Botched (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 15 - I Dream of Implants - full transcript

The Human Doll, aka Justin Jedlica, updates the doctors on his eight new leg implants, while a woman who always aspired to be a telenovela actress needs a miracle after destroying her nose because of vanity.

DR. DUBROW: Tonight we check in
with fan favorite Justin Jedlica

and you won't believe
what he's done to his body.

I'm back to show off
to the doctors

my 8-piece leg implant surgery.

I kind of get off on the fact
that I'm doing things

that nobody else
has done before.

What you did with the penis,
did it increase in size?

Girth, for sure. There's, like,
a bungee cord...

- That pulls on it?
- That goes, and you attach it

to the bottom of your penis...
- Ow!

- ...and it pulls.
- Really?

[groans] God!

I mean, you're stretching
the ligament.

DR. NASSIF: A nose patient
whose dreams were shattered

because of
her bad plastic surgery.

I wanted to be famous
and be a telenovela star,

but I didn't have a nose
that was perfect.

The unknown is the quality of
the skin and the blood supply.

Because if we kill your skin,

there's really no way
of going back.

DR. DUBROW: And a patient
has something big

to get off her chest.

I have what I like to call
Triple T's...

Terrible Tijuana titties.

The only way that we can
possibly fix this

is try
to stitch everything down,

then we can go back and put some
appropriately sized implants in.

- Oh.
- 2-part is... I thought we were

doing one part.
- 2-part? It might be 5-part.

No, we don't want that.

♪ I wanna be sexy ♪


♪ I wanna be hot, hot ♪

♪ Fix me, make me beautiful ♪


♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

♪ Do what you want ♪

♪ Do what you want, yeah ♪

Oh, yeah.

My boobs not gonna fit in that.

- How would it not?
- Look.

Really? Look at that.

My name is Shantel.
I'm 31 years old,

and I'm
from San Diego, California.

I have what I like to call
triple T's...

Terrible Tijuana titties.

My breasts look like deformed,
huge, ugly watermelons

that are, like,
melting to the ground.


Ooh, don't "ooh" me.

- Do you see...
- That looks good.

Do you see what's going on here?

- What?
- Look, there's nothing here.

My boob is down here.

So it's been three years
since my surgery in Tijuana,

and for them to be
this misshapen and deformed,

it really just sucks 'cause it's
like I feel defeated.

I feel like, mentally, you know,
it really plays on your psyche

because it makes me feel
so insecure.

It's supposed to be somewhat
like that... not that.

I'm in a relationship with
someone I love and care about,

and a year ago, Bryce and I

welcomed our first baby girl

I just wanna be happy,
but instead, you know,

I hate myself 'cause I'm so
embarrassed and ashamed and mad.

- God, I keep looking at 'em.
- Focus up here, up here.

I understand what you're saying,

but you don't ever let me
see 'em.

How would you like it if
half your balls were deformed?

Bryce is just always trying
to find creative ways,

you know,
to get intimate nowadays,

but I know he doesn't like
my breasts,

but no matter what,
he's gonna tell me he does

to not hurt my feelings.

What I usually wear
during intimate moments

is one of Bryce's shirts
or a muumuu of some sort.

You know, easy access,
but you know, fully covered.


I want 'em up and a little bit
closer to together.

You know what I mean?
And looking at the same person.

You know, right now they're
kinda, like, lopsided, you know?

They never looked at me.

They will one day, maybe.


My name is Claudia,
and my biggest regret

is letting my nose
get in the way

of my dream of being
a telenovela star.

I was raised
in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

When I was growing up,
I really wanted to be

a soap opera actress.

Telenovelas are very popular
in Mexico,

and everybody loves telenovelas,

and I would see
all the beautiful girls there

in the stories... perfect hair,
perfect nose, perfect eyes.

So all that is what, uh,
you learn and grow admiring.

And I wanted to be famous
and be on TV,

but I didn't have a nose
that was perfect.

It was just a little bigger and
with a little bone over here.

I remember the last doctor said
do not touch your nose.

It's not that easy.

This was
a very disgraceful experience.

I was irresponsible.
Now it's different.

After 5 surgeries
and 22 years with this nose,

it creates so much regret.

My nose looks chopped up
and looks flat, crooked,

and also, now I just breathe
with my mouth.

When I look at the mirror...

[voice breaking]
it's just so much guilt

because of me and for vanity.

I need someone to help me.

I need a miracle.


I was FaceTiming Heather

I was going whoa,
do I need Botox.

But every once in a while,
you see someone

who's had so much Botox...
- Yeah, yeah.

- ...that their forehead...
- Yeah.

- ...looks shiny.
- Yeah.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is an overdose of Botox.

No. The difference with me,

when I get a little smidgen
of Botox, I look good.

You... You go crazy. You look like
a friggin' Martian.

By the way,
when I had all that filler,

it was so weird,
and it was everywhere online...

"What happened
to Terry Dubrow's face?"

Aren't you afraid that
you're gonna get

so much Botox one day...
- 10 units.

...that your anal sphincter
will be paralyzed

and you won't be able
to control your bowels?

- I already have that problem.
- [laughs]

Paul... I learned my lesson,

going light on the Botox
and much lighter on the fillers

'cause I don't wanna look like
a freak.

Apparently, you don't mind
that look.

This is a WTF case.

This is a woman named Shantel.

Look at this disaster.
Huge bottoming out.

They thought you could just
lower the crease

all the way down here
and get away with it.

It has no structure at all.

It's just an amorphous blob
of nothing.

Paul, she's had
one breast surgery.

- This is a super hard case.
- Let's get her in.

All right, Shantel.

Can you please send in Shantel?

- Shantel.
- Hi. Oh, my God.

- Nice to meet you, Shantel.
- Nice to meet you.

- Dr. Nassif.
- Hi, Shantel. Terry Dubrow.

- Pleasure to meet you.
- Bryce.

- Bryce, how are you?
- Bryce, Terry Dubrow.

- Nice to meet you, man.
- Nice to meet you. Pleasure.

Have a seat.
You just broke my hand.

- Yeah, me, too.
- [laughs]

I'm told that
every now and then.

- Are you married?
- No, no.

- Not yet, not yet.
- Boyfriend/girlfriend. Engaged.

- Boyfriend/girlfriend.
- No.

Working it out. Working it out.

- Where's that ring?
- That's empty. What the heck?

You're figuring it out.
So listen... there's, like,

this far distance between
the bottom of your breasts

to your belly button.
- Tell me about it, yep.

You tell me about it.
How did that happen?

So I was always, like, big,

just growing up, just always
overweight, big girl.

How much were you weighing then?

- I was like 390.
- Whoa.

And I hated my body, so I ended
up getting the duodenal switch.

- You got a duodenal switch?
- Yeah.

A duodenal switch gastric bypass
is probably the most aggressive

and most complex type of
weight loss surgery procedure

because it disconnects
the very first part

of the digestive tract
after the stomach.

It could have a lot
of complications

associated with it.

But it tends to be
very effective.

So I lost, like, 200 pounds
in, like, in two years.

- Whoa.
- Yeah, so I was, like,

a melting lady.
- Yeah.

- I had the bingo arms...
- Yeah.

...and, like, the flabby tummy,
so it was bad.

Did you have
some skin reducing surgery

after all that weight loss?

- I had a brachioplasty...
- Yeah.

...if that's what it's called.

It's from my elbow to, like,
my side.

- Okay.
- And I had a tummy tuck.

So then after that, I was like,
okay, I got the tummy

and the arms, and it's like
the cherry on top.

I just needed, you know,
the breasts.

- Okay.
- I never had boobs, ever.

So your natural breasts
were quite small.

You know, I lived in San Diego,

so what am I gonna do?
You know, go 30 minutes to T.J.

- Tijuana.
- Which is terrible.

They put you to sleep,
anesthesia and everything?

- No. I was awake.
- Did it awake?

- Oh, jeez.
- I laid on this table,

and all of a sudden I'm feeling
like a poke in my back.

An epidural.

I swear I'd seen the light
a couple times,

and then I say,
"Don't [bleep] up,"

and they all start laughing.

Like, I wasn't joking. Like,
really, "Don't [bleep] up."

After surgery's over,
he stitches me up.

He takes my limp hand
and put it on my boob,

and he says, "I just changed
your life in under an hour."

Fast forward, you're sitting
in front of us right now.

Exactly, exactly.

So how many ccs was put in?

He said 800 ccs.

I was kinda, like,
that sounded like a lot.

I thought maybe 500, you know,

once they healed, it was just...
this was it.

Now I'm back
to being covered up.

I want her to be comfortable
in her body.

I want her to be...
Feel comfortable to walk around.

I should be proud of myself
for losing that much weight

and transforming my body,
but instead,

I'm just... I'm still ashamed.

I hate what I see in the mirror
just like I did

when I was almost 400 pounds.

It's like I took five steps
forward and 10 steps back.

I want 'em symmetrical, even,

just higher,
and be able to get cleavage.

The fundamental problem is
the doctor didn't realize that

your breast tissue has a certain
connection between here

and your chest wall.

Well, if you just
blow through it,

then what's holding it?
- Nothing.

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

Just falls into the abdomen.

You basically have belly boobs.

Yeah, 100%.

Chances that it will work
are low.

I've had these where I had
to operate on people 12 times.

Oh, my God.

It's been about four months

since my legs seem
to have been healed.

Look what I did. [Laughs] Even
when they told me I couldn't.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

Let me see what's going on.

So you have
the classic bottoming out

where the mound
is on your tummy.

I mean, look at the distance
between the belly button

and the bottom of the breast.

It's what, 2 inches?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I mean, your breast
is supposed to be up there.


Your original breasts
were basically like this.

He should've put
a little implant in,

just give you a little bit
of fullness here.


Instead, he blew out
all of the attachments.

You have all these
dense connections here

between the crease
and the chest wall of your ribs.

And it's just completely
been stretched out.

All right, so sit down.

The only way that we can
possibly fix this

is to take the implants out,

try to stitch everything down,
and try to sort of recreate

some internal architecture,
and we have to go back in time.

And if that's successful,
then we can go back maybe

to the operating room

and put some appropriately
sized and placed implants in.

I just know... Listen, I've been
down his road before.

I know I can go in there,
stitch everything up,

put a smaller implant in.

It might look great
on the table,

and then six weeks later...
[makes whooshing sound]

- It falls back down.
- Falls back down.

Yeah, because the tissue
integrity to hold that implant,

especially even though
the weight

doesn't seem that much,
but again,

it's a downward force,
is gonna break.

Chances that it will work...
are low.

I have tried to fix
this type of situation

in one stage before, and it's
really never worked very well.

And Shantel's version is
much more dramatic.

That's what makes this case
so difficult

and gives me pause about whether

I even want to attempt it
or not.

[sighs] Oh, man.

I'm not instilling
much confidence, am I?

[laughs] No, you're scaring me.

I'm getting nervous.
That's a lot for...

- 2-part is what's...
- 2-part is...

I thought we were doing
one part.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
2-part? It might be 5-part.

- [groans]
- Might be seven parts.

No, we don't want that.

I've had these where I had
to operate on people 12 times.

- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.

That's something I do not want.

I don't want that either.

Potential on having
multiple surgeries

scares the crap out of me.

But if all goes well
with my surgery,

I really, of course, hope
to, you know, just be able

to be happy with what I see
for once in my life.

Do you wanna do this?

I mean... yeah, I do.

- You sure?
- I do, yeah.

I can't imagine living
with these any longer.

All right, let's do this thing.

♪ So turn it up ♪

♪ Yeah, we're gonna celebrate,
turn it up ♪


♪ Turn it up ♪


Hi, guys, it's Justin Jedlica
here again,

the amazing human doll,

and as promised, I'm back
to show off to the doctors

my 8-piece leg implant surgery.

This is just like the last
virgin section of my body

to give up, and now
it's all been touched.

Oh, that didn't sound right.

Last time that I talked
with Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif

on our Zoom conversation,
I told them what I wanted to do.

So this piece will go over here,

and then on the medialis piece,
it's gonna go here.

Obviously will have calf plants

made for the lower leg
here and here.

So 8-piece implants,

full leg augmentation
in one hit.

I don't think there's anybody
more cutting edge than me.

I'm Frankenstein
and Dr. Frankenstein.

Being a pioneer
with body implantation,

risks and complications
are just something

that come with that territory.

I kind of get off on the fact

that I'm doing things that
nobody else has done before,

that other people
are scared to do.

This is next level risk.

Blood clots in the legs,
lymphatic flow,

compartment syndrome.

All those things
are on the table.

If you catch 'em late... ouch.

♪ Nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah ♪

Look what I did. [Laughs]

Even when they told me
I couldn't, I still won. Ahh.

It's been about four months

since my legs
seem to have been healed.

I'm definitely on a high,

and I just wanna show off
to the doctors.

Checking in
with Dr. Nassif and Dubrow

kinda feels like checking in
with your parents, you know?

They tell you all the things
you're not supposed to do,

and then you go do them

But they don't have to love it,
but they have to love you.

[blows kiss]


Claudia is coming to us.

- Ooh.
- And there it is.

Oh, my gosh.
Look at that collapse, too,

the lack of projection.

You know what's
the biggest limitation here?

- The skin?
- Is the skin.

- Yeah.
- You push that skin down,

it could die right on
the table. So let's see her.


Can you please send in Claudia?

- Claudia.
- Hello.

Claudia, nice to meet you.
Dr. Nassif.

Nice to meet you, Doctor.

- How are you? Dr. Dubrow.
- Terry Dubrow.

- Pleasure to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Friends?
- We're friends, yeah.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

- Great. Please have a seat.
- Childhood friends.

- Thank you.
- What did you come in for?

- Well, um...
- And where do you live?

I've been living in Houston
for the last 22 years.

If you have to pick one thing
you like about Houston,

what would it be?
- The Houston Symphony.

- The Symphony.
- Oh, you're into the arts.

My family is a musician family.

But I wanted to be an actress
like a soap opera actress.

But then my parents just gave me
an option... piano or piano.

- So I just stayed with piano.
- Piano or piano.

- Which did you choose?
- [laughter]

So what do you do now?
Do you play now or...

- I teach piano.
- Oh, really?

I teach. I have my piano studio,

Do you ever take piano lessons?

I took some. My mom started me
at the age of probably

about 6 or 7.
- Oh.

The biggest mistake I could've
made in my life was quitting.


I stopped getting
the piano lessons.

So you became a pianist,
and you became a penis.


In front of two women,
you had to say that?

- [laughing]
- A penis?

- I just couldn't help it.
- What a dick.

In a nice,
professional consultation,

I wouldn't expect anything less

than a pianist/penis joke
from Terry,

who's usually just being
a big dick anyway.

Well, we're glad you're here
with us.

We know you started a journey
of numerous rhinoplasties.

Can you take us
through that journey?

I always wanted to be
an actress,

like a soap opera actress.
- So what happened?

My nose was not like, uh,

- What'd it look like?
- Uh, it looked like a...

kind of like a...
Like a little bone here.

- You had a little hump?
- You had a hump?

- Yeah, little hump, yeah.
- Okay.

Around that time,
I did an audition

in Televisa Center, which is
a big television company

where the telenovelas are made
in Mexico.

And I didn't make it.

From there, I just start looking
at the mirror,

and I'm like,
what's wrong with my nose?

And I was too ashamed that
it was not perfect and pointy.

By age 18, I had two surgery.

- The same doctor.
- Same doctor.

And he left
a very natural-looking nose.

- Good.
- But not pointy,

not anything that I wanted
like a...

You mean like one
of the telenovelas?

- Telenovelas, exactly.
- Actresses?

So what did you do?

I gave up for a while
and like, okay,

I'm just gonna be
a flight attendant.

And one day,
I was working first class,

and Televisa owner was there.
- Ohh.

And then I told him,
"You know what?

I went to Televisa
eight years ago,

and they didn't take me."
And he's like, "Okay.

Just come see me,"
and I'm like, "Okay."

This time I don't wanna
miss the opportunity.

There was this doctor who was
like the popular at that moment.

And I went with him. He said,
like, "Oh, I can totally

make your nose perfect
to go to Televisa.

I'm so glad you came.
Let's do it."

- Mm.
- My nose looked smaller

and a little fake.

But it was okay. But the doctor
then said, "I don't like it."

- Oh.
- "I didn't like it.

I will do it perfect."

I wish I'd never done
the third and fourth surgery.

That was my big mistake.

When I went back to take
the patch off...

[voice breaking]
it looked horrible.

I felt ashamed of my appearance,

so I never went to see
Televisa's owner.

My nose ruined
my telenovela dreams.

I didn't know what to do,
so I just put a smaller patch,

and a skin color to cover
all this mess...

- Mm-hmm.
- ...for, like, two years.

You were still wearing
the dressing on it.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Covering it...

- Yeah.
- ...every single day.

- Covered the nose up.
- For two years.

- We never saw it.
- Yeah.

She had it for a long time.

She went to work with it,
and we said,

"Take the patch off,"
but she was like, "No. Never."

And then I called
the best doctor in the city.

That doctor...
He did the best he could,

but he said
the fourth surgery doctors

killed the cartilage here,
and so it can just sink,

and that's what happened.

What would you like to have done
to your nose?

I think it's too short
for my face,

and the nose is too up.
- Mm-hmm.

Like, uh, I would like it
to be lower.

Lower. When we talk
about doing a sixth surgery,

the unknown is the quality of
the skin and the blood supply.

Because if we kill your skin,

there's really no way
of going back.

- Yeah.
- No matter what I do,

it will never look
ever the same.


- No way.
- Hey!

- The man, the myth.
- No way.

How you doing, boys?

How many implants
do you have total?

I think I have 25 implants now.

Are you done, done?
You're done.


Look how far down
this pocket goes...

All the way down to here.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

Put your head back for us.

So we see one cut here.

I'm gonna put this in your nose.

[grunts] So the septum
is just going...

It goes in, and then it shoots
all the way off to the left.

All right, so your septum
is blocking your left airway.

The good news...
That's pretty fixable.

So the reconstruction
I've done before.

We add cartilage
to the tip of your nose,

lengthening it,
add projection.

But the part that scares me...

One... the little incision
you had here

is in a very bad location,

and once we actually
add length to it

and try to put it back down
with that cut way at the bottom,

that puts this whole area
right here

at a compromised situation.

The blood cannot get to it,

and there's a high risk
of tissue death.

Because if that happened,
we'd have to take tissue

from up here and bring it down

and rebuild the tip
of your nose.

Oh, my goodness.

That skin flap, since it's gonna
be long and thin, can die.

I'd rather than my chance,
make a higher skin incision,

which will have a shorter,
narrow flap,

which means that will give us
a better blood supply.

Well, it's really scary.

I have prayed a lot
and leave it up to God.

Take me as far as you want,
and I'm here.

- I'm just gonna do it.
- Mm.


Thank you.

My nose reminds me that this was
something that I created,

and so it makes me feel
very guilty.

I'm hoping the surgery is
a chance for forgiveness.

- Thank you, Doctor.
- Pleasure.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thank you so much.
- Pleasure.


- How are you?
- Good.

So what are we gonna do?
So the plan is to try

to re-establish
the inframammary crease.

And how do we do that?

Probably the most reliable way
is to stage her,

and that still is high risk

and has a relatively
low probability

of being successful.


DR. DUBROW: Today for phase one
of Shantel's surgery,

I'll start by making incisions
below her areolas

and remove her old implants.

Next, I will close off Shantel's
previous breast pockets

and create new pockets
by sewing her breast tissue

to the back of her chest wall

and recreating
her inframammary crease.

Once she is healed, Shantel
will come back for phase two,

where we will then be able
to insert new implants.

[suction whooshing]

All right,
so here's the implant.

So he just... [scoffs]
blew out the anatomy.

He goes in and decides to make
a crease incision down here

even though her crease
is up here

and just create a giant pocket
and put an implant in

with nothing holding it up,
and it just drops down to here.

- Giant implant.
- And a giant implant.

The biggest there... that's made.
All right, so...

now let's look in the pocket.


Wait a minute. It's got
its inframammary crease intact.

He just went below the muscle,
so the muscle

to inframammary crease
attachments are still in there.

Good thing he went
in the wrong place.

Yeah. What if I go
above the muscle

and create a pocket
that now has all

of the usual anatomical borders?

But it's on top of the muscle.

The inframammary crease
is composed of multiple layers

of distinct tissue,
all very different.

In Shantel's case,
the lower portion

of the inframammary crease
has been disrupted,

but the areas above the muscle
are still intact and tight.

So the possibility exists that
if I can make a pocket

above the muscle that depends
on the old inframammary crease,

and I can somehow get the muscle
to stick down,

then I've got
an on-top-of-the-muscle

breast implant pocket
that may work.

We take
pectoralis minor below...

to the pectoralis major above.

It may, in fact, be possible
to attempt the unthinkable,

which is to put in implants
and test to see

whether we can actually do this
in one stage today.

- What do you have?
- I have 590, 615, 650.

615. Doesn't it feel...
615 feel like...

It feels like the right number.

Doesn't it?

The big question is
will that normal anatomy

hold a smaller implant than she
had placed in Tijuana?


Look at that inframammary crease
is totally perfect.

Okay, let's do the other side.

The implant.

Look how far down
this pocket goes,

all the way down to here.

There, there, there.
This is the pocket.

So her previous surgeon
was a dumb-ass.

Yeah, that's
her old inframammary creases.

Pleasantly surprised that
Shantel's inframammary crease

is intact above the muscle
also on the left side.

So she will hopefully have
good-looking matching breasts,

and she won't need any surgery

Goddamn it, this is working.

I think we invented something
today, ladies and gentlemen.

- That's pretty [bleep] good.
- I know.

Can someone pat me on the back?
Come on.


Yeah. We're closing.

I really need to see that
Shantel is healing okay,

and, uh, at this point,
I'm just hoping for the best.

Oh, my God. [Cries]

That's going in the septum
right there.

Multiple surgeries went to town
on Claudia's septum.

Why? You don't do something
like that.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

Hello, young lady. How are you?

So how do you feel?

- Sore. Sore, sore, sore.
- I bet.

So the inframammary crease
is an attachment

that goes from the skin
through the breast tissue,

through the muscle
to the chest wall.

Because he put everything
on the muscle entirely,

the connections between...
- Were still intact.

- ...the breast...
- [sighs]

...and inframammary crease
are still there.

- Uh-huh.
- So it was intact.

So I thought, wait a minute.
It's still intact.

I can use it.

- [sighs]
- You get it?

So, yeah, there's implants
in there.

- So I put implants in.
- Thank God.

- So I put 615-cc implants.
- Okay.

- All right.
- Uh-huh.

Let's look.

I really need to see that
Shantel is healing okay,

and at this point,
I'm just hoping for the best.


That's a crease.

- I'm nervous.
- You wanna look?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

[crying] Oh, my God. They're so
much better. Thank you so much.

It's cool, huh?


One stage.

- [crying] Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

I don't believe it.

They're better than I thought
they were gonna be. Oh, my God.

I never thought
that I would see my breasts...

How they look right now,
never in a million years.

This is incredible. It's more
than I could ever imagine.

Uh, very ingenuitive,
my brother.

- Thank you.
- What do you think?

Man, a magician in a world where
magic doesn't exist over here.


Bryce, some magicians pull
rabbits out of hats.

Others... create [bleep]
surgical miracles.

That's this magician.
[whispers] Whaa!


- Thank you, guys, so much.
- You're welcome.

Awesome. I appreciate it.

♪ It's feeling good ♪

♪ Now when the sun comes out ♪

[engine revs, tires squeal]

Remember Justin? Justin Jedlica?

Of course. I mean, who wouldn't?

Remember he was telling us
he was gonna have

all that lower extremity
surgery? Looked like...

What about the big package
he had that day?

Yeah, I'm trying not
to remember that, okay?

Well, I did microneedling
on my face and on my penis

and Scrotox. [Laughs]
- Ouch!

So I can show you
from the front.

Oh! I can't.


He's here to see us
and show us the result

of his eight leg implants.

- He did it?
- He did it.

Can you please send in Justin...

and his package?
- [chuckles]

- No way.
- Hey!

- The man, the myth.
- No way.

How you doing, boys?
Good to see you.

- I love that muscle shirt.
- Thank you.

It really shows everything.

- Look at his quads.
- Wow.

Yeah, the quads are
a lot bigger.

I gotta hear the story.
It's good to see you.

- Ah, good to see you, too.
- You look great, by the way.

- You really do.
- Thank you. You, too.

So first of all,
this is the kind of body

that people would want
to show off at the gym

if it were made of real muscle.

Do you go to the gym
just so you can

walk around and, like, work out?

- No.
- You still... no gym?

I haven't been to the gym
in, like, 12 years.

- So...
- [laughs]

Remind us. You were gonna
do medial quad implants.

- Mm-hmm.
- Calf implants.

- Mm-hmm.
- Tell us about it.

I flew all the way
to Indianapolis.

- It was a lot.
- How long did the surgery take?

Five and a half hours.

So did you fly in
with the implants,

or he had them?
- We made them together.

We met in the middle somewhere

in sort of what I wanted
and what he liked.

After the initial two weeks,

my left leg... I said,
I just think this pocket's

kinda, like, too tight,

and the implant's
not sitting flat.

So he said, "Okay, well,
I'm gonna cut you down here.

We'll throw you in the O.R.,
and they'll stick that rod,"

and he's like,
"I'll just flip it."

The pocket was too narrow.

- [groans]
- So... So I did that

just under local.
- [groans]

But this medialis piece kinda
started giving me an issue

after those two weeks.
- Like what?

- Just pooling fluid.
- Little seroma.

- Yes.
- Okay.

- So we threw a drain in it.
- Right.

But that didn't work.

I said, what about that human
fibrin glue that they have?


It might act as the capsule
and seal

wherever it's not wanting
to heal.


- And everything fine.
- What, did it work?

- Yes!
- You're kidding me.

I use fibrin glue every week...

- Mm-hmm.
- surgery.

I'll use that to prevent
bleeding, but not a seroma.

In general, fibrin glue
is a clotting mechanism,

and you would put a little bit,
for example,

I'm doing a face-lift.

I lift up the skin, do my work,
apply some of the fibrin glue,

stick it back down,
and it creates a nice bond

between the skin
and the deeper tissue.

Seems like a novel idea
to prevent seromas,

which are a collection
of fluid in the body

around the implants.
Very cool.

How many implants
do you have, total?

I think I have 25 implants now.

- One in your nose.
- The bridge.

And then up here. You have...

- Anterior.
- Yes.

- Posterior.
- Okay.

Lateral delt.

- Seven.
- Seven.


- Biceps.
- I have bicep and tricep.

- Okay.
- 11.

Teres minor major
as a single piece.

- 13.
- 2 in the quad

and then 2 down below.
- That's 21.

Wait a minute. Six...

- Chest.
- Oh, I forgot my chest.

- Yeah, pecs.
- [laughs]

I totally forgot
that I had done that.

My back implants came out.

So you had 25, down to 23.

Are you done, done?
You're done.


I think
after this leg procedure,

I might take about a year
to myself

before I decide to embark
on another big journey.

But believe you me, it'll come.

Let's get right to the... meat...
Heart of the matter.

- Let's get back to the penis.
- [laughs]

Did it increase in size?

Listen, I mean, its girth,
for sure,

but to get length,
it's super hard.

I mean, the only thing,
I have, like, a stretcher.

Imagine, like a choker, right,

which goes around
above your knee

just below where my implant
is now.

- Right.
- There's like a bungee cord...

- That pulls on it?
- That goes and you attach it

to the bottom of your penis,
and it pulls.

Ow. Really?

So you're supposed to wear that
for a period of time

until it starts to hurt.
- [groans] God!

In my opinion, you're stretching
the ligament.


I know what I'm getting Paul
for his birthday this year.


- So, listen...
- Mm-hmm.

Two things. One, I'm so happy
that even though you...

We didn't want you to do
the procedure, you did it,

and really only had
minor complications,

but two... you must show us.
You must.

- Okay.
- Let's do this. Come on.

Let's do this.

So you have two.
You have one here

and one there.
- There. That's the glute one.

- Don't bust her open.
- Oh, yeah.

My gauze is already soaked.

I need to stop the bleeding

I might have to stop
the surgery altogether.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

Before we get to the reason
you're here,

remind us what all
this good stuff looks like.

- [chuckles]
- All right.

- Got these. Amazing.
- Mm.

Then there's this situation.

- It so weirdly worked.
- Right? It came out good.

That's 'cause I designed it all.
You know that.

Yeah, pretty brilliant, my man.
Look at this.

You can't find these pieces

- What is this?
- They're all my crazy creation.

Not one malposition, not one
that's moving around funny.

- Nothing?
- No.

It's not my cup of tea,
making all these implants,

but he's a pretty smart guy

and he really knows
what he's doing.

However, as he ages, how are
those implants gonna look?

Are they gonna get infected?

Are they gonna start to sag?
Are they gonna move positions?

I just don't see Justin having
these implants at the age of 65.

Let's get to the meat of things.

All right, let's get
to the meat. Let's see.

All right, here it comes.
Ready? Well, hello!


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay.

What is that thing there?
Is that full of silicone?

- My quads?
- No, no, your penis.

That's like about
a huge baseball in there.

You guys have just never seen
the lower half of me,

so you wouldn't know.
- Wait a minute.

It's hard not to get distracted
by that bulge.

It's like the 800-pound...
gorilla penis in the room.

- Okay. Show us the legs.
- So...

Where was the incision made
for this one?

- All the way up here.
- Wow.

So you had two.
You had one here and one there.

That's the glute one.
Don't bust her open.

- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, really?

No, 'cause remember
we don't want...

Remember we don't want any...
That's the glute one.

Where's the incision
for this one?

Those calves were tight.

Stand flat. Stand up.

Dude. Speechless.

Thank you.

- Wow.
- That's what I was going for.

It definitely makes me feel
proud to have the doctors

look at my surgery
and give me the accolades

that I've been searching for.
Yeah, it feels good.

You know, I must say,
you look amazing.

You really do.
I'm so glad you...

Well, you know,
it's important for me

to be, like, an innovator.
- ...didn't have a problem.

- I would call it.
- By the way, yeah,

if you look up
"plastic surgery innovator"

in the encyclopedia, you're...
You're standing out.

I wonder what would happen

if you actually had a package
that big

and you went home to Heather
with that.

- Uh...
- What would she say to you?

Heather would say,
"Let's renew our vows."



- Good morning.
- Good morning. How are you?

I'm good. Thank you.
My name is Claudia Cossio.

I know it's my sixth surgery,

and I had a lot of fear,
guilt, regret,

but having surgery today
with Dr. Nassif,

it means a miracle
I asked for.

- Good morning.
- Hi!

- How are you?
- I'm nervous.

It's okay. I mean,
it's your sixth surgery.

You're worried about that skin
right there surviving.

But again, that's something that
we do.

We deal with this all the time.

And we will take great care
of you.

- We'll see you in there, okay?
- Okay. Thank you.


For Claudia's surgery today,

I'll open the nose by making
an incision higher than normal

on the columella,
while Dr. Peng harvests rib.

Next, I'll perform a septoplasty
to help straighten her nose

and improve her breathing

and use
the septal extension graft

and spreader grafts to add
length and support to her nose.

Finally, I'll use
articulating rim grafts

to make her nose symmetric

and an infratip lobule graft
to give her tip projection.

Giving her a 4x4 on that start.

So I'm making the incision
more of a higher location

than her previous one.

Ooh, look at that.
Oh, it's bleeding. Wow.

You've got a little blood vessel
in there.

All right, can I have
another 4x4? Yeah.


So you've got...
that gauze is already soaked.



Suction right there.

Jeez Louise.

I need to stop the bleeding

I can't see what I'm doing.

So we're gonna give Claudia
an IV infusion of TXA,

tranexamic acid.

That should slow down
the bleeding in most situations.

But if that doesn't work,

I might have to stop
the surgery altogether.

All right,
the rib is coming out.

The good news is the bleeding
has slowed down.

Okay, our next adventure
is to find the septum.

There it is.

That might be the front
of the septum right there.

Okay, this is a hard one.

Either one surgery
or multiple surgeries

went to town
on Claudia's septum.

Why? You don't do
something like that.

When you take too much septum
away from the nose,

automatically, you're gonna get

an over-rotated
piggy type of a nose.

Part two of this now is gonna

start re-establishing
her length.

We've already placed
the septal extension graft...

Actually two of them...
To reconstruct part

of the lower septum
that was already missing.

All right, our next step
can be these spreader grafts

as long as possible.


All right, so now we're doing
the infratip lobule graft.

Let's see. Is that gonna stick?

It's already stuck. Look.

An infratip lobule graft
is a piece of cartilage

or diced cartilage
glued together

that's placed on what we call
the infratip,

which is right here,
which will give the tip length,

a little bit more projection,
and make it look soft and nice.

- You got it.
- Yay.


Skin tone is perfect right now.

The only other area
we have to watch out

is between the incision
and the old lower incision.

I think we nailed it.
Thank you all.


Let me just put on
my little headlight.

Put your head back for me.
There you go. Great.


All right, well, here's
the first part of good news.

Remember I was worried about
the little incision here?

- Yeah.
- 'Cause I made a higher cut?

I was worried that that skin
between your old incision

and the new incision would die.

- It's really pink. It's great.
- Okay.

So that's good.

I'm very happy
that my skin is responding

to the surgery.

It's a miracle.

I'm so happy...

I was very happy
with the length,

the projection, this,
and the symmetry from the front.

- About a good 80% better.
- Oh, 80%?

I'm very relieved
and very happy, very grateful.

I just can't wait to see.

- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.

Yeah, thank you, doctor.
Bye-bye. Thank you.


I feel like
a totally new person.

I feel like a weight has been
lifted off my shoulders.

You're looking good.

So many surgeries ruined
my nose.

Now I have a second chance.

- Claudia.
- How are you, Doctor?

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪


I never thought I'd be this far
with my body.

I used to live my life feeling

You know, I was always
the tallest and the biggest,

and then I drop all this weight
and have the saggy skin,

and then I get it taken care of,

and then having a nightmare
boob job in Tijuana...

Everything was just always
so abnormal.

♪ Oh, I'm on fire ♪

- Hi. I got you a towel, baby.
- Yay.

I feel like
a totally new person.

I feel like a weight has been
lifted off my shoulders...

Two boulders.

Mommy, I like your bathing suit.

- We're matching.
- You're looking good.

I'm glad you feel comfortable,
though. That's what's important.


Before my surgery,
I had triple T's...

Terrible Tijuana titties.

They were huge, asymmetrical,
and hanging down so low,

they almost touched
my belly button.

But now thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

I have matching breasts
that are perky

and the right size and shape.

I can enjoy quality time
with the people I love,

and my triple T's are now
tight, terrific titties.

I know you've been looking a lot
better. You're feeling better.

I feel good.
I feel like I healed quick.

He did a great job.

You look so much happier now
that you got your boobs done.

You're not moping
around the house no more.

I'm so glad Dr. Dubrow was able
to do it one time.

God, I know. I couldn't imagine
having more than one surgery.

Yeah, can you imagine
going back like, for, like,

the fifth one next week?

No, I couldn't,
especially with her,

Like, are you kidding me?

I'm showing off
my new trophy girl everywhere.

We going to the store.
We're going to the mall.

We're going to the bank.
We're going to the laundromat.

She's looking good everywhere.

[chuckles] Look at her go.

You're definitely
my new favorite thing.

Are they? You don't even look
at my face anymore.

They're just so amazing
to look at.

- They just move everywhere.
- [scoffs] Whatever.

When we're having sex, it just...

- Shh!
- Just amazing.


This is definitely
the first time in my life

that I haven't felt ashamed
with my body.

I look in the mirror,
and I'm happy,

and that's something
I've never had before, so...

[voice breaking] I'm definitely
thankful and happy for sure.


Yeah, Mommy and Daddy
need a nap.

- Is it nap time?
- It's nap time, Mommy.

It's Mommy and Daddy time.
You gots to go.

[water splashes]


Looking back in the darkest
moments of my life,

going through so many surgeries,
really ruining my nose,

now I just feel like I have
a second chance.

♪ It's gonna be great,
it's gonna get better ♪

♪ You're gonna be all right ♪

I think any telenovela star
would love my nose.

- Claudia.
- How are you, Doctor?

- How are you? Please, come in.
- How are you, Dr. Nassif?

This is Claudia.
That's Paulina.

Hi, Paulina!
Oh, my goodness.

Look at her.
Isn't she beautiful?

- Nice to meet you.
- She is a piano instructor.

- As you know.
- Oh, nice.

And she's my patient.
She's seven weeks out

from a reconstruction

- Oh, that looks amazing.
- I did number...

Six and last one.

Before my surgery
with Dr. Nassif,

my nose looked pushed up,
my columella was disappearing,

and I felt ashamed
of my appearance.

Now since my surgery
with Dr. Nassif,

my nose has been lengthened.

My columella looks
completely normal,

and I can let go of the guilt
and move on with my life.

So she's here to give me
a little piano lesson.

- Yay!
- Now again,

I don't know how to play.
I forgot everything.

It's been 42, 43 years.

If he can do this...

- Ahh...
- [laughs]

He can play Beethoven
"Piano Concerto Number 5"

in... three years.

[playing discordant notes
from Beethoven's "Ode to Joy"]

- One, two.
- [Paulina cries]

I have to put her down
for a nap.

- No!
- Yeah, she's getting fussy.

She can't sleep with all
the sounds of music.

You're gonna put her down
for a nap?

- Yeah.
- Okay. Well, maybe...

can you play her
a little lullaby?

- Sure.
- [Paulina fusses]

I just feel so grateful for
all that's happening to me.

I'm just very grateful to God
to send me to Dr. Nassif.

[playing Brahms' "Lullaby"]


Say, "Good night, Daddy."

I have a scar on my stomach

that I can fit my whole hand in.

I touched her. She was ice cold.

[crying] If it wasn't for him,
I wouldn't be here.

You were close.

I have to be very careful
how I sit because

I just got turned on
very easily.

- Wow.
- [laughs]

A colleague offered to do
filler for me,

and it was silicone.
- Ooh.

All of a sudden,
it just went boom,

and then there was
this huge granulomas.


Is that fungus or what is that?

It actually looks like cotton.

Thank God I found that gauze.