Bordertown (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Sudenkorennot Osa 1 - full transcript

Dragonflies (Part 1) As Sorjonen investigates the suspicious death of a drug squad officer, Janina is drawn into a circle of teens planning an epic, drug-fueled party.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Are you filming already?

I don't know what I'm going to say yet.

-Tell me about the party.

We're about to upgrade our parties
to a whole new level.

He didn't have a microchip
when he was vaccinated.

The doctor said a week ago
that everything was in order.

I don't doubt you,
but we have to follow regulations.

No trouble in customs?

There was a problem with the microchip,
just like I was told.

And your family is okay?

I'm not telling you anything
about my family.

I'm planning something
no one else won't even come close to.

Go to Kickstarter and check out
"Wild Man says school's out".

The pages open now.

People really want one hell of a party:

1,612 donations already.

Follow the pages and don't forget
to tell your friends about Ben's party.

In the last 15 minutes,
I've reached the same conclusion as you.

Am I hearing you right?

You have finally come to terms with
the fact that I wish to go back to work?


I spent the better part of last week
figuring out what job you applied for.

Did you succeed?

Had I succeeded,
I'd have nothing interesting to do.

My head needs to be preoccupied.

-How often do you go there?
-At first, once a day. Now once a week.

My therapist told me I should get a hobby.

That's what my mom told me.

-To have therapy?
-No, to get a hobby.

-You don't have one?
-Not since we moved here.

-Take up dancing.

We have five hundred so far.
Just a couple more.

Don't give it to me here.

Do you have any more,
or do I have to cough up the rest?

I have about twenty.
Better than nothing, right?

We have twenty fucking grand
for the party.

But that money goes through Elias.


Lumi, shouldn't you be sleeping?

The music is really loud.

Turn the music down!
People are trying to sleep here!

Thank you.

-Is everything okay?
-I had a bad dream.

About what?

The fox.

How about a hug?

I'll take the fox for a walk.

-Only pleasant dreams from now on, okay?

Go to sleep. Mom and dad
are coming home tomorrow.

-Will you be okay?

Good night.

-Look after Lumi, okay?
-I will.

Back in an hour.

-What are you doing?

Testing what?

Just a minor obstacle
and the flow is disrupted.

It splashes around and makes a mess.

What do you have in mind?


Who's the boy?

I wasn't even smiling.

You wouldn't be talking to me at this hour
if you hadn't met someone.

I had a long talk with Katia.
Lena Jaakkola's daughter.

I know her. She was there?

I feel like I don't belong here,
and it's even harder for her.

So you talked about
taking up a hobby together.

How the hell did you figure that out?
What gave it away?

Lena did.

She told me that Katia's therapist
encouraged her to get a hobby,

you had discussed hobbies with mom,

which leads me to believe
that you two hardly avoided the topic.

What have you been up to while I was gone?

Stop grinning, I don't want to
draw any conclusions.

It's in your genes. Start drawing.

I'm going to sleep. Good night.

Good night.



Anybody here?

Holy shit.

Go, go!



You're not coming with me, then?

I'll take you to school afterwards.

Has it ever occurred to you that if
my therapist says you could go with me...

it might actually be a good idea?

Some other time, okay?

So you're not coming.

I can go to school by myself.

No, I'll wait here.

I'm not usually the one
who gets in trouble.

I usually get others in trouble.

I used to think I took after
my mother in that sense.

But it turns out she was a fucking...

specialized police officer...

chasing some fucking serious criminals
in Moscow,

and the only messed up idiot is me.

Do you recognize the changes
you're going through?

Of course I do.

The person closest to you has had to
keep secrets from you all your life.

Do you think it's a good thing
that you can talk about them now?

If only she did.

I know this is a bit of a cliché,
but you need time.

You're dealing with
so much emotion and change.

And what happened to you on top of that.

-It's a lot to process in a short time.
-I know.

-Can I ask you something?

How can I ever trust anything anymore?

Because I can't...


What does the pathologist say?

That I don't like to wake up too early,
especially not to a mess like this.

Did Taina call you?

-It's Kaminen.

Santeri Kaminen.

Drug enforcement officer.

I would estimate time of death
to sometime last night.

I can't be more specific yet.

Eleven stab wounds if I'm not mistaking.

One of them hit the heart. That was fatal.

Does anyone know what
Kaminen was doing here?

Who's wearing gloves? Niko.

Taina is going to love this mess.

The NBI will take over the investigation
since the victim is a police officer.

Off the record.

Before the NBI arrives,
find out all you can about Kaminen.

Are you suspecting something?

I just don't know what's going on
in the narcotics unit.

If it's a case of corrupt cops or any
other crap, I want to know about it.

Are you saying that Johanna Metso
isn't the only bad apple in your precinct?

Our precinct. It's our precinct.

And it's your job to find out.

We should interview the guests.

Check the reservation for this room.

And the CCTV cameras
may have caught the killer on tape.

I'll take care of things here.
Find out what you can about Kaminen.

Preleco pulled out of the Casino deal
because of the Doll's House scandal.

Now others are withdrawing, too.

-This is what we feared.
-You're partly to blame.

Changes in the police department
caused it.

Your job is to attract investors.

I can't do that! It's impossible
unless the situation changes.

The Casino project is our flagship.
Right now it's taking in water.

We have to make sure that we
maintain control over the authorities.

We're not in charge of the police!

We have to keep things under control.

-SECRI is a feather in the city's cap.
-Can you plug a leak with a feather?

-I won't dictate terms to the police.
-We must know what the police are up to.

More specifically. Sorjonen.

-I'm working on it.
-What are you going to do?

I'm going to dismiss you
and take my next appointment.

Sorjonen's wife, Pauliina, might
become my maternity leave substitute.

Excuse me.



-Thanks. This way.

Your application looks good.

I know there are other good applicants,

If you let me, I'll advise the council to
vote for Pauliina Rajala on Monday.

It's Sorjonen.

Sorjonen, yes.

Won't people talk
if your ex-girlfriend gets the job?

People always talk anyway.

They did when we hired my sister
who's pregnant by the city treasurer.

-Why are you offering me this job?
-I want to accomplish great things.

I need good people
and you're one of the best.

Though I...

I thought it would take
a bit more persuasion.

Why did you agree?


Did he have a family?

Will you inform the public
or should we do it?

Taina, can you...

keep me posted. And make sure
this doesn't get leaked before tonight.


A police officer has been found dead.

Go ahead and call him, to be sure.

Pick up!

I can take you there if you want.


Did they tell you if he had a family?


Is that why you wanted to move here?

A police officer with a family, not easy.

Don't interpret, not now.

Hi. Are you okay?
I heard about that police officer.

-Where did you hear that from?
-I have still my sources in this town.

-Something to do with your new job?
-Okay. You seem to be fine.

Were you at the doctor's today?
Did you see the body?

I'm not at the hospital.
I just wanted to hear that you're okay.

I think there's something wrong
with this case, something weird.

And my hunches are often correct.

-You sound excited.
-No! No...

Great. I was worried about you
and you sound excited.

-Are you in a situation?
-I think so, yes.

-I have to go.
-Okay. See you at dinner?


-Everything's fine?

I had to skip breakfast this morning.

Would you like some?

And if you've eaten already,
we can pick up where we left off.



Same stuff as in the hotel?

-Do we have anyone who can translate this?
-Not in our team.

Anybody with connections to
the Russian police?

I'm checking out the dance classes today.

Janina is coming with me.

Your turn. What are you doing today?

I have some maintenance to do on the car.

It needs all sorts of repairs.


Janina's dad asked about
your work situation.

Do you think he wants to offer you a job?

Cops are always asking questions.
And I'm not going back to that job.

I'm just going to get the car fixed.

-Have a good day.
-You too.

The hotel room reservation was registered
and paid for with Kaminen's credit card.

There's no CCTV, so we have no idea
who was in the hotel last night.

That might be the reason why
Kaminen chose that hotel.

We'll have his phone records later today.

Can we assume we'll find more on Kaminen?

I don't make assumptions.

-Who is the NBI sending here?
-We'll find out in an hour.

-Anything on Kaminen's gun?
-Forensics are looking at it.

You're looking at that picture. What for?

Finger on the trigger, safety off.

A drug enforcement officer in a
potentially dangerous situation, at night.

Drug capsules spread out on the floor.

Kaminen was in a situation. Prepared.

He was stabbed with scissors eleven times,
and he didn't even fire his gun.

Perhaps the murderer ambushed him,
knew he was coming.

Call forensics.

I bet Kaminen's firearm
wasn't even loaded.

The last person Kaminen talked to,
Mika Tenhola...

The decathlete?

A rising star from the area.

People expect a lot from him.


I don't think Lena would mind
if we offered her a job.

I don't want Lena.

We're missing out on an expert
on cross-border crime.


Hire whomever you like,
but not Lena Jaakkola.

Kari... The magazine
in Kaminen's firearm was empty.

If you ask me again, I would say that we
probably will find something on Kaminen.

God dammit.

Maybe he just forgot to load his gun.

Kaminen had pictures of hunting trips
on his living room wall.

He was an instructor at a shooting range.

He knew guns. He would never neglect
to load his firearm.

Why does a cop make a hotel room
reservation for criminals,

and go there alone at night
with an unloaded gun?


Let's start with the boy athlete.

Santtu is dead?

What the...? How?

We can't tell you more at this point.

-What hotel room?
-We can't tell you that.

-You knew him?

We knew each other pretty well.

Santtu was my football coach
when I was a kid.

-Your coach?

He was a father figure to lots of kids
who got into trouble.

Not to me, though.
I had a good upbringing.

When did you last see him?

He wanted to talk,
last Friday, I think it was.

About drugs and stuff.

Drugs and stuff? What do you mean?

He wanted me to speak
at this anti-drugs event.

He caught me using drugs
when I was fifteen...

and helped me quit that stuff...

so I owed that to him.

People know who I am,
and I know the topic...

so he wanted me there.

Did you...

notice anything strange about Kaminen
when you saw him?

-Strange, how?
-Anything out of the ordinary.

Not that I can think of.

Kaminen had you listed as an informant.
Do you know why?

No idea.

-No idea?

-If you come to think of anything...
-I'll call you.

Kaminen's notes corroborate his statement
on Friday's events. He told us the truth.

He avoided eye contact when he spoke.
He knows how to lie.

-What if he didn't?
-The human body can't lie.

I want to learn your methods, but...

-What do we do next?
-We open up a policeman.

Why me? Can't you take Taina with you?

Why is Taina so attracted to cadavers?

You tell me, since you're so clever.

Do you want to learn?

That's lesson number one. Find out.

Jesus! Knock before you come in.

I tried to find you last night,
but you weren't here.

Come in. And shut the door.

I dreamt that somebody took your
hands and feet. And you weren't home.

I was.

I'll put these here...
It's my migraine pills.

I have a stash back here, for a rainy day.

You weren't home.

But I was.

I was under my blanket.

You didn't see me because I was so little
without my hands and feet.

Maybe post-mortems
are just part of Taina's job?

You have to see the big picture:

Her sports car, hunting club membership...


I need a day.

I often get designer drugs from customs,
and this looks like the real deal.

How do these designer drugs work?

Think of it as the party drug from hell.

Wicked stuff.

So far we've found no illegal substances
in Kaminen's blood.

-Am I late?
-Not at all, I was only getting started.

Was he in our class?

Fucking Peeping Tom.

Give me the camera, I'll crush it.

Hi. City Grill's lone customer.

Not dead yet?

You have no permission
to take pictures of us.

-I have the teacher's permission.
-But you don't have mine.

-Do I have to lay down the law for you?
-Okay! I'll delete your pictures.

-And my friend's.
-And your friend's.

I asked for permission ages ago,
but I'll do it if you want.

How was the class?

Everything okay?

I'm a bad influence on you.

Come on!

Don't break it...

Did you ask for her permission?

Staff only!

Are you staff?

No, we just came here to borrow this.
We're shooting a video for our party.

My friend had to deal
with perverts before. and your camera.

It's offensive, sleazy and messed up!
Don't you get it?

If you're a customer, go buy something.

If you're just here
to bitch at me, get out!

Look at your friends. They seem normal.

-Why do you let him do that?
-Do you really want to know?

-Tell me.
-Photography is my hobby.

I'm interested in movement and rhythm.

You two were...

the perfect subjects,
since your rhythm was all over the place.

-I'll get you fired.

Did you hear that, Elias?
She's going to get you fired.

Come with me, I'll show you.

I'd rather not delete your pictures.

Let me develop the pictures
and then decide.

I'll throw them away if you want.

You'll get a free coffee as compensation.

You and your friend.

Think about it.

-I'm going to get him fired.
-You can't.

I can do anything.

He's Elias Ström. He owns this place.

We fucking owe the guys 500 euros.

We'll pay them later with the party money.

They want it now.

They don't want money.
They want dragonflies. For the party.

So we just have to get some.

The cop is dead, don't you get it?

I bet the police are watching us.

They don't know anything.
If they did we'd be in jail.

-All we did was to buy a few pills.
-I was.

They're not interested in you or us.

We can only hope that the crazy woman
decided to take the dragonflies with her.

-What was her name?
-Emilia Serala.

Sorjonen! Is it the country air
or don't they feed you around here?

Good to see you both, too.

And you, Vera.

-So you know each other?
-Who really knows this guy?

The press conference starts in 10 minutes.
Kari, you take the lead.

Bring everybody here up to speed, too.

I'm new here. Why me?

You're the investigating officer,
no one knows this case better. End of!

We better get going.

You need to see this.

At the NBI we had a saying...

Rather a cleaner in uniform
in front of the media than Sorjonen.

Let's start.

I'm handing over to the chief
investigative officer at SECRI:

Detective superintendent Kari Sorjonen.


A drug enforcement officer...

Drug enforcement officer
Santeri Kaminen was found...

dead this morning.


had suffered multiple stab wounds...

when visiting a hotel in the area...

with scissors.

According to a preliminary examination,
COD was a stab wound to the heart.

A homicide, in other words.

-Where was he found?
-I'm not sure if I should disclose that.

Who found him?

-Have you...?
-Who found him?

Have you got any suspects?
Made any arrests?

-Pardon, what was the first question?
-Where was he found?

Didn't I answer that one? In a hotel room.

Any suspects?

Are they fresh out of cleaners?

He's doing fine.

Any links to organized crime?

I can't comment on that.

-So what can you comment on?
-Any theories on what might have happened?

We're investigating whether Kaminen
was dealing drugs.

Did he really just say that?

-A narcotics officer dealing drugs?
-Is there a Russian connection?

Let me be perfectly clear.

Kaminen is not suspected
of any criminal activities,

but we won't rule out any possibilities.

The NBI is taking over the case,

as is customary
when the victim is a police officer.

Tuomas Heikkinen will
be in charge of the investigation.

Good evening.

I'd like to thank the local police

for their excellent efforts
during the course of this day...

-Did you visit her already?
-Not yet.

I'm going just now.

Call me in five minutes
and make sure I'm fine.

Five minutes?

I'm serious.

Don't go anywhere.
If I don't answer, call for help.


Hi. I hope to see you at the party.

Oh, but where is this party?

I'll tell you.

The others don't know yet,
but everything's set.

A venue has been chosen.

Is your mom home?


There's a man at the door.

-Who is it?
-I don't know.

What they did to the dog...

My boys loved it,

although we only got it
a few weeks before I took it to Russia.

I was scared.

You were one of the customers?

You really don't remember?


I had to do something about the anxiety.

I called Santeri... I mean Kaminen.

He told me I could pick something up
that would calm my nerves at the hotel.

The pills were all I had.

He was going to catch me?

You and him together?

And you took a dragonfly.
How did Kaminen come in contact with you?

I worked as a pharmacist.
But they started downsizing.

At first I was dealing from the store.
I tried to approach Santeri.

I needed money for the kids.

Santeri said he could make
the charges go away.

Then I heard it on the news that
he was killed with a pair of scissors.

Did I kill him?


I took you out of there.

I carried you out.
You were completely out of it.

I have to answer it.

-If I don't, the cops will come.
-You can't!

-It's my friend.
-I don't know you!

Let me answer.

If you're not here to collect the money,
somebody else will.

I don't have the money.

Or the pills.

How much?

How much do you need?

Anything left of dinner?

You said you wanted us to wait for you
and we'd cook dinner together.

-But I'll whip something up now.
-No, I'd love to cook.

Nothing fancy, then.
I'd like to eat today.

Have mercy on a guy who made our new
home town tomorrow's front page news.

-Did everything go well today?
-No. Things didn't go well today.

Give him a hug.

I need something meaningful to do
now that we've moved here.

Don't you think it's better
if you rest a little more first?

-Did you see the doctor today?
-I just wanted to know that you're okay.

Did you enjoy your meal?

-And you?
-Thank you. It was very good.


I must say...

There is no sign of cancer recurrence
in these pictures.

As far as I can tell, everything is okay.

Thank you.

What investigation are we
talking about here, if I may ask?

It's an older case.

And you can't comment on
an ongoing investigation.

Mommy! Daddy!

Mommy! Daddy!