Bordertown (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Loppupeli Osa 1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It's alright, Janina!

-What happened?
-We don't know.

-Can I...
-Go ahead.

-Honey, don't...
-I want to go home.

-Do you remember anything?
-I can't remember a thing.

Honey, I have to...

-How do I get to the boat?
-No, no...

I need to ask you a few questions.

When was the last time
you had sexual intercourse?

-Could you wait outside?
-I'm here to support her.

The best way to do that
is to leave the room now.

I'm a police officer.

I'm checking for signs of penetration

by a foreign object or a sexual organ,
and whether she was subjected to violence.

Everything will be documented.
There is no reason for you to be present.

I'm her father.

Now we will swab your vagina,
cervix, anus and throat.

I'll wait outside.

The ID of the deceased person
was found on the boat.

Esko Kaartinen.

-Why does that name sound familiar?
-Kaartinen was a local social worker.

Troubled teens, child care...

Why was Janina with him?

What are they doing here?

-Susi and Luhta are investigating.
-Is Janina a suspect?

-What is she accused of?
-Nothing. At least not yet.

But a man has died.

And Janina spent the night there.
We have to prepare for the worst.

-I thought she was at Katia's place.
-Apparently you were wrong.

Is she alright?

Janina is...


You don't think...

Janina isn't doing drugs, is she?

Promise me you'll solve this.

I'm off the case.

I received an email.

Someone had filmed me...

Someone had followed me
on my way to school,

to dance class and down the street...

filming me with a video camera.

We thought it was a practical joke.

-Me and Elias.

-Elias who?
-Elias Ström. He's my...friend.

Elias found some metadata
in the video files.

The video maker's address
and phone number.

Esko Kaartinen?

Did you know Kaartinen beforehand?

-Kaartinen was a social worker.
-I didn't know what his work was.

He left a voice mail saying he would be
on his boat at the Casino marina,

so I went there.

The yachting club has over 500 members.

Check if anyone saw Janina there.
Lena, interview Kaartinen's co-workers.


What about me?

You can't work on this case.

You know that.

Let me take my girl home.

When the interview is over,

I see no reason to keep her here.

Thank you.

You can go home soon.

They did the interview and a medical exam.

-Medical exam?
-But I want you to tell me everything.

Give it a rest.
We'll talk when we get home.

Anything could help. Tell me everything.

I want to go home.

-I just want to go home.
-We're leaving soon.

Janina Sorjonen, you are under arrest
on suspicion of manslaughter.

-What's this, Eve?
-I was sent by the prosecutor.

We're detaining her
for investigative reasons.

Janina hasn't even been arrested.

How quickly did you people fix this?

Try to remember.

I'll come to see you. I promise.

-Where are they taking Janina?
-To Pelso prison.


What the fuck?

-This is excessive. And unnecessary.
-We're not taking sides.

Janina is taken 500 km from here
and you're saying you're not taking sides?

I'm on the side of the law,
not against you.

-This is in the suspect's best interests.
-Come on.

The prosecutor
only cares about their reputation.

Making arrests as soon as possible

to avoid any bad press
for you and the police.

Quite. And a family member of a police
officer can't be held in a police station.

We're doing this by the book.
You should be thanking us.

-I haven't done anything.
-I know.

Try to stay calm.

We'll talk later.
Everything will be alright.

I love you.

We weren't expecting to hear
from him for another week.

What was Esko Kaartinen's function here?

Esko dealt with child custody cases.

It's delicate work.

You have to see things
from a child's perspective...

but also make rational decisions
based on expert opinion.

What about his personal life?

Esko lived alone, apparently.
Was he seeing anyone?

Esko was always...

He was a private person,
he said he was happy to be by himself.

-What's down there?
-Kari's kingdom.

The door is locked.

-Kari has them.


-Elias Ström?
-That guy over there.


-Sorjonen, police.

-Janina's dad.
-I'd like to have a word.

We can go in the kitchen.



The number you were trying to reach...

You're Janina's boyfriend?

You could say that.

You could? Was Janina here yesterday?

She left around eight. She got a message.

What's this about?

How do you know Esko Kaartinen?


Don't lie to me.

I can see things.
I know you recognized the name.

-What's happened?
-Just tell me everything you know.

We found his name in the video metadata.

He'd been filming Janina in secret.
Sick bastard.

What are you doing looking
into those videos?

Janina didn't want you involved.

She wanted to take care of it herself,
and I told her I could help.

Who sent the message
and why did Janina leave?

And why did you let her go alone
to see this...

"sick bastard"?

Is she okay?

The police are here.
They want to speak with Elias.

What the hell is going on?

It's easier for you to act surprised
if I don't tell you.

If you want to help Janina,
don't tell them I was here.

-Is that a way out?
-Yes, it is.

-Did you try calling Janina?
-Yes. She's not answering.

Kaartinen's video camera.

It seems uncle Esko liked little girls.

Let's start with the good news.

Janina is not a rape victim.

And the bad news?

We found drug capsules in Janina's room.

Excuse me?

Has Janina ever used drugs?

-Did you find anything in her blood?
-No drugs. No alcohol.

Isn't that good?

If Janina wasn't drugged,

the police might believe
that she's faking her amnesia.

-Are you saying that Janina is lying?
-I'm not saying that.

There's more bad news.

The blood under Janina's fingernails
belongs to Kaartinen.

You can't...

seriously believe Janina
is involved in anything like this?

Do you actually believe
Janina could have done this?

To hell with you.

Tell her we have to ask these questions.

Why did you have to do this yourself?

-I try to take care of my own.
-Is that so?

Don't try to interpret. It doesn't help.

Janina didn't do it.

It's been one hell of a long day.

Take your wife home.

Why did you send Janina the video?

You knew they'd find you.

Is that what you wanted?

Was it wise?

No, it wasn't.


You know your daughter.
Could she have done anything like this?

You didn't defend her to Taina yesterday.

It's a police investigation.

Do we need a lawyer?

No, we don't.

-You're going to work?
-Are you?

I'm going, but I thought
maybe you should rest?

I'm going. I'll see if there's
anything I can do for Janina.

-You wanted to see me?
-Let's go.

-Field work?
-If you want to work, come with me.

I'll just get my jacket.

Seppo said he was coming here
for a few days. To take a sauna, to relax.

I'm still working, but Seppo's bad back
forced him to retire early.

Seppo was a store manager. And you?

An estate agent.
Let me find my business card.

Mrs. Paltemaa is telling us the truth.

-Excuse me?
-How long has Seppo been missing?

Over a month. I've started to worry.

There's no need.

Most men who disappear turn up
sooner or later, none the worse for wear.

Everything is a mess.
I'm sure I have my card here somewhere.

They live in Kotka,
that's only their summer home.

Kotka Police have just been
waiting for us to take the case.

-But this is no SECRI case.
-So we shouldn't investigate it?

I meant that you're just trying
to keep me busy.

I'm only telling you this once.
Once, and that's it.

Leave the Kaartinen case alone.

It will do more harm than good.

Instead of helping my child, I'm
forced to deal with this useless stuff?

Think of it this way:

If you do that, we can concentrate
more resources on Janina's case.

I had five of these.

Then one morning,
all I had left was Timppa here.

They must have driven here.
I didn't hear a thing.

-Someone stole four pigs from you?
-All of his friends. Right, Big Timppa?

-When did this happen?
-It's been over a month.

They're meat by now, I'm sure.


-Field work is what you wanted.

He's pretty fast.

-Care to help us?
-EU forbids it. I've been in the henhouse.

That's why they didn't take Timppa.
He put up a fight.

-How much is Timppa worth?

-How much do you get for one pig?
-Around seven hundred.

Seven hundred?


Timppa is evidence
in a police investigation now.

-You're going to buy him?
-Seven hundred.

And I spend too much?

The harbor master remembers Janina.
He heard shouting from the boat.

Quote: "I'll kill you,
you fucking bastard!"

Janina threatened to kill Kaartinen?

Sounds like pretty damning evidence.

Have you told Kari?

Is it better to tell Kari...

or let Susi and Luhta
do their work in peace?

If this was about my daughter,
I'd know what I'd do.

If I was investigating a murder,
I wouldn't want anybody to interfere.

You make your own choices.
You know what I think.

I heard what's happened.

-And soon the whole town will, too?
-No, I have my own sources.

-Am I disturbing you?
-No, it's fine.

How are you holding up?

I couldn't stay at...

I thought I'd do a little work, but...

Can I buy you lunch?

-I can't eat anything.
-You can watch me eat.

-How is your husband coping?
-Kari is Kari.

-I'm sure he'll solve the case.
-He can't do anything, because of the law.

-If there's anything I can do...
-You're helping already.

You can use our family lawyers
if you need them.

A fringe benefit, if you like.

We don't need a lawyer at this point.

Of course. He said it just to calm me.
I'm so stupid.

You're anything but stupid.

A seizure?

She wasn't killed in a crash,
that's for sure.

The number you're trying
to reach is not available.

I've seen this before.

Hemorrhage in the eyes,
swelling in the neck.

Anaphylactic shock?

Choked to death after eating something
she was allergic to.

Crustaceans, nuts...

-An accident?

I know this woman.
She's Kalle Volkoff's wife.

Judge Volkoff's wife.

You have to be 100 percent certain
about this before you process the body.

I'll be right with you.


Why was Janina taken to Pelso prison?

-I'm just the errand boy here.
-You must know something.

-There are other concerns.
-Like what?

The future of SECRI. You're on
a trial period, and now it's like this.


Some people think Sorjonen
brought serious crime with him.

-Who exactly?
-The Degermans, I'm pretty sure.

Anne knew how to be careful.

She had a close shave
with nuts a few years back.

-She learned the hard way.
-Was Anne afraid of something?

You said she was careful.

Anne had no enemies.

She owned nothing of value.

No motive to get killed,
if that's what you're thinking.

I'm sure she just had
an accident with nuts.

You seem calm,

considering that your wife
of many decades just passed away.

Did you know about Anne's nut allergy?

We did.

We were really careful about that.

Thanks for this.

Volkoff was right,
there's no indication of crime.

I love doing field work with you, Taina,

but I have to go now.

-It's a long way to Pelso.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Take a seat.

This is our last chance
to have a word in private.

What do you remember?

Very little.

Bits and pieces of information
that I'm not able to organize.

Anything can help.

I woke up at night.

I didn't know where I was.

Then I tried to escape.

But somebody grabbed me from behind.

-Go on, tell me.
-It's really embarrassing.

Nothing is embarrassing at this point.

I felt him against my back.

His erection.

Could she do something like that?

I mean...

-If she got into a fight or something?
-Janina? Yes, she could.

She could?

You can do anything
if you're pushed hard enough.

But would she do that?

No one decides
to do something like that.

It's horrible to think
she used to have it all.

A perfect family, a perfect boyfriend...

I have to go.

I drove to Pelso and back.

I'm going there tomorrow.

She's so brave.

She's so brave you wouldn't believe.

We should also...

Don't touch my head!

How can you let this happen?

You investigate others 24/7,
and now you don't do anything?

I don't care about the law
or Taina or that prosecutor!

Fucking do something!

Everything okay?

Where did Kaartinen
buy or hire his boat?

I'll find out. How come?

There were no traces of nuts
in Volkoff's stomach.

An allergic reaction didn't kill her?

An allergic reaction did kill her.

-Is this some kind of a Zen riddle?
-You tell me.

You're the detective.

An allergic reaction, no cause.
What does that mean?

-You know what this is?

A cut of pork.

A chance to play with food art work.

I found interesting stuff inside Timppa.

Traces of a powerful
intoxicating substance,

unidentified as yet.

-Amobarbital is my guess.
-What would that do to a person?

The normal kind of stuff.
Heavy intoxication at least.


Maybe. I don't know for sure.

I have nothing.

Nothing to connect the dots.

Anne Volkoff's white blood cell count
was high.

Janina's was, too.

A high blood cell count

is a marker of inflammation.

Can I borrow these?

I don't know anything about those.

If anybody should ask,
I'll tell them you stole them.

Good morning. A long night?

-HP said you needed help.
-The question is:

Could you remove traces of a drug
from the blood

using another substance?

-That's an interesting theory.
-Just a theory?

In sports,

substances that increase
urination are used.

The banned drugs disappear out of sight.

But to chemically manipulate
the whole blood count...

Quite difficult.

And quite dangerous.

-But is it possible?
-Anything is possible.

A high white blood cell count
might indicate...

A plasma fixer, yes.

So a murder could be done with one drug...

And concealed with another.

-But this fixer would leave no traces?
-Everything leaves traces.

If we had a blood sample,
we could look for traces of that.

If we knew what we were looking for.

And you do know.

No, no, no...

We're busy at the lab. It's not fair
to let someone jump the queue.


This is my daughter we're talking about.

They're damned complicated tests.

They might take a while.

-How long?
-A week, maybe two.

I have to take this.

What is it, Sorjonen?

I need to send some
blood samples to your lab.

-We're pretty busy.
-This is about your goddaughter.

Okay. Send them over.


Somebody might consider that
a little arrogant.

I hope they're as good over there.

So it won't take them more than two weeks.

-Hi, how is it going?
-I'm good.

-The boat.

Kaartinen docked the boat
three weeks ago, but...

It's not his. Whose is it?

I'm sending you the information now.

I'll be damned. I recognize this name.

Can you wait a while
before telling anybody about this?

Susi and Jänis are out.
You have about two hours.

-Susi and Jänis.
-That's not all.

The harbor master had heard
Janina threaten Kaartinen.

-Threaten, how?
-That she was going to kill him.



Sorjonen, police.
I have a few more questions.

Did Esko ever mention
sailing as a hobby?

Esko? Sailing?

Doesn't sound like him.

What about kidnapping a young girl?

Possible sexual abuse?

This job was everything to Esko.

He loved helping young people.

So he stayed in the closet.

Deep inside.

This is a small town.

Esko preferred men?

He was gay to the core.
His expression, not mine.


A pig's physique is remarkably
similar to a human's.

The stolen pigs...

...might have been used as guinea pigs

to test some chemical compound.

What pigs?

Volkoff's white blood cell count was high.

Somebody wanted her death
to look like anaphylaxis.


The same person who wanted Janina
to lose her memory.


One drug kills, another covers the tracks

and we reach the desired conclusion.


Janina's kidnapper was sexually aroused.

But Esko Kaartinen is gay.
And he has no boat!

Volkoff, Janina, pigs.

How are these connected?

Excuse me.

Who owns the boat where
Kaartinen's body was found, then?

Seppo Paltemaa.

He owns the boat.

Anne Paltemaa's husband,
went missing a month ago.

This man...


...murdered Esko Kaartinen.

-This man framed my Janina.
-Do we have to listen to this nonsense?

Kari, my office, now.

There's been a death in a rest home.
Not natural, apparently.

Lena, rest home, Niko, check Kaartinen's
background. Kari, my office. Go!

Did I say you're off the case?

-I've found...
-Some gaps. Starting with motives.

Seppo Paltemaa gets fed up
and goes AWOL, just a theory.

-Back then we only knew...

Because Janina and Kaartinen
occupied your mind.

And now you think there's a third party?

Janina and Kaartinen were
in Paltemaa's boat.

Susi and Jänis will look into that.
But you stay off the case.

There are too many coincidences.

You see connections between things
because you want to save your daughter.

Why do you think Janina is guilty?

Listen, Kari.

I know full well what it's like
to be scared for your own kids.

Your kids are grown up.

But they were no...

...trouble-free teenagers.


Janina is a good teenager.

Go home.

Before you mess up
Janina's chances altogether.

It's the best you can do now.

Just because I don't remember
doing it doesn't mean I didn't.

Don't even think that. That's not you.

The more I think about it...

Darling, stop. That doesn't help.

Why isn't Dad here?

She was foul-mouthed and loud. I
could hear her all the way to the office.

Although I have hearing loss on one side.

But you didn't intervene?

I'm no marriage counselor.

Guarding the boats is stressful enough.

Was this the man?

-Never seen him before.
-Are you sure?

There's nothing wrong with my eyes.

What about him?

-Don't know him, either.
-That's Esko Kaartinen.

Whoever that is, he isn't the guy
that girl was fighting with.



Overdose, prescription error.
Seems like an accident.

Could somebody have forged
the prescription?

Like who?

Tell me about her son.

llkka Miettinen, fortyish,
family man, architect.

A city building surveyor.

Seems really upset about his mother.

-Works for the city?
-As a building surveyor.

Hello? Oh fuck.

We got the results from the lab.

Nothing. Clean as Finnish sports.

I thought it would take
two weeks to do a test like this.

That's what the guys in the lab
wondered about.

This could have been done as
quickly over there, even quicker.

They're complicated tests.
The results may take a while.

-If there's nothing else...
-No. Thanks.

Niko. I need Lasse Maasalo's address, now.

And get Lena there.

Our time together is at an end.

-Are you letting me go?

Let me go! That's Maasalo's house!

There's something inside
that might save Janina.

Look at me!

Look at me!