Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 18 - Hopeful Transformations - full transcript

A Scarlett Johannson look-alike wants the doctors to give her a flawless, twerk-able booty, while Dr. Dubrow helps a mom with creaseless breasts get the reduction she's tried to achieve for...

So hot.


People say I look like
Scarlett Johansson.

I've gained about a million
Instagram followers.

I got butt implants.

I wanted it...big.

And I busted my stitches open.

So I had a big hole
in my butt crack.


I wanted to get a reduction
and a lift.

The plastic surgeon's suggestion
was that I did an implant

with the reduction.

You're kidding.

Tough case
just got a lot tougher.


I had a wreck.
It completely removed my nose.

I was in pain. I couldn't do
anything for myself.

I couldn't take care of my kids.

They're lucky to be alive.

I really hope
that we can help her.

My name is Amanda Nicole.

I'm famous on Instagram
for my butt.

But my last butt surgery left
my butt looking so bomb

that my stitches exploded,

and I just want it super full

People say I look like
Scarlett Johansson.

She's a lot
of guys' celebrity crushes.

My fans are very, very upset
that they're making

a "Black Widow" movie,
and I was not cast in it.

When I was 5 years old,

there are literal VHS tapes
of me, like, twerking.

That was probably what I was
destined to do.

I'm famous for it now.
I've made a career out of it.

And in the last year,

I've gained about
a million followers.

Now I'm one of the top .4%
of creator earners on Instagram.


When I first started
my fan site, I was 23.

I was just trying to post
cuter pictures on social media.

I started getting attention
from photographers,

and I started to get in shape,

started to look
into plastic surgery.

I got my lips filled,
and I bought some boobies.

And I looked into the BBL.

They sucked 11 pounds out of me,

and then they just put it
in my butt.

After my following grew
to a certain point,

I started working out a lot.

So when I started
to lose weight,

I was starting to lose my booty
that made me famous.

And I was like,
I need something permanent.

So I went ahead
and got butt implants.

My surgery went great,
felt really comfortable.

I felt like everything was okay.

Like a week after the surgery,
I busted my stitches open.

So I had a big hole
in my butt crack.

When I finally healed,

there's, like,
a really dark scar

in my--in my butt crack.

And once the swelling went down,

I was kinda, like,
a little disappointed.

It's just...not as big
as I would want.

I wanted it big, big.

So you're not doing anything
after work, Mom?

No, girl, you know
I don't ever go anywhere.

I know. You need to.
You need to have some fun.

You know
that's not easy for me.

My name is Hope,
and a motorcycle accident

may have broken my face,
but I'm survivor.

I was born in Alabama.

From 16 on, I got married,

had two beautiful daughters.

I got divorced.

I've been a single mom
most of the time.

You know what happened
the last time

I was at the nail salon?
That crazy lady

looked me right in my face,
asked me what happened

to my face to make me
look like this.

So there I am, 33 years old,

decided to learn how
to ride a motorcycle.

Rode around quite a bit,

for a couple of months.

And then everything changed
in the blink of an eye.

The next thing I remember
is I woke up

about four days later
laying in a hospital bed,

unsure of what happened.

I came to find out that
I indeed had a wreck.

It completely removed my nose.

My left eye socket was
completely exploded.

It took 13 1/2 hours in surgery
putting me back together.

About a week and a half after,

I looked in the mirror
for the first time,

and I just cried,

'cause it wasn't me
looking back at me.

I was hurting. I was in pain.

I was dysfunctional.

I couldn't do anything
for myself.

I couldn't take care of my kids.

And that's
pretty upsetting for me.

So your appointment

with Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow
is coming up.

I know it is. I know it's
never gonna be the same.

I'm not naive to think that,
but I would just like

the dynamic on both sides
to be the same.

It's been a very long, hard
road socially,

just because people stare.

I went from being
the life of the party

to being a recluse
trapped in my own home.

I mean, I was never
the prettiest girl in the room,

but I wasn't ugly.

I'm just kinda hoping that
they say yes and not--

Then we can go out.

- Heck, yeah. We're going out.
- Go out and party.

You guys have to wait
till I'm 21, though.

- I don't know about partying.
- I don't know about waiting.

Oh, no.

Whew, Lord.
The world better watch out.

I'm coming back.

How'd you like my photo?

I thought it was interesting.

You did a full Instagram
Kardashian model pose.

I thought, oh, my gosh.

The end of the world
is obviously here.

Take a look at this.


Wait a minute.
I don't even understand--

I can't even wrap my brain
around it.

- Here's the tongue.
- Yeah.

That kinda gets you
a little nauseated, doesn't it?

That's the maxillary dentition.
That's your whole upper teeth.

- That's the upper jaw?
- Upper jaw.

- Here? Hello!
- I think it's off. It's gone.

Oh, you know what it is? This.

I think it's literally
just a pivot, yeah.

I don't think there's even
any tissue holding it together.

They're lucky to be alive.

If we can make her life
a little bit better

to kinda erase
some of these memories

to do something to make it
look better, let's do it.

- Poor girl.
- Can you please send in Hope?

Hope Carter.

- Hi!
- Dr. Nassif.

- Nice to meet--
- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you, too.
- Hi, Hope. Terry Dubrow.

- Hey.
- How are you?

- I'm good. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

I mean, it's not very common
that Dr. Dubrow and I

see patients that have had
this severe of a wreck.

I really hope that we can
help her.

First of all, we're glad
that you're with us, alive.

- Me, too.
- Ohh.

Have you seen the graphic photos
of your mom's face

following the trauma?
- Yes.

You guys saw it in person
or just on the photos?

- I saw it in person.
- You did?

- Yeah.
- What do you mean?

Um, I was actually with her
in the wreck, so...

- Just not on the same bike.
- Yeah.

So you saw this?
How old were you?

- 10.
- You were 10? How old were you?

- 14.
- So what exactly happened?

Was that all gravel trauma?

My leg was trapped,
so my upper body came over,

and I face-planted, the eye
being behind the guardrail.

Oh, God.

Actually, she wrecked
in front of a paramedic's house,

and he heard
a little girl scream.

- That was you.
- Obviously, yeah.

And so he came running over,

and he had her already
before, like,

ambulance even got there, like--
- Oh, yeah.

- So he saved your life.
- Yeah.

Hope is very lucky that
a paramedic was there.

Ironically, the unluckiest day
in her life

was also, weirdly,
one of the luckiest.

How many surgeries
to reconstruct your face?

I've had seven.

- What'd you do about food?
- I had a feeding tube.

How long did you have that
feeding tube in? For a year?

For a year, yeah.

Let me ask you a question.
When you look in the mirror,

and you say,
"This one or two things

bothers me the most,"

that you wish
you could just make go away?

- My eye.
- What about your eye?

I don't have two
of the same eye.

You have a little unevenness
between the eyes?

Yes. Yeah.

And then, um, they did do
a nose surgery.

Just the scar tissue
on the right side.

It's just really a lot
of scar tissue in there.

Like, if I had to rely on it
to breathe, I'd suffocate and--

So you have right nasal
airway obstruction.


Could you just tell me
a little bit

about this emotional journey?

Because your mom, who you love
more than anything in the world,

has a major injury,
could have died.

She comes home,
and what was that like?

- I really just don't remember.
- You don't remember what?

The details of, like,
what I did,

on a daily basis.
- Took care of her.

Did you know that?

Is this the first time
that you're hearing

that she's blocking out
this whole traumatic incident?

How do you feel about that?

Not good.

I mean...

I feel like what happened to me
is nothing compared

to what happened to them

I feel like they're always
gonna carry that.

I've basically disrupted their
whole lives, you know? I...

We'll definitely work on it.

We'll fix it.

We've been through a lot.
It's been hard,

but it's more important for me

that my mom doesn't see herself
as a monster anymore.

My mom is my hero.

So there's a plate here.

That's what's keeping your
lower eyelid from lifting up.


It's because everything
is stuck right here.

You could actually feel
the trauma left behind

in Hope's face.

This is one of those things
that is considered,

generally speaking, not fixable.

All right, I wanna feel
all around here.

So there's a plate here.

That's what's keeping your
lower eyelid from lifting up.

- Yeah.
- That's because everything

is stuck right here.

This does not feel like
normal tissue.

You could actually feel
the trauma left behind

in Hope's face.

Nose time.

Oh, boy. Good luck now.

Head--Head back for me.
All right.

Let's take a peek.

So the opening inside your nose
is extremely narrow.

Hope has a lot of trauma
inside of her nose.

It's completely obstructed
with all this crusting.

I have to figure out what can
we do to open up her airway

and clean out her nose.

All right, let's start
with your eye.

To get all this reconstructed,

first we have to remove
that tissue...

- Mm-hmm.
- ...and kind of move

new tissue over.

- See that scar right there?
- Mm-hmm.

I'd like to make that scar
look better.

I'd even like to try
to address this

and somehow to elevate
your left upper lip.

The left side of Hope's face
is droopy.

So what I'm thinking
that after surgery,

I can add some filler
to Hope's cheek and lip

to make it more symmetric.

Now let's talk
about your nose.

You know,
the back of your nose...

- Mm-hmm.
- There's a bunch of crust.

The best part, and that's why
they call us booger pickers--

ear, nose, and throat doctors--

is when we go back there
and we open something up,

and we see mucus or boogers,
we enjoy debriding it.

- It kinda makes us feel good.
- Yeah.

- Just, you know...
- Just for clarification,

we're both plastic surgeons.

I am...

I am not a booger picker.

He's a booger picker.

That's his subspecialty.

I'm proud to be a booger picker.

If we look in the nose
and we see

a big booger back there
which is dried mucus,

and we just grab it
and pull it out,

love doing that.
It is so rewarding.

So what do you think
of all this?

I think it'll make everything
look better,

and I'll feel a little more
confident about it.

Well, we look forward
to seeing you.

I look forward to seeing you,

Unbelievable pleasure
meeting you.

Thank you so much.

I'm just excited to...

just to be able
to look at myself again

and...not hate
what I'm looking at.

Oh, God.

I love you.

I love you.


Yeah, not gonna work.

My name is Meredith,

and I'm in a constant
tug-of-war with my breasts.

My nipples are way too high,

and my breasts are dropped
way too low.

I'm constantly pulling 'em up,
and they fall back down.

Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif--

like, how do you feel
about these doctors?

If there is any way
I could get this fixed,

I'd like to work out
and get myself back

in the best shape of my life
by 50.

It's been over 20 years,
and I've had six surgeries,

just trying to achieve
a normal breast reduction.

And I'm actually worse off
than when I started.

Honestly, I feel so disappointed
in myself that I allow,

like, this to affect
my motivation to work out.

But inside, I don't feel...

motivational here.


You're beautiful to me.

Can you please send in Meredith?

- Meredith.
- Hi.

We need to hear your history
in some significant detail.

What happened that resulted
in this?

- Okay.
- All right, so take us back

to the beginning.
- I've always had large breasts,

especially after becoming

like, probably,
double, triple F.


I wanted to
get a reduction and a lift,

but I wanted to have cleavage
or have fullness,

and so the plastic surgeon's

was that I did an implant
with the reduction

to get that full projected look.
- You're kidding.

So you had F-sized breasts...

...that needed a major reduction
with a lift,

and the plastic surgeon wanted
to do that with implants.

There's so much breast tissue

that you can move up
to the upper pole.

Why would you ever need
to add volume?

Meredith's surgeon did something
that pisses me off that

I hear that plastic surgeons
do occasionally.

They take a girl who already
has very large breasts,

and they "sell her
breast implants."

It's retail medicine
at its worst.

It ended up looking like I had
four different breasts

because all the tissue
felt separated, and this was--

- You had a high implant.
- I literally had

four different...
- Yeah.

- ...looking breasts.
- You went back to this guy

and said, "What the heck?"

Right. And so he convinced me
that he could fix this.

- Okay, so what did he do?
- So the second time around,

it was just as bad
if not worse.

- Okay.
- And he referred me

to a colleague...
- Mm.

- have him fix it.
- He punted you. Okay.

And it looked good,
but the breast tissue grew back

and I kind of started getting
larger and larger and larger

with these implants.

It can either grow back
because you gained some weight

or sometimes breast tissue
weirdly can grow back.

- So what happened next?
- Um, I actually went in

for an ultrasound
for something else,

and they saw that I had an leak
in the implant.

So you have a rapture.
You gotta do something about it.

You go to see a plastic surgeon.

- Yes.
- What happened? Just--

He said to take the implants out
and then he would do

a reduction, like,
three months later.

Okay, so that's conservative,
safe. That's a good doctor.

But they didn't look reduced,
and I did notice

that the nipples
were, like, too high.

- Too high.
- And now I have no breast fold.

So basically
what started happening

is that tissue--it started
just drooping down into my body.

- Right.
- And literally,

the weight of it,
I feel it tearing away

from, like, my ribs.
- That's exactly what it is.

And just sinking further
and further down into my body.

- Yeah.
- He said it's not gonna

go back to normal.
- Right.

- That's--It's bottoming out.
- Well--

And I don't have implants.

That's what they called it?
Bottoming out?

Yeah, and--

Even though you had
no implant to bottom out.

- Correct, yeah.
- Okay.

I know. I look like a freak
of nature here. So, um...

How do you feel or what do you
see that she's going through

besides what she just told us?

For me, like, the fact that
I just sat here and listened

to my mom call herself
a freak of nature,

like, makes me wanna cry.
- What are your goals?

- Having 'em reduced.
- Okay.

Have 'em look somewhat normal.

Unfortunately, the main thing
that I see that's problematic,

those wedges down there,
that bottoming-out appearance,

that's breast tissue
that's lost its architecture.

This is one of those things
that is considered,

generally speaking,
not fixable.

Gotta get the good angles.

Yes, girl, yes, girl.


Hot girls with food
is, like, just super sexy.

So we're cutting out
the little plates

that were used to reconstruct
Hope's lower eyelid.

Wait, wait, wait. I just saw
a little piece of metal.

Okay, so the first thing
I notice looking at your breast

is that the areolas
are very high.

The second thing is that
your breasts are very large.

Very, very large.

We certainly could potentially
reduce the size of the breasts,

but you know, your breast
situation is all about this.

the inframammary crease,

which is exactly what
Meredith lacks,

is one of the hardest concepts

in reconstructive
breast surgery.

Can I do it?
I've got some thoughts.

This is tissue that has lost
its internal architecture,

its connective tissue matrix,
we call it.

And that's from the surgery?

That's from
the multiple surgeries,

and the last one just changed
the distribution

of the fibers inside the fat

that give the lower part
of your breast its shape.

But I may be able to take
this skin off,

and from your old implants,
there's a pocket in there,

with an old capsule
that's got good scar tissue.

I can hang my structure
from that.

And if I can do it tight,
I'm golden.

What do you think?

I have some faith in you guys,

and I trust what you're saying.

So I'm hopeful.

I desperately want
to feel like myself again.

Any improvement would be amazing

compared to where
I'm at right now.

All right. Pleasure meeting you.

- Pleasure meeting you.
- Pleasure meeting you.

It is not the first time
I've done a weird thing for...

You love doing
food-inspired stuff, I swear.

I know. My whole Instagram
is, like, food and boobs.

Basically, I wanna look like
a snack all the time.

And I also think just, like,
hot girls with food

is, like, just super sexy.

Make sure you guys cover
my scar, okay?

- All right, we've got you.
- We will.

How long you said it took
to heal?

- Two months.
- Two months?

Yeah, two months is a lot,
especially when my,

like, my moneymaker is my butt.

I think I wanna talk
to the doctors about maybe

getting, like, injections just
so it, like, fills out more.

- I think you're just--
- I don't think that you can

go any bigger.
- Yeah.

Your butt is already huge.

Amanda's definitely known for
her crazy Instagram videos.

I remember she was saying--
she's like,

"The bigger my butt is,
the more money I'm gonna make,"

and that's definitely
what's important to her.

Got to get the good angles.

- Ooh.
- Oh, it's so cute.

Look at it banging on me.



Oh, yes, girl, yes, girl.

Yes. Whoo.

So good.


What you do for the fans.

- Every guy's dream.
- I drank so much milk.

So, Meredith,
as we've discussed,

the main feature of your surgery
is absence of structure

of the lower part
of your breast.

Now your surgeons in the past
didn't do me any big favors,

'cause they put your areolas
so high on your breast mound.

But if I can get this,
we're golden.

Sounds easy, right?

For Meredith's surgery,

I'll start by making incisions
underneath her breasts,

find her old implant pocket,

and then use
the scar tissue inside

to attach to
her disconnected breast tissue,

the inframammary crease.

I will then remove breast tissu
and excess skin

and tighten the breast envelope

in order to get the areola
in the center

and to give her
the breast reduction

she's been wanting
her entire life.

So this is where I wanna hike
this breast up to, right here.

We have to go from the outside
straight down

in the old breast implant

which will give you more

Aha, the old pocket.

Found it.

You know, there isn't that much
of a scar of that wall.

Not sure this is gonna work.
The capsule's not that thick.

Tough case just got
a lot tougher.

I need to attach
Meredith's lower breast tissue

to her chest wall,

but she doesn't have
any good scar tissue

to attach it to, so even if
I put the stitches in

and hang the breast tissue
from the chest wall,

it all may fall apart

We need to sew it to something
that will take stitches.


Plan "B," I'm gonna try
to sew it to the ribs.

If I can find a way to connect
her lax soft tissue

to the firm connective tissue
overlying her rib cage,

I may, in fact,
be able to reconstruct

the inframammary crease.

I have no idea if this is
gonna work.

If this doesn't work,
there is no plan "C."


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

So this is starting
to give us a suggestion

that there's a crease
right here.

Boy, she's got
so much breast tissue.

I can't imagine ever putting
a breast implant in her.

How much breast tissue
did we take out so far?

- 458.
- 458. Okay.

Very significant
breast reduction.

Okay, we're starting to get
a shape.

That's kind of dramatic,
isn't it?


How are we gonna make that
left breast look like this?

Meredith's situation
is particularly challenging

because there's
a very significant asymmetry

due to the loss
of underlying tissue support.

Even if each breast
by themselves looks okay,

if they don't look similar,

the result's
not gonna be acceptable.

Okay, push up.

Let's see if we can do
a similar thing

and sew it to the ribs.
There you go.

Okay, this seems to be working
so far.

The inframammary creases
are done.

Reduction is done.
Her nipples are in the center,

so let's see how symmetrical
they are or not.

- Holy sh--. It's too good.
- Wow.

Let's close this.


That's gotta be a lot of fungus.

I mean, this is a whole new
level than booger picking.

This is booger mining.



You started up with that stuff?

Had lots of sex today.

Five...times a day.

Five times a day?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

We are actually at that day
we're doing this.

I know.

- You know Dr. Peng.
- I do.

- Hi.
- And then you know this guy.

How are you? Good to see you.

The eye super, super superstar.

Dr. Guy Massry is

a fantastic reconstructive
oculoplastic surgeon,

and he's part of
our excellent team of surgeons

to help fix Hope.

The biggest thing
that bothers you--

number one, this whole area
around the eye.


Two was your nasal obstruction.

So we're gonna use
the endoscope

to look and say, okay,
is it a deviated septum?

Do you have a little bit
of valve stenosis

where I have to actually
open up your nose

and make it bigger?

I'm not sure yet.

We have a gigantic team today
for Hope.

We got six surgeons today.
Because of all the trauma

she had, we don't know, really,
how the anatomy is.

Right. So we play it by ear
when we're there.

Today for Hope's surgery,

Dr. Massry and I will start

by removing
the metal plate and screws

in Hope's left cheek
and lower eyelid area

while the team harvests fat
from the lower abdomen.

Then Dr. Massry will use
the dermal fat graft

to elevate the lower eyelid
while my team and I

perform scar revisions
on Hope's trachea

and the lower right side
of her mouth.

Next we'll move on to the nose
and use a debrider

to clean up and debulk tissue,
giving her a bigger airway.

So we're cutting out
the little plates

that don't need to be here

because they've already done
its job of securing

the little bone drafts
that were used to reconstruct

Hope's lower eyelid area.

Wait, wait, wait. I just saw
a little piece of metal.

I got it in here.

Now what do you wanna do
about this?

What I'm gonna do is
release her canthus,

lift this up,
get her lid higher.

See how big the defect is?

And then we're going to
advance this as far as we can

like this, Paul.

So it'll expose more
of the lower lid and the bone.

Dr. Massry's gonna do
a canthoplasty.

A canthoplasty is when
you actually separate

the lateral aspect
of the upper and lower eyelid.

And with doing that, you can
release the position of this,

and with Hope's case,
we wanna elevate it

because it's pulled down.

This is the dermis fat graft.

We're going to cut it to size,
and then eventually

use it to cover the defect
in the face.

Now we're starting also
the revision of the scar

on the corner
of the right mouth.

I mean, you've heard of
the saying "It takes a village."

Well, in Hope's case,
it's taking the whole damn city.

I got Massry here on my left,

Dr. Peng on my right
working on the cheek scar,

and I'm working on the neck.

I mean, if you look at what
Hope went through,

she deserves it.

Dr. Massry now has put
the lower eyelid

in excellent position,

and now we're trying
to stitch everything together.

To add to this
already humongous team

is Dr. John Frederick.

He's a sinus specialist.

So he's gonna bring
in the endoscope,

and we're gonna see what
we can do to fix the inside

of Hope's nose, and hopefully
with us going in there

and cleaning everything out,
she'll be able to breathe.

What Dr. Frederickson will do
right now

is use the debrider to start
opening up that back area.

The debrider's gonna eat away
at that tissue.

This is the ultimate
booger picking.


It's gotta be a lot of fungus.


I mean, this is a whole new
level than booger picking.

This is booger mining. Ugh!

So we're gonna go
straight through this,

open this entire airway up.

And that's all
you probably need.

That's probably all we'll need
to do.

Overall, Hope is going to have
an improvement,

but she's not gonna look like
what she looked like

prior to the accident.

I hope that she's happy
with the improvement,

after a couple of months

when I'm able to put in
some filler

in her cheek and her lip to make
her face look more symmetric.

All right, thank you all.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Good.

In pain?

- Yeah.
- Yeah? I bet.

I had surgery yesterday,

and today I already feel
so much lighter,

like this big weight's been
taken off of me.

I could already tell
from my boobs,

instead of being down here
are up here.

So I started the case
by making an incision

and go right through your old
breast horizontal crease

and finding the old pocket,

but there really wasn't much
scar tissue.


But then in your case,
I basically hunyocked it

to the back wall of your ribs.

Hunyocking is basically where
you surgically take

this piece of tissue,

and you need it to go here,
and you just lift it up

and put a bunch of stitches
in it very carefully,

hunyocking it up to where
you want it to go

with very robust stitches
in two layers.

That's why I'm surprised
you're not in more pain.

I can feel the ribs.

Yeah, then I still had to do
the breast reduction,

and so let's see
what it looks like,

because that was a lot of trauma
to expose your breast tissue to.

Hunyock or not, if it works,
I don't care what you call it.

It feels so much better
to--to be smaller.

I mean, look at that.

You got plenty nipple from this.

I mean, you got
beautiful creases.

Look at this.
Look at these creases.


Remember how high
your nipples are?

- Yeah.
- Look at that.

It's right in the center
of the mound.

They're not high at all.

- What do you think?
- It's crazy.

I definitely am excited to see
my mom's personality come back.

You can just see, like, pure joy
kind of coming out of her,

like, wow, this is
really happening,

and we finally fixed it.

Once this heals up,
you're gonna have normal, cute,

symmetrical breasts
with normal creases.

What I've always wanted
my whole life.

Yeah, and no implants.

Yeah! Give us a hug. Come on.


When was the last time
you had that?

About nine years ago.

My head feels good.

You have a freshly closed,
healing wound.

If you eff with it,
it's gonna eff with you.

Let me ask you a question.

You know when they talk
about hall pass?

- Yes.
- So you know who

my celebrity hall pass
has always been?

- Scarlett Johansson.
- Johansson.

Why? Are we seeing
Scarlett Johansson?

Scarlett Johansson--Okay.
So no.

We're not seeing
Scarlett Johansson,

but we're seeing someone

who is told they look like
Scarlett Johansson.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Okay, let's see.
- That's Scarlett Johansson.

- No. That's who we're seeing.
- Wow. Actually, she--

Pretty unbelievable, huh?

- Damn.
- I know.

Her problem right now
is with her buttock area. So--

So she has implants?

Yeah, I think something
has gone on recently,

because she still has
a healing wound.

- Scarlett?
- Scarlett.

- No.
- Amanda.

Amanda. Can you please
send in Amanda?


- Well, you're right, huh?
- Right?

Hi. Nice to meet you.
My name's Amanda.

- Amanda, I'm Dr. Nassif.
- She actually does.

- Yes, you do.
- Hi. I'm Terry Dubrow.

Nice to meet you.

My body is so much
of my, like, career.

I'm this sexy bombshell, so if I
can't portray that character,

I would have to get
a normal job.

Also, I...I just like being hot.

So I've got to tell you,

you know, I'm a big fan
of Scarlett Johansson.

Always have been, right?

So you haven't
had surgical procedures

to look like Scarlett.
- No.

You just happen to look
like her, right?

No, I just happen
to look like her.

So you guys are buddies?

Yeah, best friends.

- Where do you live?
- I live in North Hollywood.

- She lives in Vegas.
- Okay, so--

- I live in Vegas.
- What do you do there?

I make most of my money
off, like, social media...

- Okay.
- ...and my Instagram.

Okay. Obviously, you've had
a number of surgical procedures

to enhance your ability
to make a living on Instagram

and as a model and so on,

Yes. So I got
a breast augmentation,

and then I went and I saw
a doctor about getting a BBL,

and it lasted about a year,

and then my booty started
to shrink,

so I started to look
into implants.

I got it done three months ago,

and I had a boyfriend
at the time, so...

- Uh-oh.
- There was some hot stuff...

So what--seriously?

You started up with that stuff?

Within what?
What period of time?

A week.

- A week?
- A week.

- Couple of days.
- Couple days?


You're kidding me. How many
times did you and your boyfriend

have intimate activities
in that period of time?

Before the surgery, it was,
like, five times a day,

but, like--
- Five times a day?

But after the surgery,
I slowed down.

I was only doing it, like,
once or twice.

People are like,
"You're so sweet and nice

and happy all the time."
I'm like, "Yeah.

Had lots of sex today."

Wow. So you're, like,
a terrible patient.


Following any type of surgery,
we always wanna have

the patients limit
their activities,

especially butt surgery.

Mellowing out in regards to sex
for the first few weeks,

yeah, we tell everybody.

A week later, I go in,

and the doctor looks at it,
and he goes, "Oh, my God."

He's like,
"You ripped your stitches."

- Oh, boy.
- And he's like,

"Your incision is, like,
fully, like, exposed,

like, open, super deep."
- And you didn't know?

- I didn't know.
- The wound was open,

but the implant wasn't exposed?
- Yeah.

So my implants were safe.

He said they were secured
in the muscle.

It's just making sure
that I don't

get the crack area infected,
which could then..

- Spread to the implants.
- Spread to everything.

Or the opening could continue
to the deeper layers.

- Yeah.
- And your implants

could get exposed...
- Yeah.

- ...which would be game over.
- Yeah.

So we start addressing changes,

Yeah. So it eventually, um,

Like, and it just closed, like,
two weeks ago or so.

- Two weeks ago?
- Mm-hmm.

So the wound was open for...
almost two and a half months.

My scar is pretty dark
from it,

and I just wanna make sure
that it's okay.

- Yeah.
- And I kinda want it,

just, like, bigger
and, like, perfectly full.

- So...
- Of course.

I was thinking, like,
if there was a way

to put, like, injections
on top of it

or something like that.
- Okay.

'Cause I don't wanna cut
anything open again.

But what do you think
about all this?

What do you think
of your friend here?

Um, you know, she works hard
for, like, what she wants,

so if she wants bigger,
I think...

- She trusts my judgment.
- I do. I trust her judgment.

- She looks amazing.
- You trust her judgment?

This is someone
who had sex 20 times

the first 15 days after surgery.

Is that the judgment
you think is trustworthy?


No, not that judgment.

Other things, other things.

So I know Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow

do not really see me
as the best patient.

But if they would see me
and help me out...

I would be
a good girl, I promise.

So you could see you have
good symmetry with your buttock.

All right, we're just gonna take
a look at this incision.

Okay. So it's actually...

healing quite well.
- Pretty good. Okay.

And that's small.
That's very small.

You--You got very lucky.

I mean, you have a little bit
of darkening

and a little bit of redness.

The redness is not
infection redness.

It's just healing redness.

I'm actually really surprised
that Amanda's incision

has healed so well, considering

how long it took to get it
to heal.

Normally, when a wound
takes that long to heal,

you have a very wide
and potentially

very thick and painful scar,

so she's really actually
very lucky.

So your scar--it's a little red,
which that will calm down,

and you have a little bit
of brown.

Another month or so,

you can always get
a little bleaching cream

or something later on for that.
That's, like, not a big deal.

- Okay.
- Yeah. Let's talk about

your goal to maybe go
a little bit bigger.

Okay, it is possible

using noninvasive techniques
like injections

that you could put,
for example, Sculptra

and get a relatively
low risk enlargement.

But why don't you wait a year?

You just had
a major buttock complication

that by the skin of your teeth
worked out for you.

But you have a very early
active healing process

going on internally.

If you eff with it,
it's gonna eff with you.

I'm really terrified.
Because it's closed,

I thought it was all--all good,
and now I'm super scared.

No doggy style.

Gonna have to tone down
the twerking probably.


I'm gonna give my butt
a break.

- You give your butt a break.
- Yeah.

- Wow.
- Perfect.

Just pictures. Just pictures
for the Gram. That's it.

I'm thinking that I'm gonna go
on a lot of beach vacations

and lay on my tummy
and just tan the butt.

Sleep, girl, sleep.

No more work for you.

- I'll be taking these.
- So happy I met you.

- Nice to meet you.
- Natural is better.

Thank you.
That's what I've heard. Wow.

Pleasure. Pleasure.
Nice meeting you.

Hear that, baby?
Natural is better.

I know.

Hope still has a lot
of healing to do.

We're doing baby steps to get
Hope back to her old self.

Oh, wow, that's crazy different.

I no longer feel like
a freak of nature.

I feel great, sexy,
and I've lost 20 pounds.

You look awesome, Mom.

- Hello.
- How are you?

Feel really good.

- I know.
- So I haven't seen you

for quite a while.
You're looking amazing.

Couple of months.

So it's been a couple months
since I last saw Hope.

You're breathing.

When was the last time
you had that?

About nine years ago.

- Yeah.
- It's huge.

Nine long years to just, like...

The head feels good.

She's been doing great.
She can breathe a lot better,

and her eye is healing nicely.

Now all we need to do
just to finish things off,

we're gonna put some filler
in her lips and her cheek.

She had
that tracheal adhesion.

- Yes.
- So I redid that.

And then we redid
this scar here.

- Very good.
- And then,

she had thin skin, and you can
feel the plate underneath.

- Right.
- This lower part of the eye,

and she had entropion.

So we opened up that area,

took out
the actual plates there,

and then extended this incision
and advanced it.

- Amazing.
- And, um, we scoped her nose.

I had Dr. Frederick
help me with this.

Now what is she here today for?

Laura, my incredible injector,

is going to see about doing
a little lift

through the left side
of the lip.

And then we wanna give her cheek
a little bit of pop

with some Voluma filler.
- Okay.

Hope still has a lot of healing
to do.

We're doing baby steps to get
Hope back to her old self.

Now we can't change the past.

But hopefully,
Hope and her daughters

can start to heal now

and move on
from that traumatic accident.

Oh, wow, that's crazy different.

- Cheek's big.
- The cheek is huge, yeah.

- I think you look great.
- Thank you.

- So we will see you soon.
- Yes, sir.

- You hang in there.
- Thank you.

When I set out 20 years ago
to have a breast reduction,

I never thought
I would end up going through

all that I had gone through with
having, you know, the implants

or no implants and losing
my breast shape altogether.

And looking at my breasts now,
like, I'm amazed.

I no longer feel like
a freak of nature.

I feel great, sexy,
and I've lost 20 pounds.

How's it going, Mama?

I think you guys are really
gonna like this one.

- Ooh.
- Wanna see it.


- How cute.
- I think it's safe to say

you finally got the reduction
you were looking for.

After 20 years.

I love how that fits you.
You look so good.

My mom is super hot.

For the first time,

you can see that
she feels like she looks great.

It's not just us
trying to convince her.

And that makes me that happy
that she feels that way.

Wow. Yeah, I like that a lot.

You look awesome, Mom.


- Look at this waist.
- You can see it now!

The boobs aren't covering it.

Oh, I love that so much.
That looks so good.

So cute.

I'm actually excited
to try on clothes now.

Before, it was just such
a dreadful experience

because I could shop
and try on 30 things,

and nothing would fit me,
and now it's like

everything looks cute.

I feel like a big weight's
been taken off of me.

About three bra sizes.

Before my surgery,

I was in a constant tug-of-war
with my breasts.

My nipples were way too high,

and my breasts
were way too low.

I had extremely large breasts
and no crease at the bottom.

I felt hopeless, and I had
zero motivation to go work out.

But thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

my nipples are
in the right place,

my breasts are perky,

and I finally have the reduction
I have always wanted

with an actual breast crease.

I never thought I would see
the day,

but my large breasts
are finally gone.

- Here you go. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.

- Have a great, ladies.
- You, too.

You, too.

- Pizza café?
- Yum.

That's our favorite kind
of place right there--pizza.

All the time.

Coming up on almost 10 years
since my motorcycle accident,

the way I feel today versus
the way I felt then

has definitely
changed drastically

since my surgery
with Dr. Nassif.

I never would've went out
in public.

Now I feel a lot better
about myself.

I feel a lot better about

becoming a part of population
again, actually.

Nice to see you
with a little confidence back.

Right? You see that glow
in her now.

The eye definitely looks good.

It does, yeah. The eye
definitely looks amazing.

I think all in all, um,
the big stuff is done.

It's just the little, tiny...

- Little tweaks.
- Yeah, tweaks.

The main surgery is done.
Oh, yeah.

Before my surgery,

my face was destroyed
by a motorcycle accident.

I had a disfigured left eye
and mouth.

I also couldn't breathe due
to my right nostril

being closed off
from all the scar tissue.

I hated what I saw
in the mirror,

and I hated what it did to me
and my family.

But now thanks to Dr. Nassif,
I can breathe.

My eyes are more symmetrical,

and I can finally look
in the mirror

and not hate what's looking
back at me.

I'm excited about life
for the first time

in a very long, long time.

Now we can just enjoy each other
without, you know,

having to hide in the house
or stopping life.

Get a coffee. When was the last
time we got a coffee together?

- I don't remember.
- Never.

We'd normally go get it
and then bring it back home.


- I'm pretty excited about that.
- Good.

It's good to see you happy
about it.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Finally.


So if you can modify your body,
why not?

I'm on a quest
for a bigger chest.

You gotta gain some weight.

I'm even worried about you
undergoing anesthesia.


I watched my nose die.

So I'm finessing
the composograph.

I don't like that.
I just don't like it.

I felt automatically
something's wrong with me.

- They didn't change it.
- They didn't change

her implants.
- Wow.

All they did
was kill her tissue.

You needed that scan.

If you'd like to be
considered for "Botched,"