Breaking Bad (2008–2013): Season 2, Episode 9 - 4 Days Out - full transcript

Walt and Jesse become stranded out in the middle of the desert after cooking more crystal.

These people.


I already read that one anyway.

Kleinman has better magazines.

You know, you guys
really don't need to hang around.

We won't even get the results
till next week.

Buddy, we're gonna be here.
You kidding me?

It is a full PETICT, correct?

You definitely want the PETICT
and not just the PET.

Yeah, it's a PETICT.

Good. That's what you want.

Some places skimp
and they only do the PET.

I'm not naming any names.

I just still don't understand
why you don't go to Kleinman.

This is where Walt's doctor is.

Well, with us, you wouldn't
have to wait until next week... get the results.

I'm sorry, but these scans
are not that difficult to read.

I could take one look at Walt's...

...and tell you immediately
how he's doing.

-Doctors like people to think...

...that they're so much smarter
than the technicians...

...but you would be surprised
how much they come to us for input.

Well, never turn down a chance
to hit the bathroom, huh?

Excuse me.

You all right in there?


Hey, you okay?


I'm fine, thank you.

Sir, you can go back to your
changing room and get dressed.

-So how'd we do?
-You did fine.

-See anything?
-I'm just a technician, Mr. White.

Dr. Delcavoli will go over the results
with you next week.


Actually, the money-laundering aspect
is fairly straightforward.

But I gotta tell you,
the not-telling-your-wife aspect?

Most people wanna know
why they suddenly got rich.

If she finds out, it's after I'm gone.

How much time they giving you?



Sorry to hear it.

I was hoping we could
make some real money together.

Oh, well.
Look, let's crunch some numbers.

How much money
are we laundering?

At this time, $16,000.

How long you been doing this?

We've had some
extenuating circumstances.

Yeah, apparently.

All right, 16,000 laundered
at 75 cents on the dollar...

...minus my fee,
which is 17 percent...

...comes to $9960.

Congratulations, you just left
your family a secondhand Subaru.

Well, we'll just have to cook more.
A lot more.

Yeah, that's my legal opinion.

Make hay
while the sun is still shining.

You know, we should do something
this weekend.

You know,
get our minds off the test results.

Actually, I....

I'm thinking I should go see Mom.


You know, I never did call her.

You're expecting the news
from the scan to be bad.

God, Walt.

I need you to stay positive
with me here.

I am. Positive is good.

I'm all for positive...

...but positive doesn't change facts,
all right?


It doesn't change the need
to be prepared.

I know.

Walt, I'm just trying
to be hopeful, okay?

You know, forgive me.


...I need to know Mom's
going to leave you something if--


...I'm no longer around.

I just need to get that straight,
that's all.

And believe me,
I'm gonna earn every penny of it too.

Complaining about her nurses
the entire time.

"Juanita is hiding my ashtray."

A 30-minute discourse...

...about how the sugar packets
are suddenly disappearing.

And, oh, she's counting
every one of them, you know.

I'll be lucky
if I get a word in edgewise.

I actually think the news from the scan
is gonna be good.

Perhaps you should prepare for that.


-We should do something.
-Yeah, we should.

No, something else.

We should go somewhere.

Have you been
to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum?

Is that the one with the A-bombs?

Georgia O'Keeffe.

She's a painter.

You've never heard
of Georgia O'Keeffe?

No, is that bad?

-Boy, you need some educating.
-Yes, yes, I do. Come here.

Why don't we go up to Santa Fe?
We'll make a day of it.

You wanna go all the way to Santa Fe
for a museum?

So romantic.

Yup, we're going. Get up.

Why can't we just go to the movies
or putt-putt?

It's the shit.

A little culture won't kill you.

Besides, you might like it.
A lot of her paintings look like vaginas.


-Is there still cereal?

Yo, if I know you, leave a message.

Where the hell are you?
Pick up the phone.

-Hello? Jesse, pick up--
-Hold on, hold on.

Sorry, one sec.

-I've been trying to reach you.

Where's your drop phone?

-I've been busy.
-Well, clear your social calendar.

-We have to cook.
-What? Today?

No, you'll need today at least
to gather supplies.

Now, we're going to need
all new glassware...

...heating mantles,
about a hundred pounds of ice.

Do you have a paper and pencil?
You should be writing this down.

You wanna go shopping,
go do it yourself, all right? I got plans.

Smoking marijuana,
eating Cheetos and masturbating... not constitute plans
in my book.

Well, screw you and your book, man,
all right?

I'm going to a museum in Santa Fe,
not like you need to know.

-You're going to a museum, huh?
-Yeah. Georgia O'Keeffe.

-Georgia O'Keeffe?
-She's a painter, duh.

She does these vagina pictures.

Or paintings, or just painted.
I don't know.

What are you even talking about?

Look, man, why am I even
explaining myself to you, all right?

It's none of your damn business
what I'm doing.

All you need to know is I ain't cooking
or shopping or whatever the hell.

Let me explain something to you.

You and I need to cook
through to next Tuesday.

-Tuesday? Four days straight?
-Like it or not, we have no choice.

Yeah? And why exactly is that?

Our methylamine. It's going bad.

-It's losing its chemical potency.

Now, unless stealing another barrel
sounds good to you....

Hell, no.

All right, we have to act fast,
before it goes to waste.

You have a paper and pencil?

-Come on.
-All right, all right. Go.

Okay, six mantles. Mantle? Mantle?

What do you mean, mantle?
You mean like Mickey?

I really wish
you didn't have to do this.

Me too.

But I'll be back before you know it...

...and you can always call
if you need me.

What, and risk talking to your mother?
Have to be some emergency.

Love you.

-Fly safe, okay?

The white zone is for immediate
loading and unloading...

...of passengers only.

No parking.

Attention, passengers.:
Please maintain visual contact...

...with your personal belongings
at all times.

Any bags left unattended
will be confiscated... airport personnel.

You brought a meth lab
to the airport?

What? You said we were in a hurry.
I saved us a trip.

Yeah. Did you get everything?
All six?

-With reflux condensers?

Yes. Like I said, yes.

-Just go. Drive. Go, go.

Good morning to you too, man.

-Three entire bags of Funyuns?

What? Funyuns are awesome.

-Hey, more for me.

How about something
with some protein maybe?

Something green, huh?

Man, I'm getting no service.

How are you even alive?

Hey, yo, check your phone.
You get any bars?

Yeah, I've got a signal.

-Hey, let me use yours, would you?
-Absolutely not.

I have to assume
Skyler checks my phone records.

-You know that.
-It's not business, all right?

-It's personal.
-Oh, personal.

-What, female?

Absolutely. That's all I need.

Skyler hits redial
and some stripper answers.

Look, she's not a stripper, okay?

Sorry. My wife checks.

-Drinking water?

Is that all we've got?

Ten gallons?
What, you plan on taking a bath in it?

Oh, God.

No, not there.
That is our workstation.

-Oh, our "workstation."
-That's right.

Why don't you try to find a place
where it won't get lost?

Considering it's our only set...

...and we are a million miles
from nowhere.

Why don't you try
sticking them up your ass sideways?

Two-point-three-five pounds.


That's the last of it.

-How many total?

So dollar-wise?

How much?

Well, median weight 2.2 pounds...

...that's 41.8,
call that 42 pounds, at....

-What are we selling for these days?
-Forty a pound.

-Forty thousand dollars?
-Hey, you said raise the prices.

All right, that's 40 times 42...

...minus distribution charges....



Six hundred seventy-two
thousand dollars.

-All in?



-Six hundred and--?

Seventy-two thousand dollars each.

Each. Yes! Hell, yeah!

Hey, come high, baby.
Come on. Yes. Come on.

Yes! Yes!

Well, there goes the generator.

I think that's it for the gas.

Perfect timing, yo.

-How do you figure that?
-What do you mean?

We're done cooking.

I am not done
until this barrel is empty.

Look at this.

I'd say we've still got 10, 12 gallons
of methylamine.

-Come on, where's your ambition?
-Jesus. Seriously?

We are way ahead of schedule, man,
all right?

Plus the genny needs gas,
we're almost out of propane...

...and my back is killing me
from that piece-of-crap cot.

Come on, can we at least
just take the night off?

Look, I don't have to take you back
till Tuesday, right?

So we come back tomorrow,
strap on the sizzle...

...and glass up the rest.

Come on.

There's gotta be a Denny's
out there someplace.

Grand Slam?

Hot shower?

A bed?

-Separate rooms.
-Yeah, that's a given.

What the hell?

What the...? The battery's dead.

Jesse, back when I asked you
to put the keys in a safe place...

...where did you put them?

-I left them right here in the ignition.
-Son of a bitch.

Whoa, whoa, no,
this is not my fault, all right?

-The buzzer didn't buzz.
-The what?

The buzzer that buzzes
when you put the keys in... let you know the battery's on.

I know that. It didn't buzz.

Look, I didn't turn the key
or anything, all right?

I'm not stupid.
Did you hear the buzzer buzz?

I did not. It's faulty.
It's a faulty mechanism.

Is this just a genetic thing with you?
Is it congenital?

Did your mother drop you
on your head when you were a baby?

The buzzer did not buzz.

And you're the one
that made me move the keys.

Yes, I see your point.

Your imbecility being what it is,
I should've known to say:

"Jesse, don't leave the keys
in the ignition the entire two days."

I wanted to leave them
on the counter, bitch.

Oh, I'm sorry, oh, the workstation.

-Okay, just....

All right, so we need
to jump the battery somehow.



You gonna be okay?

Oh, damn it.

What's it taste like?

Bad, huh?

This is good.
This is good. Right here.

Okay. There.

Here. Red to red, black to black.

Positive, negative.
All right. Start it up.

What the hell's wrong
with this thing?

-You have to really pull.
-I am.

No, really pull, not like a girl.

You know what? Pull this.
I am pulling.

It just needs to warm up a little.
All right.

Oh, my God.

Oh, jeez.

Well done, Jesse, as always. Just....

Well done.


Come on, you bitches.

Hear me now.

Damn it.


Okay, now we have to use
your phone.

This is ruined. Do you understand?
Just ruined.

You hooked it up wrong
and blew it up.

No, no, no.
That is not what happened.

How do you know?

What I know is that I wasn't the one
who dumped out the last of our water.

-That's what I know.
-There was a fire.

Excuse me for thinking on my feet.

Is that what you were--?
You were thinking?

Now that we have
identified the problem--

You and thinking,
that's the problem.

Look, somebody is going to
have to pick us up, all right?

Your wife is not gonna notice
one little call.

Mr. White, come on.


All right, look, just make it snappy.

-Roaming drains the battery.
-All right.

Yo, Skinny, hey.

Yeah, yeah. Listen, man,
I need you to come pick us up.

Now, all right? We're stuck out here.
You got a pen for directions?

Look, pencil's fine, retard.

Just something to write with.
It doesn't matter.

All right, so you ready?

All right, so you're gonna head west
on the 40 for like, what, 30 miles?

And you're gonna go past the casino
with the big arrows in the parking lot.

All right--
No, big arrows, giant arrows.

They light up and blink.
You can't miss them.

Then you're gonna wanna take it slow,
because there's this dirt road.

It's right before the white sign
with a 3 on it, okay?

Now you're gonna be way, way out
in the boonies, okay?

Like crazy far, so just keep heading
down that dirt road for like what?

About another 15 miles.

-Really? That far?
-Yeah. Hurry up. The battery.

All right, just go down that road
for like 15 more miles, all right?

I mean, we're way the hell out here.
All right?

Oh, and, yo, hey, listen.
Bring water.

Leave now.


He's coming.

There was this guy
on the Discovery Channel...

...who broke his leg
mountain biking...

...and he had to drink urine for....

You know,
just until the forest ranger found him.

He said it tasted like really hot,
really old soda.

Look, we should just call, you know?

I'll be quick, just be like,
"Yo, where are you?"

All right.

Come on.

Yo. Yo, where are you?

Oh, so you saw the white sign?

Yes, he's almost here.

Oh, man.
We're getting really freaked out.

All right, so you're on the dirt road?

He's on the dirt road. Good. Good.

You just crossed the river?
Yeah. Have you seen anything?

Wait, wait. What river?

Yeah, hey, yo, what river?

What the hell river you talking about?
There's no river.

Hey, yo, Pete. Yo, Pete, can you--?

Phone's dead.

Now what?

Mr. White, what now?

Oh, come on. Seriously?

What's this?

I'm trying to...

...trickle-charge the battery.


Just by turning that thing?

The commutator.

It's the part
which generates the electricity.

Usually this little piston engine
turns it...

...but considering that it's lying here
completely totalled....


Apply a little elbow grease.

It'll take longer, a lot longer...

...but theoretically... should work.


It has to work.

You understand?

Can I try?


How much longer?

I don't know.



Mr. White.



Yo, man, you hanging in?

Yeah, I'm good.

It's gotta be ready by now, right?

No, give it a little longer...

...just to make sure we're--

Methylamine doesn't spoil...

...does it?

No. That's not why we're here.


Lie much?

Here, push.

Okay, okay, okay.


Go on.

Please, please, please.

Yes. Yes.

Come on. Damn. No, please, God.

No. God.

Please. Please.

Why couldn't I have just gone
to Santa Fe?

Why? Why?

Mr. White.

Mr. White!

What are you doing?

Mr. White?

Oh, God.

I have this coming.


I have it coming.

I deserve this.

Hey, snap out of it.

All right, first off, everything you did,
you did for your family.


All I ever managed to do...

...was worry and disappoint them...

...and lie.

Oh, God.

All the lies.

I can't even....

I can't even keep them straight
in my head anymore.

You know what? Screw this.

I'm walking. You can come or not.

Where's my other shoe?

Jesse. Jesse.

Your body... running dangerously low
on electrolytes.

Sodium, potassium, calcium.

And when they're gone...

...your brain ceases to communicate
with your muscles.

Your lungs stop breathing,
your heart stops pumping.

You go marching out there...

...and within an hour,
you will be dead.

Okay, you need to cut out
all your loser crybaby crap right now...

...and think of something scientific.

Something scientific, right.

What? Come on, man.
You're smart, all right?

You made poison out of beans, yo.

All right, look. We got--

We got an entire lab right here,
all right?

How about you take
some of these chemicals...

...and mix up some rocket fuel?

And we can just send up
a signal flare.

Or you make some kind of robot
to get us help...

...or a homing device...

...or build a new battery or....

Or wait, no.

What if we just take some stuff
off of the RV...

...and build it into something
completely different?

You know, like a....
Like a dune buggy.

And that way,
we can just dune-buggy or....

What? Hey. What is it?


Do you have any money?

Change, I mean. Coins.

-Yeah, I got a bunch from the--

-Gather them.

And washers and nuts and bolts
and screws...

...and whatever little pieces of metal
we can think of that is galvanized.

It has to be galvanized or solid zinc.

-Solid zinc, okay.
-And-- And bring me--

Bring me brake pads.

The front wheels should have discs.
Take them off and bring them to me.

-Okay. Brake pads, okay.
-Brake pads.

What are we building?

-You said it yourself.
-A robot?

-A battery.


This doesn't look like any battery
I ever saw.

Well, trust me, it is a battery.

Or rather, one cell of a battery.

Here. Cut up the last two sponges.

Remember the electrolytes?

Well, think about it.

A battery is a galvanic cell.

It's no more than an anode
and a cathode...

...separated by an electrolyte, right?

-Yeah, well, anyway.

Here. On one side,
you have mercuric oxide...

...and graphite
from your brake pads.

This is the cathode.
This is the positive terminal.

This is where the supply of current
flows out from, you see?

Then.... Here, I'll show you.

On the opposite side is our anode.


It's zinc.

It's what we find in our coins
and anything galvanized.

-So the sponge is the electrolyte?

Well, no, the potassium hydroxide
is the electrolyte.

But, yes, that's what I'm soaking
the sponges in.


Good. And now, what shall we use... conduct
this beautiful current with?

What one particular element
comes to mind?



-Oh, I mean--


The only question now is
will this supply enough current?

And how many cells will we need?

We've only got material enough
for six.


Put the lid on. Wait. Positive.

All right.



Damn. That is good.

That is very good.
Okay. Here we go.

Come on.

Attention, passengers.:
Please maintain visual contact...

...with your personal belongings
at all times.

Any bags left unattended
will be confiscated by....

How's the...?

It's fine.

I know I can trust you to....


Hey, whatever happens...

...your family will get your share.

Thank you.


...I'll be hearing from you, yeah?


How's everyone doing?

Is that baby ever gonna come out,
you think?

-I know. I know, enough already. It's--
-I'm teasing.

Everything in its time.

Walt, I have your scan results.

-You're showing signs of remission.

-Oh, my God.
-I wanna clarify.

There are misconceptions
about what remission signifies.

It does not mean
that the patient is cured.

To classify someone
as in remission...

...we only need to determine
that the tumour hasn't grown.

That it hasn't grown? Jesus.

Technically speaking...

...a tumour can remain
the exact same size it was before...

...and the patient
could still be in remission.

Now, in Walt's case,
with a stage lll adenocarcinoma...

...I'd like to see, I hope to see... least a 25- to 35-percent
reduction in tumour mass...

...something to tell me that the cancer
has responded to the therapy.

Everybody still with me?

And how has my cancer responded?

Walt, your tumour has shrunk
by 80 percent.

-Oh, my God.
-Wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry.

Wait, I'm really.... I'm confused.

Is--? Isn't 80 percent a lot?

-Mom, yeah.
-Yes, 80 percent is a lot.

-Okay, but, I'm-- Wait--
-Sweetheart, you were right.

-It's very good news.
-It's very good news.

-Oh, my God.
-My God, are you kidding me?

Just when I try to get out,
they pull me back in.

That's great.

Now, that cough is the other thing
we need to discuss.

According to your scan, Walt,
you have radiation pneumonitis.

It's okay. This is fairly common.

See that scary-looking thing there?

That's tissue inflammation.
It's a reaction to your radiotherapy.

It's usually not serious,
but it can produce a cough like that.

I'll prescribe some prednisone.

Tissue inflammation? I....

Are you sure about that? I mean, I--

Because the other day,
I was coughing up some blood.

-You probably have a tear... your oesophagus
from coughing.

That can be serious.
You could rupture and bleed to death.

This is something we're gonna have to
deal with before you leave today.

Wait a minute. When did this happen?
Why didn't you tell me?

-I'm sorry, I just--
-No more secrets, Walt.

With something like this,
you have to call me immediately.

Now, with these results,
we're not completely out of the woods.

But now at least
we have some options...

...the most important of which
is time.

We'll have more to discuss
in the next few weeks.

But for now, I'd say that you folks
have earned some celebrating.


Oh, my God.