maybe.

Oh, please.
Where would you even take a boat?

All the way down to Elephant Butte?

Or Caballo.
It's beautiful down there.

You can even leave it at the lake
if you don't want to haul it.

We're not buying a boat,
I'll tell you that right now.

- And the last one is 545.
- 569.

- Dang it. I almost got them all that time.
- Very good.

But actually, I've got an extra one
for you this week. 603.

- 603. Where is that?
- Right down there.

All right. I'll let you get to it.

Thanks, Dot.

Young Kaylee's gonna need
a second safety deposit box...

...if you decide to leave
one more dollar to her.

How's the rest of it?

Oh, it's empty, as usual.

The families are pretty reliable
with the pickups.

Nobody complaining
about wanting it all at once?

No, they get it.
Slow and steady wins the race.

So I guess this is it for a while?

Don't worry about the families.

They'll keep getting
their deliveries.

I know times are tight,
but it's for the kids...

...and your sponsorship
would sure be appreciated.

Yeah, we have a silver level,
but the gold and platinum levels...

...really get your name out there
on the banners and T-shirts.

Sure. No, that's not a problem. You call
me directly if things change, you hear?

Gomey, take a brick to my head if I
ever have to make another Fun Run call.

I'm done.

What's up? Why you smiling?

Because the Ehrmantraut warrant
just came in.

Now we're talking. How quick
can you get your group together?

- Two, three hours.
- Make it two.

We're gonna nail that son of a bi--

Police! Search warrant!

Police! Search warrant!

Coming. Hold your horses.

Search warrant.

Police! Search warrant!

- Police. Search warrant.
- Police. Search warrant.

How's that restraining order
working out for you?

If you want me to read that,
I'm gonna need my glasses.

Too bad you had to make the trip out
from headquarters, sergeant.

From out of bed, you mean. When a cop
kills himself, they want a full report.

Just to say hello to who's in charge
of the Record Bureau.

A single contact wound.

Powder burn on his temple
and right hand.

Suicide, I'll bet you.

- Tell the wagon boys they can have him.
- Yes.

When I found him, he was...
He was dead.

Hey! Perfect timing.

Just about to get started.

You know, if you can get going
on that settling tank...

...that would be a huge help.

We left that stuff in there too long
after the last cook.

- Mr. White--
- I mean way too long.

Now we have a tremendous amount
of residue.

You know what we need to invest in
is a power washer.

Mr. White, can we just take a second
and talk about all this?

Yeah, yeah, sure.


Look, you know what I think
we need to talk about?

Is doubling down.

Doubling down?

Cooking 100 pounds a week,
not 50.

As in starting a new lab,
a lab that you'll run.

A cook all of your own.

Why not? You deserve it.

You're every bit as good as me.

Well, what do you think?

Mr. White, I think that
nothing has changed for me.

I just wanna get my money
and get out.

Jesse, this...

What we do...

...being the best at something... a very rare thing.

You don't just toss
something like that away.

And what, you wanna squander
that potential?

Your potential? Why?

To do what?

- I don't know.
- Well, think.

To do what, Jesse?

I'll-- I'll figure it out,
all right?

Look at you.

What have you got in your life, huh?
Nothing. Nobody.

Oh, wait. Yes.

- Video games and go-carts
- Mr. W--

And when you get tired of that,
what then?

And how soon will you
start using again?


Look, I know how upset you are
about what happened to this boy.

I am just as upset as you are.

Are you? Really?

How can you say that to me? Jesus!

I mean, I'm the one
who's the father here.

What, do I have to curl up in a ball
in tears in front of you?

Do I have to lock myself away in a
room and get high to prove it to you?

What happened to that boy
is a tragedy...

...and it tears me up inside!

But because it happened, what,
am I supposed to just lie down...

...and die with him? It's done!

It makes me sick that it happened...

...just like everyone else
who has died in our wake.

What Todd did... and I have done things
that are just as bad.


All the people that we've killed,
Gale and the rest.

If you believe that there's a hell,
I don't know if you're into that...

...but we're already pretty much
going there, right?

But I'm not gonna lie down
until I get there.

What, just because I don't wanna
cook meth anymore, I'm lying down?

How many more people
are gonna die because of us?

No one. None.

Now that we're in control,
no one else gets hurt

You keep saying that,
and it's bullshit every time!

- No.
- Always! You know what?

I'm done, okay?

You just give me my money,
and you and I, we're done.



Why do you want this money?

Because it's mine. It's my cut.

But isn't it filthy blood money?

I mean, you're so pure.
You have such emotional depth.

No, no, no. You shouldn't touch
that dirty money.

I'll save you from that, Jesse.

Come on.

You want it.

You want it just as
much as I want it.

And it's not wrong to want it. Okay?

So stay and work with me...

...and you can make ten ti--
Twenty times as much.

Whatever, man.

You don't wanna pay me,
I don't care.

- Yes, you do.
- It's on you, all right?

- I'm done.
- No, you're not.

You're not done. You're not leaving.
Because if you leave, you get nothing!

Do you understand me? Nothing!


Budget for the current fiscal year
for electronic surveillance... 1.5 million, on par with
ATF and the Marshal Service...

...but still just a
fraction of FBI totals.

We're lobbying Congress
for an additional 1.41

...but we're waiting on action
reports to demonstrate...

...we 're actually getting worthwhile
results. Our undercover operations...

...reap the most successful
actionable intelligence...

...if you refer to the chart
in Appendix 4.

If ASAC Schrader can tell us about
the surveillance man-hours. . . .




I think we're going to wrap this up.

If ASAC Schrader can stay behind
while everyone else clears out.

Thank you, everybody.

You know no one wants... see you succeed at this
more than me, right?

- Yes, sir.
- I know how good you are.

I wouldn't have stuck my neck out
to get you here if I didn't.

But you're not knocking down
doors anymore, bubba.

You're in charge of a district office,
and that comes with responsibilities.

I mean, Hank, basic reports aren't
being filed in a timely manner.

I'll work on it. It'll get better.

Yeah, it will, because way too much
time and money... being spent on the Fring case,
a case which is essentially over.

All this overtime to surveil
Michael Ehrmantraut?

That's just money that could
be better spent elsewhere.

I understand, but I'm not making
these choices lightly.

We've got increased reports
of blue meth on the street...

...Fring's gang is still operational, and
Ehrmantraut is involved. It's that simple.

I believe you. But so what?

It's one case out of dozens,
and you don't play favourites...

- ...with it because it used to be yours.
- I really think--

Don't play favourites.
You got a bigger job than that.

I mean, forget the financial cost.

I hear you're personally serving
search warrants out in the field?

That was an error in judgment.
Won't happen again.

You're damn right it won't.
I'm just gonna bottom-line this for you.

The surveillance budget for
Ehrmantraut is now zero. We clear?

Sure. Thank you.

- Clear.
- Good.

We'll be in touch.


- Hey.
- Hey.

So Ramey wanted
to catch up with you?

Talk sports and stuff, I guess?

Yeah, something like that.

No more following Ehrmantraut.

Not worth the financial investment.

Well, it's not like
the guy's going anywhere.

He's not even bothering
to throw our tails anymore.

He's just living a boring old-man life
like he has nothing left to hide.

- And none of Fring's crew is talking?
- Not giving an inch.

You sweeten the pot enough?

Zero jail time and an
all-expense-paid trip to Maui?

Not that, but close.
Nobody wants to bite.


They're either the most loyal crew in
history or someone's paying them off.

- You still checking bank records?
- No one living beyond their means.

Nine perps, all being represented
by one lawyer.

Not unusual in a case like this.

Yeah, this guy, what's his name?
Daniel Wachsberger?

He represents every one of these
douche bags except for Ehrmantraut.

Can we find out more
about the lawyer?

You want me to start
tailing a lawyer?

Like the shit ain't deep enough
for you already.

Ramey said we couldn't
follow Ehrmantraut.

He didn't say anything
about anybody else.

Do it.

You're the boss.

All right. Shall we get started?

Now, I know that most of this,
or all of this, is gonna be new to you.

But did you take chemistry
in high school?

Just basic?


Okay. That's all right.

As we go, I'll be as detailed as
possible without being overwhelming.

Yes, sir.

Look, Todd, I don't need you
to be Antoine Lavoisier.

What I do need is your full effort
and attention.

Listen and apply yourself.

If you do that, then we just might
have a fighting chance here, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Well, here we go.

Slowly. Steady.

The aluminium helps speed up
the delivery of hydrogen chloride.

Gently pour it in. Don't spill it.

You're gonna like the little Schticky,
but you're gonna love the big Schticky.

For bigger messes
like dust bunnies...


...the CO2 freezes the liquid...

...crystallising it...

...which gives us our finished

Now all that's left... to break it up, weigh it,
and we're done.

Wow, this is...

This is complicated. It's gonna take me
a few more times to get a grasp on it.

Oh, yeah. It'll take
a few more times.

I do all right?

You did fine, Todd.

You applied yourself.
That's as much as I can ask.

Now all that's left,
I guess, is to talk money.

We can talk money
once I get this right.

Morning. Guess what I have.

Cake pops.
They're balls of cake on a stick.

Very nice. Thank you, Dan.

See? I put little faces on them.



All right.

I'm working with a new guy now.

And I think that it...

I think it could
possibly work out...


I'm trying, Hank. I really am.
I'm trying, but there's... There's...

I mean,
it's like I don't even exist to her.

Well, yeah. Yeah.

I mean, I know she's struggling.
I know, but I just don't know what to do.

I mean, what can I do?

Such a mess.

I mean, we-- Both of us...

...we just have screwed up so much.

I'm just...

I'm sorry. I don't--
Do you have any coffee?

- Maybe I can--
- Coffee? You bet. Yeah, you bet.

- What, you take cream, right? Yeah.
- Yeah.

- All right. Here you go, buddy.
- Oh, thank you, Hank.

- Yeah.
- Look, I'm sorry to waste your time...

- ...with all this.
- No.

- It's, you know-- But it's-- You know.
- Yeah.

- Hey.
- Oh, hey.

Hey, could you excuse me?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure, sure.

- Tell me something good.
- You tell me.

Sweated the guy for 14 hours.
That should be some kind of record.

Quit your bragging. What'd you get?

He's gonna do it. He's gonna flip.

He's willing to give us Ehrmantraut?

What are you wasting your time for?
Throw a net around that son of a bitch.

All right.

- Yeah?
- Mike, hey, it's me.

- Can you talk?
- I can.

Great. Look, there's a small
situation with the money.

I don't wanna do this on the phone.
Are you available?

I can come by in a few hours.

That's not good for me.
Where are you now?

I'm at the park
with my granddaughter.

Where exactly?


Oh, you know what? I'm not far.
I'll come to you. You just hang tight.

- Yeah?
- Mike, they're coming for you.

- Right now. They're coming.
- Slow down, Walter. Who?

The DEA. The DEA--
Somebody flipped.

They have some kind of
bank surveillance.

And something about some lawyer.

Someone is talking, Mike, and
they're coming for you right now--

How could Mike use
that clown of a lawyer?

Dan Wachsberger.

He would've had better luck with the
law firm of Moe, Larry and Shemp.

Always consult with me
before using outside counsel.

All right, Saul, enough, please.
Instead of just sitting around here...

- ...what can we do?
- Besides pray that he gets away...

...I'm open to ideas.

Because if the DEA
catches up with him...

...and he flips, it's good night,

No. No way Mike would ever flip, okay?
No way.

Yeah, yeah. Never say never.

This is the second time the DEA
has confiscated his bankroll.

You know? Jesus,
fool me once, right?

Look, he won't flip.

But his nine guys will.

Hey. It's him.

Mike, I got you on speaker phone
with the brain trust.

- The what?
- The... Walt and Jesse are here.

I don't want Walt and Jesse, Saul.
I want you. I need your help.

- What do you need?
- I got a go-bag at the airport.

Passports, money,
but there are eyes everywhere.

I can't get close.

I need you to pick up that bag and
get it to me as soon as possible.

Do you know how thick
the crap storm is out there?

Told you not to use that lawyer.
He's a hack!

- Shut up, Saul, and get the bag.
- Hey, Mike, I can get it to you, all right?

- Just tell me what to do.
- No, kid. Not you.

I'm paying Saul.
He can do the job just fine.

Yeah, you're paying me,
and the DEA knows I represent you... they're probably sitting on my car
right now, hoping I do something stupid.

Mike, I can do it, okay?
It's not a problem.

- No, Jesse.
- Jesus, I'll do it.

Besides, you're out, remember?

Mike, tell me where to get this bag.

Hello, Walter.

Before I hand this over,
I need something from you.

- And what's that?
- The names of your nine men.

Why? You're never gonna pay them off.
What's the point?

The point is, Mike, it affects me.

It affects Jesse too.
And we deserve to know.

The only thing left to do now
is leave town. You understand?

"Leave town."

Yeah, I just can't up and leave
like you, Mike.

I've got a family,
I've got people who depend on me.


Goodbye, Walter.

You're welcome!

I'm sorry, what?

I want those names, Mike.
You owe me that much.

I don't owe you a damn thing.

All of this, falling apart
like this, is on you.

Oh, that's some kind of logic
right there, Mike.

You screw up, get yourself
followed by the DEA...

...and now suddenly,
this is all my fault?

- Why don't you walk me through this?
- We had a good thing... stupid son of a bitch!
We had Fring. We had a lab.

We had everything we needed,
and it all ran like clockwork.

- Oh, my God.
- You could've shut your mouth...

...cooked, and made as much money
as you ever needed.

It was perfect.
But, no, you just had to blow it up.

You and your pride and your ego!

You just had to be the man.

If you'd done your job,
known your place...

...we'd all be fine right now.

I just...

I just realised that Lydia has the names.
I can get them from her.

I'm sorry, Mike.

This... This whole thing
could've been avoided.

Shut the fuck up...

...and let me die in peace.