Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Face Misfor-CHIN - full transcript

Im Eddie Valentine
and I will always desire

a strong jawline and chin,

but instead,
I got this little piggy.

And Im crying, wee wee wee,
all the way home.

- Those jackets, could we try them on for a second?
- I think you should.

Hold on.

My name is Crystal

and I have pubic hair
growing out of my cheek.

I was bit by a dog.
The dog lunged.

Full attack mode.

The skin graft came from
my groin.

Its tight.
Oof, thats scary for me.

My name is Krystina.

You might remember me
from last season.

Now Im back and I want some
big, round, high up,
basketball boobs.

You can wink them or something,
cant you?


This looks like a silicone bomb

has exploded inside of
Christines breast.

Im Eddie Valentine
and I will always desire

a strong jawline and chin,

but instead,
I got this little piggy.

And Im crying, wee wee wee,
all the way home.

Im totally frustrated that
my chin is round.

Theres no squareness.
Theres-- I wanted that,
like, Superman look. You know.

Where hes got a square jaw.
Hes like flying through
the air.

And its like, all you see
is the chin coming first.
Thats what I wanted.

Early on, in high school,
people were like,

"Whoa, you have,
like, chipmunk cheeks."

Already by the age of 15,

I already realized that I
wanted to dethrone the cheeks.

They had to go.
So I was looking at magazines.

Saying, "Ooh, I like that
guys cheekbones. I like that
guys jawline."

So, by then, I already had
an idea of the perception of
the face that I wanted.

I recall, like, being that
teenager all in private
in his mirror.

I would be like,
"Hi, my name is Eddie.

How are you doing?"

Early on into my 20s,
Im like,

"Why dont I create my own
fashion line?"

Being the face of
your own brand,
it is a lot of pressure.

You definitely want to
make sure youre being
photographed correctly.

You dont want,
like, double chins.

You dont want chubby cheeks.

You want to look perfect.

I realized I needed to do
something about my cheeks.

So I have been going
to this amazing doctor

who has been doing my Botox
and lip fillers for a while now.

And Im like, "What do you think
about taking out my buccal fat
out of my cheeks?"

Hes like, "Oh, yeah.
We can do it."

And Im thinking this is
the solution

to having that look.

Mind you it did take
a few weeks for
the swelling to go down

and to see the full results,
but all in all,
I was truly happy.

So I kept looking into,
like, what else could I do?

What else bothers me?
I decided Im going to go in

and have the abdominal lipo
and buttock implants installed.

I wanted more of
the bubble butt.

Like burrroop, brrroop.

Everything went great.
And Im looking at
the mirror, like,

"Ooh, that is an ass
thats snatched."

So, even though I had like
the abdominal, um, lipo,

I still wasnt exactly happy.

Theres this procedure called
ab etching.

They literally will etch out
your abs

and make it look like
you have this amazing six pack.

Let me tell you, I came out
with an eight pack.

And I was flaunting it
all over pride.

So, after all these procedures
and surgeries,
I still am not perfect.

So I figured
Id need a chin implant

because I wanted
to elongate my face.

And I found a doctor
who specifically did

facial implants,

So when I get out of my
procedure, it was not
the chin implant I wanted.

Clearly its rounded,
its not squared.

I tell him my concerns about
the chin right away.

I go, "This doesnt look like
the chin I wanted."

Hes like, "It is. Trust me."

Im like, "No, I dont want to."

Here I am still not 100% happy
with my chin,

and Im hoping that Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassif are the key

and they are the answer
to my problem with this chin.

And I will be super happy.
And I can go off and fight
the world with my cape.

My name is Krystina.

You might remember me
from last season.

Now Im back and I want some
big, round, high up,
basketball boobs.

Last year, when I was here,
I saw Dr. Dubrow for
a breast augmentation.

So you need
the implant pocket tightened

and a breast lift.

Are you done with
your weight loss?

No. Ive probably got
another 30 pounds to go.

Okay. Lose your weight.

You definitely could have
this surgery.

After I saw the doctors,
I was really disappointed.

Well, I knew in the long run
it was the best thing to do.

And now Im back
for my new rack.

I want my boobs to be high up,

big, round, basketball titties.

Both in the same direction.


Welcome to LA SlimWrap.
Im Afsi.
Thank you.

Very nice meeting you.
Good seeing you.

Since Ive saw
the doctors last,

Ive carried on training,

Ive lost 35 pounds.

Im still super busy
running the gym.
Ive been a personal trainer.

And me and Andy
have got married.

Gotta wrap you up like
a mummy today.

Were pulling the waste,
toxins, impurity

out of the fat cells.

Ive had a lot of surgeries
over the years...

It wasnt till I had
a caricature drawn

that I knew thats the look
I needed to have.

Ive had filler, Botox,

four breast implants,
bum filler, designer vagina,

stomach bypass,
and heart-shaped nipples.

I think all the surgeries
have chipped away

at becoming that caricature.

So over the years,
Ive had four breast surgeries.

I never have been 100% happy
or confident with my boobs.

Now Ive lost the weight.
Im hoping to get these
boobs done.

And then from there, I can do
all the little nips and tucks

to get my body exactly like
that caricature.

Basketballs, here I come.

How many times have
we seen a patient,
and weve examined them,

and they said, "Well,
Im gonna about to lose
a whole bunch of weight"?

And we said, "Well,
we shouldnt do the surgery
till you lose the weight."

And do they ever come back?
Ive had maybe about 5% of those
patients come back.

Right. We actually had a patient
we saw named Krystina.

Who had a very significant
breast implant complication.

Shes here.
Guess who lost the weight?

So heres Krystina.
This is now?
Oh, shes thin.

Yeah. She looks great, right?

Look at all this laxity.
Even worse now with all
the weight loss.

Can you please
send in Krystina?


I should say,
nice to see you again.

Me again.
Shes back.

Im back.

Im nervous

going to my consult

because this last bit
of weight Ive lost.

My breasts,
they look a lot worse.

Last time we saw you,

you had some very significant
breast issues,

but we didnt want to do

because you had planned to lose
a significant amount of weight.


And you have.

Yeah, and Ive done 35 pounds

since last year.


Last time

you presented with
an asymmetric sort
of complication.

On one side you had
capsular contracture.

On the other side you just had
a very droopy breast.


But you also had very large
breast implants.


Now that youve lost
the weight,

you kind of made
the situation...

Worse. Worse.
...more challenging,

Man, you just got--

you got a difficult case.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Krystinas case gives me
a lot of pause for concern

because when
a patient like her

has lost a lot of weight,

you lose a lot
of breast tissue

and the skin stretches.

So when that happens

and you remove
a lot of the skin,

you also now are dependent

upon the underlying
blood supply

in that thin breast tissue.

You have 700 CCs now.

I mean, are you willing

to be much smaller?

As youll see,
when you look at them,

Ive got very little
breast tissue.

Theres no--
Its just implant.


So I wouldnt want to go,
like, half the size

or anything like that.

So youve gone very large.

And youve had a complication

four times,

and so the fifth time,

instead of doing
a breast lift

and putting
a smaller implant in,

which would help to minimize
the complications,

you want to go very large,

and you expect not to have
a complication this time.

I know what youre saying
to me,

but I also know
how unhappy Id feel

with these, what Id feel
like was not my body shape.

So you have to be open.

Otherwise forget it.

Because right now
theyre displaced

and theyre hanging,
theyre over here
and all that.

And they dont look good.

But if you maybe bring them
back to the center,

if its possible,

that means youre gonna have
to have a smaller implant.

So I didnt come all this way,

do all this hard work,

to get tiny, little titties.

We have to look
at your tissue thickness

very carefully.

Why dont we go
in the exam room

and figure this out.

This is a very difficult case.

And in many ways,


Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

I think the risk
of losing the nipple

is elevated.

My grandfather had
a pit bull with him.

I walked up,

and all I remember

is... black.

If I recall correctly,

dont you have a heart shape
around your areola?

I do, yeah.

are those tattoos or...

Tattoos, yeah.
Let me see that.

So... huh.

Do you want to preserve
that heart shape?

Or you dont care?
Not bothered.
Dont care.

I remember you had
an animation phenomenon,

Could you show me that?

Right. And you can wink them
or something. Cant you?

Look at that.

So... that--

Is that something
you wanna address as well?


What I see here

is you have

some firmness here,

which is a type of
capsular contracture,

but not as severe this type

of capsular contracture

because this type

has pushed the implant
up here,

and youve lost so much weight,

its droopy.

Heres the question.

Whats the blood supply like?

Cause when we do a breast lift
and skin removal,

were removing blood supply
with it.

And the more blood supply
you move,

the greater the chance
that things will not heal,

and the nipple
and surrounding tissue can die.

I think the risk of losing
the nipple

is elevated. I dont think
its 50%,

but its way more
than five percent.

How do you remove
all that skin,

keep enough blood supply in tact

to keep the nipple
and areola alive

and not have a devastating
post operative complication?

Im about to say something

that I think is going
to make you very happy.

The more I downsize
your breast implants,

the looser the skin.

The looser the skin,

the more skin
I have to remove

to do a lift.

So to a certain degree,

its kind of safer

to use a larger implant.

And the scar-tissue manipulation
Im gonna do on you,

Im going to do it
to a lesser degree.

That should reduce the chance

of a recurrent
capsule formation.

I cant say Im not happy.


Do I think you could have
a good result,

although its a high-risk

Yeah, I do think its--
its a risk.

Thats all I need to know.
Its a risk

potentially worth taking.
Thats it.

I do. I feel comfortable,

So the answer is...

- Yes.
- You-- ab-- a hundred percent.

Lets do it.
Lets do this thing.

In my head I was jumping
up and down.

I was trying to keep calm,

but inside I was just so happy

that my worst fear

of tiny, tiny titties

hasnt come true.

Well see you very soon.

Thats it.
All right.

Thank you.
Thank you.

See you guys later.

I went from loving dogs

to being like no way again.

Going to a park sometimes

is, like, "oh, God,
are there gonna be loose dogs?"

My name is Crystal.
I was bitten by a dog
when I was young,

and I was left with
a heart-shaped dark,
hairy skin patch,

like seriously.

The patch on my face
may look like a heart,

but Ive got no love for it.

The doctor said
that he would do the graft.

Graft, right.

Then the hair came.


The squiggly hair.

Oh, sorry.
Thats horrible.

The skin graft

came from my groin,

very close to my pubic area.

Its genital hair.

Ive tried everything.
You can diminish it,

but you cant take it away.
But you cant--
you cant take it away.

I started plucking it,

but its only temporary,

and its darker.

Ive put lemon on my face

to see if that
would brighten it.

So now Im hoping

the doctors can improve it

Its time.
Its been over 20 years.

Twenty year--

I cant even remember
not having it.

So we have Crystal.

She had a dog bite to her face.
Hm, did she?

She had a skin graft
to her face.

That is skin graft.

It looks like the shape
of a heart.

Not a lot of options
for this.

No, there-- there--
Were gonna have to think
out of the box on this one.

We gotta think out of the box,

Can you please send in Crystal?


How are you?

Nice to meet you.

Hi, Crystal.
Terry Dubrow.
Dr. Dubrow.


Her aunt.

Her aunt. Nice to meet you.
Terry Dubrow.

So wed love to hear
your story,

and why youre here to see us.

When I was nine years old,

my grandfather
was holding a dog,

and I was actually
pretty terrified

of the pit bull.

All I remember is black.

Full attack mode.

So he bit out
the chunk of tissue.

Yeah. Clean.

Then we went
to the emergency room,

and there the doctors

suggested that we wait

until we see
a plastic surgeon.

Crystal was very lucky

that the emergency room

didnt try just
to stitch up that big...

gash and opening in her cheek

because the ER doctor

does not have
the same skill set

as a plastic surgeon.

If they did,
she wouldve been like this.

How long was it open before
you had the surgery done?

I was opened for a while.

Like how the outside
of Freddy Kruegers face looks,

like with the burn.

Thats what the inside
looked like.

Though we went to the doctor,

and he suggested the skin graft,

take it from the groin.

So what happened with there?

They did the surgery,

and then the hair

started growing.

Youre getting pubic hair
on your face.

Yes, literal pubic hair.

I dont believe
that the doctor mentioned

I would grow pubic hair
out of my patch.

I dont remember that.

Its interesting why they chose
it from the groin

because theres
so many places.

They couldve done the back,
the abdomen.

You obviously wouldnt do
the armpit

because could you imagine that?

How has this affected
your life?

I at first thought it didnt
affect me.

Since having my daughter,

I really started to get
conscious of it.

How old is your daughter now?

Shes six months.

Im worried about the kids
shell go to school with.

So youre worried
about the future.

My daughter, her name is Sana.

Shes five months now.

After having my daughter,

I am very nervous

about how other kids
would treat her

because of how I look.

I dont want her
to be teased.

Were-- Were a little amazed

that you could have
that large a chunk

taken out of an area

where there are so many
facial nerve branches.

This is expertly done

reconstructive work.

What do you want us to do?

If we can make as small,
as minimal as possible.

That would be perfect.

Crystals case is actually
deceptively very complicated.

That skin graft
is very close

to critical
anatomic structures,

like the nose, the cheeks,
and the eye,

that if altered
even a little bit,

can change the entire shape
of the face

and look very deformed.

So lets go
to the examination room,

well evaluate you,

and then well think of
some great options

that we can help you with.

Okay, lets go.
Lets go.

Oh, sh...!

And massively ruptured.

Do you think he used
a different implant
that you wanted?

I think he just rushed in,

like decided to get
what he wanted to get.

Honey, we do not want fast-food
plastic surgery. Nuh-uh.

What we wanna do first
is examine you.

Close your eyes real tight.

Tight, tight.
Dont let me open.

Okay, okay, great.

The good news is that
Crystals nerves in her face

are working fine.

The bad news

is that Crystals skin

is very tight,

which limits my options

in how to excise
the skin graft.

A lot of is skin mobility.

Your skin is tight.

So the best option
is removal

of that skin patch
that you have there.

That means
we have to open up a side,

Make a pocket over here,
along your cheek,

put a tissue expander in.

That means youll be
walking around

for six weeks or so,
maybe even eight,

with a mask on your face.

A tissue expander
is like a big balloon,

we put underneath the skin

and then fill it with fluid
every few weeks

and get it bigger
and bigger and bigger.

That will give us

more elasticity of the skin,

so when we take out
the expander,

we can cut out
the skin graft,

and then move
that extra tissue

into the defect
and close it.

So what do you think?

I want it gone.

She wants it gone.
I know you do.

You wanna what?

She wants it gone.
I want it...


No, she wants it... gone.


But he wants to be, you know,

5 5".
I just wanna be--

And hes only--
What are you, 5 2"?

You know, certain things
arent possible.

Great meeting you.

Nice to meet you, too.

Thank you. Pleasure.

- Hey.
- Hey, girl.

Whats going on?
Eddies here.

Here in West Hollywood
I am meeting with
my gals and my boy.

I havent seen them
in forever,

and they have to see
what Ive done.

So whats going on?
Whats the house?

We were sitting around talking

about how much more
plastic surgery we wanna do.

I do wanna know
what you had done.

Isnt it obvious?
My butt.

Lets see.
Stand up.

Give us a little turn.

Ooh, I love it.

And I cannot lie.
I want a booty like that.

Can you tell that Ive had
something done?

Let me see you.

What have you had done?
Turn sideways.

Everything looks the same.


What the hell?
What did you do?

Some fill-ins?

Um, no, darling.

I had a full-blown
chin implant

about three months ago.
Girl, you look the same.

Yeah, seriously.
You look exactly the same.
What the hell?

Thats what Ive been trying
to tell people,

and people wont listen to me.

So if anyone was gonna
even acknowledge

a difference in my beauty,

it would be my group
of friends.

So the fact
that they dont notice

is horrible.

Wait, so what did
you want done exactly?

So I wanted this jaw,
chin area...

Okay. be, like, lower

and then more square.

Like more prominent?
Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah,
like Superman.

Do you think he used
a different implant

that you wanted?

I think he just rushed it

and, like, decided
to get what he wanted to get.

Honey, we do not want
fast-food plastic surgery.

This is Beverly Hills,
West Hollywood.
I know.

I want people to turn heads,
drop their phones,

and be like,
"Who is that mother-?

Everything Ive gone through
Ive found the doctors,

Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow.

I wanna meet them so bad.

Im gonna once and for all
find out

what the hells going on
with my chin implant.

Im excited.
Lets cheers to that.


Good morning.
Good morning.

Look at you.

I have a guest with me.

So, Crystal,
Dr. Reagan Thomas.

Hey, Crystal.
Good morning.

Ive known Dr. Thomas
for over 21 years now.

Matter of fact,
he trained me,

and hes an expert
at scar revision

and facial flap surgery,

and so having him
in the operating room
with me today

is only going to help.
Its a big asset.

Okay, so this is
kind of idea today.

This is a--
somewhat of a diagram

where the tissue expander
will go,

and then you can see
were gonna make that.

Where that little red line is,
thats the incision.

And thats where
the little ports gonna be.

Im feeling nervous.
Its intense.

Theres a lot involved.
This is a big commitment.

And once you commit,
theres no way to turn back.

For Crystals surgery,

Im going to make an incision

on the bottom
of her existing skin graft.

Then I will insert
a tissue expander

along the jaw line

with an external port

where saline can be added.

I will then fill up
the expander

with 25 CCs of saline

via the port

to begin expanding
Crystals skin.

Next Ill remove as much
of the skin graft as possible

and stitch up
the initial incision.

Okay, lets start
with this 50 M Blade.

All right, so heres that.

Thats actually not much scar.

To put in a tissue expander,

we have to elevate
the skins subcutaneous tissue

down from what
we call the SMAS.

We need to make an opening.

While doing that,
you could actually injure
a nerve,

you could hit
a big blood vessel,

you could pull down
the lower eyelid.

So we just have to be
very careful.

Okay, so were on top
of the bone.

Good dissection.

I wanna make sure
we get enough room

to get that expander

all the way over
on top of the bone.

All right, lets put this in.

- Theres the port.
- The port is deep.

She has a nice amount
of that elasticity and mobility,

so that really makes
a big difference.

Now that Ive put
the expander in,

I can see how much elasticity
the skin has

and how much of the skin graft
I can remove today.

So were going to remove
just by elevating the tissue.

Because of her elasticity,

were going to remove
about half of this.

Over the next few weeks
were gonna add approximately
40 to 70s CCs of fluid

into Crystals tissue expander.

This is going
to actually increase

the amount of skin we have,

which will make it
a lot easier

to just remove
that skin graft

and then close the skin

with hopefully
a beautiful little scar.

She is getting a little bit
of lower eyelid pulse,

so we dont wanna put
anymore of the fluid
into the expander.

Terrific improvement already.

Shes going to be
very pleased.

I feel that as soon
as Crystal wakes up,

sees a lot
of that skin graft gone,

even though it will be
overshadowed a little bit

by this sausage
that she has along her jaw,

shell be very happy.

I took an Uber
to the doctors office,

and I took an Uber home.

You had general anesthesia,

and he put you in an Uber?

Yeah, thats against the law.

Although Ive seen
breast implants

and ruptures from
all over the world.

Ive never seen one this bad.


This is what
were gonna do today.

Were gonna go in
and make an incision

and take the implants out

and rearrange the scar tissue

to allow the new implants

to be put in
a better location.

Then were gonna do a lift,

hopefully keeping the nipple
alive the whole time.

So I feel like Ive been
on a real long journey.

Ive been going
for nearly a decade now

with not liking my boobs,
and here I am today

to get my body exactly
like that caricature,

so I cant wait.

Normally I like
to downsize the implant

to reduce the chance
that she will form
scar tissue again,

but Krystinas unique

because I need a large implant

to fill up the pocket

because if I downsize it
too much,

it would make the skin
even droopier,

requiring me to lift
the nipple up even higher,

which would even be
a greater risk

of losing blood supply
of the nipple

and potential nipple loss.

For Krystinas surgery,

I will make an incision
under each breast

and remove her current
breast implants.

On the right breast,

I will remove
any scar tissue I find

and release the muscle

causing her breast
to animate or wink.

I will then put in
a larger set of implants
in each breast.

Then I will remove
the massive amounts
of lax skin

that she no longer needs

and finish by giving her
a much needed breast lift.

First move is to go in,

see what the implant
looks like,

and see how much
scar tissue there is.

Normally I would make
an incision

right underneath the areola,

but I wanna preserve
as much blood supply

around the areola as possible,

so Im gonna make
an incision

at the bottom of the breast.

Oh, sh...!

And massively ruptured.


Oh, my God, look at that.
Look at that.

Although Ive seen
breast implants

and ruptures from
all over the world,

Ive never seen one this bad.

This looks like a silicon bomb
has exploded

inside of Krystinas
breast pocket.

All right, so we gotta clean
this mess out.

Problem is her implants
are so huge,

theres so much of it.

There are three
fundamental reasons

that a silicon breast implant
can rupture.

One, it actually occurred

while a surgeon
was putting it in.

Two, it occurs as a result

of whats called
"a medical device failure,"

and three,

an overwhelming amount
of trauma can cause it.


surgeon trauma
while placing it

is usually the number-one cause.

Now that we have
the ruptured implant out,

we can assess what her natural
breast tissue looks like.

Its not the thickest tissue
Id like to see,

but at least its not super,
super thin.

So it does have
some blood supply.

So normally
I dont like putting

a full sized 800cc implant in,

but I think Krystinas case
requires it.


Big implant.

We made a counter incision
on the inside

and released
the scar tissue here

and released the muscle,

so that should prevent her
from flexing and winking.

So the wink should be gone.

So lets start moving skin.

This areola
has to stay alive

now based not on
the surrounding skin

but just on this
thin breast tissue around it.

Krystinas breast tissue
is so thin

with such
a limited blood supply

that I could lose
all circulation

to the nipple,

have the nipple
actually turn black and die,

and that would be

a devastating post-operative

All right, lets see if we can
do that on the other side.

Im now going to place
a new implant

on the left breast

and then remove some skin.

Hopefully that
will reduce the size

of the breast
to match the right.

Okay, can we sit her up,

I dont wanna look.

Come on, baby.


They look like sisters.

This is one of those cases

despite the fact
that I always say,

"We may lose your nipple,"

we may lose Krystinas nipple.

No BS this time.

Hello, young lady.

Hows this been,
walking around with that?


Been doing, like, big glasses
and then big hair.

It-- okay.
Really big hair.

My daughter is so cool.

She just doesnt care.

I think she mightve had
one moment

where she was just, like,
staring at me.

I guess she doesnt notice.

So what were going to do now
is Im gonna put you back,

inflate this,

take out your sutures.


Im gonna feel this, okay?"

Squeeze Aunties hand.

Come on,
meditate a little bit.

Okay, so were gonna do this.

Keep breathing.

Hold still
and just meditate.

Hold my hand.

This feels weird.

What does it feel like?

Like burning over--

Oh, over the top of the skin.

That means the skins
stretching. Okay.

Let me look now.
Yeah, its a little bigger.

Im really impressed
at how Krystals skin

is responding
to the tissue expander.

I thought we would need
the tissue expander

in for about six
to eight weeks,

but it looks like
well only need it in

for about four weeks.

I dont think you need
a lot more.

Maybe we can do it
one more time.

Then we can do
the procedure.


Ill see you later.
All right?

Thank you.
Ill see you later.

- Our next patient...
- Okay.

His name is Eddie,

Whats his problem?

His problem
is an abnormal chin implant.

Let me show you his chin.
Here he is.

- Oh, my g-- Who does he look like?
- Okay, youre wrong.

Dave Navarro.

Wow. Wahh!
He looks just like
Dave Navarro.

So his chin looks
pretty normal here.

Here it looks pretty round.

Maybe this is following
the chin implant.

So lets take a look him.
I dont really know.

Can you please send in Eddie?

Hi, guys.

Look at that outfit.

How are you?
Hi. Dr. Nassif.

Nice to meet you.

When the door first opened,

I was blinded
by the two disco balls,

but then after
my eyes adjusted,

I was really into those jackets.

I wanna see those jackets...

On you guys.

Can we try them on
for a second?

I think you should.

These jackets?

This is a cool jacket, yeah.

Im gonna wear that one.
Wait, this ones going on you?

All right.

Oh, my gosh, look at that.

Oh, yeah.
These are cool.

Watch out.

Oh, yeah, I can rock his.

Hold on. Wait a minute.
Hold on.

Hold on.

Hold on.
I just have to.


Ive never put on
a sequin jacket before,

and I dont know
if Paul has or not.

But lets be honest.

I rock it way better.

Whats your relationship?
Just best friends.

Best friends. Buds.
Yeah, its kinda weird

when youre, like,
looking at yourself

I know, right?

The same doctors.

Maybe now you can give us
the story

of your plastic surgery journey.

So theres these procedures

of-- called ab etching.

3D ab etching.


And I had laser lipo

and lipo done twice
on my neck.

And, uh-- oh,
I moved out here

on May 1st,
and on May 4th,

I went in for buttock implants.

No kidding.

I didnt know a single person
out here.

I took an Uber
to the doctors office,

and I took an Uber home
and called it a day.

You had general anesthesia,
and he put you in an Uber?

Laying down on his stomach
on the back seat of an Uber

getting nauseous.

By yourself?


Yeah, thats against the law.

California State law or not,

Uber worked just fine for me.

So tell us more about the chin.

What were you trying to achieve?

I wanted more of a square,
pronounced chin.

Well, when I got
out of surgery,

it was, like, that does not look
like the chin implant I wanted.

Was it just a small one?

It was round.
It looks round.

So if you had your wish,

what would you want us to do?

Hopefully be able to give me
that Superman jawline.

So lets go into an exam room,

and well examine your chin,

and well see whats going on.

Yeah, lets figure this

All right.
Sounds great.
Right? Okay.

Its tight, which means
that the expander

couldve probably gone up
a little bit more.

Fingers crossed.

Both my nipples
should be

where they should be
and alive.


Ooh, you got better looking

since Ive seen you
last time.

Wow, look at that.

- Oh.
- Like that.

Lets take a peek
right here.

- Look at the chin.
- Yeah.

But we can-- I mean,

So he did have
a recessed chin.

Yeah. Yeah.
Before he had this.

And he obviously...
And then super deep.

The labiomental fold.

The bigger you do this,

the bigger that fold is,

the bigger cartoon character
you get.

Yep, yep.

Eddie tells me he wants
to look like Superman,

and theres a fine line

between looking natural
and overdone.

And Eddie is just right there.

So your round chin implant,

the doctor did just
the right size

because the only way
to get your jaw

to look that square

is you have to put
an oversized big square implant,

and it does hang down
and angles.

But it would also look
too fake looking.

Let me ask you a question.

Youre in the fashion industry.

You do clothes.
You do hair.

You wanna look good.

Do you wanna look cartoonish?

So your chin implant
is in great position.

I dont wanna look cartoonish.

Im in the prime of my career.

Its a big concern.

I dont want people
to stare at me,

and be like,
"What did you do?"

You look great.

Dont do anything else.


That is very refreshing.

You think Im full of crap,
or what do you think?

Well, since you did put
my jacket on,

I have to believe you.

Cause you have some sense.

If you have sense
to put this on you,

you have sense to tell me
what not to do with my face.

I think, at this point,

Im willing just to finally
accept me for who I am

and where Ive gotten
to this point today.

And Im willing just to take
a chill pill

for the next five years.

Listen, its a pleasure
meeting you. Thank you.
Good meeting you.

Fantastic meeting you.
Everybody, nice to meet you.

- Hi, how are you?
- Good morning.

Big smile. Hey, Andy.
How are you?

Good to see you,
my man.

So, I started on your right,
made an incision,

and I was met with a surprise.

And that is your implant
was not just ruptured,

it was exploded.

These are very strong.

Right. Okay.
Dr. Nassif and I

have put these to the test.

Whoa. That was a good one.

What else can we do?

Lets run it over.

Okay. You ready?

These are indestructible.

Ive never seen
an implant so ruptured,

so exploded,
so destroyed as the one
in your right breast.

That now explains why
it was so far up there.

Right. Okay.
Lets have a look, okay?

So today is really all about,
like this with nipple survival.

Fingers crossed.
Both my nipples should be
where they should be and alive.

- See that?
- Yeah.

Not blue. Not dark.

Not bad.

They look very happy.


These are definitely
my new babies.

Im gonna look after them
the best I can.

Yeah, let me ask you about this.
Do-- Can you recall any trauma?

Anything that couldve led
to that?

You slipped in the bath. Yeah.
I slipped in the shower
or bath, didnt I.

I-I knocked myself out.

Oh, really?
So that couldve been.

So you may have ruptured
your implant.

I had to go to the hospital
cause I knocked myself out.

I had a massive bruise
on my bum.

And then I ended up-- I was
there for quite a while

because they thought
I had broken ribs.

Thats the only thing
I can think

that would have done
that much damage.

So far so good, all right?
Lets keep a close eye on it

I want to see you a lot
in my office.

I want to make sure
the wounds continue to heal.

Thank you very much. Thank you.
Its my pleasure.
It was so great to see you.

Thank you.
And, uh, take good care
of her, okay?

Will do. Thank you.
Thank you.

Good morning.
Good morning.

Lets see this thing.
So heres your port.

Youre saying goodbye to
the rest of your skin graft.

And the expander.
Yeah. And the expander.

Why, are you getting used to it?
No, I want it gone.

Last week,
Crystal came to see me

and I put another 20 CCs
into her tissue expander.

Now shes ready for her
second surgery.

All right, Christine, let me
have the regular 15 blade.

Weve incised the skin graft,
now were gonna remove it.

So we dont want to be too
superficial where we
use some of the hair follicles.

At the same point,
we dont want to be too deep

because thats just not good
for the aesthetics.

And it could cause a little
depression in the area.

Heres the rest of
the skin graft.

So now were gonna start
undermining the skin

which means lifting up
the edge of the skin.

The goal is to make Crystal
a scar that is gonna be
just as pretty

as the one she had around
the skin graft.

All right...
So now were approaching the tissue expander.

Heres the tissue expander
coming out.

Top suction.

Now that
the tissue expander is out,

its the moment of truth.

Did the expander stretch
the skin enough

so that we can remove the rest
of the skin graft

and just close up the skin?

Or is it gonna be
a little bit too tight

and pull up the lip,
or pull down the eye?

Its tight. Which means
the expander could probably gone
up a little bit more.

We are gonna have to make an
incision around the smile line

to get this tissue up
and elevated.

So she is gonna have a little
bit of a longer scar,

but we need to do that
to get this skin elevated.

This skin over here is fine.

Our first incision is gonna be
from the scar up to
the smile line.

Now we are gonna
start closing the space left by
the skin graft.

And we want to make the smallest
and cleanest scar as possible.

- Right now it looks great.
- It looks really good.

Dr. Peng, Christine,
thank you very much.

The skin graft is gone.

The incisions look great.

Now we just have to have Crystal
heal and well watch that.

So today Im here,
having a portrait drawn.

The reason being is,
Ive always had caricatures

where Ive always wanted to be
the caricature.

And now the rules
are reversed slightly.

I am the caricature.

So now Im gonna have
the portrait.

Probably be the first time that
shes gonna feel comfortable

with someone staring
at what shes got.

And I think its gonna be
a pretty special moment.

Wow. Look at you.
Wow. You look amazing.

Wait till
we get to see Crystal.

I know.
I cant wait to see her.
I know.

Hey, guys.
Just to know.

Hey, Crystal.

Probably be the first time that
shes gonna feel comfortable

with a woman staring
at what shes got.

And I think its gonna be
a pretty special moment.

Wow. Look at you.
Wow. You look amazing.

Look at how amazing she looks.
What do you think?


So, here I am.

Not wearing a bra
I might add.

So I cant wait to see
this portrait
youre gonna draw of me.

So Im hoping now,
we can get started.

So I suppose
I should take this off.

You ready?

Wow. Whoa.

So I dont need that anymore.

Theyre faced the right way.

They go forward.

- Theyre not there at the back.
- Yes.

Absolutely perfect.
You are just beautiful.

I love them.
Theyre the best things ever.

Compared to before,
Krystinas breasts

looked a lot better
and bigger.

Far to say, shes much more
happy with her new look,

and Im certainly
a lot more happy with them.

So are you guys ready?
Im ready.

Whoo! Lets do this.
Ive been ready for ages.

Krystina, you look beautiful.

Thank you, Andrew.

Before all the surgery,
my breasts looked like

a flying squirrels nutsack.

They hung low, they were saggy,

and they went in
different directions.

But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

My rack is back
and looking better than ever.

I feel fabulous.

Okay. So I still have a little
bit of work to do.

Just a few finishing touches.

But I cant wait for you
to see it.

Are you ready?

- Im so ready.
- Yeah.


- I love it!
- She loves it.

- Its fantastic.
- Its great.

Its even got my resting
bitch face going on.

Yeah. Yeah.
Its the best thing ever.

...and I remind myself,
theyre perfect.

I definitely think this picture
needs to now take place of
the caricature.

Plus the caricature was,
look at what you could be.

Now Im-- Look at who I am.
Yeah. Definitely.

And thank you for sticking
by me, even when
I had squirrel nutsacks.

Its worth it,
seeing the end result.

Now that my hairy
skin patch is gone,

the weight of
a 21-year dog bite scar

has disappeared off
of my shoulders.

Before, I was way too

and now Im no longer worried
about Sana

having to go through,
like, 21 questions about
whats on my face.

Im excited. I feel beautiful.

Its like a closed chapter.

Wait to get to see Crystal.

I know.
I cant wait to see her.
I know.

Same here.
Its been months
since Ive seen her.

All of that.
So I know you cant--
Hey, guys.

Hey, Crystal!

Oh, my God!

Hi, sweetie.
Oh, beautiful.
Your face looks great.

Im so glad.
Look at that.
You look great.

Look at that. No more scar.
I cant believe it.

I am happy. And to me, I see,
like, such an improvement.

And Ive been seeing it
since the beginning.

Like, every week
was different...

Just like last time I saw you,
you had the patch still.

So this is, like,
Im just staring

cause I cant believe it.
And I saw it with you.

Shes always been beautiful,

but now theres no patch.

Theres no hair.

Its just a fine line
and she looks amazing.

It looks great.
What a difference.

Its a new me.
Thats beautiful.

Im glad I did it.
Hey. Hi, Sana.

How are you?
And also for Sana.

Like, shell never have to
explain whats on Moms cheek.

She can always say,
"Just an accident." You know?

- Oh, yeah.
- Hey, baby.

- I would hate for her to get teased.
- Hey, look at that.

So now you look at Mommys face,
theres nothing there.
So now look at Mommy,

theres nothing to grab.

I really think Crystal
looks beautiful.
The scar is gone.

Her face. The sides--
the cheeks are matching.

This is the way she should have
been looking a long time ago.

Its hot.
Its a beautiful day.

Swimsuits on.
Lets check the water out.

- Yeah.
- Lets cool off a little bit.

- Lets get in the pool.
- Okay, come on.

Before my surgery,

I had a skin graft on my face

with pubic hair
growing out of it.

After having my daughter,

I was nervous about how other
kids would treat her

because of how I looked.

But now, thanks to Dr. Nassif,

the skin graft
is completely gone.

So now, my face
is finally smooth,

and pubic hair free.

Aww. What a day.
Wanna jump?
There you go.

I was brushing my teeth

- and my implant fell out.
- Your implant just fell out?

The hole was that big,
the implant fell
right out of it?

It was a few holes.

My nose looks like I
have a butt sticking out of it.

And I went into a ENT.

She pulled those stuffing outs
and I screamed so loud,

I felt like my brain
being pulled out of my head.

My goal is to be the perfect
bimbo doll.

Thats the beginning of breast
in distress.

- Thats not the look.
- We want breasts...