Bones (2005–2017): Season 8, Episode 13 - The Twist in the Plot - full transcript

The Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of two bodies that were found at the same burial plot: one of a female cancer patient; the other, the doula who was guiding her through her ...

Do you have a good shot of me?
I want the kids to see.

Well, it's a little jiggly.

- Then again, so is-
- Don't you dare, Marty!

Oh. If we cut across the field, we
can beat the others to the river!

It's a tour, Ruth.
It's not a competition.

This is fun!

Come on, you slowpoke!

Oh, Ruthy!

- Ruthy! Ruthy! Ruthy!
- I can't feel my face!

No, it's tingling.

Bugs! Ruthy,
you're covered in bugs!

Oh! Oh! Get 'em off me!

Oh! Marty, I'm getting bit!

Just calm down, Ruthy!
Just calm down!

Oh, my God! What? What?

groaning I

The kids are not
gonna believe this.

- Get them off of me!
- Look at that!

Bones, uh, tells me that Daisy's
gonna be back working in the lab.

You gonna be okay with that?

Of course, come on.
Why wouldn't he be?

Daisy is an excellent intern.
They just broke up.

Well, that was over a month ago.

And yet he's still
staying here with us.

You believe he hasn't yet
recovered emotionally...

because he's incapable
of finding an apartment?

Don't take a shrink
to know that one.

- I'm standing right here, you know.
- We see that.

I just hope he doesn't leave before
we find out the secret to his coffee.

It is truly excellent.
It is good coffee.

Yep, delicious.
Well, thank you.

The housing market
in D.C.'s very tight, okay?

- I just don't want to make a choice that I'll regret.
- Like Daisy?

Okay, come on. it's over.
I'm over it. I'm fine.


Have you had sex
with another woman yet?

Bones, we don't have to really
discuss... it's a valid question.

I'm staying in Parker's room. Kind
of hard to bring home a woman...

when you're sleeping
on Wolverine sheets.

[ Rings 1


- So, no.
- Right. Okay, on our way.

Saddle up. We got a case.
Let's just stay away from Daisy.

You understand?

Parker's gonna want
to come home someday.

Oh, I got to tell you.
Kind of hard to feel bad...

for anybody who'd ride around
on a glorified scooter-Whoa!

There are signs of rodent
predation-squirrels and rats.

First rodents, then maggots, then
the magnificent rove beetles.

It's the circle of life.
Nothing is more beautiful.

Okay, well,
I'm all choked up here.

Not much tissue left, but enough
for a tox screen and analysis.

Brow ridge suggests
female Caucasian.

The wear on the mandibular teeth
puts her in her early 30s.

Kind of in the middle
of nowhere.

I'm thinking sexual assault.

Hard to tell until
we get her back to the lab,

but I am seeing lacerations and avulsions
to the tissue on the radius and the ulna.

Maybe she was killed someplace else
and brought here to be buried.

It's a shallow grave. It's a
perfect place for a body dump.

Whoa, what's that?

Someone must have thought
it was an excellent place.

There's another body
in this grave.

The chest cavity on the first
body we found shows massive trauma...

to the body of the sternum and the bilateral
fourth, fifth and sixth eternal ribs.

Including areas where the periosteum
is absent, having abraded away.

- Very good, Ms. Wick.
- Crushing fractures at the point of impact...

on both the right and
left radii and ulna.

Defensive wounds.


Great minds.

I beg your pardon? It's like
we're operating as one organism.

Perhaps, if you view us
as a quantum physicist might.

That would be fine.

Are you all right, Ms. Wick?
Of course. Why?

I just thought that you may
be a little anxious...

that Dr. Sweets might be
dropping by the lab.

Absolutely not. I'm an emotional
rock, just like Dr. Brennan.

Well, I hope so.

Well, let's get
the crime scene photos...

and preliminary findings
to your... ex...

and see if he can put this burial
in a psychological context.


I don't get it.

No, it's-it's like Ophelia
in the brook.

What, like Shakespeare?
Ye a h, Ham/er.

Aw, don't Hamlet me, okay?

That's too-
Don't do that.

All right, all right.
What I mean to say is,

the body was arranged. Right.

Staged, if you will.

Now, the scarf
was placed under her chin,

'fled at the top oi her head
to keep her 'yaw dosed.

Also, Hodgins confirmed that
the body was anointed...

with sandalwood,
frankincense and cloves.

You know,
you ever hear of green burials?

Is that the, um,
alternative death movement?

No embalming, no coffin,
no cemetery?

There it is. This company
called Green Passages.

What they did is they leased this
burial site from the national park...

for a woman by the name
of Monica Craig.

€œRecycling your loved ones'
remains back into nature.”

Da-da-da. “More natural and
involved grieving process.”

Yeah, this totally explains it. But there
should only be one body there, not two.

The funeral.

So what we have to do is
we got to get all the names...

of everybody who knew
where Monica Craig was buried.

Got it, Hamlet?
Oh, I'm doing that.


The victim's
name is Monica Craig.

Thirty-three years old.
Cancer victim.

€œMonica Craig,
loving wife, beautiful spirit.

Taken from us too soon after a
brave battle with lung cancer.”

But... how do you know that
Monica Craig was the person...

that we found in the grave?

Well, the F.B.l. traced the land
to a company that buries people...

without embalming or coffins,
because it's more natural.

That's true, it is more natural.

Yeah, well, fine by me, but I
wouldn't tell Hodgins that.

He wants to be launched
into the sun...

because he says that all life
came from the sun.

That's true-
All life does come from the sun.

You know, you're very agreeable
today, just so you know.

Thank you.

Dr. Craig.

I'm Dr. Lance Sweets.

I'm a psychologist
with the F.B.l.

This has to do with my wife?

Yeah, and first, let me pass on my
condolences for your recent loss.

Thank you. But why am I here?

Well, I'm sorry to have
to tell you that...

your wife's grave has
been recently desecrated.

What? What does
“desecrated” mean?

Like, by Satanists or something?

Someone used your wife's
burial site to bury a body.

You found another body?
In Monica's grave?

A murder victim.

Where's Monica now? In the
ensuing invesfigafion,

her remains have been moved
to the Jeffersonian Institution.

This is the opposite
of what Monica wanted.

She just wanted to go back into
the universe without any fuss.

Well, we're hoping that you
could provide us a list...

of everyone who knew the
location of your wife's grave.


It's not a lot of people. It's just...
friends and family.

None of them is a murderer.
None of them would-

would dig-
who-who would do that?

Who would do that
to another person?

We're gonna catch
whoever did this.

Is there anything else?


Do you know this woman?

Is this the-

the body you found
in Monica's grave?

Yeah, that's a reconstruction
of the face of the second woman.

Do you recognize her?

That's Rachel.
Rachel Knox.

- How do you know her?
- She was Monica's death doula.

D- Um, excuse me?

Um, Monica's death consultant
at Green Passages.

They were very close
before Monica died.

You know, I thought that doulas
were for birth, not death.

Doula is the feminine version of
the ancient Greek word “doulos, ”

which means servant
or caregiver.

Right. Well, anyway,
Rachel Knox was the one...

who helped Monica Craig
through her last days.

You know, after death
she washed her body,

dressed her, laid her
out for three days.

Until the early 1800s, it was
unheard of for most religions...

to let a stranger
prepare and bury a loved one.

When my time comes,
don't do that.

- When your time comes, what should I do?
- My last will and testament,

everything, it's all written out in
the locked drawer of my desk at work.

My last will and testament
is 312 pages long.

Whoa, geez. Mine's written
on a sticky note.

€œEverything goes to Bones.”

But don't worry, don't worry.

I used your real name
to make it legal.

- What-What about Parker?
- Parker? You'll be fair to Parker.

- On a sticky note?
- It's like Gramps always says, you know,

if you tell God that things
are all wrapped up down here,

he may feel free to take you.


All right, 312 pages?

As you know, I have a lot
of money and investments.

Also, I have a complicated family,
and various income streams...

that will continue after I die.

But don't worry,
you get some of it.

Okay. Thanks.

Most of it is set aside
for Christine.

What about your funeral?

Tell you what, you just give me a coffin
and a priest-boom, I'll be good to go.


As you opened your heart
to us daily,

so we shall carry you
in our hearts.

Go for refuge, Aaron.

Buddha, dharma, sangha.

Your soul is part
of the air and light, Aaron,

the unknowable greatness
that is the universe.

Go for refuge.

Buddha, dharma, sangha.

As you opened your heart
to us daily, so we-

- What?
- This is modeled after a... traditional prayer.

Part of the Buddhist
funeral rites.

Well, that's pretty-
Hey, look at that-

it's our victim. Oh!

Uh, no disrespect.

- What are you doing?
- I made a mistake.

Just go back to
your chanting or your-

I have approximately
two weeks to live.

My friends and I are
practicing my internment rite.

Aaron, it's okay.

Practicing... to be dead?

This is, um-You know, death is a
difficult topic in our culture,

and practice and preparation
demystifies the process, so-

You must be the director
of Green Passages.

- Akshay Mirza, yes.
- Is he, like, the death doula?

No, I-l prefer
“end-of-life consultant.”

Okay. Well, we're also here
about the end of a life.

Your associate,
Rachel Knox, is dead.

I can't believe
that Rachel is gone.

Uh, she was your
business partner?

Uh, yeah, yeah. We'd been doing
this for about two years.

She was found dead yesterday
in one of your grave sites.

One of our sites?
Are you sure?

Monica Craig's.

Oh, God.

Uh, wait. Are you sure it was Rachel?
You're positive?

The mandible and dental
evidence confirm her identity.

Okay. Okay.

I don't know what
I'm going to do without-

I got to sit.

You okay'?
Thought you, uh,

dealt with death all the time.
Not for someone I know.

This is a first for me.

And take deep breaths
through your nose...

to avoid hyperventilation.

You know, we are told that existence
is impermanent and conditional,

and that the pain that we feel is
just a natural product of that.

Right. Okay. She was, uh,
murdered, uh, three weeks ago.

Why didn't you report her missing?
Oh, no, no.

No, Rachel disappeared all the time.
It's who she was.

That must have made you angry, huh?
Her being away all the time.

It must have been bad
for business.

No, no. it allowed Rachel to
connect more fully to her clients.

And business was growing. It was
up 60% from last year to this.

Her death appears to
have been extremely violent.

Can you think of anyone
who'd want to hurt her?

Hurt her? No. God, no.
No, no. Rachel was loved.

She wouldn't take on a client unless she
could give herself over completely to them.

Okay, well, if you can think of
anyone who wanted to hurt her-

ex-boyfriend, a client-you
can just give me a call.

- There's my card. Special Agent Seeley Booth.
- Sure.

Let's go, Bones.

We have to go now,
Mr. Mirza.

Could I have my hand back?

I don't know how I'm going to
get through this without Ra-

Dr. Hodgins, I'd like
you to take a look at this.

See the comminuted fracture...

at the distal end
of the eternal body,

just superior to
the xiphisternal joint?

She was really crushed.

A blow this hard is likely
the cause of death.

It would push the sternum
back into the heart.

And if, in that second, the ventricle
was filled to maximum capacity,

the bone would pop the heart.

The bone was like a pin
in a balloon.

More like a stick of
dynamite in a balloon.

Given the amount of jagged
edges on the fracturing,

I thought-There might be
some particulates in there.

Yeah, okay.
I'll take a look.

I'm hoping that this
is more productive...

than pulverizing
the rove beetles,

because the mass spec
showed nothing.

You seem good, like you're totally
okay after breaking up with Sweets.

I am. Now that I'm focusing
solely on my career in science,

I believe my life is together.

Well, thank God, because
there is nothing more painful...

than watching an ex-couple
do the awkward dance.

I assure you, I'll handle seeing
Lance in a professional way.

Or you'll want to stab him.

I mean, he did dump you on the night
you were going to move in together.

I'm not a child,
Dr. Hodgins.

No, I just thought-
I'm sure you did.

But idle gossip is not going
to help us solve this murder.

Perhaps a bone scraping would provide
a more detailed analysis than a swab.

You could analyze
your findings using...

not only under stereo, compound
and polarizing microscopes,

but also using
an energy dispersive X-ray.

That's what Dr. Brennan
would do as well.

Wow. You really have
pulled yourself together.

You're welcome,
Dr. Hodgins.

Well, Sweets said
that Dr. Craig...

just filed a lawsuit
against Green Passages...

for desecration
of his wife's grave,

which I cannot say
that I blame him for.

Booth is checking
with their other clients...

to see if anyone else
had a problem with them.

Hmm. None of the other
burial sites were disturbed.

He thinks that maybe Rachel wasn't
quite as saintly as Akshay said.

Looks like this death
business can be lethal, huh?

That is amusing.

Because we're
investigating a murder.

Right. The juxtaposition
of funerals and a killing-

Most people would
just laugh, sweetie.

I'm sorry.

Checked out all lawsuits that were
filed against Green Passages.

There's Dr. Craig's-

And three other suits that were
filed by this guy, Mick Warren.

Three? Did he have a burial
site desecrated too?

No. He owned two cemeteries. And all the
suits named Rachel Knox individually.

Fraud, breach of promise.
Angry stuff.

Yeah, he was trying to put
her out of business. Hmm.

But you're thinking, if
that didn't work-Bingo.

Thanks for waiting there,
Mr. Warren.

This here is Dr. Sweets.
He's going to be joining us.

Dr. Sweets. Please, have a seat.

I sure am sorry to hear
about Rachel. Yeah.

She was a sweet thing.

Little loony with all the
New Age stuff, but sweet.

You and Rachel were business competitors?
Nothing wrong with that.

Competition is what makes
this country great.

According to this suit
you filed,

Rachel reneged on a promise to go
into business together? Yes, she did.

She had the land that was
licensed for green burials,

and I have a strong brand.

I thought we'd do well together.

Even though she was a loony? The
boomers are dying, you know?

There's a fortune to be made
on all these bozos...

driving around
in their electric cars,

wanting to know the names
of the chickens they're eating.

You do understand
her backing out...

gives you a strong motive
to kill her.

Yeah, I wanted to wipe her out.

In court.
We had a deal.

She takes up with this Mirza,

and she reneges
on the whole thing.

When you say “takes up with”?

What do you think? They
started sleeping together.

I guess he gave her
what she wanted,

and she gave him what I wanted.

Oh, wait a minute.

You guys didn't know that
they were an item, did you?


I wonder why Mr. Mirza
would hide something like that.

Hello, Lance. Don't hover.
You can come in.

Oh. I wasn't-
I wasn't hovering.

I just-I didn't
want to interrupt you...

if you were in
the middle of something.

Too late.
How can I help you?

Uh, I-
Well, you know,

I-I was in the lab.

We haven't seen
each other since-

Since, you know-Since we
last saw each other, and-

How are you? Good. I'm good.
How you doing?

I'm reexamining
Rachel Knox's X-rays,

hoping to find leads
toward a murder weapon.

Actually, I meant-In doing so,
I realized the fracture...

to the right side
of her nasal bone is remodeled.

And that means that about
six months before her death,

Rachel Knox sustained
a blow to the face.

Cool. Actually, when I
asked how you were doing,

I meant you personally,
not you in the case.

I don't think there's any real
need for that conversation.

Sure, there is.

We were part of each other's
lives for a long time.

What are we?
Supposed to just stop?

I don't know. This is my first
serious breakup. Yeah, me too.

But I don't think we-we have
to stop talking to each other.

I mean, I don't know.

Have you found
a place to live yet?

I'm staying in the apartment
you found for us.

Nice. It's working
out very well.

I hear you're still living with
Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth.

Mmm. Little bit,

Also, I'm writing a paper on
asymmetrical bilateral fracturing...

of pubic tubercles in
late surgical separation...

of postmedieval conjoined
twins in Sighisoara, Romania.

Wow. Nice.
Well done.

I, uh-Hey, I had a paper on
body symmetry and cognition...

published in the Annual Review
of Psychology, so-

I know. Congratulations.
How did you know?

You credited me,
which was very nice.

Everything I learned about body
symmetry, I learned... from you.

Very generous of you, Lance.

Now, I must get these
details to Dr. Brennan.

- It was good seeing you.
- Yeah, it's nice to-

nice to be working
with you again.

I didn't tell you
about me and Rachel...

because it's-it's
practically ancient history.

I doubt that. Ancient history
began over 5,000 years ago,

stops at the beginning
of the Middle Ages.

Rachel and I broke up
nearly a year ago.

It doesn't mean
anything anymore,

and it has nothing to do
with what happened to her.

The thing is, you don't get
to decide any of that.

By “nearly a year
ago, ” do you mean seven months?

Yeah, yeah, seven months
sounds about right.

That's around the time someone
smashed her in the face.

I would never do that.

Not on purpose.

Right, so you accidentally
smashed her in the face.

This is embarrassing.

I'm thinking more
“incriminating, ” so spit it out.

- Rachel is-was a tantric master.
- Tantric sex?

Bones, there's got to be
other kinds of-

- Yes, tantric sex.
- Okay, carry on.

During one of
our... sessions, I fell.

I got tired, I slipped,

I was shifting my position,
and my elbow hit her.

It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
It's understandable.

A successful tantric session lasts seven,
eight hours and can cause extreme,

sometimes painful,
muscle fatigue.

Or she wanted out, he didn't,
then something snapped.

- No, I knew Rachel's policy up front.
- What kind of policy?

Rachel had a three-month maximum
with a guy, and then she moved on.

She wanted fabulous sex,
spiritual connection,

no strings.

So you were only with her
for three months?

Best three months of my life.

Then what? You went back
to business as usual?

That was the arrangement.
It's often quite difficult...

for a man to accord
to a woman's rules,

especially when rather
exquisite sex is involved.

Look, I had my time with Rachel.

We were something,
then she moved on,

and we went back to being
what we always were-

good friends
and business partners.

Death business.

Look, do you mind?
I have to get back to work.

Losing Rachel has
left me shorthanded.

Dr. Saroyan. I've
made a startling discovery.

- Let's hear it.
- Monica Craig died of lung cancer, correct?

Yes. it metastasized
to her brain...

and to her spine,
amongst other areas.

May I commandeer your computer?

This shows bone metastasis
in the femur.

Why don't we just jump
to the startling discovery?

I don't think
Monica Craig's cancer...

was advanced enough
to cause actual death.


I believe she had weeks left to
live at the time of her death.

Perhaps even months.
That is a startling discovery.

We have no apparent cause
of death for Monica Craig.

Because we blamed it
on the cancer.

Good job, Ms. Wick.
I know.

So, using the info
that Daisy gave us,

Hodgins and I have been working together
to try to narrow down the weapon...

that was used to create
the kill-shot wound.

So I took a 3-D impression
of the wound to the sternum...

to create an image,
which gives us-

That's a very
distinctive pattern.

Scrapings contained
particulates of amazonite.

It's a stone indigenous
to this area.

I checked the database to see
if there were any stone weapons...

that could create
a similar wound pattern.

All ancient weapons.

Yes, but do not despair,

because the stone contained microscopic
particles of diamonds, which means-

- Saws.
- Yeah, I also found cutting oil.

So, the weapon was a cut rock,
sourced locally.

A stone,
a-a burial marker.

And Mirza makes all of the burial
markers for Green Passages. Well done.

Now we know the victim was crushed
by a stone burial marker.

And we know who made it.

You know, everything
just keeps coming back to you.

You forget to mention something. We find
out about it. We dig a little bit more,

and then, hey, boom,
there's something else.

I lost my partner, Agent Booth.

I'm sorry
if my thoughts are muddled.

Memory loss from grief
is quite common.

And convenient.

In your catalog, it says
that you hand-carve...

all of the grave markers
for your clients.

Yes. That is part
of our service.

Including Mrs. Craig's? Yes.
That was a beautiful marker.

- I carved the symbol chi.
- The Chinese symbol for life-force.

It meant a lot to her. It was
carved from a local stone slab.

I can give you its
dimensions and its weight.

I don't want to leave
anything out this time.

Grief really makes you a smart-ass too.
No. No, no, no.

That comes from being repeatedly
accused of a crime I did not commit.

We may not have
been intimate anymore,

but I loved Rachel.

Oh, I believe you loved her.

But she ended the affair,
which made you really angry.

You should know that the
marker you placed on the grave...

is headed for the lab at
the Jeffersonian. What?

Wait. You think someone used
the marker to kill Rachel?

When a killer bludgeons someone
that violently,

he usually leaves
behind some D.N.A.

Oh, okay, so I can expect you guys
again asking for a D.N.A. sample.

Oh, but that shouldn't matter to
you, 'cause you're innocent, right?

Yeah, that is right,
actually, but you know what?

Just to be on the safe side,
I'm gonna consult an attorney.

Dr. Hodgins,
everything all right?

You're not mad
at your beetles, are you?

No. Maybe a little disappointed.

But, no, I was just thinking
about what Daisy said-

that Monica Craig's cancer
wouldn't have killed her yet.

Cancer metastasizes differently
in every person.

We'll be running
more tests though.

I want to be shot into the sun.

- Uh, what?
- When I die.

I want to be loaded into a
spacecraft and shot into the sun.

Return to the source.

You're not expecting me to
arrange that though, yeah?

- No, I got it covered. Thank you.
- Okay.

How about you?
How do you want to go out?

I am not going in the ground,
that's for damn sure.

Ooh. I've hit a chord.
Why is that?

Eleanor Marks,
New York, May 1994.

- Is that one of your cases?
- It wasn't my fault, thank goodness.

She was pronounced dead
by a colleague.

But when the pallbearers were
carrying her coffin to her grave,

they heard scratching.

- She was alive?
- It turns out, she'd been in a coma,

which is why I'm going
cremation all the way.

I get it. Although you might
want to think about the sun.

Oh, my God.
Look at this.

At what specifically?


Look at this.
They're different sizes.

See these guys?

They're growing at a rate that's
considered normal for beetles, right?

But the others... Oh, their
gross, wormy bellies are swollen.

Exactly. They're obese, which
is entomologically impossible.

See, beetles have protein receptors
that prevent them from overeating,

but something
interfered with that.

They might be able
to tell us how she died.

- Hey, do you know where the coffee grinder is?
- Why is that?

Well, the blender's broken. I'm gonna
have to grind up these little blimps,

find out what gave 'em
an eating disorder.

You'll be replacing the coffee
grinder with a new one, yes?

You know what? I
don't like this guy Akshay.

I just don't like him. I think we should
bring in Dr. Craig and talk to him again.

When his wife was dying, he
dealt with both Akshay Mirza...

and Rachel
before she was murdered.

Okay, so you're thinking that he may
have noticed some friction between them?

Oh, definitely. You know,
small things he saw...

that might appear to be meaningless
could have great meaning.

All right, tell you what.
I will give him a call.

Booth, I have a question. You know what?
Am I gonna regret this?

Well, when I saw Daisy today-No!
No, no.

You didn't let me finish.

I don't have to.
The answer is no.

It's not about us getting back
together, okay? It's about me.

No. Whatever you're thinking right now,
just-just get it out of your mind.

If you'll just hear-hear me out.
I realized-

No. Make no decisions based on
seeing Daisy, understand? No.

Getting an apartment?

'Cause you'd get the wrong
place for the wrong reasons.

- If you'd just let me talk!
- No, I'm not gonna let you talk.

Just get it out of your mind. You
understand? You need two weeks,

and one good night
of getting drunk.

All right? Look, that's what you
need, so you can think straight.

But-These are scientific facts.
No. The answer is no.

But-This conversation is over.
I'm gonna call the husband.

No. Out of your mind.

So, I hope it wasn't too
weird before at the lab.

Not at all. It was actually
really nice to see you again.

And I'm glad we're mature enough
to have a cup of coffee together.

So, I've missed you.
I've missed you.

Um, you know, 'cause you were
such a big part of my life.

Me too.

The other night, I woke up
in the middle of the night.


Of course. When else?

And I... reached
out to touch you.

But I wasn't there.

But I don't want you to think
I've been alone this whole time.

So, you're seeing someone?
A pathologist, on and off.

He also does stand-up
on the weekends.

That's nice. Sounds nice.

I, um, I've been-I've been
sort of seeing someone too.

Uh, from the Bureau.
It's, uh, nothing serious.

I'm glad for you.
I'll bet she's great.

I want to say something.

Since we split,
I've been thinking.

And... I wanted to see you
again because I wanted to see-

See if it was a mistake?


Me too.

I mean, we had so much.

But it was a mistake.
We don't belong together.

I know.

Now we don't have
to question that anymore.


I got to go.
I have an interrogation.

Oh, no problem.

But this was good, right?

This was good, Lance.

- So I'll see you.
- See you.

I heard that Rachel
and Akshay had been involved,

but it didn't seem to me
like they were that close.

They were never physical
around you?

Sometimes, I guess.

They were just different.

Akshay tried to seem
spiritual like Rachel,

butlnever really believed it.

That's probably one
of the reasons you're suing him.


Rachel wasn't like that?
Oh, God, no.

No, Rachel was with us in the
early stages of Monica's cancer,

talking to her and arranging
her funeral wishes,

the memorial service.

Akshay just seemed like
he wanted to rush things along,

move on to the next client.

I hope they weren't a couple, because
Rachel deserved a lot more than Akshay.

My beetles are bingers.

I don't know what that means.

Like Dr. Brennan,
I need clarity.

Right. Pretty much the only thing that can
disturb a beetle's feeding pattern...

and make them chunky
is something toxic.

But I thought the tox screens on the
flesh samples of both victims...

came back negative
for any drugs.

Because the beetles were all the
same size when I collected them,

but being ground up together,
it hid the results.

Oh, so this time you only used the fat
beetles to run through the G.C. mass spec.

Exactly, and in the beetles
that were on Monica Craig,

I discovered the presence
of methylone.

Bath salts.
That's a recreational drug.

Particularly nasty. Last year, the D.E.A.
issued an emergency ban on it.

I can't imagine a cancer patient in her
condition using recreational drugs.

Are you thinking
she was poisoned?

If she overdosed on methylone, that
would explain why Mrs. Craig died...

before her cancer reached
its most advanced stage.

Methylone doesn't
just present in tissue.

It would also be
evident in bone marrow.

If I take samples, and I
find excessive levels, then-

Then we're dealing
with two murders.

- I was hoping that you would redo your will today.
- Why?

Because, Booth, you can't just
leave it to me how to bury you.

I told you I trust you.

But your funeral is your last
message to your loved ones.

Especially Christine,
if she's a child.

Really? What's your
last message look like?

I've planned
for a celestial funeral.

Also known as
a Tibetan sky funeral.

The deceased is carried
to a mountain plateau...

where a lama burial master
breaks the body.

Breaks the body?

Then pulverizes with a hammer, which
allows for optimum scavenging by vultures.

You're messing with me.
Come on.

My instructions
are very explicit.

To give yourself to the air.
It's-it's a beautiful ceremony.

Vultures and hammers?

That's your-your last message
to the world? To me?

To Christine?

Vultures and hammers.

I'm gonna go get the car.

My wife died of cancer.

And I'm trying to figure out
if you really believe that.

What's that? It's a banned
substance called methylone.

You know it?

No. Sir, you're gonna
have to stop lying to me.

You used methylone to treat depression
in your practice before it was banned.

No, no, no. No. No.

Your wife died
of a methylone overdose.

I did not murder my wife.

Well, what some people
call murder,

others might call mercy.

Monica begged me.

She was in terrible pain.

My wife-she loved life,

but this was not life.

She kept telling me
if I loved her-

You helped her.
No, I did not help her.

But I did not stop her.

What happens to me now?
What do you mean?

Well, I just confessed to
allowing my wife to kill herself.

Well, we're
looking for a murderer.

What happens now is...

you go home.

Seeley Joseph Booth,
of Washington D.C.,

revoke my former
will and codicils...

written on a sticky note?

This is-

This thing sucks.

So, I wrote up my
findings on Wes Craig.

His grief is very real.

The guilt he feels is
attached to the fact...

that he provided Monica Craig with
the drugs she used to kill herself.

And he has guilt?
Oh, yeah.

One might even say he displays more
signifiers of guilt than he does of grief,

though the two
are inextricably linked.

Sometimes when a loved one dies,
we feel survivor's guilt.

You probably felt it
yourself in the military.

So you're saying all the phone calls
that Craig made to Rachel Knox...

indicate his state of mind?

The number of calls
he made per day increased...

as the day of his wife's
suicide drew nearer.

He starts out calling,

say, what, once a week
for a while.

Then... several times a day.


Take a look.

I don't know
what I'm looking for.

The timeline.
There's a pattern.


Yeah. The period of time he
made all these phone calls.

Just over three months
and then they stop.

Two days before
his wife's death.

Three months.

That's the period of time Rachel
Knox would sleep with any one man.

You want me to talk to him again?

I have this one.

This room's even scarier
than the last one.

And you're scarier
than the psychologist.

You know what?
According to our records,

you made 405 phone calls
to Rachel Knox in three months.

No. These-These calls,
they were all about Monica.

You know what I'm thinking?

I'm thinking,
why would a man use...

a wife's tombstone
to kill someone?

Why? You had an affair
with Rachel Knox.

I did not admit to that.

Rachel Knox advised you
to euthanize your wife.

My wife killed herself.

Our shrink says that she didn't.

I mean, if she did, then“.

You wouldn't be feeling guilty.

What else did he say? He says
that only a guilty husband...

would put the special grave
marker back exactly where it was.

After I killed Rachel with it?


That's a lot of guilt.

He says you loved your wife,
but you cheated on her.

With Rachel Knox.

Three months.

Three months.

I was supposed to think
that was a real thing?

You know, three months fell exactly
two days before Monica died.

Then, I'm-I'm placing
the stone, and...

she shows up to plant the tree.

And she tells me-

She hits me
with that yoga babble,

like I wasn't even
a real person anymore.

€œOur time is over.”

I mean, I couldn't-
I couldn't lose somebody else.

Not after Monica.

♪ Is that the old man ♪

♪ Walking in the dark? ♪

♪ Is that the old man ♪

♪ Walking in the dark? ♪

♪ Is that the old man ♪

♪ Walking in the dark .7,»

♪ Is that the old man? ♪♪

So, I can pretend you don't have smeared
mascara on your cheek from crying.

I'm fine.



I'm feeling quite sad.

About Sweets?

I know I shouldn't.

I'm so stable, and...

we agreed that we shouldn't
get back together.

But what if we're wrong?
You're grieving.

You two had something alive and
vibrant, and... now it's gone.

But what if we can
bring it back to life?

You're a scientist, Ms. Wick.
A very good scientist.

Thank you.
As a scientist,

have you ever seen anything come back
to life and be as good as it ever was?


So feel sad. Cry.

You lost something wonderful,
but keep moving forward.

It'll get better.

I promise.

And, uh-

Stop copying Dr. Brennan.
It's a little creepy.

On here.


Hey there, Christine.

It's me, your father.

Dad. Dada. Daddy.

If you're watching this
right now, I'm dead.


if I was a good father to you,

you're... sad right now.

If we had some sort of,
like, falling out,

let's just forget about it
and move on.

It's just-
it's not worth it.

You know, personally, I'm doing
everything I can to get into heaven...

right now, um-

But your mother believes-
Well, she thinks that it's a-

I tell you what,
why don't you ask her?

It's... complicated.

These are the last... words...

that I'm going to-to speak
in this world, so here goes.


I like God. I really like God, and
I- and I think that he likes me.

You know, I, um-I love Canadian beer.
And hockey.

They kind of go hand in hand.

I really love loud music
and really sad music.

I love this country.

And I'm proud to have served
in the military.

I'm the luckiest man...

in the world because I got to
spend time with your mother...

and with you.

And that's true, you know?
It's true whether I...

I die today or 50 years
from now. it's true.


I love you. And I want
you to-to love life.

Dive into life. Be-

Be courageous.
Question things.

And-And be happy.

Don't forget to laugh.

Oh, one last favor.

Help your mom to be happy.

Because if she's alone,
she's gonna forget.

That's it. That's-

From me to you.

Okay. All right.

I'm still alive, Bones. And you know what?
You shouldn't be eavesdropping.

And you messed the end up here.
Now I have to change it.

I'm sorry.

I-I listened to you too, Booth.


Hey. Ta-da!

You changed your will.

I find that despite
my best efforts,

you exert undue influence
on my behavior.

Wait, I got to read this whole thing?
No, no.

It's 306 pages.
306 pages?

It's less than 312.
Oh, wow.

But look. Here.

I changed the nature of my funeral.

Take a look.

A volcano?

Yes. I remember
you telling me...

that you'd very much like
to visit an active volcano.

Okay, you want us to sprinkle
your ashes over a volcano? Yes.

That way, at least if I'm dead,

you can have a nice trip together
and foolishly risk your lives.

Which will bring us closer together.
Yeah? Yes.

You're welcome.

But wait a second, how am I gonna
get to the top of the volcano?

It's not my problem.

What's that mean?