Bordertown (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Kevätuhri 1/2 - full transcript

The Rite of Spring Part 1. A foetus preserved in formaldehyde is found in the home of daycare centre manager Susanna Lehto. Sorjonen's investigations reveal a web of silence related to children.

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[child] Father.

It's a slide, yeah.
There is a nice yard here.

[kindergarten teacher] Well. Time is
enough to get started.

Welcome, adults,
and welcome to you, children.

Naseva that you're here.

Yeah, my name is Jari Toivonen -

and I work as a kindergarten teacher
In the group of sparrows.

So I could introduce our leader.

Susanna, do you want to visit?

Susanna Lehto is last summer
started as a leader with us.

Susanna, if you're a leader
you tell something about the bigger lines.

Well, welcome on my behalf too
here to Peltola kindergarten.

This fall in all groups
is the theme of nature ...

[breath heavily]

[silent speech]

Onks all ok? Heikki?

-What do you have?

Where is Happiness?

[woman] You get that spirit?

[Heikki] Good luck, we're looking for you too
better kindergarten.

What? What are you talking about?

Talk to you later, okay?

Because of luck.

Happiness does not stay here.


You have a lot of space.

I like that there is a lot of space.

I like to talk about certain things
outside the workplace.

Some things are easier to talk about,
when there are no others.

Excuse me, could I go to the bathroom?

Downstairs, up the stairs to the left.

I'm getting fired. I'm sure.

-Sure for sure.
- [Jari] It can't do that.

I broke its rules.
It fires me.

-Where are you now?
-In its basement.

I said go to the bathroom.

It doesn’t like it if you use the basement as a toilet.

No oo fun.

If there's a contact bottle,

No oo fun.

It is important that you do not show
that you are afraid. That's what gets you excited about.

Are you still there?



The Rite of Spring

[Janina] In a few kiosks
need help and sit in them -

port restaurant ships.
- [Pauliina] When are you supposed to get there?

You have entrance exams coming.

But some work could be
good counterbalance to reading.

And that is what I could participate in
food costs and pay for housing.

You do not need to. Here is
two working adults.

Isn't that a music course
good balance for studying?

Focus on entrance exams
and the place of study.

[Kari] You'll pay for it in 5 years
our nursing home expenses.

It fills your life so you don't think
whatever has happened.

I know.

-Did you have time to throw but?
-I do not. One fetus appeared from scratch.

- [Janina] They don't show up from scratch.
-This appeared, in a woman's basement.

[HP] This was healthy,
about 16 weeks of boyhood.

Sometimes abortions are performed at home.

[HP] But not this.

The pregnancy was terminated in hospital,
the knob is in such good condition.

16 weeks?

Pregnancy was realized late
or the mother changed her mind.

Sie et oo married. Is there a relationship?

What is it related to?

I also like to find out here
people backgrounds.

Just for the job.

[Kari] You have changed your name
26 years ago.

Birth name Kaija Susanna Hallava.

Current -

Susanna Lehto.

Kaija was the name of an old man.

I just wanted to rename myself.

[Kari] And start over?

We spend working time chatting.

In fact, we are in Uusitalo
currently at work.

[Kari] Is it right for you,
that we ordered a susta blood sample?

What are you doing with it?

Make sure you don't have
to do with the fetus.

Well no. It really doesn't fit.

Mie'm here victim, not a suspect.

-Quite a small sample.
-It does not fit.

-Yes of course.

Find out who the crazy broke into my house.

I don't agree as a suspect.

[Lena] Was Susanna a guest,
On offer, bag included?

[Niko] Rabbit said,
that Taskinen had been quite in shock.

They had to throw it home.
I don't doubt it.

Susanna was shocked mainly by the fact that
that its home had been broken into.

What if it was some prank?

The window was open.

-After all.

Pelle killers and K18 nights.


Someone would have got a pass,

found a fetal tank, stole one -

and by chance but gone
Susanna Lehto ...

So we start from the hospital.
Niko, are you coming along?

[Niko] How much abortions are done here?

[midwife] A little like
that would end up in a section or scraper.

Maybe in 2-3 months.

Onks new employees?
Deputies, new cleaners?

Although many are fixed-term,
the same faces spinning here.

Do you remember anything out of the ordinary?

Everything is in amazement,
how that could have happened.

Although it could have been somewhere
elsewhere than here, right?

-Do you take the fetus away right away?
-Generally, yeah.

If the desired pregnancy is terminated
eg due to a developmental disability -

parents can say goodbye.

The midwife who took care of the birth
then takes the fetus to the refrigerator.

Here is the janitor I was talking about.

-Jalmari Sarvilahti.

Take care of the janitors
transportation of incinerable waste?

Also or treated, a little varies.

-Who all gets into the fridge?
-I'll provide a list if you want.

You can put bodies in these.
A total of 24 hatches.

This is also called the Christmas calendar.

That outermost is considered
so-called ethical waste.

The organs are in organ bags -

and fetuses in "shoe boxes" in the frost.

-Who maintains these devices?

But they always have to have someone with them.

No one here escapes dead.

[Jari] Will the jumps succeed?


Should this be reversed?
Is this too easy?

- [Susanna] Jari.

Will you take the kids away, please.

Yeah. Hi, let's leave the track here
and will be continued later.

Let's send it out now. Okay? Let's go dress up.

[Susanna] I question this
sun activities. You don't say anything.

No one should know about that

It stays inside these walls.
Is it clear?

- [Kari] Hey.

-Susanna Lehto?

-Sure in the office. Around the corner.

Well, did you find out about the job?

The intruder is still being investigated.

Don't have a phone number?

I wouldn't bother explaining to parents
why the police visit here.

This is HP Lund, our forensic doctor.

I should take a blood sample from you.

This has already been done.
You cannot take a sample without permission.

Our mission
is to find out the origin of the fetus.

We can come tomorrow
again even in eight countries.

With a permit tag.

This sounds like blackmail.

You leave something unsaid.
Now would be a really good time to talk.

I just don't like needles.
[Kari laughs]

If you ask me,
it is something else entirely.

The results of the tests are now awaited
and see if there is anything to discuss.

[HP] If you could wrap your right sleeve.

-How are you?
-Quite well.

I took a meal
double-dose relaxants.

The police came today.

They wanted to talk to Susanna.

They came to kindergarten?

It was all messed up,
unable to concentrate on chores.

I recorded it.

Oot sie ready to spend
last time together?

I'm not canceling this,
if you think so.

I do not.

[Therapist] That's what you lost
bless your father many times.

I don't think so.

You can't lose it,
what never was.

But you met your father.

You already had expectations that
or what?

Why did you talk about Kari's help?

It helped more than it should have.

That wasn't its thing, and it took a while
more consideration than the mother.

Isn't that his job?

Mom said she should have
rely on instinct.

My instinct said,
that it would have been innocent.

My father.

It's easy to blame yourself.
It happens easily.

But don't cause it
situation in any way.

I opened the door for that guy.

I really imagined
that mom ois sent me help.

-And it betrayed blessing expectations. Again.
-No, when ...

I gave it to me again ... waiting for something.

Maybe blessing should put your mother
to answer blessings.

You take your time and sit down -

and you say you want him
answer a few questions.

You really don't know my mother.

I don't know my mother, but I think

that you would get a lot out of it,
if you would give it a chance.

Karoliina said

that I should put the sut
to answer my questions.

It told the sun to command me?


To sit down -

and sun ois forced to answer me
what do you know about everything

what happened
before I started remembering things.

A couple of first years.

That's my job,
so could you even try?

At least I didn't survive.

Couldn't we just be in the moment?

I feel,
that I'm stuck in

from which I know nothing.

That I won't get ahead before
than I hear from you even something.

I can bring liquors.
Sun does not need to speak out.

[car works]

Well yeah, yeah! Let's go, let's go.

Satan's people from Lappeenranta.

[HP] Karin's bet hit right.
Susanna Lehto is related to the fetus.

While in the world
there would be 14 billion people,

the result would be 100%.

But no backgrounds were found
nothing remarkable.

But now HP found out

so isn't it called
the brawler again to the village.

Let's shake
the need to manage it.

[Kari] When you got pregnant, it must have been
quite a surprise at the age of the sun.

But I am by no means involved
to the fact that it ended up in my apartment.

May I ask who is the father?

You do not. It does not belong to the police in any way.

You refused a blood sample
and now you refuse to answer.

It is a matter of principle.
Man, I take care of my own affairs.

What interests us most is

how the fetus appeared in a glass jar
sun on the kitchen shelf.

And I'm interested in
why doesn't it interest you.

I accidentally got pregnant, I had an abortion.

There was no reason to doubt

it would have nothing to do with it.

Sun has to give Niko Uusitalo a list
of all who knew about pregnancy.

Only the hospital staff knew about it.

-You're not telling us that.
-Because it doesn't belong to you.

I guess I wouldn't have called the police,
if I had done something.

Your subordinate found it.
The social pressure was quite considerable.

If I say I put it myself
to the basement, the investigation ends there.

But you don't.

Because you are interested in yourself,
who did this to you.

Who do you suspect?

Someone else.

-Paul Degerman came to see me.
-It's not possible now.

Come to the office and I'll tell you more.

I heard that the Russian financier
opposes the shelter project.

Paul has reportedly warned them.
I want to know why.

Pauliina ...

I think you won't get an answer today.

Are you there?
Wait, I'll take it.

Hello? Is?

Yeah, Robert ...

Paul is dead.

Why didn't anyone call?

I can not say.
I heard the hill when I came here.

Robert ... I'm taking part.

-Yes, or after the first year.

If it is possible, then.

I would probably leave for Lyon.

I would take a French language course
Summer University.

I never had
about precise plans.

You never thought,
that you would go elsewhere?

I have everything in Lappeenranta,
what was needed.

-So right?
-Did you laugh at me?

I do not!

Shove it.
Lappeenranta is the new Berlin.

I'm not talking to you.

Hey Mom.

[Satu Mary]
Am I asking Mickey to pick up your mouth?

No, it's home with Julian.

-One someone tell it?
-I do not know.

Hey, let it be. I'm cleaning up.

You can't drive in that condition.
I'm going for a ride.

No no.

[Kari] How does it sun Degerman
took those nasty father's news?

No, Dad.

It's not my.

Its name is Elias Ström
and her father is dead.

That said, luckily I didn't have time to be
with it terribly close.

-How far was it?

-That fetus.
-16 weeks.

Did it have time ...

Did the sun think it was human?

Yes, it looked like that. How come?

I'm just wondering that ...

Oisko sun think wrong
terminate the pregnancy because

that wants your life first?


No! This has nothing to do with Muhu.

And not to my friends.

I took the remorse pill
a few weeks ago.



Now I went to my weak areas.

Can't mom talk about biological things?

-I'm just thinking in general.

At the philosophical-ethical level -

i don't see anything wrong with
if the person wants a profession -

before becoming a teenage mother
Lappeenranta, Finland.

I'm still not talking about myself.

Read a little more psychic books,
so you will find that you spoke.

Now my own business is waiting.

[Lena] There was a fire alarm here.

The neighbor came to see
when the door was open, and found the body.

Did you capture a ton?

Did you take samples from that chair?
I needed that point.

[Lena] Ronja Leppisalmi, age 25.

[Kari] Blue bicycle.
Where did I see it?

[Lena] Kropa had a bag on her head.
It has been recovered.

The bag was sealed with duct tape.

[HP] Of course requires an autopsy,
but seems to be suffocating.

No bruises on the neck -

and I see no signs of coercion.

But there is still ...

Kari, the sun needs to see this.

Several years old incisions.

[Niko] How did you bring a laptop?
Let's take it with me.


Ronja has a blue bicycle
and if I remember correctly,

it had a video camera in the cockpit,
when i last saw it.

I would now like to find that camcorder.

[Wolf] Its hands were on its stomach,
Two symmetrically.

-Was its legs covered?

- [Kari] Lena, you said the door was open.
-At least according to its neighbor.

Self-taping -

and lying down
and masking -

and feeling suffocated in their fields
certainly not possible.

That is, this was not suicide but murder.
The author rose to this chair.

It picked up the burning paper,
caused an alarm and left the door open.

It invited us to find the body.

[Niko] You tell sie yet, why?

Talk to your neighbors first.
Everyone who has been here today.

Ask in general first
and then Susanna Lehto.

Lena, come with me.

Asked by Susanna Lehto,
what Ronja did in kindergarten.

[Niko] Lena.

That camera.

Niko Uusitalo from Lappeenranta Police,

May I have a man talk?

[Lena] You had the project
Ronja Leppisalmi is dead.

It's ... a nasty thing.

Is it?

Ronja came to us hired by the city.

I didn't know him well.

You're not going to ask how it died.

I do not. You came here

because we are in the same
at work, in kindergarten.

You just came to bully me.

We have to ask this you,
because you were Ronja's boss.

Do you have any questions?

Did anyone threaten Ronja?
Did it tell you anything?

We are investigating this as a murder.

Man, I can't help it now.

It was kind of nice,
shy girl.

Didn't talk much about his business.

-If you think of something ...
-I'll be in touch.

And you probably understand
that we will be in touch with you.

[Lena] Do we suspect it?

[Kari] I'm rarely as sure
that someone is covering something.

Grab a woman.

Ronja was such a lovely child.

It was always so happy.

That smile disappeared.

Frankly, we lost it.

It starts to get drunk
already during the day sometimes and ...

Not going to school.

And met adult men.

Did you seek help?

Terho and I were not trusted
such assistance.

Therapists and the like
but to blame the parents.

We don't believe in psychology.

I'm looking for a motive.

Lies or disputes -

or jealousy.

The story that someone would want
do evil to your daughter.

Five years ago, Ronja left
To Joensuu to study.

He went to work in a clothing store.

He claimed
that he was raped by his employer.

It was semmonen
word-for-word situation.

- [Lena] Did you take it to court?
-We didn't think it was worth it.

They would have just been torn open
Ronja's whole life in court.

Ronja didn't understand what it was doing.

For the man had a wife and children.

They left it on the trees bare.

It destroyed the company.
That man did really badly.

[Taina] What to think about?

An interesting woman, obsessive.

I can't put in any template.

-And you think it's behind Ronja, too?

Well, let's continue compartmentalization tomorrow.

[TV news]

Wood industry innovator
Paul Degerman is dead.

Degerman is remembered ...

I don't know
that it has some significant role to play.

Everyone talks and writes about it.

Finland's last cartridge.

[Taina] Ronja from Leppisalmi's blood
large amounts of relaxants were found.

They are used as sleeping pills,
but they do not kill as such.

Did anyone get anything out of Ronja
ex-employer, clothing retailer?

Risto Karhula. Remains in his story,

that girl invented everything
because he was in love with him.

Now it already has a new company
and a new teenager annoying.

[Hare] We went through the night through the videos.

I won't show you the actual one
kindergarten project video,

since we found one portfolio,
which was named "Recovered."

Here is a clip from there.

There are twenty similar compilations.

Talk, Alina, a little stronger.
Who hit the shit?

[child whispers] Alina must not be hit.

Where did that bruise come from?

Tell Ronja, okay?

That's what you can tell me.

Just in peace. Who did it?

I like the blessed side.

Was it someone from kindergarten here?

Who was it? That's what you can tell.

[child] It hit it in the cheek.

And it escaped. And it crashed.

You should already have
something to tell.

Or can I soon blame you
constant harassment at work?

Maybe we have something to say.

[Ronja] Pihla.

Rowan, what happened?

Who hit the shit?

[child] I can't tell you. I promised.

- [Susanna] What's your name?
- [child] Andreas.

You have to promise
that no one is told about it.

It stays here, between us.
Do you promise me?

Was that done by Ronja?

The city ordered the video
about the new kindergarten program.

These materials are not included, are they?

What exactly was the question?

Our daily lives are nothing like that.

That gives a completely wrong picture.

It says children are hurt.

And the place manager
wants to keep the kids quiet.

That is not true at all.
That is not true at all.

I showed the video to prosecutor Eve Erone.

It gave permission to check
sun teletext identification.

Ronja called you
on Saturday after nine.


What were you talking about?

That he can describe one group
swimming pool trip on Monday -

or whether it is needed for it
separate permission from parents.

The fetus was found in the sun's house.

The DNA tag said it was a child of the sun.

Ronja was killed.

Ronja was at work for you.

Ronja's camera followed her at work
and said you treat children badly.

It has a sun motif.

This is what it looks like now -

pretty bad.

Man, I'm not guilty.

I'm just not.

You didn't take the fetus in memory.

I do not.

You didn't kill Ronja Leppisalmi?

I do not.

I want you to stay close.

And you are always available.

If you had nothing else,

i can go back to work.

[Niko] Why did you save it?

No oo evidence.

Video is not enough.

I want to talk
all kindergarten caregivers.

But not in kindergarten.

It has to happen
that Susanna can't hear it.

-That everyone dares to talk.
-I'll arrange it.

Let's move on. Lena.

Susanna Lehto is originally
Kaija Susanna Hallava, from Kotka.

It has had some good reason to change the name.

I'll take it.

I was left thinking about it ...

-What was the name of that sun therapist?


It's ... It's ...

It’s hard for me to talk about things.

Especially old things.

That's why I got you ... a ton.

-On this for me?

[Katia] I just have
bad memories of guns.

And people with a gun.

I have a gun.

That's right.

The weapon is ready. One.

Fingering Backup.
And the gun is always in a safe direction.

Sit but aim and shoot.


[Lena] That was my time.

There was a robbery in the jewelry store.

For some reason my couple
let mut go ahead.

When we went in,

I heard
when the owner shouted something at me.

I'm not even trying to aim,
when I hit my stomach.

The next memory is,
when I woke up from the hospital.

That's when it was made for you ...

Or was the uterus cut from the feather?

That's when I realized that I didn't ...

I can never have a baby.

And that's the sun's fault.

People are unreliable shit.

-Not everything is.
-It's not.

-Think about my father.
-Your father's not all.

Who can you trust
if you don't own a family?

Maybe family is the people
you can trust.

I don't trust my mouth.

I know.

And I don't trust my mouth.

It can be quite comfortable,

but there is always something going on

when something doesn’t go the way he wants.

What happens?

It's going to be pretty ... scary.

Things have to go the way he wants.

Is Susanna like that for kids too?

It has very little to do
with children.

It avoids them.

Ronja met Susanna.

Ronja didn't like to be involved
With Susanna.

Did you know

that Ronja was filming videos at kindergarten,

which suggests
that Susanna hurt the children?

Mie en oo heard of such.

You haven't heard?

[Kari] Ronja called you on Saturday
after nine.


If Susanna knew about the videos,
and Ronja called Susanna to visit there.

The neighbors saw nothing
and no traces were found.

There was a concert outside the house.

Hundreds of young people, hundreds of mobile phones,
pictures and messages.

You can find something in them.

We take care of Lesnoi Zitel
agreements in Finland and Europe.

When they withdraw from the project,
we take care of it.

We want to know
how can we fix it.

The funder is interested in the project,

but they are not involved,
if a public building enters the area.

The shelter is a good thing,
quite financially.

How would I say this clearly?
It is not about funding.

They don't want a shelter.

If it comes, Lesnoi Zitel is not included.

-And we don't get dizzy?

May I ask
how's that paul thing going?

The lawyer contacted Halmesarka.

Paul’s will will be presented on Friday.

Then you can finance the shelter.
No need to care -

... Russians.

-I don't know what to say.
-No, when this was ...

It was just a bad day. Fortunately for them
there can be too many in a row.

[Pauliina] Fuck ...

-How did it go? Did that hurt?

There's nothing here ... Huh huh.


Devil. Shit shoes.

-It should be a show.
-No! Stop.


The papers were still to be found
from the warehouse of the early childhood education center.

There is nothing special.

This was Kaija Hallava's first
job. Was here from 1989 to 1992.

Is anything marked on these
children's events?

For example, if something has happened,
how it is treated.

No. Parent meetings only
and follow-up and statements.

I have a few memories
which might be of interest to you.

But man, I wouldn't want to talk about them here.

[Lena] You don't want to tell
your information to us?

Mie I think of the victims and their families.

And it's been so long.

It happens again,
now in Lappeenranta.

It changed its name
and returned to the same profession,

even promising you not to return.

How many victims were there?

Some probably said nothing.

Four families came to my attention.

-And you don't want to say their names?
-I've promised.

The matter was agreed.

I have promised.


It has done harm to children in the past.

Well, now it's caught.
That is clearly seen here.


That's it. You will receive an arrest warrant.

[Niko] Here you come out
From Ronja's stairwell -

10 minutes before
the neighbor found it dead.

Now could be a good time to confess.

I know
that he should have called the police.

Ronja called me that night.

Said it is important
and asked to visit.

I went there.

That door was open -

and I saw,
how it lay in that bed.

It had a cell -

plastic bag on the head.

Mie I started to fear
that someone would see me there -

and that I leave traces and ...

Would you trigger a fire alarm?

For someone to come there.

At work you already thought I was a man
stole the fetus from the hospital.

I didn't want you to doubt it
I would have killed someone.

Another option is to

that Ronja saw the blessing do
illegal things in kindergarten -

and described them.

That made you realize you might get caught.

You gave Ronja soothing,
you suffocated it -

and you tried to light a fire
to cover up traces.

I didn't kill Ronja.

And I haven't done anything
for kindergarten children.

That's why I didn't say anything.

You intentionally misunderstand everything.

Just say
how much you take pre-trial detention.

-Effective work, congratulations.
-Thank you.

Taina praised,
that you got this quickly piled up.


Trumpe l'œil. Eye scam.

The case looks cool
but somehow feels wrong.

It feels wrong to me too.

It is your job to prove injustice
and it is our duty to give judgment on it.

[doctor] We accurately described the situation.
Two of my colleagues looked at the pictures.

Sun crash was caused
probably from that.

Has anything similar happened

Goods fallen out of hand,
dizziness, anything like that?


You asked me to say
when a decision has to be made.

Now we're at the point
that either trying or not.

I can write a recipe,
where the number of sut to talk to your loved ones.

It's up to you whether you do it or not.


[Heikki] How can you?

[Jalmari] Well how can this be now?

Mie en oo is really going nowhere.

I understand.

Do you understand?

It is still worth continuing normally.

-Like everything is the same.
-That's how I do it!

You don't work.
The hospital asks about the siesta.

I only took a couple of days sick leave.
We shouldn't see, should we?

The court has ordered
Susanna Lehto's remand in custody.

Mie I thought you wanted to know.

-Ronja olis ...
-We don't know.

The main thing is that the end result is
what was talked about.

That's what you did well. Take care.

Well. Just calm down.

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