Bordertown (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Nukkekoti Osa 1 - full transcript

Experienced Detective Sorjonen wants to leave the big city to spend more time with his wife and teen-aged daughter. The memories of nasty crimes in the city haunt him. His new co-workers slowly adjust to his ways of analyzing crimes.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The girl has been placed here
for us to see.

She's been put on display.

Locally anesthetized, maybe.

Local anesthetics prevent bleeding.
There's limited bleeding.

Does that help us?

-You never told me what we're looking for.
-We're looking for the mother.

We found the father, he's out of town.
Nobody knows where the mother is.

Is she a suspect?

The mother didn't do it.

Kari says it's not the mother.

He could tell us what we're looking for.
We've gone through the whole place.

-Heikkinen wants to know what...
-I know what he wants.

But I want to do my own work in peace.

-There's nothing here.
-Sorjonen says there is.

The mother has dark hair.

In the drawings on the wall
there's a blonde.

I have an idea about who did this.


The girl's mother.

-You just said it's not the mother.
-Not that mother.

Is there an attic?

The attic! Go to the attic!

She sees nothing,
hears nothing, says nothing.


This girl is adopted.

Her biological mother is here now.
The blonde.

Maybe a nanny. An au pair.
A cleaning woman.

She wanted to be near her own child.
The girl found out.

Now the girl will certainly see nothing,
hear nothing, and say nothing.

-She wants to show to the adoptive mother.
-Nothing here.

She wants to share this.

She's still here.

There's nothing here!

She has a hiding place.

There's another room!


Move that stuff aside.

Tell Sorjonen he better not come up here.

We found the perpetrator.
Sorjonen doesn't need to go up there.

Find out if she's studied medicine.

This wasn't the first time
she stitched on skin.


It's highly likely she has studied it.

Are you okay?

If I'm not needed right now,
I would like to leave.

Going home for Christmas?


-You're still here.
-I promised her I'd stay on Christmas Eve.


-You made it.

There's coffee and tea
in the machine downstairs.

-For you?
-No, for you.

I'm good.

That was a polite way of telling you that
I'd like a moment alone with your mother.

Why couldn't you just say so?



Has something happened?

When I drove here I was thinking about...

that change of scenery we've talked about.

What if we moved?

To mom's old house?

What do you think Janina would say?

Hard to say.

Not just for you, but...

for all of us. For the whole family.

You'll have to ask Janina.

Pauliina could give us a guided tour
of the city someday.

-We've been there many times.
-But it's never been our home town before.


-I worked as a guide there in my teens.
-There you have it.

Top that if you can.

Have I ever told you that you look
a lot like my daughter?

She's just a bit younger than you.


Every time we meet.


There are two of you tonight.
Valentina is coming, too.

You'll stay the night.


I wouldn't be here if Valentina
hadn't told me about this.

She swore this would be easy.

Any worries?

I'll sit here until you fall asleep, okay?

Hi. Did I forget something?

We should celebrate
your first day at work.

-Celebrate how?
-Good food, wine. I'll take care of it.

-At six.
-At six. See you then.

-Have a nice day at work.
-You too.


Daniel Tammet.

He has a rare condition that enables him
to make complex calculations in his head.

He speaks eleven languages
and he invented a new one just for fun.

Sometimes a defect is an asset.

Tammet has developed memory techniques.


These techniques can also work
for us ordinary people. I'll show you.

I asked Taina to collect material on you.

Random pictures and files.

Have I seen any of these before, Taina?

Not unless you've hacked the files.

Anyway, this is the sort of stuff
your boss has on you.

Niko, start the slide show.

I'm a hollow man

In the desert
I want to get saturated by the rain

There's music and everything.

My friend told me
that he's not right in the head.

Music can be used as a memory aid.

In theory, at least.

Pause it, no one is listening.

The background is much more interesting.

Logically thinking,

what do you think should happen now?

That you tell us how to
solve crimes using that trick.

Johanna Metso.

Congratulations, you turned 36 last week.

Divorced. No children,
a big plus for your career.

Your boss won't say that out loud.

You've applied for a job in the new unit.

Taina chose six, no seven pictures of you.

You in that lovely dress at a party.

That's three more than of you,
Niko Kristian Uusitalo.

Johanna likes target practice
and field work, right?

Whereas Niko prefers a desk job.

You're the indoors type, aren't you?

Is it because of your parents?

Father in the Department of the Interior,
mother in the high court.

Police work a mere stepping stone
for a civil service career?

We agreed to select

the most qualified applicants
for the Serious Crime Unit together.

Have you decided already?

Memory mansion.

I decided beforehand to
focus my attention to a few areas.

This helps me remember them.

Then I piece together bits of information
between the rooms and interpret.

And so I claim that Taina has chosen
Niko and Johanna without consulting me.

I can't decide before we discuss it.

-But is your mind made up?
-I have front-runners.

If I concur,
would these two be our candidates?


Crime prevention is an important task.

That's why we need to be able to
interpret forensic material.

A few pictures, a few reports.

Two minutes, interpretation.

A skill we can all learn.

What was that about?

Nothing personal.

You get approval by challenging
the authority of the leader.

Why do you want to be here?

-Besides what I said in my application?

I want to have dinner
with my family every day.

-It might be more realistic here.
-You think so?

Isn't this a town of cozy crime?

After I recruited you,
I started hearing rumors.

Are they true?

That you messed up at the NBI
and this is your way out?

Johanna Metso tries to be something
she's not. Tougher, better than she is.

Niko Uusitalo is a brown nose.
Are they the best fit for my new team?

You can question my authority out there,
but not here with me.

I read your resume. I spoke with
a colleague of yours, Heikkinen.

It puzzles me how we've managed to lure
a top investigator to Lappeenranta.

It's personal.

Well, if it stays that way...

Welcome to the Serious Crime Unit.

Where are we going?

Don't worry, you'll be fine.

You missed the St. Petersburg junction.

It's okay.


Take me home!

-Don't you worry.
-No, Esa, take me home!

Just let me think.

It's okay. I'll take care of everything.

It's okay.

Sleep tight, Katia.

I know I'm late, Pauliina, but what
color is our house these days?

How can you remember so much
and yet forget something this important?

It's not a matter of will.

I'm passionate about work.

That stuff occupies my mind
no matter what.

This stuff is more important to me.
It takes more effort.

You're saying that you can't remember
things that are important to you?

Sort of.

I forgot something, too.

I need money for schoolbooks.

Didn't I give you
a book store credit card?

Yes, but there aren't any of those
book stores around here.

I propose a toast.


Won't you answer it?

We're having dinner together
like we agreed.

New town, new job, new routines...

-Just answer it.


Saimaanharju? Where's that?

-Any external injuries?
-No visual trauma.

Went skinny dipping and drowned?

-Were you the first one on the scene?
-Yes, I was on duty.


-Where are you going, Sorjonen?

We're in the middle of
an investigation here!

-This is no crime scene.
-Is that a fact?

The girl was already dead
when she was dumped from the boat.

Probably stripped naked before,
nobody undresses a corpse.

Lungs filled with air, naked,
the girl was left floating.

The wind brought her to the shore.

You can see the wind direction
in the trees.

The people on that boat
spotted the body and called the police.

Had they seen the other boat,
we'd be looking for that.

Johanna went out into the water
to retrieve the body. She's on duty.

So, I'll be at the post-mortem.

There's no reason for me
to stay here and catch a cold.

Niko, let's go.

Are you okay?

I'm not a fan of dead people.

But then again, who is?

Open up!

Where's the money?

Let me the fuck out!

Where are you getting your money from?

Where are you getting your money, Katia?

Are you in trouble?



I made this smaller, in case you get cold.

I'll get you something better later.

I'll untie you if you promise to be good.




I'll let you get changed in private.


I just wanted to call my mother,
she's worried.

I should have been home by now.

Good. Good.

I'm just trying to help you.

I'll take better care of you
than your mom. I promise.

Change into the boilersuit.

Give me a shout when you're ready.
I'll be outside.

Katia, we just have to dance
and flirt with them.

We will meet rich men,

good men, handsome men.

Then we get all kinds of things.

Matias buys us new clothes.

I won't take my clothes off
or kiss anyone.

Listen to me.

Speak with Matias.

He'll tell you how it works.

-You found your way home this time.
-Well, if you're Pauliina, I did.

You have to come up with a mnemonic.

I have one, actually.

There's a mark on the areola
of your left breast.

-I'll take a look, okay?
-Cut it out.

Janina promised to schedule her hobbies
so we could have dinner together...

if that ever works out.

I'm sorry... Why do I keep apologizing?

I promise...

I'll try to make sure
it won't happen again.

I don't suppose it will,
not out here away from everything.

Do you want to talk about it?
No crime talk at home.


Did Janina mention hobbies already?

I think she's trying to figure out
how to make new friends.

Your daughter is quite smart, sometimes.

Your daughter is smart.
My daughter is a little peculiar.

I'm going to sleep now.


Andrei... Hello.

What am I doing here
at three in the morning?

It's personal. It has to do with Katia.


I made a phone call.

And I found an address.

Don't you want to leave this
to our colleagues across the border?

As I said, it's personal.

-Esa Kuparinen.
-A car dealer.

Travels between St. Petersburg
and Lappeenranta on a weekly basis.

Return it in one piece.

Don't worry. I...

I know you.

Go get your daughter,
then go back to work.

I can keep quiet for a day or two.

Doesn't an MRI focus on
the insides of your head?

Will you check them for me?

Are you meeting with the mayor today?

Taina said...

Degerman considers
our unit his own achievement.

Why do you ask?

-I'd like you to be at the hospital.
-I will be.

Thanks. You don't have to.

I know I don't have to, but I want to.

You lied to your mother
about going out and finding new hobbies.

-What did she say?
-She believed you.

It was a nice gesture,
trying to cheer her up.

Why don't you try to find
something fun to do for real?

I'm just trying to look ahead
for all of our sakes.

Looking back is your thing.

You know I'm not good at asking.

-It's easier for me to interpret, to...
-That's not true.

You do it because playing games
is easier for you than being present.

It was supposed to change,
but you came home at a quarter past one.

Okay, you're right.

That's why we moved here.
For that to change.

But I'm trying, though poorly,
to ask you why you moved here?

I've got enough friends
with divorced parents.

Are you going to
change your habits or not?

Well, today I'm taking time off from work
to go with your mom to the doctor.


Fucking great.

Wait here. I'll check with them
before I show you in.

-What's the name of the new guy?
-Kari Sorjonen.

-Taina hired him?

Apparently he was forced to leave the NBI.

Well, find out why he had to leave.

Pauliina Rajala is his wife.

-Sorjonen is Pauliina Rajala's husband?
-Pauliina Sorjonen, nowadays.


Bring him in.


In a way, it symbolizes the whole town.

Everybody can see each other.
Everybody knows one another.

The new unit may only be a temporary
project with the EU and Europol...

but the entire city
is heavily invested in this project, too.

Which means that everybody...

even Anneli's unborn baby,
are ready to chip in for the new unit.

Have you been able to start work yet?

Our first case washed up
on the shore last night.

Good. I mean, it's good that you're here.

We don't know yet if this case
will be assigned to the new unit.

Anyway, welcome to your whole family.

-Do you have children?
-A daughter.



Welcome to you all.

Lappeenranta is a wonderful place,
I'm sure you'll like it.

Anneli and the guy who kept fiddling
with his phone...

-Mikkis Ahola. Mikael. City treasurer.
-They are expecting?

-Mikkis is Anneli's husband.
-And Anneli is Robert's younger sister.

How did you know?

We're expected at the morgue.

What does Robert Degerman
have to do with my wife?

No idea.

-Are you going to St. Petersburg?
-I'm not sure yet.

If the negotiations go well I'm going,
but I'll drive back tonight.

Pass me the paper roll.

Is this yours? I found it in the car.

A client left it there. I'll return it.

Take care of mommy.

If you're a good girl
and if there are no tantrums all day,

I'll buy you that game.

Neither her fingerprints nor her picture
have led us to her identity yet.

Her estimated age is between 15 and 20.

Niko and Johanna checked all
cottages and boats in the area.

Nobody has seen anything.

Not used to the smell?

Clean skin.

A couple of miniscule bruises.

Like she's hit her leg against something.

She's been dead for about 10-15 hours.

The signs point to the heart.

I've only found one thing,
one millimeter in size.


Drug addict?

Doesn't look like the type if you ask me.

Too clean?

-A fig?

What are you talking about?


I know no one reads Shakespeare any more.

Figo! A Spanish poisoned fig.

Delicious on the outside,
poisonous on the inside.

-Strangely enough no one has taken a bite.
-Speak Finnish, HP!

The girl is a virgin.

Drug addict, virgin...

the clothes she was in when she was found.
It's a puzzle.

I'm just the medical examiner, after all.

Did she poison herself
or was she poisoned?

I did a toxicological screening,

but the results are from the 80s,
as is all of my equipment.

-Any idea about the substance?
-I sent samples to the university.

To a chemistry professor, Lasse Maasalo.


Did these occur before or after death?

They tend to get darker when they
get older, but lividity can do the same.


It's been less than 24 hours so it figures
that no one has reported her as missing.

Shouldn't the criminal police handle this?


If I wanted to submerge a body,
what would I need?

Dead bodies float.

If we find the deepest point
and start digging,

I bet we'll find restraints of some sort
and a weight.

How much? How much do you bet?

-Don't start a bet!

I'm a cop and I don't have a rich family.

Dragging the lake is expensive.

This case does belong to SECRI. We'll pay.

Niko just contributed with fifty euros.

I wouldn't want to keep you here
against your will. I have a family.

But they paid me really well
for the driving.

And I can't let anyone reveal
what I've done. Understood?

We're in the same situation.
I won't tell anyone.

Take me home.

Don't be afraid,
I'm just going to give you a wash.

What's that?

A bollard. It weighs around 20 kilos.


-From what size boat?
-This one belongs to a big vessel.

It could have come from anywhere.

Usually things come from
where they are easily available.

Where's the nearest ship harbor?

Hotel Saimaanranta.
Holiday Village Saimaanharju.

-How far is it from here?
-I'd say it's about...

God dammit...

How long is the drive
from here to the hospital?

-About half an hour.
-God dammit.

We will focus on Saimaanranta.

Is the victim connected to Saimaanranta?

Is it possible she would be?

I don't want there to be
even a remote connection to the project.

-Is that a problem?
-Sorjonen is.

-Is Sorjonen interested in Saimaanranta?
-Not yet. But he's good.

He's every bit as good
as they say he is.

God dammit.

Lie absolutely still for
about five to eight minutes.

The machine will make noise
during that time.

Here's the alarm button. If you press it

we'll pull you out slowly
and stop the scan.



Excuse me.

My wife, Pauliina Sorjonen,
where can I find her?

Would you like a sedative?

I don't know what came over me.
I'm usually fine with this.

Five, three, four.

Okay, thanks Lasse.

You were wrong.

Not an insulin shot but methitural,
a short-acting anesthetic.

So the girl was anesthetized?

According to Lasse Maasalo,
the opiate is a precision anesthetic.

It's normally stabilized with sodium
carbonates, this time with something else.

What exactly?

Gösta Liljeqvist's contact information.
He's a dental surgeon.

His wife needed pain killers before
she died, and Gösta helped her sleep.

Gösta knows everything about anesthetics.

The trick is to get the dose just right.

In order to succeed
you have to know the patient.

Or what do you call them?


To know the victim.

You treated your wife's ailments
with anesthetics.

The purpose wasn't to anesthetize her
but to relieve the pain.

Who'd be able to successfully anesthetize
a girl weighing roughly 50 kilos?

A substance called methitural
was mentioned.

They stopped producing it
in this country.

But you might find some across the border.

Or if you have access to a lab, you can
probably Google it and make it yourself.


Your wife didn't want to interrupt you.
She'll see you back home at dinner.

Let's do a background check on Sorjonen.

He ordered a sizable drag operation.

He wants to search places that
are important for the casino project.

And the police bring bad publicity
and all sorts of difficulties with them.

Why can't you ask him to be discreet?

I'd like to know if he wants
to be discreet first.

-No background check without a reason.
-So we find one.

What's the name of
that journalist friend of Anneli's?

Jaana Erkki, wasn't it?

Have Anneli ask her
to do the background check.

-That won't stop Sorjonen from digging...
-Leave that to me.

Hide it. Hide it now!

If the tests come back okay,
I was thinking

it's time to move forward.

You're going to find a job?

That would be a step forward.

Wouldn't it be better to trust the doctor
and rest a little more?

You're right. Everybody's right.

But I need something sensible to do,
especially after the move.

I hope the tests come back okay
and you find something meaningful to do...

-and Janina finds new friends...
-And you take it easier.

-I promised to try.
-He's trying.

I promise...

I'll cut down on work
and find other things to do...

Answer it.

Answer it.

Answer it and tell the caller
what you were about to tell us!

Sorjonen. I'm going to cut down
on work and find other stuff.

Forget it. What is it?

A car dealership. Where is it?