Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 14 - Boobs Dance and a Second Chance - full transcript

While Dr. Nassif steps into the surgical ring to help a boxer's crushed nose, Dr. Dubrow needs his A game to bring a young woman's dead breasts back to life. And Norway's biggest breasts loves to make her boobs dance.

I have the biggest
fake boobs in Norway.

Ive never operated on someone

with implants this big.

In my 33 years of boxing,

Ive broken my nose
approximately 22 times.

I lost a lot of belief
in myself

as far as how I look.

I-- I destroyed my marriage.

Hes got--

Hes got so much scar tissue
in his nose.

- Its like a rock.
- Yeah.

And you have no nipple.

And I have no nipple.

This is the worst complication

from a breast reduction

I have ever seen.

At this point I feel
I have no hope.

My name is Sindy Starlet,

and I have the biggest
fake boobs in Norway.

I love big boobs.

When I see a woman
with big boobs,

I get very, very happy

because big boobs are sexy.

I have always been a person

that want to stand out
from the crowd,

so had decided just
I wanted biggest boobs Norway,

and I wanted to do that

because bigger is beautiful.

I find a doctor in Brussels

that could do my boobs.

Before my surgery,

he told me he dont know

how much it will fill up,

so actually when I woke up,

I was a little bit surprised

that I had 1,650 cc each.

I was so excited
because I--

I knew I could be
more popular on social media.

I start to post it
and I see my social media
to grow.

Maybe I could see
opportunity for me there.

I actually made my first
single, "Boobs Dance."

Its about big boobs.

I think I surprised everyone
with my song,

especially my haters.

Now, when my boobs
are perfect,

I finally can start to think
about doing my nose

because Im not happy
with my nose

I feel that my nose
is like a pencil.

It is pointed.

I want to make it shorter.

The left side,
I feel my nostril

is higher up
than the right side.

And I think my nose
are not straight.

I had two different
nose surgery.

The doctor removed the bump,

but I didnt get
the shorter nose.

I got quite disappointed.

Its not the size
that I wanted.

I dont feel that I have
a hundred percent self-esteem

because of my nose,

but I have to do my music.

I have to do music videos,

and I have to do
my second song,

and I cant stop.

If I fix my nose,

maybe I can be more popular.

Want my nose to look
cute and beautiful,

especially now
when I have my dream boobs.

Im so scared,

with the whole surgery now

because I see myself,
and I feel like,

who can possibly fix this?

My name is Esmeralda.

My boobs look like
the breasts of Frankenstein.

My breasts are uneven.

I have no nipple,

no areola,

and discolored skin.

It sucks that having to get--

from having to get
a reduction.

Now I dont have breasts
to fill up the actual bras.

By the time I graduated
high school,

I was already a triple D.

My boobs were too-- too much.

So I went in
for a breast reduction,

and Im left with nothing.

I have no boobs.

Right now Im 21 years old,

and I have to be specific
with what I wear

to make sure
that all my scars are hidden

because my scars high,

and then since one boob
is bigger than the other,

I have to put on sponges
in the bra

so they can look even.

Never in a million years

did I think this was
going to be the outcome.

I feel like
I dont deserve this.

What do you have for us?

Okay, so this is a patient
named Esmeralda, okay,

who came in
for a breast reduction

to a doctor,

and cute, young girl,

and this happened.


Is that crazy?

I mean, look at that.

What the heck happened?
Thats getting me nauseated.

The poor young lady having
this happen to her.

What the heck are we going
to do to fix this?

Can you please send
in Esmeralda?

Esmeralda, hi.
Dr. Nassif.
Nice to meet you.

Terry Dubrow. How are you?
Nice to meet you.

Ive seen a lot
of breast reductions,

and Ive seen
a lot of complications
from them,

but this is
the worst complication

from a breast reduction
I have ever seen.

Esmeralda, what happened?
Take us back.

I was 18. I was already
at triple-D breasts.


And I started to feel
the back pain.

Perfect reason to consider
having a breast reduction.
Yeah. Mm-hm.

So you went
to a plastic surgeon.

Yeah, he said, "Okay,
what size do you want?"

I said, "High B, low C."

He said,
"Okay, thats fine."

So what happened?
When did the nightmare begin?

Yeah, what was
the first thing you noticed?

Um, I started to smell some--

Smell was coming
through my shirt.

Thats when I started
to panic.

Was it like a putrid odor,

like dying flesh?

Yes, yes, yes.
I feel like we know

what a dead body smells
like now.

The tissue looked
like it was dying.

So what did
your doctor tell you?

Hes like, "We can fix this.
Its okay."

Each visit Id go in,

he was cutting in
deeper and deeper,

which was the dead skin.

For six months
Id go to see him

up to three times a week

just so he can cut off
the dead skin.

until it turned, like, flesh,

open flesh, but deep.

It was deep.

I ended up getting two holes,

one hole on each breast.

He never sent you
to a wound-care center.

If you have tissue necrosis

and tissue loss,

and you need to treat it
by surgical removal,

you have to do it
very aggressively

and very quickly.

Otherwise, if youre
behind the eight ball,

the last thing that breast
is going to be shaped like

is a billiard ball.

What about the infection?

Mm, put Vaseline.

Vaseline, Vaseline, Vaseline.

This guy sounds
like a real putz.

I mean, what guy
would do that--

even someone who has
no idea about medicine?

"Oh, its okay.
Put Vaseline on it."

I mean, an infected,
smelly thing.

Just out of curiosity,
did that doctor tell you

any of the complications
that could occur?

No. I know its a--
theres a percentage

that it can happen,
but I never thought itd be me.


Esmeraldas doctor

couldve done a successful
breast reduction surgery.

the post-operative care

is what brought Esmeralda

down this disastrous path,

and everybody
heals differently.

Some are more resilient
than others.

And its up to the doctor

to actually manage

and watch the wounds

to prevent any irreversible

So how long after that
did it take

to sort of close up the wound?

Like five, six months.

The whole areola,
the whole nipple,

was just hard and black.

I was now hooding a white gauze
over each breast.

What that gauze would do

was stick onto my skin,

so every time Id shower

and Id have to take it off,

itd peel off the scab,

which was the nipple
and the areola.

I feel like at that time

I gave up.

And you have no nipple.

And I have no nipple
and no areola.
You have no nipples.

And she was crying,
and for me to see her
like that,

I was like, my daughters
going through this,

and its not right.

And I would
always pressure her,

like, get a second opinion.

She didnt want any part of it.

She thought
she was becoming an adult,

and she knew
what she was doing.

She didnt know because,
I mean, shes 18.

I dont know.
I was just scared.
I was embarrassed to show them.

Of course youre scared
and embarrassed.
I understand that.

And then what happened
after that?

I didnt--
I havent gone back.

They dont care.

that this 18 year old

is going through all this.


At this point I feel
I have no hope.

It brings me down.
Thank you.

And I have--

I have my whole future
ahead of me.

Obviously I wanna--
I want my confidence.

What are your goals
with your breasts?

Its too much to ask,

but my main thing

is my nipples.

I want even breasts,

and I want to minimize
my scars

as much as possible.

You wanna be normal.


Esmeraldas case

is really appalling.

I wanna find, if I can,

some way to give her
some semblance

of normal anatomy,

but its not going to be easy.

Normals a good goal.

Lets go figure this out.

So all right now
youre talking about

is implants or no implants.

Tough decision.

What do you wanna do?

My nose.

I think its beautiful.

You are, uh, blind.

Then I gotta be blind.

So let me see
whats going on physically.

Im scared of hearing,
"We cant fix this."

Im not normal.

I wish I had pretty boobs,

Nice chi chis.

Okay, so...

That tissue does not feel
too thin,

that scar tissue.

Your left is much smaller
than your right.

Is that a remnant...

...of the nipple?
Yeah, can I have a Q-tip?

Your nipples intact here.

Theres some remnant
of the areola.

You dont appear to have much in
terms of nipple or areola here.

There might be
a little bit here and here.

Can you feel this?

- Yeah.
- Thats all good news.

- Yeah.
- That is good news.

Let me see one thing.

Boom. See, this is--

this is what I can give her
without implants.

What do you think
of this size?

Its so small.

Yeah, smaller than youd like.

So we have two choices.

Take your existing tissue

and just mold it

into reasonably shaped breasts.

Risky? But lower
than option two.

Option two,

lift everything up,

put breast implants
underneath the muscle,

getting better fullness,

better projection,

and the size that you want,

but much more risky

in terms of possible
breast-implant complications

or even problems healing,

like you had before,

and then do tattooing
for the nipples

and the areolas
in the future. Okay?

So all right now
youre talking about

is implants or no implants.

Tough decision.

What do you wanna do?

I understand, like, the whole
health reasons and everything.

I wish I didnt need implants,

but I also wanna be
confident again.

I want cleavage.

So you want implants.

Now I have to get implants

to get the results
that I wanted to

in the first place.

Its just crazy.

I mean, you-- you--

The story you tell us

is disgusting.

You know,
it makes me wanna vomit

when I hear that story.

This is T zero, day one,

moving forward in terms
of trying to make this

the best it can be.


My name is Chris.

Im a boxer

and I have a left hook nose.

Its mushed,
theres no cartilage left,

and its very, very tough
to breathe.

In my 33 years of boxing,

Ive broken my nose
approximately 22 times.

I had three surgeries
to fix it,

but, as my boxing progressed,

and as my nose got
broken more,

it just got worse and worse
over the years.

There was no breathing.

I had no breathing
because I had no nose.

My nose was flat.

I lost a lot of belief
in myself

as far as how I looked,
and then--

the age of 38,
I met someone

very special to me,

and I wanted
to get married.

So I wanted my nose
to look good,

and I find
a double board-certified

rhinoplasty specialist.

And after
two different surgeries,

my nose looked
like a pancake,

and then, during that time,

a friend of my wifes
had said,

"How could you be with a guy

with a nose
that looks like that?"

I was absolutely devastated,

and that really, really hurt.

I thought,
if I couldnt fix my nose,

the only thing I have of these,

and I buried myself
into boxing.

I forgot that I was a husband.

I-- I destroyed my marriage.


Im gonna go see Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow.

And get their opinion.

Are you hesitant to do it?
Im nervous.

Im nervous, man.

I know how much this
has affected you.

After the last surgery,
you changed.

The quality of your
has diminished a lot.

In 2018 I decided
to end my career

as a professional boxer,

so when its time
that I fix my nose for good.

Touch, touch!

Today we are filming
my first video.

for my "Boobs Dance" song.

Of course my nose is holding me
a little bit back,

in front of the camera,

but I have to keep going.

Im gonna face my fear

and just try to nail it.

Thats a cut.
All right.

Oh, my god.

Lets roll some playback.
Lets check it out.

Oh, my god.

This is perfect for me.

This is-- This is
top-of-the-billboard shot.

Its a good thing the song
is about boobs

and not my nose.


Is there something
you wanna try

Maybe we can do
another angle.

If I go on the side...

...instead of the front.
Im joking.

What is actually the problem
with the nose?

My nostril is bigger

on the left side.

This is my glam side.

This is my bad side.

If I can shoot the video

I wanted my nose
to be shorter,

like a cute little nose.

Its very, very important
for me.

Dr. Nassif have to fix my nose.

I have to visit them.

Do you see what I see?

I think its beautiful.

You are, uh, blind.

Then I gotta be blind.

Heard a crack.
I went, "Oh!"

And my nose swelled
to the size of a softball.

"Oh, thank you, doctor.

Is there a co pay with that?"

Oh, youre rapping.

Yeah, Im a rap star.

- Are you nervous?
- No.

Not a little bit?

A little bit but more excited,
I think.

Its a big change
from having triple Ds

to nothing.

I never thought

I would be getting implants,

but I feel that
with implants,

my breasts will look
more natural,

more normal looking breasts.

You didnt just lose
the nipple and the areola.

You lost a ton
of breast tissue.

The result of that has been

a very significant asymmetry

in shape and particularly size.

Okay? We need to put
breast implants in,

and, in addition,
Im going to try to remove
all your scars.

And then we need to tighten
the breast envelope.

Will you be able to save me
that nipple,

or is that un--

You know, um...

I will do everything I can.

And remember, we will do nipple
and areola tattooing
after you heal.

Lets have a little moment.
All right?

Its a hard case,
but its going to be a fun case.

I mean, you know,
the harder it is,
the more fun it is for me.

for Esmeraldas surgery,

Im going to make incisions
on her previous scars

and then elevate
her breast tissue

and create sub muscular pockets

so I can insert new implants.

Next I will remove her scars,

tighten the breast envelope,

and manipulate
the overlying breast tissue

to give her good shape
and symmetry.

All right,
lets lift up the muscle.

Its really important
to put this implant

underneath the muscle

because I need
good blood supply

overlying the breast mound,

and the muscle has
very good blood supply.

Give her lots
of numbing medicine.

Look at this.
Oh, wow.

This scar is so thick
and so dense

that it bent the needle.

How many times
have you seen that?

Not very often.
Not very often.

All right, show me that 235.

The bigger implant I use,

the harder time
Im gonna have

removing all of her scars.

Esmeralda wants to be
sort of a big B, small C,

using not very large implants,

which is really good for her

because the smaller
the implant,

the more loose tissue I have
and the greater the chance

Ill be able to remove
all of her old scars.

All right,
now for the riskier part,

were going to remove
all the scar,

and with it, skin
that contains blood supply.

See if we can preserve
this nipple.

Thats not much of a nipple,
but its something.


Okay, thats all of her scar

Look at that.

All right, lets staple it up
and see what it looks like.

Come on, baby.

Give me a shape.

Its a good shape.

Lets go to the left side.

I need a much bigger pocket
on this side.

Symmetry is a bitch
in this case.

Esmeralda didnt only just lose
more of her nipple

on her left than her right.

She actually lost
more breast tissue.

So shes going to need
a larger implant.


she also has less scarring,

so it should be easier

to remove the remaining scar
despite the fact

that Im using
a larger implant.

I think 355
is going to be it.

All right,
lets wash the pocket out

and then put the implant in.

Maybe I can use
that nipple scar,

then make a nipple
out of it.

Normally I dont try
to make a nipple

at the same time
Im doing large surgery,

but in Esmeraldas case,

she has a scar thats located

right where
the nipple could be,

and if I can utilize that

to give it some projection,

I can actually achieve

breast reconstruction

and nipple reconstruction

at the same time.

And wouldnt that be great
for her?

Shes been
through a disaster.

We have good shape symmetry.

We have a nipple
intact on the right,

and I made her one out
of scar tissue on the left.

Im really actually
really happy about this.

You made her nipple.
I made her a nipple.

Lets put her down.
Lets close.

Who do we have next?

We have Chris.
Whos Chris?

Hes a boxer.
A lot of trauma to his nose.

Whoa, thats a boxers nose.

Yeah, his tip doesnt have
a lot of support.
No tip support at all.

At all.
His eyebrows are perfect.

His eyebrows are on fleek.

No, they dont say that.
On fleck?

You ever heard these--
I-- I dont know.

Okay, so the bottom line is--
look it--

What do you do?
Do you get up--
I dont know.

Do you get up
and just go to work?

No, but listen.

No, I put on the news
in the bathroom,

do my teeth, TV on.
Its right there above.

Shower, come out,
get in the car,
a little bit more news,

and then I come to work
and Im done for the day.

By the way,
I just wanna thank you

because I just--
in that moment,

even though my eyes
were awake...

You chickened out.
I totally got a nap in.

Can you please send in

How are you?

Seeing Chris
after his last surgery

It was very hard.

He puts on a strong act
for everybody else.

He doesnt wanna show everybody

how much--
how much pain hes in,
but-- but I know.

I hope Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow can help him.

Im keeping my fingers crossed,

and I wanna see Chris
happy again.

Give us your story.

I grew up
in Brooklyn, New York,

and my father started
watching boxing on TV

when I was eight years old,

and I got into it.

And I was 15.

I started training
with a professional cutman,

and he took me to
the New York Golden Gloves

in 1988, and I lost.

After that fight,
I went into the dressing room
with my father,

and I promised him

that I would one day win
the Golden Gloves for him.

He passed away eight months
after the fight,

and I won it last year
by knockout.


So youre boxing currently.
So yeah.

I-- I--
And how old are you?

I just retired.
Im 47 now.

So you won and then retired.

I won and I retired.
I ended--
You retired on top.

It was--

It was my goal.

My father was my best friend.

I wanted to make him proud.

I wanted to fulfill
that promise to him.

And I finally won this ring

for my father.

That was the greatest moment

of my life.

Okay, so going back,

youre a kid, you lose,

and then whats happening
in your life?

I was about 19 years old,

and I got my nose broken

and I left it like that
for a few years.

At 22 1/2 I had my nose fixed.

I had a septoplasty,
I believe,

when-- cause my breathing
was bad.

While you were still boxing...


Having nasal surgery
while youre an active boxer

is like having breast surgery,
a lift,

right before you have kids.
Whats the point?

After my first surgery,
I was sparring,

and I got hit
with a left hook.

The whole nose
went completely over.

I had two surgeries
to fix my nose.

but my nose was still
very, very crooked.

It was pushed
all the way to the left.

Then what?

It was around 2011,

I found this doctor
in Manhattan,

and he told me that
he was going to use cartilage
from my ears,

and he was going to use Aladerm
in the nose also.

Cadaver skin.
Cadaver skin.

So then what happened?

So about a week later

I went to bed, I woke up,

my nose was starting
to swell up.

So my doctor brought me in.

He said,
"Wow, thats really swollen."

Was there a co pay with that?

Chriss plastic surgeon

may not have had
the greatest technical skills,

but his powers of observation

were incredible.

Uh, I started developing
a red spot,

and then all the Aladerm
started to leak out,

and there was green pus
coming out.

For my fifth procedure,

he decided to go back
in 30 days after--

And take out all the Aladerm.

Yes, and all the ear cartilage.

Really? So that infection ate
everything inside your nose.

Yes. That was my last surgery.

And my personal life got
very hard.

It was hard on--
I had a marriage,

and that unfortunately
didnt work,

and it was because...

I just couldnt be myself.

My personality
completely changed.

I just buried myself
in boxing.

I had to beg the guy
to come out of the house.
You know?

With the negative self-image
that he has,

hes reluctant to go out.

You shouldnt have
the hesitation

and go out with people who care
about you, you know,

but thats just what it is
with him.

I wanna have a normal life.

So your lifestyles
really been inhibited by this.

What are your goals?

My breathing, of course,
is horrible.

And I have nothing left here.

Maybe give it a little bit
more structure to it,

and my tip is so bulbous.

So you think its very big.


Okay. Now, I wanna examine
your nose

cause I dont know
if I can achieve
some of your goals.

I need a piece of rib


Leave my ribs alone.

Thats one of my top,
most difficult dissects,

especially finding the septum.

Where the hell
is Chriss septum?

So take a look.
Actually theres
no septum here.

Yeah, he needs a complete
septal reconstruction.

Can you tell how high
the septum is?

Yeah, its low.

I want you to hold this
for me.

Breathe in and out normally.

Okay, wait for it.
Wait for it.

Now, do it.

Any better?


So the inside of your nose,
the septum,

which adds support
for the left and the right side

is pretty much gone.

The tip ptosis,
no projection.

Theres also inhibiting
the air going in.

Your tip isnt that big.

You said, "My tip is bulbous."

You said you wanna have
your nose made smaller.

That doesnt work with me.

If there was a gigantic piece
of bulbous tip

with cartilage,
different story.

Now, could I support your nose,

push it out,

make you breathe better?

Yes. Now, for me to do this,

Id have to add rib
to your nose,

I have to do
an open rhinoplasty,

and theres always the risk
of complete tissue necrosis,

and you had all that.
Yes, I can.

Do you want it?
Yes, I do.

Lets do it.

Are you a little bummed
that from here forward

you wont be able
to box with him anymore?
You cant touch his nose.

A little bit.
That hell punch you in the face?

I wanna do one more
just for good ol times sake.
You know?

Hi, Esmeralda,
how are you?

Im really good.

You look great already,

I dont believe you,
but yeah.

Okay, so we went in
with the idea

that we knew we were gonna have
to try to remove as much scar
as possible

on the right,
that was a little droopier,

and remove as much scar
as possible

on the left that was smaller.

And then breast implants
and a lift.

Then, while I was at it,

I sort of had an idea

maybe I can make you
something on the left

that resembles an areola
and a nipple.

Hearing Dr. Dubrows say

that he created a nipple,

I didnt even think
that that was possible.

So lets take a look.

Yeah, thats really swollen
in the center.

But lets look at this nipple.

Okay, so the nipples
a hundred percent alive.

And, look,
all the scar tissue--

remember that tons
of scar tissue?

Its all gone.

Now, look at this one.

Check this out.

By the way, doesnt that look
like a nipple and areola?

Yeah, that does.

They look much better.


Dr. Dubrow did
an awesome job.

Seeing her so emotional

crying that she felt good

and she saw herself,

I think now she
can start her new life

and leave all this behind.

I had no hope.

You didnt?

I was so scared.

Cant lose hope.

Were here for hope.
Were here for you.

Theyre amazing.

Good job, my friend.

All right. So do you have
any questions for me?

The main one,
I just wanna know,

like, you said
of the whole tattoo

and the nipple and--

Although I was able
to manipulate

the scar tissue to get
some semblance of a nipple

and nipple projection

of Esmeraldas left,

shes gonna need
areola tattooing

on both sides
to put the final touches

and really to give her
the icing on the cake.

Im excited.
Me too.

All right?
Well keep a close eye on it.

If anything changes,
Ill be all over it.

Give us a little hug. Huh?
Thank you.

Have you been to Norway?

The closest Ive come to it
is taking a cruise.

Have you ever dated
a Norwegian?


You dated a Swedish girl.
Yes, but never Norwegian.

Never a Norwegian girl.

Yeah, Im not surprised
Paul dated a Swedish girl.

Hes always loved
their meatballs.

We have a lovely patient
named Sindy.

She comes to see us
all the way from Norway.

Now, she is--
loves plastic surgery.

- So she has some nasal obstruction.
- Yeah.

Shes narrow on the
middle vault on the left.

A little deviated septum still.

All right.
So she came all the way out.

Lets go say hi to her then.

Can you please send in Sindy?

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Dr. Nassif.

Its feel good to meet
the doctors finally.

They are very lucky
to meet me.

Im very unique and special.

And I have the biggest boobs
in Norway, so mmm.

Thank you for coming in.

Youre both very tall.

Are you tall
by Norwegian standards,

or are you average?

Above the average type, yeah.

If youre in Norway,
walking around,

you know,
minding your own business,

you run across a person

whos extremely short
and hairy,

whats the first thing
that comes to your mind?

You look like a troll.

I dont know.
Im just kidding.

He said you look
like a troll.

I know. I heard that.

By the way, Im not short.
Im medium.

So heres what we know.

We know that you had a couple
of rhinoplasties.

And some type of breast work,

Yes, its 1,650 CC each.

I made a song.
Oh, you made a song.


Well, we have to hear that.

Oh, youre rapping.

Yeah, Im a rap star.

So you made your song
about your boobs.


Then you started to have
nasal work done, right?

When did you start that?

In 2006.

He removed the bump.

And the second in 2008.

I wanted shorter

but I didnt see
any difference.

What are you trying to achieve
with your nose?

I want a small, cute nose.

When I take a picture,

I never do it on the front.

Only on the side

because I dont feel

nice with this nose.

All right, so we know
what you wanna do.

So lets go to the
examination room.

And well go from there, okay?

Obviously the best way
to do this

is to take out
the breast implants--

No, no, no, no...

With that big piece
of cartilage here,

if he gets hit,
you know, one-- one hit...

...thats gonna fracture,

and your nose will be ruined.

- All right.
- Yep.

So first lets take a peek.
Lower your chin.

- Okay, so that bones out.
- Yeah.

That bones in.
Look at the middle vault
on the nose.

Collapsed on the left.

Very uneven.

Normal cartilage here,

missing cartilage here.

Thats why your nostrils
pulled up.

So lets talk about your nose.

The only way for me to make it
look more symmetric,

it means making things
a little wider.

Number one, I have to pull down
that nostril on the left.

And the way for me to do that

is I have to kind of reconstruct
or add back

some of the cartilage
that you had.

Two, this, as I mentioned,
caved in.

I have to insert
a piece of cartilage

all the way from here,

going all the way up,

to help push that bone out.

So I need a long piece
of straight, firm cartilage

about that long.

Where are you gonna take
it from?

I have a suggestion.
Tell me.


Very good.

So correct.

I need a piece of rib.


Now, most scenarios,

the rib that we take

is the fifth or the sixth rib,

which is really high,
up to here.

But let me tell you right now.

Ive never operated on someone

with implants this big.

So can you lift up
your right breast

as much as you could?

Hold on.

So this is already the--

down by the eighth rib.
Yeah, yeah.

Okay, because the implant
is so big,

you were all the way down
by the eighth rib.

And it need to be from
the sixth, not the eighth.

To make it symmetric,
I need straight rib.


We usually dont harvest
the eighth, ninth,

or even tenth rib

because its usually
very small in diameter

and really curvy,

and I need
some straight cartilage

for Sindys nose.

Obviously the best way
to do this

is to take out
the breast implants

No, no, no, no...

Take the rib...

...then go back

and three, four,
five, six months,

have them put
the implants back in.

Its not possible to use--

Leave my ribs alone.

I wish but we cant.

It has to be your tissue.

I wish he could take cartilage

from other part of the--
my body.

Take my feet, my hands,

put it in my nose.

So I think my question
to you

is how important is it
for you to get your nose,

and I have to use a rib?

I think I leave my nose.

I have a boob song.
You know, I cant--

- Yeah, thats right.
- Thats right.

I cant remove them.
You cant.

Bad riming.

Cant have a new boob song
come out

with no boobs.
No, thats for sure.

Not with flat boobs.
For sure.

Hopefully Dr. Nassif

will call me and say,

"Sindy, I found a solution.

We can actually borrow
the cartilage of Ken,

and we are set.

And you can get a new nose."

I could borrow your--
borrow your ribs.

Im glad theres no problem.

My boxer brother,

how come your eyebrows
are so perfect?

Oh, I got a good--
I got a good threader.

You know, for a tough,
crazy guy like you,

youre kind of metro.

I am. I take good care
of myself.

I do. Yeah.
You do.

I mean, everything
is, like, perfect.


Okay, good.

We are ready to have fun.

For Chriss surgery,
were going to harvest rib

so I can create a new tip
for Chriss nose.

Then Im going to make
an incision

on his columella
and raise the skin

so I can find his septum

and perform
a revisional septoplasty

to open up his airways.

Finally Im going to take
the harvested rib cartilage

and build multiple graphs

to elevate his dorsum,
open his nostrils,

and give his nasal tip

So I made the incisions
to open up the nose.

And were countering
a good amount of scar already.

I wanna go careful

because I dont wanna pop
through the skin, Christine.

Feels thick and hard.

Come on.

You can see it looks...

Everything is stuck.

Be careful.

Hes got...

Hes got so much scar tissue
in his nose.

- Its like a rock.
- Yeah.

I know Ive had my share
of hard noses,

but Chriss nose
takes the cake

by simply trying
to elevate the skin

from along his dorsum
with all that scar.

I mean, wow!

All right,
we lift up the skin.

And we did that without making
any holes in the skin.

We got a long way to go.

Finally, now that weve got
Chriss nose open,

we have to find the septum.

The septum is very important
for the reconstruction.

Once we find that,
we add the septal
extension graft,

and that is going to give us
support and projection.

I hear some popping
of the rib out there.

All right, heres the rib
coming out.

Okay, so that rib looked good.

All right, I dont know
where the septum is, Christine.

I have to find the septum
if were going to, you know,

put a septal
extension graft on it.

Maybe he doesnt have one.

Thats one of my top
most difficult des--

especially finding
the septum.

Where the hell
is Chriss septum?

If I cant find it,

then I will not be able
to rebuild Chriss nose,

and the surgery
will be over.

I-- I cant find
anything yet.

I cant even find
normal septum.

Im feeling something
a little hard.

Praise the Lord,
we found some septum.

let the reconstruction begin.

So lets take a peek
at this for a minute.

His skin is so thick,
and it will hide

the little irregularities
from that graft.

Any cartilage, anything.

With Chris Im able
to add cartilage

to elevate his dorsum,
nostrils, and tip,

because its in the area

where the skins
a little bit thicker,

and you will not see
the cartilage.

Okay, so putting
a tip together.

Look it!
Its like a airplane.

All right, so the nose
is pretty straight.

We added support
to his tip,

lifted it up,
its not ptotic anymore.

I think we did a great job.

Looks good.

And now his nose is firm,

a lot straighter,

His airway is open more.

Overall Chris should have
a date by next week.

How are ya?

Good to see you.

Hiya, doc.

How ya doing, buddy?

The comparisons
for all my previous surgeries

and this surgery

is literally night and day.

Im ecstatic that Dr. Nassif
was my surgeon.

Ive never been
so grateful to him.

Okay, let me just take a look.
Put your head for me.

Okay, so the number-one thing
Im looking at right now

is your skin health.

Looks good.
And it looks good.

In regards to your nose,

I-- I felt like I actually went
a few rounds.

Thats how tough it was

for me to get inside.

So your skin was stuck

I mean, you know, your nose
was pretty messed up

from all that trauma
and surgery.

So now, with everything,
the biggest thing for you

is recovering
and, more importantly,

the goal with him
is get his life back to normal.

So we can get a social life.

Im more concerned
about this lifestyle.

Well, we discussed that.
We discussed it.

I told him, because with
that big piece of cartilage

if he gets hit, you know,
one-- one hit...

...thats gonna fracture,

and your nose will be ruined.

We call that the right move.

The right move.

The bottom line is,
Chris, you better be done
with boxing.

Otherwise Im gonna have Casey
kick your butt

as long as he doesnt touch
your nose.

By the way, you also have
perfect eyebrows.

Both these guys are kind of
out of Central Casting.

Arent they?

For, like, good-looking
New York tough guys.

That should work.

Its great.

All right,
so well see you next week.

Thank you, guys.
Thank you.

Thanks and I hope
that this comes out perfect.

Hes gonna go pluck
his eyebrows.

Im gonna go do that.
Well be right back.

This is my tattoo master.

I now that my nipple tattoos

are going to be my favorite.

Theyre the final page
to this chapter in my life.

I wanna be able to take
my shirt off.

Shall we have a look?


How are you?
Good. How are you?

Very good. Esmeralda,
this is Jason.

Hi, Esmeralda.

Nice to meet you.

This is my tattoo master.

Today Esmeralda
finally gets to end

the chapter in her book
of breast disaster.

With this nipple
areola tattooing,

shes going to take
an eight or a nine result

and convert it to an eleven.

And Im really excited
for her.

All right, lets lay you back.


You didnt scare easy. Okay.
Youre good to go.

You didnt scare me
but you sure scared him.

Scared me.
All right.

Today Im getting my tattoos
from my nipple and areola.

Going through surgery
has been tough.

I went from triple Ds

to nothing.

After a breast reduction,

being a 21 year old,

I felt so ugly about myself

I felt like I looked
like Frankenstein.

I honestly lost hope.

Wow, thats looking good.

Yeah, and this one...

Cool. One down,
one to go.

Its having that confidence,

being happy,

showing off,

I wasnt able to have
any of that.

I have four small tattoos,

but I know that
my nipple tattoos

are going to be my favorite.

Theyre the final page
to this chapter in my life.

Wanna be able to take
my shirt off.

Shall we have a look?


Cant even tell
theyre tattoos.

I know.

Is that the nipple I made?

No, I did that.
You did that?

You suck.
Thats good, right?


Im amazed.
I cant believe you did that.

Thank you.

Looking in the mirror now,

I dont-- Im not scared

to look at myself anymore.

Thinking back to what
I used to have before

is totally different
to what I have now.

I cant believe it.
They look like breasts.

I havent even gone through
what theyve gone through.

The scars are looking good.

Theyll fade and fade

as the year goes on.
I love it.

A journey worth doing,

When Esmeralda first walked
into my office,

she was not only
really physically scarred.

She was obviously
emotionally scarred as well.

But she put her faith in me

to try to give her
a good result,

and I had to give it
my best shot.

So here she is.

Youre awesome.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Are you guys hungry?

You guys wanna go have lunch?

Then lets go.

Before my surgery,
my boobs looked

like the breasts
of Frankenstein.

I had two totally
different sized breasts

with scars all over

and no nipples or areolas.

But now Im bye, scars,
and hello, nipples.

Dr. Dubrow gave me
what I wanted

and even more.

He gave me even breasts.

He got rid of all my scars.

And he even gave me
nipples and areolas.

A thank-you
isnt enough for me.

I dont think theres
enough words to thank him.

Dr. Dubrow was that light
at the end of the tunnel

that I needed to find

because at one point

I had given up in myself.

Im just excited
this is all behind me.

You guys are not
gonna hear me

cry and whine about
the scars, the uneven breasts.

Dr. Dubrow is fabulous.

I love my chi chis.

All you guys
are going to hear now
is bragging.

The new Esmeralda.

Me and my new chi chis.

How you doing, man?

Doing good.

I know.

It was like pulling teeth

to get Chris out
to that wedding.

I cant believe hes coming
out to the bar tonight.

I know. Its so exciting
to see him.
Yeah, I know.

On a scale of one to ten,
I love my new nose, a ten.

My confidence
is so much better.
Im able to just to be myself.

I would say Ive been
waiting to feel like this
for 20 years.

You know, I didnt know
how self-conscious he was
about his nose.

Remember when I had
my friend over?

He took to box with us?

Oh, right, yeah.

And Chris was there.

He wouldnt even shake
her hand.

He got so embarrassed
to even introduce himself.

Today will be the first day
of the rest of my life.

It was impossible to get me out
before my surgery.

My friends would ask me, "Lets
go out for a pint.

Lets go have dinner."

I would tell them,
"Sure, no problem,"

and I would always make
an excuses why I couldnt go.

But now I cant wait to show
my friends my new look.

Hey, everyone.


Oh, my god.

You look great.

What a smile.

Thank you.

You look like a completely
different person.

Yeah, I feel like
a different person.

Its been, like, a whole
different change for me.

I cant believe it sometimes.

Chriss nose was flat,

everything you could imagine.

He had a boxers nose.

Now Chriss nose looks great.

Chris better not up
his nose again

cause it is perfect now.

You remember. I could press
it all the way into my face.

Your nose was indestructible before.

I cant push on my nose

I cant make it collapse.

I cant even move it.

It has structure to it.

Hows your breathing now
since the surgery?

Breathings great.

So youre back, youre here,
youre out with us.

Whats next?

I just wanna socialize again.

I dont have that ball
in my stomach

I used to have all the time

because its off, its gone.

Before, I was like the cat

that hid behind the couch
when company came over.

Now Im out
and I wanna meet people,

and I wanna talk
and I wanna socialize

and thats the way Im gonna
continue to live my life,

and I love it.

Thank you for having
patience with me.

Dr. Nassifs just
an amazing man.

To Dr. Nassif.

Before my surgery,
I had a rubber nose.

I had trouble breathing,

and I was self-conscious about
going out with my friends,

but now,
thanks to Dr. Nassif,

my nose is both sculpted
and supported,

and it no longer flattens
when I push on it,

but really,
to be able breathe...

Oh, man, breathing

is probably
the best part of it.

Dr. Nassif, you complete me.

I wanted facial feminization

and breast augmentation.

Make me a woman.

And my face started changing.

And that could be problematic.

A drunk driver had hit us.

I have some nerve damage

I probably will never have
my smile back again.

-She twitches here.
-I do?

- Did you see that?
- Yeah.

Ive been in the military
10 years now.

I go to open
the helicopter door,

and Im about to pass out.

The pec muscles been eaten
alive by the infection.

She basically
doesnt have one anymore.

If youd like
to be considered for Botched,