Bones (2005–2017): Season 8, Episode 19 - The Doom in the Gloom - full transcript

When the Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a former Marine sergeant whose remains were found burned to a crisp, they discover that she was discharged after a fist fight with ...


' ' Qh'.

This part.
This part is awesome.

He takes out 40 guys because he's
guided by the spirit of the frog.

Oh! He doesn't even have
to read them their rights.

Well, wushu focuses
on chi manipulation,

initially developed by
the Yellow Emperor Huangdi.

What? HuangdL

That lady is vicious.

This is not an accurate representation
of the Hung Ga discipline.

He's guided by
the spirit of the frog.

- Yeah, it's the spirit of the frog-just keeps him alive.
- That's right.

You shouldn't comment when you
don't know all the facts.

You said you thought it was childish for
Sweets to watch these kinds of movies.

- You said that? You said childish?
- Thank you.

I was wrong.
I was very wrong.

I mean, come on, lookit. Qi Jiguang just
took out 12 Shaolin monks. Look at that.

That is not childish.

No. That's what I've been saying.

Oh, hold on.

What are you do-

- - Yeah.

Of course I'm still interested.

Thank you.Bye.

The apartment in Georgetown.
It looks like I'm moving in.

I'm meeting with
the other two tenants today.

I'm going to need your blueberry muffin
recipe before you go. Christine loves them.

- Blueberry muffins? That's the first thing you go to?
- I'm a mother.

I'm gonna miss Christine.
I can't believe I'm moving out.

Hate to be a killjoy, but we've been down this
road before, and you always end up staying here.

No, no, no. This place is perfect. There's
no way I'm gonna let it get away.


Quack, quack, quack.

No, no. No worries.
Okay. On our way.

Well, gotta go. We got a body in a shed
in Virginia, and it's a crispy one.

We will continue this Asian
ass-kicking film later.

- Indeed.
- All right, can you watch Christine, Sweets?


This might be our last time together.
I'm gonna have to have a bottle with you.

I'm gonna miss
the free child care.

I hope he doesn't take
all his DVDs.

A neighbor spotted
smoke about 7:00 a.m.

But it was a cold morning, so he
thought it was just the fireplace.

Then a little while later,
he saw flames,

called 911, and the fire
was out by 10:00 a.m.

Oh, God, I hate the toasty ones.

And I prefer them with heads.
Uh, careful. This guy's pretty brittle.

Judging by the oval shape of the
obturator foramen, the victim is female.

The granular appearance of the
pubic face indicates mid-30s.

Well, half the stuff in here
has been scorched or melted.

Something in here must have been valuable.
Workshop materials mostly.

This is a partially melted wrench,
some bolts, screws.

This was a drill.

Ammunition all over the place.

High explosives, bullet casings-probably
what caused this place to go ablaze.

But there's only one gun-
the pistol she was holding.

Maybe the others were stolen.

I think that's a gravity shower.
Maybe she was living here.

- Or hiding out.
- She was decapitated by the shelf.

What? Yeah, she must have been
thrown against the shelving...

from a blast of some kind.

That is the only way
there would be this much damage.

Her head has to be
around here somewhere.

We're still
searching through the debris.

- This vest never burned.
- Fire-resistant.

- Maybe she was expecting this.
- What kind of person expects this?

- Okay, Bones, cause of death.
- It's too soon to give a definitive answer.

- Why?
- Decapitation might have played a part.

That would certainly factor in.

Oh, found the head...
in the toilet.

Okay, that's a rough way
to be remembered.

Oh, my God, a gunshot wound.

I guess the vest
wasn't bulletproof.

There are two bullets.

And I think you'll find
that they're joined.

- By a wire.
- These are not legal.

It's called a bolo.

Booth will know more.

Dr. Brennan, may I ask
a personal question?

Yes. But I may not answer.

Is Lance finally moving out
of your house?

He has stated his intention.

He was only supposed to stay
with us until he found a place.

He found one.

Apparently, there are
two other psychologists...

living in the building,

so they can all pretend
to be scientists together.

I'm sure you'll be glad to
get your privacy back. Yes.

Except it is my impression...

that Sweets is the only person
in the world...

that Booth, Christine and I
like the same amount.

Even though liking
is not quantifiable.

Yes. And emotions
are unreliable.

The distal phalanges were
too burned to be saved.

The radius, ulna, thorax...

and anterior plane
of the lower extremities...

all calcined from the fire.

The back, shoulders and buttocks
are dark to light gray,

indicating less exposure.

The vest was flame-retardant, or else we'd
have no flesh at all.

The property and the shed...

belonged to a woman
named Deanna Barbieri.

Single, ex-military.

A veteran?
I hate when it's a veteran.

I got a recent set of her chest X-rays
from the V.A. from about a year ago.

She came in suffering from
shortness of breath and a fever.

Oh. A victim identification
from a chest X-ray?

Is that possible?

From the size, shape...

and position of the transverse
processes of the vertebrae,

it appears that both X-rays
belong to the same person.

But we can't be certain certain,
just mostly certain.

Certain is an absolute, Ms. Wick.
You can't be mostly certain.

Mostly certain is good for me.

From the angle
of the entry wound,

the slugs would have most likely
transected the inferior vena cava.

Cause of death.
Thank you.

- Tied with decapitation.
- Uh, Ms. Wick is right.

But we can't be sure
if the victim was still alive...

at the moment her head
was separated from her body.

Vena cava's good enough for me!

I have to go.

Please clean the bones,
Ms. Wick.

But he said he was going.
Ha! Okay.

How many times has he told us that he has
found a place, and then something happens?

Um, three. Three, exactly.

Which means we have
to make him leave.

But I just said
that we liked him.

We do. That's why we have to push him out
of the nest. Like Turdus m/grator/us?

No, like a bird, not a turd.
Don't call him a turd.

Well, Turdus m/grator/us is the scientific
name for the robin, which is a bird.

The point is, when he says it didn't
work out, we have to help him leave.

- It's for his own sake.
- Hey.

Deanna Barbieri.

Thirty-five, former sergeant
in the marines.

She was given administrative discharge 12 months
ago after a fistfight with another marine.

All of it's part of a pattern of misconduct,
including assaulting an officer.

- What?
- Oh. Booth and I...

were just sitting here...

in the diner,
looking at the menu,

and, well, we got to wondering,
you know, how it went.

- How what went?
- Your new place.

Oh, great. I'm in.

It's perfect.
I'll be out within a day.

Is that okay?

That's great. No complaints here.
Hey, I get my tub back.

So, I think the first thing we should do is talk
to this marine that our victim fought with.

They were both kicked out
of the marines. Mm-hmm.

Her name's Carlene Blayney.

You know what. I'll talk to her
this afternoon.


- You're not gonna stay for lunch?
- No. I have a lot to do, so-

Bye. I guess he's really leaving.

Yeah, we'll see.

What are we making?

Well, a swab from
the victim's chest...

revealed a mixture of
phosphorus and magnesium,

an explosive used in a certain kind
of shell called dragon's breath.

When fired, it produces a
50-foot flame-

That lasts
for about three seconds.

That would mean that the same shot that
killed the victim also started the fire.

Yeah, if it works, which is
what we are here to find out.

Oh, no, no, no.

Fire in the-


Sorry. The trigger was a little
more sensitive than I thought.

What does that prove?

The shot that killed the victim
also started the fire.

Okay, now put it out.

Deanna and I
were actually friends.

We went through
basic training together.

She was a real soldier.
Deanna was the real deal.

- Right, so what happened?
- She started talking about the end of the world.

Took it real serious. I didn't.
She took offense.

She took a swing at me.
So you laid her out.

And then we both got discharged.

Deanna was pretty sure
that our whole society...

was going to fall apart,
including the military.

But you don't believe that society
then will fall apart? Nope.

People are resilient.
We're gonna be okay.

Well, we have phone records
showing that you called her...

eight times
in the last few months.

Because I didn't know
where she lived anymore.

She disappeared.
Fell right off the grid.

That's a lot of concern for someone who
ruined your career in the military.

You never had
a fight with someone?

You don't find a lot
of friends in this world.

I was trying to hang on
to one of mine.

So she didn't call you back?

Look, I didn't kill her.
I'm sorry she's dead.

I wish I had the chance
to tell her I'm sorry.

Well, we found a shotgun
in your apartment.

- We're gonna run some tests on it.
- You do what you gotta do.

Listen, I can't-I can't tell if you
killed her or not, but in case you didn't,

I'd like to point out that if
you called her eight times,

she knew you were
trying to make up.

Thank you for that.

Thank you.

You found something, Ms. Wick?
I did. Look at this.

When I was cleaning the femur, I found a
remodeled injury, less than a year old.

Very good work,
Ms. Wick.

This is a nasty injury.
Expertly set.

But the cause-it's not familiar to me.
I thought you might have a theory.

I have seen breaks
like this before.

The remodeled splintering
indicates that she was hit...

with something
of a relatively high density...

- at a relatively high speed.
- A bullet?

More dense
and slower than a bullet.

A baseball bat.
A car bumper.

Faster than both
and more localized.

Remodeling shows striations
from the splintering.

The Civil War.

Hobbyists still use Civil
War munitions. Oh!

A musket ball.

I believe we're looking at
an injury from a cannonball.

We have the medical records
from the Veterans Administration.

There's no mention of a wound.

How does someone who lives off
the grid get shot by a cannon...

and get medical attention
this good?

I took samples of
the victim's remodeled femur.

The injury contained
cast iron and lead.

Who makes her own cannonballs?

Well, she had this old Civil
War cannonball press,

which requires
cast iron and lead-

no brass, copper or steel that
would be used today-so she did.

So she shot herself
in the leg with a cannon?

Are you thinking some terribly
complicated suicide attempt?

I'm thinking accident, but I
like your flair for the dramatic.

I'll be testing my theory later when I find a
matching cannon from the Civil War exhibit.

You won't have to. I matched the
wound on the victim's femur.

You said the diameter
of a two-pounder cannonball...

was 6.8 centimeters, right?

Guess you heard that Sweets is finally
moving out of Mom and Dad's house.

You misjudge Lance.
He's not a child.

He's responsible for managing pro
bono psychological counseling...

at the homeless shelter
in Penn Quarter,

and he helped me make investments in
my 401 that withstood the crash.

So his only problem
is sleeping alone?

Nobody likes that, Dr. Hodgins. Isn't
that why you married Ms. Montenegro?

Ooh, snap.

Okay, the diameter
of the ball...

matches the outline
of the break on her leg...

as well as the directionality
of the splintering.

Very impressive,
Ms. Montenegro.

Thanks, Daisy. Well,
I-I'd like to be sure.

We should definitely check velocity
as well as density of the ball-

I know what this is about.
You just want to-

Yes, I just want to be thorough.

So if you need me,

I'll be next door
in the Antietam exhibit.

- A cannonball?
- Yeah, that's what they think.

It's all very old school, you know?
She makes her own ammo.

But a cannon?
Yeah, a cannon.

She-She's probably making, you know,
ammo for other people as well.

So if we find out who those people
are, we might find our killer.

It's the only lead that we have. Plus
the test on Carlene Blayney's shotgun-

that came back negative as well.

Oh, sorry. Hold on.

Sweets here.
Yes! Thank you.

I'd like a quote
on renter's insurance.

Sure, I'll e-mail you all my information
and an itemized list of valuables.

Great. Thanks. Bye.

Ah, it's okay.

You're all good with the move?
You need any help?

No, but thanks.
All right.

You're sure you checked that
building out for asbestos...

and plumbing leaks, cracks
in the foundation-Yeah.

So everything's good?
Yeah. All done.

'Cause I don't wanna hear any crazy excuses
from you that you gotta move back in.

Not gonna happen.
I'm set.

You're okay living in a
building full of shrinks?

Hey, we have a lot in common,

plus we have the skills
to work out our disagreements...

in a healthy and constructive manner.

But I'm gonna miss you too,
Agent Booth.

Right. Yeah. Well, I see you all the time
here at work. Plus, I get my tub back,

and I won't have to look at that stupid
pomegranate juice in my refrigerator.

You still haven't tried it yet?
No, I haven't, okay?

- That's called “shrink juice.”
- it's just pomegranate juice.

Why don't you gather all your new neighbors
together, and you can have a shrink juice party?

It's good. Yeah, sure.
Enjoy that!

There's pitting
in the mandible and maxilla.

I assumed it was from
buckshot when she was killed,

but the damage is too small
and not deep enough.

Mmm. Dr. Hodgins said there
was no buckshot in the shell.

We already know she was
making cannonballs.

Maybe there's another form of
ammunition we're overlooking?

Look again, Ms. Wick. This pitting
was not caused by external forces.

Caries sicca. Caused by the
gummatous lesions of syphilis.

- Syphilis?
- The victim was in the latent stage of the disease.

- I should have caught that.
- The disease is not as common as it once was, fortunately.

- Safe sex, yes.
- I was thinking of penicillin.

I clearly have less faith in the sexual
restraint of the masses than you do.

There was no mention of syphilis
on the victim's medical records.

She may not have known
she had it.

That disease can lie dormant for
years before any symptoms appear.

This could explain
the victim's hostility.

Her tissue samples showed benzodiazepine
in her system. She'd taken a sedative?

There was no mention of her being
on any prescribed medication.

She wouldn't be the first one
to take drugs illegally.

Hodgins said the
cannonballs were made with lead,

so I did a search for
anyone near the victim...

who was buying up large quantities
of lead from salvage yards.

Dr. Fred Dumaski.

Yeah, it's a family practitioner.

Who gave up his practice.

Maybe he was done with the
whole “do no harm” thing.

This is not necessary, Hodgins.

I already double-checked
the figures.

A cannonball fractured
our victim's leg.

And I am not doubting that,

Then why exactly
are you doing this?

Have we all forgot the concept
of the double-blind study?

- Doesn't apply to artillery.
- Theories are improved as more evidence is gathered,

so that accuracy in prediction
improves over time.

For that, we need independent strands of evidence,
rather than a single foundational source.

And you cannot argue with that.

So, he's never shot a cannon.

Excuse me for loving my work.

Goggles and ear protection,

- I made the cannonball myself.
- Very impressive.

Replicated it exactly.
They used a lot of lead.

- Already on it.
- Right. Okay.


Okay, everyone, stand back!

Fire in the hole!


So, velocity is-

1,400 feet per second.

Per... second.

Okay, right.

Now, range at five degrees
would be-

- 1,600 yards.
- yards.

Okay, good. So then,
we have corroboration,

which is exactly
what we want as scientists.

Of course.
Now clean up this mess.

- One more?
- No.

- It's all set up.
- No.

I made another cannonbal No.

I'll send Booth the info
about the doctor.

That was
actually awesome. Totally.

He must never know.

- He's a doctor who makes cannonballs?
- Yeah.

Fred Dumaski. But he goes by
the name of Dr. Apocalypse.

Oh, all right.
He's a survivalist.

Yeah, they call themselves
the Doomsday Preppers.

€œThe Preppers' Guide to Canning
Foods.” “Do-It-Yourself Doctoring.”

“Weapons for a Wasted World”?

Check out this video
on how to make cannonballs.

Global events such as a nuclear
attack by terrorists,

or more likely, an economic collapse,
are inevitable.

Preparing to survive
such an event is simple logic.

And making your own ammunition for
weapons simple to maintain...

- is a basic skill that you must have.
- Okay. Wack job.

There are complex psychological factors
that go into a person's life choices.

To dismiss it with an easy
moniker like that... Really?

In this case, I'm fine with
“wack jobs.” Complete wack job.

Is there any evidence
that he knew Deanna Barbieri?

Well, being a survivalist explains
why she was living in a shed.

These people, these wack jobs-
They're a tight-knit community.

They're fiercely defensive, and
they're suspicious of the government.

I-it won't be easy
to get Dr. Apocalypse to talk.

Well, a neighbor says that he hasn't been
back to his place since Deanna died.

That should be enough to get a warrant.
Oh, it was, yeah.

We searched his house and found out
that he bought land last October.

Ten acres of nothing
in Wise County, Virginia.

He spent half a million dollars
on 10 acres of nothing?

The land itself only
cost $50,000,

but the rest went to a
company called Safe Harbors.

They specialize
in survival bunkers.

So you got ammo, you got survivalists
in a military-grade bunker.

No, this is not good.

Time to smoke out the wack jobs.

Stay in teams. Watch out
for booby traps. Copy that.

Looking for an area where
you can bury a bunker.

Watch your 6:00.

I got it.
Twenty yards, 11:00.

Move, move.
Move out.

Hold it.
Nobody move.

Stand down.

It's connected
to an explosive device, sir.


- Wire's secure.
- The suspect...

and whoever else is down there
could be heavily armed.

Move. Move!

- It has a time lock on it.
- Gonna have to blow it.

Get 10 yards back.

perimeter around the bunker.

Let's keep the weapons trained.

- We don't know what the hell's gonna come out of there.
- Yes, sir.

- Clear.
- Clear.

Smoke 'em.

[ Bleats I

I'm unarmed.

Hold your fire. Hands on your head.

On the ground. Down. I've got a bad back.

Hands on your head. Let's go.
On your knees! Move!

Get on the ground. Over!

Move! Hold your fire!

On the ground!

- I'm Dr. Apocalypse!
- On your knees!

I can explain everything!

- I can explain everything.
- Get down!

[ Man Coughing I

I met Deanna online. I could tell right away
that she'd be a huge asset to the group.

You mean weaponry?
Weapons, defensive tactics,

ammunition, her military training.

But also just her character.

Okay, when you say “our group”?
We're preppers, Agent Booth.

We're ready for
the impending collapse of society.

What's gonna cause
the collapse of society?

The economy, race wars, ecological
disasters, global climate change,

terrorist attack, viral pandemic-
take your pick.

- It's inevitable.
- Right, okay.

How did Deanna break her leg?

I'm guessing that showed up
in her autopsy report.

It's odd that there's no mention
of it in her medical records.

It was an accident. I was practicing
loading the cannon, and it went off.

Deanna and I saw it
as a perfect opportunity...

to show that we could be self-sufficient
in terms of trauma care.

Her accident actually
pulled our group together.

What were you hiding from
when we found you?

Nothing. it was a practice drill. We
knew we were going in for a week.

What happened to your arm?


- I gave myself a shot.
- Trauma care.

For what?
Venereal disease.

Our victim had syphilis.
You have a venereal disease.

Self-treated. Maybe you can get away
without your wife finding out.

The world as you know it is about to end.
Delores knew everything about me and Deanna.

It's a new world.

Not yet, Dr. Apocalypse, all right?

You're still practicing, okay?
This is still the same old world.

I got this list of items
in the bunker from the F.B.l.

Well, the preppers
were very well equipped.

I suspect they could've survived down
there for months quite successfully.

Thank God I am a conspiracy theorist
and not a doomsday hysteric.

Well, it's not hysteria. In the long run,
human beings are scheduled for extinction.

Yeah, when the sun expands into a
red giant in three billion years.

Not necessarily. We already have enough
weapons to annihilate all life on the planet.

You have tremendous faith in a
violent species such as ours...

to think that we will have the
self-control not to use them.

Man, I came to you with good news.
Now I'm just depressed.

I want good news. Well, phosphorus and
magnesium were on the F.B.l. list.

So? So I found both of
them on the victim.

Ana' they were the source
of the fire.

Which means one of the preppers
is probably the killer.

Delores Dumaski, Mrs. Apocalypse.
The one he cheated on.

Yeah, she specializes in nutrition,
food prep and storage.

Now, Dennis Bukovac
is a retired minister.

He's in charge of the group's
emotional and spiritual health.

Right. I wonder what the minister
thinks of free sex. Right.

Milo Mills, 28.

He's got a degree
in mechanical engineering.

- The one who fixes everything.
- Yeah. Generators, ventilation, lighting.

Maybe he worked weapons
with the victim.

Any of these people
crazy enough to kill?

Wack jobs-all of 'em.


So I was able to identify
a few of the objects from the fire.

Awesome, Angie.

You literally recovered
evidence from the ashes.

So this pile of debris here
is a cot.

- Okay. What's that lump there?
- That is a screwdriver.

This is like a treasure hunt.
What's that?

- That used to be a tool box.
- Okay.

I recognize this.
This is a shell casing.

But what's that?
It's a jar of nails.

Now, under this plate here,

there's this singed paper,
which I think is a letter.

I'm gonna try to get it from evidence and
see if we can figure out what it is.

Hey, are you listening to your lovely
and very clever wife over here?

Yeah. No, sorry.
It's just this-this screwdriver...

would've been made out of beryllium, which
has a melting point of 865 degrees Celsius.


the shell casing
is made of yellow brass.

Well, why didn't it melt?

Yellow brass has a melting point
of 905 degrees Celsius.

So the temperature was
greater than 865 degrees...

but less than 905 degrees.

So... what?

Angie, at these temperatures,
a human body would've been...

completely reduced to ash
in three hours.

So either the temperature
of the fire wasn't that hot...

or it burned for a much
shorter period of time.

Yeah, about half the time.

I'm not gonna be insulted if you run
a simulation and check my math-

Oh, I will.
But if you're right,

then the fire started somewhere
closer to 8:30 and not 7:00.


Meaning no one in that bunker
could've murdered Deanna Barbieri.

So you're absolutely sure
that nobody in that bunker...

could've killed Deanna Barbieri?

Why do you keep asking me
to qualify my conclusions?

You know that I, as well as the
others on my team, are brilliant.

It's just that survivalists are a close-knit
group. They're like the military.

Deanna was outspoken.
She challenged authority.

Somebody like that would challenge the
very essence of the group dynamic.

And killing her would be a logical
extension of the needs of the group.

- Yes.
- It doesn't seem to be anyone from that group.

But Deanna lived off the grid.

Even Carlene Blayney
didn't know how to find her.

She wasn't in contact
with anyone except that group.

I'm sorry, Lance. You're gonna have
to come up with another theory.

The condition of the burned bones combined
with the temperature of the fire...

tells us that the body burned
for a maximum of 9O minutes.

Okay, well, that proves...

that Deanna was killed
at around 8:30 a.m., not 7:00.

But all the preppers were already
locked in the bunker by then.

You're wonderful, Lance.

Excuse me?

You're so... thoughtful
and committed to the truth.

It's a rare quality.

Even in the way you approached
getting your own place.

- Okay. Okay, I get it.
- What?

You think that I was acting like a child
by living with Booth and Dr. Brennan.

Not at all.

I thought it showed
great maturity and strength.

Everyone was gonna judge you
for being weak,

but you knew that you needed time and
a safe place to collect yourself,

reflect on what happened.

Where better to do that than
with people who love you?

Any person who can't accept
that-that's the weak person.


I think you're pretty
wonderful yourself, Daisy.

I know.

Makes no sense that we
couldn't make a go of it.


Maybe somebody tampered
with the time lock.

Hodgins says that's impossible.

Any tampering with mechanisms sets off an alarm
and makes it impossible to reset the lock.

It was locked when they arrived.

Well, there's gotta be some other way
in and out of that bunker.

The killer could've snuck out,
killed Deanna, snuck back in.

You know what? Agent Booth needs
to reexamine that bunker.

Ooh, my, another mark.

Oh, wait.

Daisy just found this
on Deanna Barbieri's clavicle.

At first, she thought it was just more
pitting from the victim's venereal disease.

It appears to be
some kind of puncture wound.

From the angle, one might posit that she was
stabbed from behind with a sharp pointed object.

I think it's a syringe
of some kind.

Well, that would explain
how the drugs got into her system.

But the puncture-I don't recognize
that gauge needle. it's very large.

Hodgins is swabbing the clavicle to see
if he can determine what the metal was.

Injected with benzodiazepine.

Clearly someone didn't want Deanna
to make it to the bunker that day.

Or any day.

I got the plans for the bunker from Safe
Harbors, the company that built it.

Oh, good, that should indicate an escape
hatch that would override the time lock.

Yeah, you'd think so, but they said
the emergency routes and hatches...

were proprietary designs and giving
them out would compromise security.

There's gotta be some kind of exit
in case of a fire or other disaster.

I mean, surviving is kind
of the point of the bunker.

Yeah, well, that's why I'm doing a
structural analysis of the plans.

I made a model of the bunker,
which we can walk though.

Very cool, Angie.

Hey, did they provide you with a list of
materials used to, uh, construct this bunker?

Yeah, it's over there.

Most of the casing
is reinforced category 1 steel,

for pressure lines in ships.

Well, the bunker was buried,
so they'd need the strongest.

That means all the riveting
would be the same.

There are tempered rivets
listed here in the supplies...

that wouldn't be used
with that grade of steel.

Which means there's a section of
the frame which isn't category 1.

Yeah. If we can find it, we can find
the escape hatch the killer used...

to sneak out and then sneak back in
after killing Deanna.

I figured out why we'd never
used a syringe like this before.

Twelve-gauge syringe?

They're used by vets.
On farm animals, large dogs.

Well, Dr. Apocalypse's preppers
raise animals for food.

Yes, and I reanalyzed the benzodiazepine.
It's not medical grade.

- Did they make it themselves?
- Probably. It was loaded with impurities.

Wait. No, look.

This is a log of all the items
the F.B.l. took from the bunker.


The standards are relaxed
for veterinary use.

That's why it's impure.

That explains why Dr. Apocalypse's arm
was so swollen.

Well- And whoever
had access to this...

loaded that syringe
with a lot of benzodiazepine.

They wanted to make sure
Deanna was knocked out.

So it had to be
one of the preppers.

So this section
of ceiling paneling-

it's reinforced, which means
the metal is lighter.

So this is where
they put the hatch.

Hey. You made me.

Yeah, who-who better to solve the riddle?

So, you just have to remove the
paneling, open the hatch and crawl out.

- All right, hold on. Not so fast.
- What? You crawled out.

- But how do I get back in?
- The same way.

No, no.
See, the bunker-

it was-
it was covered in soil.

Six feet of soil, untouched.

Right. The soil would fall in
when the hatch was opened.

Yeah. Which is exactly what's
supposed to happen in an emergency,

but it would take heavy construction
equipment to cover it up again.

Right. So the killer couldn't
have gotten in and out that way.

Hey, you found the hatch.
I mean, that's impressive enough.

- Hey. Booth. What's up?
- Is that bug boy?

Exactly the person
I was looking for.

- Do you still have all the evidence from the shed?
- Yeah, why?

Because I think I know
how Deanna was killed.

I cannot believe you are here.
You hate the lab.

Right. So, uh, let's make
this snappy, okay?

Check these things out here.
Take a look at this, huh?

What do you think? I don't-I
don't know what you're doing.

You're supposed to be the genius.
Come on. Look at it.

It's-it's a latch, a spring-loaded
hinge, a nail and a piece of pipe.

It's a booby trap.

It's a booby trap.
It's a booby trap!

Of course!
Oh, hey, we make a good team.

Well, I sort of thought
of this all on my own.

Still, if you ever need
anyone in the field-

That's never gonna happen.
So, uh,

whoever killed Deanna made sure
to give themselves an alibi.

So they drug her,
set up a booby trap,

then took off, locked
themselves in the bunker,

knowing she'd get killed
when she opened the door.

It's definitely one of the preppers.
Hey, wait! Whoa!

Where are you going? We gotta
prove this works. It works.

Yeah-ls your say-so
good enough for a court?

We have to prove it works.

You're gonna need a trigger.

Well, that is what
the door is for,

since that's what was used
in the shed.

Now, who wants the honor
of opening the door?

Be incinerated?
No, thank you.

I'll do it. I replaced
the dragon's breath shell...

with a gelatin load fired
by CO2, so it's completely safe.

Well, it's your experiment, okay?
You're the one who's gonna get shot.

Uh, Agent Booth,
I wouldn't stand right there.

Don't worry about it, bug boy, okay?
I'm just checking the trajec-


Hey, I, uh, thought
you didn't like the lab.

Well, I just-I came to see
how everything was going.

- I'm good.
- Clearly.

- We're fine.
- Mm-hmm. Okay.

I think we have
enough proof now.

You know what? You say anything,
I will stab you with my pen.

So you would have the skill...

to design a booby trap
like this?

Most definitely.

So would Deanna. Well, she's
dead, so that leaves you.

Number three would be Delores.
The food prepper girl? Why?

We all teamed up to train someone to
take over if we're incapacitated.

Delores taught me about animal husbandry.
I taught her about engineering.

Animal husbandry? That's why there
were vet needles and drugs.

Yes. She kept animals healthy so that
when we ate them, we wouldn't get sick.

So you taught her how to make
booby traps, and in return,

she taught you how
to administer drugs to animals.

It's gotta be one of you.
I see your predicament.

You should choose Delores. Why? Because
Deanna slept with her husband?

- Because I didn't do it.
- You have to give me something more than just your statement.

Give me a minute to think. Okay.

You know, part of the whole prepper
practice is you can't wash as much...

because of the water shortages.

Delores is the only one that
doesn't have to practice for that.

- She lives it.
- So she's a dirty girl. That doesn't help me.

She'd have residue
from making the booby traps.

If I did it, I would have
cleaned my hands off.

Okay, you do realize you're saying
things that make you sound more guilty.

Which means
I'm probably innocent.

This is a well-designed booby trap.
I'm very impressed.

- Is this radioactive?
- No, it's U.V. light...

that will indicate the presence
of benzene and toluene.

- Nothing.
- Well, it's been a few days.

Those could have been
washed off.

I didn't kill Deanna.

- I want you to trim your fingernails.
- No.

- We have a warrant.
- That warrant doesn't cover removing parts of her body.

That includes hair and nails.

- Well, am I allowed to take a scraping?
- No, that's removing cells.

Am I allowed to use a flash
of light to look at her fingernails?

- No.
- Actually, yes, she can.

Hold out your fingers.
Hold 'em out.

That's your bright light?

The spark is brighter
than anything incandescent.

Whoa. What was that?

Phosphorus has a very low
ignition point.

We can use that result to get
a warrant to scrape this hand.

There will be explosive residue that will
match what we found at the murder scene.

You did it.
You loaded the dragon's breath.

Either you were mad that she
slept with your husband-

- Or that she gave him syphilis.
- Or maybe even gave it to you.

The object was to survive.

My husband and I
devoted our lives to that.

Deanna was aggressive,
overbearing, dishonest.

Is that someone you want with
you when you build a new world?

Well, I'm not sure about that.

But I certainly wouldn't want someone
like you deciding that for me.

The world is going to end
because of people like her.

Dr. Sweets says you found
a message to me from Deanna?

So I-l found
a letter to you.

Uh-it was very charred and burned, but
I was able to reconstruct most of it.

It is, uh, very personal.

We were friends, but we had
a terrible falling out.

So I understand.

I'm sorry, I-l can't help
but read what I reconstruct.

I'm trying to decide
if I should read this or not.

Well, I will tell you that it-

It will probably
make you very sad, from grief.

But I also think it will make you
very happy, because she loved you.

Oh. Thank you.

I'll leave you alone.

♪ Grief is a freight train ♪

♪ Oh, what's a little pain ♪

♪ When you've
got so much to love? ♪

♪ Grief is a freight train ♪

♪ Oh, what's a little pain ♪

♪ When you've
got so much to love? ♪

♪ Close your eyes ♪

♪ Take to the sky
like a big blue kite ♪

♪ Leave your woes behind ♪

♪ Close my eyes ♪

♪ Try to remember
what you said to me ♪

♪ Before you said good-bye ♪♪

I'm not a prepper or anything.

I just think that we should be prepared.
Like a prepper.

Like a person who cares about his family.
You know, if an asteroid's gonna hit us-

- We'd be incinerated.
- What if someone unplugs the grid, you know?

I mean, there's the Internet, electricity,
the TV. The washer and dryer could go-

We have clean water,
canned food in the basement.

That should be sufficient
for an emergency.

All right.
That's it.

Thanks for having me over.

I have a toast.

Oh, that's not necessary.
All right, let her rip.

Booth, come on. Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
I'm here.

I was not happy when Booth told me
that you were coming to stay with us.

And I'm not happy
that you are leaving.

You left out the middle part, which kind
of sounds like you were never happy.

Right. The part where
you came and stayed with us...

and helped us
care for Christine, and-

- I'm feeling emotional.
- Okay. Good luck, Sweets,

in your new place.

I cannot thank you
enough for taking me in...

in a time when I was
the most-Bottoms up.

Yeah, all right.

New beginnings.
That's it.

- Hope you won't get lonely at your new place.
- No, I'll be fine.

And those must be
the other tenants to help me move.

Come back anytime.
You can come for Sunday dinners.

Hi. I'm so excited.

- You are going to love living with us.
- I bet.

Hi, I'm Janet.
This is Chrissie.

Nice to meet you,
Mr. and Mrs. Sweets.

Uh, we're not the-


So I guess this is good-bye.

Good-bye, Sweets.

- See you at work.
- See ya.

- Your dad is hot.
- Whoa.

Apparently you're hot,


Wow, really?
Did you just see that?

I did not expect that. Did you?

Geez, I hope Sweets is prepared
if there's an emergency.

It's not our concern
anymore, Booth.

Oh, wait. What if he
shows up back here,

and we only have enough
rations for two weeks?

That's, uh-I'm not
having this conversation.

I'm gonna buy a generator. So
the generator has a generator?

Now you get it. I'm gonna get a
generator and an extra generator,

and I'm gonna buy beef jerky.

You know what? That stuff lasts forever.
Plus, it's delicious.

What's that mean?