Bones (2005–2017): Season 8, Episode 17 - The Fact in the Fiction - full transcript

When extremely educated new intern Dr. Oliver Wells starts working at the Jeffersonian, his quick-learning, enthusiastic personality challenges Brennan as he gets under her skin with his eccentric but undeniable observations, causing her to try to be more open-minded about many scientific questions. Meanwhile, Booth worries she may have gone too far when she accepts the possibility of time travel as a factor in a murder investigation.

I'm telling you, this company
is poised to make a killing,

and it's only $13 a share.

I don't care if it's 13 cents a
share. I'm not buying, Danny.

I'm out of the game.

I've tasted freedom,
man. The city's poison.

The only green I care about
now is the kale I'm growing.

Laugh it up, Danny.

You laugh it up from
your smog-filled city office.

I'm in God's country.
I'm doing God's work.

- And he's looking out for me.
- I bet he is.

Just visit, dude.
That's all I'm saying.

I will, I promise. I love kale.

Oh! Hey, what's wrong?
Too much fresh air?

Oh, God. I don't know. Just
smells like a dead animal, that's all.

What the hell is that?

Oh, God. Oh, God!

How do you stop this thing?

What? What?

What's going on? Tell
me what's going on.

I just killed a dead guy!

Small bags. We
got a lot of samples.

I make it 20 yards.

Okay, just think of it as
an investment for our future.

For Parker, for Christine.
Asteroid mining?

Yeah, asteroid mining.
I did my research, okay?

The head of the Jet
Propulsion Lab says it's possible,

and the two guys who sent
the rover to Mars, they agree.

The microgravity technologies
required to do so don't even exist, Booth.

You know what? There was a time when
radios and railroads, they didn't exist.

But people, they got rich.

Why are you looking at me
like that? Like a schoolteacher?

Every time I have a good idea...
Never mind. Just look at the bones.

Why did the farmer
run over the remains?

He was an investment banker
trying to get back to nature.

I'm guessing the tractor
didn't handle like his Beemer.

Well, according to the shallow grave here,
Shish Kebab, he was definitely murdered.

The presence of Nicrophorus
americanus, along with some of its larvae,

suggest the murder
took place five days ago.

Hey. Do you believe
in asteroid mining?

Are you kidding me? It's the only
way that the species is gonna survive.

Did you hear that?
I am a visionary.

- You're gonna be
an asteroid miner?
- Yeah.

- Need another kit.
- I didn't ask that. Don't want to know.

Please explain the difficulty to
him of retrieving a 500-ton asteroid.

No. Not my place.

No, no. You just put it into lunar
orbit and send some guys up there.

I think it's really
simple actually.

Is she looking at me like
an angry schoolteacher?

Oh, yeah, yeah.
She does that a lot.

We're here to work. These bones
have been heavily scavenged.

The three-cornered puncture
marks indicate coyotes.

Do you think they
ran off with the head?

We've got techs
searching the area for it.

Flattened anterior and posterior
sides of the victim's femoral neck...

indicate a Hispanic male.

Well, it's tough to get
an I.D. without the head.

Easier than
capturing an asteroid.

Hey. I am on your side, man.

I need all of the remains and
the aerator brought back to the lab.


Look, they just need
$2.6 billion in seed money.

That's like a sports team
almost, when you think about it.

Plus, the platinum alone, it's worth about
$50 billion. Why do you care what I think?

Why? Because my platinum is your
platinum, and your platinum is my platinum.

It's all in those asteroids.

2,500 is a lot for you, and
there are no guarantees.

Well, there never
are. I mean, look at us.

Huh? No one ever thought
that we would pay off.

Bringing back that much platinum could cause
the bottom to drop out of the platinum market.

I'm sorry. Are you trying to
be supportive? I thought I was.

I'm discussing this
as if it's reasonable.

- Dr. Brennan!
- Yes?

I've got a surprise for
you. Wait till you see this.

F.B.I. Get your hand out of
the bag. Get on the ground now.

Now. Now! Okay. Okay! Okay.

Take it easy. No problems.

Smith & Wesson, 1911, right? A man of
tradition, I see. That's a very cool gun.

It's gonna be the last thing you
see if you don't shut your mouth.

- What are you doing?
- What am I doing? He's all bloody.

Do you really think he's got a
bouquet of flowers in that bag?

- He's right. I-I don't have
a bouquet of flowers...
- Shut up.

Put your head on the ground.

Slide the bag very easily across
the floor. Don't do anything stupid.


It's your victim's skull.
Hi. I'm your new intern.


Why wasn't I notified
about the new intern?

Have you read all your
e-mails, Dr. Brennan?

Only the ones
with a subject line...

pertaining to a specific case.

I suggest you read the ones
with the subject line "Personnel."

Is there a problem
with Dr. Wells?

He brought a skull into
the diner in a satchel.

He's enthusiastic.

He tracked the skull
to a coyote den...

six miles from the crime scene.

Well, that is
enthusiastic, but...

He hasn't learned
our protocols yet.

- I think you'll find him
a quick study though.
- Based on what?

Dr. Wells has a
Ph.D. in physics,

a masters in both astronomy
and wildlife ecology,

and he's two credits short of a
masters in forensic anthropology.

Well, how was I
supposed to know that?

Well, perhaps you
should read the e-mails...

with the subject line
"Intern Résumés."

He's also passed the bar.

It's like getting five
interns for the price of one.

Except that he
brought me the skull...

in a bag made of
recycled plastic,

which produces condensation,

which could have severely
compromised crucial evidence.

Which is why I rushed the skull
to you at the diner, Dr. Brennan.

You see, condensation
starts after three hours.

I got you the skull in
an hour and 45 minutes.

That's simple physics.

And the plastic
was recycled, so...

good for the environment.

Can we please de-spike this dude so I
can start picking through his clothing?

All in good time, Dr. Hodgins.

What should I do now?

Tell Dr. Brennan what
you've deduced so far.

Induced, actually, going
from the specific to the general.

Lack of cut marks on the
gonial angle of the mandible,

underside of chin and
cervical vertebrae...

leave me no reason to suspect
that this skull was removed...

by anything other
than the coyotes.

So... not a zombie?

Zombies have to be beheaded
or they eat your brains.

There are no such things as
zombies or vampires or ghosts.

The first law of thermodynamics states that
energy is neither created nor destroyed.

So when we die, all that energy
has to go somewhere, right?

I believe that if we die with
an abundance of this power,

it can become forever imprinted
on the immediate environment.

And that imprint, that's
our ghost? Mm-hmm.

- Can we keep him?
- I haven't decided yet.

There appears to be a strange glow emanating
from the victim's inferior nasal conchae.

Ooh, ghosty.

The guy literally fought off
coyotes to get the skull back? Yeah.

That's awesome. Coyotes, they
just run away if you yell at them.

I know, but still, to face a
pack of wild animals alone.

I'm sure you'd just bore them
to death with your shrinky talk.

And I'm sure you could just break
their hearts with your mean, mean words.

Wow. Yeah, wow.

So, the brother is the victim's
only family that you found?

So far. Hodgins found traces of glow-in-the-dark
auto paint in the victim's nose.

It's rare stuff apparently, and he traced
it back to the brother's auto body shop.

Driving a glow-in-the-dark car seems like
an excellent safety feature, doesn't it?

Don't say stuff like that
when we get there, okay?

Look, the guy's brother is dead.

I know. I'm just... telling you.

And... I'm not wrong.

Oh, God. Yes.

That's my little brother Benji.

Benjamin. He's dead?

Yes, sir. We're
sorry for your loss.

- Who did this?
- Well, we're not sure yet. He worked here, right?

- Yeah.
- Why didn't you
report him missing?

Benji was in college. Finals coming up. I
gave him a week off to hole up and study.

First one ever in our
family to go to college.

Is there any other family
we should notify, Mr. Garcia?

No. It's just me and Benji.

Mom died four years ago. Dad
took off when we were little kids.

What happened to my brother?

His remains are
still being examined.

Oh, God. That's bad.

- You find his truck?
- Why would the truck be
the first thing you bring up?

- If somebody killed Benji,
it had to be for his truck.
- Tricked-out '59 El Camino.

You think someone
would kill for a pickup truck?

- I'll tell you
who hated that truck.
- Courtney.

- Who's Courtney?
- His ex-girlfriend.

They broke up a week ago.

Okay, given the choice, would you rather
have your brain in a beetle's body...

or a beetle's
brain in your body?

Okay. All right, I'll bite.

If my brain were in a beetle's body,
then I would be king of the beetles,

just like I'm king of the lab.

There, what does
that answer tell ya?

It tells me you not only
feel like you belong here,

but that this is your
domain and you love it.

- You're a very happy man.
- I can't argue
with any of that.

Contusion on the occipital bone,
roughly 20 millimeters in diameter.

Staining suggests that the trauma
occurred around the time of death.

Dr. Brennan prefers we use
terms like "conked on the noggin."

The beetle question also told
me that you're mischievous...

and disruptive by spirit...

and willing to lie
for humorous effect.

That "conk" wasn't
enough to kill.

What else did that
beetle question tell you?

You got picked on a lot
in high school, didn't you?

I didn't kill Benji.

Uh, that man was
the love of my life.

So it was Benji who broke
up with you? Seriously?

Look at me. I am the
one who dumped him.

I thought you said he
was the love of your life.

Yeah. Too bad it wasn't
a reciprocal relationship.

Oh, right. So there
was another woman.

Again, please, look at me.

You really think that Benji could
get a woman hotter than me?

I mean... I couldn't compete
with his truck though.

Ever since he saw that old photo
of his dad posing with an El Camino,

he decided that he needed
to restore one just like it.

So what did he do
the rest of the time?

His experiments,
which I did not resent.

- Why?
- They were scientific

Benji was... wicked smart.

Except when it came
to the stupid truck.

I know some scientists, and they're
specific about their branch of science.

Time travel.

- What?
- Benji was into... time travel?

Not time-share, like condos,
but traveling... through time?

Yeah. He wanted
to be the first to do it.

Okay, so Benji wanted
to be a time traveler,

but you were mad at
him because of a truck?

Duh. One was gonna
make us a lot of money.

The other was
just a stupid truck.

- When was the last time
you talked to Benji?
- Last Saturday night.

- We argued.
- About the truck?

Courtney, that was the
night that he was killed.

Did he say anything that
could lead to his killer?

He said he was too busy.

- With his truck.
- Of course. His truck.

Would you choose
a truck over this?

All right, guy. Seriously.

Is she crazy enough
to kill someone?

She seems to display some of the symptoms
of Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

What does that
mean? She gets mad?

I.E.D. is usually characterized by
sporadic episodes of extreme aggression,

violence and
destructive behavior.

Sweets, could she kill him?

If she was at the mercy of
her own anger, yeah. Yeah.

What are you eating, Dr. Wells?

String cheese. You
want some string cheese?

Eating in the lab
is strictly prohibited.

Whenever I'm working on a
conundrum, I always eat string cheese.

It started in grade school, and I
was getting ready for the science fair.

Which I won. I don't care.

prosthetic limbs...

and the elimination of artifact
distraction from E.E.G. signal processing.

I'm pretty sure you care
about that. I was 13 years old.

We're concerned with these
bones now. Nothing more. Right.

The, uh, cheese made me think of calcium,
which is important for bone growth,

and that brought my
attention to the scoliosis...

from which the victim suffered.

I also found incomplete
perimortem fractures...

to the right anterolateral
tibia and fibula.

You gotta admit,
I'm pretty impressive.

Until recently on
the isle of Vanuatu,

you could be cannibalized
for disobeying your tribal chief.

And you could have been forced to give your
child to my clan to settle this petty conflict.

You're familiar
with the Vanuatu?

My knowledge is vast.
Which is why I'm here, right?

So don't try to cherry-pick
facts to win an argument.

Then let's deal with our tribe.

You have not yet
found cause of death.

Finish rearticulating
these bones as ordered,

or you will be banished.

Double mocha latte.

Oh. God's perfect food.
I thought that was pizza.

Well, you need something
to wash it down with.

Did you find anything
in Benji's clothes?

Well, a couple of strawberry
seeds in his shoe tread.

Were there any strawberries
on the farm where he was buried?

No, but they are grown
pretty much everywhere else.

So it doesn't help much in determining what
he was doing on the night of his death.

- Well, how about you?
- Well, Courtney's alibi
checked out.

She was hating on
a deejay at a club.

So I looked into
Benji's hard drive.

It's filled with headache-inducing
theories on time travel.

Awesome. Wow. Time dilation.

Relativistic velocities.
This kid was pretty smart.

He was trying to
go back, not forward.

What difference does
that make? This is all crazy.

Not really. See, Einstein tells
us that traveling into the future...

is theoretically possible,

but visiting the past, now
that gets into causality,

and everything
starts falling apart.

Do you think he really
thought that he could do it?

Oh, man, wouldn't you want to?

I would go back to April 19,
2004, the moment I first met you.

You had a rubber band on your
wrist and a spider on your shoulder.

That's right. What about you?

If you could go back, what
moment would you choose?

I would choose that one. I would choose
that... I would choose that same moment.

You had to take a minute to
think about that. Are you sure?

Yes, I am... I'm sure.

Give me this.

One other thing that I found.

Benji was spending a lot of time
on the Collindale University server,

which is very weird because
he wasn't a student there.

He was logged in as
Professor Scott Hunter.

Hunter. He's a
theoretical physicist.

You know, a lot of Benji's
math was pretty sophisticated.

I wonder if they were
working together on that.

On time travel? Yeah, theoretical
physicists can be pretty weird.

I'll tell Booth to
look into Hunter.

You sure you didn't want to
go back to some other time?

Nope. That time.

Yeah, okay. Okay.

People become
obsessed with time travel...

either because they're missing something
or they're running away from something.

Well, according to his brother,
Benji had a pretty rough childhood.

I mean, come on. Why would
anyone want to revisit that?

Because that's where he felt
that he lost a part of himself.

I think he wanted to go back
to stop his dad from leaving.

- What? He was trying to save
his family from falling apart?
- Yes. Exactly.

Look, everyone at some
point has wanted to go back.

I... I wish I could, to
see the Finleys again.

The couple that adopted me.

They saved my life,
and I was... a kid.


I gave 'em a rough
time. I don't know.

I just wish I could go back and let
'em know how much I appreciate them.

They know.

Um, you said you
found something?


This guy, uh, Professor
Hunter, might be someone else...

who's, uh, looking
for a do-over.

Taught physics at
Collindale till two years ago,

when he was fired for
electrocuting a student?

He was also supposed to meet
Benji the night he was killed.

Dr. Brennan, given the choice, would you
rather be run over by one steamroller...

or by 1,000 mopeds?

Why would you ask such
a preposterous question?

Dr. George did psychological experiments
at Cambridge on bias and judgment forma...

I don't like psychology. And I'm
not the one we're studying here.


Would that be one moped 1,000
times, or 1,000 mopeds at once?

It doesn't matter. You'd
choose the steamroller.

By the time it had run over your
legs, you'd already be dead from shock.

It fits in with your
hyperrational outlook.

Please don't pretend to
know how my mind works.

You shy away from randomness, and
that prevents you from casting a wide net.

Are you saying that
I'm narrow-minded?

Your words, not mine.

That's interesting. There
appears to be microfracturing...

to the anterior and posterior aspects
of right sternal ribs nine and 10.

As well as the
anterior aspect...

of the right vertebral
ribs 11 and 12.

So whatever created
this damage also created...

some pretty horrific
damage to the liver as well.

Which would have
certainly caused his death.

Didn't Agent Booth say that the
professor that Benji was working with...

once electrocuted a student?

If a current passed through the
thoracic region with enough voltage,

it could certainly have created
the fracturing on the bone.

No wide net needed.

Professor Hunter got fired
for electrocuting a student.

Losing university resources
could drive Hunter...

to start working with
outsiders such as Benji.

Experiment that goes
wrong. Benji gets electrocuted.

And knowing that he could be
convicted of negligent homicide,

Hunter decides to,
what, dump the body?

You're casting a wide net.


By positing various motives.

I don't do that, apparently.
Rather be run over by a steamroller.

What? You want to be
run over by a steamroller?

Yes. Instead of a
thousand mopeds, of course.

I'm-I'm sor... What am I hearing
right now? Am I having a stroke?

Dr. Wells defined me, with ease.

I don't like that.
Even if he's correct.

I'd love to help
you here, Bones,

but I really have absolutely no
idea what you're talking about.

It's fine, Booth. Maybe
Dr. Wells is right.

Maybe I'm narrow-minded.


Nah. No. What?

Odd for a professor
of theoretical physics...

to be working with
someone without a degree.

Benjamin read an
article I'd written.

He knew I was conducting experiments
in time travel and wanted to help.

- So, he just showed up
at your doorstep one day?
- Basically, yes.

It was about a year ago. We've
been working together ever since.

Including the night that he died.
We've pinpointed time of death.

You think I killed Benjamin?

I mean, accidents do happen, but you know
that all too well, now, don't you, Professor?

This is ludicrous.
You can't be serious.

Sometimes these accidents are just so big, you
just try to cover them up. Isn't that right?

We need to see
your lab, Professor.

At-At least put on a gown.

You're contaminating
the entire facility.

Please, Dr. Brennan, from
one scientist to another.

That's for my metamaterial
experiment. Please don't touch that.

Oh. Whoa. Exposed wiring.

You seem to make a habit out
of being negligent, Professor.

This is a 240-volt battery.

If Benji came into
contact with these wires,

it could have created the
fracturing we found on his ribs.

The professor was cooking with
some serious fire with these batteries.

240 volts to the chest could definitely
be responsible for Benji's death,

but was it enough
to crack his ribs?

Well, that's what we're here to find
out, my brother from another mother.

See, this ordnance gel has been calibrated
to absolutely replicate human tissue,

so we can see if the ribs
crack when they're electrocuted.

You certainly
love your job, huh?

See, I always get
bored so easily,

which is why I keep
accumulating all these degrees.

Which explains your
hope that time travel exists,

because that
would not be boring.

Yeah, well, I would not go back
though. I'd keep my past in the past.

Ooh. It's like you're
hiding something.

No, it's just what's
done is done.

There's so much more
money to be made in the future.

I wouldn't go that far
forward. Just, like, five years.

Vernor Vinge's theory of
exponential accelerating change, huh?

Exactly. And that pretty much guarantees
some pretty sweet technological advances.

So, you would travel to the
future, steal their technology,

then bring it back here to the
present and make a fortune?

Well, there's no legal
precedent for time travel,

so I wouldn't exactly
say I was stealing.

So, being that we are
evidence-based here,

you should keep
that one to yourself.

Okay. Ready? Yeah.

Zip up.

Put these on.

Thank you.

Okay. Ready?

Fire in the hole!

Technically, it's not a fire
until the amps make sure the...

Maybe, uh, next time,
protective eyewear, I think?

Yeah. Yeah. Maybe?

Fair enough.

Wow. We just hit this guy with enough
current to take down an elephant.

Still no fracturing
of the ribs. Yeah.

Meaning that Benji was
not killed by electrocution.

Thought: Have you
considered hydrostatic shock?

You're talking about doing
another experiment, aren't you?

Perhaps I am your brother
from another mother.

So, the professor said
that there was a call...

made to Benji's cell
phone on Saturday night,

and there was, but the
caller used a disposable cell.

Benji was at the professor's place
in Silver Spring when he got the call.

The F.B.I. said the victim borrowed
cash from Professor Hunter...

and withdrew cash
from two A.T.M.'s.

One here, and the second here,

farther outside the city.

So, Benji was leaving town
and collecting money as he went.

The body was found here...

in Brookmont.

Why was Benji at an
A.T.M. up in North Bethesda?

Cam, if time travel existed,

and you could make
one trip, what would it be?

You mean, like,
have tea with Jesus,

or strangle Hitler in his crib?

Or redo something from your
own life when you were happiest.

What is it?

- I can't.
- Oh, come on!

Do you remember your ex-husband?

Oh, my God! Birimbau?

I'm so sorry.

I would do the same thing.

The same guy, I
mean. Oh, my God.

Would you tell your significant
other the truth? Or would you...

Oh, I would tell him that I
wanted to have tea with Jesus.

Oh. Excuse me.


I ran a spectroscopic

of the strawberry seeds and soil
found in the sole of Benji's shoe.

- Could you...
- Yes, yes.

Now, the shoe soil is
very deficient in calcium.

But his body was found in
soil extremely rich in calcium.

So, the body was
moved after he was killed?

Yeah. He was killed
in serpentine soil.

It's very rare, but there are
some deposits here in Rockville.

That is a strawberry
farm near Rockville.

Tell Booth.

Cam, I actually came in
here to ask you for a gun.


I wanted to shoot the gun.

Well, I am the one authorized to
shoot the gun. My only question is, why?

The microfracturing in the victim's
ribs did not occur due to electrical shock,

but the waves in the gel made
me think of hydrostatic shock.

The high rate of speed at
which a bullet enters the body...

causes displacement in
the liquids surrounding it.

So we believe that if the victim
was shot just below the rib cage,

this expansion could have
created the microfracturing.


- Fire in the hole!
- That's my...

That's my line.

- Ah. It worked.
- The victim was shot.


It is good to have a
physicist in the house.

- What?
- I...

The house is
completely boarded up.

Doesn't look like anyone's
lived here for quite some time.

Really? Why is there
a light on in the barn?

All right, enough. Can
you keep that down?

Oh, easy. Easy, easy.

Yeah. Looks like
someone broke in.

Uh, looks like Benji's truck.

I think it's more of a car,
to be honest with you.

Booth? Yeah.

That's a lot of
blood for one person.

Benji may have
also been killed here.

Rugged nuchal area on the cranium,
as well as the convoluted sutures...

- suggest the victim
was a Hispanic male.
- Like Benji.

Victim appears to have
suffered projectile trauma...

to the inferior right
thoracic region.

Like Benji.

Texturing of the
sternal rib ends...

indicates an age
of mid-to-late 40s.

Bones, I mean, you're describing
Benji, but 20 years older.

This victim suffered a
single gunshot wound...

to the inferior right
thoracic region. Huh.

And judging by the
marbling and skin slippage,

I'd say he's been dead
about six days. Double huh.

I'm sorry. Why the
double huh, Dr. Wells?

Because I believe that our two
victims may be the same person.

- Excuse me?
- Quantum physics tells us...

that out there somewhere is a world
20 years ahead of this one, right?


Now, assuming that Benji...

is a time traveler
from the future...

- Big assumption.
- Big assumption.

When he transports himself back here, he
changes the course of his destiny in this time.

So, when younger
Benji gets shot,

future Benji must then take a bullet
to satisfy the variable of causality.

Is this necessary? You said that
you believe time travel is impossible.

Just because something
is theoretically impossible...

doesn't mean that
it's not possible.

I believe that is
exactly what it means.

Well, of course you do,

because your mind stops working
when it hears the word "impossible,"

where mine just keeps
going and exploring.

If you believe that the two victims are the
same person, you don't belong in this lab.

Of course I don't believe
that. That's absurd.

- Excellent. Moving on.
- But I do embrace...

the impossible
probability as a reality.

I mean, what serious
scientist wouldn't?

I found a contusion
on the frontal bone...

roughly 20
millimeters in diameter.

Which suggests this man was struck
on the head around time of death.

Just like... our first victim.

I believe that
warrants a triple huh.

This guy, he's a jackass. Okay? He's
gonna be gone when this case is over.

Mmm. Maybe Dr. Wells
has a point though.

Just because we can't
travel through time right now...

doesn't mean that we
can't do it in the future.

Okay, well, then why aren't
these future-seeing people here,

and they're not rewriting the past
or betting on football games then?

I don't have all the answers.
I'm just trying to cast a wider net.

Okay, well, here's
where I'm casting mine.

So, these guys, they
met at a remote place.

There were burner
cells that were involved.

There was cash
that we never found.

Suggesting an illegal
transaction that ends in death.

But the only thing I don't understand
is why the killer took Benji's body...

and buried it in another farm.

Well, clearly, we
need a wider net.


This guy Wells, did he mention
anything about the asteroid mining?

- What?
- Booth.

- I'm just curious.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- Brennan.

Sorry to interrupt your lunch,

but I found something on the
second victim's right patella.

Oh, a comminuted fracture.

Right. I-I placed the
bone under a microscope,

and, at 40 times magnification, I
found evidence of slight remodeling.

So he was probably walking or
limping on this injury for several days.

That is a severe break. The man
must have been in immense pain.

Right. Yet, instead of going to a
hospital, he was hanging out in a barn?

See, I'm thinking, he didn't go to
the hospital because he couldn't.

He couldn't jeopardize anybody
knowing that he was from the future.

Or perhaps there is a
more logical explanation.

The victim suffered from
a minor case of scoliosis.

Just like Benji. Right.

And scoliosis is a
hereditary disease,

which suggests that both
victims might be related.

Sorry to disappoint
you, Dr. Wells.

D.N.A. results confirm that our
second victim is Benji's father.

Sounds reasonable.

First you tell me my
little brother's dead.

Now you're telling me
my father's dead too?

I'm sorry for your loss.

Yeah. Thanks.

I can't believe this.

You told Agent Booth that your father
left when you and Benji were young.

Are you aware that, um, Benji's
been in contact with your dad?


Benji would have told me.

It must have been
a one-time thing.

How can you be so sure of that?

'Cause Benji thought
our dad was dead.

Why would he think that?

Benji was little
when Felix left.

Rather than tell him his
dad was a deadbeat junkie,

Mom and I decided to tell
him that Felix was dead.

- When was the last time
you saw your father?
- Years ago.

And that was fine with me.

Now, if your father
was still an addict,

do you think that could explain why he
reached out to Benji last Saturday night?

Had to be.

That son of a bitch was probably
in trouble with one of his dealers.

He needed Benji to bail him out.

The bullet that entered Felix...

nicked the sternal end
of the inferior 10th...

and then went on to lodge itself
into the superior margin of the 11th rib.

There could be two shooters.

Or the victims
were on the ground,

and the killer just stood
over them and shot.

Which would also explain the
damage to both of their skulls.

This is a pretty easy
explanation. Sorry.

I realize that you might
think that I'm crazy...

like Yoshiro Nakamatsu
or Tycho Brahe,

but without them, we wouldn't
have the laws of planetary motion...

or the simple taxi meter.

It's not "crazy" that I'm worried
about actually. It's arrogance.

We're a team here,
and you can be traded.

Wherever I go, I'm always the smartest
person, and it always creates problems.

Well, maybe you should
try being less of a douche.

Could you please rotate
both sets of remains...

90 degrees to the left?

Yes. But you can't.

Hmm. Well, you were
wrong about the skull damage.

They were both hit
with the other's head.

Oh, my God.

I really hate to say this,
but you are actually right.

In this position, the trajectory of
both bullet wounds now... lines up.

It does. Perfect.

Do I look humble?

I'm trying to be
less of a douche.

Ford's Theatre, 1865. Yep.

But you said that time travel
was impossible. It is impossible.

I'm saying if it isn't, okay?
Then like a movie or something.

You'd... stop Lincoln
from being shot?

Yeah, I would. I
mean, he deserved to...

know that everything
turned out pretty well.

I mean, I could do it. Even if it
meant that, you know, I had to put...

a bullet in, uh, Booth's head.

- But then you
might not have been...
- Yeah, I know, Bones.

But it's impossible. All
right, what about you?

If you could travel through
time, where would you go?

- I'm already there. Here.
- What?

Here. Here?

The difference between
past and future...

is nowhere to be found
in the laws of physics.

Everything I want
or need is here.

Right now.

Wow. Right here? Mm-hmm.

Right now?


Right. Yeah, okay.
And you're sure?

Yeah, I-I... I'll be right down.

Looks like we got Felix
Garcia's drug dealer.

According to Alex, the father
had been using for years.

He must've had multiple dealers.

Yeah, but here's
the kicker, okay?

The dealer also works
at Alex's body shop.

So he has a connection
to both victims.

Must not be a very good dealer
if he has to work a second job.

Yeah, well, killing your customer?
That's bad for business too.

So how long have you
been dealing heroin, Sidney?

I don't do that. I got busted in
2009. I got off with probation.

I took it as a
sign, and I retired.

Right. You know what this is?

- Looks like a tactical baton.
- Found it in the trunk
of your car.

I don't know, man. I go to some
pretty sketchy neighborhoods.

- You use it recently?
- Nope.

- Maybe on the kneecap
of a Felix Garcia?
- Nope.

- Do you even know
a Felix Garcia?
- No.

No? Okay. Let me fill you in.

He owed you money for heroin. He
didn't pay you, so what do you do?

You whacked him in
the kneecap with this.

He ran and he hid, and he got his son Benji
to pay you off, but you shot them both.


- Which part?
- No.

- You have an alibi
for last Saturday night?
- Mmm, no.

You're gonna need a lawyer, pal.

Why do I need a lawyer? I think
I'm doing pretty great on my own.

The two striations on Felix's
knee are one millimeter apart,

and they correspond precisely with the
millimeter-sized divot at the end of Jouron's baton.

But if we hope to convict him, we need
to tie his baton to perimortem damage.

Benji Garcia sustained this other
injury at or very near time of death.

Can you tie this to
his baton as well?

What are your thoughts on
asteroid mining, Dr. Wells?

Well, uh, it'll
definitely happen.

Robotic technologies have advanced to
the point where they can be self-repairing,

and near-Earth asteroids
like 4660 Nereus...

are practical candidates for
strip and magnetic extraction.

Financially speaking,
the key is to invest early.

If my minor in economics
is worth anything, yes.

No striations.

The baton was not used
to inflict this damage.

So we're looking
for another weapon.

Look at the compression and
the bending around the breaks.

What kind of weapon could come down with
this kind of force at a 45-degree angle?

- So Jouron busted
Felix's kneecap.
- Days before either murder.

So tell me again why you
want to talk to Alex Garcia.

When I asked him when he
last saw his father, he stood up.

That means something. Yeah, it
means he's got a cramp in his leg.

Or it means he was fleeing
the question, symbolically.

If so, he's hiding something.

Mr. Garcia,

we got a warrant here to look
through Sidney Jouron's locker.

Were you aware that he
deals drugs? He used to.

I gave him a job here as
part of his early release.

I'll open his locker for you.

Uh, so, I've been thinking
about you and your father.

Okay, that cannot
be a coincidence.

There's something
going on with his dad.

I haven't seen my dad in years.

These doors here, at what
angle do they-they come down on?

- Forty-five degrees. Why?
- Forty-five degrees.

- Forty-five degrees.
- What's that gotta do
with my dad?

- You slammed your brother's leg
in the car door, didn't you?
- After he was dead.

You're saying I killed him? I loved
my brother. Why would I do that?

We're gonna find traces of
blood in this seat, aren't we, Alex?

I can see it all happen. Your dad got his
drugs from Sidney. He didn't pay his debts.

Sid busts up his leg, so he
comes to you two guys for help.

Benji thought your dad was dead, so,
unlike you, he was thrilled to see him.

Benji was gonna give your dad the
money, so you followed him to the barn.

- You didn't want to shoot Benji,
but he stepped in the way.
- To protect his father.

He was gonna give the old man his
college money. I couldn't let him do that.

I never meant for him...

All he ever wanted was to go
back in time and to meet his old man.

He got his wish.

And look what happened.

The extensive amount of
fracture lines are indicative...

of a weapon with a
circular cross-section.

Hey. Usually when we
catch a bad guy, we go home.

Oh, yeah, I'm just trying to commit to memory
everything that I learned from Dr. Brennan.

Uh, take my advice.
Get a notebook.

Oh, it's okay. I have a
photographic memory.

Okay. Good night.

See you.

We caught the murderer,
Dr. Wells. You can go home.

Yeah, see,

I'm just a little concerned that we may
have caught him because of good luck.

There's no such
thing as good luck.

Well, as I understand it, if Agent
Booth hadn't brought Dr. Sweets along...

and they hadn't seen Alex
Garcia get clunked on the head,

then we never
would've caught the guy.

That's not luck.
That's teamwork.

It's the fact that you don't believe in
luck that doesn't let you see the role...

that it played in
this investigation.

Nonsense. We've been
working together a long time.

And since you have a degree in
complicated systems and imaginary numbers,

you know that what appears
to be synchronicity... luck...

Is nothing more than a
sophisticated array of cause and effect.

I, uh...

I don't have a degree
in complicated systems.

Oh, well, we all have
our areas of weakness.

Good night, Dr. Wells.

Are you... Are you
saying that I'm lacking?

That's funny.

Well, I didn't tell you
that to make you laugh.

- Well.
- I confess that in
a moment of weakness,

I took the opportunity to make
Dr. Wells feel bad about himself.

He deserves it. Trust me.

It's probably the first time he's met
someone that's smarter than him.

You're referring to me? Yes.

I have another confession. Mmm.

It's possible that...

I'm not smarter than he is.


He saw the merit in your
get-rich scheme before I did.

Ah, the asteroid mining. Yes.

- Yes!
- I invested $10,000.

Yeah, but wait a second. I didn't
put any money into that at all.

- Why not?
- Because you're
the smarter one.

I'm going to point out that if I'd
trusted you from the beginning,

I would've invested in the asteroids
and I would've been ahead of Dr. Wells.

Right, so...

logically speaking, that
makes me the smarter one.

No argument there?

I'm thinking. Uh-huh. I
hear nothing but asteroids.

What's that mean?