Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 16 - The Source in the Sludge - full transcript

When a CIA informant is found murdered, Booth and CIA Agent Danny Beck must work together to track down an Afghani terrorist. Meanwhile, Brennan wants to work more closely with Booth in the field, and the duo must confront the implications of what that means to their family.

We're gonna plant a fish?
I don't know about this, Kyle.

Dude, the object is to win the
fishing tournament, isn't it?

Some guys stuff lead weights
down the fish's throat.

Me, I'm a purist.

Yeah, I'm talking about the morality part.

We're evening out the odds.
That's very moral.


let's figure out

where we're gonna put this guy.

All right.

The boat slip's right here.

We'll put him way out in the lake

so we'll be in the middle of the
tournament by the time he thaws.

And then bingo.

We come back
with an eight-and-a-half pounder

and take home gold.

What is that?

That's probably a bag of morality.

You got to go see what that is.

Some jackass had the same idea we did.


What? Is it big?

Yeah, but I don't think
it'll win the tournament.

BRENNAN: That's your third cup of coffee.

I like the coffee here.

One more reason why you're more
likely to die before I do.

Whoa, whoa.

Wait a second. Okay.
Let's just start...

Take a step back, all right?
What are you talking about?

You imbibe a higher level
of carcinogenic fluids,

you've had a brain tumor,

you're older than I am, and you're a man.

Therefore, the insurance company is wrong.

Wrong about what?
They want to charge

more for my life insurance than yours,

even though I will clearly outlive you.

Okay, I'm glad you have a plan
to outlive me.

I'm just being practical.
I'm sure they're being

practical, too;
this is what they do.

They've come to the misguided

conclusion that it is more dangerous for me

to spend time in the field than for you.

Without examining the evidence.
Well, they-they kind of have.

You see, I'm trained
in the danger business.

You're, you know...
you're top dog...

(howls) in the lab.

I'm licensed to carry a weapon,
I know martial arts...

You shot me once.
A ricochet. That doesn't count.

I'm sure it counts to them, okay?
Oh, so you agree with them

and think that I should be penalized.
You know what, I'm not

gonna win this discussion.
I mean, I just keep digging a...

hole that's getting deeper and deep...
(phone ringing)

Oh, look at that.
There is a God.

Saved by a phone call. Booth.

Yeah. Okay.

Great. On our way.
Decomposed body in the lake.

Let's go.

I'm not done with this, Booth.
Look, this is not

my fault, okay?

I don't speak
for the life insurance company.

I didn't just shoot you, Booth.
I saved your life, too.

All right, look, if this
is so important to you,

why don't you look for another
insurance company, you know?

Shop around for better rates.
I will.

Yeah. There you go. Good idea.

All right, what's going on here
at the dock of the bay?

A waterlogged corpse.

How long has it been in there?

Based on decomped flesh underwater,

I'd say it's been in the bag

approximately four days.

There's got to be some goodies in there

that'll give us a more precise time.

Well, until you find them, four days.

Sharp supraorbital margin, lack of

prominence of the glabella

indicate that the victim is female.

BOOTH: See, I could've looked at
that for hours and never

have figured that out, all right.

All you need is a little piece of bone

and a beautiful
brain. Me?

I just need a gun.
Don't patronize me, Booth.

Am I missing something?

The insurance company believes
that I am more

at risk than he is when we're in the field.

And Booth agrees with them.
Really? It's none of their concern.

That doesn't seem right.

You see what you started now?
They're just looking

at numbers. I mean,
Booth has more training

and experience.

Right. Exactly. S...

Did you hear what he said here?

Mr. Bug Boy said they're just
looking at numbers.

I thought you didn't want to involve them.
SAROYAN: Glad you asked now?

Someday I'll learn.

There's clearly trauma to the bones,

but I need them cleaned to determine cause.

Hey, uh, if someone was
trying to hide this,

wouldn't they weigh down the bag?

BOOTH: There's a tournament
scheduled for today.

Well, all the more reason to go deep.

No, not if the killer wanted us
to find the body.


Oh, be careful.

Good. Bag on a gurney.
HODGINS: Careful, guys.

I need this water.
Ooh, and that! OTHERS: Oh!

Hey! Grab it! Get it,
get it, get it!

Get it, get it,
get it! That thing.


Okay, do not let that go, Booth.
That is evidence.

Do not let it go, okay?
What is that?

It's a lamprey. It will not bite.


Unless, of course, you let
the mouth near your skin.

Well, it's on my skin. Get it off my skin.
Come on, come on. I need it in here.

BRENNAN: I'd help,
but apparently I'm not

as qualified as you in field work.


And now I got slime stuff on me.

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BRENNAN: Almost complete
ossification of

the cranial sutures indicates

that the victim was in her late 20s.

The skull's in good shape.

Angela's reconstruction
should be pretty simple.

The victim is Caucasian.

I do not concur.

Racial identification
is basic stuff. What did I miss?

The sharp nasal sill and the angle

of the anterior nasal spine

indicates the victim was Caucasian.

Uh, that's what Ms. Wick said.

The issue is her projecting zygomatics

and the wide interorbital space.

There's no single ethnicity

because the victim is
from a polyethnic crossroads.

Somewhere along the ancient
trade routes that ran between

Northern Asia and the Caucasus.

I'm sorry. I'm just tired.

I've been studying for my orals.

I thought you already took them.

They were rescheduled.

I would place victim's

ethnic origins in the Stans...

Waziristan, Kyrgyzstan,


The skin is in pieces.


Hodgins' lampreys
did some good work on this.

Who would throw lampreys in with a body?

I'm not supposed to know that, am I?

What am I supposed to do, okay?
Bones is all upset.

Am I supposed to start my own
life insurance company?

Dr. Brennan's always
seen herself as someone

who's capable of doing anything

if she puts her mind
to it. Now this...

empirical assessment's telling her she's
not as exceptional as she thought.

That's not an answer.
How do I fix this?

Start your own insurance company.

Sometimes you can be really useless.

Are you gonna be helpful
at all in this case?

I know you're frustrated, so I'm
not gonna take that personally.

Based on the crime scene, I don't think

this is the work of a sexual predator.

They typically like to leave
a bit of a calling card behind.

What about the eels?

Okay, those are very phallic, obviously.

But it's atypical.

I think they're symbolic of something else.

All right. What?

I don't know yet.
But we're looking for

someone who is obviously trying
to send a message.

You wanted to see me, Ms. Wick?

Yes, Dr. Brennan.

I completed a preliminary examination

of the victim's entire skeleton,

and I found a remodeled fracture
on the left humerus.

Do you have the X-rays? I'd like to see...
I do indeed.

It appears the victim

suffered a severe break
approximately two years ago.


Of course.

Did you also note that it appears a pin

was inserted to help the
fracture set properly?

I should have seen that.

That is correct.
You should have.

We need to look
at the humerus more closely.

(whirring, beeping)

Angela should be able
to identify the victim

from this serial number.

Can you extract it and take it to her?

I hope so.
Are you sure there isn't something

on your mind, Ms. Wick?

No, no.

Apparently nothing in this mind at all.

HODGINS: Did you know
these guys haven't evolved

in 360 million years?

Sounds like they could run for Congress.

Look at them, just doing what they do best.

Relaxing and watching life go by.

And this is helping how?

Well, the lampreys were
feeding on the corpse,

which means they've ingested
all sorts of useful stuff.

So I am waiting for them to make.


Oh, sorry. That's what
we call it with Michael Vincent.

Although, unlike him, their digestive tract

goes directly from mouth to anus.

I'm sure that's not the only difference.

Why don't you just cut them open?

After 360 million years, I think

they deserve a bit more respect than that.

Ooh, look at that.
I think he's making.

Uh, excreting.

Don't you want to see this?

This is evidence.

Oh, Cam,

the pin that Dr. Brennan found
in the victim's humerus

was part of a shipment of medical devices

that was sent to Afghanistan.

Dr. Brennan said
the victim came from

that part of the world.

And Daisy was right about the Stans.

The victim was originally from Afghanistan.

Her name was Sari Nazeri.

Poor thing.
She was only 28.

She immigrated to the U.S.

a year ago with her brother.

She was a teacher's aide, and he did

odd jobs...
landscaping and carpentry.

They were granted political asylum.

Well, she deserved it.

She helped American forces

locate terrorists

and made some videos about her experience.

Did I know that my actions would mean

I could never go back to my home?


But I don't regret anything.

Here, I can tell the world the truth.

Here, I can work to make sure any girl

can get access to education

without fear of retribution.

Here, I can...

speak about the freedom
that can bring light

to a part of the world that
has been dark for too long.

No sacrifice is too great
to make that happen.

And we couldn't even keep her safe.


FBI. Special Agent
Seeley Booth.

This here is my partner,
Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Are you, uh, Aziz Nazeri?

Is this about Sari?


(speaks Pashto)

(speaks Pashto)

MAN: It's okay, Aziz.
Let them in.

Hey, Seeley.

Can't say I'm happy to see you.

Wait, y-you know them?

Yes. They're
with the FBI.

What are you doing here?

Long story.

But you can only be here
for one reason, so...

do what you came to do.

Will they help find my sister?

Unfortunately, we have.

I don't understand.

Your sister is dead,

Mr. Nazeri.

We're very sorry.

How could this happen?


How could you let this happen?

How could you let this happen?

Maybe it's time you tell us
about that long story, Danny.

When Aziz came home last Friday,
Sari was gone.

I tried to call, but her
cell phone was disconnected.

Why didn't you file
a missing persons report?

It's sensitive.

It's murder.
There's always more

when the CIA's involved, so...

you want to tell me that
long story now, Danny?

Hey, you were supposed to protect us.

Hey, I'm gonna get to the bottom
of this, Aziz, I promise.

The CIA isn't empowered

to investigate crimes
on U.S. soil.

This is Booth's jurisdiction.

Thank you, Bones.
So, Mr. Nazeri,

did Sari have any problems around here?

Did anybody come around
and threaten her recently?

She was an asset, Seeley.

You know how this works.
It was Ibrahim.

Ibrahim is dead, Aziz.
Okay, somebody want to fill me in here?

Who's Ibrahim?
Look, this has to stay quiet.

Ibrahim Sajadi. An engineer.
He made bombs for al-Qaeda.

He was a CIA target in Afghanistan.

It was your job to kill him?

That's what you do, isn't it?

Ibrahim was a high value target.

We knew he was in Ghazni,

but we didn't have
operatives on the ground.

Sari identified where he
lived... they were from

the same village.
She was working for you over there?

I recruited her, yes.

She planted the transponder in his house

for the drone strike;
she was incredibly brave.

She got injured by the explosion.

AZIZ: Yeah, too brave.
And too stupid to trust you.

Now she's dead.

Hey, I took care of her
when she was hurt, Aziz.

I got you both out of the country.

I did everything I promised.

No, you promised us a good life!

BOOTH: Look, you can't hold
anything back, Danny, okay?

This is my jurisdiction, it's my case.

Hey, we put a lot of time into this.

There are people above me,
we have operatives...

Yeah, but it's not gonna
work like that here, James Bond,

because I'm representing
the Justice Department

to make sure you obey the law.

So, Booth is your boss on this case,

or we tell the world
you got your recruit killed.

Now, why don't we all play

truth or dare and move this thing along.

Truth. Sounds
good to me.

Don't waste your time on Ibrahim;
it couldn't be him. I'll prove it.

SWEETS: I don't know,
the serpents, the, uh,

duffel bag, the public disposals.

Those all appear to be
Ibrahim signatures, right?

I mean, that's exactly how we found Sari.

He really works with serpents?

Yeah, in every killing attributed to him.

To Ibrahim, they're unclean, reviled.

That's one thing he and I agree on.

They're a way to degrade his victims.

All right, so you're thinking
that Ibrahim killed Sari?

I'm telling you,

we killed Ibrahim in that drone strike.

See for yourself.

You sure he was in there?

Then that is one

toasted terrorist, cherie.

Yeah, I don't know.

You know, I've seen guys
like Ibrahim reported dead

four or five times like this.

Every time you send out a drone,

you have to report a kill
in order to cover yourselves.

Sari was there. She saw
Ibrahim go into the house.

But didn't you say she was
injured in that blast?

Look, Danny, I know

you don't want to face it, all right?

Sari and Aziz put their faith in you.

But you have to know that it's possible

that Ibrahim is still alive.

Yeah. I mean, it's consistent
with Ibrahim's profile

that he'd want to exact
revenge on Sari, isn't it?


If Ibrahim's alive...

he wouldn't let anyone else do the job.

These recent contusions
are on the ribs, zygomatic,

maxilla and mandible.

Not cause of death, but it
clearly indicates a struggle.

You found

no fracturing at all?

No evidence of a weapon?

And no evidence of a blow
capable of killing her.

And I was thorough, I swear.

The victim was dragged,


Is this the medial collateral ligament?

And it was ruptured, indicating
that the victim was dragged.

Do you concur,
Ms. Wick?

It appears the victim was indeed dragged,

with enough force to dislocate
the femur from the tibia.

Dr. Saroyan was correct.

Thank you for that.

While interesting,

this puts us no closer to cause of death

or to evidence linking us to a killer.

When put that way, it's very bleak.

Hey, I've got something

I need you to see.

Did Caroline give you all the information

you needed on Ibrahim?

Yeah, I hope so.

I mean, it's always possible

the CIA is holding something back.

I sound like Hodgins, huh?

In this case, that would be prudent.

So far, I've run travel
records, bank accounts

airport facial recognition
records, but I couldn't find

anything that links to Ibrahim

or any of his known aliases.

He could have used a disguise

or another alias.

And since there are any number of ways

to sneak into the country,

like merchant ships and cargo holds...

So we have nothing but more questions.

The Army had Ibrahim in custody

for six months in Afghanistan.

I went through service records,

and I found the guy who guarded him.

"Derek Johannessen."

He was the guard on duty
when the prison was bombed.

Ibrahim escaped with 18 other terrorists.

In his statement,
he said that he was convinced

that Ibrahim would find a way to America

to avenge his people.

You were in the service,
Mr. Johannessen?

Corporal, yeah. Tried to re-up,
couldn't pass the physical.

Right. And you were
a prison guard in Sangar, right?

One of your prisoners was Ibrahim Sajadi?

See, that wasn't my fault.

They always want a scapegoat,
but what the hell could I do?

Someone drove up a van
and blew a hole in the wall.

All right, look, no one's
blaming you for anything.

We're just trying to figure out
what you know about Ibrahim,

that's all.

You guys didn't take him out.

He's not dead, is he?

Not definitively.
Oh, man.

You do not want Ibrahim here.

We need you to tell us everything
you can remember about him.

Who he talked to, any contacts
who might still be active.

The guy was in isolation.
I'm the only one he talked to.

About what?

Food, water, towels,


What do you think, we were buddies?

Well, did he mention

any contacts here? Any threats?

I'll think.

I'll do whatever I can, but
that bomb scrambled me a little,

you know what I'm saying?

We've all taken hits.

The memories are in there somewhere.

Just do what you can.
What I do know,

the other prisoners
called Ibrahim "the chameleon."

He could blend in anywhere.

Which is the last thing you want
in a terrorist.

I ran every tox screen I can think of,

gone over every inch of
remaining arterial tissue

for incisions, and found nothing
that points to cause of death.

I found some interesting striations

on the left styloid process,
talus and medial malleolus.

There are two layers of striations...

one has partially remodeled
and the other hasn't.

Which suggests the victim struggled

to loosen her ligatures, but was rebound.

Indicating that she tried to escape.

Do you feel that I'm a strong,
competent woman

who's more than capable
of defending herself?

This is not about the case, is it?

It has to do with the inequity
of my life insurance premium.


Well, a fascinating political issue.

I don't think I'm really qualified.

Of course you are.

I was hoping that after I compiled

the necessary actuarial data

to challenge the company, you would give

a detailed analysis
of my considerable skills.

Under oath.

Oh! Oath!

Well... I am flattered,
of course.

But may-maybe we should focus

on the case first?

I didn't see any mention of striations

in Ms. Wick's
preliminary report.

Ms. Wick overlooked them,

as she did much else in this case.

Remodeling suggests that Sari
was bound for several days

with no additional injuries.

Why would Ibrahim hold her
captive for so long

if his goal was to display
his kill in such a public way?

Don't you think you've gotten
as much information

as you're gonna get from these guys?

Are you kidding?
Once these guys start to poop...

Okay, okay, I get the picture,


You know, I used to think that

this eel obsession was weird, but...

now I actually find it kind of endearing.

You do?

Yeah. I get it.

Yeah, because they're the sister taxon

of all living jawed vertebrates,
right? So...

No, no, no, sweetie.

I mean, in the last year,
you've lost your fortune

and you found out you had a brother

who then turned out to be mentally ill.

You've had all these
major life changes happen,

and you've never once complained

or fallen apart or felt sorry for yourself.

You just...
you took it in stride.

I don't understand.

I mean, not many people could
deal with what you have.

And then there are these
360-million-year-old creatures

who have stayed the course, just like you,

no matter what evolution threw at them.

It just makes sense
that you take a shine to them.

They are pretty special, huh?

Like you.

Hey, look at this.

You're gonna ruin this moment with poop?

No, it's just that there's something in it.

Looks like fiber.

Piece of twine?

Jute... it is twine.

Yeah, what she was bound with.

Well, there seems to be traces
of blood and tissue in the weave

I can give to Cam

and what looks like
pollen from Ipomoea purpurea.

That's a morning glory.

Sari Nazeri's brother is a landscaper.

Thanks for making time for me, Lance.

Of course.

I'm always happy to make time for you.

But, uh, you know, if this is about

us getting back together...

What?! No.

I just missed you, as a friend.

Although I do miss the sex sometimes.

Just for the record.

What is it?

I mean, you're clearly upset
about something.

I took my orals for my doctorate.

I thought you said
that those were postponed.

I lied.

I went and I failed.

I'm a failure.

And a liar.

Which, interestingly,
doesn't concern me as much

as the failure part right now.

Right. You know what?
It's all right.

Everybody stumbles.

You just have to accept it,
move forward, try again, right?

But my work has been terrible.

I've been overlooking
really obvious things.

And Dr. Brennan is gonna
fire me, I know it.

Just tell Dr. Brennan
what happened.

I'm sure she'll understand
what you're going through.

Are we talking about the
same Dr. Brennan, Lance?

The one who demands perfection?

You want me to tell that
Dr. Brennan that I'm a failure?

Trust me. She'll understand.

I really have missed you, Lance.

And the sex.

Just talk to Dr. Brennan,
all right?

Not... not about the sex.


God, no.

So, the squints found a piece of twine

we might be able to link to Sari's brother.

Her brother?

Nah, they were close, Seeley.

I can't see him killing her.

So, you never saw them fight?

Okay, you never saw him do that whole

women-are-less-than-men thing?

You're talking about a
cultural bias that doesn't fit.

They emigrated to
the U.S. voluntarily.

They begged to come.

So they were perfect.


Look, we got off

on the wrong foot, I get that.

But we've known each other for a long time.

Look, you can't protect
your assets and your agency,

while we're laying all the facts

on the table.

Okay, sure, they fought sometimes,

but like brothers and sisters do.

It's hard adjusting to a new life.

You've seen that
in witness protection cases.

It's worse moving to another country.

But he loved her, Seeley.

(elevator bell dings)

Bones, what are you doing here?

I checked the ligature marks
on Sari's bones,

and the jute gardening twine is a match.

Also, Cam confirmed that it was
Sari's tissue in the weave.

Yeah, she called.

Also, Angela checked Aziz Nazeri's

credit card receipts;
he bought a disposable

cell phone from Appomattox
Appliances three weeks ago.

He already had a cell phone.
I have the number.

Aziz made minimum wage.
If he was buying another phone,

that means he was hiding something.

Are you sure that you guys
know nothing about this?

Are we doing this again?

No. Sari was my asset, not Aziz.

Angela got the make

and serial number of the phone

so she could trace the calls
using Aziz's location.

He called a number in Helsinki

that reroutes transmissions to Afghanistan

to the town of Ghazni.
BECK: Man.

He didn't want his calls traced.
When was the last call made?

Two days before Sari was killed,
and then nothing.

It's Jamaal Ahmad.

BECK: He's one of
Ibrahim's guys.

The agency's been tracking him.
He's in Ghazni.

And you were gonna tell me this when?

I didn't think it was relevant.

I told you now, didn't I?

Fine. Let's go get Aziz.

I'm coming with you.
Uh, I don't think that's a good idea.

I'm Booth's partner,
and I wasn't talking to you.

I think maybe you should stay back.

It could be a little dangerous.

Three well-trained people
questioning one man?

Am I the only one who isn't afraid?

Sounds like you work
for the insurance company.

Are you coming?


How can you possibly think I had
any connection to Ibrahim?!

He murdered my sister!

We know you bought a phone to call Ghazni.

Who were calling,
huh? Jamaal Ahmad?

You were on Ibrahim's death list, Aziz.

Why are you calling

his number two guy?

Whoa, whoa!

Oh, Bones!

Nice hit! Good hit there, Bones.

All right, let's go.
Talk. Come on!

I wanted to go home.

And Jamaal Ahmad was

the only one who could make that happen.

He could talk to Ibrahim
and make peace for me.

I got you and Sari

out of there; you said
you wanted to go.

No. I said I had to go,
because of what Sari did.

I never wanted to go.

In Afghanistan, I was respected.

Here, I cut the lawn for rich people.

BOOTH: No, they would
never let you

back in, you got to know that.
BRENNAN: They might.

Sari became a traitor when she
started working with the CIA.

If he killed her, Aziz would
prove his loyalty to Ibrahim.

No. I wanted
to take her home.

That's where our life was.
Sari couldn't go back.

You always told us everything was possible.

But she didn't want to go back.
She was clear on that.

You always thought
you knew her so well, huh?

Well, did you know, in the past month,

she would leave the house at night?

Sometimes be gone until morning?

This is America, Aziz.

Women are free to live the life they want.

You had no idea she was
disappearing at night?

She's really not helping, Seeley.

No, she kind of is, all right?

A source, what, changes her behavior?

And what do you do?
You just, what, brush it off?

Is that how you were trained?
AZIZ: Yeah, I told you she was

acting strange, but you did nothing.

You had no idea where she was going

on those nights she disappeared?
No idea.

Are you sure about that?
Who are we questioning here?

I don't know.

Danny knows something about Sari's murder,

and he's not telling us.
Maybe he can't.

It could be classified, right?
Wouldn't matter.

Booth's security clearance
is pretty damn high.

You know, I'm sick and tired of
this guy keeping stuff from me.

I'm bringing him in
for impeding an investigation.

Hey, hey, reign it in, cowboy.

You do not want to start a turf war

between the CIA and FBI, mostly because

I'd be caught in the middle of it.

SWEETS: His defensiveness
could be explained by

the guilt he feels for failing
to protect his source.

Are you really thinking he killed her?

It could explain a lot.

Why would he want to kill the
woman whose life he saved?

You know what?
Things happen in a war.

Okay, you end up doing stuff

that could destroy you if it came out.

Do you think she was blackmailing him?

To get a better deal or to get
a better job for her brother.

I've seen it before.
CAROLINE: You may be right,

cher, but for the sake
of your career and mine,

you can't arrest Danny on a hunch.

The CIA guy?
Aren't they trained to kill

so that no one will ever find out?

Those killings aren't solved

because those investigations
don't wind up with us.


We're "us"?

I'm still making up my mind.

We're looking for something

that is meant to be overlooked.

Dr. Brennan, I know you've had
issues with my performance.

And I'd like to clear things up.

The best way to clear it up is
to impress me with your work.

I failed my orals.


And that has affected your work here?

I knew everything,

and then the second that they
started asking me questions,

I felt dizzy, and everything
I knew just vanished.

I almost fainted.

You experienced a vasovagal reaction

brought on by extreme stress.

It's not an uncommon response.

But it's humiliating.

It's definitely humiliating.

Lance said you'd be more understanding.

I understood

that you humiliated yourself.

And I understand that it's meaningless.

When I failed my orals,

I continued to excel at my internship.

You failed your orals, too?

I felt the board was not
competent enough to judge me...

a fact that I communicated to them.

They didn't appreciate my honesty.

No matter.

Orals are an antiquated useless tradition

meant to make professors feel superior.

If I were an insurance company,

I would give you a policy for free.

I've run the actuarials.

That would be fiscally irresponsible.

Dr. Brennan, I feel something.

There's a contusion on
the anterior third sternal rib.

I observed it earlier.

But there's something inside the contusion.

You're right.

It's a microscopic
V-shaped nick.

Very good, Ms. Wick.

Well, you always say to feel the bones.

Something those twits

who give the orals wouldn't know, right?

Unless you get me.


I'll give that
to Dr. Hodgins to swab.

Then to Angela;
she can scan the nick

to see if she can recreate
a potential weapon.

Ms. Wick?

Good work.

(computer beeping)

Hey, Angie. How's it going?

Well, I matched the nick
on the bone with the angle

of the blade that caused the incision.

And there's potentially five other knives

that the killer could've used.

All right, well, this might help.

So, the swab from the nick

showed particulates
of high-carbon 440B steel

and traces of Kydex.

It's probably from the sheath.

Hey, that's a specialty steel,

used only for very high-end
tactical knives.

Okay, the knife was made
by Higginson in El Paso.

Looks like it was a custom run.

They only made 800 of them.

For Special Forces.


Give me your gun.

What the hell's this about?

Give me your gun.


What knife?

The Higginson, the one you and I

were both given back at Special Forces.

I don't know. I lost it

in a move.
You lost it in a move?

Really? We know it was the knife
that stabbed Sari.


Hey, you are way over the line here, Booth.

You think I killed Sari?

Right now, you're my best suspect, pal.

I gave Sari the knife to protect herself.

You gave her a knife?

She didn't like guns.

Look, she must've tried to use

the knife on Ibrahim when he took her,

and he turned it on Sari instead.

That knife was a part of you.

You told me it was
what kept you alive in Mosul.

Now, you would never give that up.


I gave her the knife
because it was a part of me.

She was...

Doesn't matter.

You were sleeping with the source.

Hey, I loved her, Seeley.

Look, I know it was wrong. I...

It just happened.

What happened to working together, huh?

Telling me everything?

Look, you're right.

I should've.

But if the Agency finds out, I'm done!

You know that.

Look, I just figured we'd find

who killed her, and whatever happened

between Sari and me
would stay between Sari and me.

Why should I believe you now?

Because I just came from a briefing.

We're getting intel
that Ibrahim really is here.

And Sari was just a warning shot.

It might be Danny Beck's knife
and you might be able

to get an attempted murder charge,

but the wound was superficial.

The knife didn't penetrate deeply enough

to sever any arteries.

So, you still don't know
how that poor girl was killed?


I do have an idea though.

You know, we have a nice lounge

upstairs that might be
more comfortable for you.

Yeah, but

then I'd be depriving you

of my talent to backseat drive.

And we wouldn't want that.

So all we know for sure is

she was stabbed a little and tied up.

That's about right.

But what I don't understand

is why leave her tied up for so long?

I just nudge, cherie.

You're the one who gets the answers.

Oh! That's an eyeball! Please!

I repeat:
coffee and donuts in the lounge.

As if I could eat now.

I'm using vitreous fluid

to run a test for potassium

that could give us environmental data,

like the location where she was kept,

the type of enclosure.

(device beeps)

Oh, my God.

Now, that sounds good.

I have cause of death.

She was left to die.

That was her torture.

She died of dehydration.

So you're saying that Danny tied her up

and left her to die of dehydration?

Wow, that's even cold for the CIA.

I'm not saying that, cher, you are.

If James Bond wanted to get rid of her,

he had a million choices,

none of which carried the risk
of someone stumbling upon her

as she was dying slowly.

Even if he wasn't in love with
her, she was a source, right?

So we would have found something

to indicate a personal attachment,

but this murder is cold and impersonal.

So Danny was right...
it was Ibrahim.

With Ibrahim, it's always
about direct payback...

literally an eye for an eye...

so even if he didn't die
from that drone strike,

his bodyguards did, his lieutenant,

and most important, his family.

So he would have killed Sari with a bomb.

BOOTH: No, no, no,
not necessarily.

I mean, those houses are made out of stone.

A lot of times, when a bomb hits,

you don't die from the explosion.

I mean, you-you die slowly from
being trapped in the rubble.

No way to get out,

no water.

You'd dehydrate.

It would take days.

An eye for an eye.
So it was Ibrahim.

Danny said he has something else planned.

Did you find something,
Ms. Wick?

Yes, I did.

As you'll recall, the lampreys left

significant abrasion
marks on the clavicles,

the scapula, the mandible and the maxilla.

Lampreys can often leave marks
that can be misinterpreted

for either...

You're not doing
your orals, Ms. Wick;

just show me what you found.

Can do.

Finally, look at the mandible.

See this abrasion mark
on the right condyloid process?

You're saying that it wasn't caused

by the lampreys when they ate
the mandibular muscle.

That's right. It's an
avulsion fracture.

It indicates that Sari bit her attacker

with exceptional force.

She didn't give up, she
was fighting to live.

Please examine the teeth

and any pockets in the mandible

where tissue could still be present.

So that Dr. Saroyan can potentially
find the assailant's DNA?

I've already done that.

Because in every investigation,

the proper methods of evidence
collection demand that...

Not my orals. Sorry.

I am so gonna kick ass
next time I take them.


What do you have, Bones?

There's no remaining tissue in the teeth.

But I found

aspirated skin fragments at the bifurcation

of the victim's primary bronchi.

What is that?
That Sari bit her killer

and inhaled some particles of his skin.

SAROYAN: We're running it
through the database,

but preliminary analysis indicates

we're looking for a Nordic male.

Nordic? Okay, I'm...
I'm no squint,

but even I know that, uh, Ibrahim

is not Nordic.
And neither is Danny.

Have you questioned anybody

who is of Scandinavian extraction?


According to the military CODEC,

the DNA is a match to Derek Johannessen.

That's no surprise.

Look at this.

Danny sent over
all the known financial fronts

for terrorist organizations
working out of Ghazni.

SAROYAN: All of this money
is Johannessen's?

Yeah, he used aliases

and offshore bank accounts,

shell companies, but yeah,

all of the money came to him.

And it came from Ibrahim's network.

So they paid

Johannessen to kill Sari

to make the world think
that Ibrahim was still alive?

And the chatter

the CIA picked up about
the impending U.S. attack

was also traced back to Johannessen.

So Ibrahim must have died
in that drone strike.

Had to.

Hey, uh, listen, Booth.

I want you to know,

I should've come clean, about everything.

And what you did...

I'd have thrown me in jail just like you.


Look, did you love her?


I could never lie about that.

I'm sorry you lost her.

So Johannessen must've
been recruited by Ibrahim

when he was a guard.

That son of a bitch has no morals at all.

You and your team did an amazing job.

Better than my guys.

Of course.

My job is clearly done,

so why am I still here?

Because you're my partner
and we close cases together,

and that's never gonna change, that's why.

And I don't care what any

insurance company has to say.

Now, don't shoot the messenger, cher.



The powers that be

have decided that if Johannessen

gives us Ibrahim's network,

he gets his freedom and ten million dollars

in taxpayer money to enjoy it with.

No, but he's a murderer!
I... we gave you

all of the evidence that you need.
He can provide

the government with the
entire network over there...

how they finance themselves,
who the operatives are.

And that's a lot more important to them

than one dead Afghani woman.

Hey, look, I can get it out of him.

Sorry, Booth.

I have the order from the DOJ.

Now let me go get this
unfortunate business over with.

This is not gonna stand.

Let it go, Booth.

No, Bones, I'm not gonna

let it go, okay?

This guy... he's got to pay.

He's gonna pay.

SARI: I may not know
the names or faces

of all those who are with me,

but I am not alone in this struggle.

He killed this beautiful woman.

I can't believe
Johannessen's gonna go free.

So, you see, it doesn't matter
what happens to me.

As long as the fight lives on, I live on.

Seven million views in two days?

She can't have died for nothing.

And why do I think

you had something to do with that?

Every small girl who learns to read,

every woman who has the courage to become

a teacher or a doctor...

they keep the dream alive.

They keep the darkness away.

I don't understand why
people fear an educated woman.

Well, maybe I do.

Because it is clear that

ignorance is no match for a curious mind.

And hatred and oppression

are no match for the human heart.

Compassion and love will guide us,

and freedom will be our reward.

♪ When you're away... ♪

BOOTH: So, the guys
over at the CIA,

they're just throwing a party.

All the information you gave
about Ibrahim's people...

all checked out.
Yeah, well,

of course it did.

Listen, I hope there's no hard feelings,

Agent Booth, but...
business is business.

And Sari? What?

She was just collateral damage?

You've been to war; it happens.

Yeah, I chose a side.
I believed in something.

Good for you.

Listen, I got to go...

All right, just one more thing.

Got a gift for you.

It's a small token

of appreciation from the government.

What's this?

BOOTH: Did a little digging
in your records and found out

that the military is still
paying for your rehab.

Yeah, well, they should.

I took a blast for them.

It also means,

according to Article Two

of the Uniform Code of Military Justice,

you're still subject
to a court-martial.

And since military court is
independent from the DOJ...

BECK: Especially when
it comes to soldiers

making deals with terrorists,

You can finish your rehab behind bars.

This isn't gonna work, guys.

No, I'm pretty sure it is.

Because you violated
Code section 104 to 118,

which means you'll be charged
with treason and murder.

Those carry the death penalty,
don't they, Seeley?

Business is business, right?



Just remember next time
who your friends are, okay?

Oh. Ready to go?

Oh. Yes.


What is this?

It's a little something for you.

Go ahead, open it up.

(chuckles) Scotch?

Not just Scotch.

That's 30-year-old Scotch.

Single malt, too.

Angela would say that traditionally

a husband buys his wife flowers.

Yeah, that's true.
But you know what?

This is not for my wife.

This is for my partner,
who I occasionally kiss.


Johannessen is in custody?

Largely because of my partner.

So what's going on here?
What is this?

I revisited the life insurance
company's calculations

about the level of risk
I assume in the field.

I factored in my many
considerable strengths, but...

their numbers are correct.

Okay, so you're okay with them

slapping a higher premium on you?

It's rational.

And I can't argue with rationality.

The universe demonstrates

that no matter how we protect ourselves,

we will never be completely safe.

But... with reasonable caution,

we can still be together
in the field, when appropriate.

And you're willing to pay extra for that?


Like I'm willing to pay
extra for the Scotch.

And that's why I love you.



Come on, let's have
a Scotch night. Huh? (laughs)

Tell me a story.
A Scotch story?

Well, it's got to be 30 years old...

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