Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 6 - The Woman in White - full transcript

Brennan and Booth are to be married tomorrow, but not without a murder to solve. The team calls in all interns to help with the case so Brennan does not have to do anything.

The musicians will wait
for my signal,

then once everyone's set...

Oh, my God!

Angie, it's just
a rehearsal.

You can't keep crying.
I can and I will.

We only have
the church till 11:00.

Can you cry after 11:00?

Can't forget
the best man.

No, he'll be dressed on the day.

My son's flying
in later. So. hey...

That's my dad.

This isn't really necessary.

This is just to get
a general idea...

He isn't very dependable,
but I imagine

my father will be here.

I'm sure.

How can you be sure?
He's just being nice.

Don't worry, Bones.
Max will be here, all right?

Ju... Can we hurry
this along?

I have been trying.
Okay, then, after opening rites,

we have the first reading.
Dr. Hodgins?

Got some stuff from Ecclesiastes
that's gonna kill.

(phone rings)
Oh, I'm sorry.

Uh, no problem.

Uh, then after your reading,
Dr. Sweets will...

(phone rings)
Oh, God.

I'm sorry.
Don't worry. God grants me

patience for just such events.
(phone rings)

No, no, Bones, don't even
pick it up. Shut it off.

Just put it away.
Put it away.

Put it away.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Am I allowed to kiss him now?

It's really just a rehearsal,
Dr. Brennan.

Because we are sleeping

No. Shh...

BRENNAN: Sleeping, of course,
is a euphemism for sex.

No. I'm really sorry,

You don't have to
apologize, Booth.

It's not like he's
going to be jealous.

Don't say sex...

So, moving on, we have
uh, the reading, music,

(phone rings)
the homily, blah, blah,

and then your father will...

(phone rings) Oh, gosh,
I-I'm sorry. Sorry.

(two phones ring) I thought I turned
it off. Sorry.

That will not happen again.


Okay, then. Here we go.

(phone rings)

(clears throat)
Excuse me.


No, I do last rites,
but I don't do murder.

It's for you.


Sorry. This will just take
one... Booth.


BOOTH: They found the remains
on the grounds

by a senatorial building,
the one on P Street.

HODGINS: That's where the President
used to stay. - Yep.

They were excavating
for a new gazebo.

The remains are being brought
directly to the lab.

Which will not concern
Dr. Brennan or Agent Booth, will it?

Well, we're not getting married
until tomorrow.

I should really take a look.

Oh, no.

What do you mean, "Oh, no," huh?
Rings, kiss, vows-- hitched.

Are you serious?
Yeah, totally serious.

You know, work is good.
Keep her busy.

Don't worry about it.
Yep, let's go.

See you all
back at the lab.

I'll put $25 on the wedding
being canceled

by lunchtime tomorrow.

Yeah. 50 bucks says
it's canceled

before the sun goes down.

Worst friends ever.

The victim is female, mid-30s.

Almost completely skeletonized.

Remaining tissue is desiccated.

BRENNAN: This happened
a long time ago.

Multiple stab wounds
to the chest;

degree of staining on the
clothes suggests she bled out.

Fabric-wise, it looks like
the victim died in the '70s.

1979, to be precise.

That's impossible
to know at this stage.

Afraid not. Cicada.
It was caught in her sleeve.

They only emerge
once every 17 years,

meaning our victim was killed
in 1979.

Or I guess, 1945,
or 1962, 1996.

Okay, we get the point.
1979 it is.

MONTENEGRO: You see, Brennan?
This is gonna solve itself.

You are not needed.

And since the wedding is
tomorrow, you should get

your beauty sleep.

I don't need sleep
to be beautiful.

No, but it does help you
be pleasant.

SAROYAN: We have this under control,
Dr. Brennan.

Angela, can you take this

and see what you can restore?
Got it.

No one here is a forensic

Without me, you won't
be able to...

Dr. Brennan, what
are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

I asked him to come because you
have your mani-pedi appointment.

I can't, in good conscience,
leave until I feel confident

you are capable of
handling the case.

I'm gonna chalk that up
to nerves and not be insulted.

Good call.

Would you just stop acting
like the wedding is doomed?

Brennan really
wants this.

Then why are we here?

I mean, this case is
over 30 years old.

It could wait till Monday.

Hey, look at this.

What is that,
a protective sleeve?

Yeah, for, like, a photograph
or an important document.

Yeah, but it's empty.

Ooh, hey, I found it.

Her I.D.
Laminated. That's helpful.

Nancy Handelman.
She was born February 5, 1943,

which makes her 36
when she died.

Poor thing.

Listen, Brennan's
just nervous, okay?

It happens.

But we have to
support her.

We have to stay positive.

I will be as positive

as a proton,
I promise.

I got your text
about the wedding pool.

I'll put $50 on it being
called off by 3:00.


They'll call
if they find anything,

so just get home, okay, Bones?

I think your dad is here.
His stuff is on the counter.

I told you he'd make it.

All right, hurry back.
I love you, too.

Hey, Max, are you hungry?!

Bones is gonna go pick up
Christine and...


Looks like I'm gonna
need a new bag.


I mean, I think
it's very generous.

You know, it's tradition
for the father

of the bride to pay
for the wedding.

Max is obviously
a traditionalist.

Okay, did you hear me?

The bag looked
like it was buried.

Maybe it's just dirty.

Oh, come on, Sweets.

Look, I'd advise you to just
concentrate on the wedding.

How's Dr. Brennan doing?
Okay, look,

this is the area
where the body

was found, right?
Up in that one.

You're really gonna
duck the question

by hiding behind your work?
Okay. Used to be part

of Adams University.
It was sold off ten years ago.

What are those buildings?

Grad student housing
and faculty offices.

I'm gonna do a background check
on all the tenants from 1979.

And you know what? I am not
hiding behind my work, okay?

I'm just trying to keep Bones
busy so she doesn't get nervous.

And get cold feet.

Listen, Bones doesn't
have cold feet, all right?

Actually, they're warm.
Actually, they're

very hot, thank you
very much.

I'm on your side, okay?

And I think what you're
doing is great psychology.

As far as the bag
full of money,

you're right,
it's-it's kind of creepy.

Go do something else
somewhere else.

Okay. Thank you.

Dr. Hodgins,
what have you got for me?

Brennan's done
with her mani-pedi.

I meant...
Right. Sorry, sorry.

Today, all I seem
to think about...

The wedding pool.

Wh... No. What kind of a
person do you think I am?

That was rhetorical.

All right, these are the results
from the stab wounds.

Now, traces
of iron-carbon alloy.

So the weapon
was made of steel.

Yeah. Also, I got some
particulate residue

from multiple insect
and foliage species.

Inside the wounds?

That's odd, especially
in an urban area.

Still working on trying to I.D.
the various species.

Is that our victim?

Booth just e-mailed me
her file.

Nancy Handelman was single,
no living family,

worked at the Library
of Congress

in the Manuscripts Division.

The Manuscripts Division?

Maybe that acid-free sleeve
she was carrying

did contain something

like the letter that Nixon wrote
confirming the presence of aliens,

or even a map that reveals...

Slow down, Da Vinci Code.

As far as we know, she was just
a simple librarian.

I know what you're up to.

Yeah, I'm not up to anything.

Okay. If Brennan realizes
the enormity of this case,

she's gonna ditch
the wedding,

so you want me
to keep quiet

until after the nuptials.

Yes, Dr. Hodgins,
nothing gets by you.


Angela told me
not to touch anything,

so can you pick up rib five?

Two minutes with you and I'm
back to being an intern.

Note the peripheral indentation,
as though from a hilt,

so the weapon
could've been short.

Medio-cam, please?

Oh, I guess I should be glad
you're saying "please."

A little more steady,
Dr. Edison.

I have to solve this case
before I consummate my marriage.

EDISON: A splinter. Dr. Hodgins will
want to see this.



You have to get your hair done
for the rehearsal dinner, honey.

No, that makes no sense.

I have my hair done today
for the rehearsal dinner

and then again tomorrow
for the wedding? Why?

Because you're the bride.

So just accept
and adapt, okay?


Did you place a bet
on this wedding?

I prefer not to tell you while
you're wearing your tough face.


Is that the protective sleeve
from the victim's bag?

On the left, yeah.
whatever was in it

might have been the
motive for her murder.

But whatever was in it is
long gone, and without it...

Not necessarily.

This image on the right,

I found that folded up
in the victim's wallet.

It's a photocopy.
See the outline?

Oh, so you think that this

is a photocopy
of what was in there.

I'm still working
on the restoration,

but I'm hoping
to pull something from it.

Dr. Saroyan,
I'm finding

a large number of
micro-fractures on the bones.

Dr. Brennan doesn't
know yet.

She missed them?
Only because you told her

not to touch anything
with those fingernails.

What's the question, Dr. Edison?
If I tell Dr. Brennan

about those fractures,
she's gonna check them out.

These fractures
are gonna take

at least two days
for both me

and Dr. Brennan to catalogue,
and for her to check my work.

The wedding is tomorrow.

We don't tell her.

We can't lie to Dr. Brennan.

Normally, I would agree
with that,

but this time
we lie our asses off.

Or we could call in
the reserves.

And that's why
I'm checking with you,

because that would entail
extra costs.

I bet the reserves
would come in for free.

Yes, because they don't have to
really do the work.

Dr. Brennan just has to think

that it's covered.

Yes. Tricky is an excellent
coping mechanism

when dealing with people
like Dr. Brennan.

SAROYAN: Dr. Brennan, I thought you'd be
home getting ready.

I'm checking
Dr. Edison's work

so that I can talk to him
before I leave.

Uh, he doesn't
need your help.

How can you say that?

These indentations could
have easily caused

the micro-fractures
to the ribs.

But we don't have a murder weapon
that matches any of these.

Trust me, Dr. Brennan,

Dr. Edison's got
plenty of help.

Where did we get
the budget for this?

That's not your concern.

What is your concern is getting
to that rehearsal dinner.

I owe you one, all of you.

Okay, well done. Thanks, guys.

Though, while you're here,
I do have a few

questions you might be able
to help me with.

Uh, we were told
ten minutes, max.

I have a date.
I have therapy.

I have to go get ready
for the wedding.

Sure, rub it in that
you're dating the boss.

You do know Saroyan's gonna want
to get married now, right?


Does anyone besides me care
about this poor, murdered woman?



"I see your hands,

"and my body
trembles with memory;

"your touch
is like coarse silk

against my bare skin,
pulling me ever closer."

You can't read that
at my wedding.

There's gonna be kids there.
No, no, no.

It's from Angela.
Oh. Well, that figures.

It's text from
the letter found

on the victim.


It's very

And the voice is
definitely female.

And there's mention
of her lover's wife.

Well, the librarian...
she was having an affair.

Uh, possibly.
Gives the wife, you know,

a nice, clean motive
to get rid of her.

But here's the thing:

(phone chimes)
The language seems antiquated.

And it was found in
one of those sleeves

that you use
for collectibles.


It's not Dr. Brennan, is it?
No, no. It's... it's...

It's about Max's money.

Oh. Dirty?

Not from
the dirty bag.

I mean...
illicit money?

I got it. No, okay?
The money is clean.

You seem disappointed.
Because something is off.

You don't carry around
a sack of cash like that.

I mean, not if
you're honest.

Max isn't like
other people.

That's what
I'm afraid of.

I don't want a SWAT team
crashing my wedding.

All right, Booth, this is
just your anxiety talking.

All right? You're deflecting
your concerns about your wedding

onto Max.
You're right.

You're actually right.
Because, you know,

he wasn't a fugitive
for all those years.

You know what?
I gotta get out of here.

I'm late. Gotta get to the
airport, pick up my son.

Ooh, tough decision.

Ah, they're both nice.

Now, results from the remaining
particulate samples.

First, the simple part:

that wood splinter inside
the bone was Cocobolo.

It's not indigenous to this
country, so it must be

part of the murder weapon.
Am I wrong to assume

there's also a
not-so-simple part?

The foliage and insect particulates
from inside the wound?

There weren't just a few.

There were many
different species,

from many different parts
of the country.

You think the body
was moved postmortem?

Unless the killer
moved the body

from Massachusetts
to Georgia

to Virginia, there's got
to be another explanation.

I just don't know
what it is.

Oh, God...

give everything you
have to the interns.

We do not want this hanging
over Dr. Brennan's head

or this wedding
will not happen.

All right, uh...

You don't want in on the pool?

Dr. Hodgins?

20 bucks says it's cancelled
by 1:00 tomorrow.

Oh, God, I hate myself.

London is a long flight, okay?

You must
be tired.

I'm fine.

I can't wait till Christine
wakes up from her nap.

Yeah, she's
sleeping, huh?

And if you have to go to work...

I don't have
to go anywhere.

I am exactly

where I want
to be.

Right here with my son.


Mom packed my tuxedo.

That's what I'm supposed to wear, right?

You know, we're gonna look like

a bunch of waiters out there.

Or better yet, some penguins

sliding around on the ice.


(both laughing)

I'm glad you're
marrying Bones, you know?

Mom's happy
for you, too.

I'm happy.

I'm happy
you're here.

All right?
So, look,

I have this
list of things

that I need to remember
to get done, all right?


And I need you to make
sure I don't forget.

Yeah, you.

That's what
a best man does,

and I'm asking you
to be my best man.


All right?
Thanks, Dad.

I love you.
All right, lookit.

Here's what we gotta get.

MONTENEGRO: This is a hair comb
that I got

in the Marais
in Paris.

These aren't
real jewels

because I couldn't
even afford bread then,

but I...
None of the fractures

on the calcanei
are remodeled.

There are other

Okay. I don't care, honey.

I am giving you the
"something borrowed"

that you need.

It's also blue
and old,

so we've got three
out of four down.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.
Have you found

the provenance
of the letter yet?

No, I'm-I'm focusing
on your wedding.

'Cause somebody
has to.

I just want all
the information

in order before
I leave.

Brennan, this is insane.

It's bad enough that
I didn't have time

to throw you
a bachelorette party.

Don't spend your last
few hours working.

Why not?

Because you don't want
your fingers to smell like death

when Booth puts
on the ring.

There's a murder victim.

That is an objective fact.

It's my job to find out
who killed her.

Brennan, she's been
dead for 35 years.

I think she can wait
a little longer.

Hey, hey.

Did you even look

at the hair comb
I gave you?

It meant a lot for me
to give that to you.

My feelings...

they're a jumble...

But this case

is something
I understand.

You understand
happy, right?


Go with that.

One more minute
and I'll leave.

Have you catalogued
all of the injuries?

I've filled one binder so far.
But we're still examining.

There's chipping from an
indeterminate cause which...

You're stating
the obvious, Mr. Fisher.

A high school student
could do that.

The coccyx and sacrum show bruising.
I was going to say that.

of the left olecranon.

That, too. I swear.

The perimortem micro-fractures

on the calcaneus bones

indicate repeat
blunt force trauma,

probably from
a flat object

like a 2x4.

Very good,

but you will
not be helping

with the remains
anymore, Dr. Wells.

You have to find
the provenance

of the letter fragment.

I'm doing that.

You have a wedding

to prepare for.

And Dr. Wells
is a polymath

and more than qualified
to do the research.

And if he isn't,
we dismiss him.

No one likes him anyway.
I kind of do.

You're a constant surprise.

If I have to think
about the remains

instead of my wedding,
I will be very unhappy.

You wouldn't want
that, would you?

No, absolutely not.
No. No.

I thought not.

Good luck.

Now I would like
to try on that comb.

We're not even
getting paid.

I am.

You know, I just
thought, look,

you know, before
I get married,

you'd be able to give
me some advice, here.

I'm not a priest
anymore, Booth.

I know. Okay?
I know that.

But the real ones,
they don't know me like you.

We could've done
this at the bar.

Come on, Aldo, will you
just cut me some slack, here?


I'm jealous.

What you and
Temperance have,

it's the reason
we draw breath.

You screw
this up,

Booth, and it'll be
worse than any hell

God can dream
up for you.

I agree.

I'm Max.

I'm Tempe's father.
ALDO: Oh...

This guy...

he thinks
I'm still a crook.


He still thinks
I'm a priest.

What are you
doing here, Max?

Well, I saw
you were here,

and I though maybe
you had...

had a change of heart.

So you're
following me?

He's a good father.


I tell you what...

I've never seen
anything more right.

I'd be proud
to call you my son.

I only wish

that Tempe's mother
was here

to watch her walk
down the aisle.

Me, too.


All right?

Hey, I tell you what.

Why don't we go light
her a candle, huh?

Come on. Well, she really wasn't
the religious type.

It's... you know what?
I'll light it.

It can't hurt, right?
Come on.

It'll be like she's
part of the ceremony.

She'll be, uh,
watching over us, huh?

What the hell.

Can I say that?

Yeah, what the hell?

I'd like to make a toast
before we go.

No, no, Pops,
we're running late.

You do that at
the rehearsal dinner, okay?

Just a little one,
Shrimp, a private one.

I've been waiting
for this day

ever since
I met Tempe.

Then I'm going
after him.

Then I'm going to sing a song.

A little one.
Actually, two.

I'm pretty hungry.
BRENNAN: We should hurry.

We don't want
to be late to the dinner.

MARIANNE: You know what?

We're getting in trouble
for loving them.

Better not
to listen.

You're a lucky man, Shrimp.

You found a woman

who's willing
to stand up to you

and call you on your crap.

My what?

You can
be stubborn.

And if she's willing
to stick around

and try to civilize you,

then you'd better listen
and make adjustments,

'cause that's love.

MAX: I just want say
a couple of things.

When I was on the run,

trying to stay alive--
which wasn't easy...


(clears throat)

This actually
sounds good.

You know what?
Maybe I should go

while you clean
up your story.

Seeley, what you have here...

is the final piece
to the puzzle.

It's what's going
to make you whole.

Tempe is the woman that
I always wished I could be,

and the one
that every mother

always prays that
her son will find.

Now I'm gonna cry.

How caI a speech

if I'm gonna cry?

Oh, don't cry.
I still have to sing.

(doorbell rings)
BOOTH: Oh, hold on, that's the guy,

the limo driver.
We're probably late.

Let's get everything
together here, huh?


Turn on the TV.
The church.

What about the church?

A passing motorist
called 911

at roughly 7:00 p.m.

when they spotted smoke
coming from

the Sacred Heart
Catholic Church.

By 7:30, it was
a three-alarm blaze

with several area fire
departments responding.

Investigators have yet
to determine

the cause of the fire,

though it seems to have started

from the back of the sanctuary.

My God, Booth.

You burned the the church down?

Mmm. Wow.

These are some
zesty eggs, Pops.

Gramma, those are Pops'
famous Eggs From Hell.

At my age, who
wants bland food?

Spicy lets you know
you're alive.

Hey, you can take off
the tux, there, buddy.

The wedding
has been postponed.

He likes it.

Makes him feel
like James Bond.


She's back on the case,
now that the, uh,

wedding has been delayed.
You should elope.

PARKER: What's that?

Means going to a Justice of
the Peace to get hitched.

No fuss, no bother.

forget it, okay?

I owe Bones a fuss.

Eloping is romantic.

Chicks dig
romantic, Dad.

That's true.

What do you mean,

you go.

Hot! Hot!
Oh, whoa! Oh!

MARIANNE: I told you it was too spicy.

It'll leave a stain.


that's a sign
from the gods, huh?

Best man ruins his tuxedo?

Looks like we'll have to
postpone the wedding

till we can do it right.



Come in.

You all right
about the wedding?


The damage to the victim's feet

is confusing.

See, I-I-I think
it's my fault.

Oh, not
the victim's feet.

But the wedding.
Booth says that

Mom burned down
the church.

Your mom did not
burn down the church.

Booth says that

Mom burned down the church
because she didn't want you

paying for the wedding
with dirty money.

Your mom knows where
the money came from

and she was
all right with it.

Mom's dead.

You want
the truth?

That money comes from
a magical night in Vegas

where I just
couldn't lose.

It was 30 years ago.

I was playing blackjack
and I won all this money.

I... I thought, well, okay,
I might as well bet it all.

Statistically unwise.

And then I realized
what it was for.

Your wedding.

So I grabbed it and was out
of there, and I buried it,

and, 'cause you know,
banks and bank robbers.

Booth's gonna be my son-in-law.

I think he should have just...
trusted me.

You can understand
his reticence, Dad.


You want my advice?

Get married...


I've called
eight churches,

Dad, none of them
are available today.

It doesn't have
to be in a church.

It could be at City Hall.

It could be underwater
or bungee jumping.

Church is very important
to Booth.

And I love him.

I want him to have
what he wants.


I have a question.

Is it about the iliopectineal line?
No, it's why

I wasn't invited
to the wedding.

None of us were.
I was invited.

Not really. You're just
going a plus-one, dude.

We work here. We're not friends

with each other,
we're colleagues.

It's a small, intimate,
friends-and-family wedding.

Not for us.

Aw, your feelings are hurt.

Aren't you supposed to be
working on the letter?

I am. I just crave

the camaraderie
of my peers. (laughs)

I'm just kidding. Angela's
office smells like sage.

Findings, please.

Mr. Fisher?

Well, the majority
of micro-fractures

were confined to the
heels of both feet.

With a secondary number
of micro-fractures

on the ischial

The amount of damage
to both the right

and left calcanei
is almost identical.

The victim was dragged down
the stairs.

The cracks
on the ischial tuberosities

further support that scenario.

Those occurred when the body
was dragged

onto the landings
in between flights.

How many big a building
are we talking about?

Taking into account
the victim's weight and the height

of a standard
stair riser

and the amount of
spiderweb fractures...

72 stairs and eight landings.

Come on, guys.
It's not that hard.

Fifth floor.

I used to work

Only one of those buildings

at Adams University sharing that
courtyard had a fifth floor.

Cutting our suspect pool down

to the perhaps 20 academics
that worked on that floor.


We still need
a murder weapon.

I feel a little bit guilty,
but I think

I may have won the pool.

You're giving that money
to charity.

Yeah, can't really argue with that.

(phone rings)
"Complete Weddings"?

What are you up to?

I can't let their wedding
be postponed again.

You know what's amazing?
I was just about to say,

"Angie, I think you should
throw a wedding

for Booth and Brennan."

You were?

Sure, yeah.

There's just so much to be done

if this is gonna happen today.

Yeah. You think that's crazy?

I should, but no.

Because I have
absolute faith

in your absolute faith
that they should be married today.

You do?

Well, listen, we cannot
breathe a word of this

to anyone until we know
that we can pull it off.

Sure, all right.

What if Booth and Brennan won't
agree to go through with this?

Hey, if you build it,
they will come.

I hated that movie.

Yeah? Well,
it doesn't matter.

It was built,
and they came.

Okay, so we know that
the victim was killed

and then dragged down
five flights of stairs.

And we know the murder
weapon left traces

of a wood found
only in Central America.

Cocobolo is a wood used
in making guitars.

I don't think she was
stabbed with a guitar.

And woodwind instruments.

Death by clarinet?
That'd be awesome.

Look, if we don't solve this,
Dr. Brennan is gonna blame us

for everything, probably accuse
me of burning down the church.

Well, that one's easy
to blame on Agent Booth.

I think we should all show
a little compassion.

They're about
to start a new life,

and now all their dreams
have been shattered.

You're just being nice 'cause

you were invited to the wedding.
A pool cue.

There was trace in the wound
from carbon steel,

but no pool cue has a steel tip.

Yeah, but the size is right.

So what else the size of a cue
has a steel tip?

Hey, I have a few things
to arrange for Brennan,

so, you sure that
you can handle this?

I'm running the pattern-
recognition software right now.

Okay, you don't have
to be snottier than usual.

I'll be a phone call
away if you need me.

And don't break
my machine.

(computer trills)

The letter
the victim was carrying

was written by Emily Dickinson.


The poet.

Yeah, I know who
Emily Dickinson is.

That-that would make the letter
extremely valuable.

Certainly give someone
a financial motive

for theft and murder.

Are you sure that
it's Emily Dickinson?

The punctuation mirrors that
which was taught

at Mount Holyoke
where Dickinson studied.

The rhyming is experimental
and inexact,

and the single speaker
is consistent

with the style of the 19th
century, so, yes, I'm positive.

Oh... my... God.

Let me see that.

No. You said Dr. Brennan
was your first priority.

And you would never forgive

if you neglected her well-being
because of this case.

Yeah, you're right.
Thank you, Oliver.

And you're completely

Well, the squints
found us a suspect.

Janet McCann.
She's an Emily Dickinson scholar.

The victim had
correspondence with her.

How did they land on her?

Victim was killed and dragged
down five flights of stairs.

McCann's office was on the fifth
floor of the Humanities Building

at Adams University.

She, uh, steal and sell
the letter?

I don't think money was
a motive on this one.

According to McCann's
scholarly work,

Emily Dickinson's writing
was an attempt

to feel something that
she had never felt before.

You're saying that Dickinson
was a virgin?

That's the conclusion
of most biographers,

but the letter proves
that wasn't true.

Now, if the victim
had published it,

McCann's entire academic career
would've been pointless.

Look, we have
worse motives, okay?

We just still have to find
a murder weapon.

I'll, uh, I'll
call the squints.

I'm already on it.
I figured you could use a break.

I'm fine.


You know,
Bones'll never admit it,

but, you know, she was
dreaming about that wedding.

I wouldn't worry too much
about Dr. Brennan.

She's a lot stronger
than you think.



Okay, okay, that's
enough of that.

Booth was looking forward
to this wedding so much.

And it's still gonna
happen, sweetie.

So dry your eyes
because today's the day.

Angie, I swiped the keys
for all the exhibits

on the second and third floors.
We're all set. Hi, Dr. B.

All right, I gotta hustle.

What are you doing?

That does not
concern you.

All that matters
is that you two are gonna

tie the knot today.
I've got it all under control.

But Booth wants us
to be in control.

Yeah, well, the killer wanted
to be in control, too.

I don't understand.

That professor

wanted her Emily Dickinson story
to be the only real one, right?

But circumstances changed.

Just like here.

The details aren't
what's important.

The poetry,
that's what's important.

And the poem here
is you and Booth.

So don't put off what you two
have wanted for so long

because a few details have

But Booth can be stubborn,

Not about this.
Because he loves you.

And if you're okay with it,
then he will be, too.

But I don't know
if I'm okay with it.

I'm your best friend, sweetie.
Trust me.

You're okay with it.

So this is from the last book

that Janet McCann wrote
on Emily Dickinson.

It's her bio on
the book jacket.

"In addition to her post
at Adams University,

"Professor Janet McCann
is also an avid hiker,

"and hopes to soon complete what
has been a years-long quest:

exploring the entire length
of the Appalachian Trail."

VAZIRI: The trace particulates
Dr. Hodgins found:

shagbark hickory,

found throughout these
states along the trail.

Insect and foliage particulates
from Vermont to West Virginia.

Yeah, it fits.

The killer was a hiker.
It was a trekking pole.

We identified the one
in this picture

had a steel tip
and a Cocobolo shaft,

manufactured in
the late '70s.

It's a match for the injuries.

I don't think
there's gonna be a trial.

Booth found out the professor
suffered a stroke two years ago.

She's in a nursing home confined
to a bed.

So now Dr. Brennan is free
and clear to get married.

Oh, I wish it
were that easy.

Angela says we're getting
married today.

So Angela, she's calling
the shots now?

Uh, yes.
She's planning

this whole emergency wedding.

Bones, she would have us getting
married in a garage.

Look, I know what
this wedding

meant to you,
and the flowers and the dress.

I don't care
about any of that.

It's you who I'm worried about.


Why me?

The church.

I know how important
that is to you.

I didn't ask for that.

That was your idea
this time around.

Because of you.

Bones, I would wear

elephant tusks on my head
and have a squirrel monkey

do the wedding ceremony
if that's what you wanted.

You really don't care?


Well, neither do I...

as long as you're there.

We've waited long enough.

We have.

So, we're doing it?

We're doing it.

I'm not certain
if you are aware,

but Agent Booth and I
are getting married today.

Congrats, Dr. B.
Suck up.

Being polite is not the same
thing as sucking up.

I'm pretty sure that it is.
We're all very happy for you.

BRAY: Yeah, says the guy
who got invited.

Well, he didn't really
get invited.

He still gets to go.

That's why I asked to speak
to all of you together.

The work that you did
solving this crime,

not only was it expertly
done, it was like,

a wedding present
to me, and I'd like

to invite all of you
to the wedding.

What, as like
some kind of reward?


Then why?

Because Angela said
that I should.

No, no, that is not why.

That's not actually why.

Why are you asking us now
but not before?

I didn't invite you
to my wedding

because I thought
it would be cruel.

Excuse me?

None of you has found
a life companion.

It seemed unfair to ask
lonely people like yourselves

to watch the joyous celebration
Booth and I had planned.

But Angela says that you
are my friends

as well as my colleagues,

and as such, you will take joy
in our good fortune.

So, I'm inviting you.

I have to go put on
my dress now.

I have a girlfriend.
She's awesome.

Are you gonna marry her?

Welcome to
the losers' club.

Do we get to bring guests?

No, no, and the wedding starts
in a half an hour.

I don't really have
a dress for this.

I don't even own a jacket.

No worries.

I have got you covered,
my peeps.

History of fashion
exhibit, third floor.

I'll bite.

(low, indistinct conversations)

Look at all this.

It's like
every woman's dream.

Good to know.


Oh, my God.

This couldn't have
turned out better, honey.

I-I am so proud of you.

Thanks, Mom.

Thank you.

All right.

All right.

You ready, Booth?

I've been ready for years.

Hey, thanks.

♪ At last

♪ My love has come along

♪ My lonely days are over

♪ And life is like a song

♪ Ooh, at last

♪ The skies above are blue

♪ My heart was wrapped
in clover ♪

♪ The night I looked at you

♪ I found a dream

♪ That I could speak to

♪ A dream that
I could call my own... ♪

You're a lucky man, Booth.

I know.

♪ To press my cheek to

♪ A thrill that
I've never known ♪

♪ You smiled, you smiled

♪ And then the spell

♪ Was cast

♪ And here we are in heaven

♪ For you are mine...

♪ At

♪ Last...

I'm sure you know

how happy I am for both of you.

And, Booth,

it's my fatherly duty

to tell you that
if you do anything

to hurt my girl,

I'll kill you.

Thanks, Max,

for all of this.


And by the way, I won the pool.

I knew it was today

that you would tie the knot.

This is not one man

ceremonially handing over
a woman to another man

as though she's property.


Come on, Bones.

Ladies and gentlemen,

friends and loved ones

of Seeley Booth

and Temperance Brennan,

if anyone here has any reasons

why these two
shouldn't be married,

keep it to yourself

or get out because this

is going to happen.
AVALON: It is!

I'm a psychic,

and I promise you,

this is gonna happen.

Now, I foresaw this

a long time ago when I first...

Avalon. Avalon.


Sorry, everyone.

Lucky for me,

Seeley and Temperance
have written their own vows.

So we'll start
with Seeley Booth.

All right.

Okay, um...

(Booth sighs)

You know, I worked really,
really hard

on my vows,

but you know,

now that we're here...

Look, um, hey.

Do you remember

the last time that we were here?

Standing right around
in this spot?

It was, um,

right in the beginning,

before we really knew
each other.

I was trying to get
away from you,

because, um,
you were irritating me.


And, uh, you chased me down,

and you caught up to me.
I said to you, "Listen,

I just have to get all my ducks
in a row, right?"

And then you said to me...

"I can be a duck."



You know, we have been
chasing each other

for a long time.

We've been chasing each other
through wars

and serial killers

and ghosts and snakes


You know, chasing you

has been the smartest thing

that I have ever done
in my life.

And being chased by you

has been my greatest joy,

but now we, uh,

we don't have to chase
each other anymore


we caught each other.

We didn't bring

enough Kleenex.
ALDO: And now, Temperance,

will you be speaking
from the heart as well?

No, I will be speaking
from my mouth.

When Hodgins and I
were buried alive,

we each wrote a message

to someone we loved,

in case our bodies
were ever found.

Hodgins wrote to Angela,


I wrote to you, Booth.

"Dear Agent Booth,

"You are a confusing man.

"You are irrational
and impulsive,

"superstitious and exasperating.

"You believe in ghosts
and angels,

"and maybe even Santa Claus,

"and because of you,
I've started to see

"the universe differently.

"How is it possible

"that simply looking
into your fine face

"gives me so much joy?

"Why does it make me so happy

"that every time

"I try to sneak a peek at you,

"you're already looking at me?

"Like you, it makes no sense.

And like you, it feels right."

"If I ever get out of here,

"I will find a time and a place

"to tell you

"that you make my life messy
and confusing

"and unfocused

"and irrational

and wonderful."

This is that time.

This is that place.

Did I do that wrong?



By the powers vested in me

by the District of Columbia
and the Internet,

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

You can kiss me now.

Aldo didn't say
that I could kiss you.

As usual, she's right. Go.

(applause, whooping)


So, what do you think
happens now?

Everything that happens next.

♪ And here we are
in heaven ♪

♪ For you are mine... ♪

♪ At ♪

♪ Last... ♪

What's that mean?