Bones (2005–2017): Season 8, Episode 22 - The Party in the Pants - full transcript

The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jack Spindler, a successful employee at a brokerage firm by day, but a stripper by night. When the team learns how Spindler's moonlighting ...

To the left! Great!
Stop there! Drop the boom!

- Drop the boom!
- I don't know what I'm doing!

Great. A little higher
on the boom.

I really shouldn't be
doing this, Aunt Alice.

L- I don't have
a driver's license.

If you're staying with me,
you're gonna earn your keep.

Use the lever on the right
to lift your load now.


- Dale, to the right!
- I'm trying!

That's it.

Pick it up.
Pick it up.

Oh, geez.

- What the hell are you doing, Dale?
- Whoa. I don't know.

To the right!

Oh, my God.
Okay, no, I can't-

- I can't do this. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
- Where are you going?

Dale! Ohh!

You are in big trouble! Get this
thing off of me, Dale!

Get this thing off of me now!

What the hell is it?

Oh, my God!


Oh, my God!

Just seal off
the construction site.

I'll be there in 10 minutes.

I gotta go to the Jeffersonian.
I gotta pick up Bones.

Okay. Sorry, ma'am.

You must be in the wrong office. Do
we have an appointment or something?

Dr. Sweets told me
to wait for you here.


I wasn't sure
you would remember me.

What's it been-
25 years?

Wow. This is unbelievable.

I know.

And it's been 24 years,
Mom, not 25.

You always looked on
the bright side.

L-I-I guess I should
start by apologizing.

No. You don't need
to apologize.

I know what you went through.
I'm just happy to see you.

But I should have tried
to get in touch with you.

It's just that so many years passed, and
your grandfather was your parent, and I-

I just thought
you probably hated me.

I don't hate you, Mom.

I missed you.

On, baby.

I read about one of your
arrests in the paper.

And I said I always knew that you
would grow up to be somebody special.

You-Hey, you are
a grandmother, twice over.

I'm a grandmother?

I'm too young
to be a grandmother.

[ Both Laughing I


I'm sorry, Morn. I-

I got this case I gotta get to.

Don't worry about it.

I'll, uh, give you the phone
number of my hotel, and then-

No, no, no, no, no, Morn. Mom,
you're not staying at a hotel.

You're gonna stay
at our house, okay?

Here is the address, all right?

I'm not gonna
let you go this time.



I'll see you later, Mom.

And you're
really happy to see her?

Of course I'm happy to see her.
She's my mother.

She abandoned you, Booth. All right.
Now you sound like Sweets.

Oh! Okay, what rock did
this guy crawl out from under?

That would be a lot funnier if
this wasn't an actual human being.

The victim was dropped
from an excavator,

and the remaining load
fell and crushed his skull.

Booth is in a good mood...

because his mother finally returned
after abandoning him 25 years ago.

Twenty-four years.
And don't say it like that.

Well, that's got to be...

It's not.
It's great, actually.

So keep your poking around
to the remains there, huh?

This section of the skull
indicates male.

The parabolic dimensions of the
dental arch indicate Caucasian.

Uniform is made
of polybenzimidazole.

I think our victim
was a firefighter.

Okay, now I'm mad.

Skull fragments show signs
of heavy rodent predation.

And based on flesh
tone and ambient temperature,

I'd say he's been dead
about four days.

Which lines up when
this building came down.

Could be a fire inspector going
through a last walk-through.

I'll check with the local fire stations
and make sure that no one's missing.

Actually, I'm not so sure our
victim was a firefighter after all.

You know what? I'm no squint, but I'm
pretty sure the uniform's a giveaway here.

Yeah, well, so is this.
Velcro pants and a thong.


Either, uh, rats ate
the rest of his underwear,

or I'd say our victim
was a stripper.

Bones, let's not tell my mom
about this one, okay?

- Why?
- Really?

I'm gonna be pasting this guy
together for days.

His skull didn't stand a chance
against a block of concrete.

How bad is your luck to have the
same building fall on you twice?

Our job is not to speculate on the
level of this man's misfortune.

Our job is to determine
his identity.

Which isn't gonna be easy, since it looks
like he stepped on a land mine with his face.

Based on the epiphyseal union
of the eternal clavicle,

the victim was in his mid-20s.

Which is consistent with
his being an exotic dancer,

as a high percentage of men
go into the profession...

as a means to pay for college.

There's a fact
I didn't expect from you.

I wrote an anthropology paper
on stripping in grad school.

People who disrobe
for the pleasure of others are fascinating.

That's kind of the whole point.

While women have stripped
for millennia,

it wasn't until the 1970s that
women felt empowered enough...

to publicly enjoy
men stripping for them.

When did empowerment become stuffing
dollar bills down a man's pants?

The 1970s. I already said that.
You should pay closer attention.

Okay, but what was a stripper
doing in a condemned building?

The lack of plaster and dust
in the posterior pharynx...

suggests he was dead
before the building came down.

Someone dragged our victim's
dead body into a building,

knowing that it was going
to be demolished.

Nice way to get rid of a body.

Look at this.

A calf implant.

Well, as a stripper, he would want
his body to look its most appealing.

Well, lucky for
us, he cared about his work.

The serial number on this implant
should give us our victim's I.D.

Well done, Mr. Bray.

Your mom seems really nice.

So there's no “but”?

No. I mean, look, it's
gotta be complicated...

reestablishing a relationship

but the fact that you're both
open to it is impressive.

I'm happy for you.

Can you tell everyone else that?

Why? Are you feeling defensive?
You having second thoughts?

Are you here to tell me about the
case, or are you here to annoy me?

The case.
Of course, the case.


Uh, well,
the killer's decision...

to use a building ready for
demolition as a dump site...

exhibited anticipatory-

I've got nothing. I just wanted
to talk about your morn.

You got nothing. Okay. Bye.

- You know, if you ever need to talk-
- I won't.


Yeah. Whoa.



That's great. Thank you.

Well, we got an I.D. The
victim's name is Jack Spindler.

He was reported missing yesterday
by his boss at Duncore Investments.

The stripper was moonlighting
as a stockbroker?


- Is that him?
- Mm-hmm.

What's up with this cash?
You taking me out?

No. I found it
in the victim's clothing.

It's mostly singles.
About a hundred bucks.

He was probably killed
right after a gig.

Well, if I can figure out
what service he worked for,

they should be able to tell us
where his last gig was.

Hence the naked men
on your screen?

Trouble is, none of them
use their real names,

and doesn't seem like he worked
for any of the agencies.

He was probably trying to keep
his otherjob a secret...

from his bosses at Duncore.

I guess it's hard
to make a living...

on a hundred bucks in tips.

Wait a minute.

When people tip the strippers,

they usually give them more
than one bill, don't they?

Why? Are you thinking prints?

Because there could be hundreds
of those on any one bill.

But if we find the same print
on multiple bills,

it'll tell us who gave him the money
the night that he died.

You know, if I had any non-crime-related
cash on me right now,

I would be stuffing it
down those pants.

Oh, yeah?
You mean... these pants?




Here it comes.
Oh, sweetheart.

- Those boys ain't got nothing on your husband.
- Oh, I am so into this!

[ Laughing I


Where did you play?

I played around the country
for about 20 years. Yeah.

You know, I actually did
a gig at the Carlyle Hotel.

Daily News loved me. Well, why wouldn't
they, Mom? You got a great voice.

You were always a little tone-deaf.

So how'd you end up
in Atlantic City?

Well, about four years ago, urn,

Reggie, my piano player-

Sweet guy.
I think you'd like him-

decided to open up a club on the
Boardwalk and asked me to join him.

Hmm. Reggie.

Yeah, Reggie.
I-I have to tell you.

I just think your home
is beautiful.

Well, it's your home now too.

The door's always open. Do you
remember “The Continental”?

Uh, not as much as you do.
♪ It's something different ♪

Here it goes.

♪ The Continental ♪

♪ Something different
Absolutely new ♪

♪ You are so subtle ♪

♪ The Continental ♪

Remember when I would teach you to
dance, your dad would get so mad?

And you'd just laugh.

You'd laugh. I don't
want to talk about Dad.

All right. 'Cause it's done. It's done.
Look at what you've accomplished.

Come on.
Look at me.

We won, baby.

You're right. We did.

♪ Two bodies dancing ♪

♪ The Continental ♪♪

Wow, okay.

Someone wanted
to say good night.

Oh, look at this little noodle.

I thought Booth
was your little noodle.

Well, he was,
and so was his brother,

but you can't have
too many noodles.

I'm too old to be a noodle, you know.
She can be the doctor noodle.

It's true. All right.
You can be Grandma Noodle.

All right.

Must have been
so hard for you...

to run away from your children.

Bones, come on. We're
having a good time here.

Well, it's clear
that she had to.

I imagine the injury to
your left greater trochanter...

and femoral head
was caused by a beating.

It must have been severe to cause
you to limp after all these years.

If you're talking about my hip, yes,
I was thrown down a flight of stairs.

And it will never
happen to me again.

But I knew I had to leave.

I blamed myself all these years.

But seeing what he has here
and what you've given him,

I knew that he was strong.

And I was right.

You were.

He's the strongest man I know.

You remember that song that I used to
sing to you before you'd go to bed?

- Oh, not the monkey song.
- Yes, the monkey song.

♪ Five little monkeys
jumping on a bed ♪


♪ One fell off
and hurt his head ♪

♪ Mama called the doctor
and the doctor said ♪

♪ No more monkeys
jumping on the bed ♪

♪ Four little monkeys ♪

♪ Jumping on the bed ♪ Jump.

♪ One fell off
and bumped his head ♪

♪ Mama called the doctor
and the doctor said ♪

♪ No more monkeys
jumping on the bed ♪

♪ Three little monkeys jumping-♪♪

So you reported Jack missing two days ago.
Am I correct, Mr. Harrison?

Yeah, I reported him.
Spindler never missed work.

So when I couldn't get him on the
phone, I knew something was wrong.

- Was he a good employee?
- He was the hardest-working son of a bitch I had.

Guy brought in five million in new accounts
while he was still in the trainee program.

Sounds like he was responsible
for a lot of clients.

I'm sure they wouldn't be too happy
if he lost a chunk of all that cash.

- We don't lose our clients' money.
- Hmm.

But with market conditions
being what they are,

certain fluctuations
can cause a downturn-

That's great. I'm gonna need his work
computer and a list of all his clients.

Sure. I'll have my assistant
shoot it over to you.

Great. You're aware that
he was a stripper, right?


You got to be wrong.

The guy was making serious bank at
the firm. He wouldn't need to strip.

No, it's true.
He was a stripper.

And, as his boss, I'm surprised
you didn't know that.

The only thing I cared about was
how much money he brought in.

I wonder how your boss would react if
he found out that you hired a stripper.

I don't like
where this is going.

I can't imagine you do. But you know what?
We're done for now.


Hey, I have a little expertise
in government pensions.

I could increase your annual return
if you just let me invest a small portion-

We're done, for now. You can
leave the badge on the table.


I don't get it. I've been
down to my last five bucks,

but even then, I wouldn't
take my clothes off for money.

You know, based on your robust
frame, muscular build...

and symmetrical features, you can make
a good income as an exotic dancer.

Then I wasted a lot of money
on grad school.

The victim was educated and
had a successful profession.

Are you trying to get me
to strip, Dr. B.?

I'm just saying that
I understand the impulse.

It's a way to project power
and fertility.


It seems the calf implants were not the only
surgical procedures performed on the victim.

The proximal end of the
tibia has been cut and realigned.

This is evidence
of a tibial osteotomy.

Based on the extensive remodeling,
he had this surgery done years ago.

He must have suffered
from Blount's disease.

It's very common in severely
overweight children.

Then I imagine he didn't start
stripping as a kid.

Not professionally, at least.

This guy was clearly
in love with himself.

Think someone else was too.
Looks like he had a girlfriend.

So the vaginal fluid Hodgins found in his
underwear will probably come to nothing.

- So, uh, how's it going with your morn?
- It's great.

Her and Bones are getting along.
It's great.

- Oh, that's great.
- And Christine too. They love each other.

Nice. One question.

Since it seems to be
going so well.

You're in the F.B.l. Could've
tracked her down at any point.

Yeah, I could've. But, you know, I figured she
would find me when the time was right for her.

And the time was right,
and she found me.

Yeah. Yeah.


Dr. Brennan said the victim
was overweight as a child.

You're saying
that's why he was killed?

Well, I'm saying that his past could
explain why he has all these mirrors.

Whoa! All right. Look.

Spindler had painful
body image issues.

By stripping, he's finally able to gain the
acceptance and attention that he needed.

His voice mail.

Don't you need
a password for that?

It's voice mail. Doesn't
everybody just use “1234”?

Well, I do, but now I'm gonna change that.

You have one message.

Hey, Jack,
where the hell are you?

I'm not gonna put up with
this anymore, you bastard.

Iswear, if I find out you're cheating
on me again, you're finished.

Sounds like he was
getting attention from someone.

She doesn't sound happy.

Okay, so it says here your
father is Andrew Mineta?

The founder of
Atlantis Airlines?


So, what's a girl like you
doing dating a stripper?

You're not a very good
shrink, are you?

Excuse me?

It's pretty simple,
according to mine.

It's a passive-aggressive attempt
to get my father's attention.

Okay, so you're in therapy.
For the past eight years.

You know, we heard the message that
you left Jack the night he died.

That message was nothing.
We were always fighting.

You're saying it's just a coincidence that
you threatened him and now he's dead?

There are no coincidences. I'm sure
your shrink told you that too.

I wasn't gonna kill Jack.
Just his career.

If Duncore found out he was
stripping, Jack would kill himself.

Do you feel that that's what
your father would've wanted?

When Jack was trying
to get promoted,

he convinced my family
to invest a million dollars...

to set him over
the five million dollar mark.

Okay, well, then your father's
disapproval was warranted.

That must have been very
difficult emotionally.

Duh, Sigmund.

I was warned that Jack was nothing
but a self-absorbed user.

But he was so charming.

And he had those abs.

So was it your father
that warned you?

No, one of Jack's friends.

Storm? Storm what?

Just Storm. Like Cher.

He helped Jack get into stripping
when Jack was broke.

Jack repaid him
by stealing his clients.

So did Storm ever
confront Jack about this?

They got into an epic fight at
the gym a couple of weeks ago.

But Jack said
they were okay now.

And you believed him?

But then again, for months,

I also believed
he wasn't cheating on me.

Are we done?

I have a shrink appointment
at 2:00.



So why'd you want to meet here?

As a kid, you used to love coming here.
It would make you happy.

Yeah, I remember.

You used to love that chessboard.
You used to love to be the knight.

Yeah, I remember you telling me that I had to
protect the king and the queen from bad guys.

That's right. And now you're
doing it in the F.B.l. for real.

So what is this, just
a trip down memory lane?

No. I have some news.

And I thought this would be
a good place to tell you.

Good news, I hope.

Very good news.
All right.

Do you remember the guy I was
telling you about last night?

Reggie, the piano player.

We're getting married.

And you're going to have a sister
and another brother too.


Yeah, Reggie's kids. They're great.
You're gonna love them.

And I-

I want you to
give me away, Seeley.

I'm sorry. So you've been a mom to...
his kids?

Yeah, well, we've been together
for quite some time,

and they were at an age where
they could still use a mother.

Like Jared and I were.

Come on.
It's not like that, Seeley.

I thought you couldn't
handle a family, Mom.

But I guess that
was just our family.

No, I-That's not how it was.
I forgave you.

I gave you a pass
all of these years, right?

But you know what? Hey, I guess I
was just making it okay for myself.

You know what? I thought about you every
day! What were you thinking, Mom?

Were you blaming us
for the beatings?

Is that why you couldn't come
back and see us anymore?

You are being ridiculous.
Ridiculous? Really?

You come back here to get my stamp of approval
on your new life so you don't feel guilty.

Well, get this. It's been 24 years.
Feel guilty.

This was a mistake.

Yeah. A big one.

I'll get my things and I'll
move back to the hotel. Yeah.

That's the best decision
you've made in a long time.

The D.N.A. from the vaginal
fluid was inconclusive.

I couldn't find a match because the
victim's D.N.A. contaminated it.

You found something?

I photographed and scanned
the bills that Hodgins found,

and I'm searching them
for prints.

The same print on multiple bills...

should point to whomever placed
the bills in the victim's pants.

Only a few fives and 10s.

I wonder what he had to do
to earn those.

Actually, that probably had more to
do with the tipper than the stripper.

Your research again?

Yes. I discovered that I tend
to be a more generous tipper...

while I was ovulating.

Okay. So for one's economic well-being,
only bring singles when ovulating.

Got it.

Did you find any usable prints?

Well, unfortunately, most of the bills
were slathered in the same coconut oil...

- that he was slathered in.
- That seems to be a no.

But I might have found something
even better than a print.

Notice anything telling?
Looks like it was recently rolled up.

You got it.

If this bill was up
somebody's nose,

the epithelial cells could give us
the user's uncontaminated D.N.A.

I'm sorry, Booth.

You know what?
It's my own fault.

Everyone warned me
it was too good to be true.

Perhaps she didn't
explain herself well.

You know, Bones, you're
a good person, the best.

But I don't need anyone to put a-
a good face on this, all right?

I'm not. I just think-Just
move on, all right? I'm fine.

I was fine before, I'll be fine now.
Let's just talk about the case.

Sure. All right. I'd
appreciate that.

Have you had any luck
tracking down Storm?

Guy lives in an R.V. I put out an A.P.B.
on the thing this morning.

You think that he'd be willing to kill because
the victim stole some of his clients?

Sweets says it's probably not about
the wallet and more about his ego.

You know, he's getting older.
He's not looking so good.

I'm sure Sweets said that if Storm didn't
know what else to do with himself,

he would lash out at the person
he viewed as a threat.

In this case, our victim.

That is exactly what he said.

Which proves that a person doesn't need
any special training to spout psychobabble.

I got a hit. Storm's R.V. is parked
outside a house in Arlington.


Did you ever consider stripping?
Really? No.

Well, you have an alluring personality
and a wonderful physique.

Well, so do you, but you
wouldn't strip. I did.

For my paper.

I wouldn't be much of
a scientist if I hadn't.

- You were a stripper?
- Well, it was only once.

I got too much going on right now.
I don't need to hear this, Bones.

I used fans. Large fans.
You would have enjoyed it.

Let's just crash the party, okay?
It was-

Enough with the fans.
a burlesque tease.

Okay, that's great.
It was a tease.


Oh, no! Ohh!

9h, my God!

- Whoa! Hey!
- You're such a tease!

It's open!



Okay, all right, everybody!
Everybody quiet up!

All right, Magic Mike,
put the clothes back on.

F.B.l. Let's go.

Sweet! Another stripper!

No! I am not another stripper!
I'm F.B.l.!

Sure you are. That's why you
have a “Cocky” belt buckle.

I told you you were alluring.

Come on, man! Who the hell sent you here?
This is my gig!

Your friend Jack Spindler
was found murdered, pal.

His skull was crushed
beyond recognition.

Oh, my God. Wow.

These strippers really
have elaborate backstories.

Oh, wow. Really?

Officer Storm.
Metro Police.

I can arrest you for
impersonating a peace officer.

You gonna start hauling
kids in on Halloween too?

I wouldn't be a smart-ass
if I were you, okay?

Not when you're
a murder suspect.

Jack was my friend.
Why would I kill him?

We know that you got into a
fight with him two weeks ago.

Jack stole some clients from me,
so I called him out.

There's evidence of a fracture
to the neck of the distal end...

of his fourth metacarpal
on Jack's right hand.

What the hell is she saying?

No idea. But we have proof that you
did more than just call him out.

I gave him a
couple of gut checks...

so he knew not to
poach clients again.

What about last weekend? Saturday nights
are the most profitable for strippers.

Didn't see him. It's not like there
was any bad blood between us.

Yeah, because what's a few broken
distal fourth things amongst friends?

- That doesn't make sense, Booth.
- He gets the idea.

We made up.

Jack knew I needed the money, so
he set me up with some gigs...

that he couldn't handle
'cause of his finance thing.

Call the place you found me. The birthday
girl will tell you Jack referred me.

We have forensic evidence that Jack
had intercourse the night he died.

To him, it was a perk.

I warned him that it was
bad business, dangerous even,

if the wrong boyfriend
or husband found out.

We officially have
cause of death-

a sudden sharp blow
to the posterior C3 vertebra.

A V-shaped cut at almost
a perfect 90-degree angle.

Impact caused a severe
contusion to the spinal cord.

Can't live without a spinal cord.

There's trace
wedged in the wound.

It's the reason I'm here. Okay,
there's a lot in here, man.

These metallic flakes-
they look like aluminum.

This fiber looks like some kind of
synthetic polymer, and... bingo.

It's the antenna and front vestigial
wing of a C/'mex hem/pterus.

It's a bedbug. One trapped
in a V-shaped cut.

Yeah, yeah.

So, all right, we already know that
the victim was in a fight, right?

What if he gets punched?

He falls back. Yes, his neck collides
hard with the corner of the bed frame.

The fiber's from the sheet.

Which was crawling with bedbugs.

Maybe the victim really did get caught
sleeping with another guy's girl.

I'm busy.

This won't take long,
and then I'll be gone.

I can understand how you feel.
I'd probably feel the same way.

But kids make their parents
into gods,

so we can't do anything
but disappoint you.

I really don't need to hear this.
Yes, you do.

I am no god, Seeley.

I am just a person,
like everybody else.

I make mistakes.
Clearly, big ones.

I should've handled this
differently coming here.

And there's nothing I can
say to make you forgive me.

But I sure as hell am gonna forgive myself,
because I have a little time left.

And I am entitled to try and be happy,
even if it's just for a little bit.

Reggie is a good man.

He'd never lift a finger to me.

And it took a lot of courage
to share him with you.

'Cause I-I wanted you...

to taste a little bit of
the happiness that I had,

because it seems like all I've
ever done is give you misery.

That's what I couldn't face.

Just all the things
I did to you.

Do I wish I could
do it differently?

Oh, yes.

But I can't turn back the clock.

And apparently, neither can you.

So these last two days-

I'm gonna take them with me.

You can't have them back.

Good-bye, Seeley.

I've been looking
through Jack's computer.

Any evidence of
disgruntled customers?

Nope. All gruntled.
All very, very gruntled.

So I've been focusing on the investments
that Jack made for his Duncore clients...

over the past six months.

His boss said he was
very good at his job.

Yeah, it seems so now.

Although, there's a ton of stuff
to go through.

There are a ton of e-mails from his
boss pressuring him to do better.

Very stressful.

Perhaps stripping was
a way for him to relax.

Speaking of stress,
how is Booth?

I thought it was gonna be fine.

He seemed so happy
to see her again...

and for Christine
to meet her grandmother.

So, not so good.


I liked her.

But I don't think I can
say that, not-not now.

Maybe that's exactly
what you should say.

I got a hit. Can you
bring up my station?

The D.N.A. from the epithelial
cells on the bill...

belong to a Cynthia White, 24.

Police broke up a fight between her and her
fiance on the night of her bachelorette party.


Yeah. And her epithelial
cells are a match...

for the partial D.N.A.
from the vaginal fluid.

That is her fiance, who was
booked and released for battery.

So her fiancé must have found out
that she slept with Jack Spindler.

So you like beating up
yourfiancée, huh?

It's a misunderstanding.
I just pushed her.

Why don't you tell me
what the fight was about?

- Just pre-wedding jitters, you know?
- Pre-wedding jitters.

Sure it wasn't about your fiancée
having her bachelorette party?

What happened between Cynthia and me is none
of your business. She didn't press charges.

Oh, it is my business, Jason.

Because if it was just about Cynthia
sleeping with the stripper,

you wouldn't be here right now.

How did you know about that?

I know a lot of things-
more than you think.

So why don't you do yourself a
favor and tell me what happened?

Okay. I got mad.

Sometimes Cynthia gets
a little wild when she drinks.

- Snorts a little cocaine?
- Damn, was there a hidden camera?

Maybe. You got jealous, right?

Because you knew there was
gonna be a stripper there.

I just wanted to check in on things, you
know? Because you didn't trust her.

And I was right.
She admitted it.

€œOne last fling, ” she said.

I flipped out a little. Right,
and you killed the stripper.

No. He was long gone,
I swear.

This was between me and Cynthia.

So, fiancé has an alibi
for the night of the murder.

And Hodgins searched the hotel where
Cynthia had her bachelorette party.

He found no bedbugs or
matching particulate evidence.

Great. We got a killer out
there laughing at us.

This-This has been
a banner of a day.

Booth, I know you don't want
to talk about your mother.

She came to see me.

You know,
tried to explain herself.

That's good, isn't it?

I didn't say a word.

I just stared at her.

And I let her go
without saying anything.

You could call.

No. Too angry.

I'm just angry.
That's all.

And it's-
I just feel like him.

Who? My dad. I feel like my dad.

You know? He-He would
blame her for everything.

My mom would apologize, and
he would just stare at her.

You are not your father.

Really? Really?

Because, you know, I grew up in a
household of violence and hatred.

And look at me now.
I look for that every day.

What? Murder, cruelty.

Every day, you try to stop it.

Every day, you prove
what a good man you are.

Then why didn't I stop her?
Why didn't I stop my own mom?

Because it's difficult.

Isn't that what you
said about my dad?

How long did it take me
to forgive him?

You think I still
don't get angry?

Maybe it's just simpler
this way, Bones.

Is that what your religion says?

Really? Religion? You gonna bring
that into this conversation now?

The Jesus myth is all about
forgiveness, isn't it?

It's not a myth.

Absolution, our ability
to transform ourselves.

So you grew up suffering.

In the myth, Jesus suffered, and
he forgave those. It's not a myth.

Please, Booth.

Water to wine, raising the
dead, walking on water-

these defy the basic
laws of physics.

But forgiveness-

that's its value.

That's why the myth has endured.

So I finished going through
the victim's work computer.

These are all the clients
listed, as you can see.

That's a whole lot of people who've
saved more money than I have.

Yeah, but the total assets for all
these clients is only 2.4 million.

His boss said that Jack's clients
had over five million in assets.

Yeah, that's the thing. Why didn't his
boss give us access to all of them?

Jack's girlfriend, Kristy
Mineta, isn't even listed.

Why hide only certain clients?

Well, that wasn't
the only thing hidden.

There's evidence of e-mails that his boss,
Seth, scrubbed after Jack was killed.

- Can you reconstruct them?
- Seriously? You have to ask?

So the e-mails outline
his boss's strategy...

for buying large amounts of a cheap,
risky stock called Venture Command.

I've got a bad feeling about this.
Yeah, and you should.

The plan was to buy the stock cheap,
artificially inflate the value...

and sell it to unsuspecting clients
before it crashes.

- And that's legal?
- No, it's not.

It's a felony practice known
as a “pump and dump.”

Does no one on Wall Street
have a conscience?

Well, Jack Spindler
might have had one.

Take a look at this e-mail
that Jack sent back to his boss.

€œSeth, I don't know if I can do this.
We need to talk.”

Jack sent that three days
before he was killed.

I am not incriminating myself.
I am not stupid.

I am a graduate
of the Wharton School of Business.

You have to understand
something here, Seth.

This is a homicide
investigation, okay?

Financial crimes?
They're not my concern.

I don't care. Just explain
to me what happened.

That's all.

The full client list
wasn't on Jack's computer...

because it's Duncore policy
that a senior agent-me-

oversee trainee accounts.

So you took credit
for Jack's clients?

It's corporate hazing. Part
of a trainee paying his dues.

You want a list of the clients
we shared, no problem.

That'd be great, yeah. Also...

maybe you could tell me about this “pump and
dump” scam involving Venture Command stock.

Seth. Seth, look at me.

Financial crimes,
not my concern.

I may even, you know, take you up
on that advice on my pension.

Venture Command
was a small company.

I supervised the purchase
of a few million shares.

We promoted the stock in chat
rooms, through e-mail blasts.

We told our clients
the stock was a sure thing.

I would never do that
with your pension.

Of course not.
Not you.

But Jack,
he didn't want any of it.

Not true.
He was my best trainee.

Then how do you explain
this e-mail?

Here's what I think happened.
He threatened to expose you.

You didn't want to spend any
time in federal prison,

so to keep him quiet,
you killed him.

No, no. No, I wasn't even in
town the night Jack was killed.

I was in Vegas!
I have receipts!

I can probably find you
the hooker I was with!

Just explain
the e-mail to me.

Jack wasn't questioning the
legality of what we were doing.

€œL don't know
if I can do this”?

He wanted to know how to
get the client to bite.

So you're saying he was selling
worthless stock to his girlfriend?

The guy would screw anyone,
so long as he came out on top.

He was a real find.
I'm gonna miss him.

How much did
his girlfriend lose?

- 200 grand, easy.
- What?

She's the one
who would want him dead.

I think I got everything
that I need, really.

Thank you so much
for your cooperation.

You see, these two agents are
from the Treasury Department.

And they're gonna make sure
that you find a nice cell.

'Cause they heard everything
that you said.

What the hell? You said you had
no interest in financial crimes!

Uh, I don't. But these two, they do.
It's their job.

Have fun.

Seth Harrison's alibi
checks out.

One of his receipts shows that
he spent $8,000 at a club.

Yeah, his entire identity
was based on wealth.

Opulence, throwing money around was the
only way that he could feel powerful.

It's very similar to Jack removing
his clothes to display his man-

Okay, okay, I got it.
lgotH, okay?

The girlfriend
lost over $200,000.

Sounds like a good motive to me.
Have you talked to her?

I can't. Her father hired a bunch of
high-powered lawyers to get between us.

So she's off-limits unless the squints
find some evidence against her.

Yep, looks that way.

It looks like he was killed in a bedroom
during make-up sex that didn't work out.

How about you?
How you doing?

Sweets-I'm asking as a
friend, not a shrink.

I'm not doing too good.

These are the
depression fractures I found.

They don't seem to be the
injuries of a random beating.

You're right. I've seen
this injury profile before.

Please check the victim's ossicular
chain for damage, Mr. Bray.

You think the ears were
damaged during the beating?

They were-displaced fractures
to the incus and stapes.

The depressed fractures and
the displaced ossicular chain...

are consistent with the victim being
pistol-whipped with the butt of a gun.

I agree. But according to Hodgins, there
was no trace that would indicate a gun.

But these injuries are clearly
consistent with that kind of assault.

I identified the mystery particulate
that was found in the bedbug wound.

It's residue from
oxidized malachite,

which is from a smelting plant
near the Kingford Hotel.

Now, the city has a string of complaints
against the Kingford for bedbugs.

That's where the murder
must have taken place.

But you found no trace
that would indicate...

the injuries
were caused by a gun?

- None.
- Because the gun wasn't actually a gun.

What am I missing? What is die-cast
metal made of, Dr. Hodgins?

It's an alloy comprised of
zinc, aluminum and copper.

- Why?
- All three of which are present in the wounds.

The victim was beaten
with a toy pistol.

Found that gun in your R.V.

So? it's a toy.

It's part of my cop costume.
Doesn't even fire blanks. I know.

- I don't think you killed him with it.
- So what's this all about then?

I think you beat him with it.

The Kingford Hotel said you rented a
room the night that Jack was killed.

I was stripping there that night.
Used the room to change.

Jack met you there
after his gig.

You're on his client list...

for $5,000.

You needed that money. Your
body's not getting any younger.

Pretty soon, women are going to
ask you to put your clothes on.

Jack lost all your money
because the stock was worthless.

Oh, there's blood, Booth.

Jack was pistol-whipped with this gun.
That's all we need, Storm.

That 5,000 was every cent I had.

Jack promised me a sure thing. I
just wanted my money back. I-

I didn't want to kill him.

Just wanted to give him
a beating, you know?

But now, who cares?

I'm glad he's dead.

Okay, thanks.

You know, make sure they're
delivered on time, this afternoon.

Great. Thanks.

What did you order?

Uh, I found out, uh, where they were
getting married, and I sent some flowers.

That's really kind. Yeah, you
know, one step at a time.


Where'd that come from?

Your mother left it.
Christine won't put it down.

It's mine.

I know. She said that you were never
without it when you were little.

You like it, huh, Christine?

Well, there she is.

That must be
Reggie she's hugging.



Oh, my,

Oh. You made it.

Oh, thank you, baby.

That's for you. Oh, they're beautiful.


Come meet my son.
Yes. Come on.

Seeley? Yeah.

Reggie. Nice to
meet you, Reggie.

Very nice to meet you.
And these are my kids.

♪♪ ♪ I!
takes a lot of time ♪

♪ There's so much
you've got to leave behind ♪

♪ And hold it like a treasure
if you can find ♪

♪ Something good in this world ♪

♪ Something good in this world ♪

♪ Da-da-da, da-da-da
Da-da-da, da ♪

♪ Da-da-da-da-da ♪

♪ Da-da-da, da-da-da
Da-da-da, da ♪

♪ There's so much hard earth
to dig ♪

♪ In these days of curse
that we live ♪

♪ I'm absolutely sure
that in the midst, r

♪ There's something good
in this world ♪

Over here! Over here!
Yes! Yes!

♪ Something good in this world ♪

♪ Oh, keep on lookinQr

♪ Da-da-da, da-da-da ♪

♪ Da-da-da, da
Da-da-da ♪♪

What's that mean?