Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 3, Episode 6 - Sunset - full transcript

Walt's new business and assistant, Gale, are making his life much easier. Hank trails the RV back to Jesse. When Walt finds out, he tries to destroy the RV.

KDK-12, come in. KDK-12.
Hey, Bobby, need you to look in on Mrs. Peyketewa.
She all right?
Her daughter called from California,
she hasn't heard from her in a while,
kind of worried.
Will do.
Miss Peyketewa, hello.
Miss Peyketewa.
Miss Peyketewa.
KDK-12 here.
Janet, Jesus, we got a homicide.
Come again? Miss Peyketewa, she's dead.
I need some backup out here. On their way.
Whoever's in there, show yourself right now.
Hold it right there! Let me see your hands.
All right, down.
On your knees.
You understand me? Do you speak English?
I said down! On your knees. Down!
Damn it, get down! On your knees!
Do it!
On your knees or I'll fire!
I found the papers.
Right where you left them, in the crib.
Yeah, well...
You know best, right?
Anything else?
Do you have any thought
about how we're going to approach this with Walter Jr?
Well, he's still my son. I mean, he will remain-
Of course.
My point being the divorce.
Well, I-
I think he gets it. Don't you?
I mean, I-
I think he saw it coming.
He sees your unhappiness and-
My unhappiness?
My completely out-of-the-clear,
blue-sky unhappiness?
Look, as you said, for the best.
Okay, um, last thing, and then I'll let you go.
In the Child Support Worksheet,
you list medical, dental,
child care, transportation,
housing, education, food, clothing.
That's right, all of it.
Skyler, you wanted me out.
I'm out, but I will provide for my family.
Not with that money.
You'd be making us accessories after the fact.
Skyler, how do you think we've been paying our bills
these last six months?
I have to go.
Yep, I was right.
Three units available, exact same floor plan.
I can call over, get you in
to see any of the others if you'd like.
No. No, this one's fine.
I'll take it.
Now, unfortunately, this one is the model, so-
Yeah, I like it.
I like everything about it.
I'll- I'll take it as is.
Name one thing in this world
that is not negotiable.
Oh, Jesus. You have to clean the fryer.
Yes, sir.
So we try to clean them every night,
but make sure it's off
before you open the intake valve.
Now, I suggest that you add this
to your Monday maintenance schedule.
Main valve on, main switch on.
Give the compressor time for the needle to enter the green.
You're for real. This is all you?
All me.
Heisenberg who? That's what I say.
My man Jesse can cook.
Check it, yo. It ain't cloudy or dirty or nothing.
Just the right shade of blue.
Good shade.
Check out that crystal size, yo.
If that bitch was any bigger, it would be a Jolly Rancher.
Be my guest. Hit it.
You sure?
I feel kind of diggish with you being in rehab and all.
No. I can watch, yo.
I can cook, and I can watch.
Go for it. I tried it, like, last week. I'm still coming down.
Go easy.
Ho- whoa- whoa.
Whoo! Riverdance!
Hey- Hey, stop marking up my floor, dumbass. Come on.
Whoa- Whoa- ooh!
Bow before me.
I am Lord of the Dance. Huh?
Shit. I gotta try that again.
Uh, yeah, no, I think you're good.
That is awesome, Jesse.
I feel like somebody took my brain out
and boiled it in, like, boiling hot-
It's the bomb, man, seriously. like anthrax.
So, um...
You ready to talk some business?
You mean, this is not, like, just... recreational?
Uh-uh. I know what you're thinking.
Trust me. It's not going to be like it was-
all right, never gonna be like it was.
How's that? We sell it safe.
All right? We sell it smart.
We don't get greedy...
Like before.
I don't know, man.
Combo and all.
Man's gotta make his living.
If it's like Jesse says
and we're not greedy...
I mean, I guess I can see it.
Had a good thing going before we started pushing our luck.
If it can go back to being like that and all-
Hey, it will be.
Step 1- we build inventory.
Badger, go see Clovis.
Get the RV in shape- tune up, oil change,
brake lights, and whatnot.
Cops always pull you over for brake lights.
Not us.
You got it.
All right, you know that buzzer thing.
Leave the key in the ignition, and it buzzes, whatever.
Yeah. Just have him put in one of those, too.
Skinny, you're in charge of supplies.
I'll get you a list.
Right on.
Yeah. Let's do this. All right.
So, uh... we good?
Yeah. We good?
Right on, man. All right.
Let's do this thing.
Brandon Mayhew.
I know you.
Small world, Albuquerque.
Want to talk about it?
Why? It's not like I get a vote.
You know, ironically,
I think you're going to see much more of me from now on.
- Sure. - Well, just as much of me at least.
I'm taking you to the school, to and from, every day.
What, I don't get a vote in this, either?
I gotta stop going with Louis
just because you're feeling guilty?
I do feel guilty.
I am the man that I am, son,
and there's plenty I would change about that, but...
Here we are
and this is just what it is.
You know what?
Call me crazy, but I'm actually feeling very good about the future.
They're back.
Uh, I'm just wondering
if we should maybe call the police or something.
They're doing nothing wrong.
Okay, let's put this on table 33, okay?
Hello, there.
Uh, Mr. White, I presume?
Oh, yes. Hi. I am- Sorry.
I'll be right down.
Hi. Gale Boetticher.
You're my new lab assistant, I take it.
Yes, I am.
I suppose you'll want to hear my qualifications.
I have my, uh- my resume here for you.
I received my bachelor's degree from UNM,
my master's from the University of Colorado.
Organic chemistry with a specialty in-
It's all right there.
"X-ray crystallography. "
I could talk about that for hours.
I would love to.
Well, first, I'm curious about this.
That's a little pet project of mine.
See, in my opinion,
it's all about the quinic acid level.
You want just north of 4,800 milligrams per liter,
but if you over-boil to get there,
you're going to leach your tannins.
Bitterness. Yuck.
So I pull a mild vacuum.
That way, I can keep the temperature no higher than 92 C, and uh...
Let's see.
Judge for yourself.
Oh, my God.
My God, that is the best coffee I've ever tasted.
Sumatran beans,
and I also have to give credit to the grind,
but, uh, thank you, Mr. White.
Walt, please.
Call me Walt.
Huh, why the hell are we making meth?
Tell me, with the phenylacetic acid solution,
you said 150 drops per minute for the first 10 minutes,
and then 90 for the remainder.
Why is that?
Well, my thinking is,
by tapering the phenyl, you get an oilier aqueous layer, and hence-
Better benzene extraction.
But actually I prefer ether.
Oh. I'll have it for tomorrow.
Gale, I'm wondering how you-
Ended up here.
Well, actually, I'm still wondering
how I ended up here, but, yes.
I mean, I can't imagine
we strike each other as criminals.
Well, there's crime,
and then there's crime, I suppose.
I'm definitely a libertarian.
Consenting adults want what they want,
and if I'm not supplying it,
they will get it somewhere else.
At least with me, they're getting exactly what they pay for.
No added toxins or adulterants.
Yeah, I was doing it the way you are supposed to,
pursuing my doctorate at Colorado,
NSF research grant.
I was on my way,
jumping through hoops, kissing the proper behinds,
attending to allhe non-chemistry
that one finds oneself occupied with.
You know that world.
That is not what I signed on for.
I love the lab.
Because it's all still magic.
You know?
I mean, on you lose that...
It is. It is magic.
It still is.
And all the while I kept thinking
about that great, old Whitman poem.
"When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer. "
Walt Whitman.
I- I don't know it.
Uh, anyway...
Well, can you recite it?
Pathetically enough I could.
All right, well...
No, no, come on. Come on.
When I heard the learn'd astronomer;
When the proofs, the figures,
were ranged in columns before me;
When I was shown the charts and the diagrams,
to add, divide, and measure them;
When I, sitting, heard the astronomer, where he lectured
with much applause in the lecture-room,
How soon, unaccountable, I became tired and sick;
Till rising and gliding out,
I wander'd off by myself,
In the mystical moist night-air,
and from time to time,
Look'd up in perfect silence
at the stars.
Yes, I am a nerd.
Bravo. Thank you.
Come on, Pinkman.
You little rat bastard.
Get off your lazy ass and go bream the law.
Hey, baby.
Are you ever coming home?
Marie, I'm working. All right?
Did you find it? The RV?
Nope. Working on it, so...
Why can't you just arrest him,
make him tell you?
It's not that simple, baby.
There's a little thing called The Constitution.
The Constitution, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
This kid, I swear to God, I wish I just could-
This is that Pinkman character?
That's the one.
Positive the little bastard has got an RV,
and I just don't know where he keeps it.
Until he actually leads me to where-
or does something, I'm stuck here, Marie,
so... sorry.
Well, um... not to bring up ancient history,
but I for one can think of someone who might know something...
It's worth a shot.
Oh, hey, buddy. Hey, how you doing?
Oh, hey, Hank. What's up?
Listen, I hate to bother you.
I just- I just, uh- I just have a quick question.
Oh, shoot.
Now, I'm only asking you this because I'm at a, you know,
dead-end here potentially.
I'm working a case, and, uh-
Listen, you gotta know that I would never put you on the spot
or make you uncomfortable.
Hank, you could just cut to the chase.
Back when we lost you
and I was trying to track you down
through a former student of yours, Jesse Pinkman,
now, you know that I know
that once upon a time he may have dealt you a little weed.
Just a little, and I so do not care about that.
As far as I'm concerned, you never inhaled, okay?
Like you said, cut to the chase.
Do you remember if this Pinkman kid
ever had an RV?
You know, a recreational vehicle,
you know, like a Winnebago-type deal,
brown and beige?
Uh, why?
Well, it's a long story,
but I'm personally of the opinion that he's moved on from weed
and graduated to selling crystal meth,
using it as a rolling lab.
What? Mr. White.
Hey, how's my favorite genius?
Is this a secure line?
Is this a secure-
Yes, what's with the-
Hey, hello to you, too.
Listen, we've got a problem, a DEA problem.
Okay, I'm listening.
My brother-in-law, he knows about the RV.
What RV?
Our RV,
the one which contains a meth lab,
which is covered with my fingerprints.
Ring a bell?
Okay, what exactly does "knows about" mean?
Does he have it? Has he searched it?
No, he knows it exists, and he's trying to find it.
He has linked it to Jesse,
and it's only a matter of time
before he tracks it down, so-
So get rid of it. What are you doing sitting here talking to me for?
Better yet, have Pinkman get rid of it.
Right? You don't go near it.
No, no, listen, my brother-in-law,
he is surveying Jesse's house.
Do you understand? So he might've tapped the phones
or bugged his house.
Jesus. Plan A, then.
Go. Get to it before the feds do.
And do what exactly?
I mean, what-
The thing- The thing is the size of a-
It's RV size.
I mean, where do I go to make an RV disappear?
I'm not David Copperfield.
What do I look like,
the RV disposal people?
Did you not plan
for this contingency? No.
Well, next time, plan for it, would you?
The Starship Enterprise had a self-destruct button.
I'm just saying. Okay, oh, shut up.
I'm just saying, you know,
you're good with tools and all.
Why don't you invent a water-powered car, you know?
If you did that, you would be rolling in it.
Socket wrench.
The big one.
You scared of the Arabs?
Are you out of your mind? Why is this out in the open?
Who the hell are you?
He's- He's Heisenberg.
Is this drivable? Does it run?
Yeah, I was just changing the oil.
Well, finish it, quickly.
We'll wipe it clean and take it out to the desert.
Come here and help me.
Hold up. What's this about?
The DEA,
the Drug Enforcement Administration.
You've heard of them, haven't you?
I know you have.
They know all about this RV,
and they're trying to find it right now.
I want this off my property now.
No, no, no, no, no, we have got to destroy the evidence.
We've got to rig this thing to burn. Do you understand?
Not here you don't. Just get it the hell out of here.
Now, listen to me. I need your help, okay?
If I go down, we all go down.
Do you understand?
All right, just- I know a better way.
I know a guy that'll wipe this off the planet, no questions asked.
Call him.
Hey, what about Jesse?
What about him?
Hey, it's me.
Wanna hear something weird?
Now, listen to me.
You get that address. Now, Badger, I don't care how!
You find out where he's taking it!
Oh, yeah.
Excuse me. Are you leaving?
Excuse me, gentlemen.
This booth is for paying customers.
Cynthia, it's okay.
I'll handle this.
96, 97, 98,
99, 100.
Beyond recovery, right?
Now, beyond recovery means- I get it.
Beyond recovery.
Obliterated, no evidence. Hey, don't worry.
When we're through with it, it's going to be about yea big, okay?
Then we flatbed it over to Long Beach,
ship it across the Pacific.
Chinese turn it into patio furniture,
so... mind at ease.
Listen, can you do me a favor?
I'm obviously going to need a ride.
Could you call a cab?
You got it. Pleasure doing business.
Thank you. I'll be right behind you.
I just need to...
The hell you think you're doing? Me?
No, this is mine just as much as yours!
You don't get to just- Oh, God. Oh, God.
God, they're out-
He's here.
Who's here?
Oh, no.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
You led him right to us.
Mr. Pinkman, you want to add resisting arrest?
We'll add it. No skin off my ass.
Last chance to do it the easy way.
Got a warrant?
Who are you?
Who are you? What do you know about this RV?
Well, I'm the owner of this lot,
which means you're trespassing on private property.
As far as the RV goes,
seems to me it's locked,
which means you're trying to break and enter,
so I say again,
you got a warrant?
Well, I don't need one if I've got probable cause,
Probable cause
usually relates to vehicles, is my understanding,
you know, traffic stops and whatnot.
See these round rubber things?
This is a vehicle.
This is a domicile, a residence,
and thus protected by the Fourth Amendment
from unlawful search and seizure.
Look buddy, why don't you just go out and-
Did you see this drive in here?
How do you know it runs?
Did you actually witness any wrongdoing?
It seems to me you're just out here... fishing.
Don't see that holding up in a court of law.
Oh, yeah?
Well, look at these.
What do those look like to you?
They sure look like bullet holes to me.
There was a firearm discharged inside of this "domicile. "
Willing to bet there's a judge or two out there
who'd see that as probable cause, but I'll tell you what.
Why don't you call the Albuquerque police-
How could you have known that they were there
before you took off the tape?
How could you have known that they were there
before you took off the tape?
Say it. Say it.
How could you have known that they were there before you took off the tape?
That's right.
Probable cause needs to be readily apparent.
There's somebody in there.
...private domicile and I won't be harassed.
Yeah, I'll tell you what, Pinkman.
Probable cause or no, I'll give you three seconds
to get your ass out here.
1, 2-
This is my own private domicile, and I will not be harassed.
Oh, yeah.
Fine. You want your warrant?
I'll have my guys bring it out here
and deliver it to you on a little satin pillow.
How's that?
I waited this long. Wait a little longer.
Hey, Vicky.
Yeah, Schrader. Give me Merkert, will you?
You know, I say-
I say we just ram him. All right?
I mean, we, uh-
we- we start her up
and just ram the shit out of his truck.
We make our escape. Right?
Yeah, he'd, uh-
he'd shoot me in the head.
Yeah, he'd shoot me in the head.
So what do we do, man, huh?
What do we-
Please tell me
you got something.
Yeah, I got something.
It's me.
We need your help.
Is this Mr. Henry R. Schrader?
Yeah. Who's this?
Sir, this is Officer Elaine Tanner with the Albuquerque Police.
Is your wife Marie Schrader?
Yes, why?
I'm sorry to inform you that your wife's been in an automobile accident.
She's being airlifted to Los Ranchos Medical Center
and should be arriving there shortly.
How is she? What's her condition?
I don't, um...
have the most current information, sir,
but I think you might want to get there as soon as possible.
You're going to have to start paying me more.
Marie? I'm just checking in.
I'd love to have some idea
of whether I should cook dinner or not.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Why?
Hank? What's up?

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