Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 24 - The Recluse in the Recliner - full transcript

The team investigates the death of a man who had offered Booth information on a possible government cover-up related to a previous case, but was killed before their meeting took place. As Booth and the Jeffersonian team dig deeper into the burgeoning conspiracy surrounding the man's death, it's evident Booth may be in over his head, and his future with the FBI is put in question.

Previously on

She thinks there's another
serial killer out there.

Because that's what Pelant
told her before he died.

I believe

she was a victim
of the Ghost Killer.

I heard that they're staffing
a new field office in Germany.

That's more than
a regular promotion, Booth.

That sounds like a big honor.

Trent McNamara was
a nasty piece of work,

and that's his sister

We have evidence your father
paid off the medical examiner

- to cover up a murder.
- Stephanie McNamara

was the Ghost Killer.

The M.E. who signed off
on this victim

of the Ghost Killer,
her autopsy, it's the same one.

The one Giles McNamara paid off.

So, um,
Stark's finally recommended me

for that promotion.
Of course,

I have to be confirmed
by the House Subcommittee.

Congratulations, Booth.

Those are
the crime scene photos.

I thought these never existed.

Someone was trying to bury them
for McNamara.

McNamara must have
someone working on the inside.

How did the Deputy Director
react when you told him

that there might be someone at
the FBI who protected McNamara?

He gave me a blank check.
Told me to find out who was

behind it.
Whoever it is let nine people die.

Make him first...

One, two, three, four.

Nurse! Multiple gunshot wounds.
Pressure 85/40

and falling.
Right lung collapsed.

Find Dr. Hinshaw, tell him
to get to O.R. 2 stat.

Get me a pneumothorax kit.

And a lot more blood.

Stay with us, Agent Booth.

Stay with us.

Take him to ICU, Cart 2.

We're doing an infusion now.
Put him on a beta-blocker, 4, now!

Seeley Booth. A shooting victim.

Where is he?

I don't have a name yet,
but if he just came in,

they've taken him to the O.R.

Which way is the O.R.?
You can't go back there.

No, no! He's my husband! They
wouldn't let me ride with him.

Why? Usually they...
I don't know.

Hey! You can't...
you can't go back there.

Let's bring him
in here, guys.

You can't go in there.
I-I need to go in there.

I'm a doctor. I...
It doesn't matter.

You need to stay in
the waiting area

or I'm gonna call security.

One, two, three.

Sprich mir nach, Booth.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-- left,
right, up, uh, the other place.

"Splash the Deutsch."
Okay, you know what?

All I really need to know is
"where is the bathroom?"

You're going to need to know
more than that if you're going

to run the Berlin field office.

this is not a done deal.
I still have to go in front

of the congressional panel.
Sounds like

you don't want the job.
No. Look,

we got a great life here.
I mean, look how beautiful

this home is, all right?
Except for the German lessons.


You don't know me, Agent Booth,

but I need to meet you
as soon as possible.


Look, this is a secure line.
How'd you get this number?

It's about the McNamaras.
And the FBI.

Right. Saticoy and Maple. 3:00.

What was that all about?
The McNamaras.

The Ghost Killer?
No, we solved the Ghost Killer.

Something about, uh,
an FBI connection.

The guy wants to meet.

Who is it?
I don't know.

Nobody but work has that number.

Well, you know what,
I still have time to trace it

when I get into the office.
It'll be fine.

Are you concerned?

Hey. No.
Why would I be concerned, huh?

If I get anything, I'll...

let you know and I'll
give you a call.

Danke schon, right?
That means "thank you,"

not "good-bye."

The Wireless Tracking Team

used Orion to track
the call you got.

Who is it?

It's a burner, so, no name,
but they got a location.

I'll head over there.

Uh, you won't be the first
on the scene, Booth.

'cause the fire department's already there.

Yeah, the place burned down.
They found a body inside.

So we're too late.

Looks like he was smoking,
fell asleep,

set himself on fire.
What, you're calling it an accident?

I'm not calling it anything yet,
but the fire department is.

Unless you
overrule them.

Oh, wow.

Oh... that's our victim?

Yeah, well,
what's left of him.

He exploded.

I mean, I got to say, that is

not a good way to lose weight.
All right, okay.

Save it for Squint Nite
at the Improv, okay, bug boy?

Wow, the victim

is actually fused to the vinyl.
We're gonna have

to bring all this
back to the lab.

Zygomatic process
indicates Caucasian.

Do you think this is the man
who wanted to meet you?

Well, you know, it makes sense, right?
The call came from here.

Looks like he was into body art.

This is part of a tattoo.


Look at this.

This looks like bone.

Part of the victim's

Well, that would confirm that
the blast originated

in his stomach.
All right, well, I found no nitrates,

so I don't know
what set him off.

We have to scrape off
all of the tissue

and the bones from the inside
of the trailer.


Mmm. Looks like our
friend was a drinker.

Wait a second.

Can you drink enough,
uh, booze to explode?

I actually did the math
on that one in college.

So it all depends on the proof
of the liquor, right?

Well, a trailer burns
at about 700 degrees,

so I'd say about a quart
and a half of this stuff

should do the trick.

Wait a second...

Take a look at this, huh?

The circuit

melted in the off position.
I find it very hard

to believe that this guy
was just sitting

in the dark waiting to explode.

No one cuts the power
to their own home.

If this was the man

who you were supposed to meet,

someone wanted to make sure
that he wouldn't talk.

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The Recluse in the Recliner
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Since the explosion
originated in the stomach,

it clearly followed the path
of least resistance.

I agree. Up the esophagus,

into the upper palate
and sinuses.

Our first task

is to separate
the heat fractures

from any other

that could indicate any
other cause of death.

The surface
of the pubic symphysis

indicates the victim was

Oh, that's consistent

with the DMV records
for the trailer's owner.

Wesley Foster.
That doesn't mean

this is Foster.
Can you compare the

photographs you just took
with his DMV picture?

Yeah, I'm already

on it.

The dimensions
of the orbital sockets,

zygomatic process,
mandible and maxilla

all line up.

This is Foster.

Okay, I'll head back
to my office and see

if I can get any
other info on him.

This lung tissue is
still viable.

It should help us
with cause of death.

Oh, man,
it is gonna take hours

to scrape the rest of him off
the inside of the trailer.

I got a whopper there.

That should be good
for a tox screen.

Minimal particulates
within the primary bronchi.

The victim didn't die
from smoke inhalation.

So he was dead
before the fire started.

Whoever killed him must've known
what he was gonna tell Booth.

Foster was a journalist
for the Chronicle.

His career fell apart
about five years ago.

His wife left him,
he lost everything.

He's been writing
this conspiracy blog ever since.

It's real paranoid stuff.
Anything in there

about the McNamaras?
I mean, there's thousands

of posts in there,
but, yeah, there are a lot

about the McNamaras, about
how corrupt the government is,

you know, stuff like that.

The FBI, too?
Oh, yeah. Foster was clearly unstable.

Only a handful of people
even looked at the blog.

If he was just unstable,
he'd still be alive.

Okay, until we know everything,
I don't want anyone here

knowing that we're
looking into Foster, okay?

Are you with me?


Ms. Julian says the McNamara
case is resurfacing, Booth.

I told him you had it
all well in hand, cher.

Yes, and I do.

Everything we know so far
indicates that we are dealing

with a harmless crank.

A dead harmless crank.

You're going to be testifying
in front of Congress, Booth.

You don't want
the McNamara case

hanging over you.
Or you, sir.

I can
handle this.

If you need any help,
I can assign additional agents.

It's just routine.

Then I'll see you at lunch.

Lunch, sir.

You're not even gonna tell
the Deputy Director?

Look, if we are dealing with
a conspiracy inside the FBI,

I don't want anyone
to know about this yet.

Not even Stark.

I just can't believe
that this much ugliness

exists in the world.
You're just realizing that now?

No, I always
expect the worst,

but my new therapist,
she showed me

how wonderful life could be.

Which makes this even more horrible.
Come on now.

It's affecting
your blow-drying. So let's go.

Six inches from the surface
of the bone there, Fisher.

Orbital pattern.
I was hoping all of the bones

would be clean by now, Mr. Fisher.
Me, too.

We tried to separate the
bone from the vinyl using

hydrogen peroxide
and sodium carbonate,

but it was too corrosive.

So a hair dryer set to medium
did the trick.


Uh, hold on. Okay.


Thank you.

Look at the central and lateral
incisors, Mr. Fisher.

They're chipped.

The surface is unabraded.

It appears
to be recent and perimortem.

He probably got into
a fight with his killer.


The carpals are intact.

The humerus, ulna and radius
bilaterally show

- no signs of defensive wounds.
- I'd posit

that the chipped teeth

that a tube or funnel was forced
down the victim's throat.

To fill him up with alcohol.

I beg your pardon?

Fisher's just
starting to realize

that murderers are bad.

What are you doing?
If the killer's hands

were inside his mouth,

we could get some of the son
of a bitch's epithelial cells

from on or
in-between his teeth.

The hard drive was removed
from Foster's computer.

If they stole his hard drive,
he wasn't a crank.

Yeah, "they."

The guy was looking
into some kind of conspiracy.

They can't have that happening.

Who is this "they"?
"They" are the ones

that poison our environment.
"They" are the ones

who start wars to protect
corporate profits.

"They" give themselves
raises on the backs of the voiceless...

How many "they"s
are we talking about, Hodgins?

'Cause it sounds like thousands.

Yeah, let's just start with the
person who took his hard drive.

Well, Foster would
not have left anything important on it.

No way. Not if he thought he'd
uncovered a conspiracy, okay?

He'd make sure

every document
and every file

was secure and hidden.
How could you

possibly know
what this guy would do?

Because it's what I would do.

Check cloud-based backups,
maybe places he worked.

I'll keep checking the trailer.

Foster must have found out that

you were the lead investigator
on the McNamara case.

And whoever killed Foster
incinerated the place

so we wouldn't
find anything.

We should ask Stark for more
help on this case, Booth.

Bones, it's just
another case.

You know that's not true.

You suspected
an FBI leak yourself,

when we were investigating
the Ghost Killer.

Right, and if there
is one, we'll find it.

Sweets would say
that since this may be

your last case
before being promoted,

you need to prove
that you're still the best.

And what would you say?

I say you just can't stand

to let someone
get away with murder.


I got Foster's employment
records and found his last job.

He was a night janitor
at Crius Security.

It's a holding company
owned by the McNamara family.

You got to be kidding me.

Foster was a night janitor at
one of McNamara's companies.

That means he would be alone
there with access to computers, files...

Everything. We need
to find out what he saw there.

I have no idea
who this man Foster is.

All janitorial services
at Crius are supplied

by an independent contractor.
Right, but if he was alone

at night, he would have access
to your computers

and your offices, correct?

Crius is a security services
company, Agent Booth.

I can assure you no one can
break into our computers.

But if he did
find a way

into your system
or perhaps a safe...

- Ah, he couldn't.
- Right, so, you provide

consultants to the FBI and
the State Department, correct?

We have, yes.
I'm gonna need a list

of who you deal with
and what those services were.

I'm sorry. I can't.

A man was murdered,
Ms. Sprung.

I understand.

But unfortunately,

our operations are bigger
than any one man.

So, if you found that someone
did compromise your system,

they'd be expendable.

I think we're done, Agent Booth.

For now, yes, until I get
a warrant to search your office.

This is a piece
of his right ventricle.

It's damaged.

He had a heart attack,
probably a year or so ago.

Well, no surprise.
I mean, he drank, smoked...

Hey, if I can separate
out some particulates,

I might be able to find some
that were left by the killer.

Charred bone can look
like wood splinters,

or even metal fragments.

Until we find
all the missing pieces,

we're not gonna get
an accurate picture of what

happened to him.

Oh, man, there are pieces
of this guy everywhere.

Fragments of the sternum
and a rib.

I got something
for you here, too.

Part of the parietal.


What the hell is this?

It's a nipple.

No, I know

a nipple when I see one, but
there's something fused into it.

Oh, it... it's a nipple ring.

Wait a minute.

That is high-grade
stainless steel.

That is not common
for piercings.

I think you were right.

Foster didn't keep important
things on his computer.

He kept them here.

That is a memory chip.

Whoa. I am totally on board

for this conspiracy. Bastards.

Yes, they are.

So everything
from Crius is classified.

Yeah, that's what
they tell me.

You have military and civilian
SCI security clearance.

Right, yeah, and they're still
not gonna tell me anything.

So what does
that tell you?

It tells me that no matter what
they're hiding, it's a murder,

so Caroline can get us a warrant
for their records.

not, cher.

I've been to
three judges.

All of them denied
the request.

On what grounds?
The old classic. National security.

- You're kidding me. National security?
- But it's a special circumstance

because murder's involved,
and Booth has clearance.

They said murder
hasn't been proven.

The Jeffersonian

has more than enough evidence
to get a warrant.

Did you show 'em the files?

Don't shoot the messenger, cher.
I tried everything.

But each judge
booted little old me

out of their chambers
within five minutes.

Who controls three different judges?

I don't know,
but I'm gonna find out.

What is it?

I got lunch with Stark

and Congressman Hadley
from the subcommittee.

You still going
to keep all this from him?

Wouldn't you?

Well, there's
perimortem fractures

on the eighth and ninth ribs
and to the sternum.

No remodeling.

So it happened
just before he died.

I've seen
similar fracture patterns

caused by aggressive CPR.

Why would a killer try and
revive someone they wanted dead?

Quite simple:

They wanted information, but
they accidentally killed him.

And if it's still
on that nipple ring,

he clearly didn't
give it to 'em.

It's really just a pro forma
hearing, Agent Booth.

You have the support of the
bureau, myself, my party,

and your record is exemplary.

Thank you, Congressman.
It was difficult

to pry Booth out of the field.

Which is why he is the nominee.

I can't tell you the number
of positions that are filled

by bureaucrats who have no real
experience on the ground.

Oh, the military

taught me that you can't make
the right decision

without seeing
the situation up close.

Thank you.
I am surprised

that you're letting
this one get away, Victor.

It's not easy.

Of course the opposition's
gonna try and put you

through the ringer, but don't
you worry-- it's just a show.

I have your records. I'll...

I'm sorry, sir,
but I have to take this call.

Can't it wait, Booth?
It can't, sir.

I'm right in the
middle of a...

It's okay. It's okay. Just...

No explanations necessary.

He has work
to do, Victor.

But, uh, tomorrow,
put it on vibrate.

Yes, sir.


What do we have?

The fire compromised the chip,

but there's still a lot
that I can recover.

This is just the start.

There are confidential
bank records,

transcripts from
private meetings.

Wait a second.
Between who?

People in government,

business, political activists,
foreign officials.

There are also hacked e-mails.

Foster must have gotten
all this from Crius.

- What about the photographs?
- There are some public figures,

and then there's some people
I've never seen.

I'll do a search using

facial recognition

These all seem to be
surveillance photos, Booth.

Stop it.
What is it?

That one.

I took it.

Wouldn't we be better off at your office?
Look at all the stuff

that Angela's uncovered-- I
mean, Foster, he wasn't a crank.

The FBI's the last place
we want to be.

Got to admit, all of this stuff
can be used to blackmail people.

Not blackmail for cash.

All right? Just getting people
to do what you want them to do.

And that's worth
a lot more than money.

Angela said
she's sending you more,

but a lot of the files
are either encrypted

or damaged from the fire.
I can't get over

all the information
she's coming up with.

You realize if you don't
find out who's behind this,

we could all be in deep trouble.

I was told that
the photograph I took was

for a routine drug stakeout,
all right?

Angela I.D.'s the girl
as Senator Wilby's daughter.

Wilby withdrew
from the Senate race

when he was a lock to win.
This must be why.

Whoever's behind this
doesn't want Wilby in office.

These new files

are intercepted e-mails showing

improprieties by

business leaders,
foreign ambassadors,

State Department

We need to find one of them
who's willing to talk.

Guys, someone running
an operation this tight,

is gonna keep themselves

The victims--
they probably don't even know

who was blackmailing them.

Okay, I thought these were heat
fractures, but check this out.

No shrinkage or distortion
typical of heat fractures.

These are spiral fractures.

His upper limbs were twisted.

Further evidence of torture.

So, why wouldn't Foster
try and fight back?

Because there were
three of them.

Three assailants?

I got viable epithelial cells

from the victim's teeth.
All three are male.

Two Caucasian and one
of African descent.


I ran them through CODIS
and NDIS-- no matches.

So, all of the new stuff

that Angela's sending
is about McNamara.

This is the mother lode.

But I don't understand why
McNamara is in here

if he was involved
in the blackmailing.

Because he wasn't.

There are memos and letters and
documents showing questionable

business dealings McNamara had.
Bribes to foreign countries.

Even McNamara couldn't avoid
jail time if that got out.

'Cause he was being
blackmailed, too.

That's why they were able to use
McNamara's security firm.

That's why
someone was able

to block
the warrant to investigate it?

So let me get
this straight:

We're looking at someone
inside the FBI

who can control
businessmen, politicians,

foreign officials.
Yeah, and it must have been going on

for a long time 'cause these
pictures are about 20 years old.

We have enough here, Booth.

And the surveillance photos
link us back to the FBI, so...

What do you suggest
that we do, huh?

Storm the FBI?
We don't know who's behind this.

We could go public
with what we've found.

Public? No, no, no, no, no.

We're not gonna go public
with any of this.

A lot of people--
they just got caught

with their pants down,
all right?

They don't deserve
to have their lives ruined.

We have to do something, cher.

This is what
we're gonna do, okay?

We're gonna act like we've never
seen any of this stuff before

until we know
who's behind this operation.

There are no ligature marks,

which means that two of the men
held him down

while the third

I'm sorry--

the third bastard tortured him.

Thank you.
I have not been able to find

any particulates that identify
who these guys are.

This fracture on
the C3 feels odd.

This is definitely

The only time I've seen
a fracture like this

is when I was identifying
remains in Iraq.

Oh, so now
the Iraqis are involved?

This fracture was caused
by a take-down stranglehold.

It's a maneuver used
by Delta Force operatives.

Okay, so if they're Delta Force,
their DNA should be on file.

Their DNA is erased
from the system.

Hodgins found
no particulates.

I have found no

bone markers that might I.D. them.
If they are Delta Force,

they're not gonna
leave a trace, okay?

I've trained with these guys.
I know how they work.

So you're just giving up?
How can you say that to me?

I'm not gonna give up.
You told Caroline and Sweets

not to do anything,
and now you're telling me

that we'll never I.D. the killers.
Calm down.

Calm down?! No, Booth!

We need to do something!

Look, I know you need
to feel in control, okay?

But we're not. Not yet.
When? If they figure out

that we're closing in on them,
I'm not going to sit back

and wait for the worst
to happen.

That's why we're gonna
let them win.

That makes no sense.

At least try to be rational.
I am.

I want you to issue
your report on Foster's death,

and say that it was an accident.

But it wasn't.

Y-You want me to say
that I'm wrong?

I-I'm never wrong.

Which is why
they're gonna believe it.

That gives us... time

with no eyes on us.

Pretty rational, right?

Look, I want to act like we put
this one to bed, all right?

And we pretend
to move forward.

All right?
I go to my hearing,

you continue to play with your
bones, and we keep digging.

And we're in control again.

And we're in control again.

Keep your answers concise,

you'll be great.

Don't worry, sir.
I got this one covered.

Hadley prepped
the other members,

so you'll have a lot
of friends in there.

Sorry. Sorry I'm late.

I was finishing my report
on the Foster case.

I'm glad
you're here.

What'd you find?
We retrieved lung tissue

that indicates he died
of smoke inhalation

after consuming
a large quantity

of alcohol and
starting a fire

with a lit cigarette.
It was an accident.

I thought you suspected murder.

Well, Bones here, she likes
to keep her options open.

Turns out that, uh,
Foster was a drunk,

harmless crank after all, sir.

It's all in my report. Yeah.
Then let's head in.

And thank you for being here.
For supporting your husband.

It means a lot to the Bureau.
To me, too.

The FBI already has
an excellent team in Berlin,

so the challenge
isn't a procedural one.

Please be more specific.

What exactly is the challenge,
Agent Booth?

We need to get a better
understanding of potential

terrorists that might
target American interests.

I've laid out a 15-point plan
that addresses that.

Each of you got a copy
of that yesterday.

Okay, then.

I yield to
Congressman Hadley.

Agent Booth, welcome.

I have reviewed your
military and your FBI records

and I must say they
are very impressive.

Thank you, Congressman.
I do have

one question, though. Um...

what is your relationship

to Daniel Johnson?

With all due respect, sir,
I can't answer that question.

Well, then
let me try.

Daniel Johnson was a
United States citizen

whom you assassinated
in Pakistan in 2002.

Isn't that correct?

there are government directives

that prevent me from discussing

anything to do with
operations in Pakistan.

I thought you said
he was a friend.

I don't understand what's happening.
Agent Booth,

it-it does not require
a discussion.

Did you or did you not
assassinate an American citizen?

Those are classified

You should not have access to them.
I'll take that

as an admission of guilt.

I'm not admitting guilt
to anything, sir.

So, you're saying that the
law does not apply to you?

That's not what I'm saying.
'Cause we are here,

supposedly, to confirm you

as a chief law enforcement
officer in a foreign country.

Then you should understand...

Well, what I do understand is
how embarrassing it would be

to confirm an assassin.

You're out of line, sir!
Since Agent Booth

will not answer,
I have no further questions.

Then this committee
is adjourned.

Were you not expecting
this line of questioning?

How do you expect to be
confirmed if you won't answer...

Over here!
Over here, Agent Booth!

Is it true you killed an American citizen?
I don't have a...

Were you acting under orders or alone?
I don't have a comment.

Don't you think every American
deserves a fair trial?

Do you think you're above the law?
I said no comment.

Are you gonna withdraw
your nomination

in light of these revelations?
He said no comment.

I don't have a comment.
Are you hiding behind national security?

No, I am not hiding behind...

Are you being sent overseas
to assassinate American targets?

No! I am not! No!
Have you lied about anything else during...

No, he has not lied about
anything. He is a decorated

veteran who served his country with honor
Come on, let's go.

and an agent at the FBI
who has one of the best

conviction rates of any...
Let's get out of here.

Agent Booth! Agent Booth!

a U.S. citizen!

I thought Stark said that
Hadley was on your side.

Well, he was, okay?
Somebody got to him.

Which means
whoever did get to him

knows that you're still
looking into the FBI.

Somebody must have fed

classified documents to Hadley
to bring me down, okay?

I wouldn't be surprised if this
whole promotion was a setup.


Why? Because we looked
too closely at McNamara

during this whole Ghost Killer
thing, all right?

We found out more
than we should've.

Why just you?
Why not all of us?

Because I'm a warning.
For everyone.

Anthropologically, when
a society feels threatened

by an individual, that society

tries to eliminate
the threat.

The collective fear
becomes so severe that

murder becomes acceptable.
It happened

in Rome, the Haps...
Bones, Bones.

Just boil it down for me.

They get desperate.

That's always their undoing.

Come on.

Whoever's behind this,
if they get careless,

they're vulnerable.
Well, using Hadley seems pretty...

Booth! I've already
had calls from the Director,

the White House Chief of Staff...
Look, I understand.

- How did he get those documents?
- I don't know.

Look, Booth,
I still believe in you.

Whatever happened over there...
But you have to withdraw

my nomination.
And put you on administrative leave.

He's the best agent you have
and you're firing him?

Administrative leave.

He's not being fired.
Yes, I am, sir. We both know

how this plays out.

My hands are tied, Booth.

Agent Booth!

Agent Booth!

Director Stark, did you
have knowledge about this?

Sir, can you please...

Hey. Shouldn't you be
with Booth right now?

The best way to help Booth
is to solve Foster's murder.

Hey, okay, so Fisher found
some trace in the C3, right?

Turns out to be
a metal particulate.

The alloy was
a combination of...

It was a watch band issued
to Delta Force commandos.

It sliced into the bone.
Maybe I could work backwards.

I beg your pardon?
The government database

obviously erased their DNA.

But if I can get all
Delta Force personnel for,

say, the last 15 years...
You can find

the three who have
no DNA on file.

Those'll be our killers.

Hey... I know why Hadley
turned on Booth.

I ran Hadley's name,
Social Security number,

medical records...
everything I could access.

Nothing usable came up.

Then I ran a facial
recognition algorithm

through all of
the photographs

that I've recovered,
so far, from Foster's chip.

Wow. That guy's

definitely not Hadley's wife.
They blackmailed him, too.

J. Edgar Hoover looks like an amateur
compared to whoever did this.

Maybe Booth can use this
to make Hadley talk.

I'll call him.
No. No phones.

Bones. Everything okay?

I thought you might
want some help packing up.

Yeah. Sure. That's...
That's okay, right?

Are you okay?

I just, you know,
I want to pack up,

get out of here
and move on.

You'll be fine.

This'll all work
out, you'll see.


What the hell are you doing?

I think you know.
Look, you get out of here.

I'm gonna call the cops.
No, you won't.

I don't care, by the way,
but obviously you care enough

to shut me down.

Oh, God.

Who approached you?

Just let it go, Agent Booth.

Is that why you became
a congressman--

to let criminals
run this country?

They will kill me.
Not before I shut them down first.

You can't. Trust me.

Trust you? Seriously?

Look, I am trying
to help you.

This is bigger than you can
imagine-- why don't you just

go away like they want?
That's not gonna happen,

Congressman, I'm sorry.

All the stuff
that they're hiding--

I have it all.


And I'm not gonna
keep it to myself.

Listen, just
take Christine and go.

I'm not gonna leave you
here alone, Booth.

Look, you don't
have a choice.

Do you understand?

Hadley took the bait, okay?

He called a burner cell. They're
sending a team after me now.

Angela heard the whole thing.

Which means you shouldn't
stay here either.

This is my fight, okay, Bones?
I know that's not what you want,

but that's just the way
it played out.

You know we're better together, Booth.
No. Look,

I'm not gonna argue about this

right now, do you understand?

They're 40 minutes out, tops.

What, you-you kept
C-4 in our garage?

It's stable
until you detonate it.

Oh, my God, Booth!

These guys are Delta Force.

They know you were a Ranger,
they're gonna be ready.

Yeah, well, so will I.

I-I have my gun.
I'm an excellent shot. I...

No. No. This is done now,
do you understand?

We have a daughter
to think about now.

You get Christine
you and go to Max. Now.

I'm not asking you,
I'm telling you. Now.

I hate you for
telling me to walk away.


I love you.

Don't you die. Okay?

All right.


Brennan and Christine
are going to stay with Max.

Booth is right.
He's the one they're afraid of.

That cowboy actually
thinks he can take on

three Delta Force operatives
by himself?

Yeah, well, maybe he won't
have to. So, I pulled this

from the soda machine.

It's a coolant.
Now, I collected the fumes

and ran them through a condenser...

What are you saying?
Well, uh, because this might actually

be able to clean the burned
parts of the chip so that Angie

can get the rest of the
information off of it.

I'll keep looking through
the names of the

Delta Force personnel-- I
mean, there are thousands

of records, so it's gonna take time.
Which we don't have.

Yeah, we don't have any choice.
Circuits are really delicate,

I hope that this holds up.

I think it's working.


I tried to call Agent Booth,
he didn't pick up.

He won't pick up.

He doesn't trust
his secure line. What is it?

Based on the positions of injuries
to Foster's acromion,

and radial tuberosity,

two of the Delta Force guys are
right-handed and one's a lefty.

That could help Booth discern

from which direction
they would attack.

Or how they'd shoot.
And hand-to-hand maneuvers.

Can you call him?

He won't take any calls now.

Brilliant, Hodgins.

We have access
to everything now.

Hold it, cherie. Those
are the three judges

that denied my warrants.

We might actually
be getting closer.

But aside from the
pictures, it's all encrypted.

What's going on?
Uh, just be quiet

and let me start decrypting.

What's that?

We're being hacked.

Yes, but because

of Pelant, I installed

a fail-safe program
on the server.

It'll give us 90 seconds
to remove all

the vital data
before they shut us down.

They-they know what we're doing?
No. On their end,

they think that we've lost
all the data

and that they've successfully
shut us down.

How long it'll take us
to get back up and running

is another story.

Who are you, huh? Who sent you?

Uh... I'm all right.
Think I'm all right. You're hit.

There's another one
in the house.

Are these two right-handed?

Why? Yes.
'Cause there's one that's left-handed.

That's what I came to tell you.
Just get me

over there in the back.
Come on.

Hand me the gun. Right there.

How bad is it?

It's just a scratch. Behind you.

Oh, Booth.




Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Don't you die. Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Don't you die. Don't you die.


♪ I move away from this place

♪ In the form of a disturbance

♪ And enter into the world

♪ Like some tiny distortion...

He's in V tach.



And clear.

♪ If I surrender

♪ And I don't fight this wave

♪ I won't go under

♪ I'll only get carried away

Is he alive?

And he's out of danger.

I need to see him.
There is

one problem, Dr. Brennan.

What kind of problem?

Someone will be out
in a minute to talk to you.

Until then,
I think it's important...

Dr. Brennan, wait, wait!


Why are you here?
Is someone still after Booth?


Dr. Brennan, wait!

You can't be here,

Dr. Brennan.
Why did you handcuff him?

What's going on?
Booth killed three FBI agents

who were coming to serve
a warrant on him.

FBI agents?

Those men tried to kill him.
He was defending himself.

Take Dr. Brennan into custody
for questioning.

No. No, I need to stay with him.

Get her out!

Let go of me! Booth!

Get her out!

Booth! Booth!

Let go of me! Booth!
Get her out!

Booth! Booth! Stop it.
Help! Help!

Let go of me! Let go!
Booth! Booth!

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