Bones (2005–2017): Season 8, Episode 20 - The Blood from the Stones - full transcript

An undercover police officer, who was investigating a string of ATM robberies, turns up dead in a van with a bag of diamonds found inside his mutilated body. So the Jeffersonian team must ...

Hey, what do we got? Based
on the desiccated tissue,

I'd put time of death
at five to seven days.

Nobody saw the car
drive up or anyone leave.

That's why criminals
like a vacant lot, I guess.

Wow. Oh!
That's a first.

Okay, Bones, isn't this guy
a little meaty for you?

Actually, the only tissue on the
body is the flesh that you can see.

Sure excited, aren't you?

I have read about this, but I
have never actually seen it.

The remains decayed
in two different ways...

because the body was exposed
to two different climates.

What are you saying? Like, he
was moved here from Florida?

She's referring
to microclimates.

It occurs when there are two radically different
environments in a surprisingly small area.

Well, there's rabbit ears
in the pockets. Shirt ripped open.

Someone was looking for
something, that's for sure.

- I'm guessing there's no I.D.
- All we found is what you see.

Huh. Cause of death?

Well, it's a little early, but I'm
not going with natural causes.

- You got that right.
- Well, of course she did.

The likelihood of it being anything
other than murder is remote.

Okay, what do we got here, huh?

Toolbox, aerosol cans-

Ladies and gentlemen, jackpot

Ah, a sawed-off shotgun.
That's old-school.

Old-school is right.
Winchester Model 12.

Looks like the serial number
was filed off.

- Hey, let's dust this for prints, okay?
- Got it.

The victim was shot at
least twice, not with a shotgun.

The bullet shattered the fifth and
sixth ribs on the right side.

It looks like someone
dug out the slugs here...

so we wouldn't be able
to I.D. them.

Well, I know it's early,
but I'm ruling out suicide.

Suicide would be impossible...

due to the trajectory of the bullet
through the costal cartilage.

You're right. You're absolutely right.
I'm wrong. Okay, let's go.

Let's get the climate guy
back to the Jeffersonian.

It was a joke, Bones. Well,
it wasn't particularly funny.

We have Necrobia rufipes,

usually found
in cooler, dry climates,

and cheese skippers
in the chest cavity...

that are usually found
where it's hot and humid.

You've never seen them
living together before?

Never. I mean, this is like
Congress, only functional.

Hello, Dr. Brennan,
Dr. Hodgins.

This is Andrew Jursic.

We are in the middle of an
examination, Dr. Saroyan.

Oh. This is going well

Hey, I know you.
You're a documentarian, right?

Wars, killer animals.

Oh, man, you are fearless.

No, I just realized that...

in a world without love, pain and death
are a foregone conclusion,

so why fear
what you can't control?

Andrew's been commissioned to shoot a
film to raise funds for the Jeffersonian,

so we are to give him access
to everything we do.

- As long as he's not in the way.
- Trust me, you won't even know I'm here.

What are you doing?

Oh, by, uh, wearing the camera,

I give the audience
an immersive experience.

The camera sees and feels
what I see and feel.

No, it's ridiculous.

Cameras are inanimate objects.
They have no feelings.

Well, this is gonna be
just great.

How about we continue
with the examination?

Dr. Jack Hodgins here.

About to analyze insects
and particulates...

to help solve this mysterious
and puzzling crime.

And now Andrew can get a good
shot of Dr. Brennan's sidekick...

analyzing the particulates
way over there.

Uh, I'm-I'm not a sidekick.
I'm king of the lab.

Of course you are.

You're patronizing me.
I'm-I'm king of the lab.

You should know that it is my job to
direct the team while solving a case.

I'm clearly the protagonist
in your film.

That's kind of my call.

The, uh, desiccated tissue...

has totally distorted
the victim's features.

Removing it
in our normal manner...

would slow down
making a facial reconstruction.

Quickly identifying the victim is one of the
first and most important things that I do.

I will remove this abdominal tissue
so you can get to the bones.


Ah, revolting.
I love it.

Drug mule. I did a film
on the Colombian cartels.

Almost got beheaded.

Drugs are certainly
a motive for murder.

Oh. These aren't drugs.


Nice plot twist.

Oh, boy.

His features are too distorted for me
to get an accurate sketch.

I'd have to fill in too many variables
for it to be usable.

Well, I'm trying to fix that
for you right now.

This is diluted
maceration fluid.

Combined with radiant heat,

it just might rehydrate
and soften his skin.

You really are one of them,
you know that?

- Them?
- The big brains who belong here.

You just hide it.

And you dress a lot better.

I'm ready for my close-up.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Brennan thinks this film
is all about her.

- Ah.
- The Jeffersonian board asked for Dr. Edison.

Another scientist is always
a valuable addition.

And they thought it would also
be a good idea for me to, uh,

temper Dr. Brennan's
usual abrasive manner.

Does Brennan know about this?
Know about what?

Clark will be working...

alongside Brennan for the film.


Dr. Hodgins, diamonds.

The diamonds
are all gem quality,

valued at about 200 grand.

They were all pried
from settings-

rings, necklaces.

So they were stolen.

Oh, my God!

Why is this not being filmed?

Am I missing something?

Holy crap!

You might want to start
snapping photos now, Angela.

Who knows where
this is gonna go?

Oh, Seeley Booth.

The VIN number and license plate from
the victim's vehicle came back stolen.

That's okay. We got a match
on Angela's facial reconstruction.

Quentin Coles?

Oh, here we go. Mr. Coles worked
as a security guard...

for Oscar Schultz's
Diamond Wholesalers.

Right? I guess we now know...

where, uh, he got the diamonds
that he swallowed.

And he's got a criminal record.

You'd think a diamond merchant
hires a security guard,

he does some kind of
background check.

Tell you what, maybe
the diamond merchant...

wanted a crooked security guard.

- Birds of a feather-
- Flock together.

Okay, also,
four of Oscar's customers,

last year, accused him...

of swapping out their real diamonds with
glass when they got their rings cleaned.

Crooked security guard
steals already stolen diamonds-

what can Oscar do
except take care of it himself?

Exactly. Cheers to that.

What are you doing
drinking coffee...

when you should be questioning
Oscar Schultz...

for the possible murder
of Quentin Coles?

Sometimes you need a cup of
coffee to refresh yourself.

That's okay. You already ruined
my experience anyway. Thanks.

Well, thanks for the coffee.
Right. Well,

it's two days old, by the way.

I love old things.

Ah, Dr. Brennan.

Mr. Jursic. Dr. Edison,
what are you doing here?

Forensics is my domain.

Historical anthropology
is yours.

True, but the board
wanted me to, um-

They wanted me to back up
your findings and perhaps...

make them a bit more
presentable for the film.

I'm capable of that.

Look, people are gonna
want to give the kid money.

You, I'm not so sure.

- What are you-
- Why do you have a camera on your head?

As the protagonist, it makes sense that
you'd want shots from my point of view.

Dr. Edison, please try
to provide information...

that would give a donor
the confidence to donate.


You see,
Hodgins just returned...

the rib shards
from being swabbed,

so I haven't yet had a chance
to assemble them.

There's absolutely no useful
information in what you just told me.

Such a unique sense of humor.


the victim had extensive
remodeled, antemortem breaks.

Note the blowout fracture
to the ocular orbit.

Congruent with a punch.

This wound to the sternum
could have come from a blade.

Remodeling shows that all of these injuries
occurred between two and five years ago.

They have no bearing
on our immediate investigation.

Based on striations,

this injury to the ulna
deserves our attention.

The bullet wound.

Those who live by the sword...

get shot by those who don't.

- Good one.
- Huh? Like it?

Just off the top of my head.
That's not even the saying.

What? Have Dr. Hodgins
swab for particulates.

Kid, you are a natural.

Ah! Thanks, man.
I got more.

Beautiful diamond
for a beautiful lady?

No wedding band-I assume
this is for an engagement.

Uh, yes?

Are you here to buy me
an engagement ring?

Uh, no.



Boyfrien-Boyfriend? No.

It seems weird to call
the father of my child “boyfriend.”



Yes. Am I your fiancé?


Uh, we have a deal that he'll
never ask me to marry him.


When the time comes to marry,
which I do not foresee,

he believes that I will ask him.

Then keep these beauties
in mind, darling.

No, no. We're-We're
not here for that.

These are VS1, conflict-free
diamonds from Canada.

Let's get on with the show.

Look how shiny that badge is.

Yeah, that's really shiny.
So, you're Oscar Schultz?

- Uh, yes. How can I help you?
- I'm F.B.l. Special Agent Seeley Booth.

- This here is my partner-
- And girlfriend.

Dr. Temperance Brennan.

So, you know this man?

I, uh-Oh.

His name is Quentin Coles. That's
all I'm gonna tell you about him.


Don't you people have
some kind of-

I don't know-
maybe some kind of alert?

- Did Quentin Coles work here?
- Sort of.

Sort of for how long, sort of?

Uh, I am really
not supposed to-

These look familiar to you?

- Damn, I never thought I'd see them again.
- They're yours?

Yes, but when Coles
took them, I-

No, I shouldn't
be saying anything.

'Cause you're hiding something.

- I think so.
- You think so?

Uh, I have to call the police.

You have to check a card
to call 911?

Excuse me. Let me see that. I'll
make that phone call for you, huh?

Let's see what's really
going on here.

Detective Dinco?

Joe Dinco.
D.C. Metro.

Yeah, Joe. it's Booth.

Yeah, well, I'm here with a
friend of yours, Oscar Schultz.

Seems like the two of you
have something in common.


Meet me in my office in
a half an hour.

I don't understand.

The victim
was an undercover cop.

What happened to his face?

His body was in a hot car for
several days before he was found.

Commander Dinco,
just to be clear,

you are identifying the man in these
photos as Quentin Coles, correct?

His real name is
Detective Reuben Martin.

Coles was his undercover identity
we set up for him at Metro.

I'm sorry, Joe. I know how tough
this is to lose one of your own.

Yeah. Thanks.

- I wondered why I hadn't heard from him in a while.
- What was Reuben working on?

He was closing in on a two-man crew that's
been hitting A.T.M.s throughout the city.

So far, they made off with
about a million and a half.

Look, why are you and the U.S.
Attorney interested?

I thought you were handing this over to me.
This is a local D.C. matter.

The vacant lot where
the detective was found...

was federal land that Senator
Brazina is trying to develop.

An unsolved murder on that property
makes that more difficult,

so I got my marching orders.

You understand, cher.

Agent Booth, you know me. I run a good
division. I'll find who did this.

We just want to help. Okay? When an officer
goes down, all of us are affected here.

It's no reflection on you, Joe.


Reuben was a good man.

In eight years, he never banged in sick.
He never dogged it.

And you think these cash machine
clowns were the ones who killed him?

He was getting close. That's why he
was working at the jewelry store.

They were buying diamonds
to wash the cash.

Exactly. A.T.M. cash is traceable.

When'd you lose track of him?

Six days ago.

- Did Reuben have any family?
- Just his wife, Lauren.

Oh, my God.
I gotta call her.

I'll take care of that.
Don't worry about it.

And we have a shrink here
who handles that kind of stuff.

- Joe, we also found, uh, diamonds in Reuben's stomach.
- What?

Yeah, we're thinking he lifted
the stones from the store.

- No, not Reuben.
- Wouldn't be the first time a cop got tempted...

to treat himself
after looking at his paycheck.

Reuben was clean.
Now look,

I'll work with you, but you
better watch yourselves.

- Reuben was my friend.
- I understand that, but we have to ask.

You would do
the same thing, Joe.

Okay, this time, try to be
a little less stiff, Dr. Brennan.

- Excuse me?
- You know, more, uh-

more casual and, uh, likable.

Like, uh, Edison there.

Let me take this, Tempe.

As you can see,
the directionality...

of the bone splintering
on the ribs...

suggests that he was shot
twice in his torso...

and once on the ulna.

Yes, yes.
And all on the right side.

The shot to the ulna appears
to have been a glancing blow,

and the size of the wounds
indicate-This is absurd.

Indicates that the shot
to the ribs...

was made by
a large-caliber bullet.

And the wound to the ulna was
from a smaller-caliber bullet.

The victim was
shot with two different guns.

Okay, now that was genius.

I actually am a genius.
Oh, wow.

The swabs from
the glancing blow to the-Oh.


The swabs from the glancing
blow to the ulna...

contain concrete aggregate,
traces of dried algae...

and peregrine falcon feces.

So the wound to the ulna...

was the result of a ricochet
off of a concrete structure.

The bullet transferred
the material...

from the object it struck
to the victim's ulna.

Yes. Yes.

Uh, can I get a camera too?

Dr. Hodgins, solving a murder
is more important than a camera.

And you'll look better on camera
without that thing on your head.


The algae is Enteromorpha,

which is found in shallow water.

And peregrine falcons are quite
rare, so that must be a clue.

Solving the case
is our business, Mr. Jursic.

Uh, no, he's-he's actually,
uh, correct.

They're not on the
endangered species list anymore,

but they are still
being tracked.

I did a little film for Nat Geo
called Birds, Our Flighty Friends.

The only local
pair of peregrine falcons...

are nesting here,

underneath the Benjamin Banneker,
um, Memorial Bridge...

in-in Washington, D.C.

Smile, sweetheart.
This is good news.

I'll tell Booth.

I'm not a sweetheart.

We're very sorry for
your loss, Mrs. Martin.

We're gonna find out who's responsible
for your husband's death.

It's Dinco.

Uh, why do you say that?

Dinco kept promising that the
next case would be his last.

Always lured Reuben, saying that there
would be a raise in it for him.

The only person who ever
got a raise was Dinco,

because of the work
that Reuben did.

Well, the-the politics of undercover
work can be very complicated.

We just wanted a vacation.


Nothing big.

You know, South Beach
for a couple weeks.

But even if we had the money,

he couldn't take the time
when he was working cases.

And now-

I'm sorry.

He deserved a good life.

We both did.

We had all these plans
when we got married.

Now they're all gone.
I'm sorry. Here.

Did, uh, Reuben discuss
his last case with you?

Reuben never talked to me
about his cases.

'Cause he didn't want me
to worry.

I don't care what anybody says.

I don't care
who pulled the trigger.

Reuben is dead because of Dinco.

All right.

it's okay. It's gonna be all right, okay?

Oh, there you are.

I brought you the files for the last
two cases Reuben Martin worked.

Shouldn't these go to Booth?
Booth has them.

But they also show
where Martin lived then,

and I thought they might give
you some environmental hooey...

that might show up
in his hair or teeth...

or whatever it is you people
look for in your crystal-


That's Andrew Jursic.

He's doing a fund-raising film
for the Jeffersonian.


His name. Andrew.


Name's Jursic.

Andrew Jursic.

Caroline, cher.

My name is Caroline.

Of course it is.

€œCaroline” means
“song of happiness.”


Ms. Julian is the U.S. Attorney
assigned to this case.

You have a camera on your head.

I know.

But it keeps my hands free.

That could come in handy.

- You speak Creole?
- Enough to get into trouble.

I spent some time in New
Orleans after the hurricane.

Okay. Well,
this has been fun,

but Ms. Julian and I
have things to discuss, so-

Of course.



Bones, there's a lot of concrete pillars
around here with missing chunks.

It's gonna be hard to find
where the bullet actually hit.

Well, we might find blood traces
indicating where he was shot.

What are you doing?
You smell like perfume.

Oh. The victim's wife-
she had a breakdown.

Oh. Her husband died
in the line of duty.

I wanted to make sure that
she knew that somebody cared,

so I gave her
a shoulder to cry on.

Oh, wait. We're at work.
You can't do that.

I don't care. I love you. Whoa,
don't step in the bird feces.

Bird feces?
Oh, thanks.

Falcons must have a nest nearby.

That would be where
the ricochet marks will be.

Agent Booth.

Over here.

- What is it?
- It looks like a bullet hit.

Definitely looks
like a bullet hit.

Whoa. Whoa what?

Falcons. They wouldn't be down here
unless they were guarding something.

What is it? Oh-

Well, it looks like someone was in a
hurry to leave, and they forgot this.


That's a dead foot.

The shoe protected the tissue
from decomposition.

And based on
the distal fibula...

and the histological
analysis of the osteons,

the foot belongs to a Caucasian
female in her early 20s.

No record of anyone showing up at a
hospital missing a foot in the last week.

Level of decay places time
of dismemberment at six days.

Which is approximately the same
time Reuben was shot and killed.

You should look at the
camera when you are talking.

I'm sorry. I thought
that was Andrew's job.

Andrew's not here, and this is
a crucial part of the case.

You want the Jeffersonian to
get their funds, don't you?

Of course.


There appears to be foreign
bodies in the flesh and bone.

Buckshot. Double- or triple-aught.

The foot was blown off
by a shotgun.

My guess-the shotgun
Booth found in Reuben's S.U.V.

We don't guess.
We're scientists.

Of course not.

But the particulates embedded
in Reuben's arm place him at the bridge,

so, by logical extension,

I posit Reuben's involvement
in this dismemberment.

That is better.

Do you think Dr. Edison
is more likable than I am?


Likability is so...

Not always. Pol Pot
couldn't have been likable.

Maybe at parties.

Dr. Brennan,
you are without question...

the most brilliant forensic
anthropologist in the country.

And I like you very, very much.

Well, that settles it.

Based on what I'm seeing,

losing her foot
wouldn't have killed this woman.

So she's probably
still out there somewhere.



I pulled video footage from
all the A.T.M.s the crew robbed.

Their faces
were never on camera,

and they were usually in and
out within two minutes.

I hate smart criminals.

I haven't even gotten
to the smart part yet.

They used a remote hack to get
the A.T.M.s' I.P. addresses,

uploaded a program that commanded the
A.T.M.s to spit out all their cash...

when a coded card was inserted.

They're dancin'.
Look at 'em!

Gonna be tough to dance
on one foot now.

I was able to trace
the A.T.M.s' root code...

to a rental house that uses
the Carlisle University server.

The tenants of
the rental house are-

College kids.

Paula Byrne and Marcos Herrera.

Cyber criminology majors at
Carlisle University, College Park.

Good work, Angela.
I'll get a warrant.


Uh, an “excuse me”
would be nice.

Sure. Excuse me.


- What's this about?
- I'm just...

obtaining some transitional footage
of people while they work.

L-I need some
personal advice.

I don't do that,

and I especially
don't do it on Candid Camera.

Oh, yeah. Right. Uh-

it's about Caroline.

Oh, God.

I just want to know if she's
married or if she has a boyfriend.

Caroline is currently unattached.
She's divorced.

I hope it was ugly and painful and
that she's had no second thoughts.

Yeah, I-l thought
you didn't believe in love.

Aw, me too.

But maybe you could offer some small
details of her personal life.

Oh, God, seriously?

I just need some insight
into who she really is.


recently got a...

furry cover
for her steering wheel.

God, I have furry dice!
This is kismet!

Thank you so much, Dr. Saroyan.

God bless.


The university said that Paula
and Marcos registered to this house.

Cam says this filmmaker guy
has this thing for Caroline.

Wha-A thing?
What kind of a thing?

He likes her. Oh, well,
we should warn Caroline.

Whoa, why? No.
He's not a bad guy.

You know, Caroline-she's been alone
for a long time.

Let Cupid do its thing.

F.B.l. Open up.

Whoa. Booth.

I smell putrefaction.
There could be a corpse in there.

F.B.l. Okay, just stay
behind me, you understand?

That is a bad smell.

That's Paula Byrne.

_ Qh_

[ Coughing 1

The end of her leg is gangrened.

Someone improvised a tourniquet
and cauterized her arteries...

with a lighter
and a coat hanger.

Hey, where's your roommate?
Where's Marcos?

- She needs an ambulance.
- I'll call it in.

Paula? Paula,
can you hear me?

Yeah, it's Booth.

Got it?
All the way. Clear.

Hold on. Hold on. Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa!

Hold on.
I said hold on!

- Where's your roommate? Where's Marcos?
- She needs pain meds.

- Not yet. Where's Marcos?
- Booth, she needs medication. She's clearly not doing well.

In better shape than Reuben Martin, huh?
You want those meds?

You want those meds? Tell me
where your roommate is-Marcos.

I don't know!
What happened at the bridge?

- God, give me something for the pain.
- That is enough, sir.

I said no!
She shot a cop, all right?

You don't have her until I'm
done, you understand? Now talk.

We wanted to exchange
our cash for diamonds,

and the fence
showed up with diamonds.

- God!
- Booth!

Not until she's finished, you understand?
What happened?

He pulled out a shotgun
and took our money,

and Marcos freaked out and shot,

and the guy shot back
and blew my foot off!

- Yeah, you shot too.
- I didn't shoot anybody.

The guy was a cop.
He was murdered in his car.

- Did Marcos do it?
- Marcos was with me,

stopping the bleeding.

MY foot!

Paula, where's Marcos?
Where? Where?

Paula? Paula!

She's all yours.

- I need that hydromorphone.
- Standing by.

Okay, come on. Let's get
her out of here. Go ahead. Move it!

All right.

So, I, uh-I heard you got a little
rough with our one-footed suspect.

I just asked her a few questions before
they drove her off in an ambulance.

Hey, don't get me wrong.
I'm on your side.

So, what did she say?

She said that Reuben was dirty,
that he ripped them off.

That's why the shooting started. He
also blew her foot off with a shotgun.

I don't believe it.
Kid was delirious, right?

Diamonds in the stomach,
cash gone missing-

doesn't sound
too far-fetched to me, Joe.

Wait a second. I thought
you were on our side. Oh,

I'll do anything
to help out a fellow cop...

except if they're trying
to break the law.

I don't like the way
you're looking at me, Booth.

There's something
I'm not getting here, Joe.

Someone who's in charge
of all these officers, and yet...

you really don't know
what's going on?

So this is what it means
by F.B.l. cooperation?

Think what you want.

I have all my men looking
for the roommate. So do I.

So when we bring him in, that's when
we'll find out what happened to Reuben.

- Thanks for your time.
- Yeah.

You could've just sent
the results to my office, cher.

Andrew thought
it'd be good for the film...

to show how the Jeffersonian and the
federal prosecutor's office work together.

Oh, did he?

I know how to please
an audience.

You realize
you're just filming me?

Just trying
to keep my camera happy.

Okay then.

Do you see these molds?

By examining the general
rifling characteristics,

the number and
measurements of...

the land and groove

and the direction
of the twists on the cast-

The shots to the ribs were
made by a .38-caliber bullet,

fired from a weapon
issued by the D.C. police.

Commander Dinco,
be still my heart.

Ooh, no need for that.

Ooh, I'm glad he's gone.

- Reuben was shot at close range.
- No struggle.

Evidence suggests that the killer
was sitting right next to him.

Someone he trusted,
someone he worked with.

Someone who had a .38 issued
by the police department.

I'm sorry.

Sorry for what?

That it looks like it could be
a fellow police officer.

That must be very painful
for you-the betrayal.


It happens, you know.

Booth. This
is Kendell, sir.

We got a hi! on the A.P. B. for the
second suspect', Marcos Herrera.

His car was spotted pulling into a parking
garage at Wheaton Plaza on level three.

'91 Volkswagen Jetta.
License plate R569JQ.

We're 10 minutes away.
Anyone else know?

Commander Dinco was notified too.
He was on the list.

Dinco. Okay. We're on our way.
Hold on, Bones.

Yep. That's gotta be
Marcos's car.


- Well, he could be here anywhere.
- Dinco too.

Man, what's up?
What's your problem, man?

Oh. Over here.

- Not a word, you hear me?
- Stop! Cop!

How does that feel?

[ Mar Stopfos I

You like killing cops?
Keep your mouth shut!

Shut up!
Not a word. You hear me?

- Don't say-
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

What's going on, Joe?

You broke his nose.

Wait, you-
you got the wrong idea.

Do I?

You were telling him
to keep his mouth shut.

I'm a cop.

I know all about using an uncomfortable
silence to make a suspect talk.

Then why'd you talk first? This
is gonna be a walk in the park.

- I'm going to leave now.
- No, you're in custody.

- Don't make me arrest a fellow cop.
- Arrest? On what charge?

I have a statement here signed
by Special Agent Booth...

saying that he observed you using
excessive force on a suspect.

I was apprehending the suspect.
That's all.

That's not what I saw.

- What did you see?
- I saw a cop...

beating the hell out of someone
he wanted to keep quiet.

- That's what I saw.
- He killed Reuben. That's why I did it.

- Same reason you went after that girl.
- I stopped.

- You think I was gonna kill that kid?
- I do.

He's the one trying
to keep an open mind.

If I wanted to kill him,
he'd be dead.

Reuben's got, what, over $200,000
worth of diamonds in his stomach?

So now I'm thinking you knew something,
but you didn't say anything.

- So I gotta ask myself why.
- I don't. 'Cause I already made up my mind.

I'd like to speak to my lawyer.

Dr. Saroyan said
that you found something.

Yes. Now look,
I double-checked everything,

but the one thing
I did notice...

is the area on the rib fragments
around the entry wounds...

is a bit discolored.

- You see this small pockmarking on the bones?
- Yes.

- It's stippling.
- Unburned gunpowder seared into the bone.

Very good, Dr. Edison.

Where is Mr. Jursic? This is a
crucial moment in the case.

I believe he's at the florist.

I must admit, I feel more
comfortable without him here.

Me too.

I thought you enjoyed
the limelight, Dr. Edison.

I was wrong.

I like the pure science.

No distractions.

As do I.

Have Dr. Hodgins analyze the stippling.
Right away.

I did not flee. All right?

He identified himself as police,
and I put my hands up.

So he pushed you in that stairwell?

And beat you up for no reason?
That's correct.

That's a lie.

You know how many stairwells
we have in this building?

I'm not here. I'm somewhere else,
not hearing or seeing any of this.

Here's an added bonus-you know,
our stairwells are soundproof.

- You could break your neck trying to run away from me.
- I'm not trying to run away.

Not yet. But you're gonna want to
answer my questions very carefully.

Where's the money?

- What money?
- If you say “What money, ”

I'll drag you
to the nearest stairwell.

I'm in a totally
different place.

A man with a shotgun
took all the money.

A man with a shotgun.

This man?


He was police?

You think I killed
a police officer?

The thing about police getting killed,
we don't stop until we find the killer.

I didn't kill him.
We didn't know he was a cop.

He was-He was a fence. He took all our
money and blew off my girlfriend's foot.

Where'd you get the cash?

I don't want to admit anything
that I shouldn't.

Listen to me very carefully.

The next thing you admit to is the
difference between life in prison...

with no chance of parole...

or '20 years.

Twenty years is a long time, but
it's not life. Do you understand?

Yeah. Okay.

So, what's it gonna be?

We stole the money from A.T.M.s.

We were gonna get
the diamonds from him,

smuggle them back to Colombia,

sell 'em.

That's how you were going to
launder the stolen money?

We're thieves,

not killers.

Especially not cop killers, man.

So these are the results of the
materials in the stippling.

Gunpowder, as expected.

But it also contained
leather particulates...

and a tiny bit of aerosolized alcohol
that was mixed with jasmine.

- Perfect.
- Why?

Please do not insert yourself
into the film, Mr. Jursic.

- Go on, Dr. Hodgins.
- Right. Uh, so,

the victim's clothing
was made of cotton,

and his belt, shoes and the interior of
the vehicle-they were all synthetic.

You've been following this case.

I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat wondering
where that leather and alcohol came from.

- Yes, I am.
- Good. Then that will make for an excellent film.

So we recovered the gun and the
money from the safe in your home.

The gun matches the one that
was used to kill your husband,

and the serial numbers on the money
matches the stolen cash from the A.T.M.s.

I never even knew we had a safe.

Reuben must have
kept it a secret.

Secret. Okay, so you're saying that
your husband returned the gun...

to your “secret safe” after
it was used to murder him.

Is that what you're saying? I'm
saying I-l don't know anything.

I'm gonna enjoy
prosecuting this one.

Killing a police officer, honey-
that's the death penalty.

First you'll have to prove
I did it to a judge and jury.

Oh, we got proof. We got proof that you
fired that gun inside your leather purse.

We also know that the bullet...

broke your bottle of Acqua
Nobile perfume in your purse.

Even that fine scent can't hide your
real smell. One woman's opinion.

Not only did you kill a cop,
but you killed a good man.

You threatened to leave him if he didn't
quit his job as an undercover cop.

- He stole those diamonds for her?
- He loved her, right?

He gave up his whole career
for her, right?

- But she still killed him.
- No accounting for love.

Admit it. He gave you what you wanted.
You didn't want it anymore.

I wanted it!

I just didn't want Reuben.

Ah, I like
a woman with an appetite.

I like a man who knows how
to slake a thirst. Mmm.

Can we drop
all the '40s lingo, cher?

Yes, of course.

I mean, all the suggestive
stuff is fun, but-

it did its job, and now here we are
in... your favorite restaurant?

Who told you that?

It was Hodgins. Just because I
eat lunch here every day...

does not mean
it's my favorite restaurant.

Well, that's good to hear, because
I know some great places.

Ethiopian, Cajun, of course.
We could go now.

But, chef, I already filled up on
french fries and mushroom caps.

But maybe a nightcap
somewhere else?


I love a woman who knows
how her evening's going to end.

[W.» f R d? B] [ Man f, » You can
call me I'll come running ♪

♪ No matter where I am ♪

♪ Hey, you can count on me ♪

♪ Call me Yes, you can ♪♪

Well, as the protagonist,
it makes sense...

that you would want shots
from my point of view.

Dr. Edison,
please provide information...

that' would give a donor
the confidence to donate.

Hodgins just bro ugh!
back the rib shards.

Iha ven'! yet had a chance
to assemble them.

There's absolutely no useful
information in what you just told me.

Such a unique sense of humor.

What's 'Ms'?
The victim-

it's, uh, footage from the
fund-raising documentary.

Mr. Jursic refers to me
as “stern and imperious.”

Come on, Bones. The guy
is a clown, all right?

Don't listen to that guy. Come on.
We have 7:30 dinner reservations.

But he's right, Booth.

L-I look like
a really, really mean lady.

No! You're just really,
really focused there.

And rude.
If Clark wasn't in this,

the Jeffersonian
wouldn't raise a dime.

Am I always like this?
No, you know,

this was just a very
particularly stressful case.

For you, because it was
a cop murder. Not for me.

You know what, Bones? I think when I'm upset,
you're upset, because you're sympathetic.

Well, that would be empathetic.

The point is...

you're not always,
like, this mean person.

Because if I were, you'd-
you'd leave me for a nice person.

I'm not gonna leave you for a nice
person, because you are a nice person.

Not like that, you know,
mean person.

Let's shut that for now.

That's funny,
because we are the same person.

Perhaps it's my sense of humor
that's kept us together.

Gotta be your sense of humor. Well,
it doesn't have to be, Booth.

Absolutes are not-

Mmm. Are you just trying to keep me quiet?
Yeah, come on.

They're gonna sit us by the kitchen.
In a minute.


Okay, we... really gotta go,
or we're gonna be late.

Got 7:30 dinner reservations. No.
Well, I was enjoying myself.

All right, tell you what. You can
kiss me at the red lights. Come on.

Okay, okay. I haven't
eaten since breakfast.

All right. I said okay. Let me get my bag.
Let's go. Get your bag.

All right. Now you're a nice person.
Very nice. I said okay.

Why so mean?

What's that mean?