Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Flaws, Jaws, and Extra Bras - full transcript

A three-boobed woman the perfect pair; working to correct a car accident victim's mangled nose; a 27-year-old LA socialite with jacked up jowls wants a facelift.

Theres nothing
I wont try to fix my face.

Im a mess.

What did you go in for?

Like this part was like big.

This you thought was big?

Yeah, more over here.

When I was 16, I was in
a horrible car accident.

I left part of my nose
on Interstate 376.

My mother covered every
mirror in the house.


Its hard, its hard.

I feel like a circus freak.

I refer to myself as
the three-boobed lady.


Oh whats happening here?

My name is Jina,
Im 27 years old,

and Im a plastic surgery
junkie with a jacked up jaw.

My face is droopy,
its uneven.

I call myself "Jowly Jina"

because I have these
gigantic jowls.

I was like 18 years
old getting Botox

because my older friends
were having Botox,

and they were like,
"Yeah, its to prevent

you from getting
like wrinkles."

Im like, "Oh yeah,
thats a great idea."

Botox definitely triggered my
obsession for plastic surgery.

I had a boob job, loved it,
lipo, hated it,

Nostril reduction,

didnt make a difference.

But I wanted more.

So I thought a BBL
would be a great idea.

It feels real,
so I mean I love it.

But I dont even
like the attention,

cause guys are like really
gross, and like ooh.

And Im like, no.

After my BBL, Im like,

what else could I do?

So I started like
focusing on my face.

I didnt like that
I had a wide jaw.

I wanted more
of a smaller face.

I had a consult with a doctor,
I told him what I wanted,

and he suggested the muscle
reduction and jaw shaping.

They make the faces
more softer, feminine,

and I thought it
would be easier on me

because Im already a girl.

I think that was the
worst recovery ever.

My jaw is still kind of numb.

Its uneven so my face droops.

And I have like these like
little fat things here

and just makes me look like
Im frowning all the time.

Im a mess.

Now, to fix what I
shouldnt have done,

I bought stuff on
Amazon, like contraptors,

I dont know, I guess how
people use waist trainers,

I use a face trainer.

And Im hoping
that Dr. Nassif

could give me
a mini face lift

and give me my old jaw back.

Its because Im way to
young to have a droopy face.

Do you see the difference?





What do you think of that?

Let me see.

That looks great.

My name is Sandra.
Im from Simi Valley,

and I am
the three-boobed lady.

My breasts, right now,
are a train wreck.

My nipple is pointing
to the right.

My left breast
is hard and tight.

Worst of all,
I have a third breast

in the middle of my chest.

I got the end of
the stick, I really did.

Some people pay for
three of those, you know.

Yeah, in sci-fi
movies or something.

At this point,
I just want them to be

where theyre supposed to be.

Would like to have just two
breasts instead of three.

I met my first
husband when I was 17.

We had three beautiful boys.

I was 32 when I
divorced my husband,

and my sister
introduced me to Mike.

We went for a ride on his
motorcycle and that was it.

I like it when you tell
everybody how you designed

I did help you design the
shapes and the curves and...

You just worry about
your shapes and curves.

Im worried about
my shapes and curves.

He loved to see me
in sexy lingerie.

He bought it for
me all the time.

So I wanted to fill it out.

I was a size 32A.

I had just little,
small, perky boobies.

So I decided that I was
gonna get my breasts done.

Going into my surgery,
I was very excited.

I woke up and I
felt like somebody

had run me over
with a truck.

I couldnt breathe,
I couldnt catch my breath.

Ill never forget that pain.

The breast on my right
was just a little higher

and very hard.

So I went in for my second
surgery to have it fixed.

As the swelling went down,

I noticed the breast
started falling.

My breast moves, literally,
all over the place.

It looks like a third boob.

Its horrible.

I will never walk
through my house naked.

Michael has not seen my
breasts since they were done.

I really dont want
him to touch them.

I did it to enhance us.

And did it enhance
our relationship?


It didnt.

I dont feel pretty.

I dont feel sexy.

Its affected my life,

and the past four years has
just kind of been an ego bust.

He broke up with
me shortly after,

and he started seeing someone
else who had big boobs.

We got back together

but my insecurity
affected my relationship.

Itd be nice to
see you come to bed

not all wrapped up
like a mummy.

I think, sexually,
it has messed us up.

Its messed me up,
and thats not fair to him

and our relationship.

You know how I say these
cases are so crazy?

I cant wrap my brain
around how a breast surgery

could result,
wait for it, in this...

What happened to her breasts?

Thats not real!

Ive seen hundreds
of breast deformities,

but a deformity like
this with three breasts,

no way, first time.

Can you please send in Sandra?


Nice to meet you,
Im Dr. Nassif.

Nice to meet you.

Hi Sandra, Terry Dubrow.
Pleasure to meet you.

Whats your name?

Mike, howre you doin, Mike?
Good, how are you?

Hi Mike, Terry Dubrow,
pleasure to meet you.
Please have a seat.

So Sandra.

Ive got to tell you,

we have this expression
in breast-revisional surgery

called malposition.

Means that the breast implant
is not in the right place.

You have the most dramatic
example of malposition

Ive ever seen
in my entire career.

I have referred to myself
as the three-boobed lady.


Well I feel like a circus freak.
Remember that like...

So you went to
a plastic surgeon, I assume.

Yes, I did.

I told him I dont wanna go big.
I just want a normal C,

small C
wouldve been perfect.

And, for the most part,

I thought thats
what I was getting.

Until I woke up from surgery.

My right breast was way up here.


Did he ever tell you
what happened in surgery?

He admitted to me that,
he said,

"I mustve done
something wrong."

Okay, did you let him fix it?
Yes, I did.

All right, so now were
about to find out how

you got to this cause this
is your last operation, right?

Ah, it was a nightmare, yes.

All right, tell us the story.

He just went in to fix it.

As I was recovering, it was
in the middle of my chest.

I never went back to him again.

How did you manage that,

I just hid it from myself,
and from him,

and I mean Im never
without my bra.

He never sees me naked, ever.

I was so embarrassed.
Besides the pictures
I had to take.

That we have, recently,
and that was the first time

- youve ever seen them?
- I know.

So you never knew she had
this brewing underneath?

I didnt know it was that bad.

I mean, I walked into
her house one day,

and she was layin in the
bathroom, had candles around,

but she had a bra on.

I was like, "Ah, my god."

I cant even look at myself.

When was this surgery,
this last one?

How many years ago?

Four years ago, right?

So you guys were
dating at that time?

Yes, we been
back-and-forth quite a bit

but, we for the most part,

have been together
this whole time.

So okay.

I dont say this to scare you,

Im just telling you the truth

because honesty
is critical when it comes

to these difficult
revisional surgeries.
Thank you, I respect that.

This is an extraordinarily
hard operation

and very, very risky.

That scares me.

Youll be all right.

Im frightened. I dont wanna
hear that Im unfixable.

Put your hands on
your hips and push.


Ive dealt with this for
so long, for three doctors,

To say thats it.

I dont wanna be
disappointed again.

Look at this.

Its horrible.

Its so embarrassing.

Ooh, I just need to
look at that for a second.

Wow, look at that.

Do me a favor, put your
hands on your hips and push.

Look at that deformity.


So the two key variables
we need to focus on are,

one, how much natural
breast tissue do you have,

and two, how much has
the skin been stretched

in the areas outside
of your breast tissue,

including the chest wall
and the abdominal wall.

You know, youve got some
natural breast tissue.

Thats a very positive thing

because the more natural
breast tissue you have,

one, the more blood
supply you have...

...and two, the more padding
you have over the implant.


And then the key variable.

So when you replace
the implant--

this is sort of where
your breast should be.

Okay, right there.

This is breast skin,

this is abdominal skin,

and this is sternal skin,
the breast-bone skin.


You know, you take a T-shirt,

and you stretch the arms,
and you stretch the chest,

you stretch the belly,

and its all now sort
of lost its integrity,

its own sort of
internal architecture.

This skin has lost its own

internal collagen and elastin.

Because Sandras
surgeon not only

over-dissected her pocket
towards the center,

but downwards
onto her abdomen.

That stretched out the skin,

and I really have my
work cut out for me.

I think the best option is
to take the implant out,

close the pocket off, put
a new implant in that fits,

and find a way
to tighten the skin,

somehow to rearrange the tissue

so that you have two mounds
that are symmetrical...


And the skin can show
us a good envelope

and everything is healthy,
and copasetic, and normal.

Lets kick its ass.

Lets kick its ass.

More and more its sounding
like this is possible.

That its fixable.

So Im hopeful.

All right.
Pleasure, yall, thank you.

Thank you.
Thats right.


My names Jennifer and
I left part of my nose

on Interstate 376.

I have a misshapen nostril.

The side of my
nose has collapsed

so I cant breath
out of that side.

I have a big bump on
the left side of it.

And its a very ugly nose.

I remember that day
like it was yesterday.

Getting that phone call that you

were in a horrible accident.

Worst day of my life.

When I was 16, I
took my moms car

and lost control of the car.

The car hits the median,

and my face was out the
window on the gravel

and dragged along with
the car 175 yards.

Ive dealt with
this for so long...

for three doctors...
To say thats it.

You know, theres
nothing we can do.

Like this is as good
as its gonna get.

Like I dont wanna
get my hopes up

meeting Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow,

because like I just, you know,

I dont wanna be
disappointed again.

The last two nights in
a row, Ive been cooking.

I cant stand cooking.

I have to say, I made
an incredible salad.

This, for some reason,
makes me relax.

When Heathers not around,
I text the chef downstairs

and go...
Can you bring me something?

I go, "Whats for dinner?"
Have the kids eaten yet?

Terry, does your chef
change your diaper

and also get you your little
warm baby bottle for you?

Lovely lady named Jennifer,

many, many years ago she
got into a car accident,

lost a lot of her nose.

Lets see what we
can do to help her.


Can you please send in Jennifer?


Nice to meet you.
Very nice to meet you.

Dr. Nassif.

I have two girls
and they are 13 and eight.

I want them to feel
positive about themselves.

Looks arent everything
but, unfortunately,

its kind of hard because Im
not comfortable with myself.

Well, welcome to our office.

Thank you.
Love to hear your story.

Yeah, so when I was 16, I was
in a horrible car accident.

What were the injuries?

Most of it were, you know,
needed a lot of stitches,

bit through underneath
my lip, I was very...

Did you lose the
tissue of the nose?

What did it look like?

I dont know because I
did not look at myself

for at least a month afterwards.

When she went to stay
with my parents

after she got out
of the hospital

because I had to
go back to work,

my mother covered
every mirror in the house.


At 16, there was no
way I could handle

seeing what happened
to my face.

It was horrible.

The doctor, the plastic surgeon,
did some repairs to you.

Something too, yes.

And then what happened?

That is when I went in
for the forehead flap.

When a patient has a
significant defect, basically,

youre missing skin,
a forehead flap is used.

Thats taking issue right here,
lifting it up off the skin,

rotating it down, filling
in the little defect,

let it heal for about
four to six weeks,

and then severing the
intervening piece of tissue,

close it up, stitches
make it look nice,

and boom, youre done,
you have a new nasal tip.

About 12 years later, I then
went back to the same doctor

and said, "Can you do
something to help me breathe?"

He did do a surgery
to open up the airway.

Hows your breathing now?

Not good.

And also the fact
like when were out,

people they come up and be like,

"Honey, what happened to you?

"Were you set on fire or
whatever?" It was terrible.

So people would
just walk up to you

in the market and say that?

Yes, and I wanna say
none of your business.

Are you currently married?

I am not.

Youre divorced.

How long ago?
12 years ago.

Nothin to do with your
nose and your injuries.

I feel like she settled

for someone that I thought
she should never have married,

and I think she always felt

that was the best
she was gonna get.

Right. Do you think
theres any truth in that?

I do.
Its so hard.

I try to prop her
up all the time.

Always be there
for her and try to say,

you know, "Youre beautiful,
this isnt anything",

but its hard, its hard.

Although the injuries
were rather superficial,

I can tell you, the emotional
scars are very, very deep.

You know, I didnt
wake up that day

thinking that my whole life
was gonna change and it did.

You guys dont
understand my pain...

Aw, babe.

Im exercising my jaw...

so I can do other
things with it.

Do you do it everyday?

We want it like
this but instead...

It feels like something
crawling inside of me.

Its so weird.

- Hello, my friends.
- Hello.

Okay, so lets turn your head
that way just a little bit.

Lower your chin
for us a little bit.

Okay, so they did a
pretty good job up here.

Really excellent.
That is a really thin scar.

Executed it perfectly.

Where that little
boney fracture is,

thats from your trauma.


Was it there right away?

This bump or did it
take time to develop?

It took a little bit of time.

Theres a possibility of
opening that up, basically,

and getting right down
to where that bone is

and playing with that
bone and softening that.


So I want you to
grab this mirror.


Is this growing,
this little thing there?

It is.
Its growing?


Maybe we can do a
little removal of that.

If it grows, it goes.

Close your eyes.
Open them.

You have that little bit
of extra skin here
from your trauma.

Oh yeah, because he
tried to do like a lift,

but its just droopy.

Let me feel your nose now.

I wonder if that actually
could be shortened

because if you open this up,

because its so big,
its pushing this way.

If you get a bulk but actually
excise some of that.

Jennifers trauma gave her
almost like an appetizer sampler

with all the problems
of her face and hopefully

I could help with
too but, obviously,

the main course
is fix her nose,

and thats where Ill have
to focus all my energy on.

So the thing to do would be
to do an open rhinoplasty,

where we lift off all the skin.

And take a peak.

And while I lift up everything,
Im wanna work on getting
your septum fixed.

Fixed, okay.

Makin your breathing
better, at the same point,

that while I do that,

I might wanna lift up
the edge of the flap,

de-bulking it, which means
remove some of the fullness,

makin the nose 75-ish
percent improved,

I would think that I can do,

and then correcting all
those other little areas

or making them better.

Is that gonna make you happy?

That would definitely
make me happy.

Im putting my faith in you.

And your face.

Yeah, and my face.

My faith and my face.

Pop it.

Oh, my gosh, Im scared.

Girls night.

Its nice to hang out
with the girls and just like
catch up.

We normally do like lingerie,
face masks, champagne, food.

Thats pretty much like
sums up our lives.

All right girls,
its time for face masks.

So, look, can you pass
me my mouth piece, please?

Its the little red thing.

What is this?

Its safe to say
theres nothing

I wont try to fix my face.

Even if it looks weird.


You look like...

Were not gonna judge
you, dont be like that.

You guys dont
understand my pain.

Aw, babe.

Im exercising my jaw.

So I can do other
things with it.

All righty.

All right.
Over here. Okay, get me
one too, get me one too.

Okay, we all need one.

Shes showing me some new

Hey, Ill use some too.
Im not opposed to it.

Ill use some too.

What do you want
it to look like?

Back to my old face.
Got it.

What do you think I should do?

Get a face lift,
get the jaw implant?


Youre 27.
You cant get a face lift.

Jina is literally
looking for anything

that she can do to
try to get it back

to even close to
what it was before,

but I dont think she
should get a face lift.

Well, hopefully Dr. Nassif
will be able to fix it

because hes the best.
He did my nose.

Alya, your nose
looks so amazing.

I know.

You really think
he could fix it?

I mean, if anybody can do it,
its literally gonna be him.


Good to see you.
Sit up for a second.

Okay, so you have
what I had called

the mother of all
malpositions, okay.

Ideally, what you
want is, obviously,

the implant centered
behind the areola.

Im fully aware that
theres risks involved

with my surgery today.

But Im so ready to be not
the third-boob lady anymore.

So we want it like
this but instead...

It feels like something
crawling inside of me.

Its so weird.

For Sandras
surgery, I will start
by making an incision

under her right areola
and remove her old implant.

I will then recreate
the pocket

by closing down the areas
that were over-dissected,

insert a new implant and then

tighten the skin on the
lower portion of the breast.

Next, I will open
up the left side,

remove her old implant
and the scar tissue,

and then tighten the
entire breast envelope

to obtain symmetry.

The first step is to
open up the right breast

and see what kind
of tissue there is

to make new barriers out of.

Oh wow, thats so interesting.

So originally she had
breast implants put in,

but she said they
were really high.

She thought he put them wrong,

but she just had
capsular contracture.

The same doctor treating
the capsular contracture

took too much scar tissue out

and opened up
the pocket too far,

and then it just
was in the abdomen.

But heres the old pocket.

Sandras original
surgeon attempted to fix

capsular contracture
by creating an entirely
new pocket

outside of
the original pocket.

I can close down the
extra pocket and then

put the implant in
right behind the breast.

You know what they
say, you cant go back.

Were gonna test that theory.

Go into your old home.

Whats happening here,?


Since this is not stuck down,

I could tent this
if I go near there.

The stretched out, lax skin
overlying the breast bone,

which is normally
supposed to be very tight,

is actually causing
an abnormal

breast shape
and breast contour.

So he put the implant
completely under both

the pectoralis major
and the pectoralis minor.

Kind of a no-no.

Theres not enough
saliva in my mouth,

so Im always like swallowing
and like slurring my words.

Okay, thats kind of new.

Whats happening here?


Although it might just
stick down just the way

an old capsule
closes off on itself.

We could put a drain in it
and get it to stay down.

So it sucks down.

Yeah, I could put
a drain in that.

Im gonna have to come up
with something creative,

that may involve putting
a suction device,

try to get the skin to stick
directly down to the chest wall

and make the overall
breast contour better.

Will it work?
Heres hopin.

Lets open up this left side

and see if its something
strange like the other side.

Okay, so he put...

the implant...

completely under

both the pectoralis major
and the pectoralis minor.

Which is kind of a no-no.

Okay, lets put the implant in.

This envelope is looser now.

We gotta do a lift on the left.

Damn, all right,
lets do a lift.

Sandra just had a
very difficult surgery.

Its going to require
a lot of recovery

and maybe
a little bit of luck.

But I can tell you
that if this works,

she should be
extraordinarily happy

because Ive never seen
a malposition this bad,

nor do I ever
wanna see it again.

Exceeded my
expectations completely.

Okay, put her down,
lets close.

Yes! Yes, yes, yes.

Come here.
Were gonna see Jina next.


And shes requesting a lift.

Breast lift?

Face lift.
Face lift.

And shes 27.

A face lift?
A face lift.

Take a look at her.

I mean...
I mean I dont see

that much loose skin.

So lets see her.

Can you please send in Jina?

Miss Jina, hi.

Im Dr. Nassif.
Nice to meet you.

Hi Jina, Terry
Dubrow, how are you?

Nice to meet you.

Hi, Alya.


Wait a minute, you
look very familiar.

Yeah, you did my nose.

Four years ago.
Four years ago.

I know, isnt that crazy?

Looks good.

Alyas nose looks pretty darn
good after all these years.

I think I have to give
myself a little pat.

Actually or a little
spank, somethin.

Gotta do somethin.

- You guys live in LA?
- Yes.

Since were both out of it,
now especially me
being out of it,

what is happening now?

What does everyone do?

We do a lot of houses.

House parties.
Yeah, like houses.

So what, youll just go there
for dinner and hang out?

Well just hang out.

Sometimes we just say we just
invite ourselves over, right.

Did you ever go to, like,
to New York, New York,

out in Woodland Hills,
the dance club or...


Any of those things?

Voila, or Chez Moi?

Voila or Chez Moi,
the disco places.


Back in our days?
No, I never went there.

Im so happy Pauls
finally married

and no longer has to
worry about being hip.

Now all he has to think
about is not breaking one.

We know you had
some jaw surgery.

Can you take us back?

Because it looks like
you like plastic surgery.

I knew when I was like 15,
Im like, I want my boobs done.

So, saved up for it and got it

when I was like,
I just turned 18.

All right so
any more surgeries?

My nose, my butt...

Your butt, what did you
do to your buttocks?

Brazilian buttock lift?
Yeah, and my jaw.

What did you go in for?

Because I thought
my face is big.

Now Im like, my face was fine.

When you think your face,

you mean this you
thought was big?

Yeah, more over here.

I thought it was really big.

Wait a minute, way over here?

Yeah, like this
part was like big.


When I got my jaw done, my
doctor shaved down my muscle,

took out my buckle fat.

Muscle shaving
or the masseter muscle.

Yeah, that thing.
Shaving it?

Okay, thats kind of new.

We give Botox in the
masseter muscle to shrink it.

Shaving it down
sounds dangerous.

I would never do it.

Any complications?

Its kind of numb still.

And like theres not
enough saliva in my mouth,

so Im always like swallowing
and like slurring my words.

You know when you take buccal
fat out, which is cheek fat,

theres a duct right here

that enters from
the perotid gland...


And you make an incision
between the second molar

and that duct, if you get
too close to the duct,

it can block the
duct with scarring,

and you may not get
parotid secretions.

So you might have a bit
of a dry mouth from that.

I definitely do.

Cause you go--
she goes like.


And Im always thirsty,
cause my mouth is always dry.

So what are your
complaints right now then?

I dont like the way it looks.


So the main thing
is this fullness
you have on both sides?

Thats what you think
the bulging is, yes?


I definitely want a face lift.

Thats why I tried all the
PDO thread lifts and like...

You had the PDO
threads for what?

Its like, its supposed
to be a little face lift

but it went away
in like two weeks.

There are threads that are used

to help tighten the
neck line or the jaw,

or to elevate the eyebrow,

and you slide them
in with a needle,

and they have these
little hooks on them.

The problem is,
they dont last.

So you think a face lift

will do the same thing
but longer lasting.

Is that the whole point?

Heres the question
I have for you.

What do you think the chance is

of anyone talking her
out of any procedures is?

I think you guys
are the best chance.

So were here to
talk you out of things.


I mean, lets get
in the exam room.

I want you to take
off your makeup.

I wanna really look at that
jaw line of yours, okay?


This was in the left airway.

Deviated just like that.

So you have a big spur.

Shes got a massive nasal spur,
which is made out of bone.

What Im really
concerned about

is that circus act
of that third breast

and Im just hoping
the circus has left town.

Do you think it looks
different on this side?


You see it?
I mean...


It looks like I
have a double chin.

I cant.
Take this away from me.

No, it does not.

What are you doin'
with that mirror?

We saw you.

She was tryin to
notice the difference.

So go ahead, do what you were
doin, were gonna watch.

She was looking and
then she was like

"I have a double chin."
And I was like "No, you dont."

Yeah, now I have a double chin.

See, this.
This is not.

youre looking at

is this right here right?


Thats where
your buccal fat was.

Youre focusing on
something thats really

not that bad or present.

Jina is way too young
to get a face lift. No way.

There something we call elastin,
and theres collagen fibers,

and all these great
things in the skin,

especially when youre young,

Asian skin has very,
very, very, tight,

wound up elastin fibers

which dont like being
pulled abnormally.

Your PDO threads
lasted two weeks.

Theyre supposed
to last a year.

A face lift is supposed to
last about a good seven years.

Seven times longer.

What is that, so 14 weeks?

So for 14 weeks you
might look tight there...

- Three months.
- Okay?

And then what happens?
It goes back to normal?

Shoots back to normal.

Oh, my God.

Its cause I have
Asian skin.

Asian skin has a predisposition
for keloid scarring,

which is thick,
elevated scars.

Dont do it.

Jina needs to forget
about her face lift.

Her skin is nice and tight.

What she needs to do is come
back in about another 60,
70 years.

By that time shell
be Terrys age.

Thats when she
needs a face lift.

Did we, at all, kind
of explain that to you

and making you weary
about getting a face lift?

Of course.

I mean, I would not
want those scars

and all that work and then
it goes back like that.

So I guess the face lift
is out of the question.

I dont want to
spend all that money

for it to go back to normal.

Im still gonna get
my injections and
thread lifts.

Nice seeing you.
Nice meeting you.

Thank you, nice meeting you too.


- Good morning.
- Good morning, young lady.

So big, big car accident.

Coming in specifically
for the nose

but then maybe we can
fix a bunch of things.


I am feeling a bit
nervous today,

but Im hoping for, you know,

some positive results
and some changes.

We have a full day ahead
of us with Jennifer.

We wanna, first of all,
get her nose straight.

Right now, its very crooked.

I dont think Ill be
able to get it perfect,

but if I can get it like
this, that would be better.

And then also when
I get inside there,

Ill look to see if
anything else I can do

to improve Jennifers airway.

For Jennifers surgery,
my team will harvest rib

while I remove the boney mass

on Jennifers left,
lower forehead,

the mole on her right cheek,

and some extra skin over
her right, upper eyelid.

Then Ill open up the
nose, do a septoplasty,

add a septo-extension graft
to help straighten the nose

and open up her airway.

I will then file down the
small hump on her dorsum

and finish by
de-bulking the flap

on the left side
of Jennifers nose.

All right, give me a 15 blade.

So it looks like theres
some type of a little bone.

You know, probably from the
trauma but whatever it is,

were gonna get rid of it.

Go ahead.

Theres that little...

Well, heres the bone.

Okay, so heres
the mole coming off.

Hold on.

I wanna make sure
we get the stalk.

When youre excising a mole,

you have to make sure
that you get all of it

including the stalk otherwise
its gonna grow back.

So heres
the upper eyelid skin.

That little strip
of skin right there.

Ive completed the small things
that I wanna do on the face--

bone, skin, eyelid, mole.

So what I have to do next
is the difficult part,

which is open up the nose
and see what Im working with

and then try to get
the best result possible.

You know those
septo-support grafts?


I think theyre gonna
have to be long and thick,

pretty much to
rebuild the septum.

Thats fine.
This was in the left airway.

Deviated just like that.
So you have a big spur.

Shes got a massive,
left-sided nasal spur,

which is made out of bone.

But once thats gone, you
could drive a Mack Truck

right through
that left airway,

and shell be able
to breathe beautifully.

So now weve finished
the complete deconstruction

of Jennifers nose.

Now its time
for reconstruction.

Were gonna use a
lot of rib cartilage

to help get the nose straight.

Okay, septo-extension
graft going in.

This is gonna help, God willing,
keep the tip straight.

Dr. Peng and I are gonna,
basically, de-bulk and de-fat

the flap on the left
side of Jennifers nose,

which was from
the forehead flap.

What were gonna try
to do is remove about 25%

of the flap
and by doing that,

its gonna make the skin
not push out as much.

Looks fantastic.


Dr. Peng, you are the bomb.

- Hello, young lady.
- Hello.

Would you like to
hear what I found?


I have a big smile on my face

cause I dont feel like
somebody ran me over.

And you know what?
To me, thats a great sign.

As you know, this skins
supposed to be very tightly

adherent to the breast bone
but it was disrupted completely.

So I put a drain in
with suction,

sticking this one down.

And it will, theoretically,
hopefully, it should, heal down.

This one is fixed,
in a good spot.

This one is lifted.

And they should
end up very close.

Sandra had a very big
operation with pocket closure

and rearrangement
of the soft tissue,

but what Im really
concerned about

is what she refers to as
that circus act of
that third breast,

and Im just hoping
the circus has left town

and has taken the
clowns with them.

Oh, baby, I dont have a boob

in the middle of
my chest anymore.


Not bad, huh?

Youre crying?
I am.

Youre happy?

I dont have a boob in the
middle of my chest anymore.

Im normal, Im no longer
the three-boobed lady.

Hows that?

I dont miss it.

So good.
Im excited.

We have a good result brewing.

Lets brew it all
the way to the end.

All right?
Any questions for us?

No, were good.

I just wanna get Sandy healed.

But its hard to say if its
gonna change our future.

Well just see what happens.

Thank you so much.

Congratulations, you two.

All right.
Thank you.

Thank you so very much.

I have been
bleeding non stop.

So I would like to say
you, leeches.

I was not normal.

Now, it feels good to have
two boobs instead of three.

Hi, guys.

Hi, Mom.

The whole leech experience,
like, really unnerved me.

I wasnt sure if
that was, you know,

a normal thing or not.

It was weird, I could
feel them sucking

and then they just grew,
and grew, and grew,

and got really fat.

That was a new
experience for me.

There was a lot of
bleeding yesterday

after the leech therapy.

I have been bleeding non-stop,

so I would like to say
you, leeches.

Thank you.

Hello, young lady.

How you doin?

Good, better than yesterday.


All right. Its really swollen
and I know you had
leeches on there,

cause I know you
had some bleeding.

But the leeches is to help
get any blood out of there

so that it will heal better.

So lets take a peak.
I wanna kind of
inspect every area.

And Im gonna start
with over here.

So youre eye is closing
pretty well over here.

Let me look over here where
we took off the little mole.

All right. Taken that
little bone area down.

That feels great.

All right now let me get
to the important part here.

Okay, the color looks very good
and this looks a little swollen.

How do you feel?
Pretty good.

Yeah, everyday will
get a little better.

So overall I was very pleased.

I got you a lot straighter,
your airway should be better.

We did a lot
to Jennifers nose and face.

Theres a lot of swelling
and bruising and stitches.

And its gonna take about
a good couple of months

before she can really start
seeing some improvement.

Im excited, once
everything settles down,

to see how it looks.

Its just amazing.

Jen feeling so
much better inside

is just gonna bring
out more happiness

with her and her daughters.

Thank you so much.

Okay, Ill see you later.

Thank you.

You guys wanna
play some Skee-Ball?

Yeah, sure.

Why dont you guys play first
and Auntie and I will watch?

I cant wait to see Jen.

I know, Im really
excited to see her.

I have wanted this
moment for a very long time.

I was only 16 when
my accident happened,

and for the past 20 years,

Ive been dealing
with a disfigured nose
that was lopsided,

caved in, I was having
trouble breathing,

dealing with people staring
at me, making comments.

I had lost hope but
along came Dr. Nassif

and he answered
all my prayers for me.

Hows she been like at
home since the surgery?

She definitely feels more happy.

I feel pretty excited
for today.

I think my girls are
gonna be very surprised.

For them to be able to see
me finally happy with myself,

I think is gonna be
really good for them.

- See whos gonna beat who.
- I dont know.

Hey girls.

You look great.

Thank you, what
do you guys think?

It looks so good.

You look so beautiful.
Aw, thank you.

Oh my god, you look amazing.
So beautiful.

Thank you.

I feel amazing.

I feel like you look
more confident.


I got dressed up today.
We can go and do something fun.

We never get to do
this kind of stuff.

Do you feel like ever like now

you feel like youre
more beautiful?

I do feel more beautiful,
I definitely do.

Were happy for you.

She just looks
like really pretty.

We love our mom
no matter what,

but like seeing her
happy with her nose now

and how she looks
makes us all happy.

Thank you, Dr. Nassif.

Mom, you know its
been a long 20 years.

It was a horrible
thing that had happened,

and you have been by my
side the whole entire time,

and I really appreciate that.

And Im hoping now that we
can both move on from it.

I hope so.

Before my surgery,
my face was a wreck.

My misshapen nostrils
and deformed nose

made me very self conscious.

I felt I couldnt be a good
role model for my daughters.

And on top of all that,
I couldnt breathe well.

And now,
thanks to Dr. Nassif,

my nose looks a lot
better and I can breathe.

He went above and beyond.

Those damn leeches.

Really good score.

This has
just been a journey.

I went from teeny, tiny
little peas into a nightmare.

A breast in the
middle of my chest.

I was not normal.

And I lived with
that for five years.

Now, theyre both where
theyre supposed to be.

It feels good to have
two boobs instead of three.

I feel like
a beautiful woman.


Itll be good to see mom.

Guys, it will
be good to see mom.

Even after
that whole break up,

its almost like it was
for the better, you know?

Yeah, I think so too.

After surgery, I literally
got a lot off my chest.

Unfortunately, things with
Michael and I didnt work out.

We both went
our separate ways.

Dr. Dubrow may have
fixed my breast,

but nobody couldve
fixed the damage

that was done to
my relationship.

I knew there were problems,

and it took three
boobs on my chest

to realize that I
dont need to be sexy

for anybody but myself.

Hey, guys!
Hi, Mom!

My boys.

Hey, Mama.
Ive lassoed you all up.

You look really good.
Thank you.

The transformation for
my mother has been huge.

She just seems so
much more positive,

and radiant, and all smiles.
Its enjoyable.

You look great.
Thank you, I feel amazing.

You guys look good too.

Thank you.
Good to be here.

My mom looks amazing. You can
really see the glow coming from
the inside now.

All right.

Nice break, mom!
Two balls in.

Before my surgery,
I had three boobs,

a deformed breast on the
right, one in the middle,

and a hard rock on my left.

I looked like a circus freak.

But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

I have two perfectly
symmetrical breasts.

That third breast
is gone, I feel sexy

and secure in my skin,

and I dont need a
man to validate that.

I rock it.

Nice shot, Mom.
Good shot.

Its so beautiful.

I mean, look,
theyre so pretty.

Nice shot, Mom!

Are you kidding me?

I have the biggest
fake boobs in Norway.

Obviously, the best
way to fix your nose

is to take out
the breast implants.

No, no, no, no.

In my 33 years of boxing,

Ive broken my nose
approximately 22 times.

Ugh, hes got so much
scar tissue in his nose.

Its like a rock.

And you have no nipple?

And I have
no nipple, no areola.

You have no nipples.

This is the worst
complication I have ever seen.

At this point,
I feel I have no hope.

If youd like
to be considered for Botched,