Bordertown (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Nukkekoti Osa 2 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

112. What's your emergency?



-The body is right down the hall.

Scratch marks on the arm.
Three pronounced, about five centimeters.

Bruises on the neck and chest.

-You're here, too.
-Dispatch called.

-Have you taken blood samples?

And don't touch anything, okay.

Someone called 112 from here,
a silent call. They sent a patrol car.

Doors were wide open,
the body was lying there...

Are you listening?

Shall I have a look
at that surveillance camera?

Niko is doing it already.
He'll soon let us know that it's offline.

The victim sold cars to Russia.

Taina thinks the case belongs to SECRI.

Because he sold cars to Russia?

Because manslaughter in Lappeenranta
in broad daylight is a serious crime.

I knew Esa.

He never harmed anybody.

-There's a first time for everything.
-Do you want the client register?

Resting place.

The CCTV is offline. Nothing was recorded.



-What's your interpretation?
-Someone shot a car dealer.

He didn't even look at the body.

What do you have to do
at the NBI to end up here?

I wouldn't have assigned him to the unit.
In case you want my opinion.

I don't.

-I don't want to criticize you...
-But you will.


Two days and two bodies.
We're off to a pretty good start, right?

I think you have this backwards.

You're their boss,
but you're not acting like one.

At this point, guessing is useless.

Presumptions prevent you from seeing
what actually happened.

-That's exactly what you should say.
-I just did.

To Niko and Johanna.
You need to tell it to them.

Did you see the car?

There's nothing but cars here.

-This car dealer...
-Esa Kuparinen.

Does he have a wife or a daughter?


Are they short in stature?
About this tall?

Hi, Liisa. Can we come in?

What's happened?

Did you two talk about
his customers at all lately?

He didn't talk about
his customers at home.

He did earlier, but since I don't
understand anything about business...

He never even mentioned his work recently.

Did Esa have business partners
in Finland or in Russia?

Esa's business wasn't going that well.

The tax agency was after him.

He pinned his hopes to the deals in Russia
to save the company.


Do you know if Esa had any enemies?


Everybody says he's kind, that...

He worked really hard for everybody.
Nights, too, sometimes.

Did your daughter - sorry...

...Roosa, ever visit Esa's workplace?


Not for some time. At least a year.

I'm sure Roosa, being a special child,
can be a bit difficult.

Could Esa have taken Roosa to the
dealership without you knowing about it?

During Roosa's tantrums,
were you ever forced to restrain her?

Roosa stayed at the dealership a few times
when I went back to work.

It didn't work out since Esa had clients.

-Roosa has her own room there?
-Esa said he'd built one. I never saw it.

Was this room equipped with
restraints for Roosa?

Sometimes Roosa can scream
for twenty-four hours straight.

Esa left me alone with her.
I couldn't even get out of the house.

They said she'd have to be
pumped full of drugs.

-So you used this room?
-It sounds horrible.

What about last night?

Could Esa have done it
without you knowing?

Roosa loved Esa, loves, I mean...

We're done here, right?

-Does Esa or Liisa have a gun license?
-Johanna. You find out about that.

You would think that if a family member
has done it, it's not like this?

The father of the family is dead.

Things might be different in Helsinki,
but out here we try to be humane.

You can interview Liisa later,
but let her recover first.

There might be no time for that.

Niko will stay here
until crisis services arrive.

How did you know about Roosa?

She had bruises on her arms in the shape
of fingerprints, like a tight restraint.

All sharp edges in Roosa's room
were padded.

All fragile items in the living room
are out of reach.

The bike is locked, the trampoline
and the swing are secured.

How could Roosa do something like that?

She finds her dad's gun.

She throws one of her tantrums, he tries
to restrain her, she takes out the gun...

We'll look into it.

Johanna, contact all recent customers.

Niko will interview all relatives.

It could be Liisa, too.

Esa loses his temper with Roosa
and she scratches Esa.

Liisa tries to calm Esa
by pointing the gun at him.

All we need is to find the weapon.
Have you heard anything?

We have our people at Esa's house.
Johanna will deal with the gun.

-See you in the morning, Kari.
-I need information about the weapon.

I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Good night.


The CCTV is offline. Nothing was recorded.


I was wrong.
It wasn't the wife or the daughter.

Can't this wait?

Esa kept a small, dark-haired woman there.

It can wait until morning.

-The killer is getting away.
-Go to sleep, Kari.


-Did I wake you?
-Not at all. How can I help you?

-You would like a room for the night?
-What have you got?

Tennis courts, pool, sauna...

But at this hour? Probably nothing.

Anything for someone like her?

I couldn't say.

-Don't recognize her?

I'd like a cabin with a view
in this building.


Your name?

Alina Marlova.

Take me to a hospital. Take me somewhere.

I'm sorry.

Help is on its way.

Can't sleep?

I really thought this job
would be different here.

When I closed my eyes a moment ago,
I saw the eight-year-old girl.

Her eyes stitched shut. Her mouth...

I shouldn't close my eyes.

Come to bed with me
and it won't bother you anymore.

Your head won't work if you don't sleep.

What's the connection between you
and the mayor, Robert Degerman?

Everybody knows each other here,
it's a small place.


I was a teen model. A local celebrity
with a great future ahead of her.

They're laughing now that I'm back.

If they knew how much you've achieved,
they wouldn't laugh at all.

The buffer zone is 100 kilometers.

We can't get 4G to the suburbs.

Surely even the Russians want their phones
to work at the casino and spa, right?

You and I have to discuss
your maternity leave substitute.

Satu and Mikkis, if you don't mind...

-Come by my office, I'll be there.
-Why me? Okay, I will.

Thank you.

Isn't my substitute council business?

Jaana Erkki still works
at Etelä-Saimaa, doesn't she?

-We're not discussing my substitute?
-That's council business.

Yes, Jaana works at the newspaper.
Why do you ask?

We can't call the NBI and ask them
why one of their guys ended up here.

I thought she'd be interested in
asking around a little.

I see.


-Any reason to suspect this new guy?
-That's the problem.

If city hall starts asking around,
people will think there is.

We don't have enough
to make an open inquiry.

But we have reason to suspect him

and the citizens have a right to know.

So you want me to find out?

The serious crimes unit
can't be left in incapable hands.

-When are you due?
-Three more weeks to go.

This really feels like work.

I can ask Taina and the NBI
about his background, but...

don't get your hopes up.

We need someone
who asks the right questions.

Why was Kari Sorjonen forced to leave NBI?

Do you like your new school?

They put the emphasis on creative arts.

They do? Isn't that good?
You like creative arts, don't you?

No, not arts, actually.
It's more of a science school.

Really? But you're good at math, right?

My school doesn't interest you one bit.

Is that so?

If it did, you'd have found out already.

Searched the web, interviewed
my classmates and their parents...

Now it's out there that my dad's a cop
and nothing will change.

That's just a local paper. Ignore it.

Shall we go together?

I'm not in a hurry yet.

You have physics at eight
and your teacher, Leino, hates tardiness.

I like this place.

It's kind of small, though.

I don't enjoy driving around in Helsinki.

Every house, every road,
every place reminds me of some crime.

I don't have that burden here.

When you asked me...

...if I moved here just for mom
or if I had a personal reason...

Well, did you?




I think that was mom's reason
to move here, as well.

You needed a change
because of your issues...

and I figured it wouldn't be
the end of the world for me, either.

Any hits on missing dark-haired women?

In the last two months:

A 92-year-old woman from Joensuu,
hair dyed black.

She was found at her childhood home
in Parikkala. Alzheimer's.

In Imatra, a 14-year-old girl, needed
a morning after pill after she was found.

What about blonde girls?

I checked the Holiday Village because of
what we found in the lake. Nothing.

It's a dead end.

-Why didn't you tell me?
-You left to visit the hospital.

Read my report from yesterday.

No one has come forward?

We published the girl's picture
online yesterday, but nothing yet.

-What about the weapon?
-Neither Esa nor his wife had a license.

Okay, it's working again.

The things you can get with EU money.

The blonde was found in the lake.

The dark hair was found at the dealership,
next to the remains of Esa Kuparinen.

-We are looking for two Jane Does.
-That hair can be from anywhere.

Esa took good care of Roosa.

Had he kept Roosa at the dealership,
the radiators would have been padded.

And there would be no pins
in the boilersuit.

The person he kept at the dealership
was probably someone else. An unknown.

Judging by the boilersuit and the hair,
this person was small and dark-haired.

Listen and learn.

We'll focus on the teenage girl.

Johanna and Taina,
you get the dark hair and Esa Kuparinen.

Why are you taking the girl?

You said that you hit a dead end
at Saimaanranta.

Kari, why is a reporter
asking questions about you?


What the hell am I supposed to do
with a single hair?

Let's see what we find at Saimaanharju.

-Are you going out there?
-Yes. Where are you going?

-This guy isn't telling us everything.

Yeah. Aren't you wondering why he is here?

Have you experienced headaches,
blurry vision, numbness?

No, not any more.

Though I've been prone to migraines
since when I was little.

Doesn't that deeper grey area
look pretty warm?

Something is going on in there, no doubt.

I'm tired all the time.

Fatigue and concentration problems
are normal, sometimes even permanent.

But as far as I can tell from your scans,
you've beaten the cancer.

Maybe I'm tired
because I have nothing to do.

Or maybe I'm too tired to do it.

-Everybody is telling me to take it easy.
-Sometimes everybody is right.

I'm not particularly good
at doing nothing.

-You're from around here, right?

Have you thought about
picking up a phone and socializing?

Methitural. A short-acting anesthetic.

My purpose wasn't to put her to sleep
but to take away her pain.

The picture's a bit... No, it's okay.

Well done, Matias.

Can I have that video for myself?

You should probably
get rid of those clothes.

It's not good to leave any tracks.

Any idea as to why Esa
had to make a mess of everything?

He wanted me.

The police found Valentina and Esa.

I am the only one who can help you.

How does Matias know you?

When Valentina's father
had knocked her teeth out,

Matias brought his sister to me
in St. Petersburg and asked me to fix her.

Valentina was in a bad way,
like you are now, Katia...

but I anesthetized her and patched her up.

Why are you helping?

Are you a client?

Have you slept with me?

What the fuck are you doing?
Let go of me!

What the fuck! Let go!



Why did you do that?


For us, Katia. For us.

I already lost Valentina.
I won't lose you too, darling.


How's it going?

You didn't call me to ask me that.

No, I didn't.

The FSB wants you back.

Immediately. They're looking for you.

I have more important things to do now
than chatting up soldiers in cheap bars.

That soldier you provoked two days ago.

The kid was drunk. Maybe high as well.

It was Leonid Valtsarov.
Secretary Valtsarov's son.


Did you go there
because of your daughter...

or to escape from the situation over here?

I will find Katia.

The bullet hit the carotid artery.

One centimeter to the side
and Kuparinen would still be alive.

Estimated time of death
between 10 a.m. and noon.

The emergency call came in at 6 p.m.

What happened in between?

.38 caliber.

Let officer Jänis jump on it, too.

Abrasions on his arm, chest and cheek.

He fought with someone
who was shorter than him.

So Kari was right?
Someone with dark hair?

Dark-haired. Female.


Hi, Kari.

We're looking for what?

Okay. Bye.

Kari wants us to take a look at
some dolls at Kuparinen's place.

-How soon will we get the results?
-We'll get them today.

Roosa wasn't at the dealership.

After school she came straight home to me.

You never went to the dealership
and you never called 112?

Roosa, you can open your eyes now.

Roosa, in your school essay you wrote that

your daddy doesn't just sell cars.

It's Esa's story.

I'm very curious to hear Roosa's version.

Daddy said... Or I once saw daddy
sitting at the computer.

He was looking at a sleeping girl.

And he said she was a doll.

Daddy said he was a doll driver.

Esa used to comfort Roosa
by telling her stories.

It made the trip to school easier.

Roosa pretended to be a doll,
or Sleeping Beauty.

She kept her eyes shut and waited for
the prince to wake her up with a kiss.

It was comforting, wasn't it?

The computer
with the pictures of the girl...

Is it the one in your room upstairs?


Where are they taking my computer?


Guys, we better leave and let Liisa
calm the situation down.

-This won't take long.


They've tried to conceal the site.

The server is most likely
in St. Petersburg.

This means we have two bodies
but just one case.

Where is this? Is it at the dealership?

It might be, yeah.

Is everything okay?

If the clients came in direct contact
with the girls, Taina has what she wants.

A serious crime.

A server in St. Petersburg.

Payments, video recordings,
bank accounts, transportation.

And now what?

Now we watch. Watch closely.

Recollect and interpret.

I would like to inform you
about our current case.

It bears a resemblance to
Sorjonen's last case there,

so I would like to hear your opinion.

To make sure
we have nothing to worry about.

If it has anything to do with Kari,
I'll help you as best I can. So tell me.

Jesus, mom was so pretty
when she was young...

And I also found her old fling.


-Did dad come to the hospital yesterday?
-I never told him about the appointment.

I don't understand you two sometimes.

You agreed to spend more time together,
and yet you don't mention the appointment.

-Do you even know where he was last night?

He doesn't bring his work home anymore.

Were you two an item?

-Where did you find this?
-Granny had tons of old pictures.

That's not the reason
why we moved here, is it?

Don't try to be your dad.
This is no investigation.

Isn't that Robert Degerman?

You truly are your father's daughter,
for better or worse.

Call him if there's something
lingering between you.

There isn't!

-Go ahead, I won't tell dad.
-That's not the point.

There must be a reason for not telling me.

I would like to have the contact
information for Satu-Maria Porttila.


Okay, yes...

Yes, put me through.

-You left the foreign ministry for good?

-And they gave you a medal?
-Yes, they did.

-What happened?
-Brain tumor.

Seriously. I think they gave me
the medal because of the tumor.

They gave you a medal to clear
their consciences? I don't buy that.

You deserved it.

How are you?

I just had a check-up
and I got a clean bill of health.

I remember how kind you were.

Heavenly beautiful and kind.

-It was horrible what they did to you.
-What was it they did to me?

The nude pictures. The boys' campaign.

How did you become such a survivor?

You learn to survive.

Tell me, what's it like
to work at city hall?

Robert isn't a big fan of your husband.


It's not necessarily personal.
Robert has delusions of grandeur.

He wants to turn Lappeenranta
into the Las Vegas of the border area.

Casino, brand stores, airport...

Politics and police work don't really mix.

-Thanks a lot.
-Oh, you and Kari.

Politics and the police.

That could be one reason
why you got the brain tumor.

You haven't changed one bit!

I think we have a lead.

-Is that a cabin?

Might be somebody's home, too.

A cabin like they have at Saimaanranta?

Nobody has seen a blonde girl there.

The desk clerk didn't know anything,
but a few cabins are privately owned.

If we locate the cabin,
we will have our first suspects.

Take your own car. I'll take the patrol
wagon, in case something comes up.

To Mikkis:
En route to Saimaanharju.

Unable to stop Sorjonen.


Sorjonen is on his way to Saimaanharju.

If he locates the cabin,
we will face questions.

-Are you involved in something?
-No. But there are others who are.

What's happened?

It will affect the casino project.
Explicitly...and severely.

Hell no! Don't call me here!
Don't try to pass the buck!

I don't want to hear about it.

Make sure this can't be traced back to us!
You will take care of this!

It would be nice if my pregnant
sister's husband still had a job!

-It doesn't look familiar.
-How about this?

That doesn't look familiar either.

What about this? Who might that be?


The name of the Audi owner
or I'll pierce your head.

-I don't know.
-Where is my daughter?

I don't know!

-Who does?
-Carelia Guild's people.

-Which cabin?


The cleaner.

Let's go inside.

Lappeenranta police department.

-She took the cleaners' van from the yard.
-Who did?

That crazy woman.

-Where did she go?
-Cabin sixty-six.

Stay here, Johanna. - Niko.

Police! Anybody in there?

Welcome to Doll's House.

-Who do we need here?

Send everyone available over here.

I'll call you later and let you know...

The body is right down the hall.

Someone else is after the shooter as well.

-I lost the bet.
-I need a favor.

Tervamaa won the bet. I said it would take
a week before you'd start calling.

Run a license plate for me: H198 405.

Russian. Probably St. Petersburg.

So you're not about to quit your job there
and return to a better one?

No, I've gotten used to
the not so good ones.

A journalist called me
and wanted to know why you left.

-What did you tell them?
-Horrible co-workers.

You've always been pretty bad
at interpretation.

Was I wrong?

Call me with the license plate.

Keep your brain off the field, Kari.

-Did you get the information?
-The car has a history.

A government car.
It used to have A-listed plates, so...

It's probably been
in the possession of an FSB agent.

Heikkinen, I have to go.

The owner of that car
is not to be meddled with.

I know.