BrainDead (2016): Season 1, Episode 5 - Back to Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Congress and How It Gets Things Done (and Often Doesn't) - full transcript

Laurel asks her brother, Luke, for his help to get the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate the bugs, but he insists she first consult Dr. Joanne Alaimo, a leading entomologist, for her perspective on the invasion. Also, Laurel's relationship with Anthony takes a drastic turn.

♪ Previously on BrainDead... ♪

What'd you say?

(inhales, groans)


I said, "Sorry about sleeping on
the couch.

I think I nodded off."

Can you not hear me?

Oh, a bit.

What'd you say?

"Sorry about sleeping on the

I think I nodded off."


So that ear's better?

Uh, yeah.

It's probably my tinnitus.

I didn't notice it last night.

Well, it's always worse
in the morning.

How'd you sleep?



I have to get to work.

These field office meetings.
I hate being late.

Can I use your restroom?

Anthony, did you change
the sheets?

Yeah, I-I hope that's all right.

I, uh... I can be a bit anal,

and there was a... you know,

a wet spot.

Where are the dirty ones?

In the pantry.

I saw you had a washer,
I just threw them in.

Again, I hope that's all right.


Yeah, yeah, it's all right.

(sniffs) Hmm.

I smell like an ox.

I'll call you later.

Thanks for a great night.

What did he do?

Nothing, he just had trouble
hearing in one ear.

Oh, my God, he's a bug man.
No, stop.

He's cleaning your sheets
while you're sleeping?

Seriously, is that something guys usually
do? Okay, I'm getting back to work.

Laurel, he's a bug man.
He could kill you.

What did he say?

He had to rush off.

Right, to commune
with other bug people.

You're looking at me like I'm
crazy. I'm making sense here.

If he was infected,
why wasn't Laurel infected?

Because you were sleeping
on the couch,

at least that's what you said,
so the bugs just got to him.

Okay, can we return
to the subject here?

This is the subject.

What do we do with the CDC?

I called Wu again.
He wants to help,

but he's running into some
political headwinds at work.

What does that mean? He needs someone to
apply pressure to his boss at the CDC.

How do we do that?
We don't do that.

You do.

No, no.

I can't talk to my brother
about this stuff.

He's very practical.
He'll think we're insane...

Yes, if you tell him we're
investigating brain-eating bugs.

But Lyme disease

and Zika are just
as weird as this.

We've come to accept it,
but it's the same

type of parasite.
Okay. Okay, I'll think on it.


And, uh... I'm leaving these.

What are those?
Sedatives to give

to your bug man.
I'm not giving him sedatives.

The only way to know if he's
clean is to give him a CAT scan,

and we know
bug people don't want that.

And, uh...

Here are some
brass knuckles, too.

I'm going back to work.

Can you stop calling them
"bug people," please?

Take those.

So is that who you were
sleeping with last night?


I called back last night
to thank you for the help

with Amarant
when some guy picked up.

Imagine my surprise.

No, it wasn't him.

No, so... who was it?

Just someone.

Oh, that's right, my life's
an open book, but Laurel...

It's Anthony,
Anthony the FBI guy.

Oh, yeah.
Is it serious?

No, of course not.
Laurel doesn't do serious.

Why am I being attacked
this morning?

Have you noticed, you never give
guys a second chance?

They always do one thing wrong,
(snaps) and you drop them.

Oh, my God, is that true?

We're snobs.
Face it.

The Healy children.

No one's up to our standards.


Got to address the troops.

(door opens)

(ringtone playing)

Hey, what are you doing?

Not much.
What about you?

Oh, you know,
just saving the world.


I'm sorry if I was...

weird this morning.

Oh, you weren't the weird one,
I was.

Showing you
my feminine cleaning side.

If that's the worst thing
you show me, we'll be fine.

You want to get dinner tonight?

I can't.

I'm supposed to go
to this party tonight

for the government reopening...

Actually, do you want to come?

It's a work event, everybody
trying to be bipartisan.

Yeah, sounds fun.

No, it doesn't.

No, it does. What time?

We have to stay at least
an hour, but then we can...

I'll make you dinner.

Oh, okay.


See you then.


Give yourselves a hand.


We're back! MAN: Yes, we are.

The government is open for
business, so let's show

the people of Maryland
what we can do.

(cheering and applause)
All right.

So where you all from?
Baltimore, Senator.

I'm Private Blaine.

This is Private
First Class Tulley.

And Lance Corporal Middleton.

Uh, actually, I'm from

Wouldn't be caught dead in

Even though I probably will.

Well, let's not hope for that.

This is my sister, Laurel.

She takes care of constituents.
We know. We were briefed.

What are those there,
Lance Corporal?

Toys for my one-year-old.

Her car seat hooks into my
wheelchair here and here.

You have a one-year-old?


Best thing ever happened to me.

You should see us both crawling
on the floor.


(laughter) LUKE: Why don't
you all come on back and

let's talk.
You sure?

They told us not to press
you, Senator.

It'd just be Laurel
hearing our bitching.

Hey, if you want me gone...

No, no!
No, no, no, no, no, no.

We were enrolled in
the clinical drug trials,

and they were halted during
the government shutdown.

We need Congress to get
NIH to restore funding,

and some of us don't
have a lot of time.


Liver cancer.

In fact, I wasn't
gonna come today.

It's hard to pull myself
away from Lilly

when she's ready to walk, but...

I convinced him.

He's the most critical.

How critical?
SHEILA: Ten days.

Don't sugarcoat it, Sheila.
Give it to them straight.

I'm just hoping to make it
to Lilly's first birthday.

When is that?

July 4.

I know.
Corny, huh?



You know what's the best
thing about my job?

I can't imagine.

I can do something about that.

I'm heading to the Committee
on Veteran Affairs right now.

No one votes against veterans,
so this'll be handled

by the end of the day.
You sure?

Oh, yeah.

Good, 'cause I liked him.

I know.
Me, too.

I have something
to ask of you.

I didn't ask anything of you.

You're on some committee giving
funding to the CDC.

And they're saying that
these fatal strokes are because

of some bad
blood pressure medicine,

but we think they're wrong.

"We," meaning
those two people

in the conference
room with you?

We're in touch with
a Dr. Wu at the CDC.

He needs some political
pressure applied to his bosses

for them to look
at other theories.

All you need to do is drop
a word and they'll jump.

Okay, here's the thing, Laurel.

I'm gonna share with you a
wonderful little civics lesson

about the glory of our
system of government.

Oh, boy.
Everybody hates everybody.

If the CDC were wrong about

blood pressure medicine, the
FDA would scream bloody murder

because they approved it.

See, that's how I know your
friends are wrong. (stammers)

No one's screaming.
Talk to you later, I'm late.

(sirens wailing in distance)

Mr. Chairman,

as a first order of business,

let's fast-track the refunding
of drug trials for veterans.

No one's against it.

It's not on the agenda.

There's a vet from Afghanistan

who won't survive the week
if we delay.

Okay, I'll put you first
in the rotation.

After the kiosk naming.

Ed Sharie.

His widow's here.

Right, got it.

It'll go fast.
Everyone's for it.

(clears throat)

Let's get started.

Last session,
we were considering

renaming the West Entrance
Capitol Kiosk

the Sharie Kiosk
after Ed Sharie,

a decorated
Capitol police officer

who was killed
in the line of duty.

And if there are no objections,
I move we so vote.

I second...

RED: Mr. Chairman,
point of information.

Are we really considering having
a Capitol kiosk,

a kiosk where little kids
can buy candy bars,

christened with a name sounding
like "Sharia"?

I'm sorry, what?

I said, I'm wondering if this
committee is fully aware

that this name will sound to
many visitors like "Sharia law"?

it's not named after Sharia.

It's named after Sharie.

Ed Sharie.

With an "E."
I'm not deaf, Senator.

I-I know the difference between
an "A" and an "E."

But not everyone does,

and therein lies
the confusion,

Mr. Chairman.

do you honestly think
people are gonna...

I think many of us are concerned
about political ads,

which will suggest that
we voted for "Sharia law."

Yeah, but... you didn't, so...

This is what I suggest.

Mr. Chairman, this kiosk,

where I have enjoyed a coffee
and a pastry many times,

I believe it should be named
after Ronald Reagan.

Oh, for God's sake.
(all murmuring)

Yes, 'cause we haven't
named enough things

after Ronald Reagan.

Wouldn't that be nice?

(overlapping chatter)

(gavel banging)

Okay, look.
I would like to point out

to you, sir,
that Officer Sharie was not only

a dedicated
Capitol police officer

but a decorated veteran.

I understand that, and I do not
mean Officer Sharia

any disrespect

when I suggest

that our former president
was a veteran as well.

No, he wasn't.

Well, yes, he was.
He served in World War II.

No, he made a movie in which
he served in World War II.

And a very good one--
King's Row,

in which he lost both his legs.
ELLA: Mr. Chairman,

I find this entire
proposal an outrage.

When can we name
something after a woman?

Tell a woman to do something,

then we will consider naming

Emma Goldman!

Why can't we call it
the Emma Goldman kiosk?

Are you serious?
A communist?

No, she was
an honored socialist.

She was a communist!
No, she was not,

learn your facts.
You want a woman?

How about Nancy Reagan?

Or Ayn Rand?
Ayn Rand.

SENATOR: And you know,
I-I don't know about

"kiosk" anyway, I mean,
isn't that a French word?

RED: It is. It is a French word. I
think it should be Reagan Concessions.

Yes, except not
"concessions" because Reagan

never conceded to anything.

(arguing continues)

Can't get one damned thing done.


What is that, Armed Services?



They're covering their ass
by pointing fingers at us.

Who's us?

The FDA.

That the...
blood pressure medicine?


How'd you know that?


if it's not this
blood pressure medicine,

what is it?
Excuse me?

These strokes, if it's not about
the blood pressure medicine,

what's causing them?

♪ ♪

(jazz piano playing)

Hey, you're late.

It's 8:20.
Yeah, this isn't L.A.

D.C. expects you on time
and to leave on time.

Hey, I like your guy.

My guy?
Yeah, your Fed.

Where is he?

At least Norway offers free
college education to anyone...

Then go live there.

No, seriously, you want to live
in Norway, No, see, that's...

then go. That's always the
Republicans' response.

My country, love it or leave it.

Hey, what's up?

hi, I didn't know there were
gonna be

so many
ignorant Republicans here.

This little fella here thought
he could just spread his lies

without fear of contradiction.
ANTHONY: You know what Maureen Dowd

calls people who make up their own facts?
If you take facts...

Apple cart owners.

Apple cart owners, okay.

(Anthony and Red
continue arguing)

Hey, I see they finally found
something you can do.

Oh, you coming to
check out your old offices?

Is it making you feel nostalgic?
Well, this is an improvement.

Can I get you a drink, ma'am?

Old Fashioned.

What's that?

That is a spinach
and celery smoothie.

Would you like one?

Good choice.

So it's not true, by the way.

Your little smear campaign.

(chuckles) "My
little..." Anthony.

The torture report.

He was a whistleblower,
not a waterboarder.

I could see how you
would confuse the two.

It's the same amount
of syllables.

Is that what he said?

A whistleblower?

(arguing continues)

Here's your drink, ma'am.

What's this?

That is a
cherry blossom garnish.

The senator suggested it.

I'm good, thanks.

He insisted on coming.

Okay, but, Gustav, you
need to keep it together.

Why does everybody think
that I can't handle myself?

He's giving us ten minutes.
That's it.

We only talk about the
screwworms, okay? Hmm?

It's not as odd

as it may sound.

Lyme disease and Zika
also involve

a foreign entomological organism

infecting human blood.
And Lyme disease affects

300,000 Americans a year.

Yes, and that's not it,

(clears throat)

Yes, what they say is true.

These are small.

They're from a cat.

A CAT scan from a cat?

Luke, things are weird
until they're not.

Yes, except
when they stay weird.

So, what are the symptoms?

As far as we can tell,

deafness in one ear,
some imbalance,

a heightened aggressiveness,

disinterest in intimacy
and sexual connection,

an aversion to alcohol,

and in some severe
cases, death.

And that's how your father died?


I never met him, but I talked to
him on the phone.

He was quite impressive.

Thank you.

Okay, this is what I can do.

Look, I need to deal
with Veteran Affairs first.

How's that going?
It'll happen.

But not yet?
It'll happen.

Look, I need
to sit down

with the CDC spokesperson

and discuss it,
but I need for you

to talk with this congressional
adviser first. Who is he?

She. Dr. Alaimo.
(pen clicks)

A renowned entomologist.

I want her advice

before I go make
a fool of myself.

Thank you, Senator.

And maybe don't show her
the "cat" scan.

Yes, sir.

I'm sorry about your father.

He thinks we're crazy.


No, he'll do what he says.



We put in our one hour?
We did.

So let me make you dinner.

What's that?


Celery and spinach.
Want to try some?

No, thanks.

You want some of mine?

Is it apple juice?

No, it's-it's an Old Fashioned.

No, thanks, though.

Sorry, it's a bit messy.


The closets.

Very messy.

Okay, one amazing
vegan meal coming up

with just a little cinnamon,
for fun.

You know what Maureen Dowd
calls Republicans?

Apple cart owners.

She's so right.


Hey, are we okay?

I think so.

You just seem
a little standoffish.

No, I...
I just...

I want to give you space.
I don't want to...

rush things.

Give me your hand.

It's not an obligation.





(knocking on door)

Laurel, open up, it's me.

Yes. Oh.

Help me flip him over.

What the hell?

Come on.
We only have ten minutes.

I put 12 sedatives
in his power drink.

Gustav, you could've killed him!

He'll wake up with a
headache, that's all.

Don't you want to know
if he's a bug?

What is that?
What are you doing?

It's how they draw out

screwworms in
Central America.

It's like a match with a tick.

This is insane.

They're drawn to the bacon.

You're making this up.
Check Wikipedia.

Well, maybe he's not infected.

We don't even know
if he's infected.

Has he drunk alcohol?

Has he been... intimate?

Has he become
more argumentative?

(clicks tongue) Then we
need to examine his ears.

Which is the one he's deaf in?

(pounding on door)

Who is that?
I don't know.

This is not gonna look good.

You think?

(pounding continues)

Tony, is she in there?

You are such a scumbag.

You could at least tell me
to my face about your whore!

(ringtone plays)

I hear that, Tony!

That is not your ringtone!

(keys jangling, latch unlocking)

I'm coming in.

(phone ringing) Out the back.
Out the back, go.

I am very close
to pummeling you.

Hey, hey, it worked
out, didn't it?

No, it didn't.
What worked out?

Look, maybe he's not a bug.

Maybe he's just a bastard.

(ringtone plays)

Yes, hi?

Yeah, actually Luke is
still working on that.

He thinks he'll hear news
from Veteran Affairs tomorrow.


Oh, no.
Which hospital?

How is he?

The nurse says he's in the early
stages of hepatic failure.

Reversible if he gets the meds.

I'm saying it's going well.
Is it?

Not yet, but it will.

Will it in time?





Can I get a copy of this photo?

Probably, why?

It can help.


What we think is...


Why am I looking at this?

Cochliomyia hominivorax.

This is a CAT scan.

This is not
Cochliomyia hominivorax.


We believe there's a screwworm
in the brain of the patient.

Who are you again?

Oh, my God.
Just, just...

Show her the video.

Come on.

What am I looking at here?

That isn't a bug.

Just give it a second, ma'am.

What is that?

We think it's a screwworm.

It's been burrowing into...

That is not a screwworm.

We think it's a hybrid.

You can think all you want,
but that is not something

I've ever seen in my life.

Where did you find it?

In my apartment.

No, no, show me on a map here.


Has anyone else seen this?

Uh, yes, we think a friend
of mine was infected by some,

playing chess...

here. And Laurel said she
saw some in her apartment.

Which is here.


Infestation clusters.

Let me find some pins.

We should probably talk this
out, shouldn't we? We should.

You know, it was good to
see you at the party last night.

I love it when Republicans
and Democrats can, you know,


Yeah. So why are you delaying
the clinical trial vote?

I'm not delaying anything.

I'm urging us not to
name a concession stand

after Sharia law.
It is not Sharia law.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
tell me again, but slower.

'Cause you know how much
I love to be patronized.

All right, this government is up
and running less than two days,

and we're deadlocked over

a concession stand.

Go talk to Comrade Pollack.

It's not just me.

What's that?

A one-year-old named Lilly.


An illegitimate child of yours?

She is the daughter

of an Iraqi War
veteran who's dying

of liver cancer unless we
pass these clinical trials.

What's the veteran's name?

Brett Middleton.

And he's at Walter Reed?


And you what?

You got some pictures
taken with him?


Well, you... you had some

nice photos taken with him?

Him smiling, you smiling.

You save him, and he'll hug you,

and there'll be more photos.

You'll save him from
the big bad Republicans?

My God, not everything

is about politics, Red.

Come on, even you

don't believe that.

take your sweet little photo

to Comrade Pollack

and get her to agree

to naming the stand
Ronald Reagan.

See what traction

you get there.

Oh, I see.

You want to delay the vote
on clinical trials

because you know it'll win,

and I'll get credit
for saving a young man?!

Come on, don't act outraged.

You're looking at the presidency

in 2020.

This fits right
into your strategy.

"Boo-hoo, he saved my daddy.

He deserves your vote."

Come on,
you don't like children.

No one likes children.



(phone buzzing)

Yeah, it's me.


Oh, yeah, right.

Uh, so, how crazy is it?

Not too much crazy.

Maybe a little crazy.

They're on to something.

I don't know what yet.

We're discussing eradication,
but it won't embarrass you.

I'll send you something
to validate.

You want to eradicate
this new bug,

you have to figure out
how and where it reproduces.

The Mall?


Then you have to figure out

how they communicate.

Is it tactile,

chemical, acoustical?

If it's a screwworm,

perhaps pheromones...

but it's not a screwworm.

And how do we do that?

How do we figure out
how it communicates?

Go to the clusters.



the Mall,

and here,

near the Capitol.

I'm sorry, Laurel.


Last night.

What happened.

I-I should've told you.

I have a drinking problem.

That's why I didn't want

to drink last night
with you.

But you drank
before at the bar.

And I shouldn't have.

I was happy.

But last night I hit bottom.

I-I just blacked out,
woke up with food in my ears.

I don't even know what
I drank, but it knocked

the hell out of me.

I-If I were you...

I wouldn't want to talk to me,
either, but...

I'm going back to AA.

I just wanted to tell you.

There was someone last night
outside your door.

A woman.

Oh... Jennifer.


I was in a serious relationship
with her when we met,

but the other night with you
changed everything.

I-I knew I had
to end it with her before

we went any further.

Tha-That's why I said
that stuff about

going slow.

Can I take you out tonight?

Just a friendly date.

I-I owe you a dinner anyway,

one that doesn't end up
in my ears.



No, just...

I think we should stay friends.

See how it goes.

I guess I can't blame you.

It's not...

One second, Anthony.

What the hell, Gustav?

Uh, this isn't about you.

You can't be following me.

I'm not.
I was here first.

This is
an infection cluster here.

The entomologist sent us.

Are you recording us?

No, I'm monitoring

It's a possible way
the bugs are communicating.

I adapted this app
to test for pheromones...

(high-pitched squeal) Okay, I
need my life to be normal again.


(high-pitched squealing)


(door closes)
What if it communicates

through high-pitched frequencies

undetectable to humans?

What if?
What is a "what if"?

I saw a guy with a hearing aid

walk past an infected person,
and it screeched.

I mean, the hearing aid,
it screeched.

That could be anything.

Or... Could be a bad battery.

Or the frequency
from this hybrid bug

was causing feedback.

Is that even possible?


The Galleria mellonella,
the greater wax moth,

it can sense sound

up to 300 kilohertz,

about 150 times
higher than humans.

But it's highly unusual.

Where are you going?

I-I wasn't finished.
I have an app

which detects and disrupts
high frequency vibrations.

I'm-I'm going to the Mall to try it.

I'll go, too.

Great to see you
again, Polly.

You look taller now.

I am taller now.

That's what happens
when you're the whip.

You gain three inches.

Just in height?


Do you miss the D.A.'s office?
Do you?

I loved the drinks at 6:00.

I like the CDC better.

It's quieter.


That's a good segue.

(both laugh)

let's talk about
these strokes, these...

CHIs. In the labs they're
calling them "head pops."

How sensitive.


It-It's not about blood pressure
medicine, you know that?

No, I didn't know that.

What is it about?



Like NSA bugs?

Insect bugs.

So, what kind of bugs?

Oh, they're highly invasive,
and they cause...


...personality changes.

Their Latin name is something
something hominivorax,

which means "eater of man."


Eater of man?

Tell me more.

Oh, I have
a CAT scan of one.

Can you give me the MRI?

CAT scan.


(phone buzzing)

Mm, who's that?



How's it going, hon?

Oh, come on, seriously.

Yeah, just, uh, finishing up
a few things.

I ordered in, how about you?

Eh, you know, let me call you
back in five minutes.

Uh, I love you, too.

Five minutes, huh?

That's all I get?

That wasn't funny.

I'm sorry.

I'm so bad.

Maybe you need to punish me.

What have you found?

I don't know what
I'm looking for.

Frequency spikes
of 300 kilohertz or more.


Nope, nothing.

This where your friend
got sick?


We must come back

in the morning.
It's too dark.

Just a few more minutes.


Time to go.

Tomorrow then?

Whatever's here

isn't going away.

Excuse me, I...
I had a talk with Red.

He wants to avoid a vote
on clinical trials

because he knows it will win.


What the hell are you doing?

What am I doing?


Stop talking about bugs.

Wait, I don't understand, Dad.
H-How did you...

Where-Where's this coming from?
You talked to the CDC,

saying that bugs are
crawling in people's heads

and making them
explode, right?

No, I said they
should look into it.

Oh, my God.

Luke, you can't do that.

No one gives a rat's ass
about sexual indiscretion.

The only thing
that can kill

a political career
is ridicule.

So knock it off.

Now, how did you know
what I said to...

Some CDC lawyer's out there,

saying all you could talk
about was bugs.

Damn it.

Get me the number

for Polly Savident
at the CDC.

Right now. Son, you
can't talk to her.

It'll only make things worse.

She's out to hurt you.

So, what do I do?

Say it's a lie.

Say you were

Oh, stupid.

I was stupid.

Where's all this bug stuff

coming from, anyway?

When did you start
worrying about bugs?

Okay, forget it.

Uh, where are you
on Veterans Affairs?


Okay, I've been thinking,

it's just as good if the
Republicans let him die.

You did everything
you could.

Republican intransigence

in a good man's death,

but you fought for him.

It's a theme
for a presidential run.

Republican brinksmanship
versus a good man

who wants to get things done.

Where you going?

Not-not to the CDC lawyer.

It's over.

How is he?

Not good,
but he's awake.

You know my sister, right?

Hello, Lance Corporal.


My new best friend.

No, but I do have
another new best friend.

Senator Wheatus.

Hey, Brett.

How are you, buddy?



let's see if there's something

we can do about that.

Are you... are you up
for a photo?

Whatever you need, sir.

All right.

How's the light there?

(camera shutter clicking)

You're letting Red
take the credit?

We were deadlocked.

I'm breaking the deadlock.


Laurel, I'm gonna ask you
a favor right now.

It's gonna start as a favor

and then it's gonna
become a demand.

A demand?

Yes, as your boss,
your employer.

Stop with the bug talk.

I don't understand.

All right,
so let me be clear.

Don't ever mention bugs
to me again. Ever.

What? Didn't you talk
to the entomologist?

Rochelle said she was on our side.

She called this morning.

She said you're all crazy.

So stop it.

Never again.


Okay, let's get that thumb

up there a little higher,
okay, buddy?

Dr. Alaimo.

Dr. Alaimo?

What happened?

I don't understand.

You told Senator Healy
we were crazy,

but yesterday
you thought an infestation

made sense.

Yes, but that was yesterday.

It's not today.

What changed?

She did.

I don't...



Can you hear me, Doctor?

You're deaf in that ear,
aren't you?

I think it's time for you to go.

You found some bugs last night?


I got a good night's sleep,

that's all.

("Jisas, Masta Mi Save" plays)

(knocking at door)

Now, before you say,
"I didn't order any pizza,"

let me just say,
this is an apology pizza.


And this...

is Love Actually,
the best movie ever made.

These are apology flowers.

Anthony... No, it's
not boyfriend stuff.

It's the 12 steps.

"Make direct amends to people
I've harmed."

I harmed you.

Pizza's extra.

("Jump (for My Love)"
by The Pointer Sisters plays)

ANTHONY: This is my favorite
part, Hugh Grant dancing.

You seen it?


I just... I never
get bored with it.

(Anthony laughs)



We're just friends, right?


How's your pizza?

Ah, see,
not heated up enough.

I'll do it.

♪ Hold me ♪

♪ I'll give you all
that you need ♪

(phone buzzing)

♪ Wrap your love around me... ♪


♪ Feel you getting hotter ♪

♪ Oh, baby ♪

♪ I'll take you down,
I'll take you down ♪


♪ Where no one's ever
gone before... ♪

Anthon-- Anthony!

♪ And if you want more ♪
Get off, get off...

♪ If you want more... ♪

Get off.

(muffled screaming)

♪ Then jump for my love... ♪

Get off!

Why can't we be friends?

Why are you doing this?


♪ Jump, jump for my love... ♪



This is hurting.


Laurel, you're hurting me.

Get out of my apartment
right now or I'll kill you.

You don't want to kill me, I...

Get out!

I wanted to be your friend.


♪ You told me. ♪

(heavy breathing)

(applause) You know, people
say that we in Washington

are incapable
of working together.

Well, this great occasion
proves them wrong.

For today, we are announcing
the restoration

of an important program
to serve our brave warriors.


I want to thank you
for your service.

Your country has your back.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you for all
you've done for me

and for all of us.


I can't believe this.

You just handed it to him.

Is this Laurel's doing?


No, Dad, just let it go.


What have I always said?

Don't be tempted
by the small moves.

This is a small move
you're gonna regret.

Red will have more power

and he'll just hurt
the next Brett.

(ringtone playing,
phone buzzing)


Oh, hey.

I thought
you were screening calls.

I just wanted to say I...

think your brother was pretty
cool for doing what he did.

What did he do?

He let my boss take the credit.

For the clinical trials.

Yeah, he can be good sometimes.

And, hey,

about Anthony,

I-I've been a bit of a jerk.

No, you haven't.

Yes, I have.

Gareth, seriously...
you haven't.

Okay, I haven't.

(knocking at door)

Gareth, can you hang on
a second?

Sure, hey, what is it?

There's someone at my door.

Who is it?

It's me.


Gareth, I'll call you back.

Hey, you all right?

I am.

I'll talk to you.

Okay, I have a quick thing.

Thank you for
the brass knuckles.


You're welcome.

I have something else, too.


Mosquito netting.

Thanks, but I don't think...

actually, no, good, thanks.

You have something else, too.

Coasters and tape.

Put this over your ears.

What's that?

I'm throwing them out.


Anthony bought them.

Oh, good.

You going to bed?

I think so.

Want me to put
this over your bed?

No, that's okay, I'll do it.


Promise, though.
I will.

And, uh...

put these over your ears.

Got it.

(door closes)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


(sighs deeply)

♪ ♪


(high-pitched squealing)

(high-pitched squealing)

Oh, no.

(phone buzzing)

LAUREL: Please leave a
message after the beep.

it's the cherry blossoms.

Get them out now!

That's why he brought you
the flowers!



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