BrainDead (2016): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Insanity Principle: How Extremism in Politics Is Threatening Democracy in the 21st Century - full transcript

When Laurel returns to Washington, D.C., to work for her brother, Sen. Luke Healy, she discovers that budgetary disagreements have halted the government, and mysterious bugs are consuming ...

(all talking at once)

We will have so much
winning if I get elected,

that you may get
bored with winning.

(crowd cheering)
Believe me.

I agree-- you'll never
get bored with winning.

We never get bored!

(speaking Russian)

(echoing boom)


(men speaking excitedly
in Russian)


(Russian pop music playing)




(woman screams)

SANDERS: When you give
tax breaks to billionaires...

CLINTON: ...a way that is
consistent with our values...

TRUMP: ...stand in the middle of
5th Avenue and shoot somebody,

and I wouldn't lose any voters.

This is a disaster.

How am I supposed to get
that money in a week? I can't...


Yeah, I'll deal with it
when I get back to L.A.

Yep. Talk to you.

Damn it.

(news programs continue)

CLINTON: You may not like
the answer, but I'll tell you...

(piano playing)
(party chatter, laughter)


I know you

from somewhere, don't I?
I don't think so.

Yeah. Becky.

Right. Doug Stetler,

legislative aide
to Mark Petina.

You work for
Barbara Boxer, right?

You Senate or House?


DoD? Pentagon?

I'm sorry. I...
White House?

I'm a documentary

I'm out here
for the weekend from L.A.

Oh, great.

It was nice meeting you.

Mm. MAN: Sorry we're late.
We got stuck

at the Kennedy Center.
Ah. No problem.

Oh, you look
beautiful, Germaine.

Thank you.

How many

Sis? What?
Look at you.

I didn't know
you'd make it.

Oh, of course.
Mom got me a ticket.

Oh, hey, Germaine.
Laurel's here.

Oh, thank goodness. Hi.

I'll have somebody to talk to.

Laurel Healy!
Of course!

I thought I knew who...
Hey, Doug.

No. I know who they are.

I work with
Mark Patina.

(piano continues playing)

Wow, look at you.

Yeah. Well, you used to make
fun of me; now I'm powerful.

Oh, I'm still gonna make fun of you.
WOMAN: Senator,

sorry, you have
that budget call.

The Smithsonian.

I'll catch you later.
It's fine. No, no.

If I have to work, you're
gonna keep me company.

Hey, make me one of
your mojitos, hmm?

So, what did Dad
do to my room?

It looks like a Bond
villain lives there now.

(chuckles): Yeah. He's consulting
with Armed Services now.

Armed Services?
Why Armed Services?

Why not?
Something Hirschhorn got him.

How are things in L.A.? Fine.

Yeah? Sounds fine.

Having trouble with your
student loans, or...? No.

I just, uh, I had the financing
fall through on a film.

The documentary
on religious music

in Bora Bora?
That's a shocker.

Solomon Islands. (laughs):
Solomon Islands.


No, it took me a year

to get $200,000-- now I'm
gonna have to start over.

Why don't you do something people want
to see, like... gun control? Hey,

I can get you an NEA grant tomorrow...
Okay, how about

we let Laurel control her own
life for a few hours, please?

Thank you.

No, sir.
No, I am still here.

I did not have you on mute.

No. No, I understand,
Dr. Daudier,

but the Republicans want
to decimate your budget.

No, I know it's science
and I know it's important.

I don't think you understand

how important, Senator.

We're conducting
a joint operation

with the Russian Institute
on the retrieval of a meteor.

Shut that off!

Is there any way we can get
an additional $40 million?


No, I might be able
to get you five,

but my office will have
to personally sign off

on expenditures.

Okay, let me see what I can do.


Dr. Lagunov, hello!

We have a bit of a problem.

We're about to bring
the meteor up now.

Yes, unfortunately, uh...

is there any way
you can do it...



(speaks Russian)

(worker belches)

♪ ♪

(speaking Russian quietly)

(shouts in Russian)

(mechanical groaning, creaking)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

I think you should come home.

I think I am home,
in L.A.

No, home here.

We're on the verge of
a governmental shutdown.

Luke doesn't trust
anyone on his staff...

Don't, Dad.

Don't play the guilt card.

There's a position
open in his office.

Just do it for a year,

until we get out of this budget crisis.
I hate politics.

I hate D.C. That's why
you'll be so great at it.


I know you never wanted help
with your student loans,

but do it for a year
and I'll pay 'em off.

Okay. I need $200,000
to complete my documentary.

I will do this job for six
months if you finance half.

Laurel, this is for your brother.
No, it's not.

This is about you wanting
someone in his office,

someone to keep you informed.

I know how you work, Dad.

I love you, but you
live off information.

A year.
Six months.

That's it.
I'm not negotiating.


Love you.

♪ ♪

Hello. It's my first day...
It's not up to us.

It's the Republicans.

I understand that.

Gridlock. If the senate

doesn't break their budgetary
tie in the next ten hours,

the government
will officially shut down.



You ready to get started?


Sorry, we're
a bit crazed here, Laurel.

The senator needs everyone
on the budget,

so you'll be on your own
with C.C., if that's all right.

Uh, C.C.?

Oh, the senator
didn't fill you in?

Constituent casework.

There are
eight constituents

who want a meeting
with the senator.

You will investigate
their complaints--

this is your brother's office--

and then you'll do what you can
to satisfy their complaints.


is where you'll
be meeting them.

And then you'll give them these
pens, caps and signed photos.

It's all about getting them
to vote next election,

so just keep them happy.

I'll be right down the hall
if you need anything. Good luck.

Hi. I'm Laurel.

You're all meeting
with me today.

I guess.

It's my first day,
so, you know...

go easy on me.

(clears throat softly)

It says here you're having Social
Security problems, Claire?

I don't have
Social Security problems.

You have
Social Security problems.

Right. And how
may I help you with...

my... Social Security problems?

It's a rash, it's not
a preexisting condition.

And the Medicare doctor
was so rude.

He said, uh,

"That's just a rash."

Huh! A rash!

I really want to give
it to the senator. Yes.

It's just, the senator's
a bit busy, so...

Why are you trying
to keep me from him?

Yes, yes. Hi. She's having
Social Security problems.

(car horn honks in distance)

Why can't you help me?

No, no, please don't...

please don't put me on hold.


(choir singing
in foreign language)

♪ ♪

Hello. Yes. Yes, yes.

I'm here. Hi.

Yep, that's me.
The Social Security lady.

(laughs softly)

No, no, no.

No, no. No, no. Don't..


(Luke chuckles)
Come on!

Having fun?

Yeah, yeah.
What's not to like?

Uh... I'm glad
you're here, sis.

It's good to have
a friendly face.

What's that?

A chocolate dog.


I don't know.

This is Senator Healy.
What is your name, dear?

Yeah, well, listen, Joan, I need you to get
your ass in gear and help my constituent,

or I'm personally cutting
your incidental budget by 40%.

Do you understand?


You know, don't be afraid
to use my power.


Ms. Burke.

Looks like it's just us now.

BURKE: I don't even know
how to say this.

My husband Randall...

he's not my husband anymore.

He's not?

His manners, his speech,
his drinking...

He needs a drug and
alcohol program? No.

He used to drink a lot.

And now he doesn't.

At all.


I guess I'm-I'm
not really sure

how I can help.
He works as an engineer

on a container ship, The Alba.

He just got back
from a crossing, and...

I found this.

RANDALL: We're recording this
for insurance purposes.

We heard a noise
inside dry container C-744.

That's why we're
breaking the seal.

(metallic creaking)

MAN: I don't see anything.
Let's go get the captain.

Take the camera. Come on.


That's my husband
right there.

Let's go.

Watch your step.

Oh, my gosh,
something got out, man.

What's in there?
I don't know.

It looks like a big rock.

(squeak) What is it?
What's that?

Oh, man!
Check it out.

Come on.
Look... What's back there?

I'm not going...
Come on, man.

Randall, God...

There's nothing back...
Check it out.


(Randall screams)

Something happened
to Randall on that ship,

something that was
in that container,

and I need your help
finding out what.

Laurel Healy?

Do you have a minute?

No. No. Um, could you just fill
out a form in the waiting room,

and I'll be right with you?
Oh, no, actually,

I don't have time.

I'm with someone
right now.


I'm sorry, Ms. Burke.

Have you gone to the
police or a doctor?

No. I came here first.

Why here?

The crate is yours.

I called
the navy shipyard.

Your office signed off
on its delivery.

Our office?
What was in it?

They didn't say.

94 minutes.

That's all that stands between
us and fiscal Armageddon,

all because, as many believe,

Republicans have collectively
lost their minds.

What started
as simple brinkmanship

on a Supreme Court nominee...

One second, sir. ...has now
expanded into all-out war

over the direction of our... He's on
the senate floor. What do you need?

Is there any reason
we would have signed off

on a crate being
shipped from Russia?

Excuse me?

But, please, if you ever
need someone to speak to you,

don't hesitate
to call us.

Nothing. Nothing.
I'll handle it.


you're having problems with
your Viagra prescription, sir?

(laughs): No. Says here,

"Viagra not covered
by Medicaid," Mr. Flannigan.

I'm not Mr. Flannigan.

I'm Gareth Ritter,

Legislative Director
for Senator Wheatus.

Red Wheatus?

He's the Republican
senator from Maryland?

Yes. Yes, I know.

I mean, I don't...
I don't know, but, um...

Would-would you like me to get
a more senior staff person?

No, I don't need senior.

I need the sister.
I'm here to offer a deal

on behalf of Senator Wheatus.

Actually, I'm not here at all.
You're not?

No. And if your brother tries
to use this, if he tries

to get mileage out of this
by embarrassing the Republicans,

we'll deny
this meeting ever happened.

Okay, I think I should get somebody.
Ms. Healy,

there are now 90 minutes
until the government shuts down.

My boss is ready
to cross the aisle

and vote with the Democrats.

All he needs is a $48 million
earmark for autism studies.

It's a pet cause of his.

Okay, seriously,
this is my first day...

I'm out the door.

This is my cell.

Get your brother's agreement
in 90 minutes and call me,

or my boss will be
forced to stand

with his Republican

And if anybody finds out
about this, the deal goes away.

Do you understand?


Ms. Healy, 100,000
government jobs depend

on you getting to your brother
in the next 90 minutes

and convincing him
to take this deal,

so if I were you...

I'd run.

(door opens)

(door closes)

Luke, you've just
been offered a deal

by a Republican senator
on the budget.

We have 90 minutes.
(phone beeps)

Yes, hello. It's me.

Oh, Dad. Yeah.
Yeah, I'm just busy.


I'm just checking in to see

how things are going
on your first day.

It's good. It's good.
Couldn't be better.

Dad, can I call you back?

Why? Is something going on?

Just... I'm gonna call you back.

(phone beeps off, sighs)

No running in the
Capitol, ma'am.

No fast-walking, either.

Laurel? Laurel Healy?

Senator Spitz. I saw
you at your dad's party.

Oh, yes, hi. Um, is Luke
on the senate floor?

No, he left for dinner
ten minutes ago.

Are you all right?
You seem out of breath.

No. I mean, yes. I...

I need to know where he went.
Do you know?

Yes, he was here a few minutes
ago, but then he left.

Okay, I have 40 minutes
to get in touch with him.

Do you know where he went?
Please. I'm his sister.

Oh, here's my driver's license.

I had pink hair back then.
I wanted to be a poet.

I don't know where he went,
but I don't think it was work.

He was with a woman.

Germaine. Thank you.
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.

No, a red-headed woman.


It's Laurel.

The office said you were home.


Luke, I know you're in there.



(loud, overlapping chatter
over phone)

Senators, gentlemen, wait.

Do we make the deal?

That's all we need to answer,
and we only have...

Nine minutes to decide.

MAN: Look, the
Republicans are scared.

I say we use this
to embarrass them.

LAUREL: No, no, he said if you
did that, he would deny it.

Who's "he"? And who is talking?

It's my sister.

I say we take the deal.

All Red wants is $48 million
in earmarks.

LUKE: Or we collect on their
media hit, then make the deal.

Let the Republicans shut down
the government.

It's bad for them, bad for
their presidential candidate.

Why would we get in the way

of them shooting themselves
in the foot?

Because it's 100,000
people out of work.

LUKE: I apologize.
Any other opinions?

They're gonna let it close.

It's the smart move.

God, I hate politics.

I'm a child of divorce.

This isn't serious
with your brother.

It's just...

blowing off steam.


(door opens) LUKE: Okay.

(clears his throat)

So we're gonna let
the deadline pass.

Luke, this is wrong. It's just $48 million.
Yes, and we're looking

to the long game. It's about
who'll be the next president,

who'll choose the next
Supreme Court justice.

Ow! What's that about?

Cheating on Germaine.
It-It's, it-it's not cheating.

Well, it's not
what you think. Ow!

Stop it! Ow!
I will as soon as you do.

Are you kidding me?

She's eight months pregnant.
Look, it was a mistake.

Okay? Now, I need to go
upstairs to change.

Are you all right with that,
or do you want to hit me again?

Oh, I do, but I won't. Go on.



(phone ringing)

Hi. It's Laurel. Healy.


You're passing?

They just...

don't want to make a deal...
just yet.

Okay, but

when you see all those people

out of work tomorrow,
that's on you.


There's something odd
under the fusion crust.

It's a honeycomb structure,
but it's not organic.

It's... structured...

Dr. Daudier, it's time to go.

Excuse me?
We're shutting down.

This is the crate from Russia.
Everybody's being sent home.

You're out of money. We have
to get this into storage.

Hey, you guys were supposed
to be gone already.

It's the budget shutdown.

It'll be here
when we get back.

Let's go. Come on.
When we get back?

We've had meeting
after meeting about this day.

You were supposed to be prepared already.
This is ridiculous.

(loud clacking)


♪ ♪

(siren wailing)

(wind whistling)

LUKE: The last thing I wanted
was to hurt

any of the talented people
who keep this place running.

Unfortunately, the Republican
shutdown will force this office

to furlough all but two of you.

Now, I know.
Look, I will work full-time

to turn on the lights again,

so I'll need my chief of staff
to stay.

And I'll need
my constituent caseworker.

The rest of you: go home,
get some rest, hug your kids.

And come back

ready to work once
this is all over.

Okay? Keep your heads up. Hmm?

We'll see you soon.

Luke, come on.

You don't need me.
I said I needed you.

You're just doing this 'cause
I'm your sister. Laurel,

if you feel bad,
then work twice as hard.

Hey, bud. Yeah.

Did those numbers
come back in? In the...

("You Might Think"
by The Cars playing)

So, what's this about again?

One of our constituents worries

that her husband, a first mate
on your ship, was...

sickened by some cargo.

Sickened? How?

She said he came back changed.

Could you turn
the music down, sir?

Look, lady, everybody comes back
a little changed from the sea.

You're out there
for four weeks.

You got seasickness,
you got the time change.

Sometimes it takes your family
a while to adapt to you

and you a while
to adapt to them.

♪ To have something to do ♪

♪ But I think
that you're wild... ♪

Don't you want to know
who the crew member was?

I mean, it just seems

like a natural reaction
to my question.

"Which crew member
are we talking about?"

I'm a little busy right now.

Is there anything
else you need?

Yes, the cargo manifest.

Why do you need
the cargo manifest?

Just need to check
on something for my boss.

You know Randall Burke?

No, who's that?

Randall Burke.

You were... you were
seen in a video with him,

below deck, opening a container.

I have no idea what
you're talking about, ma'am.

♪ But I think that you're wild ♪

♪ When you flash
that fragile smile ♪

♪ You might think
it's foolish... ♪

Okay, I just need the manifest.

I wish you congressional aides
would talk to each other.

I gave it out
to another guy this morning.

Someone named Gareth?


TRUMP (on TV): Turned down so much money.
I feel so foolish.

I feel so... You know, my whole
life, I take, right? Greedy.

I take. I take. Greedy! Greedy!

The government shutdown,
widely blamed

on the Democrats in Congress,

continues to devastate
the local economy.

Angry workers took...


(loud snoring)

(loud snoring)

Hey. You the masseuse?

The what?

The masseuse.

It's, uh...


It's my adductors.

They... they need
special attention.



(phone rings)

GARETH: Senator Wheatus' office.
I'm sorry,

the senator's out
to lunch right now.

Can I please take a message?

Look, I'm not here about the...

stuff yesterday.

You have the ship manifest
for Ms. Bur...

The stuff yesterday?

You mean the 20 Hill staffers

that I sent home
unemployed in tears?

Come on. The Republicans
are just as much to blame

as the Democrats.

And why are you helping
Ms. Burke anyway?

She's our constituent.

I saw you in our waiting room,
trying to poach her.

Poaching, seriously?
She only asked for my help

because she knew you
couldn't handle it.

And would you stop
following me?

I look like I'm collaborating
with the Democrats.

Oh, Gareth, about that
pro-choice rally,

what are you wearing?

research materials?

Yeah, for the Smithsonian.

Okayed by
your brother's office.

Did you try
the Smithsonian?

It was closed, due to
the government shutdown.

Did you question the first mate?

Yeah. Chuck Sanders.

"Everybody comes back a little
changed after four weeks at sea.

"Sometimes it takes your family
a while to adapt to you

and you to adapt to them."

That's what the
captain said.


No, that's word for word
what the captain said.

They agreed on a story.
Why agree on a story

unless there's a reason
to agree on a story?

It's your second day, right?

There are plenty of reasons
to be paranoid in this town,

you don't need
to create new ones.

Oh, please tell me more
about this town.

You know, I'm eating lunch,
so you can go.

The senator may still be
interested in a deal.

On the budget. You can get this
town back to work tomorrow.

All you have to do is get
your brother to say yes.

I'll talk to him.
Don't talk to him.

Convince him.

Why do I trust him?
Why not trust him?

Senator Wheatus? He doesn't
give a damn about $48 million

for autism. He only lives
to drink and screw.

Now, his legislative director,
Gareth Ritter,

on the other hand,
has a sister who is autistic.

How do you know that?

(clears throat)
I had Scarlett check.

Oh, really, Scarlett? How's she doing?
Oh, don't, don't.

Look, I already
broke it off with her.

You broke it off like
Dad broke it off

with his secretary?
Oh, Dad?

No, this is not comparable, Laurel.
You almost

killed him when you
found out. I left home

when I found out. Uh, do we
really got to talk about

the whole boss-employee dynamic here?
Because... Okay, fine, yes.

Just remind me when I can be
a sister again, Senator.

Look, make sure this Gareth guy
isn't freelancing,

and I'll consider the deal.

All right.

What about this?

Well, it's for a Dr. Daudier
at the Smithsonian.

I said I needed to sign off
on his Russian expenditures

piecemeal. And, hey,
don't get obsessed

with any one constituent, okay?
You've got to keep

a lot of constituents happy.
Are you listening to me?

Have you noticed
something weird?


People are staring at us.

Hmm? Who?

Those four people
over there.

That waiter...

over there.


We're famous.

It's like Hollywood
but with uglier people.

Get used to it.

(line ringing)


Hi, this is Laurel
from Senator Healy's office.


As part of my casework,

I just wanted to update you,
Ms. Burke.

The crate--
from your husband's ship--

I-I was able to trace it back
to the Smithsonian.

A man named Dr. Daudier--
our office signed off

on his deliveries from Russia.

Who's that, dear?

No one.

Just Judy from class.

Judy, why don't
we talk tomorrow?

Is that your husband?
Is everything okay?

Yes, thank you.
That sounds good.


Did you see
what the Republicans said?


They're insane.

What is this world coming to?

We need to do something.

I'm sorry I haven't been myself.

I think I've been
feeling a bit angry.

About the world.

That's nice. Good night.


Randall, I need
to get some sleep.

Randall, you need to let me go.

I... I said let me go!

Shh, shh, shh. Shh.

It's okay, it's okay.

Don't struggle,
or they'll hurt you.

You're still
gonna be yourself,

but a better part
of yourself.

And we're gonna know each other
like never before.

I love you.

Are you asking me if
I'm freelancing? Yes.

We're in the middle
of the biggest budget crisis

in four years and you think that
I would make up a budget offer

from my boss?

Senator Wheatus doesn't give
a damn about autistic kids.

You do. You have
an autistic sister.

So, you've been
investigating me?

I always find that best
when I don't trust someone.

Okay, I'm gonna be completely honest.
How refreshing.

I told my boss that
the Democrats wanted a deal

and they were offering
$48 million for autism

to close it.
And he said yes,

because I knew
he wanted to take a deal.

He just didn't want to be
the first person to offer it.

So you're lying?
I'm deal-making.

Oh, come on, are you seriously
walking away from this?

People are going hungry
over this.

People can't pay their rent,
and all you have to do

is convince your brother
to meet. That's all.

He's not freelancing.


Gareth Ritter. He's not
lying. Senator Wheatus

wants a deal. You want me to
set up a meeting with you two?

Let me think about it.

Luke, you need to do this.

People are hurting.
(phone buzzes)

People always hurt.

Yeah. So, then,
what time's the interview?

(continues indistinctly)

Laurel, how are you?

Good, Dad.
Can you do me a favor?

Sure. What do you need?

Don't tell Luke
I told you this, but I think

he has a chance
to make a deal on the budget

with a Republican senator,
and he's hesitating.


I don't know why.
But I think you need

to convince him
it's good for his career.

If he single-handedly puts
the government back to work,

he'll be the leader
of the party.

Why don't you tell him that?

I'm his little sister.
He's not gonna listen to me,

he's gonna listen to you.

You may hate politics, Laurel,

but you're not bad at it.

(door opens)


You did well.

(door opens)

This must be her.

Laurel, thank you so much
for helping Breanna.

They were just telling me
what a great job you did.

Yes, I get a little
worried about Randall

being away. Maybe even
a little paranoid.

And Laurel was so great
at just hand-holding me.

But now everything is great.

Everybody comes back
a little changed from the sea.

You're out there for four weeks.
Four weeks.

Sometimes it takes your family
Sometimes it takes your family

a while to adapt to you and
a while to adapt to you and

you a while to adapt to them.
you a while to adapt to them.

Uh, you know,
they want to give me $2,600

for my reelection campaign.

Isn't that great?
Anything to stop

those Republicans
from ruining our country.

Breanna, do you have a minute?

Is he hurting you?

What? No, we're good.

Breanna, if there's some abuse
going on, all you have to do...

Laurel. I'm happy.

Don't question happiness.

Ready to go, babe?

You know why he
brought her here?

To give to my campaign?

He wants to stop me
from investigating.

Laurel, this is constituent
care, not Nancy Drew.

They're happy. Take
yes for an answer.

Your father's on the line.

(clears throat)

Wonder what he wants.

You must be Gareth Ritter.
I am, senator.

You're not gonna screw me, are you?

Get me to meet with your boss,
then leak it to the press

so it looks like the Democrats are
desperate for a deal? No, sir.

So, where's Red?

Right this way.

What the hell?

You didn't tell me
it was a Democrat.

(both chuckle)


You gonna join me
for a drink?

Uh, sure. Why not?
It's 4:00 somewhere.

(both laughing)

Do you think they're even
talking about the budget?

I think it may not matter.

Hey, I caught that
documentary of yours online.

The yodeling one.
What was it called?


Right. It was good.

Although it just
kind of ends.

Well, it's unfinished.

What's your
next one about?

Melanesian choirs.

Oh, my God.
You're kidding.

Wait, you know what that is?

It's religious music
from the Solomon Islands.

Oh, so you're
selling out.

Why Melanesian choirs?

You don't want to know.

Yeah, I do.
I'm right here.

Okay, well,
they're disappearing.

Kids in the Solomon Islands all
want to listen to Taylor Swift.

So you're an idealist?

No. I just don't like it
when things disappear.

That's a very Republican
thing to say. Liberals love

when things disappear.
They do not.

No, that's actually the
definition of being a liberal.

Oh, my God, what a bigot.

So, their culture
is disappearing

because of global warming.

So tell me-- what-what do
Republicans think about that?


You know... the biggest problem

in this town?

Ethic rules.

Amen. Yeah. 'Cause
lobbyists used to

throw these great parties.
Huge parties.

Get us all liquored up.

And it was all of us together,

Democrats, Republicans,
all having a good time.

Now they can't spend more
than eight dollars on any of us.

Got those disgusting
little shrimp plates.

Cash bars. I never talk
to any Democrats anymore.

So, do they train you
to talk like this?

No, I actually
learned it in a book.

I di... Yeah.

("You Might Think"
by The Cars playing)

There it is again-- that song.

That's the third time
I've heard it today.

Is it suddenly in again?

The '80s are back, right?

Something weird is happening.


I don't know.

You're very easily distracted,
aren't you?

Here we go.

Noon tomorrow. Joint press conference.
(chuckles) Gareth,

it's time to leave
these communists.

To the Town Car. Avante.


Well, it's
your third day,

and I think you just saved
the D.C. economy.

♪ You might think I'm crazy... ♪

(phone buzzing)

♪ But all I want is you... ♪

Hi, Doctor.

Thank you for returning my call.
You're welcome.

You think that someone
was infected by my shipment?

REPORTER: Hillary Clinton was
on the campaign trail...

(reporter speaking indistinctly)


REPORTER: Secretary Clinton is
not shrinking from the fight.

While attacking Donald Trump

in a more traditional method
of campaigning.

CLINTON: We hear a lot of
negativity and ideology

coming from the candidates
on the other side,

but I think it's important
to try to pierce that

with some good old-fashioned

REPORTER: But will that be enough
to face the blistering attack

coming from Donald Trump?

Hillary is the worst... Look,

easily, she's
the worst secretary of state

in the history of our country.

She is going to be beaten,
and I'm the one to beat her.

But Trump is not...


SANDERS: And let me be
very clear about this.

This campaign
is not about Bernie Sanders.

It is not about Hillary Clinton.

It is not about anybody else.

It is about you.

(cheering and applause)

REPORTER: With tensions high

and PACs dredging up scandals
from the 1990's and earlier,

it's no wonder

everyone seems to have politics
on the brain.

CLINTON: I would hope to be
able to enlist Bernie, uh,

in helping me reach out
to his supporters.

REPORTER: Adding to the tension
is the defiant Bernie Sanders.

Don't let people tell you

that you can't think big!


REPORTER: The Democrats
are still struggling

to fight
the unconventional campaign

of that most most unconventional

Republican candidate,
Donald Trump.

Eight years ago, many Hillary
supporters swore

they would never vote
for Barack Obama.

But then many did.

Will that happen again,

or are emotions running
too high?

One thing is certain-- if the
primaries are any guideline,

this election will be
full of surprises,

and some of them will be ugly.
The burning question is

"What kind of America will it be
when it's all over?"

(birds chirping)

(horns honking in distance)


("You Might Think"
by The Cars playing)

(song volume increasing)

♪ ♪


♪ Well, you might think
I'm crazy ♪

♪ To hang around with you ♪

RED: Gareth. Gareth,
where are you, buddy?

Uh, good morning, Senator.

Didn't expect you
for another hour or so.

I'm feeling like a million bucks

this morning.
Oh. (chuckles)

What do we got up first?

The call with Senator Healy, sir,
to set up the press conference.

Nah, we're not gonna do that.

Senator, I, um...

Do you want me to set up
a meeting instead of the call?

With who?
Senator Healy.

No. We don't need all that.

There was an agreement.

Tell you what,

why don't you call
this number instead.

Is Dr. Daudier here?

I can't seem to get him
on his cell, and he wanted

to check on something...
We're closed.

What's your name?


Well, because, Jesse,

I work with Senator Healy,

and he's looking to make
some budget cuts

to the security payroll here, so
unless you want... Go right ahead.


Could you turn some lights on?


Dr. Daudier?


(loud clatter)

Dr. Daudier?


Guard. Guard!

(siren wailing) Go, go, go!
We got a Code 3!

We need to go, go, go!
They're inside.

They're inside me!
Hold still, sir.

We're gonna start a line.

Hold him down. Hold him! Just
hold him down. Check his ears.

He says there's
something in his ears.

Just talk to him, just
calm him down a bit, okay?

My mind. It's going!
It's okay. You're fine.

You're fine. We're almost there.
It's going! (sobbing)

When is your birthday?
Your birthday, sir.

Oh, God, I can't remember.

It's okay. Just take a breath.
Take a breath.

Can't you do anything?!

Move, move, move! We have to move!
Let's go! I can't hold him.

Get them out!

Just focus on my fingers.
You're okay.

You're okay.



No, no, that's not what
they want. They want power.

They want to grind our
face in this shutdown.

Senator, he's coming.

Take him in through the kitchen,

and, uh, I'll meet him
in your office.


you sure you want
to do this?

Do you like this office, Gareth?

(chuckles) Not especially.
Do you like having

to go to the Democrats
and beg for every morsel

of legislative clout?

Good. Then show him in
through the kitchen.

This way,
Senator Spitz.

What are you offering?

Chair on Armed

ranking member of
Economic Policy.

Not enough.

a $14 million war chest

from the Republican PAC.
You know

I've been a Democrat all my life.
I know. But what is

a Democrat these days?
What is a Republican?

A brand.

You ate Cheerios this morning,

you'll eat Wheat Chex tomorrow.

Come on, Senator.

Let's do this.

Let's make history.

(phone buzzing)


Hi, Dad.

(indistinct chatter)

MONARCH: In a stunning
betrayal of his caucus,

Senator Spitz of Maine
crossed the aisle today,

handing the reins of power
to the Republican...

In a bold and historic move
by the Republicans,

the senate changed hands today.

Democrats were left gasping...
Where were you?

Watching a man's head explode.

Very funny.
Your brother is looking for you.

Where is he?
The new offices.

We're in the minority now.

The whip has to
give these up.

Where do we go?

I'm so sorry, Luke.

Why? This is great.

Have some dog.

Why are you not sad?

Because we're gonna
destroy them.

And you're gonna help me.

You and Scarlett are gonna
help me kick their ass.

Starting today.

Tell me what to do.

(phone buzzes)

Uh, yeah.

(The Cars' "You Might Think"

And as if this year
weren't dramatic enough,

the senate has changed hands

in the midst
of a presidential fight

for the future of this country.

Well, how do we unpack all this?

Number one,
bipartisanship is dead.

Number two...

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