Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Zombie Breasts - full transcript

I was brushing my teeth

- and my implant fell out.
- Your implant just fell out?

The hole was that big,
the implant fell
right out of it?

It was a few holes.

This is scary,

I dont want to awaken
the zombie within here.

I am screwed.

My nose looks like I
have a butt sticking out of it.

And I went into a E-N-T.

She pulled those stuffing out,
and I screamed so loud,

I felt like my brain
being pulled out of my head.

My goal is to be the perfect
bimbo doll.

These little, bitty stretch marks...

...thats the beginning
of breast in distress.

Thats not the look.
We want breasts...


Oh, yeah. Stay there, Trisha.

Dont move.

My name is Trisha,
aka "Jaw Dropping" James.

I would like bigger boobs
and bottom line,

I need my jawline
to match my feminine beauty.

I just feel like my jaw
is too masculine,

and I wish it was more...


I was a weird kid growing up.

I was very shy
and I was really insecure.

I always wore sunglasses
all the time,

even at night time.

I was uncomfortable in my skin

cause I was born male,

and on the inside
I always knew I was a girl.

I used to draw pictures
when I was in high school

of like, you know, just like
very exaggerated women.

I was a big fan of
like Amanda Lapore.

I used to tell like
my art teacher, Im like,

"Im gonna look like this
one day,"

and she would look at me like,

When I started my physical
transition was when I was

20 years old
and I started taking hormones.

My first surgery was my first
boob job and my first nose job.

And that was in 2014.

My first implant size
was very small,

200 CCs, cause that was kind
of all that they could fit

under my little tight skin.

My next surgery was 700 CCs,

and they made my nipples
smaller as well.

The smaller the nipple,
the bigger the boob looks.
Know what I mean?

For my third boob job was
probably about a year after,

and I got a little over
1200 CCs.

I just wanted them
to look more fake
and more like porn star.

Two months prior
to my third boob job,

I got my jaw shaved
and I told them,

like, Im like,
"Dude, I want no remnants.

I want it tiny AF."

Id rather you take too much
than too little.

I felt like the doctor
did something,

but they didnt go,
eh, enough.

It was so huge and swollen
for, like, months.

And I couldnt brush
my teeth for a week.

It was disgusting.

Overall, Ive probably spent
about $75,000
on plastic surgery.

Ive had three boob jobs,

two nose jobs,
a jaw shave,

a lip lift,
and a ton of fillers.

And then Trisha James
was born.

My goal is to be the perfect
bimbo doll.

Im gonna go see
Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow
to get my boobies bigger.

And Im hoping
that these doctors,

unlike the last doctor,

go in on this chin.

I want the Ferrari of chins.

I went to Dominican Republic
to have my implants put in

and my implants fell out
in my hands.

My name is Judy and I got done
dirty in the Dominican Republic.

And now Im left
with bottomless boobs.

Oh, my God,
thats so adorable.

All right,
lets check it out.

After eight months,
two surgeries,

wound VACs,
I was left with a massacre.

That doesnt... look bad.

Will you start?
All right, the scars below.

Try it with the shirt.
Look, you can see my scars.

it was terrible to deal with.

I literally cry every single day
for eight months.

Like, honestly, seeing you go
through what you went through.

I was like, "Oh, my God.
I cant even believe this is,
like, real life."

It was terrible.
I almost died.

I dont know if Dr. Dubrow
can do something for me,
but Im hoping he can.

I definitely know that
hes dealt with a lot
of difficult cases.

I feel like Im still young,
Im single,

and I want to get
my life going.

I dont want to be
alone forever.

Ill just be single forever.

Oh, dont say that.

Im hoping for the best.

Another interesting patient?

This is a patient named Judy,

who had had two surgeries.

The first in Columbia.

But it wasnt until
she had the second one,
in the Dominican Republic,

that the disasters
actually occurred.

Let me show you this, Paul.
Look at this.


Does that look like
a knife stab or something?

Its a complicated case.

Can you please send in Judy?

- Judy.
- Hello.

Nice to meet you. Dr. Nassif.
How are you?

Nice to meet you.
Im good, and you?
Hi. Terry Dubrow.

Pleasure to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

I want to get right into it.

Your complication is basically

from the Dominican Republic
by way of Columbia.

I first went to Columbia
to have a tummy tuck,

a BBL,
and a breast augmentation

because I was done
having children.

So I had four kids.

How old are your kids?
I have a 20-year-old,

a 15-year-old, a 14-year-old,
and an 8-year-old.

Tw-- Twenty?

And how old are you?

Yeah. Youre--
What are you? 35?

Im 37. Im about to be
a grandmother.

Young grandmother, huh?

Probably the youngest one
Ive ever heard of.

So go ahead.
What happened?

So then, I went to
the Dominican Republic...

After two and a half years
having the breasts implants in,

it felt like a lot of
pressure on my chest.

I had back pain,
I couldnt sleep.

I then decided
to have my implants

changed to smaller sizes.

It was a terrible experience.

I went to the recovery house.
I was so sick.

I came back to
the United States,

immediately went
to the hospital

cause I was running a fever.

I started getting wounds
on my incisions.

Redness? Wounds. Opening up?
Its like theyre opening.

Okay, here we go.
So it was like white--

- The problem is declaring itself.
- Yeah.

- So the cells are dying.
- Uh-hmm.

So when I went to
the hospital in the States,

they then, like, packed it.

They didnt refer you
to a plastic surgeon?

They did.

So when I went to
the plastic surgeon,

Id seen his PA first,

and she was checking it,
and she was going like this,

and feeling it, and then, pop.

One fell out right in her hand,
and she was--

What do you mean one fell out?
One-one what fell out?

My implant fell out.
Your implant

just fell out?
The hole was that big,

the implant fell
right out of it?

It was a few holes that
were like opening up.

So it just went poof.
It just... boom.

And she was hysterical.
Shes like,
"Ive never seen this before."

Neither have I, by the way.
I dont think any of us
have ever seen something...

So, um, I went home.
They scheduled me for a surgery.

That was the right breast
that had just popped out?
That was the right. Uh-hmm.

What happened to the left?

The day of surgery,
I was brushing my teeth,

- and I felt like a pop.
- A pop.

What do you mean? The implant
fell onto your stomach
or in the sink?

It was in my shirt.

Last time I checked,
having your implants out

while brushing your teeth
is not ideal.

- I have the implant.
- Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

This implant fell right out of
your breast into your shirt?

This did. Yes.
Let me see this.

So thats silicone.
This is silicone.

So it just popped out?

Your implant went,
"See ya."

So did you walk in with this
and what did they say?

No. They told me
to just throw it away,

but I didnt want to throw it
away. I kept it for memories.

- By the way, its clean, isnt it?
- It is.

I cleaned it.
I cleaned it for you guys.

No. It didnt just fall out
of her breast.
You know...

I think I need to go
sterilize my hands.

They told me that I
had contracted two antibiotic
resistant bacterias.

- One in each breast.
- Yeah.

They told me that I would need
to have wound VACs in

and that I would have to stay
in the hospital for two weeks.

The wound VAC shoots up fluid
into my breast.

So it was like killing whatever
was inside,

and then it would suck it out.

It was so painful.
You know what the problem is,

is that-- that second surgeon
in the Dominican Republic

cut out the bloody supply
to the breast tissue.

It slowly started to die
and turn into basically
a zombie breast.

Youre getting very sick,
but you dont know

because the surface looks okay,

but theres a zombie
growing below.

And as that zombie is--

becoming a whole zombie--

What are you?
A friggin actor?

No, Im saying that
the tissue overlying--
Come on.

My, God.
Its going from
like a deep zombie

to a more superficial zombie.

Okay. Whatever, man.

Lets go examine, okay?

Youre missing the entire
lower portion of the breast.

Your lower poles are gone.

Theyre just not there.

Ive known you two
before you were married.

We knew you too
before you were married.

We knew you what,
three wives ago?

So, when you look

at your breasts,

breasts are basically divided
into four poles--

upper, outer, lower, inner,

And so you have an upper.
Its slightly deflated.

You certainly have outer poles.

But your lower poles are gone.
Theyre just not there.

Youre missing the entire
lower portion of the breast.

One of the fundamental
difficulties of your situation

is that theres
very little distance

between your natural
crease here,
and the areola.

The fact that Judy no longer
has a lower pole...

makes it really difficult

to conceptually figure out

how to make her
a normal breast.

We can try to recruit tissue

from the inner
and outer portions

to the lower portions
to make you a lower pole.

Or do we need to
add something?

A volume of some kind.

Obviously, in the form
of breast implants...

to give you a better shot
at a normal breast contour.

The problem
with breast implants

is that youve had
breast implants before.

They were a disaster,

plus this tissue is not
the most friendly

to a breast implant.

I would much rather

not use implants.

What does your gut tell you
that you might choose?

Whatever you feel is best

when you see whats going on
in there.

Hmm. Huh. Hmm.

Cause I figure you have to see
whats going on inside first.

Hmm. Huh. Hmm.

- We like hearing that.
- Uh-huh.

So lets explore that.

I can theoretically

make incisions,

get a feel for how much
blood supplys in the tissue,

and then access
whether implants

are worth the risk.

And youre about to
become a grandmother.

- I want to be a GILF.

Do you know what a GILF is?

I know what it-- Yes.

His-his brain has been
taken over by zombies.

You know, it took me
a little second.

A GILF is a
grandma Id like.

Thank you so much.
Great to meet you.

Thank you so much.
Thank you.

Thank you.
Pleasure meeting you.

Nice meeting you.

Theres not enough makeup in
the world to cover up

this ugly looking nose.

My name is Rose,
but trust me,

Roses nose blows.

After two failed surgeries,

my nose looks like I have
a butt sticking out of it.

I was born in
Yerevan, Armenia,

and I was "blessed"
with an Armenian nose.


The Armenian hook
is having your nose

start from your forehead down,

and its a big,
huge eagle hook.

I always knew
my nose was weird.

As a kid I was bullied
because of my nose.

I despited going to school,
waking up the next morning,

and, um, going to that

emotional abuse.
It was an emotional abuse.

At the age of 17-18,
I said, "Mother, were gonna
have to figure something out

to get rid of this thing
on my face."

My first consultational was
in Los Angeles, California.

I didnt care if he was
the best doctor
or he wasnt the best doctor.

It didnt matter to me.
I said, "When are
we getting this done?

I can change into my gown now."

Unfortunately, he pretty much
half-assed the surgery.

I ended up with
this bulkiness here

and a big butt on my face.

You excited?
Im very excited.
Im ready to roll, girl.

Over the years,
my breathing situation

got worse and worse
and worse.

So 17 years after
my first surgery,

I went back for a septoplasty.

Coming out of the surgery,

I had big, huge stuffings
in my nose like a turkey.

But when I went in
to get those removed,

she pulled those stuffings out
and I screamed so loud,

I felt like my brain
being pulled out of my head.

And now,
after two surgeries later,
I still look like a hot mess.

I definitely think when
she pulled the packing out,

she pulled something out
because this started separating.

At this point, my nose
is horrible to look at.

I still cant breathe
and my major goal

is to get rid of this butt
on my face.

Ive been getting into staying
home and just relaxing.

Wheres the dog?
The dog-- I have to play ball
with him

for 20 minutes
when I get home everyday.

I have to throw him the ball.
Have to have his two balls.

How big is he now?
Probably about that big.

And hes fully trained?

What if I walk
into your house...

Alone? Then hell go crazy.

Hell attack me?

His mouth now is about that big.

Okay, by the way,

never going near your dog.

He-- But hes such a--
One little bite to my hand,

Im done.
He is such a sweet boy.

All he cares about
is playing ball.

And biting people.

Aw, no wonder why you are
a cat person.

Terry, youre a pussy.

So we have a lovely Armenian

Big hump, overdid the tip.

That to me looks like a nose

that collapsed progressively
over time.
Over time.

Can you please send in Rose?

Come on in.

What did that mean?

Does mean "How are you"?
How are you?

Im hoping they can tell me

if Im an alien or
I just have a horrible nose

or surgery gone wrong.

So whats the relationship
between the two of you?

Weve known each other
since childhood.

So youve been around
pre-surgical nose.

Why did you wanna get
a rhinoplasty?

So I was blessed
with the Armenian hook.

Bullying came in and people
giving you that look.

One example
that never goes away,

and thats, like,
scarred for life--

school pictures.

The photographer
was setting us up.

I walked up and she gave me
that look, like, ew.

So, in other words,
that traumatized you.
"Lets get this over with."

Oh, most definitely.
Wait. How old were you?

Sixth grade, so what is that?


Rose and I have something
in common.

When I was
in elementary school,

first through sixth grade
I had a big nose,

so I used to get teased about
that big middle-eastern hump.

Then, at 16,
I went and had a nose job.

And then, when I got older,

we saw this doctor,

and we got the nose done.

So what happened?

I wasnt happy with this here,

and the breathing.

I couldnt breathe.

Fast forward to 2015,

and I went into E-N-T.

And what is it that your
nose-and-throat doctor say
to you?

"Youre completely shut here."

So you had
a revision septoplasty?

Septoplasty. Correct.

Was the functional breathing
problem worse

after the secondary surgery?

So this side
I could breathe out of

much more than this side.

Im coming up on 40 soon.

Before my 40th,

this things gonna have
to go away.

I want this butt gone.

It depends on your examination

to see what can we do for you.

Excellent. Thanks, Doc.
So lets go do that.

Do you think I could wear
this one to meet the doctors?

No, absolutely not.
I dont think its appropriate.
Sexy, sexy.

This is scary,

I dont wanna awaken
the zombie within here.

Im screwed.

All right, first thing,

your bones are asymmetric.

So see how this bone is a lot
fatter than this bone?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

So let me just feel it here.

So you have really thin skin.

So this bump
is higher on this side.

Part of the bone.
What is that, Doc?

Well, this is bone up here.

And a little bit of cartilage.

Theres an open-roof deformity.

That means the nasal bones

have had the hump removed,

but now theres a gap
in the bones.

They have not been
fractured properly

to bring them back together.

This is your butt
youre talking about here.

So thats actually
the pieces of cartilage

in your nose
that are split apart.

Examining Roses nose,

there are three immediate
things I identify.

They took too much cartilage
from the middle vault,

took too much cartilage
from the septum

and over resected
the cartilage in the tip,

causing bossae,

which are sharp points,

the residual cartilage left
at the tip.

Thats why she has
these problems.

So I know youve been talking
about your breathing,

and its been
a big, big issue.

We may improve your breathing
a little bit.

Ill give you maybe 10, 15%.

Okay, Ill take that.

Now lets talk
about the cosmetic part.

Can I make you better?

I need strong cartilage
to keep your nose straight.

Where am I getting it from?

Underneath your right breast...

Yes. incision about that big.

Take out
a little piece of rib,

and we use that to help
reconstruct your nose.

Whats the recovery process

from the rib component of it?

Feels like you did
about a thousand sit-ups.

- Its not that-- Ive had rib taken from me twice.
- Okay.

Okay? It hurts.

But its not that horrible.
Right. Right.

When did you ever do
a thousand sit-ups?

Now we gotta check it out.

Actually I maybe have done
at the most 200.

Yeah, over what, four weeks?

No, no, no.
On second thought,

I do believe Pauls done
a thousand sit-ups.

If you count
the number of times

he sits up from the couch

to go to the refrigerator

to get a snack,

thats way over a thousand.

So you wanna go for this?


All Im asking for
is to look normal,

so whatever percentage
can help with the breathing,
Ill take it.

Pleasure meeting you.
Good luck.


Thanks, Doc.

Likewise. Yes.
Best friends forever.

I need to find an outfit

to meet our distinguished
panel of judges,

aka the doctors.

Jesse and I
are fraternal twins.

People always have, like,
this idea of twins,

like, they have, like this
psychic connection,

and we dont have
psychic abilities.

I dont wanna know
what hes thinking.

He drives me crazy, but...

So you excited for the doctors?

Im super excited
to meet the doctors.

I wanna do my boobs bigger.

You know, Ive been wanting
those bigger.

And I want my nips to be
a little bit more, like,

higher, like, porn star nips.
You know what I mean?

Higher up?


To give them the look.

Thats a look, huh?

And I really want them
to do my chin.

I think Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow

for sure could help me
with my chin.

They might not wanna help me
with my boobs

because they might think
its too much,

but Im gonna ask them anyways.

Im gonna try to charm them.

All right, lets see it.

Ooh, um--
What do you think?


Is this what I should wear
to meet the doctors in?

I dont know if thats
the look

for-- meet them in.


I dont know about this jacket.

I love the top.

I really like the top
with the jacket.

Oh, shes-- shes a slippin.


Next outfit.



Its very... me.

Do you think I could wear
this one to meet the doctors?

No, absolutely not.

You dont think they
would appreciate it?


They might appreciate it,

but I dont think
its appropriate.

Sexy, sexy.

"Trisha, were in public."

Act accordingly.

- Hi, Judy.
- Hello.

How are you?

Im good.
How are you?
Im good.

Are you excited?

I am. A little nervous.

I would be super nervous.

Ive had two surgeries already.

The first one was too big.

Second one fell out.

Hopefully this surgery
will help me put all of this

behind me and move forward
with my life.

The big question today
really is,

"Do we use implants or not?"

I just wanna look normal,
and I want it to look good.

As opposed to looking
abnormal and bad.

Okay. Yeah,

cause I didnt really plan
on the abnormal
and bad thing anyway.


My first move with Judy today

is to try to give her
a good shape

without using implants.

If Im unable to get
a good shape,

then I may have
to resort to implants,

but I really dont want to

because if you dont have
breast implants,

you cant have
a breast implant complication.

Today, for Judys surgery,

I will start by excising
her scars

and manipulate
the breast tissue

to give her a nice shape
without implants.

Finally, I will perform
a breast lift on both sides,

hopefully achieving
the projection
and size Judy desires.

Very dangerous case potentially.

The problem is this,
this scar.

This scar has cut off
the blood supply,

and thats normally where
the blood supply comes from.

All right, lets cut her
around the areola.

You know this tissue doesnt
have very good blood supply,

so if you stress this tissue
too much,

by elevating it up to much,

it wont survive.

Look how poorly
it bleeds already.

In order to achieve
a good breast shape with Judy,

I need intact blood supply.

The problem is, she has scars
that go right across

where that blood supply
needs to come from

in order to heal wounds.

Im not sure that
if I take her apart

and reshape her,

that that blood supply

may be robust enough

to heal my breast wounds,

and thats scary.

We cut--

We cut all of this.

This is scary,

I dont wanna awaken
the zombie within here.

Im screwed.

She lost all the tissue

underneath this part
of the breast.

That nipple
may just say bye-bye.

We both played with Barbies.

You did?
We did.

Paul also has an obsession
with dolls...

the inflatable type.

So theres no blood supply
at all

to the nipple coming
from the bottom.

Completely disconnected.

She lost all the tissue

underneath this part
of the breast.

So the only blood supply
is coming from the top.

If I put an implant
in there,

that nipple
may just say bye-bye.

Because of the amount
of scar tissue

and the lack
of good blood supply

that I can see
during the surgery,

I think to put
breast implants in

would set her up
for an almost certain failure

and would lead to
another set of complications

that might be even
harder to fix.

Okay, well know
in a few seconds

whether or not this tissue
can keep things alive.

Theres some bleeding.

I think we can probably
do this. Dont you?

I think you can do it.

I need to be able to release
this tissue right here

to be able to fold
the sides together.

All right, lets staple this up
and see whats going on.

Judy puts me into
a very difficult situation.

I dont want her
to have implants.

Theyre clearly not suitable
for her,

but do I have
enough breast fullness

and symmetry,

and will she be happy
with that result?

I mean, its kind of
a Jennifer Aniston,
Kendall Jenner type vibe.

Isnt it?

Very in style.

Okay, I think this ones
looking kind of encouraging,

and its alive.

So Im pretty pleased
with the shape that I have

with Judys breasts right now,

and the idea of doing
any more surgery

to put in breast implants

takes her to a risk place

that she doesnt need to go.

Okay, lets sit this up,



Magic wand.

Not bad, huh?

Lets close this up.

Good morning,

my little Armenian princess.

Hello, Dr. Nassif.

You had a lot of bullying,

a lot of stress
due to this nose.

This has been a big
emotional journey for you.

How do you feel this morning?

You just summed it up.
Its been a long, long waiting.

Um, excited more
than anything ever.

Lets see, is there...

Gonna get you
a little something.

We dont have any Kleenex,
but we have a little gauze.

That works.

With Rose,
she feels that her tip
looks like a butt,

so our goal is to bring
the bones in,

make the bones
a little bit more even,

basically make
the nose look good.

Lets go kick some butt.

Actually remove that butt.

We gotta remove
that butt from her nose.

For Roses surgery today,

I will start
by opening the nose

and take down the hump
on her dorsum.

Then I will fracture her bones

to close her
open-roof deformity

and use spreader grafts

from the harvested rib

to open up Roses airway.

Finally I will use
a septal extension graft

to help straighten her nose

and place perichondrium

on the bossae
to soften the tip.

Skin hook, 15 blade.


Okay, the skins
really thin here,

so, you know, its important

because we dont--
pop through the skin.

My first part of attack

after opening up the nose

is you take down
the boney hump.

What, youre dissecting out
the rib now?


Im taking the tip
apart right now

and deconstruct it first

before we start
the reconstruction.

The good news, though--

I mean, we are going to be
pushing the tip back.

Thats gonna make it
a little snappy.

Well fracture the turbinates
a little bit.

So Im gonna perform
a turbinate out factor

This will help open
her airway even more.

Cute piece of rib.

Oh, ribs coming out.

All right, now lets fracture
the bones.

Go. Go. Stop.

Let me just feel it.
Hold on.

Give me one pop right there.

Go. Go.

Okay, now the bones mobile.

Okay, I like that.

All right, lets start slowly
doing the tip reconstruction.

When Im working on the
reconstruction of any nose,

my mind becomes
like a nasal architect.

I feel that I could add
some small pieces of cartilage

thats gonna help
with the sides of the nose

and make the butt part
of her nose look better.

I just hope she approves
of my decision.

Great, great job.

Thank you, everybody.

Thank you.

So I get a pair of
fraternal twins coming in.

Its almost like
feminizing surgery
thats shes had.

So these were
fraternal boy twins.

So youre right.

Looks like a lot
of plastic surgery,

but whats the big problem?

The chin.

She wants to see if we could,
you know,

if we can drill that down.

So lets meet them.

Yeah, for sure.

Can you please send in Trisha?


Trisha, hi.
How are you?

Im feeling nervous,

but dont get me wrong, girl.

Tits are coming out.

So welcome.

Thank you.

We know that youre a plastic
surgery aficionado.

Yes. Thats a big word.

And that you guys
are fraternal twins.


Were you guys close
growing up?

We shared a bedroom
till we were, like, 23.

Twenty-four-- yeah.


Super close.

- Yeah.
- Best friends.

We definitely
are best friends.
We are...

So was it obvious
that she was a girl?

Um, yeah.

She was a girl.

When I started
my physical transition,

he kind of started his, too,

and he did hormones, too.

Oh, yeah, I took steroids
and everything like that.

To get muscular.
For-- For muscles.

- Yeah.
- Muscular and everything.

So she tried to be
more feminine,

and I tried to be
more masculine.

You look very feminine.

- Thank you.
- Youre a girl.

Thank-- Well, thank you.
Theres no question
about it.

You were born a girl.
Thank you, thank you.

I was born this way.

No doubt.

Whats your excuse?

What happened?

Dr. Dubrow--
hes a shady queen.

Hes a shady one.

Him, yeah, he shady.

When did all this start?

I started
the physical transition

about ten years ago,
with hormones.

And then the surgeries
were about, like,
probably five years ago.

How many jaw surgeries?

Just one.

Youve had one.
Just one, yeah.

Any numbness from
the previous bone shaving?

Yeah, I cant feel
half my face.

Yeah, I have numbness here,

and then I cant feel, like,
above my lip either.

And breasts,
how many times total?

- Three.
- Three.

What type-- What size implants
do you have in there?


So your skin stretched.

And she aint done yet.

What are your goals?

Um, I wanna do a bit more
to my chin.

I wanna shave it more.

Anything else or thats it
for us?

I wanna get my boobs bigger.


And I want more porn star
looking boobs.

I feel like the nips are more
like in a natural position.

I want them, like, higher up,

like more, you know.

So you want a very
plastic surgery look.

And you want us to help us
achieve that for you?


I love big boobs
and I want them bigger.

Go big or go home,

and Im not going home today.

No, maam.

I loved your nose.

I love my nose, too, Doc.

You love it already?
You havent even seen it yet.

I love it already.

The big question today is,

are the nipples alive--

If I see any sign

of a zombie forming,

dragonglass right in the eye.

You know what
Im talking about.

Before we start,
I have a question.

Whats the question?

Because we both have twins.

Aw. Yes.
So we have a big twin

So who came out first?

I did. Im two minutes older.

You played with
the same kind of toys
and stuff like that?

We did.

Yeah, we both played
with Barbies.

- You did?
- You did?

Yeah. Yeah.

So you played with Barbie.

You wanna be a Barbie.


Our stepdad actually
used to call us Barbie boys.
Barbie boys.

Barbie boys.


Paul also has an obsession

with dolls,

the inflatable type.

So we have 1200 CCs
saline implants, right?

Under the muscle or on top?

On top.
On top.

Okay, the normal distance

between the bottom
of the areola

and the crease is usually
about seven or eight.


And you are, you know,
9 1/2 already.

You cant raise the areola
by doing an areola lift.

Cause you just--
the skins too tight.

So the only possible way

to raise the areola
is to drop the mound.

But Im concerned.
This is so tight

that if you drop this
even a little bit,

youre going to get
that double bubble.

Ever heard of that?

Like bottoming out?

Bottoming out
and then this blip-blip,

double contour thing.
Yeah. Right.

Which is not very attractive.

A double bubble

is where the attachments from
the breast to the chest wall

are disrupted
and you get a double contour.

Trishas been very lucky
up to this point,

and if she goes
any bigger at all,

and she gets a double bubble,

that will be very unsightly

and probably extraordinarily
difficult to reverse.

Theoretically you might
be able to get away

with going bigger,

although these little, bitty
stretch marks...

Thats the beginning
of breasts in distress.

And that will get

worse, too, if you go bigger.

Who wants breasts in distress?

Thats not the look
we want.

- Breasts...
- right.

So I wanna do a little something

This is sharp.

Okay. Tell me about this.



Yeah, more over there.

Okay, so right here its off.

Trishas jaw does have
a good amount of nerve damage

because of the chin shave,

which is very common,

but overall it looks
pretty good,

and what Im worried about--

so if I operate on her chin,

Im gonna make
the nerve damage worse.

So let me tell you
what can be done.

And what are some of the risks.

This part-- yeah,
you could do a little bit.

You are at more risk
for injuring the two nerves.

Two things could happen
if you hit the nerve.

One, youre numb,
which would be the less
of the two evils.

Two-- you create chronic pain,

and that pain in here,
if that happens,

it can ruin your life.

Oh, wow.

The last thing you wanna do
is have a problem speaking.

If your lower lips doesnt work

imagine smiling
and one side just stays up.

I was a little nervous
after I did this lip lift.

It kind of looked
affected for a second.


It hurt to do...


Opening my mouth...
Yeah, yeah.

But this time you go
through scar tissue,

which means more swelling.

The more swelling you have,

the more pain you have
while youre healing.

I cant go through
that swelling again.

I dont wanna go through
with the chin surgery

because I dont wanna have
no droopy lip,

but my surgery journey

is not stopping here.

I have, like, a surgery list.
You know?

For sure.

Pleasure meeting both of you.

Thank you.
So nice meet you, pleasure.

Thank you and hopefully
you dont meet us in the future.


Please welcome Dr. Paul Nassif
and Dr. Terry Dubrow.

Hi, how are you?
Hi, Heather.

Heathers got
a really big podcast

called Heather Dubrows World

that Paul and I occasionally
like to go on

to discuss important issues
in plastic surgery.

Plus, its a lot of fun
to make fun of Paul on it.

Ive know you, too,
before you were married.

We knew you too
before you were married.

We knew you, what,
three wives ago?

Oh. Oh.

Obviously Terrys my husband,

but I feel like youre
his other spouse...

Yes. work.

So what is it

that Terry does at work

thats so irritating?

The constant teasing.

Aw. I feel like we need
sad music right now.
Saying Im fat.

He tells me Im fat.
Insulting me in front
of patients.

I make fun of you...

Yes, you do all the time. front
of patients?

Today you have met
Supa Woman.

"Supa" means super.

I get that.

But what is Supa Wo--
Like supa dumb.

Moms taller than you, Paul.

You need a super hero now.

You need a guy
from Planet Obesius.

Ill obese this.

I love him.
Hes awesome.

You know what?
I love you both.

And, uh...

Youve got a very intact ego,

which is amazing,

what you look like.

Yeah, I love you too, Terry.

Thank you guys so much
for being here.

And thank you guys all
for listening.


That was fun.
Great job.

- Lovely ladies.
- Hello.

How are you?
Good, sir.
How are you?

How are you feeling?

I love that beautiful color
of your eyes.

I do too.
Thats beautiful.

I could care less
about the bruising.

This is my upside-down
eye shadow,

and gonna rock it
until it goes away.

So first of all open up
the nose,

and there was a little bit
of deviation

towards the front on the left,

so I did do a little bit
of revision septoplasty.

So I did add
a piece of cartilage

to the right
just to make it look better

and make the top look
more even.

And when I was done,

I loved your nose.

And even your airway
was better.

I love my nose, too, Doc.

You love it already?
You havent even seen it yet.

I love it already.
How can you tell?

Thank you. Just--
Tell me.

I can just see everything
you just described.

Like detail by detail

I knew exactly
what was done to my nose.

Dr. Nassif,
you are the man.

Im just gonna take it off,

and then were gonna
put it back on again.

So you do have some splints
in your nose,

but that looks fantastic.

So you can see now
how shes not as projected.

Thats right.

And the pains not
too horrible.

Its getting a little better?
No pain, no gain, Doc.

Youre an artist.

Well, our next step--

First of all, thank you both,

but the next step more
is the healing.

I already have
a supermodel nose.

I dont know what
youre talking about.

Love hearing that, girl.

You take care of yourself.
Im gonna see you later.

I wanna get
all that stuff off you.

Thank you so much.
Thank you both.

Thank you.

When that 40 hits,

and the rockiness look
that I got going on here,

posing, doing selfies.

Im gonna rock it.

I just noticed
that your shirt

matches your eyes.

I did that on purpose.

Youre gonna do a cat walk
for your nose.

The whole pose action.

This journey has been long,

but now, thanks to Dr. Nassif,

life has been awesome.

This is the best
40th birthday present ever.

Hello, ladies!

- Hi.
- Hello, hi. How are you guys?

How are you?

I think you know
I didnt use implants.

Didnt you?
Yes. How can you tell?

Because theyre not as
projecting as they would be
with implants.

Yeah, and I-- Like,
I know what it feels like

to have the implants in,
so I dont have that feeling.


I felt great yesterday,
like I wasnt in a lot of pain.

Okay, good.
Felt really good.

In order to get
a reasonable shape,

I really had to take things
pretty much apart,

and it wouldve been very unsafe
to put implants in.

The big question today is,

are the nipples alive

and preliminarily,

what is the shape look like?

If I see any sign
of a zombie forming,

dragonglass right in the eye.

You know what
Im talking about.

See? Weve got fullness up here.

All right.


That look, like, amazing.

They do look good, Judy.

Okay, so the good new--
nipples are alive.

Totally pink.

I love it. Thank you.
Youre welcome.

Im just gonna--
hold on a second.

Im just gonna--
oh, its happening.

Its happening.
Look. Its happening.

I cant help myself.

I feel more confident.
Im gonna be the GILF of GILFs.

All right, have a great day,
you guys.

Thank you.

They really look good.
I told you.
They do.

Almost cried.
I was like, "Dont cry."

Ive been wanting to have
great looking breasts,

and after my surgery
in the Dominican Republic,

which resulted in my implants
falling out,

I was left with two breasts

that looked like somebody
had massacred them,

and now theyre perky,

theyre standing up,

they do their thing.

I am a lot happier.

I can dress the way I want.

And Im loving it.

Are you excited?

Im so excited.

I cant wait to see her.


She looks good, but I havent
seen her dressed up yet,

so Im super excited
to see her.

Yeah, she has so much
positive vibes.

Hey, guys.

Oh, my God, Judy!

Judy, oh--

You look so good.
You look amazing.

Thank you.

Can you do a little...


Judy definitely looks
amazing today.

Her outfit looks great.
Shes like walking with

Shes glowing.
Its great to see her
look like this.

How do you feel?
And I dont have to wear a bra.

Well, you dont like wearing
those regardless.

Hey, if I had boobs like Judy,

I wouldnt wear bras either.

I went through a rough patch,
you know,

and you guys seen everything
I went through.

You guys helped me,

so, you know,
I really appreciate it,

and I wanted to share this
with you guys, so...



To my new boobs.

"To my new boobs."

Before my surgery,

I got done dirty

in the Dominican Republic.

I lost the bottom
of both my breasts,

and I was left both physically

and emotionally scarred.

I was so self-conscious

about the way I looked,

I couldnt get myself to date.

And I was afraid I would be
single for ever,

but now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

my scars are gone,

and now I have two full
perky, implant-free breasts.

Feel like a hot grandmother.

Single and ready to mingle.

Wow, seriously.

Ooh, can we follow them?

Yeah, wanna come with us?

- Yeah.
- Coming.


When is she getting here?

This journey has been long.

After two failed surgeries,

I couldnt breathe,

and add an ugly looking nose,

but now, thanks to Dr. Nassif,

life has been awesome.

Its been a huge improvement.

I finally got what I wanted.

I love my new nose.

This is the best 40th
birthday present ever.

Today is not only her big day

where her dream came true.

Its also her birthday
celebration. Right?

Yes, two in one.

So, Anna, growing up,

what did you hear
about your mom wishing?

To get her nose done
before she turned 40, so...


Now its coming true.

My mom is a rock star.

She never puts herself first,

so she really deserves
a beautiful nose

on her beautiful face.

Hello, ladies!




Watch the nose.
Watch the nose.

Gotta watch the nose. Yes.

She deserves it.

Having a new, beautiful nose.

Im kind of jealous.

Because of you,
this was all possible.

You were by my side

throughout the whole time.

Your wish came true, babe.

I love you, sweetheart.

Thank you so much.
Appreciate you.

Now lets go party.

Im ready.
Lets go party!

Ive been waiting
to party forever.
Whoo! Yes.

As a kid I was bullied
because of my nose.

Before my surgery,

I had a hump, a dip,

and a butt tip.

And since the surgery,

I finally have the nose

Ive been chasing
since I was a teenager.

And its straight
with the pretty tip,

and finally I can put
my past behind me.

Any comment about my nose

is gonna be, "Girl,
you are rocking that nose."

Front and center.

Are you ready for this, Mom?


Smiles. Cheese!

If I had a guess, Ive probably
spent over a million dollars

to look like Barbie.

Plastic is fantastic.

I just noticed that.

My side was like I swallowed
a football.

These are all
the intestines coming out.

This is a problem, man.
This is a big problem.

That skin is extremely thin.

Oh, my gosh.

This is swollen, right?

It looks to me twice the size.

Everything will get better.

Oh, my God.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Where the hell are we going?