Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 19 - Necrotic Nightmare - full transcript

A filler obsessed Australian wants Dr. Dubrow to increase her breast size while a surgery in the Dominican Republic left a patient with only one breast.

I am obsessed

with the industry
of aesthetics.

If you can modify your body,
why not?

So Im on a quest
for a bigger chest.

You gotta gain some weight.

Im even worried about you
undergoing anesthesia.


I felt the injections.

Ive watched my nose die.

So Im finessing
the composite graph.

I dont like that.

I just dont like it.


I felt automatically
something was wrong with me.

This is after Parisa

had a major breast complication.

They didnt change them.
They didnt change
her implants.


All they did was do a lift
and kill her tissue.

You, got scammed.

♪ Girl you got me hanging
on the line ♪

My name is Tara Jane,

and everything on me is tiny

except for my tatas.

Im on a quest
for a bigger chest.

I currently have 540cc,

and Im just not happy
with them at all.

Ive got like this kind of
rippling effect,

And I just thought,

if I kind of fill out
the space more,

then maybe thats going
to fix that a little.

Basically, the part that
I dont like about them

is that theyre
just not big enough.

I just love attention.

So I thought getting
plastic surgery

and having bigger boobs,

thats going to be
the "Wow" factor.

Its going to be exactly
what I need.

When I was younger,
my dad was very aware

of what I wanted,

and he just wanted me
to be happy.

So when I was 20 years old,

he got me my boobs and my lips
for my birthday.

My first set of implants
were 500ccs.

After I had the procedure,

it was almost like a feeling

of euphoria came over me

and I was just--
I was hooked.

I am obsessed

with the industry
of aesthetics.

Its just everything
I think about.

Like I eat, I breathe,

I dream about it.

If you can modify your body,
why not?

Having Botox, fillers,

like anywhere you
can put filler,

I will literally put it
in my face.

Ive actually been turned away

several times

for filler and Botox,

which is why
I have about five doctors.

So if one says no,

Ill go to any
of the other four,

and if they say no,
Ill just get someone else.

In 2013

I replaced my 500cc

with my 1,000cc

because I just wanted
that extreme look,

and I just love attention.

It just made me want to be

even more artificial.

Life with my 1,000cc implants,

very heavy,
put it that way.

I was getting pain at
the top of the spine.

So, I went down to about 540,

so it was right
about half the size.

With the 540s
theres a slight rippling

when I sort of bend down
a little bit.

Not really a good look.

Not what I was going
for anyway.

My ultimate goal

is to go back to a 1,000.

I never used to work out,

so I feel like now

being as strong
as I am in my back,

I can pull off the 1,000ccs.

So Im looking
for koala sized boobs,

not kiwis.

Remember when
I was just a baby?

Mm-hm. Yes.

You would come up
and pinch my nose?

Its a common practice

among Filipinos that,

you know,

you try to pinch your nose.

The thought that
it might make your--

Your bridge taller.

Thanks mom!

My name is Melissa,
and I lost half of my nose

from a simple filler injection.

My nose is scarred and chunky,

and it kinda goes off
to the side.

My nose died,

and I am trying to bring
it back to life.

I grew up in a Filipino family,
and in our culture

theres a really large
emphasis on beauty.

I had a much
flatter nose bridge

than anyone else in my family,

and that eventually started

to really effect me.

Fast forward to 2017.

I came across

non-surgical rhinoplasty,

and I thought that

I could finally
have my nose fixed.

I went ahead
and I made an appointment.

The reason that
I wanted to go ahead

with the non-surgical
rhinoplasty was because

it was supposed to be
a temporary thing,

and the filler would
eventually dissolve.

Ultimately I just wanted
to see what I would look like

with a taller nose.

I felt the injections.

They hurt just a little bit,
but not terribly.

After the injections were over,

I took a look in the mirror

and I thought,
"Dang I look good!"

The following night,

I noticed that there were
white little pustules forming.

It was really scary.

I decided to drive to the ER.

The doctor told me that
there was an occlusion,

that some of the filler
had blocked blood flow.

Right away the doctor
started the treatment,

which involved

20 to 30 injections

of Hyaluronidase

for five days.

And it felt like hell.

I slowly watched

my nose die.

It went from looking
like a nose

to almost like
cooked cauliflower.

I thought your whole nose
was gonna be gone.

Cause it was pretty
much all black.

Day by day

I would notice that

this nostril started to shrink.

I lived with that for a year.

Then I went ahead
and rescheduled

a reconstructive rhinoplasty.

After that surgery,

my nose just looked
really bulky and thick.

Every morning when I wake up,

a little part of me
feels like...

a monster.
You know youre beautiful.

I tell you youre beautiful
almost every day.

Itd be awesome if
my nose could be straighter

and if I could get
a bridge as well.

Thatd be a plus.

I have not let go
of my bridge dreams.

Look at this.

Youre getting
a little bit of fat!

Oh, a little bit?
Two weeks in France.

In two weeks I gained

16 pounds!

Im not gonna make
fun of you

because thats how I am.
Im that kind of a guy.

You, if that was me

and I told you
what happened to me,

you probably would
put it on your Instagram

and gonna make
some funny comments

about me being fat again.

Why does this
turn into like a-- That--

Im sorry!

You ever heard of
the expression-- Wait!

Have you ever heard
of the expression

"Humble brag"?

That was called
a "Humble rag."

Im sorry, my baby,
then if you feel bad.

I may have gained a few pounds
on this vacation,

but trust me,

I still look way better
than Paul in a man-kini.

So here we go,
take a look.

Boom! Look at that.
Look at the necrosis.


I mean can you imagine being

that doctor that did this?

I would flip out.

Do you know what
that looks like to me?


So we need to help her now.
All right.

Can you please send in Melissa?


Melissa, hi!
Hi, nice to meet you!

Dr. Nassif.
Nice to meet you.

You too!

Im Terry Dubrow.
Hi, Dr. Dubrow!

Over the last few years
Ive seen Melissa go

through significant changes
in her personality.

She used to be so outgoing.

Now shes always thinking
about the negative.

"Whats the worst
that could go wrong?"

And that--
She has that in her head

that its gonna happen.

So can you start
from the beginning?

Okay well,

it started from when
I was little, growing up.

I always wanted
a taller nose bridge.

And then I got married in 2016,

and then in 2017
we had our son.

Two weeks later,
Matt was deployed.

Oh, youre in
the military?

Oh, yeah. Yes.

What branch of the military?

What do you do?

Explosive ordinance disposal.

You mean IEDs?

Yup. Yeah, stuff like that.

Or rockets, bombs,

Thats cool.

So you have a baby,

you get deployed,
what happens?

Like I said, my nose

has kind of been
an ongoing issue,

so, I found a doctor

that could do the injections.

I wanted to see if maybe,
you know,

he could build up the bridge.

When you inject

a little bit of filler,

doesnt matter
what kind of filler it is,

it could occlude or block
the blood vessel.

That can kill off
the entire nasal skin.

And that is exactly
what happened to Melissa.

24 hours later

it started to get
a little bit painful.

So that is when
I decided to go to the ER.

And then the...

ER doctor said that,

"Yes it is, in fact, occlusion."

And then explained to me,

"All right, were gonna
start some injections

to try and dissolve
the filler."

And then slowly
but surely of course

the tissue came off
little by little.

Once all of
the scabbing came off,

I had my reconstruction.

They took tissue from here.


Folded it over, yeah.

A nasolabial flap.

Until you get new blood supply,

you have it attached.

Right and so it was--

I dont know it just looked odd.

So during this...

did you tell him
about this?

Yeah, especially with
that fun job of yours.

Yeah, so I didnt
tell him

that I was going
to get it done.

So you came home
to your wife

after doing this
dangerous duty to a--

A deformed nose.

- Right.
- A deformed nose.

Whoa, tough.
Tough situation.

She second guesses
herself a lot.

She feels like she needs
to ask me everything

before she does something.

"Oh, do you think
this is a good idea?"

Before I left,

this wouldnt
have been an issue.

I dont even notice that.

Do I ask you all the time?

You do. Mm-hm.

Youre insecure.

Youve lost self confidence.

And youre
self conscious about it.

Thats what it is.

I dont even notice!


Im sorry.

Its okay.

Im sorry for going
behind your back,

Im sorry for the weight

that I might feel
like I add, you know?

That I add on you.

It makes me cry because...

I make it harder for him.

I try to do my best that I can.

But I know that
he gets a lot

of the crappy end
of the stick

just because of sometimes

how down I feel about myself.

So now here comes the most
important point for you

with us is,

what are you trying to do?

You know I would
really like if...

you could just make it look
even more symmetrical.

And I mean, heck,

if you could
throw on a bridge

thatd be wonderful.

Thats um,
a nice challenge.

Youre not gonna get 100%.

Im not gonna be able
to match this side at all.

I could even make it worse.

I decided to go to
the Dominican Republic

to get my breasts done
for $3,500.

And you get what you pay for.

Tell me...

about this whole area here?

This drives me...

very crazy.

What drives you crazy with
what youre pointing at?

Its just like a flat thing.

Especially compared
to this nostril.

So theres no crease,
nothing on that side.

Theres no crease.
So in summary

what you want
to try to do is

match the left side
of your nose?


The good news is...

I think we can help you.

All right?

Here we do need a little piece
of rib cartilage.

You know,
to get you some height

as long as we can do it?

To get your nose straight

were gonna put some cartilage
on your right side

to help push the nose over
a little bit more to the left.

Have I done this before?

The improvement

has been anywhere
between 20% and 60%.


But Im not gonna
be able to match

this side perfectly.
At all.

I could even
make it worse.

Thats-- Thats a risk.

When I take a piece of
the skin and cartilage

and transplant it there,

theres a change
that that can die

and become necrotic.

The risks do scare me

just because I know what

necrosis looks like.

I wore it on my face.

But I know that

there are brighter sides

to things and Im hopeful

that this will be

one of them.

Im just ready to do it.

Seems like youre
in an agreement.

I am in a agreement.
Lets get it done.

What do you say

when you put on
all the stuff?

Its time to what?

Suit up?
Thats it.

Yeah, its time
to suit up, baby.

You know people obviously
stare at my breast.

And somebody asked me

if I had
breast cancer before.


I didnt know that.

My name is Parisa,

and I got my breast implants
half off,

and now Im
left with one boob.

My breast look uneven

because theres
no breast implant

on my right side.

I decided to go to
the Dominican Republic

to get my breast done
for $3,500.

And you get what you pay for.

Those scars were...


It turned out to be--

Something else.

The scariest time of my life.


You know how they say

a picture is worth
a 1,000 words?


Let me show you
our next patient.

Oh, my god! Thats not--

Thats like in
the middle of surgery.

What is that?

This is after
our next patient, Parisa,

had a major
breast complication.

What happened to her to get

complete meltdown
of all that tissue?

Bring in Parisa.

Can you please send
in Parisa?

- Hi!
- Parisa.

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you!

I am very excited
to see Dr. Dubrow

and Dr. Nassif today

because its really sad
as a woman,

to lose your breast.

I just feel like

your womanhood

is kind of taken away from you.

All right Parisa,
take us back.

What happened?

I live in Las Vegas.

Working at the gentlemans club,

it was very stressful because

a lot of girls,
you know,

they look a certain way
working at the club.
Right. Yeah.

And obviously I was
making money already,

but I wanted to just enhance

what I already had.

Increase your revenue stream.

So youre a dancer
over there?

Not anymore.

What was your,
uh, work name?

Bubbles Destiny.

Bubbles Destiny?

Now your stripper name
is supposed to be

your first pets name

plus the street you grew up on.

So my name would be

Fifi Ambrose.

Do you like that?

Whats the relationship
between you two?

I met him

in the club.

- Hes my boyfriend.
- Ah!

I wasnt looking for anybody...
Shes telling
the truth about that. the time but--

So you found love
in the club.


essentially, yes.

Wow. What are you
doing now?

I go to school
to become a nurse.
Registered nurse.

Really? RN?

Where, in Vegas?
Yes, in Las Vegas.

Thats fantastic.
Thank you.

So your first
plastic surgery procedure

was the breast augmentation,

Yes. In Las Vegas.

What was done?

How many ccs,
do you remember?

Around 600ccs.


Yes. In 2012.

After a couple of years,

Im trying to quit
working as a dancer.

So you decided
to downsize your implants.

Yes, I did.

I decided to go
to the Domini--

Dominican Republic

because it was pretty cheap.

When I first arrived,

we were waiting to
have the consultation

on the same day
of the surgery.

There was about 15 girls
who were getting
surgeries that day.

By how many surgeons?

By one surgeon.

Moving fast.

You almost never do

more than three to four
surgeries in a day.

Anything more than that,

youre gonna cut corners,

and the patients
are gonna suffer.

After I got released
and I went home,

I saw that there
was puss coming out.

And I started freaking out.

Which part?
The vertical incision

or underneath the areola
or this one?

It was underneath.

Okay, vertical.

Yes, vertical.

And then I went
to the emergency room.

And I was crying.

The doctor came in,

and he said, "You will need
to take this out now.

If the infection goes into
your blood stream, youre dead."

Thats right.

I like what he did
to get you to take that out.

He scared you.
Yes! Yes he did.

You can get surgical

post operative infections

even when you do
everything right.

But the fact that Parisa
was in a foreign country

and they dont necessarily have

the same surgical standards

that we have in this country

regarding surgical technique,

post operative care,

or even the way
the tools are sterilized,

you just dont know really

what caused it.

The big question
of course is

what are your goals?

I would like
two even breasts.

But I dont wanna look like...

a dancer.

It really boils down to

what are the risks
of putting implant

in that breast?

Thats scary.

Im nearly a fully
qualified nurse.

The scrubs, super boring.

Im obviously gonna have
to have my own outfit.

What do you think?

Yes! I love it!

So Im finessing
the composite graph.

Hold on.

Im still not happy with this.

This is the unknown part
of Melissas surgery,

so its gonna be tricky.

I dont like that.
I just dont like it.

All right, so...

what to do.
All right.

So lets-- Lets start
with the left one, okay?

We see that...

you have no
capsular contracture,

which is a good thing.

Lets look at this side.

It has the same
pattern of scarring.

But because you had
that complication,

you have a pretty
wide scar.

And your tissue,

you know,
its kind of soft.

- Problem is we need symmetry.
- Right.

So we either
up size this one,

or we down size that one.

And if we up size this one,

that means an implant.

And all of those complications
that go with implants.

If we take this one out

and dont put
an implant here,

its not the same level
of risk of putting
an implant in there.

Although its always
a better idea

to avoid breast implants
if possible,

particularly when
theres been a previous
breast implant complication,

the fact that Parisas
left breast implant

is in tact is a good sign.

That indicates however,

that it was more likely

a surgeon related problem

than a Parisa

anatomic related problem.

But I wont know
the best option for Parisa

until I get in there and see
what the tissues like, exactly.

I think once I get
into the operating room,

I think you can go ahead
and make that decision.

Im-- Im down for that.

You are?

Lets do it.


Having Dr. Dubrow
to make decisions

for my breast,
its like having

Naomi Campbell
go shopping for me.

Who doesnt want that?

All right well
see you guys soon. All right?

Thank you.
Thank you so much!
Thank you.

Hi, ladies, welcome!

Hey Im Tara Jay.
How are you, babe?

Hi! So good,
good to meet you!

Good to meet you!

Aww. So good to have
you ladies here.

Nice to see you too.
Nice to see meet you.

Oh, my god, Ive been
so excited, babe.

I really appreciate
what youre doing for me.

Of course!

Its so exciting
to hear about your
new nursing path.

I am obsessed with

having Botox, fillers.

I just know how it makes me
feel as a person,

so I want to be able
to give that opportunity

to other people as well,

which is why
I started nursing school

around 3 1/2 years ago.

And everything will be complete
in a couple of months.

I cant wait to show you
your custom outfit.

Oh, custom scrubs!

Oh, my god.
I cant wait.

So here is--

Oh, my god.

What do you think?

How beautiful!

I love it.

I need to get this
on immediately.

So if youre looking at like
a hospital for instance,

they wear things like
the scrubs.

Super boring,

like, ugh.


Im obviously gonna have
to have my own outfit because

they just dont match my
personality or my style at all.

What do you think?

Yes! I love it!

Do you love it?

It literally
fits you like a glove.

Like a glove.


- I feel like a Barbie doll, babe.
- Yes!

- Its just totally me.
- You look amazing. I love it.

Baby blue Barbie doll.
Its like,

the nurse of the future.

Yes! The sexy nurse!
Oh, I love it!

This totally matches
my personality now!

I really wanna get bigger--

Obviously bigger breasts.
Oh, okay.

If Dr. Dubrow is able
to give me my 1,000ccs,

Im gonna have to come back

and get another custom made top

cause theyre not gonna fit
in this one.

Have you ever considered any...

any Botox or anything?

Um, no, I have not.

Totally understandable.

But if you change your mind,

then you know who to call.

- Morning!
- Good morning.

My name is Melissa,
Im here to check in
for my surgery today.

All right.
Please have a seat
and well be right with you.

Okay, thank you.

I am feeling like
Im gonna throw up.

What if I wake up
to another dying nose?

Dr. Nassif is ready
to see you now.

Come on in.
Oh, okay!

Good luck, babe.
Love you.

Love you too.

Ill see you later,

I really do hope
that Melissa gets back

to the confident woman
that she used to be

without needing to be
reassured about

a lot of the things
that she does.

If the doctors fix her,

I really do think this would
help our relationship a ton.

Well take good
care of you, okay?
Thank you. Thank you.

From Melissas surgery today,

Im gonna harvest
a composite graft

from Melissas left ear
while my team harvests rib.

I will then open the nose
and use the cartilage
to build up the dorsum,

spread her grafts
to open up her airway,

tip grafts to give
her projection,

and a small composite graft
to lower the right nostril.

Finally, I will make an
incision along the outside
of Melissas nose

and use pieces of
the composite graft

to make the cheek flap
on the right

have a more normal
looking contour.

Just gonna start the harvest
of the composite graft

while Dr. Peng

harvests rib.

So heres the composite
graft coming out.

All right, so the rib
is coming out.

Lets put our
tip graft in here.

Oh, thats much better.

Okay, now weve
put in the glue canoe.

This is all diced cartilage

and fibrin glue.

Well place this along
the nasal dorsum.

Thats gonna help give
her that projection

and bridge that
shes always wanted.

Okay, I like that,

I like that a lot.

Its time to start rebuilding

Melissas right side of her nose

and quite frankly,

building up the right side
of this area

is gonna be the most difficult

part of the case

because of the horrible
necrosis that she had.

So, so far the nose
is looking pretty decent.

Obviously we havent
worked on

this part of the nose yet,

which is releasing
the whole nostril to pull down.

Give me an 11 blade.

Did the nostril lower
just automatically?

It did,
releasing that scar, yes.

That really helps.

So Im finessing
the composite graft

to fit into the little gap

where I released
the scar tissue.

This is the unknown part
of Melissas surgery,

so its going to be tricky.

Our goal is to create
some type of crease

and definition

where the previous doctor

just basically moved over some
cheek tissue into this area,

which left Melissa
with zero shape

to her nose and nostril.

Were gonna kind of put
this down...

into here, but I got a--

Ah. Hold on, lets--

Well, Im still
not happy with this.

I dont like that,
I just dont like it.


Very low body fat.

Do you think very low?
Very low.

Very low?
Very, very low.


The average body mass index
for a woman is about 26.

Tara is at 15.

Thats dangerously low.

Thats how you can do
15 operations in a day,

if you dont do
the operation you say
youre going to do.

If I could have a conversation
with Parisas surgeon

from the Dominican Republic,

I would ask him,

"What were you smoking?"

I dont like it.

I mean, just something
is scaring me about this.

This is concave,

and its just too much.

Lets take off
all those stitches.

Im gonna take it.

Since the skin in this area

has already been
through so much,

its making it very difficult

for me to sculpt it
in the way that I want

and make it less deformed.

Is this-- this the whole
thing underneath there?

Oh, I know what it is,

this is lifting up
the skin.

So we need to remove
all of this.


Thats it!

Thats the way
it should look, baby.

The lip of the extra cartilage

was lifting up
this bottom layer.

Finally, the skin on the right

is flat and nice,

and it actually
has some contour.

Overall Im really
pleased with it.

Okay, lets take some photos.

Great job, thank you.
Looks great!

Yeah, hard, hard nose.

Well, how are you?
Hello, young lady.

Good, better today.

So we increased
the tip projection.

We did a glue canoe.

Put that along the dorsum.

Put a composite graft
in the right nostril.

Right. You made an
incision out here.

Made an incision.
Whoa, okay.

And then put in
the large composite graft,

along the whole right side
of the nose

to create kind of
a normal contour...

Whoa. match the left side.

He went for
the whole thing.
Right, whole thing.


Now let me take
a look at your nose.

You want the--

Let me just keep
the light on for a minute.

Okay, so its that
little bit grayish color.

Yeah, theres a little bit of
venous congestion in there.

Melissa has some
venous congestion.

In other words,
her nose is turning
a little bit purple.

So our goal is
to squeeze out the blood

to help the blood go in
and go out easier.

If blood doesnt go in,

the graft is gonna die.

So the best thing to do
is to squeeze it out

so that Melissa

can heal a lot faster.

So lets now just see
how you heal,

and then when
the cast comes off,

then well get
a good look at it together.


- So...
- What do we have here?

...our next patient

is a medical professional

from Australia.

Let me show you.

Her name is Tara.

My first impression,
Tara has low body fat

and is a big fan.
Of plastic surgery.

Of plastic surgery,
look at this.

She has concerns
about her breasts,

a lot of rippling
from the breasts.

Lets see if we can help Tara,
why dont you bring her in?

Can you please
send in Tara?

Hey, guys.

- Hi Tara.
- Tara, hi.

How are you?
Im Dr. Nassif.

Lovely to meet you.

Hi, Tara, how are you?
Hi, Im very well,
thank you.

Hi, Jasenta. Jasenta.
What is it?

Please have a seat.
Jasenta, okay.

Youre from Australia?

Yes, we are.

And you both exercise,
a lot I bet, huh?

Yes, were very--


I like to work out.
Yeah, into the fitness.

Yeah, I can tell.

Very, very fit,
very low body fat.

Very low body fat.

You think very low?

Very low.

Very low?
Very, very low.

I always hear that
I have too little body fat,

but what I try
to explain to people

is that I look at food

as a way of survival
instead of enjoyment.

But Im just a little bit
extreme sometimes.

How tall are you?
5 7"?

5 7".

And if you dont
mind my asking,

cause its relevant to
what were going to discuss,

how much do you weigh?

About a 100 pounds.

So your goal is
to be this thin?


100, 57...

Your BMI is 15.

The average body mass index
for a woman is about 26

Tara is at 15.

Thats dangerously low.

Massively underweight.

This is very
unhealthy for you.

Wow, what do you think
your percent body fat
is right now?

Negative one.

Negative one, goals!

Probably below 5%, dont you think?

Okay, so...

tell us a little bit
about your journey

into cosmetic enhancements.

What were your first
things that you did?

So my first things
that I got was

breast implants
and lip fillers.

Do you have about
10ccs in your lips?

Oh, babe, I--

Ive actually lost count
to be honest.

The question is probably
where I havent had filler.

Anywhere you can put filler,

Ill try it.

I mean, your lips
are rather large.

Yeah, Ive also had

- a little bit in my cheeks.
- Yes.

Sometimes I get my chin done

and sometimes through
my jaw area.

so were gonna focus on
the breast area, yes?

So I used to have
about a 1,000.

About a 1,000ccs.

You put a 1,000ccs
on this body?

Big, big.

Did you have
a problem with those?

Yes, eventually,

like I loved them
to start off with,

but eventually
they gave me back problems.

Okay, so you took
them out and put in what?

Two-- um, 540.

Is that what you have now?
Thats what I have now.


I do have a bit
of rippling though.

You do have rippling?
I do have a bit of rippling.


But now, I like
the look of bigger.

Oh, you want bigger now?

I was thinking,

my ultimate goal
is to go back to

a 1,000ccs

So Im actually

the straight shooter
and hes very, you know,

the sweet approach
about everything.

You gotta gain some weight.

Because Im worried
about your health.


Im even worried about you
undergoing anesthesia.

Oh, wow! Really?

Thats a very good point,
theres systemic issues.

How well youll tolerate
the anesthesia.

The postoperative recovery.

Obviously the surgery
stress itself.

You know we dont judge,

were all about solutions.
Yeah, of course!

Trying to help people,

but we also are very focused

on what will occur

as a result of you
pushing the envelope.

The problem is

you have very thin skin.

You think you
have rippling now,

imagine how thin the skin

and soft tissues gonna be

with much bigger implants.

Youre gonna have
a lot more rippling.

It says 650ccs.


So the same implant, huh?

This... is so up.

I couldve died.

Lets look at that
breast for a second.

Scoot forward a little bit.

Okay, so thin skin,

you can see rippling.

Why dont you cover up?

Okay, so lets talk
about possibilities.


The problem is...

one, you have very thin skin...

...with very, very little tissue

in that skin.

If you think you
have rippling now,

imagine how thin the skin

and soft tissues gonna be

with much bigger plants.

Youre gonna have
a lot more rippling,

and so...

you have to gain weight.

Do you eat--

Do you eat fats and carbs?

I do, oh, carbs
I try to limit.

You limit the carbs.

I eat a lot of
fruit and veg--

A lot of fruit
and vegetables.

Well theres carbs
in fruits and vegetables.

You dont eat enough carbs.
Fruits, vegetables and--

She doesnt eat carbs?

I definitely think Tara is on--

more on the slender side.

She definitely needs to just
put a little bit more weight on.

Ill make you a deal,

all right?

You gain 10 to 15%

of your body weight.

And maybe we can consider

safely increasing
your breasts.

Oh, Really?
Maybe because,

Id rather we did it
than somebody else.

So just go gain some weight

and get comfortable
with keeping that weight on.

In all honesty,

Im really concerned
about Taras

overall wellbeing,

not just as it relates
to surgery,

but she really needs
to get both physically

and mentally healthy.

Carbs are fun.

See the smile on his face?

if anyones gonna get me
to eat carbs and fat,

its you guys.

If I have to appeal

to her desire for larger
implants in order

to get her to allow herself

to be that healthier person,

thats what Im gonna try to do.

Pleasure to meet you.

Pleasure to meet you.

I enjoyed it very much.

Nice to meet you.
My Pleasure.

See you soon, okay.

Thank you so much.
Youre welcome.

Yes if I gain a little bit
of weight then.

Were gonna go
get some burgers.

Im excited to see you.

I know. Me, too.

So, implants

or no implants.

I wanna put an implant in,
Ill tell you why.

You had an implant

put on the left side

and then you had it downsized

and then you had tissue removed

and its alive.

And so youre not

the type of immune system

that rejects implants,

so thats a positive.

Thats good.

But this breast is not

the healthiest tissue
in the world.

So, I dont know.

The advantage of using
the implants

is that I will get actually
a good shape,

but Ive gotta be very careful

how I determine the viability

of the tissue in the lower
portion of the breast.

This is a very
challenging operation.

For Parisas surgery today

Im gonna start on
the right breast,

make an incision
under her areola,

and assess the tissue where
she had the complication.

If possible,
I will then insert an implant

and lift and tighten the skin

to give her
a nice overall shape.

Moving on to the left breast,

I will make an incision
under her areola

and remove her
previous implant,

insert a new smaller implant
and perform a breast lift,

leaving Parisa with
two matching breasts.

Okay, so well start
by making an incision...

through her previous scar
at the bottom of the areola

and see what the
blood supply looks like.

I dont know,
its better looking tissue

than I would have imagined.

Its gotten soft,
enough time has gone by.

And there is-- Theres some
blood flow in that scar

going up to
the breast tissue.

That gives me
a reason to believe

we can put implants in.

All right, lets go down
to the muscle right there.

If we put a 450 in,

that should sit comfortably.

All right, here we go.

Thankfully Parisas
right breast

actually looks pretty good,

despite the severe complication

she suffered from
the previous operation.

What do you think
youve got on this side,
whats your guess?


550? Im gonna say...


Theres the implant.

She had 650 and
she wanted smaller,

so what did they put in?


Go figure.

No, are you serious?

Yep, by the way this is
American Mentor Implant.

This is a Mentor.

They dont have these in
the Dominican Republic.

They didnt change her.
They didnt change
her implants.

All they did
was do a lift

and kill her tissue.


Wow, all right,

so lets lift the muscle up.

Thats how you can do
15 operations in a day,

if you dont do
the operation

you say youre gonna do.

If I could have a conversation

with Parisas surgeon from
the Dominican Republic,

I would ask him,

"What were you smoking?"

All right,
lets put the implant in.

You liked the 415?

I-- I do.

Do you love it?
I-- I love it.

On Parisas left side,

because she has more
breast tissue,

Im gonna use
a slightly smaller,

415cc implant

to match the other side.

Okay, all right,
light on please.

Thats what
Im talking about.

Put her down, lets close.




Hey, how are you?
How you guys doin?

Good, how are you?
Not bad, not bad, excited.


this is what I found.

When I went into the pocket,

you have really
good breast tissue.

I thought, this is
an acceptable risk
to put an implant in.

Thank you.

But, I expected them to use a--

Like a European implant maybe,

thats smaller, okay?

Cause thats what
they typically use in
the Dominican Republic.

Can you read what
it says on that?

How many ccs?

It says, "650ccs."

So the same implant.

Oh, my--
They just got the skin.


This is an American implant.

This is from Vegas.

Yeah, you got scammed.

But we got some good news,
I hope, after all this?

Okay, so--

Its okay,
its over now.

I didnt expect to hear that.

If I could, I--

I would definitely

get my hands on
the person that--

that did this to her.

They tightened your breast

around a large

breast implant,

squeezing off
the blood supply,

causing the tissue
on the right to die.

That to me,

its disgusting,

inhuman, um,

not professional.

This... is so up.

I couldve died.

Lets just look to see
that things are alive.


The nipples, thank God, alive.

That looks so much better.

That is amazing!

Im so happy with
you guys decision.

Yes, makes me
feel so much better.

This is what happens when
you go to a great surgeon.

It feels amazing to have
two breasts again.

I feel like I can put the past

in the past and move on

and never ever make
any stupid decisions

of going to the
Dominican Republic again.

Ever again.

Thank you so much.


Youre welcome, again.
All right.

Im went through a lot

emotionally, mentally,

and Im feeling so much better
this time around,

very confident.

Finally, I feel like
I have my womanhood back.


Oh, my god!

Right after surgery my nose

looked like a hot mess,
it was swollen!

This is a long-term
healing process.

How are you?

Melissa, how are you?
Im good.

Good to see you again.
How are you?
How you doing?

Its been a couple months
since Melissas surgery.

Last time I saw her,

the side of her nose really
didnt look that great because

Melissas surgery
was really difficult,

but also these graphs
are difficult to heal.

That takes months.

So today were gonna
do a follow-up

and see how shes improving.

All right,
so I have to tell you

this is getting
better and better.

Its a work in
progress obviously.

When I look at this,

I see now more of
a delineation

between that cheek,

especially compared
to the last few months,

...and the side of the nose.

Right after surgery
it looked like a hot mess.

Not hot mess,
but it was, you know,

it was swollen!

But Dr. Nassif has put me
through a couple of rounds

of injections to help
with the swelling.

Ive had laser treatments done

to help with the redness
and the texture.

How do you like this, uh,

this glue canoe,
we call it?

I love it.

It looks good, huh?
Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

Week by week
its getting smoother,

the swelling is going down.

I know its still a little
bit uneven on this side,

but I completely understand
that its going to
take a lot of time.

Im gonna say in
another seven more months,

that will be a year.

Compared to now
youre even gonna be
a lot happier.

But again,

this is a long-term
healing process.

At a year...

I wanna check on you.


Im super grateful to

Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow.

Since Melissas surgery
with Dr. Nassif,

her confidence
has greatly improved.

She doesnt question herself.

Shes just getting out
there and doing her thing,

and its great to see.

Thank you, guys.
Thank you, bye-bye.

Its almost like they gave us
a second chance.

And I dont really know where
its gonna bring us,

but it seems like
its gonna be a good place.

Ah! Oh, my gosh so cute!

That dog is so happy.

I would be too,
runnin around all

willy-nilly like, huh?
I know.

Before my surgery,

my nose was destroyed
by necrosis,

and I felt like a monster

and I would constantly
second guess

any decision I had to make.

Which had a negative effect
on the relationship

with my husband.

Now, thanks to Dr. Nassif,

my nose is close
to being back to normal

and I now have the bridge
that Ive always wanted.

I know my nose isnt perfect,

but Im hoping

that over time

it will only continue
to look better and better.

Its hard to put into words

how strong youve been
through all this.


Cause starting off
when it all happened,
I mean,

I wasnt there you
had to deal with this
all by yourself.

Cause now here you are,

like a brand new woman almost.

You know, even a year ago,

if you were to tell me that...

Id be feeling
this way about myself,

the way that I feel now, um,
I wouldnt have believed you.

To most people it might not
look completely normal yet,

but for me its changed my life.

Brought me back to life really.

Im just glad it can be
a part of it this time.

Me too.

Im feeling so much better
this time around.

Very confident versus

how I was in
the Dominican Republic.

I went through a lot
emotionally, mentally

and it just made me
feel really weird

that I was walking around
with one implant in.

I just really wanna
thank all of you guys

for being here today.

You know, Im really happy

to have all of you here
while we put this

bad experience
in the D.R. behind us.

Im super impressed

about the whole nursing part

cause she holds a 4.0

in school.
Yes. Which,
I was like, "What?"

Like that takes
a whole lot to do.

Finally, I feel like
I have my womanhood back.

And now that Im going to be
graduating from my nursing,

Im really excited because

that shows me
how much strength I have.

I wont let nothing
hold me down.


Oh, my god!

- Gorgeous!
- Wow!

Hey, babe!
Hey, babe.

My God,
look at you.

You look beautiful.

Look at you, wow.
Youre so cute.

Oh, my god!

Oh, my god, look at you!
Thank you!

Parisa looks so amazing,

Like, I cannot believe that

Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow

were able to accomplish

this amazing procedure for her

and she just looks great.
Im so happy for her.

Thank you guys
so much for being here.

I really appreciate everyone
being here, I love you.

And babe,

thank you for everything.

Thank you for being
there for me all the time

through thick and thin.

And I just want to say
thank you to Dr. Dubrow

and Dr. Nassif.

Without you guys,

I wouldnt be able
to have these two breasts!

Thank God! Ah!

Before my surgery
I only had one implant

because I made the decision
to pay half price for my boobs.

Now thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

I have two even breasts.

And Im finally ready
to go out there

and get the nursing job
that Ive always wanted.

Take my advice,

dont ever bargain
for your boobs

because you will get
what you pay for.


My name is Tanya,

also known as tits on a stick.

But I have these huge,

overly large areolas.

I would say that looks
like a piece of baloney.

I was butchered.

Three or four days
after the surgery,

it was like my nipple
was rotting away.

It looked like somebody
had taken

my right breast

and like squeezed it.

Seven nose jobs

up my nose, honey.

I up!

Rea is at such a high risk.

If I see something
that I dont like,
Ill abort the case.

If youd like
to be considered for Botched,