Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 7 - The Nazi on the Honeymoon - full transcript

Brennan & Booth are in Buenos Aires for their honeymoon. Brennan is not used to sitting idle so she takes Booth to a morgue, and she finds unidentified bones of a victim. She and Booth help the local police solve the crime.

I'm trying to understand
how you can get

such enjoyment
from doing nothing.

Come on, it's a beautiful day,
I'm on my honeymoon.

I'm with the woman that I love.

I've got a cold
beer in my hand.

I mean, you tell me.

What could be more perfect?

You get bit by something?

I'm just trying to achieve the
same state of enjoyment you are.

Here, let me help you out
with that, okay?

Just take the brim of your hat,

just pull it down over your eyes

like that, get the beer,

take a sip.

Mmm, and go...




Relaxing makes me tense.

The last time
I was in Buenos Aires,

I was always doing something.

Okay, I'll tell you what, um...

why don't we go to those, um,

waterfall pools, huh?

That the hotel guy
was recommending.

Those pools are contaminated

with fecal matter
from wild boar.

I did see something amazing

the last time I was here
that I would love to show you.

All right.

Anything for my bride.

You got to be
kidding me, Bones.

This is your idea
of a honeymoon outing?

Don't you find
this fascinating?

These remains are
the Desaparecidos...

"the Disappeared."

They were political dissidents
that were tortured

and then executed by
their own government

during Argentina's Dirty War.

Dr. Brennan?

I'm Letitia Perez.

I run the Buenos Aires Morgue.

It's an honor to have you visit.

Yes, I imagine it is.

Dr. Perez, I would
like you to meet

my husband, Seeley Booth.

- We're on our honeymoon.
- Yeah.

Oh. And you came here?

See? I wanted to go
to the waterfall pools.

Oh, I wouldn't.

There's fecal matter
from the boars.

I was here ten years ago
assisting Dr. Herrera.

Oh, he passed away last year.

I hope to live up
to his memory.

This is where
the remains are from.

The victims were shot,

then burned.

It is a part of our past

we are not proud of.

My work is for the victims.

I understand.

I only wish
you had the technology

we enjoy at the Jeffersonian
instead of this.

We might not have machines
to do our work for us, like you,

but we are proud of
what we can accomplish here.

I assure you,
I have done extraordinary work

without the benefit
of technology.


Okay, great.

Thank you so much for showing us

your lovely place here, Doc.

See, we have a windsurfing
appointment we have to get to.

No, we don't.
We do now.

Enjoy your honeymoon,
Dr. Brennan.

I must get back to work.



These bones couldn't
have been found

in the same pit as the others.

They were.

I supervised
the excavation myself.

Come on, Bones,
let's go. Come on.

This victim was killed
recently, Booth.

We have a responsibility.

She never would've seen this.
Well, I'm sorry,

but you are wrong.

These bones were discovered

under several layers of remains
that are 30 years old.

They have black char
on the underside.

All of the others

are uniformly gray and white.

This body was burned recently.

Oh, my God.

You're right.

No better place to hide a body
than a mass grave.

Okay, Bones,
this is what we're gonna do.

We just tell
the cop what we discovered.

We go back to the pool,
we relax, okay?

There's a beer
with your name on it.

That's an excellent idea.
This is my jurisdiction.

I have a standing offer
from your government to act

as a forensic anthropologist
whenever my services are needed.

Just ask Deputy Minister Ortiz.

But Dr. Perez...
she can handle this.

I've seen no evidence
of that so far.

This is his office?

The inspector likes
his espresso.

Dr. Brennan, this is an honor.

I am Inspector Raphael Valenza.

This is my new husband,
Seeley Booth.

Agent Andy, I can't
believe I'm meeting you.

You've read my books?
Every one.

Agent Andy is one of the best
characters in literature.

Well, he merely supports
Dr. Reichs.

That's what he wants her to
think, because he's a real man.

Got a good point there, Bones.

My car.

The same one Agent Andy drives.

Hey! Hola, time-out, okay?

Can someone please tell me
what's going on here?

Someone was murdered,
and Dr. Brennan has

graciously offered to assist

in the investigation.
Right, of course she did.

Bones, it's our honeymoon!

I can't believe the real Agent
Andy will be assisting me.

What? Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Well, then it's settled.

Let me give you a ride back.

Oh, okay.

Dr. Perez will
welcome you into her morgue

with an open heart
and open mind.

Oh-ho, wait a second there.

Okay, everybody just...

Slow down there, Inspector,
because this is our honeymoon.

Well, what better way
to honeymoon

than with intrigue
and adventure?

He has a point, Booth.

Hey, how's the honeymoon going?

Very well, thank you.

We've been enjoying sex
very much.

Good, good, I'm glad
you're taking some time off.

Don't worry about Christine,
either, by the way.

Her and Michael Vincent
are getting along great.

Thank you for taking care
of her, Angela.

Yeah, anything to help
you... take a vacation

in what looks like

a morgue?

This is Dr. Letitia Perez,

the coroner here
at the Buenos Aires Morgue.

She will be assisting me
in this investigation.

Hi, hi, it's nice to meet you.


I am not assisting
Dr. Brennan.

She is consulting for me.

Mm, good luck with that.

Wha... what is wrong?

Look at this.

Dr. Brennan.

You're on your honeymoon.

Why are you in a morgue?

Morgues are not romantic.

Booth and I got tired of lying
in the sun, drinking beer.

Well, you know what? We're gonna
get back to the fun in the sun

and drinking, but, you know
what, to be honest, Bones and I,

we just... we love
working together.

It's what we do best.

I've tried to explain
that I'm fine on my own.

Well, how did they wind up
asking you guys for help?

Look, I don't want to
brag, but I'm kind of

a national hero here.
Ah, yes.

Agent Andy Lister is
the epitome

of the ideal police officer.

Based on me, you know...
I mean, whatever,

you know, makes Bones happy.

So, you guys go on a honeymoon

and we wind up
solving an Argentinean murder?



I have
the missing person files.


The victim is elderly...

The notably textured
sternal rib ends

indicate that the victim was

approximately 90 years old.

And the long narrow nasal
aperture suggests Caucasian.

You are the worst
vacation taker in the world.

I concur.

You should be receiving evidence
in the next few hours.

I'm sure you will impress
Dr. Perez.

I'm a national hero.

The Argentine murder victim's
X-rays are being sent now.

Angela is working

on a facial reconstruction
based on photos

and detailed measurements.

They did a good job
of packing this clothing.

No contamination.

Dr. Brennan sent bone samples
for a histological profile.

They aren't completely clean.

That's right.

So I'm to clean these bones?

And give me the leftovers.

I retrieved these insects
from the remains.

The mass grave is 30 years old,
but these insects suggest

the time of death is
within one month.

We'll see
if our entomologist concurs.

I send my most difficult
samples to the university,

but I am confident
I am correct.

I find it's best
not to be overly confident.

I was not aware you knew
any other way to be.

Oh! Wow, good.

It's got bite.
What is this?

It's local.

La cola del Diablo...
"the devil's tail."

That is some tail, huh?

Excuse me. Oh.

Honeymoon stuff.


Why are you working
on your honeymoon?

It's not healthy.

Look, I have been deputized,
okay, Sweets?

I'm a national hero.

I don't really believe that.

Come on, be happy for me,
all right?

Bones and me... we're having
a great honeymoon, okay?

Okay, I'm happy.

Okay, that's better now,
so listen to me.

I need you to run a check

on an Inspector Comissario
Raphael Valenza.

Go to my computer.

Use it access the OAI

records in Argentina.

Okay. Why?

I don't want to end up
helping someone

who ends up being corrupt.

That's why.

Guy dresses really well,

he sips coffee at a café,
he's got a pocket watch,

and he drives a fancy car.

Oh, well,
if that's the case, then...

It is.

All right.

To the, uh...

Snake tail or whatever
that is, huh?


Security video from
the mass grave site

shows only government cars

entering and exiting.

Well, time of death
was a month ago,

so we should concentrate
around that area.

As you say, definitely.

I'm telling you, there is
a lot of missing people.

Well, I expect Agent Andy's
famous instincts

will narrow the search.

Right, right, so let's, uh,
look for 90-year-olds, right?

There are none, but why would
anyone murder a 90-year-old man?

Why not just wait for nature
to take its course?

Well, once Bones finds
out the cause of death,

we'll have that answer.


That's what Agent Andy calls
Dr. Kathy Reichs...

to make her uncomfortable.

Well, you know, in real life,
she likes it.

Oh, really?

Wait, this Mercedes is not
a government vehicle.

How far back is this?

Three weeks, four days,
and 11 hours.

How long between when
it went in and came out?

Almost two hours.

That's enough time
to bury a body.

Yeah, too bad we can't
see the plates.

♪ The wheels on
the bus go round and round... ♪

It still feels weird being in

Booth and Brennan's house
without them.

Yeah. Well, be even weirder
to be living here with them.

The kids play
really well together.

I know, right? Man, two kids.

They entertain each other,

you know?

Cuts the parenting time
in half.

I'm making an observation.

You are making a sale, mister.

Oh, am I?

Yeah, you think you are.

It's kind of quiet.

Yeah, it's a little too quiet.

Hey, Michael?


Hey. Over here.

For a second there,

I thought they'd made
a break for it.

You start every
workday like this? Wow.

Yes. It clears my mind
and puts life into...



What, you don't approve?

Oh, hey,
I approve big-time.

Look at this spread you got.

Oh. Look at this.

It's a facial reconstruction
of our victim.


You send it to me,
I can run it through

our SIBIOS System for a match.

You know, I'm curious.

Who's your favorite
fictional policeman?

From who do you
draw inspiration?


With respect,
Superman is not police.

Ah, he still catches
the bad guys. That's right.

Hey, got it.

Miguel Eduardo Silva.

He looks scary, don't you agree?

It's scary that he's driving
at 90. That's what's scary.

So, what's next?

What's next is we go talk
to Miguel's family, right?

Immediately after
our breakfast, yes?

Okay, let's do it
the American way...

immediately and with
a great deal of noise.

Door is open.



The wife...
look at her.

They were probably together
their whole lives.

Buenos dias, señora.
Buenos dias.

Buenos dias.

Señora Silva!
La buscan!

Ah. No wife.

Ah, yeah.
That's the wife?

I have a pretty good idea
how he died, huh?

Please, do not make me laugh

at such a serious moment.



I can't believe Miguel is gone.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

That's very sweet of you.

So is it true?

Are you the real Agent Andy?

Yes, he is, señora.

I would choose my words
very carefully.

Everyone reads those books?

Of course.

We are a nation of readers,
Agent Booth.

Right. So why is it that

you didn't report
your husband missing?

It wasn't unusual
for Miguel to be away.

Sometimes he was gone for weeks.

Doing what?

I have no idea.
He never told me.

And you didn't care?

A woman with so much free time,

waiting around for
a 90-year-old man?

What are you
accusing me of here?

I don't understand.

What, being married
to an older man?

Being beautiful?

These are not crimes.

No, the crime that we're
investigating is murder.

Did your husband
have any enemies?

I don't know.

Miguel was a very private man.

Oh, and a volatile one.

So why'd you stay with him?

You obviously don't
understand Buenos Aires,

Agent Booth.

I was born in Ciudad Evita.

It's, uh...

it's bad.

It's... very bad.

Miguel took me off the streets.

He gave me a new life.

A strange life, but a better
life than the one I had.

So why would I kill
the man who gave me that?

Well, you have a lot to
gain from-from his death.

You know, a beautiful home,
bank accounts...

There was no bank account.

Everything was cash with Miguel.

I receive an allowance
every month in cash.

With him gone, I don't have
the money to keep the house.

I don't even have a car.

The Mercedes was his,

and it disappeared with Miguel.

An s550?


I'm starting
all over again now.

As poor as I was
when Miguel found me.

I thought Agent Andy
would understand.

So you think the killer

ed the victim's car
to dump the body?

Well, it makes sense, right?

We have to find the car.

After three and a half weeks?

Come on, you must know people
who have spare parts, right?

Isn't that what you used
to restore your old car?

This is why you are an icon.

I'll call a friend I know

who trades in spare parts.

Okay, h-hold on.

I'll catch up with you;
I gotta take this call.

Will you get your feet
off my desk?

How did you know that?

You had the
forward-facing camera on.

I saw your feet.


All right.

Well, I looked into, uh,
your friend Valenza.

He worked with our guys
on a Joint Task Force

against the cartels
in the late '90s,

and busted some corrupt
local judges in 2006.

Since then, he's gone
head-to-head against corruption

in Buenos Aires.
He's squeaky clean.

All right, so he's
one of the good guys.

On paper.

But police corruption

has been a problem
in Buenos Aires.

The cops either need
the support of the community

or their fellow officers,
which this guy has neither.

So I wouldn't be surprised

if his sense of
loyalty is colored...

Look, look, unless you have
something solid

on this guy, all right,
I'm gonna give him

the benefit of the doubt,
you know?

And don't touch my bobblehead.

I didn't.

Well, it was bouncing.

I have the fracture map

you constructed from
the X-rays, Dr. Edison.

Unfortunately, Dr. Perez

doesn't have the capability
to do that here.

Well, I couldn't
determine which ones

were caused by
the heat of the fire

and which, if any,
are perimortem or antemortem.

Even with all that equipment?

We can make
those determinations here,

now that we know where to look.

Can't we, Dr. Perez?

With ease.

Well, good luck.

There are a lot of them.

We've determined
that some of the bones

were calcined by the fire,

but most of them remain intact.

That means the fire burned

somewhere between
300 and 700 degrees.

Very impressive.

Yeah, a wood fire.

Macrobotanical charcoal
found on the bones

and clothing samples confirm
that gasoline was used

as an accelerant
to ignite the wood

and thus burn the body.

Burning a body is not easy.


I'm still working on

the type of wood that was used,

so I'll get back
to you on that.

My friend said the Mercedes
was abandoned near here.

Someone tried
to sell him the parts.

Well, if somebody's
gonna strip and dump a car,

this definitely looks like
the place to do it.

Ciudad Evita is a zona liberada.

The cops won't come here.

It's run by the bad guys.

Well, we're in here.

Which is why
you'd better take this.


Isn't this where Silva's wife
said she was from?

It is.

I know many like her

who would do anything
to get out.

And anything not to go back.

All right.


Oh, there it is.

What's left of it, huh?

When the thieves
strip a car here,

they take everything.

Well, I'm gonna
take a look anyway.

Maybe we can get

some fabric off the seats.

Maybe pull some, uh,

Take an evidence bag.

Well, they didn't
take everything.

Look at this.

That's not a car key.


I finally got
Christine to sleep.

Oh, this is just...
this is unbelievable.

I mean...
put one kid down,

the other one starts crying.

This-this isn't

it's a sleep deprivation study.

Maybe it was
something they ate.

Well, we had the same

We're not crying.

Okay, it's your turn.

Oh, no, that did not count
as your turn.

Yes, it did.

I got up.
No, no.

It only counts if you go in

and you pick them up
and you rock them.

No. Wait, no.

We go on crying.

Christine cried, you went.

Michael Vincent cried, I went.

So next time, it's your turn.

No way.
That's not fair.

That doesn't even...
That's the way it goes, babe.

It's your turn.

Dr. Brennan should be back soon.

I can have her contact you...

No. I can tell you.

Your work has been
very impressive so far.

I thought you would credit
Dr. Brennan for the work here.

No, Dr. Brennan does that
on her own.

Take it from one
who's been there.

The tougher she is, the more
respect she has for you.

I appreciate that, Dr. Edison.

No problem.

Now, when you do see her,

let her know that the plane
grating spectrograph

of the bone sample

turned up some interesting
histological results.

It seems that the victim
had prolonged exposure

to hydrogen cyanide
ethyl bromoacetate.

That's Zyklon-B.


Bianca said that
no one comes down here.

Well, you know what?

Someone needed this key,
all right?

It was made
by the same locksmith

that made the others
for the house.

Hey, what's up, Bones?

Where are you? I went to
the cafe, but you weren't there.

Well, you know the key

that we found in,
uh, Silva's car?

We think it might fit...

in his basement.

I saw Dr. Edison's
histological analysis.

The victim showed evidence
of prolonged exposure

to a gas called Zyklon-B.

Nazi gas?


I think Silva might have
been a prisoner

in a concentration camp.

Oh, I don't think
he was a prisoner.

Looks like he was a Nazi.

Whoa, look at that, huh?

It's a Van Gogh.

Oh, you know about art, too?

He signed it.

Blood on the wall.

And on the floor.

Blood spattered
all over the place.

Okay, someone dragged something

right through
the bloodstains there.


The scoring marks

suggest that it was heavy,

but the blood was dry
when it was dragged

because there
are no streak marks.

As a coroner,
my area of expertise

must include much more
than bones.

So the bad man killed Silva,

dumps the body, returns
and drags something out.

I'll send these photos to Cam
for confirmation,

but I'd say this happened

So, the killer returns
to the scene the next day?

That's pretty risky.

Whoa, wait a second.

Look over here.

Meter by half meter.

What do you think,
it was a trunk? A desk?

What's that?

Let me see.


You find out what Melmer is,
and I'll get blood samples

and particulates back to the morgue.

Listen, Bones, you sure you
want to continue doing this?

I mean, look, we can
just call it quits

and go back to the pool.

We're doing what we love
with the person we love.

I actually find it
highly romantic.

A feeling we can explore further
when we're alone.

Mmm... all right.

I ran these photos

from the cellar through
the Israeli government

and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Guess what.

They discovered Silva was not
who he said he was.


Are you guys in a cafe?

Yeah. It's a very
civilized way to work.


But your new wife
is in the morgue?

Okay, really?

You know her;
she loves it, okay?

So just tell me
about the old guy.

Miguel Silva was actually

Sturmbannfuhrer Herman Haupt.

Haupt was known as
the Monster of Majdanek,

a concentration camp
near Lublin, Poland.

He personally sent thousands

of Poles and Jews
to the gas chambers.

So a war criminal.

Good luck.

So we're looking for a killer
of a Nazi war criminal.

That just opens up
a whole world of suspects.

In 1945, President Peron sent

10,000 blank passports to
the Nazis offering citizenship.

It's our shame.

So, Haupt got one of those
Argentine passports?

I got to say,

if somebody tracked down
this old Nazi and killed him...

It's our job
to catch murderers, correct?

I must do my job
no matter who the victim is.

Well, that's right,

but what if the killer
just wanted to rob Silva?

There's a man,
an expert in Nazi war criminals.

We should talk to him.

After our cafe.

Yeah, immediately after.

I found fractures
on the ulna and the radius

that are perimortem.

Here where the burn line
crosses the fracture margin,

indicating that the fire had
access to the part of the bone

that was broken.

Similar fractures here
on the metacarpal

and here on the phalanges.

Excellent finding.

These are defensive wounds,
indicating a struggle.

Yes, buthese injuries
wouldn't kill him.

So we still don't have
the cause of death.

Correct. Let's take
a closer look at the skull.

Oh, God.


I'll put it back together.
No, I'll do it.

I apologize.

Of course, I was in the wrong.

You know, perhaps
it would go quicker

if we worked on it together.

We've all dropped
human remains before.

Of course we knew about Haupt.

We were trying
to extradite him.

And who are you, Mossad?

No, I'm a retired man.

I try to help out where I can.

Forgive me,

but if you were unable to
extradite Haupt, perhaps you...

We were trying to bring Nazis
to justice,

not become murderers ourselves.

Why couldn't he be extradited?

Haupt was rich and he had
friends in high places.

I was thinking Haupt was

an old man with every hope
of escaping justice.

I just don't like the idea
of him dying in his own bed.

In the arms
of a beautiful young wife.

Agent Booth, we do not expect
justice in the world,

but we take great pride
in seeking it out.

Is it true that this is the man

upon whom Agent Andy Lister
is based in the novels?

It's true.
In the flesh.


You will sign my book?


Right. Yeah. Sure.


Like David who slew Goliath.

The very same.


So, the wood sample
that you sent

to me from the scrapings
from the wine cellar floor

came from a deciduous conifer

called the larch tree.


Why is Christine in
the lab, Dr. Hodgins?


Day care called because
Christine and Michael Vincent

wanted to see us, and-and since
you're away, we thought...

Yes! No, it's great, right?

How cute.

Whoa. Okay, wait a second.
Is Cam okay with that?

Cam? Oh, yeah, yeah.

Okay, okay.
That's it.

I am taking them
back to day care.

You know what I said about
the children being in the lab.

Yes, we do, yes.

Why don't you say hello
to Booth and Brennan,

who are on their honeymoon
and are so happy that

we're taking such good care
of Christine.

Hey there, newlyweds.

I was just saying that
we are so delighted

to have the kids with us
here at the lab.

So sad that they have
to go back to day care now.

Okay, see you later.

It's great that you all
are having so much fun.


Yes, it's a piece of cake.

You know, two is easier
than one, actually.


Where's my...?

Oh, my...
Okay, we're gonna go.

We're gonna go.

Can we just get on with
what we were talking about here?

Yes. Good.
Murder. Right.

So, the wood sample that you
sent me... it predates 1945

because it lacks the isotopes
cesium-134 and strontium-90.

Those were in everything
after the first

nuclear bomb explosions
in the mid-1940's.

Everything in the wine cellar
was Nazi stuff predating 1945.

Well, according to documents
from World War Two,

Haupt was assigned to the
Merkers Keiselbach Salt Mine...

the infamous storehouse
of the stolen Nazi treasure.

Now, when the U.S.
found the mine,

there were hundreds
of paintings, uh, bags of cash,

and wooden crates
filled with bars of gold.

Let me guess.

The crates were made
out of larch trees.

What deductive instincts.

And the, uh...

the Melmer packing slip,
according to records,

each of the crates filled
with gold in the Merkers mine

bore a packing slip
marked "Melmer,"

named after the original courier
who delivered

the crates of gold bars.

So what was dragged
across the cellar...

Was a crate of Nazi gold.

While we were
reconstructing the skull,

I discovered
subtle discoloration on

the coronal suture

This indicates a subdural
hematoma caused by a direct blow

to the coronal suture
was cause of death.

So, dropping the skull

turned out to be a good thing.

Everything has a silver lining.


In this case,
there is no silver lining.

Sweetie, try to be nice;
you're a guest.

I know. I only meant that here
the lining is gold, not silver.

You see the gold flakes
in the fracture?

So Haupt was beaten to death
with a bar of gold?

That's my conclusion.

We finally found
our cause of death.

Oh, great.

By the way, uh,

you don't have to worry
about Christine.

Hodgins and I have
everything under control.

I wasn't worried.

Okay. All right, well, um,
I'm gonna go talk to Hodgins,

and tell him about the gold,

and he can search for
any matching particulates.

So, I'll talk to you later.

Forgive me, but I
find it difficult

to imagine you as a mother.

It's been the most wonderful
experience I've ever had.

Don't you want children,
Dr. Perez?

I thought so, at one point.

But I've seen so much cruelty
and evil in this world

that I couldn't bring
a child into that.

It's our job to make the world
a better place for our children.

Don't you believe
that's possible?

I envy you your
optimism, Dr. Brennan.

¿Un cafécito?

Uh, yeah, yeah.
Cup of coffee's great.


The killer didn't bring

the weapon to the scene
of the crime.

He used one of the gold bars
in the room.

So it wasn't premeditated; it
was probably a crime of passion.

You know, to see the two of you
work together, it's magical.

Dr. Reichs should be
highly respected.

She is. She's the focus
of the books.

Aw, come on, Bones,
just admit it, okay?

Argentina's my domain.

I should get back to Dr. Perez.

It feels like there's something
we're still missing.

Dr. Brennan, are you enjoying
your honeymoon?

As a matter of fact, I am.

Aren't we, Booth?

Yeah, we-we are.
I mean, I know it's hard

for people to understand,
but we are.

Although I am starting
to miss our hotel room.


She's more wonderful
than Dr. Reichs.

Yeah, tell me about it, huh?

Okay, Dr. Reichs
doesn't have

the same sensual
quality that...

"Tell me about it"
is just a phrase.


Uh, there's something about
this case that makes no sense.

What's that?

This isn't something
that you can take

into a bank and trade for cash.


Well, do you know anybody
who would buy Nazi gold?

What's all this about,

I run an honest business.

We both know that's
not true, Ramon.

Allow me to introduce you

to Agent Booth from
Washington, D.C.

Agent Andy? The guy...?

I swear,
I have done nothing wrong.

You're awfully defensive
for an innocent man.

I will answer anything.
Anything I ask you?

Okay, where do I start?

Um, oh, I got it.

What about the bars of Nazi gold
that you've been fencing?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Do you know the book where
Agent Andy dangles the man

from the top
of the tall building?

But that's not true.

It's a book, right?

Oh, look at this, Agent Booth.

The federales have been
searching your office,

and they found the gold.

Where'd you buy the gold from?

I tell my customers

that our business will remain...

Right, okay.
Let me just hit him once.

There's no need.

My men told me that they found
blood on one of the bars.

Probably the victim's.

How would you say
"accessory to murder" again?

Cómplice de asesinato.


Okay, I get it.

You don't have to play
the hard balls with me.

I make a deal.

Two gold bars for Agent Andy

and two gold bars for my
good friend, Inspector Valenza.

He does.
He reads the book, right?

I mean, you do read the books.

I mean, do you really think that
Agent Andy would accept a bribe?

Maybe I'll let Agent Andy
spend a little time with you.

That's a good idea.

I... bought the gold
from a woman.

What woman?

Very beautiful.

Too beautiful to kill,
I'm convinced.

Is this her?


She's much prettier in person.

Oh-ho, Bianca,

we going on a little trip?

I'm sorry.

I'm in a rush. I'm late.

I will call you as soon...
No, no! Look at that!

She's getting away, huh?!

I promise,
but I'm so very late.

Whoa! What, are you kidding me?

No disparen!

Slow down!
I was just kidding, okay?


What do we got here, huh?

Look at this, huh?
Look at all that cash.

Wow, looks like someone got
a good price for the Nazi gold.

Bianca Silva,
you are under arrest

for the murder of your husband.

Why could we not do this
at the cafe?

Because we think
you are a murderer, señora.

And murderers do not get
fine espresso.

I have killed no one!
Alvarez told us

he bought the gold from you,
he paid cash.

The same cash
we found in your bag.

Maldito mentiroso!

It's my gold, found in

my wine cellar.

I mean, where is the crime?

Well, the gold was yours
because he died.

Maybe you just got tired
of waiting

for that to happen naturally.

You know what?
I did not kill Miguel.

And yet you were in the wine
cellar where your husband was

beaten to death with a gold bar.

Yeah, my wine cellar, my gold!

You know what? I find
this conversation tedious!

How'd you get the gold
out of the cellar?

My maid... she's very old
but very strong.

We find any of your fingerprints

on any of the gold covered
in your husband's blood...

We will bounce.

What's the word? Pounce.
Pounce, pounce.

The door to the wine cellar
was open.

That's the end of the story.

Pounce on that.

Dr. Brennan, they have
arrested Bianca Silva.

Say again, please.

I said they have
arrested Bianca Silva.


So you can stop now.

Go back to your...
honeymoon holiday.

There's still a lot of
work to do for the trial.

Yes, Dr. Brennan.

My work.

It's... it's been my pleasure
working with you.


You reminded me
how important it is

not to rely on technology.

The Jeffersonian
makes that difficult.

Thank you for saying that.




I think you've arrested
the wrong person.

But how can that be?

Do either of you have an
alternate theory of this murder?

I believe Letitia Perez
is related to the victim.

And your reasoning is?

When we shook hands
to say good-bye,

I felt a small avulsion
on the metacarpal of her thumb.

You could tell that
from shaking her hand?

What can I say, huh?

She's amazing.

What's this?
I have nothing new to tell you.

Well, we know you're a pterodactyl.


Is it true that you were
born with an extra thumb?

You had it
surgically removed as a child.

So what?

Haupt had the same
genetic abnormality.

Are you related
to Herman Haupt?

She's his granddaughter.

So what? It's meaningless.

It's suspicious.

A man gets murdered,
and you don't tell anyone

he's your grandfather?

Letitia, as a friend,

I suggest you call a lawyer.

And tell a story which explains
why you killed

a Nazi war criminal
who was your grandfather.

I devoted my life
to identifying

the 10,000 victims
of the Dirty War.

It was my way of fighting back.

You understand.

Then to find out
that my own grandfather killed

many more times that number
of innocent people.

And he thought I was like him.

You didn't know he was a Nazi?

Not until he took me down to
his wine cellar and showed me.

He told to me,

"This will all be yours
when I die."

That I will be wealthy.

And you killed him?

You didn't want
the blood money, did you?

He laughed at me.

He said I was weak.

He called me mestiza.


"A mongrel."

So I grabbed the closest thing
and I hit him.

And I hit him
until he stopped laughing.

I'm sorry.

You know I have
to arrest you, right?

I know.

I have no regrets.

I'm kind of glad this
babysitting thing happened.

Yeah, one kid, right?

Whoa, I mean, listen.

Other people can have
four or five kids,

but that-that
is just not us.

It's not our style.

No, no, we like our sleep.

We like fine dining.

Alone time.

Like now.

Yeah, this.

This is nice.


Where are the kids?

Oh, no.


Okay, here we go again.



Hey, hey.

Found them.

I want another one.

Yeah, me too.

What you reading there, Bones?

Oh, the identification
of human remains

that have been scavenged
by sharks.

I borrowed it
from the mortuary library.

Ooh, it's a page turner.

It's actually quite fascinating.

What do you have
hidden behind your back?


These here? Oh, I'm just
trying to come up with a way

to, uh, keep
the honeymoon afloat.

By getting me drunk?

No. It's so hot out
here, know what?

We have to hydrate, hydrate.



Mmm. Ah!


There it is!
You know what?

This has been a pretty
good honeymoon

when you really think
about it... I mean, look.

We've been able to taste
the local cuisine,

see the sights,
the local music.

♪ Chacka-chacka-ah ♪

♪ Chacka-ah. ♪

Catch a Nazi-killer.

We didn't catch a Nazi killer.

We caught a killer of a Nazi.

That's, uh, that's
what I meant.

It was ambiguous.
Well, okay.

It was ambiguous.


For our second honeymoon,

we could go somewhere
with a prominent sports team.

Wow, I like that. Okay.

You really do
love me, don't you?

I think for my next book,
Agent Andy Lister could die.

No, they would just, you know,
make him a saint, that's all.

Hydrate, hydrate. Hydration,
yeah? Hold it, hold it.

What's that mean?