Bordertown (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Viiden sormen harjoitus 1/2 - full transcript

Five Finger Exercise Part 1. A double murder triggers an investigation that takes Kari Sorjonen across the border. Sorjonen notices that the past is not where he once left it. Season 2 begins.

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Think about it when you came here.

You walked upstairs here.

Do you remember

how many steps do we have?


Consider the little alphabet.

If we assume that A is 1, B is 2 -

and so on.

If you add the letters together from the word

how much do you get


Okay, you can open your eyes.

Would that go right?

-What do you think?

But you tested
something other than numeracy.


Kari, what is it?

I got this job from my father.

Can I watch it?

It's mine.

-How long have you tried to solve it?
-I got this last week.

Physicists are reportedly trying
solve this further.

Isn't it frustrating
you haven't got it resolved?

I have yet to resolve this.

-It doesn't bully you?
-No, because I still have a solution here.

Classmates had closed
Kari's classroom.

They had somehow gotten to the back lock of the door.

We have been spoken at home in the pattern

that it is probably because

that Kari has a habit of doing things
in their own way.


We were done during the meetings
three different tests.

I would suggest
that we continue to meet.

Of course, what is important for Kari is that
that he is not put in situations

which cause him to overload.

But yes you should
parents to prepare for

that Kari will have problems
getting in touch with others.

And challenges in all things.


The cottage has terrible sprouts.

It was raining yesterday.

You know,
that I don't want to meet Sun's father now.

Not the road where we live.

I throw wolves to school in the morning.

I didn't take my homework.
I didn't have to come.


Hey. You called Sonja Harkola,
but I can't answer.

Leave a message and we'll be back. Hi.

Hi, Pauliina Sorjonen here.

I came to the shelter, but to me
it was said that you had already left.

I just wanted to inquire that not
you have no worries. Good evening. Hey.

What's on that road?

-Iltaa. Onks something going on?

Sonja? Sonja Harkola?

-You probably won't remember.

You lived in the early 2000s
still in Kupchina?

[Boy screams]


Two victims, a mother and a son.

Sonja Harkola and Sasha Harkola, 12 years.

Kari, the last call to the victim
came from the sun's wife.

Sonja Harkola had received
several calls earlier in the day -

from an unknown number.

He suspected he was an ex-man,
with a restraining order.

-How does it look?
-The man was chasing Sonja,

went to the car, shot his ex-wife and son.

-Do you inject an ex-man ...
-Tapani Harkola.

Put in search?

-Is that good for you?

Isn't it worth putting in a search?


Is there something for the team? Something,
which is worth considering.

What do you think proves
that ex-man is the factor?

The family lived in a shelter and with a man
was a verdict on domestic violence.

And his wife said,
that the ex-man bullied the victim over the phone.

You must have photographed both tracks.

Some heavy vehicle
and the other is probably an SUV.

-Here's the logging nearby.
-New or old?

-Pretty sharp and no oo drying.


What about this pond?

If the ex-man walked a ton of this,

Sonja stopped and opened the window.

It knew the man was life-threatening.

To tell him to leave them alone.

And the ex-man was terribly angry,

and in the power of rage
it dug its gun out of its breast pocket -

and fired two neat shots
his wife's chest.

And two equally cool
On the chest of his 12-year-old son.

Why not?

Think about why there are two traces here.


why was the window open.

Then think about
how the whole thing could have been done.

And then think about how the act was done.

And put it in the ex-man search.

Hey, you're calling Paulina
and you tell me about this?

Not my job.
My business is halia at home.

The shelter could be zoned -

The neck-hotel
and in connection with the airport project.

To do that, we need to dismantle
current shelter.

It requires consent
from the residents of the current house.

There are 8 families. 5 are positive.

3 do not want to move out.

The current shelter is located
in the middle of our project.

There has been talk with Paulina,
that it should be got rid of.

And this is what current families have received
residence permit until the end of 2020.

But this idea is mine and I take care of it,

that we are obtained from all families
demolition consent.

So who is worth it?

The tumor is located here
between the cerebellum and the brainstem.

Pretty precise.

It is about 1 cm in diameter.
Three weeks ago it was 8.5 mm.

I had no symptoms.
I think everything is under control.

Unfortunately, the tumor does not go away.

I last swore to myself,
I will not go through it again.

Unfortunately, the tumor does not go away.

I swear,
I will not go through the same thing again.

And now black feels like there isn’t
no reason to rush forward.

Of course we are considered
life situation as a whole.

How about your husband, for example
be able to take time off work.

I'm not talking ...

I haven't spoken to Kari yet.

My own experience is

that non-speaking follows
stress and inconvenience.


We have it the other way around.

I don’t want to confuse our daily lives with this.

I will say it straight now.

It is not known if there will be symptoms
in a month or tomorrow,

but the symptoms will.

The sooner you start treatment,

The stronger you are to withstand the treatments.

But when I don't know,
am i going to start treatments.

I just want to live as much as possible
for a long time and normally.


Pauliina Sorjonen.

Oh, Taina. What's there?

The couple's divorce went to the district court.

The man had that assault sentence.
It got parole a year ago.

Ex-wife Sonja Harkola and son
Sasha got a place in the shelter.

Ex-husband and father Tapani Harkola
had stayed at the Citimotel.

The wolf and hare applied to the station.

Oh yeah...

The papers of justice were
even in the case of

that Tapani Harkola had fired
at home ceiling, smashed.

Kari, are you questioning?

Let's give Niko, Niko has practiced.

-Do you still have gun licenses?

What weapons do you have?

Deer rifle.


Baikal, a pistol.

Would it be possible for you to
that brought man isn't behind this?

That here's someone else?

If I had to say

so the crime scene pieces fit
to another puzzle.

Also clarified bless the call details.

That's what you called your ex-wife
To Sonja Harkola that day.

That's what I called.

The call lasted two minutes.
What work did you talk about?

Mie en oo, fuck, do absolutely nothing!

Always the same thing, always!

10 minutes after your call
Sonja made another call.

-That it said, they threatened it.
-I see.

Fuck! Same thing I say here.

The work you have already finished,
that man has done something.

Sit down now.

This is how it goes in Finland.
Although there are shelters and all.

Tell me now,
what work did you talk about on the phone.

The forest road was ahead
a heavy vehicle, tractor or truck.

Sonja dared to open the window
threat in. It is not afraid.

The author shot two very accurate
hit the mother and equally accurate the son.

The author was not in the grip of emotions.

The ex-man is pathologically jealous.

Engaged in insults and humiliation.

Violence is subjugation.

Did not shoot the baby and wife neatly.

Why didn't I tell you this at the crime scene?

How does anyone learn anything
if an answer is given to them?


-Will we release the suspect?
-No. Better to keep in a tube.

If a friend has been charged with killing a family,

free it but beat someone innocent.

[female] This is used as a replacement
as a treatment when prevention has failed.

Since you are over 15,
you get the medicine without a prescription.

If you are unfamiliar with the medicine,
the tablet is taken orally.

This is not a substitute for regular contraception.

I don't realize.

You tend to be so adult, though
in these things you are just a tollanen.

-I'm getting a migraine from pills.
-So you can't go to the counter.

When you get a migraine.


- [man] Am I talking to Katia Jaakkola?

-What about this?
-My name is Seppo Laakkonen.

I'll call the law firm
Halmesarka and Laakkonen.

My job is to ask if you want
take a call from your father.

So ... from whom?

Want to talk to Sun's father?


Can I talk to it now?

If you want, I'll let you know
that you answer the call.

The next call comes from him.
Are you talking about Russia?

-Do you want to answer the call?


- [Russia] Hi, this is Aleksandr.

Hey. I've been thinking about this for a long time,

but it took a long time before
I was able to call you.

All right, I can start.

I've been thinking about this for a long time.

-Is it okay for me to start?


I probably can't
to tell you everything -

during this call -

and i don't ask everything
what i want to know about you.

But I...

I don't even want to
justify anything to anyone.

I've been waiting for this moment ...
Do you believe, Katia?

Where are you?

I Kresty prison.

-I have one wish for you.

I received permission to meet you.

If you want, you could come here
and we could meet.



[Kari] What about Katia?

-I'm not telling you.

Because if I tell you,
you start toning it again -

and I promised you not to tong.

Well. Now you aroused my interest.

May I ask one thing that might
it seems you're not thinking too much?


I think mom is -

somehow soon been ...

It has retired to the sausage in the past.

It has read and covered TV series.

That’s its way of responding to stress.
It's work stress.

-No worries.

No. It does say if it has something.
A little too straight.


You're always gone,
when i needed sua.

It's probably because -

Edward A. Murphyn
technician wiring error.

Are all okay?

[Pauliina] No oo.

I got bad news today.

Mom is shocked
one death.

It also affects that house project.

This is probably the moment
when the husband helps downhill.

Thank you.

As long as you catch that man.

-Isn't that oo father's job?
-It's my job.

I do not get it,
how can you do true work.

Agree, never yours
need to understand it.

[Katia] I don't know,
that it is alive.

[Lena] I guess you don't really think
that you would go there?

It could be my father.

Aleksandr Slavik is a bad person
and I will meet many.

How do you feel it?

You know I can't talk
work matters, although I would like to.

But trust Muhu when I say
that Aleksandr Slavik is evil.

What have you done to it,
can't you trust it?

Get lost around you.

Get lost, where did I come after the sun.

Kato mua.

Kato mua!

Can I trust my mouth?

Promise me
that you don’t go to that meeting.

[The phone vibrates.]

I'm already wondering if you can wait
tomorrow you tell me

why Sonja's man seems innocent.

Are you sure it's Sonja Vodjanova?

The name is the same.
I just didn't immediately recognize the face.

First, Sonja Vodjanova is killed.

Katia's father then contacts,
on the next day.

It's not a coincidence.
This is all related to 2001.


Sun has to say
what happened that day.

Sun needs to tell you what happened,
when you found Katia.



I had a Therapist,
when i was a ton measure.

It always said to me:
"Kari, close your eyes.

Sit down but describe what's going on. "

Tell me.

Close your eyes.

Tell me, Lena.

[Lena] in St. Petersburg -

street store is -

really well supervised.

There was one cellan in Kuptšino
occupied apartment building,

where they made pills.

It was...

It was out of control.

The FSB received a hint

and my then supervisor Baran Valtserov -

gave the order and ordered the attack.

The order was to strike quickly.

"Destroy everything."

[Russia] Lower the gun! Immediately!

No hell ...

Come here suddenly!

[Russia] Take away!

[baby voice]

[Kari] What happened in that attack?

Where did you get such a bad carrot,

that you raised a child to make up for it?

Count the guns! Immediately!


Olga, get up.

Olga, get up now.

Get up now.

Get up now, Olga.

Are you looking for its parents?

If we examine Sonja Harkola
murder, the shortest way is to leave for St. Petersburg.

And look for Aleksandr Slavek.

But Katia is kept outside.

This is Var's thing, Var's investigation.

This applies to you and me.


"The drug boss got caught."

It was considered the main culprit.

Slavek was one of those
who survived that evening.

They had all died,
there would be no one left to testify.

So even before we came.

A little different than
serious crimes of the homeland.

Just like that
scale but is a little bigger.

[Russia] Take off your jacket and shoes.



[Kari sighs]

[In Russian]
-Do I know you?
-We have met.

I understand I saved
that night your child.

I want to talk to her, Lena.

I want to know,
why Sonja Vodjanova was killed.

I'm not telling you anything, I don't trust you.

I'm just talking to Katia.

Please tell

why Sonja was killed right now.

I'm sitting here.

I was taken away from life,
family, wife and child.

But you live in peace in Finland.

You just stole my daughter.

I'm not telling you anything.

In that case, I can't help it.

Not so.

If I was you,

I would study the past
before I blame the others.

[The phone vibrates.]


I'm sorry.

-Sorry, I have to go.

[In Russian]
-What gives us this honor?
-Unfortunately it's not about that.

I came to say that the FSB -

does not want the Finnish police
approaching Aleksandr Slavek.

-Why not?
-You know how this is going.

And I ask you to stay away from this.

Keep your daughter, too
far from all this.

I say this as well
on behalf of my office as a friend.

So go back to Finland.

Thank you, Andrei.

[girl] There are cops.

They came in front of him.


-There's a cop.


Say to them that I am certain.

[Seppo] Are you going to listen,
what do they want I'm not here.

We are from the Serious Crimes Unit.

-Can I go further?
-Yep yep.

[Taina] We would talk about Seppo Laakko.
Is she your husband?

Yeah, yes. Seppo is not home now.

-I don't know where ... The phone stayed home.
-Does you know where to reach him?

I can ask him to come back,
when he comes home.

Can I ask what it's all about?

Does the name Aleksandr Slavek say anything?


[Niko] What about Sonja Harkola?

My husband is a lawyer.
He keeps customer secrecy.

Unfortunately, I know nothing
his affairs.

Janina, you can be proud of your mother.

Of course I am.

Pauliina has already done so
great things for the city.

And I believe
that it will make it to the house forever.

Regardless of
what is decided at this table.

I thought you were your father's daughter,
but I guess I have to be a mother.

- [Paul] How is your father anyway?
-It's in St. Petersburg now.

It's an amazing story.
Siun has to tell it.

My friend Katia -

got a call a while ago
from an unknown number.

[Janina] The caller was its father,
which it oo never meets,

and suddenly it calls from Russia,

Why jail?

That's what Kari is finding out now.

If your friend needs help, let me know.

The point it offers Degermanien
legal aid and relations with Russia.

- [Paul] Don't laugh.
-No one laughs.

This is about networking.

For example, if your mother helps
us in that project

we can help sun mother in that house.

-Were you serious about that message?
-Oh where?

That you're not going to stay here.

Everything I want to do sometimes
and what I want to study,

is somewhere else. It would feel somehow -

stupid to choose this place,
when everything is still ahead.

Or what?

What does that mean for us?

There is no need to mean that now

[Pauliina] I meet all the families,
but I wanted to meet the three first,

-who don't want to move out.
-Or two families?

If you mean Sonja and her son,

we are still awaiting information from the authorities.

That news -

was horrible and ...

The police have assured me
that the case is not related to a shelter.

We talked to the neighbors
and upstairs with birches.

We don't know what happened to Sonja
and we do not want to change.

This house has 8 apartments and ...

There will still be a day when the house
want to get out of the way of the casino project.

I and the city want to make sure
that a new house will certainly be built.

[Achol's language] What does he say?

That we need to change.

Tell him we're not going to change -

and thank him for his visit.

We are not going to change.
Dahir thanks for visiting.

[Acholian language] Rani! Go open the door!

Rani opens the door.

[Pauliina] Thank you.

We are investigating a crime here,

and one interested party
just happens to be behind the border.

It's really hard for me
keep your sides.

[Lena] The most direct way to explore
Murder of Sonja Harkola -

is to get Aleksandr Slavek to speak.

I want to take Katia there.

I can make sure
that Slavek is entangled -

and can be released by Sonja's ex-man
pre-trial detention.

I make sure everything goes well.


You can't go along.

The presence of the sun can jeopardize the whole thing.

How did it go there?

Not like I should.

How are you here?

Not like I should.


When you see the sun's father,

May I ask you to ask
a few things?

That's why it contacted me right now
and what it wants.

I want to know if it knows anything
or is it lying.

I want to see that reaction
two questions.

When I don't know Russia, I'm grabbing you
some character when you ask them.

So I'm here as some bait.

You're here, Katiana,
but sunkin is good to know things.

How do you know if it's lying or not?

For example, if it covers like this,
close to the eyes,

the speaker usually obscures something.

Or if it is true in its fields and controlled,
the same thing.

The hill is good to know
when someone is lying.

And it's just because of home education.

What are those sun questions?

[In Russian]
- [Aleksandr] You remind me very much of your mother.
- [Katia] Right?

Olga. Has anyone told you?

We met when I was 26 years old.

[Alexander] I had to write
dissertation on sociology.

That's why I infiltrated
a group of homeless young people.

Olga was among them.

A year later I was
in love with my research subject.

Up to my ears.

What happened next?


Police attack in Kupchino.

The FSB attacked the house.

I saw them when they shot your mother.

That gig didn't go well -

so to speak, pretty.

Sun's mother was one of those drug addicts.

I was told,
that mother was an addict.

He had problems
as we all have.

But he made a positive impact on me.

What happened to that woman?

I don't think it's ... alive.

Was Sonja Vodjanova one of those

who testified against you then?

I really wanted to meet you.

I have to shut up,

so as not to pose a danger
especially for you.

Is Sonja's death related to that attack?

Are Lena and I in danger now?

You have to remember

that I have nothing to do
with what is happening now.

The one who told you
ask those questions

keep presenting them to him
to people closer.

[Kari] I put you to come
meeting the recording.

If mold is asked, a reaction
on the basis of which he did not lie.

If you had to bet,
so Aleksandr Slavek spoke the truth.





Hi. Sorry to bother you so late.

Oot sie Kari Sorjonen?

My father told me to pick him up.

-Who is Sun's father and pick up where?
-Seppo Laakkonen.

Wait a minute.

[Seppo] It's been almost a year now,
when Aleksandr contacted.

[Kari] Why am I just blowing?

I didn't ask.

I assumed it was because
that we studied at the same time in St. Petersburg.

A cell stall was distributed there.

Alexander studied sociology
and I studied law.

What did Slavek want from you?

It said it did three
recording in Kresty Prison.

Said to testify with them
of some old crimes.

In return, it wanted to be free.

But when it does not trust
local police,

it gave the recordings to me.

They are now under my control,

until Slavek declares himself to be
safe somewhere.

Before that
I must not pass them on.

To whom they were to be handed over
and what is in those tapes?

Unfortunately, I can't tell you that
because of my work.

So what are we doing here?

Sun unit Uusitalo and Hentunen
visited us,

and I understood

that Sonja Harkola had been killed.

Here in Finland.

I fear for myself and my family.

I'm afraid of what they can do to us,

if the parties begin to cover up
his past.

What can I do?

I wanted to know if we were in danger.

What can you do?

There is really nothing to this information.

Can you protect
my family?


I can't tell you that.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do.

Of course you can play, honey,
but do it here inside.

And invite a guy here
and don't go there.

It's so boring in here.

He is not. It's up to your imagination.

Besides, we will be sent to the cottage
right from the morning

so no further amusements are needed here.

I think Mary should
get to go if it wants to.

But you take the phone with you.

After all, we have that Find Friend service.

Yes, we know where you will meet.

[Maria] By the way, I have to download this.
The battery runs out all the time.

[mom] I'll buy you a new phone.

Now you pack,
you plug a ton into the charger and you can go.

[Seppo] I'm just coming back.

[Seppo] Hey!

Hey, haloo!

Healthy, healthy.

but this is our yard.

I wasn't meant to bother.



Mum! Father!



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