Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 3, Episode 3 - I.F.T. - full transcript

Walt has moved back into the house without Skyler's consent. Now she can't get him out. Meanwhile, Jesse continues to cope with Jane's death.

He's still breathing.

By the looks of him,
he has no idea how close he came.

I'm assuming Saul Goodman
doesn't need to know.

Mum's the word.

* Old MacDonald had a farm *

* E-I-E-I-O *

* And on his farm he had a duck *

* E-I-E-I-O *

* With a hmm-hmm here *

* And a quack-quack there *

* Here an oink, there a oink *

* Everywhere an oink-oink *

* Old MacDonald had a farm *

* E-I-E-I-O *


Son of a bitch.


Hang on, baby.


Walt, are you in the house?

Oh, hey, Skyler.

Yeah, it's me.

What-- What the hell
are you doing in there?

I'm back.

No. No, you're not back.

Walt, you're not back.

Get-- Get-- Get out of there.

Well, it's-- it's my house,
too, Skyler.

I'm staying. End of story.

We had an agreement.

I didn't agree to anything.

Now, look, just come on inside,

and we'll talk this through, okay?

No. No. There's
nothing to talk about.

I am not coming in there
until you get out.


suit yourself.

Walt. Walt?

What is wrong with you?

Skyler, I have every
right to be here.

No, you don't.

You don't live here anymore.

We're getting a divorce.

I don't agree to a divorce.

It's not up to you.

If you don't get out
of here right now,

I'm going to call the police

and I'm going to
tell them everything.

I mean it, Walt.

There's the phone.

It's ringing.

Albuquerque Police Department,

Operator #314B.

How may I help you?

Yes, I-- I want to report
a disturbance, please.

No, no, it's not-
it's not exactly--

It's, um...

It's a domestic issue.


They're connecting me.

Right hand to God,
I will tell them.

Do what you have to do, Skyler.

This family is everything to me.

Without it, I have nothing to lose.


Yes, my name is Skyler White.

I need police assistance
at my home right away.


soon-to-be ex-husband

broke into my house,

and I need an officer

to come and remove him.

It's 308 Negra Arroyo Lane.



Thank you.

They're coming.

Oh... Dad's here?

Hey. Dad.

Hey, son, come here.

How are you?

Are-- Are you back for good?

Why-- Why are you home so soon?

I-- I'm not.


Hey, I am starving.
How about a grilled cheese?

Yeah, sure. You want one, too?

Walter, your dad and I have
something we need to discuss.

When your sandwich is ready,

I'll bring it to your-
to your room.

Mom, can't it wait?

I haven't seen Dad in,
like, forever.





So are you gonna be
at work tomorrow?

Yeah, that's the plan.

Hello, ma'am. We were
called about a disturbance?

It's more of a trespassing
situation, really, but--

Yeah, that was me.

You called the cops on Dad?

I, uh-- I came home from work,

and he was back.

He just moved back into the house.

And I asked him to leave,
but he won't listen.

I just--

I-- I want him out.

I want him out of the house.

Okay, Mrs. White.
There's a couple of questions

I need to ask you
right off of the bat.

It's very important that
you answer them honestly.

Did he strike you?


Has he ever hit you?

No. This is not about violence.

This is about trespassing,

about him being here
against my will.

Okay. Trespassing.

You're divorced, then?

No, working on it.

Right now we're separated.

Legally separated?

Well, there's not a court order,

if that's what you mean,

but we've been living apart

for almost two weeks,
give or take--

I changed the locks.

Isn't that breaking and entering?

Whose name is on the
title to the house?

Both of us. It's jointly owned.

We can't arrest a man

for breaking into his own house,

not without a court order

requiring he stays
away from the premises,

unless he's threatened you
or the kids in any way.

No, not--

not physically, but having him

in the house is just--

It's not a good thing.

Excuse me. Don't cry. Daddy's here.

I got her, honey.

Oh, come here.

There we go.

You hungry?

You hungry?

Here we go.

Oh, that was it.

I'm sorry, Officer. Where were we?


Yeah, so we've had
our share of that.

Um, I-- I haven't...

I haven't been the most
attentive husband lately.

Mrs. White, would this be easier
if we stepped outside for a minute?



I'm fine right here.

I'm gonna level with you, ma'am.

If you want your husband
out of the house,

you're gonna have to help me out.

Is it possible maybe he's broken
any laws that you know of?

Anything at all.

Anything that we can work
with here, just tell me.

Even if you've just got a
suspicion of wrongdoing,

I can work with that.

I'll get him out of
the house for you.

What's your take on all this?

It-- It's my mom's fault.


and it's because he
didn't do anything.

I don't know whyshe's b.

My-- My dad--

...he is a great guy.

Mrs. White?

I'm sorry, ma'am.

There's no legal basis

for us to remove your
husband from the house.

Next time you feel like things
are getting out of control,

you should call this number.

It's the family hotline.

I'd really look into
some counseling.

Best of luck to you folks.

Listen, thank you, officers.
We're sorry.

Why do you got to--

Why do you got to do this to Dad?

Junior. Wait. Come on.

Don't blame your mother for this.


Ah, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Welcome home.

He lives!

Happy housewarming, kid.

Don't look so glad
to see me. Thanks.

Interesting decor.

It's, uh, subtle.

The whole minimalist thing
never really blew my hair back,

but hey.

So, how are you doing?

You staying clean?


I was kind of worried

that you were back to old habits,

since I didn't hear from you,
you know?

Realize how stupid it is

to ignore your
counsel's phone calls?

What if I was trying to warn you

that the DEA was going
to kick down your door?

I mean, what then, huh?

Why don't you spare me the sermon

and get to why you're here?

Fair enough.

Remember the other day

when I brought up the idea

of you getting back in touch
with your, uh, partner?

Well, I kind of wanted
to refloat that boat.

I'm not suggesting that you
yourself get back to cooking,

I mean, you being in rehab and all.

I only want you to
convince the master chef

to do his thing,

so what do you say?

Sure, man. Whatever.

Okay. Whatever what?

I mean, you going to call him?

I said I'll handle it.

Now bounce, will you?


Final thought.

Look at this place.

You're house poor.

You got no bankroll.

If you get the maestro
cooking again,

I'll make it worth your while.

Call him.

Hey, if you're trying to
sell me something,

I've got four little
words for you--

do not call list.

However, if you're cool,
leave it at the beep.


Yes, sir? Yeah, what's up?



That's great news, sir. Thank you.

Ah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

You can bet on that.

Hey, listen, thanks again, sir.

I really appreciate you
stepping to the plate.

Thank you.

You going to keep me
in suspense or what?

What's the good news?

Merkert called in a
couple of favors.

El Paso wants me back. Aaah!

Hey, man, congrats, man.
That's fantastic.

Thank you. Yeah.



Hey, if you're trying to
sell me something,

I've got four little
words for you--

do not call list.

However, if you're cool,
leave it at the beep.

Hey, if you're trying to
sell me something,

I've got four little
words for you--

do not call list.

However, if you're cool,
leave it at the beep.

Hey, if you're trying to
sell me something,

I've got four little
words for you--


Oh, sweetheart.

Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It's okay. It's okay, my girl.

Oh, yes. It's okay.

It's okay. Mama's got you.

Oh, Mama's got you, yeah.

Yes. Oh.

Skyler, want some help?

Skyler, can I use the bathroom?


What do you mean?
Against your will?

Yes. Very much against my will.

He just-- He-
He showed right back up,

and he-- he doesn't want a divorce.

Won't even consider it.

I-- I called the police on him.

I-- I was-- I was so clo--

So close to what?

Nothing. Never mind.

Skyler, I can't advise you properly

if you don't give me all the facts.

Understand I am bound

by the attorney-client privilege

to keep everything
you tell me a secret.

I can't tell a soul unless
you authorize me to.

Even if it's something illegal?

Especially if it's illegal.

I'm your lawyer, not the police.

My job is to protect you.

My husband makes meth.


Your husband's a drug dealer.

A manufacturer.

Technically, they, uh,

they-- they call them cooks.

I looked it up on the Internet.

This is my advice,
and you should take it.

Sue your husband for
divorce immediately.

Let me go to the police

and tell them what
you've just told me.

I'll go in ex parte

and get a restraining order
from the court today.

If he comes anywhere near
you and your children,

he goes straight to jail,
no questions asked.

This is a no-brainer.

It's the best thing for
you and your family.

I can't.

I can't do it.

I don't want my son to find out

that his father is a criminal.

I just--

I can't do that to him.

In the end,
it may not be up to you.

Drug dealers have a
way of getting caught.

Walt has lung cancer.

His treatment bought him some time,

but the doctors, they all say

that sooner or later--

But I can't see why

I should lay all this on my family

when...things may--

resolve themselves on their own

without anyone else knowing.

Man, did I lose a bet or something?

What are we doing in this shithole?

Just relax, will you?

Relax? This is the kind
of place you get knifed.

We should have went
to Chili's, man.

All right, already. J----.

Outback Steakhouse.

It's not too late.

They got that Blooming Onion.

What's wrong with spicing
things up a little bit, huh?

This spice looks like it's been
through a couple of guys already.

So when are you headed
back down to El Paso?

Uh, you know,

between the packing
and errands and, uh,

getting my ducks in a row,
maybe, um, a week or two.

A week or two? Come on, man.

I'd be dying to get
back in the action.

Yeah, well, it's not like there's
nothing going on up here.

What are you talking about?

There ain't jack going on up here.

It's quiet as hell.

I'm going to hit the head.

Those two over there.

I think they're holding.

Man, in this place,

the bartender's probably holding.

All right.

Whoa. What are you doing?

Calling APD. What do you think?

Since when can't we handle
a couple of dirtballs?

Come on, man. Courtesy call.

What if Vice is running
some kind if undercover op?

Screw it. It's your turn to pay.

Where are you going?

I have to take a leak.

J----, get yourself some Flomax.

Stand up.

Do you got a problem
with us, bitch?

Your move.

DEA! Don't move.

Go tell my partner to
get his ass in here.

Hey, if you're trying to
sell me something,

I've got four little
words for you--

do not call list.

However, if you're cool,
leave it at the beep.

Hey, if you're trying to
sell me something,

I've got four little
words for you--

do not call--

We're sorry. You have
reached a number

that has been disconnected or
is no longer in service.

Come on.


Can we talk?

ASAC wants to see you.


We're hanging back.
Saw a deal go down.

I went outside to call it in.

You stayed to keep an
eye on the suspects.

That's when they attacked you.

What I didn't tell them

is that you left your
gun under the seat

before you went back inside.

I've done a terrible thing,

but I did it for a good reason.

I did it for us.


is college tuition
for Walter Junior

and Holly,

18 years down the road.


Then it's health insurance
for you and the kids,

for Junior's physical therapy,

his SAT tutor.

It's money for groceries

and gas,

for birthdays and
graduation parties.

Skyler, that money

is for this roof over your head,

the mortgage that you are not
going to be able to afford

on a part-time bookkeeper's
salary when I'm gone.

Walt, I-- Please.


This money...

I didn't steal it.

it doesn't belong to anyone else.

I earned it.

The things I've...

done to earn it...



things I've hato do,

I've got to live with them.


All that I've done,

all the sacrifices that I have...

made for this family,

all of that will be for nothing

if you don't accept
what I've earned.


I'll be here when you
get home from work.

You can give me your answer then.

Hey, Sky.



Uh, some coffee?


That report's looking real good.

That-- I like how it looks. Good.

Are your kids home?


Ooh! Ooh!

Ooh, it's here, it's here!

Hello, Mrs. White.

Oh. Hi, Louis.

Hey, uh, thanks for
having me over for dinner.

Um, sure.

Hey, Skyler.

I'm, uh, cooking dinner.

Pot roast.

Uh, could you--

So how was your day?


Good. Excellent.

I hope you don't mind.

I invited Louis to stay
for dinner tonight,

you know, as a thank you

for driving Walter
Junior to school for us.

We've been kind of absent,

but I tell you,
Louis really pitched in.


Look, I just want to say that I--

I feel good about our
talk this morning,

and I'm-- I'm very eager

to hear what you're
thinking about--

about what we talked about.

But, you know,

whenever you're ready, of course.



Honesty is good. Don't you think?


I fucked Ted.

Boys, dinner.

Thank you. Louis?

Uh, yes, please. All right.

Thank you.

I want you boys both to
eat your salad, okay?


I know.

Nobody likes salad,

but it's good for you.

Thanks, darling. Thank you.