Bones (2005–2017): Season 8, Episode 14 - The Doll in the Derby - full transcript

The dismembered body of a roller derby skater means Angela goes undercover at the rink to find more clues to the woman's murder. Elsewhere, Cam worries over the sheer number of doctor ...

Central said a motorist called in
a possible B and E.

Who the hell breaks into
an old slaughterhouse?

I don't know.

I think the desk sergeant
is screwing with us, man.

I heard he sends rookies
out on bogus calls.

Well, just in case,
keep your eyes open.

I don't want any surprises.

this is Officer Szerik.

Hamilton and I
have the suspects.

What the hell are you doing?

He screws with us.
We screw with him.

This is Dispatch.

Officer Szerik,
do you need backup?

Nah, just a couple of guys with
pit bulls and automatic weapons.

- Nothing we can't handle.
- You are such an asshat.

Look, this is the only way
to get respect, man.

Trust me.

I don't want
any part of this, man.

You do what you want. I'm
going to check over here.

You okay, Hamilton?

Officer Szerik,
are you all right?

Oh, man, this smells!

What the hell did I fall in?

Repeat, are you all right,
Officer Szerik?

What is it?

What is it?

I'm sending backup.

Szerik, Hamilton, are you there?

The remains
were found in an abattoir?

€œSlaughterhouse” is fine, okay? French
doesn't make murder any classier.

It is a very good place to dispose of
a body. The equipment's all there.

Amazing. You always look
on the bright side of life.

I try.

Oh, Christine's baby group is later
this morning, if you want to take her.

I would, but I, uh-

I have to go to the hospital.

Oh. I didn't know it was today.

Yeah, they called and asked
if I could make it.

It's a sort of
a last-minute thing.

I can help if you need me,

Yeah, I know.
Appreciate it.

This is-You know, it's my thing,
and, uh, I'll be fine.

Wow. Look at that mess.

The plan seemed to
be to dismember the body...

and dispose of it
down that drainpipe.

Passerby saw someone in the
building and called the cops.

I wish they hadn't sent rookies.

One of them ended up rolling
around in the remains.

I can't tell if the remains...

were damaged by the police officer
or the killer.

ser/'cata-Early stage of colonization.

Death occurred
about eight hours ago.

Looks like the guy melted.

Based on the size and robusticity
of the skull, the victim is female.

Great. Still melted.

The killer doused her in some
kind of corrosive liquid.

Pretty caustic stuff. It burned the
skin off of one of the rookies' hands.

Residual striations between
the C5 and C6 vertebrae...

indicate that a crosscut saw
was used in dismemberment.

No saw was found. No weapons, and
this place hasn't been used in years.

Oh, slippery when wet.

Dr. Hodgins,
we have to find a way...

to counteract
whatever corrosive was used,

or all this tissue
could be compromised.

Right. Um-

Could be
formic or acetic acid...

in a base of sodium hydride...

or possibly
sodium hydroxide that's-

Great. Okay, Mr. Wizard, how do we
stop it from melting everything?

Well, the killer probably used common household
cleaner, so water would do the trick.

I mean, I could use
the pressure hose and just-

Oh, no. A pressure hose could
cause the bone to fragment.

But the tissue is dissolving,
so go for it.

Did you hear what
I said, Dr. Saroyan?

Yes, but you can always recover the
fragments that were washed away,

whereas I will lose the tissue
for all time.

But-No, I would like
to discuss this before-

I'm sure you would, but that would
be a waste of valuable time.

- And since I'm the boss-
- Booth?

Well, don't look at me.
It's not myjurisdiction. I-

Dr. B., I would, um-

Time to spray it down. Oh, right.

All the cuts were made
at the joints.

I hope this person was already
dead when that happened.

Because we neutralized
the enzymatic cleaner,

I am gonna be able to
run a full tox screen.

Hey, man.
I hear it's your birthday.

Now, you are looking good. What
are you today, 24? Twenty-five?

Actually, my birthday's tomorrow.
I'll be 29.

Oh, happy birthday.
It's no big deal.

What, are you kidding me?
Twenty-nine is a big one.

Oh, you're just feeling like you
haven't achieved enough.

- What?
- Because, you know, Cam,

she was the chief coroner
of New York when she was 29.

Is that true?

No. no. I-

I was the deputy chief coroner.

Well, where were you?

On my 29th birthday, I was here,

working at the Jeffersonian.

So not much progress
in your life since.

Sort of stagnated at 29.

Not really. I have
a beautiful wife and child.

But you lost
your entire family fortune.

Well, consider myself ahead
on points.

Inbending and stellate fractures to
the frontal and temporal bones...

suggest a blunt-force trauma.

Antemortem fracturing
to the iliac crest.

Also you'll note that
the fifth and sixth left rib...

present calluses
indicative of recurring trauma.

There's a fracture to the left nasal bone
and three missing front teeth.

Wow. Giving it the old college
try on the brilliance.

I admire your pluck.

Taken as a whole,
the antemortem injuries...

are consistent
with domestic abuse.

Dr. Hodgins is just complimenting
you on your fine work.

Very good for a 29-year-old.

The serial number
on this bridge...

will provide us
with an I.D.

Mr. Bray.

Happy birthday.


So the F.B.l. field crew,
they swept the slaughterhouse.

You know, they couldn't
find any fingerprints.

Anyone who watches TV knows
to wear gloves...

when dismembering their victim.

Is this a serial killer or not?

I don't think so. No. I mean,
unless it was someone's...

first kick at the serial killer can.

There's no sense of ritual here.

There's no sense of perverse enjoyment.
It's not weird enough.

Cutting someone up and stuffing
her in a wheelbarrow,

that's not weird enough for you?

You know what I'm talking about. It
was done hastily, without a plan.

Bones said the victim had
telltale signs of abuse.

Years of domestic abuse come to a head.
The victim dies.

The abuser cuts up the
body to hide his guilt.

Does that work?
Yeah, that works.

All right. Wendell's got an I.D.
on the victim.

It's a Melinda Perkins, 32,

married to a Dr. Bradley Perkins.

Why don't you go talk
to the doctor?

Tell him that his wife was
murdered and see how he reacts.

- Where are you going?
- I got a thing.

You're usually very forthcoming about
where you're going, what you're doing.

Kind of in a hurry.

This is the second Friday in a row
that you've been evasive.

- Ticktock.
- My theory is that you're going to Friday confession.

No, I can't go to confession.
Why not?

Why? Because I'm living with a woman
outside the bond of holy matrimony.

Ah. The only way to get
absolution for your sins...

is if you intend not to sin again.

But you intend to continue
to live with Dr. Brennan.

You know what, Sweets? You either
live by the rules in life or you don't.

Hey, you never told me
where you were going.

This is everything
that I was able to retrieve...

from the microprocessor
inside the victim's watch.

Did you pinpoint the time
at which the watch broke?

12:24 a.m.

And it gets better.

This is one of those fancy,
high-tech sports watches...

that reads the victim's
heart rate,

G.P.S. location and
even the altitude. Huh.

Notice how the victim's
heart rate was elevated...

for close to two minutes
prior to flatlining.

A person's maximum heart rate
is approximately 220 minus their age.

Melinda was 32 years old,
and her heart rate peaked at 186.

So, maybe she was running
from someone?

Or her adrenal glands pumped
everything they had into her system.

Because she was scared?

Oh. Hello, Booth.

No-Yes. Yes,
I understand.

Okay. How long will you be
at the hospital?

No, I-l know how important
this is to you,

and I will adjust
my schedule accordingly.

We will be able to talk
more freely later,

so good-bye for now.

You were saying G.P.S.?

Oh, no, no, no, no.

What was that about?

Booth is going to be later...

than he anticipated tonight.

At the hospital?

No. But you just said hospital.
ls Booth sick?

What is going on?
Why are you being so mysterious?

I am not free to discuss that
with you right now, Angela.

You're not free
to discuss that with me?

That is correct.

Okay, that is not acceptable.

If I could tell you, I would.
You know that.

Please, trust me.

Okay, it's just-

I'm just asking because I care.

I know.

I know.

Melinda's dead. That's
what you're telling me.

Murdered, Dr. Perkins.

These are crime scene photos.

I figure since you're an E.R. trauma
surgeon, you might want to see proof.

Is she recognizable?

No, sir. She was dismembered.

In that case, I'll pass.

How long have you two been separated?
A year.

After having been married-
Seven years.

Mostly happy?

Melinda was, urn,

an exciting, difficult woman.

She had a very big personality.

So she was the one
that wanted a divorce?


She had decided
that I was, uh-

stodgy. Mmm.

Our forensic team notes
that she sustained...

a number of injuries
after your separation.

I don't beat up ex-wives.

I start looking for viable
candidates for a new wife.

Okay. I think you told me
everything I need to know,

except, um, where were you last night
when your wife was murdered?

I was at the hospital.

I got out of there
about 2:00 a.m.

Can anyone corroborate that? Check with
the hospital. People know me there.

G.P.S. on Melinda Perkins's
watch places her...

not in the slaughterhouse
at time of death,

but approximately
100 meters east.

Okay, so she's either
in or near the warehouse.

Do you think the victim's
ex-husband lured her out here?

Uh, he's got an alibi. Maybe the
victim was kidnapped, right?

She escaped and she ran.
Hold on, hold on.

- Ma'am? Ma'am, are you okay?
- Has someone attacked you?

I'm fine. It was-
it was just an accident.

- All right, wall it out. Wall it out.
- ♪♪

What is that?

That is roller derby, Bones.
Look at that.

Here we go.
Here we go.

All right, nice.
Wall it out.

VVhoo. Whoa!

Bring it in.
Bring it in.

Name's Bennett. Nick Bennett.
I own the team.

No one owns the Derby Dolls, Nickie.
We're a cooperative.

That barely breaks even.

I built the track.
I manage the team.

But 'cause I don't have boobs,
that doesn't mean anything.

- And don't forget it.
- I'm sorry. I didn't get your name.

Susan Carroll,

but everybody here
calls me Emily Kickinson.

- That's like Emily Dickinson.
- Right.

Okay, does anyone recognize
this woman here?

That's Pummel-ya Anderson.

Ah. These names are amusing.

I should give names
to my interns.

Peter Patella, Timothy Tibia.

Her real name's Melinda Perkins.
Something happen to her?

She was murdered last night.

- Somewhere in this facility.
- Oh, God.

When's the last time you saw Melinda?
Last night.

We had a match
against The Virginia Slims.

We all went out for drinks

but Melinda said that
she wasn't feeling too well.

- Did she get injured?
- No more than usual. She was tough.

The woman took her punishment
for the past year with no complaints.

That would explain the injuries
that appeared to be domestic abuse.

Anyone here who'd want
to hurt Melinda?

No! This team's a family.

We're like sisters.

- Have you heard from lvanna today?
- Oh, God.

Who's lvanna?

Ivanna Kick Ass. She didn't show
up for practice today either.

You guys gotta see if she's okay.
What the hell is going on around here?

- What the hell are you looking at me for?
- Okay, look.

I'm gonna need lvanna's home
address and her cell number.

And her real name-

If it isn't lvanna Kick Ass.

Hey, so the particulates I swabbed
from the skull injuries...

show traces of polyurethane
and sandarac resin.

Meaning? Meaning it's a wheel
from a roller skate...

that picked up the resin
from the varnish on the track.

So we have cause of death.
She was beaten with a skate.


Can you match the varnish to
the track the Derby Dolls use?

Yeah. Piece of cake-which I wish I
had now to celebrate your big day.

It's not necessary.

Hey, have you made
your pre-30 bucket list yet?

I didn't know that was a thing.

Everybody knows there are things you cannot
do after 30 without being a real loser.

I doubt that.
Young at heart.

That's what my grandpa
used to say.

Look, can we just focus
on the case?

We-We have cause of death.
We just have to tie it to someone.

Well, there have to be tons
of skates at the rink.

Your grandpa's wrong,
by the way. Okay?

How about dating a crazy girl?

Dating a girl that you know is nuts,
but you just have to do it anyway,

even though you know
it's going to end badly.

Cheryl Cates-major loon.
Phew. Okay.

All right.
Um, ironic facial hair.

Jazz dot in college.

I got one for you.

Posing naked
for a hot art student.

That is still a big regret of mine.

Done it. Not a student though.

- I don't want to talk about this anymore.
- Well-

No. Hey, you brought it up, man.

Oh, no. No.
Oh, I cannot believe this.

Angela and I used to date.
You knew that.

Let's just say that my bucket list
is finished, okay?

End of discussion.
I'm fine.

Twenty-nine is great. No complaints.
Yeah, of course not,

because you posed naked
for my wife.

Oh, my God! Look at this. What?

I don't know.
I just said that.

Can we just forget about this?

Please? it'll be
my birthday present.


Sometimes I hate being an adult.

Hey. Are you busy?

Yes, very.

But you're not, like, busy busy, right?
Actually very busy busy.

I might have found toxins
in the victim.

Oh. So you're almost done.
What is it, Angela?

Have you heard anything?

About what?

I feel like something's wrong.

Brennan was on the phone with
him, and he was at the hospital.

And she won't talk about it.
She wouldn't tell you?

I know, right?
I mean, she tells me everything.

I just thought, you know, since
you and Booth were close, that-

No, he hasn't
said anything to me.

I mean, why the secrecy
if he's okay, right?

Oh, God. I hate it when
he gets all stoic. Yeah.

But he has Dr. Brennan.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

And I'm sure if they needed
anything, they would ask.

No, they wouldn't.
No, they would not.


Wow. Hydrocodone.

Well, that makes sense.

If she was being battered at the
rink, she'd need a pain medication.

And did she also need
ecstasy and marijuana...

and methylphenidate?

Oh, not unless
she was a party animal.

Looks like you got pretty banged
up there from your last match.

Is that why you missed practice?

I had an exam to study for.

I'm going to night school
to become a physical therapist.

So, what happened to Melinda?

I was hoping
you'd be able to tell me.

You two were pretty, uh,

Yeah. So?

Because we're women, you don't think
we can handle competition like men?

- That's not what I meant.
- You might think it's harder for women to bond in a team sport,

but actually,
we make men look pathetic.

I think you need
to take a breath. Okay?

Remember. This is
about Melinda here.

That's what's important.

Sorry. She was my friend.

The competition made
each of us better on the rink.

If she was your friend,
did she ever tell you...

about anyone
who wanted to hurt her'?

She never said anything,

but she lived
a pretty wild life.

Melinda, she'd push it,
you know?

I told her she could get in trouble.

Yeah, drugs. We know.
And guys.

Melinda couldn't
get enough of them.

She told me
she took this one guy-

I told her it was crazy.

She had sex with him on the lawn
in front of her ex's house.

Hey, look, the husband says
that he was at the hospital.

The nurses' station have him checking
out after his rounds at 2:00 a.m.

Which is after time of death.

He still has
the clearest motive.

It's gotta be difficult
to deal with a woman...

who has sex with another man
right in front of you.

- He's got an alibi.
- What about the other men she was involved with?

The groupies? There's no one has any names,
and there's no security cameras to check.

The drug taking, the public sex,

the putting herself in physical
danger out on the rink, that's-

That is extreme behavior.

That could explain
her police record.

Public intoxication, disturbing
the peace, shoplifting.

Guys, how does
any of this help, okay?

She was killed at the rink,
beaten with a skate. All right?

The answer is in the rink.

So we go question everyone at
the rink, get a search warrant.

We'd never be able to get a warrant to
go through everybody's personal effects.

They'd think we were fishing.

There might be another way.

This is nuts.

No one asked you
to do this, Angie.

Brennan said they were
at a dead end...

unless somebody could
get inside the rink.

You are an artist, not a cop.

I know, but they need somebody to
go in there to A.L.S. skates...

and maybe find out
where the victim was killed.

I repeat.
You are an artist, not a cop.

Yeah, but I can skate.

And they need somebody to replace
Melinda, so I am going to try out.

- It's perfect.
- Yeah, it's perfect-

except for the part when you get horribly
disfigured by the other skaters.

I want to help, and this will get
me out from behind the computer.

Okay. Okay.
Then we'll go bungee jumping.

Hey, you fell in love with
a wild woman, didn't you?

Yes, a beautiful wild woman.

And that's how I will remain.

Because nobody screws
with Smackie Kennedy.

What do you think? You look amazing.

Thanks, babe.

Ladies, welcome to tryouts.

Due to an unforeseeable event,

Derby Dolls have a slot
needs to be filled.

Good luck to you all.

Let's do it. Let's do it!

She's a sneaky one.


Give her the elbow.

' Oh!
_ [ Laughing 1

Oh, you gonna cry about it?

[ Snarls I


Oh, come on!

Come on, get up!

[ Laughing I

Ooh. Blood tie-dye.

Not exactly
peace and love, is it?

Speaking of blood,
how did Angela do?

Oh, man, I-
I haven't heard anything,

so I'm assuming
that no news is good news.

The spatter on the chest
and the right shoulder?

These here
that look like comets?

Yeah, the length and directionality
suggest a castoff spray.

You think she was hacked at
before she died.

Our victim wasn't just beaten to death.
She was stabbed.

Still here?
Everyone's gone.

Hey, you okay?
I know you can see me.

Your eyes are open.

Corpses have their eyes open.

You should shower.

The heat will be good on any
of your strained muscles.

Thank you, but I'm just gonna stay right
here and die of internal bleeding.

You did good out there.

You think good enough
to be on the team?

It's not just my decision,

but, yeah, I'm guessing you're
at the top of the list.


Oh, great.

They all have blood.

Hey, Emily.

What's up with the eyewear?

Oh, these are
my shooting glasses...

'cause I enjoy
all types of violence.

Don't leave your valuables
up in here.

Things tend to go missing.

Ivanna had a vintage cigarette
lighter that went missing.

I had a bracelet
that got snatched.

Wait. You mean you have
a petty thief on the team?

I wish stealing from the lockers was the only
thing we had to worry about around here.

I only mention this 'cause I'm pretty
sure you're gonna be on the team.

Oh, that's great.

Hey, do you want to get a drink
after this to celebrate?

It'll be my treat.

You paying, I'm down.

All right.

Hurry up. I'll wait outside.


- Booth heard from Angela.
- Is she all right?

She says she feels like she's been
in a rock fight, but she's fine.

She also said there was
blood on all the skates.

Oh. That makes sense.

- No hair or tissue either.
- So the rock fight was for nothing.

Mr. Bray says the remains
are fully cleaned.

Good. I'll take a look.

Dr. Brennan, I am gonna ask
you a personal question,

which I don't normally do,
as you know.

Is something wrong with Seeley?

Nothing is wrong with Booth.

I know he was in the hospital.

Nothing is wrong with Booth.

I'm not allowed
to talk about it.

Those two statements
contradict each other.

And I know this is
none of my business.

It is none of your business.

Everything's fine.

That's all Booth
will let me say about it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to
go look at Mr. Bray's bare bones.

Dr. Brennan,
I've begun profiling...

the dismemberment tool
the killer used.

Well, typically handsaws are one
of two designs based on function-

rip or crosscut.

This false-start kerf
on the left distal ulna,

it's a perfect
70-degree angle.

Well, a ripsaw
would be 9O degrees.

Take a look at the cross
section of the left femur.

The narrow lines on the residual
striae indicate very fine teeth.

I estimate a 12-point count
based on the breakaway spurs.

Also deep gullets to allow
for such a smooth cut.

What's your conclusion?
Wood saw. High quality.

Nick Bennett,
the manager of the Derby Dolls,

said that he built
the wooden track himself.

Dr. Saroyan said that the
blood-spatter evidence indicated...

that there might be a corresponding
laceration to the right acromion.

Sure enough, there is a
shallow, serrated abrasion.

Hemorrhagic staining indicates
that this cut was made perimortem.

This is good work.


So, I'm doing my “pretty girl”
skating, right?

All fluffy dress
and-and-and twirls.

Oh, twirls, I love twirls.

And I see this boy
that I like-

He is getting smacked
into the boards...

over and over by his friends.

Smacked into the boards.
I took 'em out. Bang!

Took 'em out. Bang.

I saved that boy.

And you know what? He did not
like that because he was a boy.

That's correct.

All right, but I liked it a lot.

So, here I
am, doing roller derby.

Roller derby is fun. Mm-hmm.
What's your excuse?

- I'm here.
- You sure are.

Yay. Ooh-ooh!

Okay, this is my boyfriend.

And we, uh-We sleep together
and everything, don't we, honey?

Uh, right, yeah.
We do.

Uh, no. No!
He's a cop.

Oh, I know. I know.

Um, I actually found out...

that you were down a girl
on your team because of him.

That's why I tried out.

He's a-a very good-looking cop.

He sure is.

Can you just give us
a weensy minute over here?

Weensy. Weensy. Weensy.

Let's go, honey.

Are you just pretending to be
drunk here, or what? Um, well-

Oh, no.

Okay, hey.

[Thud 1


Uh, I am pretty drunk, but I
didn't call you for a ride home.

Really bad with the whole undercover thing.
You really are.


Because guess who found out
that Nick...

has been ripping off the team
by skimming from the till,

and guess who accused him
to his face?

Melinda Perkins? That's right.
So now you have to arrest him.

Wait a second. I don't have
any grounds to arrest him.

Yeah, but I tricked him into coming
here so you could arrest him.

Angela, I need something here.
I can't just arrest-

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
He's here. Go get him.

You got to go get him.
Relax, you're a little loud.


- Looks like I got here a little too late.
- Right. Remember me? F.B.l.

Hey, do you think maybe we can
kiss, like, one more time?

No, you've had your fun. I got
to ask you a few questions.

- It was fun.
- Get some coffee for her over here.

I figured I'd ask.

Why would I kill Melinda?
She was one of our best players.

Fans came just to see her.
Right, yeah.

I mean, the receipts, they show
that you were selling out.

I thought you said there was
no money in roller derby.

There isn't.
You should see my expenses.

What percentage of the gate
do you give to the girls?

- Twenty percent.
- Twenty.

That's more than most managers.
You can check it out.

Oh, I'll check it out.
I will.

Your fans, they pay cash, right?

Makes it pretty easy
for you to skim off the top.

Look, I'm not denying money
went missing from the cash box,

but it wasn't me.

I thought it was Melinda.

Okay, accuse the victim.

That's really classy
of you, Nick.

That's why I didn't say anything at first.
I knew what you'd think.

- But you didn't confront her?
- I was going to.

- So the answer's no.
- It's complicated, all right?

She was-We were-

She was sort of wild and-

You were sleeping with her.

I'm not the most attractive guy,
in case you haven't noticed.

Time with someone like her-

You don't want to jeopardize that
by accusing her of stealing.

You know she was seeing other guys, right?
I'm not an idiot.

I just wanted to enjoy it
while I could.

Did she mention her ex-husband? She wanted
to go to his place so he could see us.

I didn't go that far.

So you never met him?

I saw him a couple nights ago.

Melinda and I were at a bar.

He came in, wanted to talk.

She starts kissing me
to piss him off.

He tried to keep his cool.

She tossed a drink at him.
He left.

I called it off after that.

And she shows up dead.

She shows up dead.

Here you go. And I'm going to
see you in a little bit, right?

Okay, thanks.

Excuse me. Uh, Dr. Crawford?

I'm Dr. Camille Saroyan. I
work at the medical/legal lab-

The Jeffersonian.
I've heard a lot about you.

From Seeley? No, from the
news about your work.

You're a very impressive woman.

Oh. Well, thank you, but I'm
actually here about Seeley.

Seeley Booth.

I was told
that he's been seeing you.

And I told him
this would happen.

But I'm sorry. I promised I
wouldn't discuss it with anyone.

We're old friends.

I know he can be a little
stoic and way too private.

I promised him I would keep all his
dealings here confidential, Dr. Saroyan.

It's not what I would recommend,
but I have to respect his wishes.

Then a few other questions
not about Seeley?

Of course.
Please sit down.

Your specialty?


That's a genetic condition...

that can cause tumors to grow
anywhere there are nerves in the body.

I'm surprised
you know about it. Yes.

And it affects one
in every 3,000 children born.

I had no idea
it was that common.

N.F. is more common
than muscular dystrophy,

cystic fibrosis
and Huntington's disease combined.

And the difficulty is that
each case of it is so unique.

I'm treating one child with
multiple tumors in his brain,

and another little girl has an optic
glioma which is causing her blindness.

Can you tell me-

Is it Christine?
ls his daughter ill?

You have to talk to Seeley.

I told him no one
would understand his secrecy.

And I hope you understand
it wouldn't be my choice.

Of course.
Thank you.

You could thank me by
spreading the word about N.F.,

perhaps even making a donation
to the Children's Tumor Foundation.

They do really great work.

I will, and thank you again.

I'm sorry I couldn't help.
Oh, I understand.

Take care.

Hey, did you find anything yet?

Yeah, finally.
It's about time, right?

Is this about
your birthday again?

No, I've just been frustrated.

I mean, we have cause of death, but
not enough evidence to arrest anyone.

Isn't that enough?
Yeah, sure. I just thought-

Look, you're clearly
dying to know...

what's been bothering me,

My brother bet me that by the time
I hit 29, I'd still be a loser.

You're not a loser, Wendell.
I know.

I mean, I'm working with the
best people in their fields,

and they want me
to work with them.

Yeah. We do.

So then he's wrong.
I'm living the dream.

- Then he should be happy for you.
- Yeah, but he's jealous.

He's always wanted me to fail
so he wouldn't be the loser.

- How much does he owe you?
- 200 bucks.

But I can't ask him for it.

He works as a night watchman,
and he barely scrapes by.

So after years of working
to prove him wrong,

I can't get no satisfaction.

- You found something, Mr. Bray?
- Yes. I did.

Yes, he did,
because he is 29 years old...

and he is at the top
of his game.

I'll let you two work.

Happy birthday, my friend.

I should explain. If it's not about
the case, I'm not interested.


Look at the sternum. I found
faint postmortem microfractures.

They're consistent with someone
receiving C.P.R. after death.

So the killer attempted to resuscitate
the victim after the initial attack.

That's what I thought, but look at
these postmortem cuts to both femurs.

They're in line
with the femoral arteries.

So the killer
didn't show remorse.

He cut the femoral arteries and
then gave chest compressions...

in order to drain the victim's blood.

Yeah, to make sure there would be
no arterial spray during dismemberment.

This would have to be someone
with a knowledge of anatomy.

The victim's husband
is a surgeon.

Good work, Mr. Bray.

Happy birthday.

Where's Dr. Sweets? I thought
I was meeting with him again.

Nope. Mm-mmm.
You got me this time, pal.

Uh, is there a problem?

Yeah, there's a problem-your whereabouts
on the night that your wife was murdered.

I talked to your night nurse.

She said that you were M.l.A. between
the hours of 9:00 and 1:00 a.m.

I wasn't M.l.A.

I'd just come off
a 12-hour shift.

I was taking a nap.
Every doctor-

I would never hurt Melinda. I loved her.
I'm sure you did,

and it's got to be a tough pill to
swallow when she doesn't love you back.

We were working through it.
Oh, right.

Her throwing a drink on you in public?

This was my favorite one
of all-

Her having sex with other
guys on your front lawn?

That's working through it?

Melinda had problems.
I was trying to help her.

Right, but sometimes it's-
it doesn't work out, right?

Things happen, you snap.

The way she was cut,
the way she bled-

That was definitely the work of a
doctor, a doctor who has no alibi.

I did not kill Melinda.

Not on purpose, but maybe by accident?
Fueled with rage?

If you don't confess, I'm not
gonna be able to help you.

I can't confess! I-
Look, you don't understand.

I want a lawyer.

Hey, what'd you find?

I found that you should ask for
that money from your brother.

The mass spectrometer told you
to butt into my family business?

No. it's been on my mind,

and you definitely need
to collect that 200 bucks.

- Why?
- Because you've earned it.

Now, I also found this
on the victim's shirt.

More blood? Well, I treated
the shirt with fluorescein.

Whoa, it's flaring orange like the blood,

but whatever is doing it
is invisible to the naked eye.

I'll give you a hint-
80% albumin,

the main constituent
found in plasma.

No? Okay.
Also, sodium chloride.

Vitreous humor.

Eyeball fluid.

So she was stabbed in the eye.

And... then chopped up
into bits.

Okay, yeah, so what happened
to her was awful,

but I think the take-away here
is my excellent forensic work.

It's not like he's rich.
My brother.

Well, does he have more
money than you? Yeah.

He probably doesn't even
remember the bet.

Yeah, but you did.

The reason why you did is that
he challenged your abilities,

so you proved him wrong.

That money is yours.
Are you right about this?

Yes. Both about the eye stabbing
and your brother.

Okay. I'll get the skull
so you can take a swab,

see if there are any remnants of the
weapon used inside the orbital socket.

Already did it.

Nickel, copper and lint.

- L-l have no idea.
- It's a key.

She was stabbed in the eye
with a key.

You know, I really thought
it was gonna be the husband.

How do you know it isn't?

Doesn't have any keys. His house
has got a touch pad, right?

And both of his cars
are keyless.

And that-that “keys
in the knuckle” thing,

that is something they teach women
as a self-defense technique.

Right. You put the keys between
the knuckles and then strike.

All right, easy.

Okay, thank you, ladies,
for coming down.

I really appreciate it. I know we all
want to find justice for Melinda Perkins.

So if you can all do me a favor
and pass down your keys-

your house keys, your car
keys, your locker keys.

- This is crap.
- Come on, girls. Let's give him what he wants-

unless one of you here
killed Melinda.

Great. Let's pass 'em down.
Thank you.

Great. Thanks. Just place
'em on the bench here.


This key is approximately
the right size.

- And whose keys are those?
- Uh, mine.

- Negative.
- Negative.

That proves it wasn't me, right?

This is the only key
that could've done it.

- Where's your car?
- What? it-

- it's not a car.
- It's the team bus.

The team bus? Let's all
go to the team bus.

Whoa. Booth? Positive. Positive.

You stabbed Melinda
in the eye with that key.

- Ivanna.
- What?

As a physical therapist, you knew how
to cut her body most effectively.

You caught her stealing,
didn't you?

- No way.
- Can't believe it.

Anyone notice that nothing's gone missing
from our lockers since Melinda died?

And that all of a sudden our
cut of the take is bigger?

All right.
You're under arrest.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

Okay, let's go, derby girl.

- ♪♪
- Hey, 29, and a great year to follow.


Thank you.

Mmm. You're not drinking,

- It's on me.
- No, no.

I'm taking a little breather,
but happy birthday.

And we should be paying
for this.

No, no, no, no, no.
You guys are broke now.

It's on me.

I came into a small windfall.


And I have a little something
for you.

I shouldn't be
holding on to this.

What is this?

Oh, man.
Wendell, this is not necessary.

It's okay. it's okay. it's fine.

- Hey!
- What did you do?

Hey, the Pope covered up the cherubs
at the Sistine Chapel,

and that was Michelangelo.

Thanks, man.

You ruined that.
That was really beautiful.

I'm sure that it was.

Hey, happy birthday.

Thank you.


Awesome, I just
made it through his legs.

That was so much fun.

Dad, look at
me on the slide. Come on.

Booth is a Catholic.

In most ways,
he is quite religious.

Okay, why are we spying
on children at a carnival?

Sick children.

Booth did all of that.
I don't understand.

I think maybe it's because
Parker is in England,

or maybe because
Christine is so healthy,

but... Booth wanted to give
these children a carnival.

Why wouldn't he want us
to know he's a great guy?

- I Corinthians 13:4.
- Which is?

€œCharity suffers long, and is kind;
charity envies not;

charity brags not itself;
it is not puffed up.”


Booth takes that to mean that
real charity is anonymous.

He didn't...
even want me to know.

That little boy has an illness
called neurofibromatosis.

It's a-
I know what it is.

I was worried. I-
I thought maybe Christine-

No. But she could.

It could happen to anyone.

N.F. has no treatment.

There's no cure.
Not yet.

But Booth does what he can.

Please don't tell Booth
that I showed you.

I just-I figured
you're the type of person...

who would keep asking questions
until you found out the truth.

So now you can stop.

Booth's a good man.

Booth is a very good man.

What's that mean?