Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - Mia Mound and a DUI Disaster - full transcript

A Black Hawk crew chief with one MIA breast needs Dr Dubrow's help, while Dr Nassif attempts to bring back the smile of a DUI accident victim. Meanwhile, the doctors get served looks from a filler-obsessed nose patient.

I called the best plastic
surgeon I knew of.

Please, make me a woman.

And then my face
started changing.

Someone was like,
"Oh, youre de-transitioning,"

and I was like,
"Excuse me?"

Ive been in the military
for almost 10 years now.

Ive been a Black Hawk
crew chief.

Black Hawk crew chief?
Yeah. Yes.

Should we call in the cavalry?


Ended up having to
take 70% of my muscle

because it was all infected.

Wow, I thought she had
more than this,

which is gonna make it
really hard

to give her a shape down there.

A drunk driver had hit us.
I have some nerve damage.

Ill probably never have
my smile back again.

Right now we can see it
in this little muscle.

Theres a chance that
I can make your smile worse.

My name is Kyleigh
and my nose is a faux nose.

Its all filler.

I have this little,
tiny flat nose.

I dont like this little,
teeny-tiny nose.

It doesnt fit my face.

Kyleigh is a very bubbly person

to the point where
I annoy probably
a lot of people around me,

but to be honest,
I really dont care.

My favorite brand of shoe
happens to be
Christian Louboutin.

They are magical.

Theyre ruby slippers.
They definitely will
transport you to Wonderland.

Even though I went through
puberty as a biological male,

I spent my whole life
growing up

with the assumption that
I was a girl.

In high school, I just, like,
scrolled across a video

and I said, "I dont know who
Gigi Gorgeous is, but, yeah,
let me watch this."

This person had fully

and had become
a big inspiration for me.

So I got my first prescription
for hormones.

I started to get,
you know, some hips.

I called the best plastic
surgeon I knew of.

I wanted facial feminization
and breast augmentation.

Here is Gigi Gorgeous face,
heres here nose,

here several of her angles.

Make me a woman.

When I got out of surgery,

I was, like, happy in
this nirvana state.

The first thing I did
was reach for my chest.

That power right there,
I was woman, hear me roar.

Five months after my surgery,

I started to notice my nose
was starting to go down.

I had this little,
tiny, flat nose.

I went to see another doctor.

He told me now theres
non-surgical rhinoplasties.

He put filler in my nose
and I hate it.

It doesnt last

and having such a tiny nose

just doesnt match
everything else.

Im really hoping Dr. Nassif

can give me, like,
a natural nose.

Even my red bottoms
cant fix this.

Youre gonna lose.
Uh-oh. Is that a threat?

My name is Tanya

and my left breast
is missing in action.

This right here...

This prosthetic is my boob.

There is no boob there.

I currently have one implant.

I wouldnt even be able to
describe my breasts

because I dont want to
look at them.

I got an infection on my skin.

They had to
do emergency surgery.

They had taken out 70%
of my muscle mass

because it was also
infected at that point.

Im sorry.

I dont want to live
like this anymore.

I let myself get emotional
about what happened,

but definitely only in private.

Ive always been very strong,

and so the biggest thing that
held me back from sharing

what was going on with anybody,
was showing weakness.

You know, just when
I thought I had figured out

how to fix even the most
impossible breasts,
this comes along.

This is Tanya,
shes in the military.

Thats cool. Hold on.
Is this distorted or what?

But theres no volume.
Its gone.

Well, no. Look at
the disruption of the tissue.

That is the question.
Absolutely why?

So lets bring Tanya in
and figure out if this
is even fixable.

Can you please send in Tanya?

How are you? Dr. Nassif.
Nice to meet you.

Terry Dubrow.
Please to meet you.

Ive had ten doctors
turn me down.

As soon as they see me,
they say, "I cant help you."

And I am very nervous that
Dr. Dubrow, Dr. Nassif
cant help me today.


We saw a picture of you
in a uniform.

Yeah. Ive been in the military

for almost 10 years now.

Ive been a Black Hawk
crew chief.

Black Hawk?

Crew chief.

Wow, thats cool.

Do you ever just go up there

and you just feel like,

"Come on, Im gonna
in Black f-in Hawk.

Oh, yeah.
"Who wants to mess--"
Dont you feel that way...

Oh, yeah.
...when you get in that thing?

That confidence goes up.

Yeah, right?

Have you gone anywhere
out of the country?

No, but will be
in the next year.

Once I got the announcement
of the deployment,

I knew that I had
to fix my breasts

because the last thing
that I wanna be thinking about

is my prosthetic.

I didnt wanna go
on that deployment

in my current condition.

So what was the first thing
that you did to your chest,

and how did it all start?

I had my first son,

you know, breast feeding

and all that good stuff,

They deflated.

I went the route
of going bigger.

I ended up with, like,
a triple D.

And I was uncomfortable,

so I wanted to go smaller

and get a lift.

Then my scars got
extremely dark.

I went to get the scar revision.

The doctor told me

he should remove
some of the breast tissue

and put in a larger implant.

Thats interesting.

Thats a new one.

Im totally confused.

Why would surgeon ever take a
patient to the operating room,

remove breast tissue,

and put a larger implant
in them

when all they wanted
is a scar revision?

You know why?

Cause he wanted to charge her

a lot of money,

and hes a greedy asshole.

My friend had had
the similar procedure,

and she looked great.

So I said, "Okay, sure."
Of course you did.

So did it work?
It did.

And I was extremely happy.

I was about full C,
small D maybe.

Everything was going okay

for the first couple of weeks.

And then I started getting

on the top of my left breast.

So we get on antibiotics.

And this continues on
for about five months.

Five months?

Every time I go see him,
he just tells me, like,

"Well, do you wanna try
another antibiotic?"

Is the infection gone?


Wow, its getting worse.

Okay, go on.

One day Im at the unit,

Im walking out
on the flight line,

and I got to open
the helicopter door,

and Im just too weak
to open it.

So I drive myself
to the doctor,

and Im about to pass out,

and so they come
and they grab me.

My blood pressure
was almost nonexistent.

And thats the last thing
that I remember.

So when I wake up.

The implants are out.

The implant is out.

Took the left one out,
left the right one in.

Yes. Ended up having to take
70% of my muscle

because the left breast
was severely infected.


If a patient has a necrotizing
soft tissue infection,

you gotta remove
the dead tissue,

the necrotized tissue.

Two, they need
hyperbaric oxygen.

Three, IV antibiotics.

Numerous things you have to do.

You dont just give them

and say, "Good-bye."

Okay, so you know about
this situation, right?

To be fair, I mean,

I didnt tell anybody.

Because I felt like

it was the consequence
of something that I did.

You didnt do this
to yourself.

Some a-hole did this to you

by mismanaging you.

I appreciate that.

No, but its the truth.

Lets see what we can do.

So whats the answer?

Lets face it.

This is left-breast down.

A drunk driver had hit us.

I couldnt believe
that that was how bad
my face looked.

I feel like a monster.

What is this thing
youre using,

this cutlet or whatever it is?
Its a prosthesis.

This prosthesis.
Its really gross,

but its the only one
Ive been able to--
Look how big it is.

Yeah, yeah.

Its-- Its time
we get rid of it.

So right now this is kind of
what I am dealing with.

So you can see, right?

This is called
the inframammary crease.

You know we have a jaw line

Its almost like
you dont have a jaw

on this side.

You dont have that structure

that gives you
that defined crease.

So you think,
"Well, why cant I just put
a breast implant in it?

The problem is, is that
it will be on your abdomen.

Youve lost that connection

from the inner aspect

of the left breast

to the chest wall.

That has haunted me
my entire career.

Tanya has one of the most
difficult things to fix

in all of breast surgery,

which is the attachment

of the breast tissue

to the chest wall.

Its made even
that much more difficult

by the fact that
shes lost the muscle

and a lot of that breast
tissue in this area.

It actually may
not be fixable.

Lets face it.

This is left-breast down.

Is it not?
Yes, it is.

So how do we rescue
the left breast?

Question is, can we come up
with some creative solution

to give you an attachment here

to have that contour

and then match it
to the other side?

I wont know
till I get in there.

Im willing to take
whatever journey it is,
even without knowing

what exactly
were going to do,
and Im thrilled

that hes willing to take
the journey with me.

Okay, are you in?
Im in.

Are you in, Esmeralda?
Im fully in.

I want my best friend back.

You want your best friend back?


I mean, my best friend

has great breasts.

I want your best friend

to have great breasts, too.

Thank you for again
insulting me.

I really appreciate it.
I didnt insult you.

I think this is
the place right here.

Yeah, its right here.
Is it?

My name is Brontee,
and my face

makes me feel deformed.

I have really heavy cheek.

Its very asymmetrical,

and its not the way
that I was born.

Well, actually I was
in a car accident

about three years ago.

I have some nerve damage
on my face,

so I get a lot of tugging
at the eye

and a lot of eye twitching.

So I kind of just wanna see if
theres something I can do

just to relieve that
a little bit.

On July, 2016

I got hit by a drunk driver.

It was a Friday night

I asked my boyfriend Axel

if he can take me to get food.

A car came through the
intersection on a red light

and rammed right into us
on the passengers side.

I really just remember
the glass shattering

and flying through the car.

I looked down

and blood started just dripping
down all over my lap,

and thats when I realized
I was injured.

So is that some
of the eye twitching

that were seeing there now?

And thats actually good thing.

So were getting that nerve
to stimulate,

and then were gonna get it
to calm down.

After the accident,

the surgeon basically
just wanted to clean me up.

He pretty much just took
all the glass out of my face,

and he stitched me up.

I was told that Ill probably
never have my smile back again,

and they told me also
that I have nerve damage.

How are you feeling
now that youre sitting up?

I feel a lot
of tension released.


I didnt see
what I looked like

until, I believe,
is two days in.

I looked in the mirror,

and I couldnt believe it

that that was how bad
my face looked.

I feel like I saw, like,
a monster,

like a just deformed person.

It was hard.

It was hard to see my mom

come in to the room

and just see, like,
the heartbreak

on her face.

And just, like,
I feel like that killed me

more than, like,
my me and how I felt.

So this basically was

a MVA,
motor vehicle accident.

With glass in her face.

Trauma to her face.

Take a peek.
Here she is.

Lets see what
she looks like now.

So looks like she has
some residual fullness

from whatever that was.

That-- Thats gonna be

All right, well,
lets get her in. Okay?

Very interesting.

Can you please send in


Its nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

How are you? Dr. Nassif.
Im Terry Dubrow.

What is it?

Pleasure to meet you.

So all we have
is a few photos.

And obviously we see
the scaring stuff.

What happened?

Three years ago

we were involved
in a car accident,

a drunk driver had hit us.

She blew a .24,
a blood alcohol.

I think it was .18.

Still its more than twice
the legal limit.

Still, yeah, twice the limit,
though, yeah.

And also tested positive
for cocaine as well.

- Whoa.
- Yeah,

The window smashed,

and my face took the impact
of the glass.

So the glass sliced
right through your cheek.


You didnt have any injuries.

- No. No, not really.
- Really?

Just a couple scrapes.

You got taken to ER
by paramedics?

Yes, they didnt have
a surgeon on duty,

and they had to wait
until the surgeon came in

at about 7:00.

Did any of the emergency room

try to just remove
some of the glass,

especially if it was
pretty superficial?

I think they
just wrapped it up,

and they were just trying
to control the bleeding,

so I just pretty much continued
bleeding throughout the night.

What time did you get there?

Around midnight,
a little after midnight.

So besides having
an open wound with glass,

you were bleeding
all night long.

- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.


Brontee had many problems

relating to waiting all night

for a doctor to come in.

One, she was bleeding
all night.

That couldve stopped
if the doctor closed it.

Two, the risk of infection
goes up.

Three, theres a possibility

that it could increase
scar formation

if you wait too long.

The doctor shouldve gotten
his ass in there a lot sooner.

And youve not had
any other procedures
since then.

I have not.

It was actually the lieutenant

of the police department,
the traffic department,

told me to go ahead
and reach out to you guys.

Howd you know him?

Hes familiar with the accident.

He made a point to come
and introduce himself to me,

and hes the one--
Its actually--

at one of her court hearings

there was-- how many?
How many cops?

Cops came?

I was surrounded
by police officers.

Mind you, these are

that she doesnt even know

that werent involved
directly in the accident,

they came just to support her.

Im eternally grateful

for the support
that Ive received

from the police department.

Theyve helped me

I would not be here today

if it wasnt for
the police department.

How did this heal?

What complications

or what after effects

have you had from the injury?

Well, the bulkiness in my cheek

effected my smile,

so whenever I would try to,
my cheek will push

on to-- I feel like it basically
is pushing my mouth back,

so its like kinda like,
"No, I dont want you to smile."

Like the sensation
that its pushing on you.

Yeah. Like I feel like my face

is, like, fighting back
at me smiling.

That really bothers me.

I noticed since
we were sitting here,

you had a little blepharospasm.
Your lower eyelid here was...

Is that from the accident?

Thats from the accident, yes.

There was a chance
that some of those muscles

got cut.

What do you guys do
for the fun there?

Like to go out to the bars.

Serving looks.

This is a little serve-looks
test, ready?

Do it.

What is that?

The pec muscles completely been
eaten alive by the infection

to the point where she basically
doesnt have one anymore.

All right, let me talk
about your smile,

what you think that
is the problem.

I can, like, feel it.
Okay, you feel tension.

I can, yeah.
Well, it looks like
youre smiling.

I do still feel the pressure

from my cheek pushing on it.

All right,
turn your head that way.

Theres-- Theres a lot
of skin laxity.

Right now we can see
this little muscle.

That muscles twitching

most likely from
some of the trauma

even though usually
it comes off

and goes right
around through here.

Youve never noticed
a twitching in this zone?

Oh, she twitches here.
I do?

- Yeah.
- Blink your eyes.

There you go.
You see this twitch?

Yeah, theres your synkinesis
right here.

This is called synkinesis.

Brontee has a classic case

of what we call synkinesis,

where the growth of the nerves
after the injury

caused abnormal connections
to the muscles

and give you abnormal movements.

So regards to your nerves,

that can be improved,

but weve not sure.

And we have to see

what is causing that fullness.

Is it extra skin?

Just kind of pushed up

like a big pin cushion?

Or is it scar tissue?

Is it the buccal fat pad,

which is the little fat pad

that lives inside your cheek?

Did that get exposed

so the little fats
sticking out?

You see this?

Depression in this little area?

One thing that we can do

is add a little bit of fat.

By doing that,

can we somewhat
try to make it

symmetric like this side?

Probably not perfect,

but if I can actually improve
that 40, 50, 60%,

are you going to be happy?

I will be ecstatic.

Theres a very small chance

that I can make
your smile worse.

Cause one of the nerves
in this area

can be superficial,

and it can be injured.

You were the victim
of a drunk driver.

And thats not right.

And that, we have to do
something about.

Im on board.

What color you gonna get, girl?

I dont know.
Its like a good Ferrari red.

Do you remember
when we first met?

Yeah, you had on your pajamas
and you Louboutins.

Pajamas and Louboutins--
no I didnt.

At least you had
the red bottoms, baby.

Nicoles a really good friend
of mine.

She told me about doctors.

She told me about surgeries.

She told me about risks.

A Google search is not enough

to make you feel comfortable

when its your face
and your body.

I dont know whats
going on with my nose,

like someone was like,
"Oh, youre de-transitioning,"

and I was like,
"Excuse me?"

Tried it.
Tried it.

You know, like,
I had originally, like,

used Gigi as an inspiration.

For your surgery?
You know,
like for my surgery,

yeah, because I was just, like,

I dont wanna do the nose job,

but it feminizes the face.

its not working out

in my favor.

If the doctors are able
to help Kyleigh,

I think its definitely
gonna boost her self-esteem

and make her feel like,
you know,

less like a freak,
and just like
a normal person again.

So, like, after youre
gonna fix your nose,
are you done, bitch?

She feels complete,
like I feel, like, really good.

I just want it to be,
you know,

like a functional nose
thats not going to be

something that I have
to maintain.

I support you, bitch.

Did you get new boob?

Maybe a little.

Maybe a little bit.

Yeah, you clocked it.

Todays your big day.

I cant wait.
Im so excited.

I also wrote something for you.

"I know you have endured and
battled in silence for years.

In a few hours you will regain
the you that was lost

and revolve to become
what you were destined to be."

That was so sweet.
Youre the best.

And I promise Ill never keep
anything from you again.

I feel so relieved

that I shared my story
with my best friend Esmeralda.

Shes been a rock

and has just made it easier
for me to open up.

Hi, Tanya.

How are you?

Im good.
Put it there.

So we have some stuff
to do today.

So lets figure this thing out.

The toughest part is going to be
matching this inner portion

to whatever inner portion
comes out

on the left breast.

Should we call in the cavalry?


For Tanyas surgery,

Im going to start by opening
up the left breast,

inserting an implant

while trying to recreate

her inframammary crease

by manipulating
the scar tissue

and finally giving her
a breast lift.

On the right breast,

I will make an incision
around her areola,

remove her old implant,

and then insert
a smaller one

and perform a breast lift,

leaving Tanya
with two symmetrical breasts.

Dr. Terry Dubrow
reporting for duty.

We have a rescue mission
to accomplish today.

Were gonna rescue
that left breast.

All right, so lets start
on the left side.

Wow, the pec muscles
completely been eaten alive

by the infection

to the point where she basically
doesnt have one anymore,

which is gonna make it
really hard

to give her a shape down there.

I need to think
of a creative way

of giving Tanya

the lower inner portion
of her breast contour

because shes lost
so much soft tissue in there

just putting an implant alone

wont work.

I think what Im gonna do

is create
a super defined pocket

that basically displaces
this implant

over there,

forcing the shape

onto that side.

What is your major malfunction,
left breast?

Okay, so Ive narrowed
the pocket,

hopefully pushing the implant

towards the cleavage area.

Heres a 615,

bigger than I thought Id use,

but I didnt realize
she had lost

so much breast tissue.

All right, weve got a pocket,
weve got a shape,

weve got
an inner cleavage area.

I think I found a creative way

to actually give Tanya

an inner breast contour

by creating a wall

on the outer portion,

pushing the implant over,

giving her a breast crease.

Now all I have to do

is tighten the skin

and then go over
to the other side,

and I should have
a good symmetrical result.

Lets go on the other side

and start downsizing.

So lets use the 445.

Okay, so thisll give us

That should equal
her left side,

so I have to downsize
the actual breast tissue now.

Ive used everything
in my armamentarium

to defeat the enemy,

and now all I have to do...

is celebrate my victory.

Weve got about the same size,

definitely the same shape.

Thats a good thing.

Okay, lets close.

Over the next few months

my nose got flat.

The doctor took
too much cartilage.

And now its just
too small for you.


Thank you guys so much
for being here.

You guys are
a great support system.

Dont make me cry.
I got this far.

Just so sorry that you had
to go through this.

Brontee? Dr. Nassif
is ready to see you now.

All right.

Ill see you guys in a while.

Where are you going?

Okay, okay, okay.

I have a bunch of
mixed emotions

Im feeling today.

Im a little bit nervous

just because
my previous experience,

but I have my mom, my dad,

and my boyfriend here,

so it makes me just feel,
like, a sense of relief

just to know that
theyre gonna be right there

waiting for me.

Brontees case looks
straight forward

except we just dont know
what the fullness is.

Once we get inside,

theres always a little
something that we just dont

And well have to see if that
happens today with Brontee.

Today, for Brontees surgery,
my team is going to start

by harvesting fat
from her stomach.

Next Im going to open her
cheek along her old incision,

explore the area underneath

and remove whatevers
causing the fullness.

I will then pull
the skin tight,

remove any excess skin,

and close the incision.

Finally we will inject
the fat from her stomach

into the depression
on her cheek.

Any fat coming out?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Thats actually a lot. Wow.

Okay, lets make an incision
into the face.

Okay, so what were doing
is were elevating

the skin flap.

I just have to do it
very carefully.

I dont wanna injure a nerve.

We wanna keep everything down

so we can see exactly
whats causing the fullness.

You can see how you have
that fullness there?

And this is where shes getting
a lot of the movement

of synkinesis.

I dont really see
a lot of scar tissue.

I see a normal amount
of scar tissue.

So it looks like
the trauma did not extend

all the way up
onto her cheek.

Its just right in
that incision there,

so she got very lucky.

Were gonna treat this
like a facelift.

Its almost like
a little bit of tightening,

and then we can take off
whatevers excess skin.

Its not buccal fat,
not fluid, not scar tissue.

Its pretty much excess skin

that has been created
from the trap door deformity.

When you close
a big wound like that,

sometimes you get
scar contraction,

which causes
this excess skin to occur,

and all we have to do
is just cut it out.

Okay, so heres the fat.

For the area in the right upper
cheek, which is pressed in,

I wonder if thats gonna help

with any of the synkinesis
shes having.

With that cannula going
in and out,

I hope its gonna disturb

some of those aberrant nerves

that are actually causing
this twitching

around her cheek and her eye

and also relieve pressure
off the smile,

but only time will tell.

Theres a lot more fullness--

Well, this fullness

is actually just
from the sharp needle.

Yeah. Okay.
And swelling of the skin.

All right.

Its gonna take months

before she can even start
seeing some improvement.

So you know where we are,

This is Peishas
vocal studios.

And, you know, since you keep
making fun of me,

I wanted you to see
how hard this is.



Look whos here?

Peisha, Terry Dubrow.

How are you?
So nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.
Hello, my darling.


Welcome back.

I know.
Welcome back.

I havent seen you
for so long.

You look so much
like your daughter.

Thank you.
I mean, you could be sisters.

Ive been taking
singing lessons

from Peisha,

who is Katherine McPhees mom.

She just married
my buddy David Foster.

So what is this warm-up called,

the death of sound?

Are my ears bleeding?

Come on up here, baby.

Come on up.

I cant sing at all,

but my brother was actually
a famous singer.

Can you sing "Happy Birthday"
for me?

How about...

Yeah, youre a little...

I cant do it.

Not so easy, is it, Terry?

Do you make him sign an NDA

that you werent actually
his teacher?

Lets go. We got a job.

Cause I would.
Im just being honest with you.

Okay, so heres Kyleigh.

She is transgender.

Nice sharp jaw line.


Lips, the ears
are small and cute.

The issue here is the nose.

So she feels like the nose
has been overdone.

Lets find out.

Can you please send in Kyleigh?

Kyleigh, how are you?

Good, how are you?

Im Dr. Nassif.

Nicole. Nice to meet you.

Hi, Nicole. Terry Dubrow.

Please, you two,
have a seat.

See that over there?


- Boy, youre a big fan, huh?
- Denvers fun.

Yeah, we lived there.
Denvers a fun place.

Okay, so whats--
what do you guys do
for fun, then?

Like to go out to the bars.

Servings looks.

"Serve looks" means, like...


That kind of thing?


When you serve a look,
you know,

you just walk into a room,

and if you see someone else

who just doesnt look
up to par,

you just kind of give them
a little...

up and down like that.
You know?

This is a little serve looks
test, right?

Do it.

What is that?

Is that the best you can do,

I can out-serve you any day.

So youre here
for your nose.


How old were you

when you first started
to transition?



So I had a rhinoplasty,

and bilateral breast

Everything looked perfect.

Then, over the next few months,

my nose got flat.


When you overdo the nose,

the doctor takes out
too much cartilage.

When that happens,
the nose is going to collapse,

its gonna shrink,
its gonna get flat,

exactly what happened
to Kyleighs nose.

So I went to a doctor.

I had seen somebody else

who had gotten
a nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

And he injected you.


So youre trying to achieve

more basically
normal appearing nose,

and now its just
too small for you?

Im, like, the only person,

I feel like,
thats ever asked

for someone to make
my nose bigger.

But its, like, in reality,
like its the truth.

So what we need to do,
we need to examine it.

Play with it.
And do all that.

Do everything you want with it.
And then...

Lets go do that.

I like that idea of
reconstructing the nose.

I do it all the time.

But I cant do it now.

I created a wall,

and thats gotta hurt.

It hurts.
It hurts.

All right, hold on.

Your nose feels really soft.

It almost feels like theres
filler all the way up there.

Ooh, yeah.
Yes, there is.
Theres filler

all the way up
to the dorsum.
Okay, in the middle of all this.

I literally, like,
sometimes in the morning,

like, feel like I have to,
like, pinch my nose.

to make it stay, like, up.

Im gonna stare inside.

The inside of Kyleighs nose

actually looks pretty good.

Her septum is straight.

The turbinates look good.

However, when I touch
the outside of her nose,

I can still theres
a lot of filler in there.

When did you have that filler
put in your nose?

Sixteen months ago.

Yeah, I mean, that can last,
you know,

up to 2 1/2 to three years.

Now, I like that idea
of reconstructing the nose.

I do it all the time.
But I cant do it now.

Transition is, like, a phase,

and then you get to be you.

And I want that phase
to be over

because Im ready for it.

Wait, wait, wait--

Now, hold on.
Im not finished.
Its not bad news.

Its not bad news.

You go-- Listen, hes not
giving you bad news.

Oh, no?
Giving you good news.

I told you I want to help you,

but risks of the filler

is that even
when you dissolve it,

theres particle left,

especially around this side,

when doing an open rhinoplasty.

For me to do your nose,

I have to do
an open rhinoplasty.

I gotta see everything.

I want everything gone

so I can put
a little cartilage here,

a little cartilage here.

I wanna do all that for you,

but what I need from you
is a little more time.

I need you to give me about
another eight more months,

get everything out,
let your body dissolve it.

Can you do that?


Im used to getting
a lot of crazy requests

from patients,
but I like Kyleigh.

I want to help her
with the transition.

I want her to feel
more confident

and good about herself.

However, we just need
to give it more time.

We gotta wait
for the filler to dissolve,

and then Ill be able
to help her.

Nicole, what do you think
of what I said?

I think it sounds
like a good idea

to be safe, make sure
it can be done right, so...

Instead of just rushing it
to fix it.

Which were not.

So I know youve been
through a lot.

But you look fantastic.
You guys go have fun?

You can give these dirty looks
to all the girls

for a little while more,
and then Ill help you.


Are you happy
with that answer?

Be happy.

Just turn to the side.

Hows that?

Thats good.

Served... heavily.

He serves.

Great meeting you.
Thank you.

Thank you so much.
Thank you.

Thank you.
So nice to meet you.

To meet two plastic surgeons

who legitimately care

about their patients

is incredible to me.

I couldnt be
more appreciative.

Dr. Nassif, Im coming back

because I need you
to fix my nose.

Well, at least its gonna help
in a few months, girl.

New nose, new you.

Miss Gorgeous.

Shut up.


Oh, the swellings coming down.

So were going to do another
ultrasound today, right?

A little lymphatic massage.

Yeah, let me get some gloves.

Its been about a week

since Brontees surgery,

and the last time I saw her,

her twitching
around her cheek

and her eye was a lot better.



Theres no synkinesis.

Say, "One, two,
three, four, five."

One, two, three, four, five.

My god.

So right now I dont wanna get

I know.
...but right now
there is no synkinesis.

Not only, that,
your nerve function looks...
What? its normalized.

Lets face it,

Youre gonna have
prolonged swelling.


This is gonna take some time.

Lets turn on
the ultrasound machine

and get going.

Even though Brontees nerves
are a lot better,

she still has a lot of swelling
around her cheek,

so Im gonna do some ultrasound

and lymphatic massage

to help get
that swelling down.

But even with the ultrasound,

it could actually take
at least a year

to have things settle down.

What exactly is it
supposed to do?

So the purpose of ultrasound

is it heats up the tissues,

so it increases blood flow,

so its going to help speed up
the recovery process.

by limiting and reducing
that inflammation.

It means everything to me
that Dr. Nassif

is helping with the swelling.

That was something
that was really hard

to kind of deal with
first time around.

That makes me really hopeful
for the future.

At one point-- moment,
I was like,

Oh, my god,
did my suture come out?

And then I looked,
and Im like,

"Oh, no,
theyre just so pristine."

So one thing
that Dr. Peng and I do

is we operate together.

And we both put sutures in,

so if you draw a line right
in the middle of the suture,

one side is one doctor,
the other sides
the other doctor.

I want you to say

what side do you like better?


No pressure.

Guess we can have a look.

Maybe the left-- or this side?

All right,
Im taking it away from you.

Oh, no.

Im just kidding.
That side.

Hello, young lady.

How you doing?


Your lower lip is not moving.

Out here.
Its mostly this side,
of course.

So even though you didnt have
any of your normal breast

and normal connective tissue

that gives a breast its shape,

I created a wall

on the outer portion
of your breast,

forcing the implant

over to the inside,

and thats gotta hurt.

It hurts.
It hurts.

So then I put a 615cc implant,

and it needed every cc
of that 615

to give you some projection
and some width

and some semblance
of a shape.

All right, so lets take a look
and see whats going on.

Be gentle.

I will. I promise, I will.

Okay, thats totally--
Thats a pretty breast, huh?


I have two boobs.

By the way, I dont want
to good mouth this

because-- but this is gonna be
something special

if this stays.

Wow, it took six hours,

but its worth every minute.

Left breast up,
not left breast down anymore.

I know.

The thought of having
two breasts right now

makes me feel like Im
on top of the world.

I genuinely love you guys.
You are so talented.

Thank you so much.

Youre so welcome.

Give us a little hug.
Come on.

Yeah, yeah.

For the first time
in a long time

I have my smile back.

Baby, you look beautiful.

Dr. Nassif, Dr. Dubrow
are put on earth

to be angels and help people
like me.

Hey, guys.


Before my surgery,

I had to deal with
a lot of challenges,

just the way it felt
about myself,

they way I saw myself.

It was really hard.

So this is the first time
since my car accident,

where Im feeling
a hundred percent confident now

I know its gonna take
some time

for the swelling to go down
completely, a hundred percent,

but Dr. Nassif gave me
my old self back again.

I just wanna thank
all you guys

just for being so supportive.

We all lover her.

Shes our little sister.

We just want the best for her.

Brontees great.
Shes a great employee.

Were proud of her
and were happy to have her
part of our team.

Thank you so much
for saying that.
Thats great.

Its my pleasure.

My god.

Babe, you look beautiful.

I am so surprised.

I walk out and not only
are my parents there, and Axel,

but so many people
that have been supporting me

from day one.

Im so happy to see them.

Oh, my god.

Were you really surprised?

Welcome back, Brontee.

You guys are here.

To see the two police officers

that didnt have to help me

but wanted to help me,

Im so ecstatic to see them.

I just feel so blessed
to have them in my life.

I have to give it to you
for going out of your way

and doing everything you can

to serve the justice
that I deserve to get.

Well, you did, and you--

With dogged determination

that you showed in court

and going for all these years.

Were very proud of you
as well.

Before my surgery,

my right cheek was bulky
from the accident.

Whenever I would try
to smile,

my face was pushing back
at me,

and I had
a constant eye twitch

that really bothered me.

Now, thanks to Dr. Nassif,

my twitch has improved
and even though Im
still healing,

and I feel like my cheek

looks more normal

and for the first time
in a long time

I have my smile back.

Love you, Brontee!

Dr. Nassif, Dr. Dubrow,

theyve changed my life.

I am forever grateful
to them.

I hope that they know

that they are, like,
put on earth

to be angels
and help people like me.

Knowing what Tanyas
been through,

it makes me so excited
to see her.

Just opening up is a big step.

We still can see
that shes so independent,

shes so brave and fearless.

Shes just so humble,
so down to earth,

like Id be showing off.

Heck, yeah, I drive this.

Honestly, Ive never been near
a helicopter before.

I didnt realize
it was this big.

And just seeing
this stuff over here,

Im thinking,
What are these, parachutes?

Would you jump?

Heck no.

I love Dr. Dubrows work.

Hes amazing.
I have my life back.

I feel like I can tackle
anything now.

I feel absolutely ready to go
on any and every deployment

I feel stronger than ever.

Hey, guys!


You look beautiful.

So now that you guys know
everything thats happened,

I am so glad I did it.
I feel amazing.

And I just appreciate more
than I can ever explain.

Thank you so much.

Im glad you got this.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

At the beginning
of the journey,

I didnt think any of this
was possible.

I didnt think that she would
have able to smile

and radiate so much confidence.

You got my best friend back.

I havent worn a tank top
in seven years.

Just embrace it.
Be happy, enjoy, go out there

and flaunt it, girl.

When I pictured getting help,

I had a vision at the end.

Do you guys wanna hop in?

I do.

And Ive made it.

I have my closest friends,

Black Hawk,

and great boobs.

Before my surgery,

I had no left breast,

and I had to wear
a prosthetic every day.

I had the complication
for seven years

because I was ashamed
of the decisions
that I had made.

It took me so long
to get ready for work

because I had to put on
several lawyers of clothing

just to hide what I look like.

And now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

my left breast
is no longer missing in action.

You guys mean the world to me
and thats why youre here.

Thats why I thought
it was important for you to be
the first people to know

and share the good news with.

- Time for a group hug?
- Yeah!

You guys might know me
from Cartel Crew,

but Im here to talk
about my ass.

My whole family used to be
in the cartel.

Did they know Pablo Escobar?

And I may subject her to
dangerous plastic surgery.

Should I have my head examined?

Youve had 10 rhinoplasties?

Your breathing
never got better?

No one has improved
her breathing.

What the hell is going on
in there?

A dentist did your breast

The label fell off.
I didnt even think
that was possible.

If youd like
to be considered for Botched,