Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - Most Outrageous Before & Afters Countdown - full transcript

[Dr. Dubrow] Tonight is a blast
from the reality star past.

Some of you may remember me
from The Real World,

and this is the true story of
my [bleep] up boobs.

You know,
you and breast implants...
I don't know.

Taking out my implants
a capital no-no.

You might know me from
Rock of Love, Charmed School
and I Love Money,

but you might not recognize me
from those shows

because I've had a lot
of work done since then.

I feel like the reason why
I can't twerk is because it
wasn't so wide.

I want to give them what
they want and what they want

is for me to twerk my booty.
Your booty.

My nose looks like a do
took a bite out of it

because a dog did.

The nose grew,
the nostril didn't.
Holy-- a big gnaw.

This is gonna be a good,
challenging case for us.

Challenging case is
an understatement.

There's still too much blood
in here.

He's gonna get swollen.

We're gonna get a leech
on that flap.

See how they're getting fatter?

You're gonna take them home
with you.

[Dr. Peng] Water.
Eat it.
It's no big deal, right?

Terry, you [bleep].


[male singer]
♪ I wanna be sexy ♪

♪ I wanna be hot ♪

♪ Fix me make me beautiful ♪

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

[male singer 2]
♪ Just feeling good ♪

My name is Brittanya
and I update my body

as much as I update my photos
on social media.

I feel with each surgery,
my social media
keeps growing and growing

because I get better
and better.

You might know me from
Rock of Love, Charmed School,
and I Love Money,

but you might not recognize me
from those shows

because I've had a lot
of work done since then.

And I'm 100% not natural.

If I had to describe my butt,
I just feel maybe
it's a little too big.

I got butt implants and then
I got hydrogel injections.

And then after a few months,
my butt got harder,

and it's getting
wider and wider,
and bigger and bigger.

And I would love
the perfect peach booty,

but I'm stuck with
these two watermelons.

So I never considered
plastic surgery.

It kinda just happened
because I got cheated on.

And I wanted to have
the comeback and make him
miss out, and it worked.

So I ended up getting
my breasts done.

I was a small B
and I went to a full C.

After I got my breasts done,
it changed my life.

I just wanted more. So then
I made an appointment for lipo.

When I went to Mexico
for lipo,

I then saw this beautiful,
gorgeous woman with
a huge big ol' butt.

And I said,
"I want to do that too."

When I got
my first butt implants,

it was so painful.

I couldn't even poop.
Can I say that?

I loved it.
And then after a few years,

I just wanted something
newer and better.

So going to Mexico,
they didn't know English,

and I didn't know Spanish.

I just wanted to get
a bigger, nicer butt,

and I figured
they would understand that.

I know how to show them a photo
of a butt and be like, "Mira."

After my second butt implants,
I mean, I was happy with them.

They're fine, but I realized
I still didn't get to where
I wanted to be.

I wanted this hourglass figure.

So then he referred
the hydrogel injections.

When I got the hydrogel

it looked good at first
and then after a few months,

my butt just started changing
to another shape.

I don't freaking know
my shapes. I don't know.

It was just-- It was more
like this. What shape is this?

I don't know what this sha--
Is this even a shape?

Oh, yeah. I guess
it's a side oval, right?

'Cause this is an oval, right?
And it's a side oval.

Yeah, they're like
two side ovals.

Now my butt just looks wide.
A little bit too wide.

Mainly my hips
and it's just too hard.

I can't jiggle the booty.

I'm hoping Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassif

can find some type of solution
to make my booty appear
a little bit smaller

because it's super important
for me to get the right picture

and stay relevant because
I have all these eyes on me.

And you feel a ton of pressure.

I don't want to let
all my followers down.

Right now my career's
on the rise.

I have 16 million followers
on Instagram and growing daily.

But I haven't hit the peak.

And I feel like the hydrogel's
making my butt fall,

and I just don't want
my followers to follow.

My name is Flora.
Some of you may remember me

from The Real World: Miami,
Season 5.

[narrator] When people
stop being polite...

[Flora] And this is the true
story of my [bleep] up boobs.

Find out what happens
when boobs stop being boobs

and start getting real,
real bad in Flora's World.

After years of surgeries,
I have one big uniboob.

They're touching each other,
like making out.

It's the weirdest,
weirdest [bleep].

When I was a cast member on
The Real World,

I was already a full C.

Take one, flash.
Okay, take two, flash.

After The Real World,
I got married.

Everybody loved Mike.
He was just a good person.

My neighbor was
this famous boob doctor.

I got a boob job for no reason.

I didn't need it.
I wanted it.

They probably were a double D.
I felt beautiful.

And then we had a baby,

and my boobs were huge,
and they were hanging
to my knees.

Like if I was to walk I would
be kicking them up in the air.

So we went back to this doctor.

Put smaller silicones in.

And then eight months later,

on the bottom,
they started to square off.

I looked like
Spongebob Squareboobs.

So I went to a new surgeon.

He said, "We could fix this."

Months later, they started
to fall out of pocket.

Instead of them standing upright
and at attention,

they would fall
into my armpits.

So I had
two surgeries to fix

this horrific situation.

But after my last surgery,

surgery number 5,

I definitely had one big boob.

I just wanted it to be fixed.

But then we had
a big tragedy happen.

The police called
and said that

they found a man

floating in a lake
behind our house.

And Mike had an accident,

and he drowned.

Sorry. Cut.


So anyway,
I stopped my surgeries.

I didn't want to put myself
into that situation where

I would be in a bad place
and not be able to take care
of my daughter.

It's been four years
since Mike passed away.

Day by day, I moved forward.

Hi, babe.

I met a great guy, Fernando.

He is a wonderful man
and a great boyfriend.

I'm so, so grateful
and thankful that
you and Allison

are gonna be with me
on this new adventure.

I am hoping and praying
to the heaven's above

that Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif
will help me.


Check this out.

I know you're not
a huge pop culture fan,

but we actually have a girl
who was on The Real World.

Okay. Flora.
Her name's Flora.

And she has, actually,
a very complicated

breast problem. Let me show you
what I'm talking about.

What's the first thing
you notice?

Yeah. She's got symmastia.
That's very good.

Or what people call, uniboob.

Based on Flora's photos,

she has a very significant

which is a communication
between the right
and left breast pockets.

The question is: Why in all
those operations has it
not been able to be fixed?

Sounds like you have
to find out, my friend.
All right. So why don't we bring

Flora in and figure that out.

Can you please send in Flora?

[Dr. Dubrow] Flora.
Hello. Hi.

Nice to meet you. Hi.
Dr. Nassif.
Nice to meet you.

Right now, I am to
the 10th power of anxiety.

I'm terrified that Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassif can't help me.

I just want to take a big poop.

[Dr. Dubrow]
Flora, let me ask you.

What made you decide to have
breast implant surgery?

Oh, really?

I said, "I want it.
I want it. I want it."

Then after I had the baby,
my breasts looked like

I could feed the world and,
and then some.

So now we're gonna have to
tighten here, tighten there.

The second one was
to tighten...
Yes. Everything.

Everything. Okay.
Yes. Yes.
And then all of a sudden

they started squaring off.
Okay, so what did
the doctor say?

The doctor said, "Flora,
I'm not gonna cut you again

because I can't put you at risk
of more complications."

I love this guy.
Of course that went in one ear,
out the other.

Uh-oh, you went
to another doctor.
So let me guess.

You went somewhere else.
Exactly. Finally found somebody

that told her what
she wanted to hear.


So we go
into surgery number three.

And then they started to fall
this way.

So what-- Yeah.
To your armpits.

So I went back to the doctor.

And this was when we found out

that there's such a thing
called, "moon-lighting."

You are awake,
but you're not awake,

but you don't feel anything.


Wait, wait.
Do, do you mean twilight?

Is that--
Is that twilight? Yeah.
Twilight anesthesia.

I guess to me moon-lighting
sounded sexier

than twilighting.
Sounded a little scarier.

Few months later,
boobs were getting closer.

Oh, full symmastia.
[woman] It's kinda weird.
Uniboob. Yeah.

He brings us back.
When I say us--

Alison's been with me
through all my surgeries.

He didn't bring you back
to fix symmastia

under twilight sedation,
did he?

He did.
Oh, boy.

When I first became
a plastic surgeon,

symmastia was considered

Then the community
of plastic surgeons
gained enough experience

that it was considered
partially fixable
under certain circumstances.

But news flash
to Flora's doctor,

twilight anesthesia is not one
of those circumstances

because number one,
it's incredibly painful.

And number two,

it's really hard to do
when the patient's awake.

So do you like anything at all
about your breasts now or...

I don't like anything.
I want two boobs instead
of one big boob.

So it sounds like,
to a certain degree,
you're uniboob,

your symmastia we call it...
Symmastia. kinda
the number-one problem.

So why don't we go in
the other room

and figure it out?

[Dr. Dubrow]
The bad news is

that's the spiciest chip
on the planet.

The good news is
I didn't eat it.

I don't feel good.
There's some kind of creepy

foreign body in here
that doesn't look real--

What the [bleep]?

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

So let's take a look.

Oh yeah, that's a symmastia
all right.

And then you have
the classic issue of

the implants up here
and your breast tissue
down here.

Now, that's because you probably
have some scar tissue

that's forced them up here.

Capsular contracture,
the number-one cause

of complications
associated with breast implants,

may have occurred
inside of her body

causing scar tissue to form,

pushing her implants up
towards the center

and causing her symmastia.

And if that's the case,
and we use implants again,

she may be set up for this
occurring all over again.

So, can I fix this?

I can do that.

But then what happens three
or four months later?

Do you really want to have
another failure?

'Cause you can still have scar
tissue push it and wear it down

and pow,
you've got a uniboob.

You know,
you and breast implants....
I don't know.

I don't think the body
has really done a lot of this.

I think it's surgeon factors--
You don't have faith
in that second surgeon, huh?

Um, I think he just overdid it.

You gotta do it and give it
a chance with the implants.

Then, if your body reacts

and doesn't want these implants

and you start getting
that contracture,

this way, this way,
whatever way it is,

You're done, at this point.
Okay, so how 'bout that option?

I like it.
[Dr. Dubrow]
Wait. Whoa.

If that fails, then you're
donezo with the implants.

Taking out my implants
is a capital no-no.

But at the same time,
once I make a deal,
I never go back on my deal.

After this surgery,
if something goes wrong,

and they get encapsulated,

I cannot have implants anymore

because I don't want to keep
going through this torture.

We've got one big boob
right here.
[woman laughing]

Let's not have one big boob
right here.

[Dr. Dubrow laughs]

[male singer]
♪ Can't pull me out ♪

♪ It's not
that complicated... ♪

I'm starving
and I love crab.

My name is Marcelo.
I am 20 years old.

And my nose looks like a dog
took a bite out of it

because a dog did.

Mom thought that it was just
gonna be like a little bite.

I remember seeing you and, like,
you were just like, crying.

So you saw that
there was nothing.
Yeah. Nothing.

[speaking Spanish]
Like a hole?

A hole?
Big? How big was the hole?

Yeah. Big, okay.

[Marcelo] At the time,
I was only four years old.

And we couldn't find
my nostril.

So I'm pretty sure
the dog ate it. Ew.

What is it exactly
that you want them to do?

Ideally, like, I just want them
to get rid of the scars

and like make my nose
more symmetrical.

I just want to have like a nose
that really doesn't stand out.

There's a lot of great things
to focus on.

I mean, my eyebrows, my hair,

my abs.

Still a work in progress.

There's nothing cute
about my nose.

Cheers for a new nose.
[Monica and Geovanna] Cheers!

What do you got for me?
So we have young Marcelo.

The nose grew,
the nostril didn't.
Oh, it did not.

His scar of course widened.

This is gonna be a good
challenging case for us.

Challenging case is
an understatement.

Let's go see him, okay?
Okay. Okay.

Can you please send in Marcelo?

Hi. How are you?
[Dr. Nassif] Marcelo.

How are you? Dr. Nassif.
Nice to meet you.

Terry Dubrow.
Nice to meet you. Pleasure.

Nice to meet you.
Hi. How are you?

[Dr. Nassif] We've got
the whole family here.

Well, welcome.
So tell us what happened.

When I was, like,
four years old,

I went to go pet
my family dog,

and I think it kind of got
freaked out and it bit my nose.

Next thing I remember,
I'm just waking up and like,

I'm in a hospital bed.
[Dr. Nassif] Right.

How many days after the injury
was the surgery one?

Uh, the same day.
Yeah, the same day.

Same day.
[Monica] Yeah. The same day.

So what they had to do
was actually

grab a little bit
of this part and--

[Dr. Nassif] Extra skin there.
Yeah. They stick it there
for like three weeks.

And we had to, every week,
go to the doctor's office

to make sure that
that didn't die.

The doctor did the best
they could at your age,
at the age of four.

But now we have some discrepancy
of tissue.

When you use a flap,
you're moving one tissue

on one part of the face
to another part.

In Marcelo's case,
it was the cheek to the nose.

The issue with Marcelo's nose
is that the flap is
a permanent fix.

He kept growing,
but the flap did not.

What was it like being in school
as a kid with this?

So I lived in Ecuador until
I was about nine years old.

And then we moved to Charlotte.

A new country, a new culture,
a new student.

And then I had like
this obvious scar.

Throughout puberty,
my face was developing,

and all my features
were growing,
but my left nostril.

It was the same nostril
that I was built
when I was four years old.

And that's what I have now.

So then, definitely a lot of
teasing and name-calling.

Then like having confusions
with my sexuality.

That started playing to--
factors into like
teasing as well.

It was a lot of pressure
and I would like cry to myself
a little bit

and then just kind of
recompose myself.

So like this is actually
the first time my family
hears about this.

Yeah. It makes me sad.

Some of the stuff that
he is saying today,
I have never heard before.

It makes me feel guilty
because I feel that

I could've been a lot more
there for him.

He has always been like so sweet
and very like close to us.

He is the best son ever.
It's okay.

I think my nose
makes me stand out

and that's the last thing
I want to do.

So I'm not dating anyone now.

It's because I just get
too insecure about it.

So I just shut myself down.
It sucks.

How much of an improvement
are you trying to get
with your nose?

The scarring is one of
my major concerns.

On the face?
Like on the cheek
and on the nostril as well.

And then also, I think
hand-in-hand would be
the symmetry of my nostrils.

Well, the pressure's on.
So with that being said,

let's go in the exam room
and feel-- and examine

Okay? Let's go.

Oh, that's Mona Lisa.

I should know who
that is, right?
You should.

I'm met with a surprise.

A white substance
that looks exactly like

bird poop on the windshield.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

[Dr. Nassif]
Let's first talk
about your scar.

Let me just feel.

All right. So we want
to cut that out
and stitch the tissue together.

It's called a scar revision.
Now your nose.
Let's talk about your nose.

So right now, the actual flap
is kind of fat.

It's called
a trap-door deformity.

So I wanna lift up
a piece of that flap,

make it a little bit flatter
so the contour's
a little bit better.

Take a piece of skin
and cartilage
from your left ear,

put it in your nostril
to lower it,
called a composite graft.

Dr. Nassif is really saying
all these doctor terms,

and, clearly,
I'm not a surgeon.

This is gonna give us
a good result.

Oh, my God.
I would literally cry.
[Dr. Nassif] No guarantee.

[Marcelo] The fact
that it can be improved
by the slightest bit.

Sign me in.

This whole area on the left
is not gonna look symmetric.

You know.
It could be a 50% improvement.

What do you think
of what I said?

I know, like, your skill level
and I know that, like--

It might not have anything
to do with my skill.

'Cause there's risks
with nasal surgery.

What if this for some reason

all of a sudden doesn't do well?
No. Yeah.

And I'm very well aware of that.
So you want to do this?

I want to do this.
After 16 years,

like now is the time
to do this. Really.

There's no doubt that operating
on Marcelo's nose

is extremely risky,

but this is a problem
that's been haunting him
for a long time.

I just hope it has
a positive outcome

because if it doesn't,
it could be emotionally
devastating for him.

I'm so excited.

So, are you ready?

To have pictures of this booty?

Today we're
at Museum of Selfies

because I give my followers
what they want on social media.

And they like me
being wild and crazy.

So I make sure that
I go and get that wild,

crazy, perfect picture.

Cool. Who's this? What's this?

[man] Oh, that's Mona Lisa.

I should know who
that is, right?
You should.

Just do the duck lips,
like her.

Poor Anthony.
He runs my social media.

I mean, he's definitely
a social media genius.


The struggles to put it up.
It looks good.

See? That's what
I'm talking about.

Like it's too big right here.

Why did I get hydrogel?
You should have went to Mexico.

Go big or go home.
But sometimes I wish
I woulda stayed home.

When Brittanya got
the hydrogel in Mexico,
I was actually really scared.

I was sitting there,
just staring at her, hoping
that everything went safe.

And the guy looked at me
and was like,
"Do you want some too?"

I was like...
"No, thank you."

This wideness is just taking
away from me, you know.

Like we gotta make it smaller.

Just a little bit more tamed.

And then people could see
my face again.

I can seriously have, like,
a car-wreck face

and no one would even notice
because all they see is my butt.

I think it's amazing that
I actually have a pretty face.

I mean, at least
I think I have a pretty face.

And it's really not that common.

Wait, that's mean.
That's mean, huh?

I can't say that.

That's mean.
But it's true.

If I could twerk in this

super cool, gold room,
it would definitely go viral.

As long as I can move
my butt up once...
Here, hold on.

Did I do it?

Okay. You're kinda
almost there.

[Brittanya] I feel like
the reason why I can't twerk

is because it's too hard.

Twerking's just
my goal in life.

I've accomplished so much,

and that's just my last goal.

The goal is not to take away
the booty.

Yeah, because we want
the butt. We want it.
We love the booty.

Hopefully the doctors,
they can help.

And if they do, you're gonna
take care of me, right?

Gosh, you always--

Oh, my god, my big ol' butt

really has...

these friggin' things in here,
Oh, who's--

that's how big it is.
It's just collecting coins.

It's just a big problem.
It's still-- [bleeping]
Just collecting coins.

...big-booty pose.
Big booty pose.

[Dr. Dubrow]
Flora, how are you?

I'm excellent.
How are you?

Good. Good to see you.

Okay, so we're going to do
our best

to fix the symmastia,
do everything

but, you know,
they have this expression--

in the Netherlands.

When you've had enough
of something,

you say, genoeg.

Genoeg with the implants

if this doesn't work.

A deal is a deal.

[Dr. Dubrow]
For Flora's surgery today,

I will make incisions
below her areolas

and remove her old implants.

Next, I will build walls
out of scar tissue

to fix her symmastia.

I will then put a smaller
set of implants in

and tighten the skin envelope

by removing excess skin,

hopefully giving Flora

two full healthy breasts.

Let's do this thing.

Okay, so we'll make
an incision,

and we'll go into the pocket

and see if we can figure out

what's causing the implants
to go toward the center.

What the hell is that stuff?

I've never seen that before.

There's some kind of creepy
foreign body in here.


Immediately after opening
Flora's pocket,

I'm met with a surprise--

a white substance

that looks exactly like bird
poop on the windshield.

And I don't know exactly
what it is... yet.

It's weird.
It's all integrated in there.

I've gotta dig it out.

Just when you think you've seen

It's not porous

and it's not cadaver skin.

This could be
an abdominal type mesh

that you would only use
for hernias,

never around breast implants.

I think it's possible

this doctor was so frustrated

by his inability to fix
Flora's breast malposition

that he decided to use

a very stout piece
of general surgery hernia mesh

to hold up the implant.

He's just making [bleep] up.

This mesh pushed
the implant so intensely

towards the center
of the chest

I've removed this mesh

so it should allow the implant
to fall into the side

rather than the center.

Now it's gonna be a matter of
tightening the skin envelope

to get a good shape.

I'm hoping I can get her

good size and good symmetry,

which may be the hardest thing
to achieve.

On this side there's even
a weirder, bigger piece of mesh

that's sewn into place,

with this huge stitch

that you would never put
near an implant.

There are various scales
we look at

when we do difficult
revisional plastic surgery.

For example,
you go from horrible

to sort of yech

to good to amazing.

The question is,
where am I gonna land
with Flora's surgery?

Okay, we've got
a repaired symmastia.

It's no longer in the center
of the chest.

If she heals this, genoeg.

This is enough.
Let's go down.

Let's finish closing.

What problems are you having?

I mean, I can't twerk.

So you go like this,
and then you pop it,

but see how it's not moving?


So short straw
has to eat this.




♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

Marcelo, how you doing, buddy?

Oh, my goodness,
you're sweaty.

I'm-- I'm slightly nervous.

Are you nervous?
Hi, how are you?

I'm ready to, like,
just move past this.

You've been stuck
with this all your life.

At least let's make it
look better.

So you can move on
and forget about everything.

Okay? We wanna erase
all this so it goes away.

That's our goal.

[Dr. Nassif]
Today my team will harvest

a composite graft
from Marcelo's ear

while I debulk
the nasal labial flap.

Next, we'll perform
a septoplasty

and then use
a composite graft
of septal cartilage

to rebuild his left nostril
and raise his nasal tip.

Finally we'll factor his bones
to improve his profile

and cut out the long scar
in his left cheek.

So we're starting in the nose

at the same time as harvesting
the composite graft.

I'm going to just dissect
very carefully around here

because I want to see
how much of the flap

I can get into.

Look how fat that is.
[Dr. Peng] Mm-hm.

Our goal is to defat

the flap and let's see
if it becomes less bulbous

or sticking out.

The part that's risky

about Marcelo's nose

is taking that pincushion flap,
lifting it up,

which could hurt
its blood supply,

and then defatting it,

which also hurts
the blood supply.

That little piece of tissue

could die right there
on the table.

So we've opened up the nose,

defatted the flap
a little bit.

Now we're working
on the septum.

Okay, so here's the septum.

[Dr. Peng]
Wow, that is amazing.

There's still
enough cartilage in there

for support of the nose,

but we need that

to help rebuild
any part of his nose

so we can use that everywhere.

Now we're putting
the composite graft

in the left nostril.

There's too much blood in here.
He's gonna get swollen.

Is the leach lady gonna be
around, you think?

[man] Probably.

You might need to have a leach

put on his tip.

If Marcelo continues to ooze,

he's gonna have
an accumulation

of blood in between his skin

and the cartilage,
and that's why leaches

will get all that blood out

the best way possible.

Now we're gonna work
on the tip.

We're gonna do the scar revision

This is gonna be
a little challenging here,

how to make this look good.

So Marcelo has a long incision

right along his cheek.

Okay, no one touch my hand.

I wanna go very gentle.

So the goal will be
to do a scar revision,

which means excise
the old scar

and then close it again

now since he's older

and the tissue is more elastic,

and try to give Marcelo

a very fine, thin line

for a new scar.

This one's a great job.

[Dr. Peng] Great case.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Surgery went excellent.

We do have to look out

for the color of the flaps,

since I thinned it out a lot.

How you doing?

I've had better days,

but I know in the future

it will be my best days.

We're gonna get a leach
on that flap also.

It sucks out that blood
that's not moving that well,

which helps
with the circulation,

helps with the overall
survival of the flap.

See how they're getting fatter?

Yeah. Uh-huh, yeah.
They're sucking out the blood.

I love it.

And then what happens
is this--

you're gonna take them home
with you

and as pets.

Everyone is waiting
for this photo.


[Dr. Dubrow] So I have
an interesting patient.

Her name is Brittanya.

She had some material
injected into her buttock,

and I think it's not
FDA approved material.

And I think she doesn't like
the way it looks.

What-- What-- Doggy style?

[Dr. Dubrow]
Does that say "doggy style"?

That's kind of...
I don't like this...

I mean...

Yeah, it does say
"doggy style."

Can you please send in

[Dr. Dubrow] There she is.

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Dr. Nassif.
It's a pleasure.

I'm very scared going
into the consultation.

I do not want to lose
the volume in my butt

because if I lose the volume,

I probably will lose followers.

Okay, so you had done
some TV, right?

You were on the Rock of Love,

back in the day, yep.

Yeah, and you're on Instagram.

I'm poppin' on social media.

So how many followers
do you have now?

I have 16.1 million.

About 15.2 million followers
less than you.

[all laugh]

So I guess we need
your buttock history.

Believe I got my butt done
in 2008.

Buttock implants.


And then I went back
to Mexico,

I got my second procedure
on my butt.

To go bigger?
To go smaller?
To do what?

Things change every year,

like all this crazy stuff.

Maybe have some upgraded stuff.

Hey, just take it all
and redo it.

So replacement
of the buttock implants,

no problem with that.

And I ended up getting
another procedure,

and this is where it kind of all
went wrong,

in 2016.

I got the hydrogel injections.



Hydrogels are a type
of fillers

that are made out of polymers

or chains of molecules
like plastics.

The reason they're not approved
in this country

is that not enough studies
have been done

to prove they are safe
to use in humans.

What problems are you having?
You don't like
the way it looks?

It's just a little too big.

Like, it's not a circle anymore.

It's more of, like, a oval,

and it's a little bit hard.

I mean, I can't twerk.

What do you mean
you can't twerk?

You-- Because
they're too tight?

Because I feel
like it's too hard.

Too hard? Okay.

So, as you guys know,
the butt's supposed to shake.


So you go like this,
and then you pop it,

but see how it's not moving?

Like it's not...

So it's supposed to be...

Yeah, it's like doesn't--
It's like it's--

I kinda see what
you're talking about.

It doesn't jiggle
and it sucks

because on social media

a lot of people are always like,

"Wow, you have a nice butt."

Too bad you don't know
how to shake it.

And I'm like, "Ugh..."

[whispering] "Jerk."

[Dr. Nassif]
So your whole goal basically

is to get that great shot,

that twerking shot.

Of the pictures--

'Cause, I mean, everyone wants--

everybody who wants to see it
jiggle and move, you know?

It's a little tricky
because what to do
about foreign material

that's injected into the body,

so let's go and see
what the options are, yeah?

Okay, very good.

All right, let's go.


I went for a nose job,

but apparently I got
a new eye shadow.

Am I making you sick to your
stomach a little bit?

You getting nauseous?
My head spins.

Spinning. Spinning.

I'm [bleep] pissed.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

So what is it about the shape,
to start with,

that is less than ideal?

Take in...
It's just too big.

...this a little bit
to make it look like this.

Okay, a little more narrow
in this area, yes?

[Anthony] Yeah.
And maybe in this area as well?

It's mostly here,
it looks a little wide.

She wants a big, perky butt.

But not wide. Like perky.

Keep the projection.

Yeah, keep it big.

But get rid of the width
a little bit.


All right, I can sort--

I can sort of see
what you're talking about.

It's interesting because you do
have a little bit of firmness

from the hydrogel,

but the hydrogel
although maybe doesn't
give you the shape you like,

it's not really giving you
any inflammatory reactions.

Most of the patients I see

who have had hydrogel

injected into their buttock

have a lot of pain,

and granulomatous nodules

that cause incredible problems.

[Dr. Nassif]
I mean, this is rock hard.

[Dr. Dubrow]
Rock hard and at the surface.

Very close, very superficial.

Does that hurt when
I'm pushing in like that?

That's all granuloma.

Brittanya's actually
really lucky.

Her butt actually looks
pretty good.


you could put a liposuction
cannula in there

and maybe try to take out
the hydrogel

that might be there.

Problem with that is,

you may inflame the hydrogel,

which is very quiet in there.
That's what I'm scared about.

What does that mean?

So basically once you
get them a little excited,

you piss them off--

the little hydrogel particles--

and then your body's gonna
wanna fight them off

and encase them

with what we call
granulomas changes,

and so now you have this

a little wide.

But what happens
if you get this?

Because of bumps
and irregularities.

Once it starts,

to try to calm it down

sometimes could be impossible.

And that sounds very scary.

There's a huge risk here.

If something happens
to that ass,

we're no longer in business.

Nobody wants to follow
a flat Betty.

You're very successful based
not only on this pretty face

but this amazing figure
and what you do with it,

and I think to take
any amount of risk

messing with that,

just so you can twerk
a little bit better...

Isn't worth it.

Don't you think?

You know?

My career means
everything to me.

I appreciate everyone
who supports me,

so I don't wanna let them down
at any point,

so if this is too much
of a risk,

I'm not gonna take that risk.

So, as experts in the field,

I have a question for you.

You know the value of pictures

and so what would you make
of this?


[Brittanya] I love that one.
[Dr. Nassif]
That was one of--

That was my--

He wrote, "I mean,
can there really be

a better throwback Thursday
than this?

[Brittanya laughs]

To which I wrote,
"40 years and 40 plastic
surgeries ago..."


How are you?
Who's this?
I am feeling--

This is Fernando,
my boyfriend.
This is Dr. Dubrow.

How are you?
Very good.

Well, how are you?

I am-- I am fabulous.

Really? Not too much pain.

Mm-mm, not on
any medication either.

Good. Yeah, very cool.
Pretty cool, huh?

So this was super hard.

I-- It was shockingly hard.

I went in and I found
a mesh you would use

in a hernia operation.

Now, did you know
that they use mesh?

Okay, s--
I did not know that.

Yeah, and everything
was pushing you like this.

Am I making you sick
to your stomach a little bit?

Yes, oh, my head's spinning.
You getting nauseous?

Spinning. Spinning.

I'm so furious
that the doctor used

something foreign that
he wasn't supposed to use

on my breasts.

I am [bleep] pissed.

I think we're good
with the symmastia.

All right?

Let's look at this.

What do they look like?

Very nice.

They look like boobies.

They look like normal boobies.

I'm giving Dr. Dubrow

a round of applause.

And your nipples
are perfectly alive,

so yay for that.

Everybody meet
Thelma and Louise.

Hopefully they won't drive off
a cliff together.

At least, as of right now,

it looks like you and implants

can sort of stay together.

You know, won't have to take you
up on the,

"This is your last chance yet."

A deal was a deal,
but hopefully this is it.

We will keep a close eye on you,

Cautiously optimistic.


[Dr. Dubrow] Paul.
[Dr. Nassif] Yeah.

You ever heard
of the hot-chip challenge?

It's like the hot--

You never heard of this?

You're really good
with spicy food, right?

No, I have heartburn.
I want you to try this.

come here for a second.

Have you ever heard of this?
You can do it.

Have you ever heard
of the hot-chip challenge?

You seen this on YouTube?

So my son showed me
this hot-chip challenge

on the internet, and I thought,
"I'll get one of those.

Maybe Paul and I will
have some fun with it."

Whoever gets the short straw

has to do this, fair?

Okay-- Okay, but yeah,
but we gotta make sure
it's not cheating.

[Dr. Peng] I'm here.
[Dr. Dubrow] No cheating.

I don't wanna eat
this hot, spicy chip,

but I'm willing to be fair

and draw straws with Paul.

So short straw
has to eat this.


[man] Yeah!

I gave you six.

What is wrong with you?
Take that! Take that!

I'm gonna get a heart attack
from this damn chip.

Drink water.
Do it.
Eat it.

Despite what
the urologist said,

he's got some balls.

Swallow it.

It's no big deal, right?

Is it super bad?

Terry, you [bleep].


Paul, I have good news
and bad news for you.


The bad news is...

that's the spiciest chip
on the planet.

The good news is
I didn't eat it.

I don't feel good.

What ever you do, don't die.

Hi, how are you all?


First time that I've seen

bruising and swelling
of the upper eyes.

I know.
From a rhinoplasty.

I went in for a nose job,

but apparently I got
a new eye shadow.

I'm just gonna take that off.
Remember, this was hole...

Yeah, no, I know.
It looks ridiculous.

Remember, that was the hole.

Stuck-on looking

type of, uh, nasal labial flap.

I thinned it.

And it looks spot on.

Taking a quick look
in the mirror right after,

I was shocked, like,
he said it was gonna be
a slight improvement.

I see perfection right now.

Marcelo, you're very sweet.

You think you look perfect now?

My friend, you wait
till we're done with you.

You're gonna look fantastic.

This is gonna be
a long recovery process,

but we'll get through it.
Yes. For sure.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.
You're welcome.

Thank you so much.

I can't wait.
I know.

It's gonna be big.

His smile's gonna be so huge
when he shows up.

It's gonna be amazing.

I know.

Oh, my god!

Oh, my gosh!

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

[female singer]
♪ Come on and have some fun ♪

♪ Let's hang out
all night long ♪

♪ Just want you to hold me ♪

♪ And be my one and only ♪

I've been dealing
with this problem

for 16 years

and just going through
all the name calling

just mentally and emotionally

affected my confidence
so much.

Now I have a new nose

It's, like, incredible.

Can't wait.
I know.

It's gonna be big.

His smile's gonna be so huge
when he shows up.

It's gonna be amazing.

I know.

Like I think
it's totally--

I know his smile we'll
definitely be able to recognize,

but if you--

Hi, everyone.


My god!

Oh, my gosh!

Oh, my god!

I'm now seeing
that I look great.

Oh, my god.

Hi. You look so good!


Looking in the mirror now

is super fun.

That's so narcissistic.

But literally like
the Dr. Nassif killed it.

Hi, Papa.
How are you?

We love Marcelo.

We are so happy for him.

He looks so handsome.

Why, you look great.

Thank you all
so much for coming.

I mean, it's so amazing.

You look amazing.

Oh, my god.
Thank you so much.

For Marcelo, this doesn't
just mean a new nose.

It means a new future

because he can put
all that past behind him

and now just look forward.

You can just see a glow in him.

He's confident.
It's very exciting to see

the new side of him.

I'm just happy now that
I just like something
that's out of my mind now

and I don't have to think
about it anymore,

and I can just fully move on
forward with my life.

And I, like, know
it looks good.

This surgery was something
that I needed.

I knew that for 16 years
this was something

that was in
the back of my head

and that I would tear
myself down on,

but now I'm able to just
fully shine as a person.

It's, like, nothing to, like,
worry about anymore.

Nothing can hold me back now.



Before the surgery

A dog bite had left me

with scarring on my cheek
and nose

and a bulky,
asymmetrical nose.

Dr. Nassif even said

that there's not going to be

a huge improvement
on my nose,

but now, seeing the result,

I'm just completely
blown away

by what he has done.

The scars are gone

and my nose is smooth
and proportional.

Now I can worry about
what real people worry about--

graduation, finding a job,

finding a husband.

Everything, baby.

New life.


Finally Flora feels good
in her own skin.

And it's changed
everything in her life.

She smiles all the time now.

She doesn't ground you
anymore, Mia?

She doesn't yell at you anymore?

It feels absolutely amazing

that my boob journey

is finally over.

I'm just feeling good
about myself

and my body.

That was the-- always
the most important thing,

is to feel good
when I look in the mirror.

Now I have two boobs and
they're not making out
with one another.

Thank they broke up.

My boobs can be free

and they can live
happily ever after

on a naked beach.

Here's Johnny!

Oh, my god!

Oh, wow!

[woman 2]
Oh, my god.

Hubba, hubba.


Look at you.

Flora looks absolutely
amazing right now.

This is the best
I've ever seen her look.

She just has this glow,

like an enormous weight
has been lifted

off her shoulders.

When was the last time that I've
seen you in a dress like this?

You haven't seen me
in a dress like this.
I know, in years.

It's been years.
In years. Years and years.

I don't see you a long time
that happy.

I swear to god,
you look amazing.

Thank you, Mommy.
You guys did a great job

in pulling me through
all this torture

of years and years

and finally I can go
to that European vacation

to the beaches that I've
always wanted to go to.

Before my surgery,

I had a uniboob situation

that was not sexy at all,

but now,
thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

I have two separate breasts.

So now this is
the new true story

when Flora's boobs

stopped being [bleep] up

and finally got fixed.

I would like to toast

to an amazing, amazing
European vacation

that we are going on.

No more one-piece
bathing suits,

no more, no more.
No mo'.

Bury those
Spongebob Squareboobs.


Bon voyage, everybody.

I love you guys all.
Thank you so much.

Just when you thought
you've seen it all...

♪ Let me see
your boobs dance ♪

...Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow
are back.

[Dr. Nassif]
Three breasts? No way.

It's just droppin'.
I'm like, "What's up?"

It's mushed.


What the heck are we gonna do
to fix this?

[Dr. Nassif]
That is incredible.

I am a black witch.

[imitating music from Psycho]




You want some of this?
[imitating Bruce Lee]


With tougher cases...

[Dr. Dubrow]
I'm gonna use techniques

I've invented.

Will it work?
We're about to find out.

The emotions run high.

A drunk driver had hit us.

I couldn't believe that that
was how bad my face looked.

I feel saw, like, a monster.

[Dr. Nassif]
And you have no nipples.

Mm-mm. I feel like
I have no hope.

I was dysfunctional.

I couldn't take care
of my kids.

I basically disrupted
their whole lives.

Surgeries get even scarier.

Ugh, disaster.

I don't know
if this is gonna work.
Again, no one's done this.

That's exactly
what I was worried about.
Damn it!

This is what the keloid
looks like.

[Dr. Peng] Wow.

Full blown rupture.

Chin implant is coming out.

This monstrosity.

But it's all worth it
in the end.

♪ I feel sexy ♪

Hey, guys!
[women] Hey!

Wow, you've got his A game.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

He's my new superhero.
Good job, my friend.

[Dr. Dubrow] If you'd like
to be considered for Botched,