Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 4 - Fifty-One - full transcript

Walter, his confidence up, leases two muscle cars - one for himself and one for Junior. He's turning 51 and would like a party, Hank and his team visit Lydia in Houston, Jesse flies there to pick up the accelerant, Mike makes a decision that Jessie wants reversed, Hank is offered a promotion, Walter explains Skyler's behavior to Marie and Hank with references to Ted, and Skyler, coming slowly out of her funk, hatches a makeshift plan to protect her children.

Gotta say, when you first brought
her in, I had my doubts.

But your little darling's
got nine lives.

Rear-wheel assembly took the brunt
of the impact. So...


CV shaft, boots, joints, axle...

Replaced all of it.
No way around it.

I went aftermarket
on most of the parts here.

You want me to swap in
factory parts, that's fine.

But using aftermarket's the only way
we'll keep it under Blue Book...

...and on the insurance company's
dime, okay?

Nothing beats free.

Swapped out your air filter,
topped off your fluids.

Didn't have to replace
the windshield this time.

I know, right?

Oh, and I noticed you had
some sort of gunky buildup... the front end here.

First, I had no idea
what I was looking at.

Then I remembered
you had me replace...

...that front fender a few months
back when you ran over that deer.

We went at it with the steam hose,
cleaned it up for you.

Hardest part was the paint.

Fern green. Interesting tint.

Anything else?

That's it.
Zero balance, like I said.

Sign here, you're good to go.

People like to joke...

...but I really,
really like this car.

She's sturdy as all hell.

I'm betting you get
another 200,000 miles out of her.

Hey, Benny.

What would you give me for it?

- What's the Blue Book, you mean?
- No.

I mean, what will
you pay me for this car?

- Well, I'm not really looking for...
- A hundred dollars?


Insurance company just shelled out
1900 for the parts alone.

Then it's a bargain.

You give me 50 bucks,
and she's all yours.

You sure about this?

Sure as shooting.

I'll check the register.


Fifty bucks? Are you crazy?

- Gotta be kidding me.
- Lydia?

Oh, Christ.

I'm at work right now.

Yeah, I know.

This is a heads-up.
You got visitors.

Visitors? What...? You mean today?

I mean 30 seconds.

Come in.

Ms. Rodarte-Quayle?

Agent Hank Schrader,
Agent Steve Gomez, DEA.

We met briefly in Albuquerque.

Yes, we did.

What can I do for you?

There. The foreman.

Navy pants, powder-blue shirt.

Hey, buddy.

- Yeah?
- They got Ron.

Ron's done.


No. No.

Not okay, Mike.

Not okay. The...

The look he just gave me was
the very antithesis of "okay," okay?

Breathe, Lydia.

No one's talking to the police.

I just had like 14 DEA agents...

...barge into my office,
screaming and yelling at me...

...and they were swarming
all over the warehouse, okay?

The warehouse.

Besides, Ron was my guy. Remember?
I don't have a guy anymore.

Ron fixed security, pulled the
barrels, drove the truck.

You can't expect me to do that stuff.
I mean, let's be realistic.

Mike, this is crazy.

I'll send a new guy.

You're crazy.

My car almost has 500 horsepower.

- It would totally smoke--
- Horsepower isn't everything.

Don't you know that?

You have to factor in drag
and torque and suspension...

...and weight of the car.

One more factor
that you're not thinking about:

The experience of the driver.
I totally got you there.

- Please. Please. You drive like a geezer
- I got you.

Really? I drive like a gee--

Tell me, can a geezer do donuts?
I don't think so.

- Bullshit you ever did donuts.
- Watch your language.

- And, yes, I did.
- Seriously?

Yes, seriously.
And if you show me...

...just a modicum of respect,
maybe I'll teach you.

- Yeah? Yes?
- No. No, I won't. I take that back.

- Yes. Yes. No. You're saying yes.
- Just a joke. I'm just...

No! No, no. That was kidding.

- We didn't shake on it. No.
- Yes. Yes.

- We are now.
- That doesn't count!

I know you don't approve.

But mine...

...we'll call a birthday present
to myself.

And Junior's...

People will just chalk that up
as me being a softy.

And besides...

...I didn't actually buy either one.

They're both leases.
So it all fits our story.


We can afford it now.

You're back at it?

Well, yeah.

We have to make up
that 600,000 we lost.

What do you think
about boarding school?

Boarding school?

For who? For Junior?

Yeah. There's this place
in northern Arizona...

...and it's supposed to be
one of the top 10 in the country.

He's a year away from college.

Why on earth would we do that?

I... I don't know. I just...

Just thinking about the kids.

Holly too?

Where are we sending
our 8-month-old?

Peace Corps?

No. I just...

A new environment
might be good for them.

What does that mean?

What's wrong with their environment?


What's wrong with their environment?



Listen, I know these last few weeks
have been rough.

The threat to Hank
and this whole thing with Beneke.

But there's absolutely nothing...

...for you to be afraid of anymore,

I mean, clear sailing from here on out.
I promise.

You know, I want us to try and start
looking forward to things again.

Speaking of which, my birthday.

I don't know-- I don't know
what you have planned...

...and with everything
that's been going on lately...

...I'd understand if you haven't
even given it a thought.

But I think...

...a little celebration
might be good.

For all of us.

You know, a birthday party.

What do you think?



And maybe, if I may be so bold...

...chocolate cake
with chocolate icing?

Life is good, Skyler.

- Thank you.
- Hey, Mom, you forgot something.

Dad's bacon.

That's okay. I can do it.

No. Mom has to.

Well, it is sort of a tradition.

Watch this, Holly.

Watch what she does with bacon.

Watch. Watch this.

What is she doing?
What is she doing?

That's a pretty small "1

Kind of is.

Just a little.

Now you're talking.

- No. No.
- Good move.

- No.
- No, no, no. It's good.

Very good. Family teamwork.

Making sacrifices. Very important.

- Happy birthday, Dad.
- Thank you, buddy.

You want some?

Guy's some piece of work, isn't he?

Six feet under and half a face,
he's still screwing with us.

So, what's next?

I don't know. I don't know.

This Madrigal thing seems hinky,
though, you know?

We got Burgermeister Meisterburger
in Germany...

...and 5000 miles away,
you got this guy.

There's gotta be someone in the middle,
you know? Someone we're missing.

What about that
Lydia what's-her-name?

Lady Banjo Eyes at the warehouse?

In this world? No way.

Too uptight. Too together.


She was wearing mismatched shoes.

How together can she be?

Gentlemen, how goes it with Fring?

You know, just working through
the grief.

How soon before you submit a final?

Well, we've been kicking around
some ideas.

Had you asked a couple
of weeks ago...

...I'd have said
this was a mop-up job, but...

- But?
- None of Fring's crew is talking to us.

I mean, not a peep,
no matter how hard we squeeze.

Makes it likely there's somebody
keeping them in line.

Our money is on this guy,
Michael Ehrmantraut.

He's Fring's head
of "corporate security."

- He's a definite hard case.
- Now, we're gonna stay on him.

We're putting together a
surveillance team as we speak. Okay?

The other thing is...

This may be unrelated...

...but the blue meth is making a bit
of a comeback. Tell him, Gomey.

Yeah. Some small amounts
on the street-side pulls.

Lab's telling us
it's the same stuff.

I mean, it could be
old inventory leaking out...

...or it could be
somebody's rebooting...

...using Fring's former cooks
to set up a new operation.

I thought we had Fring's cooks.

The unsubs in the lab fire.

Thought maybe one of them
was your Heisenberg.

Yeah. Maybe. I don't know.

Like I said,
there's still a lot of questions.

Agent Gomez,
could you give us a moment?


Hank, I gotta say,
your work here has been stellar.

Really first-rate.

Thank you, sir.

So much so that I'm wondering
if it's time you made a change.

You know I have to
get back to El Paso.

This office needs an ASAC...

...and I'm thinking we should be
promoting from within.

If you were to put
in an application...

...and I recommend that you do,
you will get the job.

I have no doubt this D.O. would be
well served with you at the helm.


I'm not sure what to say.

It's a big step up.
It's not without its headaches.

The politics may take
some getting used to.

You'd be overseeing every case
in the office... you'd need to reassign all
your day-to-days, Fring included.

Much as I hate losing
a good field man...

...that's the job,
and you need to be okay with it.

What do you say, Hank?

You want it?

Well, considering my wife
would murder me if I said "no"...

Yeah. I want it.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Can you finish up for me?

It's... It's my birthday.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

I probably have a birthday party
waiting for me, you know, so...

Yeah. Cool. Yeah, no problem.

Hey, happy birthday.

Thanks. Thanks.

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.

Where's your mom?



Oh, hey.

So, what's the plan?

Hank and Marie are on their way.

Roast chicken and potatoes for
dinner, rocky road for dessert...

...and chocolate cake, as requested.

What's up?



Thought you'd be more jazzed
about the new job.

No. What...? No. I am.

- Baby, I'm so proud of you.
- Yeah, yeah. Okay.

- Sorry, sorry.
- I believe you. Just don't kill us here.

Marie, you've been moping around
the last few days.


What's up?

- Marie, come on.
- I'm sorry. I--

I made a promise to someone.

To who?

- Who?
- Your brother-in-law.

- Are you gonna give me a hint at least?
- It involves infidelity. That's all I'll say.

Oh, shit. I knew it.

Knew what? What did you...?
What did you know?

Well, I mean, I didn't know it, but
I've been, you know, saying it forever.

Walt's second cell phone, you know?

Sorry, babe, but I was way
ahead of you on this one.

Way ahead of me.

Well, it wasn't Walt.


No way.


- Hey! There she is.
- Hey! Hi!

- Hey!
- Hey, buddy.

Hey, pal.
Welcome. Welcome. Come on in.

Happy birthday. Hi.

I'm in the centre
lane going about 60.

I had no choice but to just
tear butt out of there.

Just: So sweet.

Highway patrol's
gonna be sweet on it too.

Gonna get their ticket quota
in a month.

You'll help me out, right, Uncle Hank,
now that you run the DEA?

Oh, yeah. For my spoiled-brat,
car-wash-millionaire nephew?

Sure. I'll make sure you get
a cell with a view.

All right.

Well, I'm out of here.


- Happy birthday.
- Thank you, buddy.

Congratulations again, Uncle Hank.


- I'll see y'all later.
- All right.

- Bye. Be safe.
- Have fun.

- Drive safely, okay?
- I do.

- Slow down.
- Never.

A hell of a couple cars there, Walt.

Honey, for my next birthday,
I'm gonna take a page here from Walt...

...and buy myself a jet plane.

Maybe I overdid it a little.

But with these new lease rates...

I mean, they're
mighty attractive. Yeah.

Great dinner, Skyler.

Those were some bad-ass
whipped potatoes, I'll tell you.

You have to tell me
how you get all the lumps out.

How do you do that?

A potato ricer.

A ricer? You don't hand-mash?


- Well...
- Boy, it has...

It has been quite a year, huh?

Do you know that...'s almost exactly a year ago...

...that I got my diagnosis?

- Jesus. Yeah, right?
- Yeah.

- It seems like longer, doesn't it?
- Yeah. No. it's...

One year ago tomorrow.

The day after my 50th.

Honestly never thought
I'd make it this far.

With the cancer and surgery...

...and Hank being shot...

It just...

So many dark days.


There's Marie's talking pillow.

Remember that?

It was effective.

Boy, I did not want
to get any treatment.

I think I was too scared...

...or too angry or...

I don't know. I just wanted to quit.

But you guys...
You got me through it somehow.

Kept me going

And that happened again
and again and again.

I mean, there were times...

...when I was sure I was done for.

But then someone or something...

...would come through for me.

God. And Skyler, I can't--

Honey, remember
that first week of chemotherapy?

That night on the bathroom floor?

What you said to me?

I was so sick.

It was rough going at first.

But Skyler...

She was right there, of course...

...putting wet washcloths
on my forehead.

And she's singing to me.

And this would go on and on... after day.

And I remember I was lying
on the floor of the bathroom...

...because the tile felt
nice and cool, you know?

And my head
was in Skyler's lap...

...and I was just asking her...

...if this could all be over.

It was too hard. It was...

I just wanted it stopped.

Skyler, isn't that freezing?

Hey-0. Pool party.

What are you doing, Skyler?

What is she doing? Walt?

Hey, Sky,
maybe it's time to get out now.

What do you think?

Skyler, Hank asked you a question.

You need to get out... Skyler!

She's gonna come up, right?

She has to.


Oh, my God.

Wha...? Okay.

Okay. It's gotta be...



Come on!
How am I supposed to--?



Wait, wait. Who are you?

I'm the-- I'm the guy.
So where's the...?

Hold on. Hold on.

Who sent you?

Who sent me? Who do you think?

No. I'm asking you.


And this Mike person...

What's his last name?

Lady, I just got off a plane
from New Mexico...

...and I got a 900-mile drive back.
That's 14 hours if I don't stop.

So the sooner we do this,
the sooner it's done.


Okay? Satisfied?

Sorry, but I'm not gonna apologise
for being careful.

With all that's been happening,
for all I knew... were one
of those undercover people.

So, yeah, I'll take
paranoid any day...

...over getting gang-raped
by prison guards.

No doubt. So where's the--?

Up there. Number 22356.

That's the one I erased from the
inventory, so it has to be that one.

Can you reach it?

Yeah, with, like, a forklift.

You got one?

Wait, wait, wait! Stop!

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- What?

Please tell me
that's not what I think it is.

Has anything like this
ever happened before?

No. No, of course not.

No, no. I just...

She and I have been
having some issues.

Yeah, yeah. I might've heard
a little bit about that.

I mean, hey, look,
Marie didn't go into detail.

She just, you know, said that,
you know, you guys were...

...having some issues.

So, what's the next move?

Might be good to have her talk
to someone.

- I agree.
- Yeah.

- I'm gonna get on that first thing.
- Yeah.

There's Marie's guy, Dave.

She seems really happy with him.

Not that Marie's an advertisement for
advanced mental health or anything.

You know...

I just had no idea
she was taking it this hard.

Some birthday, huh?

She's gonna try and get some sleep.


What was that?

I don't know.

- I mean, was she trying...?
- No, not in a swimming pool. No.

With all of us there?
No, I don't think so.

But we both...

...think that
she should talk to someone.

I'm gonna get you Dave's number.


Listen, Walt, I...

I can't help but sense
that there may be some issues...

...between you and Skyler.

None of our business, of course.

And, Hank, I don't know if you've...

- ...picked up on any of the--
- He knows. He knows I know.

These things happen in a marriage...

...but it isn't unfixable.

I think what would be great is if... two had some space... work through this stuff.


And keep an open mind here.

What if we took the
kids for a while?

- Took the kids?
- Absolutely.

We'll look after them for a day
or two, or however long...

...and leave you and Skyler... look after each other.

That's very generous
of you, Marie...

...but I... I just don't see
how that's a solution.

And, I mean--

Besides, Junior and Holly,
that's a lot of work.

No, it isn't.

Junior's independent...

...and my niece is
only the easiest...

...most delicious baby
that was ever born.

- It'll be fun, right?
- Yeah. Yeah. No, yeah. Yeah.

Absolutely. Yeah. It's a good idea.

Well, I think it's a great idea.

Just the thing for both of you.

Marie, this idea...

Was it yours?

Actually, it was Skyler's.

She really needs this, Walt.


I gave Marie bottles.

They'll stop and pick up diapers
along the way.

I spoke with Junior on the phone...

...and after much discussion...

...he agreed to swing by tomorrow,
pick up some clothes. And so voile...

...the kids are out
of this environment.

What a coincidence.

I know you're awake.

What was that about?

Can you explain it?

I don't want the
children here anymore.

It isn't safe.

Skyler, we have talked
about this repeatedly.

It has never been more safe.

"Never been"?

A couple weeks ago,
a man was coming to this house... kill us,
to murder your entire family.

You were in the crawlspace,

And I dealt with him. It's over.

It is not.

You're right back
in the meth business again.

This is different.
Now I'm running things.

So wait. Now that
you're in charge...'s what? It's gonna be
smooth sailing from here on out?

I don't see why not.

I keep the work at work, Skyler...

...and nothing will ever
impact you or the kids.

You don't know that.
You can't make that promise, Walt.

I can promise you
that Gus Fring is dead.

And he was the threat.
He was the danger.

I thought you were the danger.

Is that what your
pool stunt was about?

Trying to protect my
children from me?

Not just you.

There's blood on my hands too.

What blood? Beneke?

He's in the hospital because of me.

- No.
- Because of what I did.

Skyler, you can't beat yourself up
over this thing.

Please. You didn't set out
to hurt anybody.

You made a mistake,
and things got out of control...

...but you did what you had to
to protect your family. I'm sorry.

That doesn't make you a bad person,
it makes you a human being.

Stop it, Walt. Just stop.

I don't need to hear any
of your bullshit rationales.

I'm in it now.

I'm compromised. But I won't--

I will not have my children
living in a house...

...where dealing drugs and hurting
people and killing people... shrugged off as
"shit happens."

We're back at it? Fine.

But the kids stay away,
and that's that.

"That's that"? That's what?

I got them out of this house.

To a sleepover
at their aunt and uncle's?

They spend a day or two...

...Junior stays up late watching
movies, and then what happens?

- We'll see.
- No, I'll tell you what happens.

They come home to this house,
to their parents who love them.

No. I will not let
our business endanger them.

How many times do I have to say...

- ...that they are not in--?
- I said no.

I swear to God,
I won't have them back here.

What are you gonna do to stop it?

Whatever it takes.
Everything in my power.

Like what? I mean, specifically.

What is your next move?

My next move is maybe I hurt myself.

Make it clear we need more time.

Let Hank and Marie see
we're still struggling.

No, more like you're still struggling. So
maybe next time, I have you committed.

Put you in some inpatient facility
while I take care of the kids myself.

Is that what you want?

So then maybe I show up
with bruises on my neck...

...give myself a black eye...

...say that you beat me...

...when you found
out about my lover.

I see.

So you want to involve Ted?

Oh, well, that'll be fun...

...bringing the police
up to speed on all of that.

But not as much fun as
telling your 16-year-old son...

...that his father is a wife-beater.

Also not a very good plan.
What else you got?

- I could send Junior away to school.
- Now here's the conversation:

"So, honey, I know you've only got
one year left in high school...

...but I would love it
if you'd drop everything...

...leave all your friends behind, and
go to boarding school in Arizona."

You have any other ideas?
Because I'm not hearing...

...a solution to your problem.

How are you going to save our kids
from this terrible environment?

- I don't...
- What are you gonna do?

Run off to France? You gonna close
the curtains, change the locks?

This is a joke. Come on, Skyler.

You wanna take me on?
You wanna take away my children?

- What's the plan?
- I don't know!

This is the best
I could come up with, okay?

I will count every minute
that the kids are away from here...

...away from you, as a victory.

But you're right.

It's a bad plan.

I don't have any of
your magic, Walt.

I don't know what to do.

I'm a coward.

I-- I can't go to the police.
I can't stop laundering your money.

I can't keep you out of this house.

I can't even keep you out of my bed.

All I can do is wait.

That's it. That's the
only good option.

Hold on, bide my time...

...and wait.

Wait for what?
What are you waiting for?

For the cancer to come back.


Okay. Okay.

Just relax. I'm coming.

Look at that.
You tell me what that looks like.

If the DEA's tracking her barrels,
there goes our precursor connection.

That's done.
And I'm telling you, these days...

...chances of getting a new
methylamine hookup is rare, man.

It's like Bigfoot.
Like unicorn-rare.

Kid, it's just...
You're giving me heartburn here.

GPS on the bottom of the barrel.

Why didn't they put it inside
where nobody would see it?

Look, it's inside, it gets wet.

They made these things
to put under cars.

It can get wet.

Even by cop standards,
this is sloppy.

And the other barrels...

...they have trackers
on the outside too?

I don't know. Probably.

You didn't check
any of the other barrels?

No. But that's the only one
we could've taken according to her.

Once we spotted it, she freaked out, I
put the barrel back, and we F.O.'d.

Let me ask you something.

The person who spotted this...

...was it you or was it her?

Lydia. She saw it first.


She's dead.

Wait, wait, wait. What?

Lydia planted this
thing, not the cops.

She's thinking if she makes it look
like her inventory's being watched...

...that we'll leave her alone
and take our business elsewhere.

And she's right.

We will be taking our business

...right after I leave
her alone in a ditch.

But wait, hey, if the DEA's
not tracking her stuff...

...that's a good thing, right?
I mean, all we gotta do is tell her... cut the crap
and keep the methylamine coming.

You don't know this woman like I do.

I had a chance to deal with this
before, and I gave her a pass.

That's what I get for being sexist.

- Now, if you'll excuse me...
- Mike, you can't just--

Look, that's our precursor.
We need her.

Kid, if we have to ramp down
for a while, so be it.

It beats working with a lunatic who's
gonna get us arrested or killed.

Look, she didn't seem crazy to me, you
know? She just seemed, like, uptight.

And now you're being sexist.

Trust me, this woman deserves to die
as much as any man I've ever met.


Just wait.

What if this really was the cops,
you know?

- And what if you're wrong about her?
- I'm not wrong.

But what if you are?

Jesse, your misgivings
have been duly noted.

Now move away from me.

No. This is a voting thing.

- I don't think so.
- I vote it's a voting thing.

Mr. White, weigh in here, would you?

What do you think?

Mr. White?

The methylamine keeps flowing,
no matter what.

We are not ramping down.

We're just getting started.

Nothing stops this train.


Hey, yo, Mr. White. Hold up.

Hey, I just wanted to say
I liked your idea.

You know, it's pretty...

I think it's the way to go.

Oh, hey.

You said it was your birthday, so...

I left the receipt in the box
in case you wanna exchange it.

Anyway, hey, happy birthday.


I stopped by Hank and Marie's.

Junior is still asking,
"What is going on?"

Nonstop, very insistently.

But everything's okay.

They're watching Ratatouille.

It's very sweet.

How are you?

There's gonna be some more money
coming in soon.

Is that okay?




You coming to bed?

I wanna show you something.

See that watch?

It was a birthday present.

The person who gave me
this present...

...wanted me dead too.

Not that long ago...

...he pointed a gun
right between my eyes, right here...

...and he threatened to kill me.

He changed his mind
about me, Skyler...

...and so will you.