Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 12 - The Ghost in the Killer - full transcript

The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Lana Brewster, a girl whose remains are delivered to Brennan and Booth's home by someone who believes her death 18 years ago was no accident. When the team discovers that Lana was murdered and her death was covered up, people from her past become key suspects, including an ex-boyfriend with whom Hodgins was friends. Meanwhile, Brennan starts having dreams again about evil tech genius Pelant, and about a potentially more heinous killer, whom she realizes could be involved with Lana's death.

Previously on

There's a hacker named
Christopher Pelant.

Where are you?
Pretty much anywhere I want to be.

This guy's killed how many people?

This guy is worse than anyone

you and I have ever
come across.

Hello, Temperance.

What do you think happened
to poor Chloe Campbell?

I think you killed her.

Wasn't me.
You know who did it.

Uh, same person
who did 187-05-7932,

and 9224-- they were
all killed by one person,

and I think
she's still out there.

You okay, Bones?

The next explosion

will level the
entire building.

Shoot him, Booth.

Shoot him!

And if anything happens
to me, she'll keep

doing what she's doing,

and you'll never
find out who she is.

Who's taken these remains?

Who has these remains?!

Who's been in here?!

You shouldn't have
shot me, Temperance.

You'll never
find the killer alone.

You'll never find...

You'll never find
the killer alone.

You'll never
find the killer alone.

You hate me.
You hate me... hate me.

No, I don't! No, I don't!
Give me those remains!

Without me... without me...
you'll never find

what connects the victims,

Where are you?!

Where are you?!

Temperance... Temperance...

Temperance, Temperance,
Temperance, Temperance...

Temperance, Temperance,

Temperance, Temperance...

What? What is it?! What?


It was Pelant, Booth.

Oh. Again?

He had the evidence,
all the bones,

and then I was buried.

It was a dream, right?
He was laughing at me, Booth.


He said that I would
never find the Ghost Killer.

Pelant is dead, right?

I will find the
killer, Booth. I will.

Okay, all right,
I know you will.

It's just,
it was a dream, okay?

You need to get
some rest, all right?

Rest. Come on.

Come here.
Okay. Hold me.

Okay... All right...
I got you.

All right.

I'm right here.
It's okay. Shh.

I'm right here.

I don't understand
why Cam won't believe

the serial killer is real.

Well, it's 'cause there's no
evidence that they're linked.

I mean, there's
nothing conclusive.

Which is why she should
keep the case open.

I need the resources.

You know, you have to admit,

I mean, from the outside,
it does look like

um, Pelant was just,
you know, playing you.

Is that what you believe?

Look, I mean, come on.

You've been poring
over this case for months,

and you haven't come up
with anything.

We can't just, you know,
launch an investigation

on a ghost.

So you don't believe me?

No, it's not that.
I just...

You know what?

I don't want to argue.
It's a beautiful day, huh?

I'm gonna go
get the paper.

Bones, you expecting a package?

No. Why?

Well... one here.


No. Wow.

What kind of
sick joke is this?

Someone took great
care in packaging

these remains.

There's a note.

"Please find out
what really happened to me."

Based on the shape
of the frontal bone,

the narrow nasal aperture
and the size of the mandible,

the victim was
a Caucasian female.

Aren't you

even the least bit freaked out

that these remains were sent
to your house?

I'm the best forensic
anthropologist in the country.

Wouldn't you want me
examining your remains?

I think Angela was

referring more to the mysterious
nature of the delivery.

And the fact
that it was to your home,

- not the lab.
- No.

There's too much red tape here.

They may not have
even made it to me.

Desiccated skin,

soil... this person was interred
at least a decade.

I'll see what particulates
I can get off this.

Whoa, did you sleep
in those clothes?

What? No.

Uh, apologies, uh,
for being late.

Why are you even here?

I called him when I thought

we might be dealing
with archaeological remains.

Ten years does not classify
these as archaeological.

Well, I'm already here,
so I might as well help out.

I don't need another
forensic anthropologist.

What I need
is an intern.

None of whom are available,

and you need help, Dr. Brennan.

So, boss me around.

I'm ready.

Clean these.

No postmark?
No fingerprints?

It's no surprise--
anyone who digs someone up

and delivers them like takeout--

of course they're going
to be careful, Sweets.

You okay?

No, I'm not okay,
okay, Sweets? I'm not.

Someone delivered
a dead body to my house.

How can I be okay?

Right. Sorry.
It's just, it seems...

And Bones is having
nightmares again.


She thinks there's another
serial killer out there.

Because that's what Pelant
told her before he died?


He just wanted her to
think that he was necessary.

Right? And she feels the need
to prove that he's not.

Okay, Pelant is dead.
The guy is dead.

Why can't anyone
just accept that?

I understand.
Okay, then, help me with the case.

All right, look at the case.

Maybe it'll take Bones's mind
off this craziness.

Okay. Well, the remains are
painstakingly wrapped in cloth.

Right? And the note implies

that the truth of her
death was never known, so,

whoever did this took a big risk

because they care
about the victim.

But how do you know
that this is not some psycho

playing some sick games
with her?

Unfortunately, we don't.

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The Ghost in the Killer
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The victim is Lana Brewster.

Died at 18 in 1995.

Wasn't she a sailing champion?

Yeah. The Coast Guard found

Lana Brewster's
partially sunken boat.

Well, it's hard
to miss a boat that big.

Well, she wasn't on
her racing boat that day.

She had taken out
her regular, everyday boat.

Multiple boats. Must be nice.

Her body was found
washed up on the rocks

a couple days later.

So, lots of
postmortem damage

from wave action, fish, rocks.

This solo round-the-world race
she took,

It began in Newport,
Rhode Island,

and made stops in Cape Town,
Sydney, and Rio.

It's an amazing achievement
until you consider

that it doesn't
actually achieve anything.

It was inspirational.

She was a hero for millions
of teenage girls.

I'm seeing a
remodeled fracture

to the victim's
right tibia.

The break didn't properly heal.

Oh, yes, that happened
during the race.

She set it herself
and then continued racing.

How do you
know that?

It was kind of a big deal
at the time, sweetie.

Lana Brewster
accomplished this crazy,

inspirational, round-the-world
race, and then dies

a few months later during

an afternoon sail
in calm weather?

It doesn't really
make sense.

Hey, I found these lodged

in the skin around
the victim's wrist.

Some kind of fiber.

Well, she was
buried in silk,

and the lining of
the coffin was satin.

This is neither.

And I'm seeing pores
and follicle spaces.

Yeah. And judging

by the film filling the pores,
this is treated leather.

Leather on the wrist...

Hey, were leather string
bracelets a thing in 1995?

I don't know but it's not on

the list of materials interred
with her.

And it wasn't an
open casket funeral,

so it couldn't have
been tossed in

at the last minute.
All right.

Well, there's
something else, too.

Traces of trillium
pusillum pollen

on both the box
and the victim's bones.

It still contains
live cytoplasm.

So it was deposited after the
body was removed from the grave.

Yeah. And since there's
no trillium in the cemetery,

then the remains must have
been brought somewhere else

before dropped off
at Booth and Brennan's.

Okay, well, do that thing
where you figure out

where stuff comes from.

You're so lucky
I know what you mean.

Somebody dug up my sister?

Yeah, and delivered
her remains

to a forensic anthropologist
who works for the FBI.

Well, who would do that?

We were hoping
you could help us with that.

Well, I haven't got a clue.

We think that whoever
did this loved your sister

and wanted the authorities

to reopen her murder

Listen, I know where

you're going with this,
but I'm just not that guy.

You're her brother.

You're her only living relative.

I barely knew Lana,

and what I did know
I didn't really like.


Looking back,

maybe I was petty,
but Lana was famous--

magazine covers,
TV appearances--

and my parents loved that.

But I was just a regular kid,

so I was nobody to them.

Can you think of anybody
who does have strong feelings

for your sister?

According to my parents,

Everybody in
the whole damn world.

She sailed
around the world alone.

What's not to love?

Okay, well,

whoever exhumed your sister's
remains left a note.

"Please find out
what really happened to me."

Now, obviously,
this person doesn't think

that your sister just drowned.

I think there was a boy.

A boyfriend?

I heard my parents
talking about it.

They didn't like him.

Do you know this boy's name?


When they saw I was there,
they stopped talking...

like always.

I have Lana Brewster's
original autopsy report.

Any surprises?


It was utterly incompetent.

Very little detail.
She died of drowning.

There's practically
no mention of broken bones,

no cataloguing
of tissue damage from fish.

Or the traces of leather
found on both her wrists.

She was bound?

There's nothing in here
about that either.

Lana Brewster was
a public figure.

How could the medical examiner
escape scrutiny?

The little bone damage

she did catalogue was listed

as postmortem,
when it's obviously perimortem.

Whoever sent you these remains
was right to do so.

Lana Brewster was murdered.

Cam says the medical examiner
working on Lana's case

wasn't just negligent,
but that she lied

about Lana's cause of death.

Why did she cover up
the murder?

Money, it seems.

Before the Brewster case,
Leslie Dollinger was

just a temp medical examiner,

brought in when the backlog
got to be too much.

And Lana Brewster was
the last case she worked on?

Yeah, before she
started that case,

she had $2,000 to her name.

After she released the report

ruling the death accidental,

she received
a $1.9 million transfer

into a brokerage account
in her name.


Yeah. After that,
she never worked again.

She took off to Costa Rica.

Well, hey, we have
an extradition treaty with them.

If we can show collusion...

The only way you're gonna talk

to Leslie Dollinger
is through a psychic.

She died of an aneurysm

eight years ago.

Well, do we know
who paid her off?

I'm working on it.


Been waiting outside
in the car for a half an hour.

You said you'd be right out.
Oh, sorry.

I... I lost track of time.

This isn't the Lana Brewster case, is it?

It's a serial killer.

The markings on this sternum

are very similar

to the markings on this one.

That's never been good enough
for you before.

I don't want to argue, Booth.

I don't want
to fight either.

But, you know, I'm...

I'm concerned about you.

I mean, you're having
more nightmares.

No, I'm used to them.

Neuropsychologists now think

that it's the mind
excreting feelings

and information that
it can't process awake.

And I think you're obsessed.

You're so obsessed
you don't even know

how to shut it down,
even when you're asleep.

So you don't believe me?

Look, I want to.

But where's the evidence
that links them?

Real evidence.

Hard evidence.

I learned that from you.

Do you think I'm crazy?

Yeah, a little.

I do. This is not you.

No, there's a link.
I will find it.

That's fine.
Tickle the bones,

and do whatever it is
that you do.

But do it how you do it.

All right?
Don't let Pelant call the shots.

All right? Don't keep him alive.

Otherwise you're never
gonna find the answers.

Let's go home now, okay?

The Ghost Killer's gonna
be here in the morning.

Okay, I'll put these away.

Dr. Edison?

Oh, shoot! Dr. Saroyan.

The security guard just told me
that you slept here last night.


Can I get a towel?

Uh, it's-it's chilly.

I can see.

Employees are not allowed
to use the facilities

as a second home, Dr. Edison.

I wasn't. I wasn't.

Um, I just worked late.
That's all.

Assuming I believe you,

you should manage
your time better.

Y-You're right.

I mean, sometimes I just get lost...
That doesn't

explain sleeping here.
Well, I had

a lot of work,
so I might have dozed a bit.

You've been wrinkled
and disheveled for two days.

You're never wrinkled
and disheveled.

Would you like an explanation?


Whatever it is,

will be complicated

and none of my business.

All I want is for you to follow

the rules handed down
by the Jeffersonian board,

so I don't have to fire you.

Yes, sure, yes.

Now put on that wrinkled
shirt and get to work.

Jealousy is always a
good motive for murder.

There was another
sailor that competed

against Lana for the Paxton Cup.

They were contemporaries.
I remember this.

It was, um, Erika something.

Yeah, Erika Stamp.
Erika Stamp.

How did you know that?
I used to sail.

Erika Stamp, she actually won,
didn't she?

I never knew you sailed.

Yeah, I was a rich kid,
you know?

We had to sail and have at least
one girlfriend named Muffy.

It's in the charter.
Erika did win, but then

the cup was taken away from her
and given to Lana Brewster,

who came in second.

I remember this.
Erika cheated.


I dumped her for Binky.

Now, Binky, Binky was hot.
Oh, my God.

I am so disoriented right now.

I got to admit,

I am, too. It says here

that Lana was actually the one

that reported
Erika for cheating.

Erika never recovered.

She wasn't allowed
to compete again, right?

Uh-huh. Yeah.

She also served
some jail time.

For what?
Insurance fraud.

She intentionally sunk her boat
for the insurance money.

She pulled out her transducer.

Well, that'll do it.


And when Lana's boat went down,

it sunk in the exact same way.

The transducer.

Lana Brewster's the reason
my life went to hell.

I can't believe I have to talk
about the little bitch again.

18 years, the anger's
still very fresh, huh?

I borrowed
one small roll of tape

from a passing boat
to fix my sail.

Lana could've let that go.

But, no, she had me
disqualified for it.

You'd be pretty pissed, too.

So in your perception
of events,

Lana cost you everything.

She did cost me everything.

I lost my endorsements.

I wasn't allowed to compete.

My family practically
disowned me.

Now, you sunk your boat

in the exact same way
that Lana's killer sunk hers.

Look, anyone familiar

with sailboats knows
the easiest way to sink one

is by pulling the transducer.

Well, where were you
the day that Lana was murdered?

Okay, look.

I've served time...

so I know you're fishing,

and I don't have
to stay here.

If you have
any other questions,

find someone who cares.


There is no way I would ever
go out in a boat like this.

I'm gonna start
calling you Popeye.

Hey, I won a few
races in my day.

Oh, yacht club?
It was mandatory.

Hey, the boat's
outboard motor is missing.

Maybe she didn't it.

Can you enlarge
the image?

All right, see these marks?

This is where the motor

would normally be clamped on.

Maybe she left it
at home that day or something.

No, it's unlikely.

Why? What are you thinking?

Hey, was her dinghy found
with the boat?

Oh, according
to the Coast Guard files,

no dinghy or outboard motor
were ever recovered.

Yeah, of course not.

Whoever killed Lana probably
put the motor on the dinghy

to get back to shore
after sinking the boat.

That's why neither
was ever found.

I'd like to help, Seeley.

But Dr. Brennan
has no evidence

to link these cases
to a serial killer.

Has she ever asked
for something like this before?

That's not the point.

That's exactly
the point, okay?

She's having nightmares, okay?

She can't stop thinking
about those cold cases.

I'm gonna get in trouble

for spending funds to allow her
to pursue a dead end.

And if I don't report
what she's doing,

I'm hiding expenses
and I could get fired.

So let her find out,
that it's a, it's a dead end.

You know she's gonna admit it
if she's wrong.

I do?

Just let this play this out.

I'm sure you can get creative
with the paperwork.

Do you believe her, Seeley?

I want to.

Don't you?

I'll see what I can do.

Aw, man.

Yacht clubs, sailing, prep schools.

You're dealing very well
with the loss of your fortune.

Truthfully, I thought
it would be harder.

But I don't know,
when I'm at work,

I'm not thinking
about money, you know?

When I'm with Angela
and Michael Vincent,

it never crosses my mind.

I mean, even with you.

The coffee's good, the company.

I'm impressed.

As long as a person
has enough,

they don't need more.

And I've got
more than enough.

'Cause I saw pictures
of that, uh,

estate you had in Wales.

Oh, yeah.

Okay, now that place was sweet.

Oh, man, I do miss that.
Thank you very much.


So, I found out who paid
off the medical examiner.

The $1.9 million that
Leslie Dollinger received

was from the Kestech
Transpo Corporation.

Who owns Kestech?
Well, I had to dig deep

because Kestech is owned

by a holding company
which is owned

by a bunch of other
holding companies,

but I tracked it down.

Kestech is part

of the McNamara Corporation.

Oh, my God, the McNamaras.

Yeah, McNam...
They're as rich as you were.

Nah, they were richer.
I mean that-that's

railroad and oil money.

My dad used to play golf

with the patriarch, Giles.

I mean, our families,
we hung out together.


The financial trail leads
right to your old friends.

The McNamaras paid
off Leslie Dollinger

to cover up Lana's murder.

Okay, so how is
Lana Brewster then

connected to the McNamaras?


Excuse me?

Trent McNamara.

Hey, didn't Lana's brother

say she had a boyfriend?

And you think it was him?

His father was always bailing
him out of one mess or another.

He also went through girls
like they were toys.

Trent McNamara was
a nasty piece of work.

Trent McNamara was
a pretty troubled kid.

He got kicked out of four
prep schools for cheating,

drugs and assault.

Wait a second.
What kind of assault?

Fighting mostly.
The last school tried

to channel that aggression
into fencing.

And he was good, but he got
kicked out of that, too,

when he took
the tip of his foil.

What are you saying?
He actually stabbed someone?

In psychological terms,
the kid was a mess.

And get this, two days
after Lana's body was found,

his father shipped him off

to some private school
in Switzerland.

Oh-ho, okay. Fleeing the country
and falsified coroner's report.

It doesn't look good for Trent.

Maybe that's what the note
with Lana's remains meant.

"Please find out what
really happened to me."

You think Trent is
what happened to her?

You can ask him.

What? Is he in town?

His father died three days ago.

Trent's in town for the funeral.

But can I make
a suggestion, Booth?

Send Hodgins instead of me.

Hodgins? Why?

Hodgins is a blue blood,

like Trent.
They even knew each other.

Whoa, wait a second--

Hodgins speaks

rich people language?


Okay, I got a even better idea.

Why don't you and
Hodgins go talk to him?

But... Booth?

Dr. Edison...
Oh! What?

I was just getting
something to eat.


I mean, I could have
eaten at home,

no reason except
that, you know,

I just wanted to get
a jump on the day.

What do you think of
Dr. Brennan's serial killer?

I'm sorry. Excuse me?

Do you think those
cases are linked?

Is there a serial killer?

I'm asking for your opinion.

I'm skeptical.


These are the files
on all six

Ghost Killer victims.

I want you to oversee this one.

Does Dr. Brennan know

you're making me
responsible for these?

She doesn't
need to know.

But I'd like to keep
this between us

for as long
as possible.

Oh, yeah.


This is nice.

You said
that with an edge.

No, I didn't.

This is why you
brought me, Sweets, okay?

I heard the envy
in your voice.

There he is.

Yeah, and that's
his sister Stephanie.

Wow, time has been
a bit tough on Trent.

I remember him as
an athletic golden boy.

Now he looks like hell.

Okay, I heard
a definite tinge

of satisfaction
in your voice.

Yeah, you did.
Trent was a dick.


It's good to see you, Jack.

I'm sorry to hear about you

losing your family's money.

Must be difficult.

Jack never really seemed
to care much for money.

As long as he had his bugs.

I'm doing fine, Steph.

I married an amazing woman,

I have a beautiful
boy, so...

No complaints,

We want to talk to you
about Lana Brewster.

The sailor girl?

Yeah, her brother
told us that she had

a boyfriend around
the time that she died.

Didn't say who it was, though.

Thought it might be you, Trent.

Boy, you really must be

a part of the FBI.

Should we call
our lawyer?

It was me.


You liked a lot of girls, Trent.

Why'd you keep
this one a secret?

Because I was in court-ordered
Alcoholics Anonymous.

You're not supposed to start
a romantic relationship

when you start AA.

So why did you skip town
right after Lana's death?

He didn't skip town.

It was a coincidence.

We ran out of
American private schools.

Dad was hoping the Swiss
could handle me.

We have evidence
your father

paid off the medical examiner
to cover up

the fact that
Lana was murdered.

You think I killed Lana?

Looks like that's
what your father thought.


We all know how these
things work, okay?

He was trying to protect Trent.

It's been really lovely
seeing you again, Jack,

but this is definitely the part
where we call our lawyer.

Do you concur this is
probably cause of death?


Why didn't we
see this earlier?

It was obfuscated by
the blunt force trauma

that fractured
the sternum.

Do you think this could have
been cause by a foil?

Oh! From fencing.


Yes, that is possible.

Dr. Brennan?

I've seen this wound before.

On one of
the Ghost Killer victims.

That seems unlikely.

Everyone keeps telling me

that I'm making connections
that aren't there.

But I don't do
that kind of thing.

I'm not that
kind of a person.

Dr. Brennan, we're
supposed to be working

on the Lana
Brewster case.

These remains are the ones

that Pelant led me to
months ago.

The ones where he said
all of them were murdered

by the same serial killer?

A woman, yes.

So this has nothing to do

with Lana Brewster's case.
I believe

Lana Brewster was
the first victim.

Chloe Campbell
and Lana Brewster

were both killed
as a result of

a nail-like stake being
punched through their sternum.

It's a very
unique injury.

The indentations
are different.

I can't corroborate
your supposition.

I don't need your
approval, Dr. Edison.

Yeah, but you do need
someone to back you up,

especially if you're
accusing Trent McNamara

of being a serial killer.

I already said
the serial killer is a woman.

Dr. Brennan.

Do you recall
Trent was a fencer

and this wound is congruent
with a sharpened foil?

Trent McNamara didn't
murder Lana Brewster.

Because Trent McNamara
is not a woman?


Dr. Saroyan wanted me
to ask you to return to the lab.

Our first priority is solving
Lana Brewster's murder.

So you don't believe me, either.

It's not
about belief.

It's about the evidence.

You taught me that.

If Dr. Saroyan wants us
to get back to the lab,

we should...

I know who you are.

You're not supposed
to be here.

Yeah, I'm not here in
an official capacity...

I don't care
why you're here.

This family's been
harassed enough.

Now if you don't
leave this property...

It's okay. It's okay, Donna.

Jack, why are you here?

I told him to leave,
Mr. McNamara.

I can call the guys...
It's okay.

I got this.

You can work
around back right now.

You know I'm not supposed
to talk to you, Jack.

Yeah? Then you
let me talk.

I never
liked you, Trent.

You were that guy,

the one who
took pleasure

in tormenting
the weaker kids.

Is this going

You know,
I remember the night

that you slept over
at my place.

And my mom and dad,

they came in
to say good night,

and they gave me
a hug and a kiss.

You know, I didn't
think anything of it.

But you asked if something
special was happening.

You said you
couldn't remember

if your parents
ever did that.

And of course,
you made fun of me,

because you were
supposed to be strong.

But I saw how much
you wished it was you.

And that's probably why

we never hung out
after that,

'cause you were embarrassed
that I saw that.

And you think
I'm the same.

You think that
I killed Lana.

I get it.
You didn't have to drive

all the way out here
to tell me that.

But I don't, Trent.

I think you
did love Lana.


I don't think you
would kill someone

who gave you what
you wanted for so long.

You're the only one, Jack.

The remains from the
six Ghost Killer murders are missing.

No, they aren't.

I assigned them
to Dr. Edison.

And there is
no Ghost Killer.

Not yet, at least.

I'll have them
sent back to me.

No, you won't.

I'm your boss,
Dr. Brennan.

Don't forget that.

Everyone's colluding,
working against me.

I don't understand.

Why would you give those
remains to Dr. Edison?

Because Dr. Edison
is an objective eye.

Perhaps, but I'm better.

Not when you
don't see clearly.

You want those six murders
solved, don't you?

That means that
I have to assign

resources in pursuit
of that end.

But to do that,
I have to convince the board,

beyond the
shadow of a doubt,

that there is, in fact,
a serial killer.

And my word isn't enough?
Would it be for you?

With no evidence?

Look, I am trying
to help you,

Dr. Brennan.
And I think you know

there is no one
in the world

that would work harder to
impress you than Dr. Edison.

That is not true.

Of all the people working
at the Jeffersonian,

he is the least awed
by my abilities.

That is absolutely true,

if you mean the
complete opposite.

I've already done
so much work already.

I have binders
filled with findings.

Then I suggest you give
those to Dr. Edison,

because he is the one who
will determine whether or not

we're looking for
a serial killer.

That is my decision.


You can't tell Cam.

Tell Cam what?

these weapons

are for the Lana
Brewster murder.

But these are for
the Ghost Killer.

The Ghost Killer?

We owe it to
Brennan, don't we?

Even if it
comes to nothing?

You really are
a wonderful guy.

Even if you did
sleep with a Binky.

You don't make that sound
as good as it was.

Sorry, uh... what
did you need, Angie?

Yeah, uh...

It's Trent.

Uh, Booth
just called.

Trent shot himself.


I-I just saw him.

What did
the note say?

Um, I-I don't think
there was a note.

After everything
that happened,

Trent would've
left a note.

Okay, Cam can check.

She's going
out there now.

I'm going, too.
Honey, I don't...

I have to, Angie, okay?
I can help.

The window was closed,

and I wasn't too sure...

Thought Dr. Brennan
would come.

This is all flesh.

Not her domain.

I don't
believe this.

Are you sure
you're okay, Dr. Hodgins?

I have a job to do.

We can get somebody else
to gather the particulates...

They might miss

I can do this, Cam.


A single gunshot wound
to the temple.

No other evidence of
foul play on the remains.

This sure looks to me
like an admission of guilt.

Excuse me, Officer, uh...

have you find a note yet?

Steph, you really
shouldn't be here right now.

I don't know
why I'm surprised.

You were expecting this?
No. Not this.

It's just... something.

It's always something
in this family.

Trent killed a girl,

probably just 'cause
he was sick of her,

and Daddy didn't care,
he just sent him away.

Look, Steph,

I'm gonna take you into
the other room, okay?

I'm gonna get you
settled, all right?

Trent was
the last male.

I think that's a good thing.

We'll release

his body as soon as we can.

I suppose a funeral
will be expected.

It'll be big...

even though no one cares.

Hey, Steph, let me take you
into the other room, okay?

We'll get you settled.

Hey, Cam wants to know

if you have the results
from Trent's swabs.

She wants to finish
the autopsy as soon as possible.

I'm just waiting on
the Mass Spec.

When I went to go see him
this afternoon,

he was wearing this shirt.

I'm so sorry, honey.

We could've turned out
the same way, you know.

We had the same
kind of life.

Yeah, but you turned out
a lot different.

Thank God.

He was such a dick and all,
you know?

But he just didn't seem

like the kind of guy
who would kill someone.

That was more his dad's thing.

That's why I went
to go see him, you know?

Just to tell him that.
But I don't know, I don't know.

Maybe that just made it worse.

Maybe that's why
he shot himself.

No, honey,
you didn't have anything

to do with this.
You know that.

If he was the killer,
he would've left a note, Angie.

He would've told us why.

Things don't always end
as neatly as we'd like them to.

I just keep hoping that
we missed something somewhere

that, you know,
he wasn't a murderer.

Yeah, but so far,
the evidence says we haven't.

Are those the results
for Cam?

"Antimony, barium, and lead."

What does that mean?

It means Trent's hands tested
positive for gunshot residue.

Cam will use this to confirm
that he... he shot himself.

Since you have been doubting

my judgment
as a forensic anthropologist,

I'll allow Dr. Edison
to explain this to you.

I absolutely trust you,
Dr. Brennan.

By having Dr. Edison
do my work?

I don't think I should be here
for this conversation.

I agree, but Dr. Saroyan wants
you here, so proceed,

Dr. Edison--
tell her what I found.

If you agree
with my conclusions.

Dr. Edison?

The victim has
a remodeled injury

to the carpals
on his right hand.

It's indicative of
a deep laceration that cut

all the way
down to the bone.

I thought I was explaining.
You are. Very slowly.

A cut this deep would have
severed the median

and ulnar nerves at the wrist.
In which case, Trent

would've been able to point,

maybe even throw up
a peace sign.

But he wouldn't have had
any fine motor skills.

Trent McNamara was incapable
of bending his trigger finger,

which means he could
not have shot himself.

With any other gun, I'd agree
with you, Dr. Brennan, but

the weapon he used
was a stainless .357

that only has a
three-and-a-half-pound trigger pull.

It's very light.

It would have
been painful,

but he still would have been
capable of pulling the trigger.

Then why didn't he simply use
his left hand?

He was trying
to kill himself, Dr. Brennan.

Suicides use their dominant hand
98.8% of the time.

Exactly. There's still
a possibility

that this is not a suicide
and an even greater possibility

that he did not murder
Lana Brewster.

Isn't that correct, Dr. Edison?

Leaning hard on the word
"possibility," but yes.

Hey. I just finished going over

the visitor logs
that the techs sent over

from the McNamara estate.

Dan Brewster visited Trent less
than an hour before he died.

Yeah, I went to see
Trent McNamara.

What's the big deal?

He's dead.



It was either a suicide

or a death made
to look like suicide.

Why'd you go see him?

He called me.

This explains a lot.


He told me that Lana worried
about me.

He said that she felt terrible

about Erika Stamp, too.

They used to be close.

Why did you say,
"This explains a lot"?

It's obvious now, isn't it?

He was making amends.

You're saying that Trent
was tidying up loose ends

before killing himself.


I know what you're thinking.

Wh... Why would I kill him?

For revenge?

You were the last person
to see Trent alive.

Yes, and that's exactly how
I left him... alive.

Oh! Dr. Brennan...

Good evening.

Do you have the time
to do this properly?

Excuse me?

I'm concerned that
if it comes to a choice

between the Ghost Killer,
your archaeological endeavors,

and your personal life,
the Ghost Killer will lose.

By which I mean win.

Nora and I are breaking up
after eight years together.

There comes a time when,

if a couple doesn't make
that next step...

You see, Nora wanted
to get married, and I ...

I think Nora has found someone
else to move forward with.

I mean, I can't prove it,
but as you know,

you don't always need proof
to know when something is true.

Even if it isn't,

Nora and I are not together

and I have
to tell you I'm, uh...

I'm very...
I'm very sad about that.

So, yes...

I promise

that I have more
than enough time.

I won't let you down.

Thank you.
That is a great relief to me.

I'm sorry for the emotional pain
you're going through.

And I admire the fact
that it hasn't impeded

your impressive abilities
to work.

Thank you.

You know, I'm sorry
that that all spilled out.

I'm-I'm not...

I'm not really sure
what happened.

That happens to me, too.

I hold things in,
and then

watch out!

Good night, Dr. Brennan.

Good night, Clark.

I think you should call me

At least
when we're alone.

Mm, "Temperance."

I'm not sure
I'm comfortable with that.

But I'll try.

Cam, Cam, Cam, Cam!

Okay, stop saying
my name like that.

I found traces
of the same microscopic pollen

on Trent's clothes as were

on the box that contained
Lana's remains.

So you're saying Trent dug up
Lana Brewster's remains

and left them on
Dr. Brennan's front door?

Well, that's
a reasonable conclusion.

Which means
he didn't kill her.

That's not so reasonable.

You think he wants
to get caught for a murder

he committed
18 years ago?

He shot himself.

It seems like an
admission of guilt to me.

I don't buy it.


Oh, God.

I read your autopsy
report on Trent McNamara.


Cause of death:
gunshot wound to the head.

I noticed that

he had an avulsion fracture

to the third distal
phalanx of his left hand.

Yes, his fingernail
was ripped off.

Probably from
a sailing accident,

reefing in a topsail
or something.

Lana Brewster sustained
the exact same wound.

These are very unique injuries.

I thought you might want
to tell Dr. Edison

for his Ghost Killer File,
or whatever he's calling it.

So you think
there's a possibility

that Trent was killed
by the Ghost Killer?

Shouldn't we look
at every possibility?

All right.

Don't you want
to tell him yourself?

I was going to,

but something else came up,

and then I thought we should
do this your way.

My way?

It's your lab,

so we should do things your way.

Good night.

Boom! Voila.

I'm not hungry.
Yes, you are.

You just don't
know it yet-- here.

The inquest is going to rule

that Trent McNamara killed
Lana Brewster

and then committed suicide.

But Lana Brewster
and Trent McNamara

both had their fingernail
ripped off.

It's too coincidental.

What do you think?

Uh, you know what?

I think we're gonna catch her.


That's what you said, "her."

But you believe me?

Okay, look,

if you don't trust the evidence

that Trent killed

then I don't trust
the evidence.

That's it?

That's it.
Now take a bite

of that sandwich--
eat up, it's good.



Mmm, good, right?

I was hungry.

You know me better
than I know myself.

I do, right? I do.
Kiss me.

Good sandwich, huh? Right?
I got your back.

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