Bones (2005–2017): Season 8, Episode 16 - The Friend in Need - full transcript

The Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of a 15-year-old boy. Although his mother and few close friends saw him as intelligent with poor social skills, the team discovers that this ...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

I got stuff, man.
Good stuff.

I found it by the river.

- I don't want it, Reggie.
- Ten bucks.

Just give me 1 O for it.
It's in perfect shape.

It's filthy! Well, a little
soap and water is all you need.

Gorillas can jump on these things-

And they don't break.

Eight bucks, and it's yours.

Did you steal it, Reggie?
What do I look like to you?

Don't ask if you don't
want an answer.

I asked everyone I saw by
the river if it was theirs.

Four bucks. Come on, man.
I need a sandwich.

Sandwiches don't come in bottles, Reggie.
Take it and leave.

One dollar. Come on, man.
There could be treasure in there.

Yeah. Waterlogged clothes.
And you need 'em more than me.

Come on.
I'm closin' up.

Hey, hey, hey! Don't get my
place all dirty, Reggie!

Fifty cents?


Thirty-seven across.

I know. I haven't
gotten there yet.


Yeah, 46 down.
No, 51 across.

Uh, “Charged atom.” Ion.

Forty-six down.
Oh, it's ife.

It's a tropical fibrous plant.

Isn't that exciting. Okay, you know what?
This is my puzzle.

Well, the paper is billed
in my name, so technically-

Oh! Okay.
So here you go.

Your puzzle.
Have at it.


Seventy-six across.

This is oboe.

Missed that one.

- Jakarta.
- Lucky guess.

Not sure about this one.

Six letters.

- €œGilligan's”-
- Island!

Gill/gar? is Island. H u h?
Not so smart now, are you?

- Where is it located?
- Hollywood. it's in Hollywood.

No. There's no body of water
large enough in Hollywood.

Yes, there is.
Population seven.

And there's one brilliant professor who's
not as much of a know-it-all as you,

but he can still, okay, make
nuclear bombs out of coconuts.

- Are you upset?
- I don't know. Maybe I am. You know what?

You're not always
the smartest, Bones.

(But I am. You didn't know
Gill/gar) is Island, d id yo u?

True. I will
consult an atlas before work.


All right.
We'll be right there.

Remains were just
delivered to the lab.

I'm sorry
if I was a know-it-all.

You were just trying to have some fun, even
though the puzzle was too difficult for you.

Mm-hmm. it's okay, Bones.
You're not a know-it-all.

Thank you.

'Cause you didn't know about Ginger
or Mary Ann or the Howells.

And I bet you didn't know that the Globetrotters
were g u e sts o n Gi/I/jgan is Island.

Better consult your atlas
is what you should do.

I will.

Yep, Hollywood.

The remains look pretty battered.

Suitcase must've gotten
knocked out of the shipping channel...

and come in with the tide
this morning.

Is it wrong this reminds me
that I need a vacation?

No, that's very logical to me.

I could never pack this good.

And I assume you can't cook
as well as Hannibal Lecter,

but since you're dating my
daughter, I'm fine with that.

Ninety-degree gonion angle where the mandibular
body intersects with the ascending ramus...

says the victim is male.

Krill and phytoplankton
could tell us...

where the body
was originally dumped.

Hey, Cam.
You must miss Michelle.

She's been away at
school for months. I do.

And I imagine
Mr. Abernathy does too.

Dude, you are totally blushing.

- Can we please work?
- We are.

Perhaps you're anxious because you haven't
had sex since Michelle's absence.

Uh, I'd rather
not talk about this.

It's very understandable. Young
males have an intense sex drive...

to ensure the survival
of the species.

Dr. Brennan, you're talking
about my daughter.

I know.

Puritanical sexual values
have been shown...

to encourage secretive and
sometimes deviant behavior.

Most of the fracturing
appears to be postmortem.

The still-unfused
spheno-occipital synchondrosis...

on the base of the cranium suggests
that our victim was in his mid teens.

So, the killer broke up the body
to fit it into the suitcase?

Killer? We don't even
have cause of death yet.

The boy didn't climb into a suitcase
and throw himself off a bridge.

I don't know. Could be some kind
of jackass stunt gone wrong.

You're suggesting
cause of death is stupidity?

Well, it wouldn't be
the first time.

Mr. Abernathy has a point.

So the way we play this is
I'm the understanding psychologist,

and you be the flinty F.B.l. agent?

Okay, sure.
Let's just be what we are.

Okay, now, you're 100% solid
on the I.D., right?

Hey, look, if you're certain,
then I'm certain, which means...

that I am better at ensuring
that the family is certain...

and they get a sense of closure.

Dental records confirm
that the deceased...

was Martin Manicone, age 15,
reported missing two weeks ago.

All right?
All right.

- Yes?
- Special Agent Booth, F.B.l.

Ms. Manicone, I'm Dr. Sweets.
We spoke on the phone.

Please-Please, come in.

My son's been missing
for two weeks.

I'm hoping you're here
to tell me you found him.

Uh-Well, would-would you
prefer to talk to us alone?

No. Um, this is my neighbor,
Delores, and her daughter, Kat.

We're like family.

- Is Manny dead?
- Oh, please. God, no.

I'm sorry.

Your son Martin's remains
were positively identified.

- Identified how?
- Dental records.

Oh, God. That means he's been dead a while, doesn't it?
- Oh!

Everybody called him Manny.
Not Martin.

- He was Manny.
- Sure.

I understand that this is a difficult time,
but if we could ask you a few questions-

Wh-What happened to my son?

They think Manny
was murdered, right?

That's what we're trying
to ascertain, yeah.

Was Manny the kind of kid
who would do stunts?

Death-defying stuff?

Oh, no. Manny wasn't
that kind of kid.

Can you think of anyone
who'd want to hurt Manny?

No. He was a good boy.
He mostlyjust kept to himself.


Anyone in school?

When was the last time you saw
Manny before he went missing?

Um, I work nights,

so sometimes days go by,

and we'd just pass like ships
in the night, so...

two weeks ago.

Yeah. When he went
to that party.

What paflv?

Manny didn't want to go,

but I told him he'd never
make any friends if he didn't.

Excuse me. Booth.

Seeley, preliminary
tox results...

show high levels of ketamine
in the boy's tissue.

Oh. Excuse me. I gotta
take this outside.


The party drug?
Special ”

Well, the information
I'm getting from the mom...

is that he wasn't
that kind of a kid.

Sounds like maybe Mom's
got blinders on.

Okay. Thanks, Cam.

Now, a death like this is
obviously extremely traumatic.

This hotline could be really helpful.
You should call it.

I don't need
those kind of things.

We-We help each other.

I understand.

Well, here's my card if you think
of anything that can help us.

Would you happen to have a recent
photo of Manny that we can borrow?


He was all I had.

The hotline number-

perhaps your daughter, since she
was so close with the victim?

Like she said,
we're not psychology people.

We're “friends and family”

- Can I take a look at Manny's room?
- Sure.

Guess who!

I guess you. Hi.

Hi. That wasn't
very enthusiastic.

It's just-Cam was talkin' about
how you can't visit this weekend.

Think about it, Finn.

I tell Cam I'm in town, then
I have to stay at her place.

We shut up about it, then I
get to stay at your place.

On the other hand,
lying makes me-


Come on. Let's be naughty and
selfish for one weekend.

I can make it up to Cam at Christmas.

Or I can go back to school.

Or I can stay with Cam.

Or I can come spend the
night at your place.


Don't you want your money?
Oh, yeah.

Memory cards, hard drives.

What was he doing
with all these cell phones?

Why didn't the mom
mention any of this?

Manny asked her to stay out of his room.
She was cool with it.

So, what was all this for?
He fixed people's computers.

Fixed phones. Like if people
dropped them or got them wet.

Or if they wanted to exceed their
limit without paying more?

Manny was smart.

- Manny drink or take drugs?
- No.

We really need
to know the truth.

Manny mostly liked
playing video games.

Whoa, look at this.

Whoa. Tough to make
this much money...

playing video games.

Any luck with the phones?

No. None of them
are registered.

They all seem to have been wiped.
Burner phones?

- Yeah, looks like it.
- What about the memory cards?

Well, some are clean,
and some have code.

I'm-I'm trying
to decipher them.

We know that he had ketamine
in his system,

so maybe he was using the burner
phones for dealing drugs.

Our victim didn't seem
like a drug dealer.

Straight-A student,
perfect disciplinary record.

I guess sometimes there's more
than meets the eye.

I'd know if Michelle was doing
something behind my back.

Kind of flies in the face of thousands
of years of teenage behavior though.

Well, wait until
Michael Vincent gets older.

You'll see.
You just... know.


Uh, one of the phones
was Manny's,

and I was able to look
at that one.

All of the voice calls
were to and from his mom.

What about texts?
Michelle only texts her friends.

Yeah. The bulk were
from Kat Martin,

who was the girl they met
at the victim's apartment.

- Were they an item?
- I don't think so.

And pretty one-sided.

I think he had a crush on her, and seems
like she was trying to let him down easy.

Let's hope it was easy. Who was
the other person he was texting?

Uh, there's no name.
It's just a number.

I'm tracing it now.

Most messages are just about
where and when to meet...

and then a series
of random numbers.

I guess sometimes there is
more than meets the eye.

Hey, I wasn't trying to imply
anything about Michelle.

She's great. Oh, you
don't have to say that.

L-I know.
But she is great though.

Okay. Nick Pavonetti.

I got a hit. This is the
guy who was texting.

Pavonetti & Sons. This is your
dad's company, right, Nick?

Yeah. Yeah.
I'm one of the sons.

Um, actually, here, um-

it's a coupon. Gets you five percent off.
That's my idea.

This is about Manny, right?

It's a drag, him being
dead and everything.

Yeah. Interesting, a kid like that who didn't
have any friends was always texting you.

I felt sorry for him, you know.

I was trying to integrate him into
the community, do my civic duty.

By selling drugs?

Vitamin “K”? Ketamine?

No. You-You got
the wrong idea, dude.

Really? 'Cause what I have here are a bunch
of text messages between you and Manny.

Always a time and place to meet.

I'm assuming these numbers here are
prices and codes for different drugs?

What, you two get into an
argument over money or something?


There's no drugs, ever, I swear.

Manny was-He was kind
of a brainiac, you know?

He was always making smart phones
where you wouldn't get billed,

chips for computers, free
downloads, that sort of thing.

So, if Manny did all the work,
what'd you do?

Well, I'm a people person.
You know, I handled all the sales.

We were doing pretty good too.
Almost two grand so far.

A couple more months like that, and I
don't have to work for my dad anymore.

Right. Do you know anyone
who'd want to hurt Manny?

No one even knew who he was.

I wasn't lying. I was trying to
give this dude a social life.

When was the last time you saw him?
Party about two weekends ago.

This party-Everyone keeps
mentioning this party.

It was awesome.

It's the best party
I was ever at.

This could be cause of death.
I found two depressions...

bilaterally on the frontal bone
and one on the left parietal.

They're shallow, but I found
them while feeling the bones,

a technique I learned
from you, ma'am.

Very good, Mr. Abernathy. They're holding
points from a halo-traction brace.

The brace is applied
to stabilize cervical vertebrae...

in order to allow time
for healing.

Which means they're the result of his
car accident when he was a sprout.

A child. Can you tell me
what you see here?


You see how they've grown here
at the transverse foramina?

Yes, they caused cervical nerves
three and four to be severed.

We have cause of death-

Yes. The injury would have severed
the connection to the medulla.

Which caused him to stop breathing,
but he wasn't suffocated or strangled.

That's what
the evidence suggests.

Oh, I-I forgot.

This is yours,
Mr. Abernathy.

You left it in my office.

Oh, looks like Michelle is calling you.
Thank you.

- Uh, I can talk to her later.
- I don't mind.

You deserve a reward
after your excellent work.

Dr. Saroyan.

I'll call her back.
It's no-no problem.

She called quite a few times.
She must miss you.

It's Michelle.

No. I understand. It's tough being
away from each other so long.

Yeah. Well, fortunately,
I have my work right here, so-

Good way to deal with it.
I'm impressed, Finn.

Can I borrow you
for a moment, Dr. Brennan?

Of course. Are you okay to catalog
our findings in the binder?

Yes. Totally fine.

I've been going through
the victim's computer...

and looking for any online
threats or squabbles.

So far there's nothing in any
e-mails or social network threats.

Is that his girlfriend
from when they were younger?

The one he wishes
was his girlfriend-Kat.

I also looked at the I.P. addresses
that he visited most often.

There's computer hacking
message boards, of course,

but the one that he visited
the most was this one.

The Hipstashotz site.

So, he was looking at pictures of the party
from the night before he was murdered.

The infamous
“awesome” party.

- And who took all of these?
- Well, it's a photo-sharing Web site,

so over 50 kids uploaded these.

Don't they know
anyone can see these?

Yeah, but, I mean, what parent
would want to look at these?

What are you laughing at?

Just reminds me of high school.

This reminds you of high school?

In high school,
I did a report...

concerning the effects of alcohol
on muscle coordination.

It was very amusing.

Can we focus on the case?

Is this behavior anomalous
with your teenage experience?

I have a daughter. I'd rather not
think of her doing what I did.

Cam was naughty.

- The case?
- Okay. it's fine.

So, I took his class photo...

and applied facial-recognition
software to single him out.

He looks angry.

I stitched the photos together so we
could follow him through the night.

Sort of like
a photo flip-book.

There's Kat.
She's dancing with that guy.

- Manny was jealous.
- Yeah, it gets worse.

Manny was following her
around the party.

Was he stalking her?

Competition for a mate is even more
pronounced during the teenage years...

when they're most fertile.

Which led to a fight between Manny and
the boy that was dancing with Kat.

These were some of the last
photos taken of Manny at the party.

The last of him alive.

It was a dull party.

- Nothing even gotoutofhand.
- Dull?

You don't like my moves?

The girl you're dancing with
is 15 years old.

That's not what she said. Besides,
there's no age rules about dancing.

You know this boy?

You're gonna say no when I got a picture
of the two of you arguing right here?

I mean, I don't know
his name or anything.

The kid goes to my school.
That's all.

What's this about?
I didn't hit him or anything.

I'm starting to feel like you
think I did something wrong.

Kid's name is Martin Manicone,
all right?

Kids calls him Manny. I'll
keep that in mind next party.

He was murdered.
Right now, you're a suspect.

Me? Why? Oh, I don't know.
A photo, fighting.

Should I get a lawyer?
You need a lawyer?

No, time out. I'll tell you
straight up what I know.

Great, 'cause we like it
straight up here at the F.B.l.

I'm a senior, right?

Dancing girl there-
she's a sophomore.

She asked me to dance. Happens all
the time. She wants an upgrade.

And you like that?
Who wouldn't?

But your boy here, he comes in
and shoves me off and yells at me.

And you didn't do anything? I went, got
myself a drink and asked a senior to dance.

And before that, what did the girl do?
She yelled at him.

Everybody heard. She said she hated
him and she wished he was dead.


I don't think she meant it
though, right?

I mean, it's just one of
those things a girl says.

You know, like, “Drop dead.”

Right. You get that a lot, right?

Doesn't stop me, man.
Doesn't even slow me down.

Six avulsion fractures
that present symmetrically...

and nearly parallel
to one another...

here, here and here.

No remodeling.
No, ma'am.

Indicating that these injuries
were likely sustained...

after the victim
was already dead.

We knew that from the suitcase
striking boats and rocks.

But these-

Spider fracturing like this can
only be caused by compression.

But since the injuries aren't spread
out over the surrounding bones,

it's not just a factor
of being put in the case.

Let's catalog the injuries and get a rough
time line of when they might have occurred.

Whether antemortem, time of
death, postmortem? Got it.

What kind of trouble could
a kid in high school get into...

that ends with him stuffed in a
suitcase and tossed off a bridge?

As a former juvenile delinquent,

I'd assume you have a string
of bad decisions behind you.

Yes, ma'am.

I just wish all of them
were behind me.

Dr. Sweets?

Kat. Hi.

- Uh, I can take it from here.
- Okay.

You remember me?

Yeah. Agent Booth and I were meaning
to talk to you again. Please sit down.

This is weird, but you said I
could come talk to you, right?

- Of course.
- The thing is...

it's private, and I don't
want anyone to know.

Is this about your argument with Manny
before he was killed?

It's all right. I mean, in a murder
investigation, everything comes to light.

If I tell you,
and you're a psychologist,

you can't tell anyone else,

Uh, not quite. I mean,
I'm not your psychologist.

Why not?

Why don't you just
trust my judgment?

I will not tell anyone anything
they don't need to know.

- Promise?
- I promise.

I was raped.

At that party, I think.

I remember being at the party,
and then I woke up at home...


I knew.

People will wonder
how you knew for sure.

I was a virgin.

There was blood.
I'm not a virgin anymore.

I'm sorry.

All I remember is one green eye.

I have nightmares
about one green eye.

And you decided
not to call the police.

My mom said not to.

She said if I didn't know
who did it, then...

it was my fault.

No, rape is never the victim's fault.

And the fact that you don't
remember it, it might suggest...

that either you were
unconscious or on drugs.

I didn't take anything.
Maybe someone roofied me.

You know, Special “K”
can have that effect.

I don't know anything
about Special

We have reason to believe that
Manny had access to the drug.

I don't know.

Lately, he got all-

The way he looked at me
changed, and-

No! No, Manny would never
do anything like that.

Drug me and rape me?

We've known each other
since we were kids.

Wait right here, okay?
I'll be-

I'll be right back.

Cam says that the ketamine wasn't
present in the victim's liver.

And this means something
to me because-

Manny didn't ingest the drug. It means
that the pills were on him, not in him.

Hodgins found remnants of a
sandwich bag inside the suitcase.

Sounds more and more
like a drug deal gone bad.

I have noticed that a disproportionate
percentage of drug dealers...

end up as homicide victims.

Oh, man.
Hey, Dr. Brennan.

- Hi.
- “Oh, man” what?

Turns out Kat Martin
was raped at the party.

- Well, was she drugged?
- How did you know?

Well, it looks like Manny was
dealing ketamine. Oh, man.

How do you know that she was raped?
She's in my office right now.

Without her mother?
That's correct.

- She said she was raped?
- Yeah.

- Her mom told her not to tell anyone.
- What?

You are aware that you can't question
a juvenile without a parent present?

I... made sure not to
ask a single question.

Um, I was very careful, and I
recorded the entire conversation.

That's a technicality.
You're playing with fire.

Being raped-that could give
Kat a motive for murder.

Okay, the victim was in possession
of date-rape drugs. Kat was raped.

Let's do the math here, people.
It's kind of simple.

She doesn't know who raped her.

- Who else has she told?
- Just me and the mother.

Okay. You know what? I'm gonna
call the city cops and the mother.

First you'll receive a
complete medical examination.

Then we'll test you
for foreign D.N.A.

Sweets, you had to hand her over
to properjurisdiction.

It's not a federal case. That
doesn't make me feel any better.

I came to you for help.
I trusted you!

- You promised.
- I'm sorry.

What you did was
for her own good, Sweets.

Come on. Let's go home.

Dr. Brennan told me to look for any bone injuries
that might've taken place before he died.

Now, I've compared the X-rays to
the bone injuries five times now,

and I noticed that the
fracturing on the remains...

is random and specific
at the same time.

I don't understand.

Neither do I.

If the bones were damaged by
being smashed against the rocks,

why do these injuries form
an inorganic pattern?

Now, three lines-one at the right
scapula continuing along T5 and 6,

here, at the posterior extremity
of rib number 10,

also favoring the right side,

as well as here, at the superior
aspect of the right iliac crest.

And those in the center?

Damage is postmortem
and seems to have occurred...

after the victim was already
curled up in the suitcase.

And one other thing.
Michelle's in town visiting me.

Excuse me?

This has been weighing on me.
I can't lie to you.

You're my boss. And even if you
weren't, I'm very bad at it.

How long has she been in town?

Since yesterday. I'd say
you're a very good liar.

She just wanted us
to have some time alone.

She loves you, but she thought
if you knew she was here-

since you haven't seen her
in such a long time-

- And she'd be right. You are in big trouble, Finn.
- Yes, ma'am, I know.

With Michelle.
Why are you telling me this?

B99 your pardon?

If she finds out,
you're a dead man.

Not a good thing
to say here, I know.

But... you owe her
your trust.

I mean, I assume that you didn't
tell her you were gonna tell me.

No, it just came out. I thought
honesty was the best policy.

I'm mighty confused right now.

Here's what we're gonna do. You will
meet with Michelle and tell me where.

I will happen upon you.

That way you get to
save your relationship,

I get to be angry
at my daughter,

and she gets to think
it's a coincidence.

And everyone's happy.


Yes, ma'am.

And this... isn't lying?

Oh, Finn, you have
so much to learn.

Why don't you just concentrate
on the murder for now?

Yes, ma'am.
I'd like that very much.

I told Manny
to stay away from Kat.

I thought they were best friends.
Like family, you said.

They weren't little kids
having sleepovers anymore.

I saw the way that Manny
was looking at her.

Once those hormones get flowing-
I needed to protect her.

He was gettin' creepy.

So you think that the boy who grew up
with your daughter drugged and raped her?

But you didn't think it was important
enough to do anything about?

I did something.

When Kat told me what she thought
happened, I confronted Manny.

- Okay. What did he say?
- Nothing.

The blood drained from his face,
and he ran off.

- What do you think that means?
- But you didn't go to the cops?

And say what? And say, “My
daughter thinks she was raped,

but she doesn't know who did it
or when it happened”?

Yes. And they examine her,

so your daughter knows it's true,
so she knows that someone cares.

Weren't you ever in high school?

Word of this gets out, people call
her a slut, say she's asking for it.

I saw the pictures
from that party.

I have a daughter, too, and I
would do anything it took...

to make sure she knew
that I would fight for her.

Maybe she did fight,
Bones, you know?

Maybe she got rid of the boy she
thought raped her daughter...

and then she told her daughter
not to say anything.

I used to be married to a cop.

You want to charge me, fine.

Otherwise we're done here.

I guess I can understand
a mother getting so mad...

that she takes the law
into her own hands.

And encouraging
her daughter to lie?

Then the girl is involved in
another crime, victimized twice.

Did she look strong enough
to inflict these injuries?

No. But the patterns indicate
some kind of localized force.

Like a machine?

Three sets of evenly spaced
linear breaks.

And that's just on the back.

See here on the shins?

Now, Dr. Hodgins found three dents
on the suitcase, evenly spaced,

that are different from the
dents caused by the rocks.

Is there any particulate
evidence associated with them?

Yeah, some fibers that he's
running through the mass spec.

Good. Let's see if Angela can
make any sense of the patterns.

I trusted you!

Kat, I'm sorry. You have to
understand, I had no choice.

I had to report this. I just
want all this to go away.

Then why'd you tell me?
I don't know.

After talking to my mom,
I just got so confused.

You knew you had to tell someone who
would listen, and you were right.

You can't just will
something like this away.

You have to deal with it,
or it'll stay with you forever.

What do you know?
Were you raped?




When I was a boy,

I was in-
I was in a bad foster home.

I was beaten.

The foster dad, he-
he did it for sport.

I thought it was me, you know?

I thought... if I just-
if I behaved better-

So that's what I tried to do.

Until... someone helped me
see it wasn't my fault.

It wasn't.

And no matter how hard
or painful it is,

it was-it was better
to face what happened.

But you can't help me.

You said you weren't allowed.

But I can find someone who can.

Like the person who helped me,
who got my foster dad arrested.

But even the police say
there's no evidence.

So there's nothing they can do.

No, there's always something.

I'll do everything I can...

to catch the person
that did this to you.


I wish we were always
in the same town.

Mm-hmm. Sometimes I get
so lonely at school.

I'm glad. If you weren't
lonely, I'd be a mite jealous.


But I don't like sneaking
around, Michelle. Ooh.

Do you know how cute you are when
you're scared?


Cam! Hi.
I... just got to town.

Without telling me?
I was gonna call.

You are a terrible liar,

And, Finn, do you feel
no loyalty at all?

He does-to me.
Th-This was all my idea.

L-I didn't want to have to explain
myself to you all the time.

Well, that didn't work out
so well, did it?

And perhaps if you feel such a loyalty
to Michelle, you should work for her.

This is all just
a mountain of mistakes.

Oh, you got that right, Jethro. And
I'm sorry I'm so difficult, Michelle.

She loves you, Dr. Saroyan.
I can attest.

And now he's talking for you too?
Don't blame Finn.

You both went behind my back. You both lied.
How would you feel if I did that to you?

Oh, I forgot. You'd have to want to
see me in order for that to matter.

Cam. Cam!

Cam, come on!

I hate it when she's right.

I'm sorry I got you
into the middle of this mess.

You're the best.

I told Kat
I'd find who raped her.

You can't possibly promise
something like that.

Well, I did, and I Will-
We Will.

You're the best in your fields, right?
Of course.

Plus, I've studied the case. I don't
believe that Manny raped Kat.

His behavior at the party was
protective, and he had a crush on her.

Rape is about power, not love.

So, how is looking through the
pictures again gonna help?

This time, instead of focusing
on the murder victim,

we follow Kat's movements,
see who she interacts with.

You've been reading
my psychology books again.

You leave them in the bathroom.
They're good reading in the tub.

That's actually
a really good idea.

Not the tub thing,
but following Kat.

Uh, using the metadata
embedded in the pictures-

the time and G.P.S. coordinates-

I can animate
the whole evening again...

and virtually walk us
through the party.

Here's Kat in the living room
dancing with the Saunders boy.

- Manny's watching.
- Manny's not important right now.

But he confronted them, and
Saunders threw Manny out the front door.

Okay, this is where we left
Manny the last time.

This time let's see
where Kat goes.

Saunders rejects Kat,
dances with a new girl.

Next, she left Saunders
and ran off crying.

Maybe he followed her.

I'll go through the other photos
from the back of the house.

How about there? She's
going into the backyard.

She's upset.
She wants to be alone.

Someone is offering her a drink.

That's not Manny.
He's too big.

That's got to
be the spiked drink.

How long would it take for a
drug like that to take effect?

Depending on stomach contents,
between five and 15 minutes.

The time stamp on this
photograph is eight minutes later.

She's slumped over. She can barely walk.

The drug has
clearly taken effect.

That has to be who raped her.

I believe you kept
your promise, Sweets.

- Is it safe to come in?
- I don't know.

There's been more murdered
people in here than I can count.

Please don't take it personally.

I'd really like not to, but you're
personally avoiding me personally,

so it's very hard
not to take it personally.

Why didn't you just tell me...

you wanted to spend
the weekend in with Finn?

Because I thought
it would hurt your feelings.

Well, it would, but I'd recover.

You know I love you.

I know you do.
That's not the point.

Loving someone does not give you
carte blanche to treat them badly.

Loving someone is not an excuse.

Okay. Now I'm
hiding the truth.


Finn couldn't keep your secret.
He blurted it out.

So when you caught us
outside the club-Setup.

I'm gonna kill him. No,
Finn's a good guy, Michelle.

I think we should both
just let him off the hook.

By keeping this a secret? Oh, God.
This is all so confusing.

Maybe we should just tell each
other everything from now on.

Okay. Yes.

We really, really should.

You have another secret?

I'm seeing someone.

I'd rather not-

He's a poet.

It's Arastoo Vaziri.

What, the intern
who works for you?

With me.

He works with me in that I administrate
his work environment, yes.

Is there anything else
I should know?

Wait. How did I get
on the defensive here?

I suppose you want me to keep
this a secret from Finn?

Oh, God. I didn't
even think of that.

Hmm. I'll try.

I saw where Finn found
the spider fracturing,

so I swabbed the corresponding
damage to the suitcase...

and I found some fibers
caught in the latch-

a poly-fiber weave
used in strapping.

Like webbing or belting.

The victim was crushed
with some kind of strap?

Yeah. Something approximately
two inches in width.

So if the victim was placed into the
suitcase in the manner we thought-

Like this.
Right-knees to chest.

Like he was bowing
before the king.

Three ratcheting straps lined up
with the patterns Finn discovered.

- Tighten.
- How much force would be required?

Well, the measurable unit
is called breakout strength.

How much force the strap
can take before it snaps.

So a ratcheting strap
such as this-

the breakout strength
is roughly 500 pounds.

Multiplied by three straps.

That should be more than enough
to crush the resistance...

from the ligaments and
intervertebral fibrocartilage...

and cause
the avulsion fractures.

When the ligaments at the fold
points were stretched beyond their limits,

they ripped bone from bone.

POP, pop' pop'

The kid fits in the suitcase.

One of the suspects works
for a moving company.

I would find out if he had access
to two-inch ratcheting straps.

Whoa, hey. You can't-You can't
come nose around in here like this.

Actually we can.
Here's a search warrant.

You actually thought you could
get away with killing someone?

Manny and me were friends.
You got the wrong guy.

As the body was crushed
inside the suitcase,

blood and tissue
would have spurted out.

There should be residue
on the straps.

Well, those straps are clean. You
can go ahead and have a look.

You can't wash it all away, Nick,
especially when she's looking.

I didn't kill anybody.
I didn't kill him.

Oh. We got them.

There's enough proof
for an arrest, Booth.

This is all a big
misunderstanding, a mistake.

- So let's just start from the top, huh?
- Sure.

So, Manny comes over to collect
on some phones that I sold.

Only thing is, the guy
paid me in Special

So you were going
to pay Manny in ketamine?

I mean, I didn't want the stuff,

but the pills are worth three times what the
guy owed us, and that's all we were gonna get.

I'm sorry. So paying Manny in Special
“K”- Was this before or after the party?

- After.
- Why didn't you just give Manny his payment at the party?

Because you don't do something
like that in the open.

Besides, Manny got into some
shouting match over a girl,

and the girl yelled at him,
and he left.

- And she ran out back crying.
- I guess.

Good thing you had
the Special “K” on you.

Yeah, 'cause you used it to drug
Kat Martin and then rape her.

Are-Are you crazy?

You can see from the photo,
she's all over me.

- She's 15.
- Fifteen.

That's not what she told me.

Listen, Sweets,
this is my-

- Hey!
- The only thing Kat remembers from the rape is a green eye.

You raped her.

Manny heard about it and figured it
was you because of the ketamine.

So you killed Manny
so he wouldn't tell.

No, this is-this is all his fault.
H-He flipped out.

- Because you raped her.
- No, he was throwing things at me. He was hitting me.

L-I-l punched him once,
and I didn't even hit him hard.

That punch caused him
to stop breathing.

I didn't want him to die.
It was an accident.

Was it an accident when you stuffed him
in a suitcase with the ketamine...

and threw him in the river?

All right, look. You know what, Sweets?
You come barging in here.

- I can't charge him with both rape and murder.
- I don't understand.

If he admits to rape, he's
gonna get away with murder.

Because she lied about her age-I
mean, she was stoned on ketamine.

You don't think
we'll get a conviction?

Even if he confessed?
That's right.

- I did it.
- I'm sorry. What?

I said I did it. I raped her.

Her-Kat Martin.

I slipped her the Special “K” and
I took her behind the garage.

Great. I'll tell Metro cops that we
got a full confession on a rape.

You are very stupid. You just
confessed to rape and murder.

Y-You just said you couldn't
charge me with both.

You lied.
I didn't lie.

No, he can only charge you
with murder.

The rape is
a whole other jurisdiction.

D.C. cops will
charge you with that.



We caught him, Kat.
Caught who?

The boy who killed Manny.

He's the same boy
that raped Kat.

His name is Nick,

and he gave you
a spiked drink at the party.

He doesn't have green eyes?

No, but he has a necklace
with a green-eyed pendant.

That's what you remember.

She needs professional help,
Mrs. Martin.

And she needs you.
She needs your help too.

I'm sorry.

That was pretty smart
and tricky of you today.

Well, like I said, Bones, the
interrogation room is my domain.

You'd already
figured it out, right?

But you let Sweets have his moment
and think that he broke the case.

Well, you know, he's a good kid,
and, you know, he was right.


Do you ever let me think
that I'm the smart one...

when you've
figured it out already?

No. Because that
would be ridiculous.

Crazy. My I.Q. is quantifiably
higher than yours.

You know what? You're the brains of the
outfit. You have your strengths, Booth.

Well, I try. Trying is
one of your strengths.



By the way, Gilligan's Island...

was created by Sherwood
Schwartz in 1964.

Oh, you did your research.

Gilligan was the first mate
of the S.S. Minnow.

Right. Okay.
I think we got it.

I find it hard to believe that
no one could rescue them.

They were only gone for three hours.
Watch the series.

Doesn't make any sense.
It makes a lot of sense.

What's that mean?